Tuesday, March 03, 2009

buying airforce ones when others struggle to eat

Now I am supper duper loop-T-looper hard on folks especially politicians. I’m hard equally of the President of the United states regardless of who they are or what party the come from. I am equally as open to saying and admitting I am neither democrat nor Republican. And truth be told, I am as hard on them as was I on my teachers from High school to graduate school; as well as I am on my students or the folks I engage in scholarly and scientific discussion with from associates at NIH, to NCI, to my colleagues in research at place I have taught inclusive of Emory and the Morehouse School of Medicine.

I am a scientist and I am proud of such. It is great being in discussion as such with scientist for they do not get emotional or take it personal as serfs and plebeians who are ill informed and don’t even DESIRE to take the time to read anything other than a menu at a fast food drive through window. Now don’t get me wrong, at least that is reading, I just think it is worthless and improbable to have a valued and equitable discussion on economics or foreign policy when the opposition limits their reading to the likes of Penthouse, Jet or Vibe magazine - and worse look at TV to get their information ALL DAY.

Now why am I saying this, well it seems to me that if we are to deal with the current crisis we are confronting economically in America, we need to become well informed of what is going on as well as how it impacts the world. This is especially true as it relates to the success or failure of the current US administration. We have no idea or understanding of what is going on or required from the level of the individual to aid in solving this conundrum. The reason being is that too many of us are too lazy to even read what is proposed and evaluate such in terms of our daily practices. We go around and waste money buying air force ones (the tennis shoes and not helicopters) without thinking that many struggle to just purchase food. And not just in America but world wide.

Our economy is in a global market place and believe it or not contributes to unrest in places like Pakistan, which makes it a lot harder for the Obama Administration to implement foreign policy efforts that directly impact our national security. I recall giving the prior administration the business on several fronts, namely Iraq policy. Now I never assumed that the former President Bush wrote any of it. Likewise, as I hammer at what I consider irresponsible economic tinkering as implemented by the current administration. Yep it is true, Obama aint write none of the economic proposals on the table, just like he will not write a proposal on global warming, health care or HIV policy. Experts in such fields write these policies and for anyone to say being critical of the suggested plans means one is against Obama (especially when they have not read what they defend) is to me fatuous and more importantly, dangerous.

Our inability as a nation to absorb information, or even read it, and perform well in school is one reason we are where we are. Not to mention we are no longer citizens but rather consumers. Many of us live beyond our means and it is no wonder the debt we have accrued as a country is larger than the GDP of China and India combined. I apologize if I take my loot seriously, as well as for reading what each of the canidates and prior administrations have proposed. And if it offends folk because I conclude it[the recovery bill] is like a band-aid on an amputated leg, and that I see this as a short term fix if that, then so be it. Folk here follows no one blindly and I think my ability to be critical is a valued asset to anyone, from other scientist to my student’s friends, and yes, even the new administration. And yes I know folk is a man of African descent and as such I want him to succeed. But just because he is a black man as some folks say, don’t mean I should cut him slack for such and not be critical of his proposals. That aint me jones. Never have been and never will be.


Craigjc said...

Well spoken, Raw Dawg. A critical eye is of more value than the adoring one. I think POTUS should be subject to the most rigorous scrutiny imaginable.

Sincere said...

What up Big Bruh! Once again I love how you lay it out there. You make a good point and now that my laptop is back and running I'll definitely be back.

The Socialite said...

Great post! I think that it is important that people read and learn as much as they can. The media has been able to control the way we think for years, because we do not have our own knowledge to think anything different.

It is so funny how people can talk for days about the entire story of Chris Brown, but have no clue what the stimulas plan is.

I also agree with you when you say that yes we have to support our current President because he is Black, but in order for him to succeed he is going to need advice from time to time. We will not agree with everything he does, and that doesn't mean we have to.

At the end of the day he is running a Country, not the President of your 8th grade class(popularity contest and all they have to do is help plan the 8th grade trip. Washington or Chicago?)

Garth Sullivan said...

look, listen and learn...

then act!

MacDaddy said...

Dawg, you shouldn't have to apologize to anyone for being critical. As for the set of helicopters, I did hear him say at a press conference that he has Gates looking into it and that, as far as he was concerned, the present group of helicopters were just fine. We'll see.

Lovebabz said...

Yes I can certainly attest to how hard you can be! LOL!

I never want to be without emotion. It is rooted deeply in my humanity. I like feeling strongly about how things affect my heart and spirit. I took this same passion with me as an elected servant, as a police commissioner, as an adjunct professor, as a filmaker, as a wife, as a mother as a friend and citizen of the world. It is not a handicap, nor a hinderance. I know who I am and no one gets to say my emotions are shortcomings. I feel everything about the world and wouldn't have it any other way. I am not defending my passion to you or anyone else. Part of being a friend is acceptance. It is the foundation for LOVE. You see I love people deeply. And I am not annoyed at their lack of interest in things that I am interested in or deem to be of interest to all.

I hold no disdain for those who do not read or seek information or knowledge as I do. What I know I share...happily. It is not a burden to me. I will talk with anyone, plebians, serfs, kings and scholars alike. We are all connected...my intellect, education, and financial circumstances does not separate me from anyone. I am at home everywhere and with pretty much anyone. Everyone has something to say and who am I to say they are not intellectual enough or that I am disappointed in the quaility of the conversation.

I LOVE JET it is apart of our African American History. Mr. Johnson's american story of struggle and success fills us with pride. Barbershops and Beauty salons in "Our" neighborhoods are linked because of it.

Yes people are starving while others are enjoying excess of wealth and riches. But I do not denigrate either groups. I do not hold disdain for the poor for being poor or the rich for being rich, because I know in my heart that we all must return to our humanity and collectively say and act on caring for each other. We all are responsible for the shape of the world.

Solving problems happens when each of us are willing to say I love mankind (neighbors) enough to raise my voice and talents in ending the starvation, wars, greed, harm to the earth.

We have all that we need. There is enough of everything for everyone except a collective willingness to love beyond our yards, neighborhoods, borders.

Hiding behind the wall of intellect as a way to be removed from feelings...emotion...empathy is a part of the problem. But then I accept who you are and celebrate that...

Let us go into this Lenten season with a renewed passion to embrace one another no matter our stations in life. Let those who teach and seek...teach and share.

urbanknitrix said...

I agree with you. People don't read. I just don't understand.

IMO the problem with America is the lack of education. It is no longer number one. We no longer value the children. It is a shame that we have to import people to do computers, science and nursing. NURSING. I mean come on this is way beyond crazy all because we don't have enough people trained in these fields.

My other issue is when someone say something negative about Obama you must don't like him or a Republican. I can disagree with some of the stuff he does and still like some of the stuff he does. I want him in office, but at the same time I don't want another Bush. Meaning, I do not want him to get a blank check from the Democrats.

A lady was on the news and she said, she was upset because Obama is not putting that many blacks in the White House. WTF, what happen to the best person for the job.

Sorry for the soapbox in your comment.

urbanknitrix said...

Also, as someone mentioned. He did say he was happy with the helicopter he already had. McCain stood up at a press conference and asked him about the helicopters.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

especially if we got his back like we purport

thanks folk i know u felt like a fiend wo it lol welcome back

The Socialite
well said and that chriss brow talk like it is important gets me as well

Garth Sullivan
and how

i was talking about the shoes we common folks wear lol but folks have calledme and said i need to tone down my criticism of his policy but talk like im talking about him sad

i have no problem with passion. I have passion, but I would hate to have an emotional surgon operate on me and i have no disdain for them that dont, but only pointing out what the problem is and why we are where we are economically and why places that do read have supassed us economically, scientifically and otherwise

Historically, serf and plebians were not allowed to read thats why they were called such, and as descendents of slaves, who ancestors were killed, or mamed for learning to read, we should read more - foget dying to vote, being murdered to read.
it is them that dont read who have disdain in my humble opin ion, especially when they talk abut that which they are poorly informed on

no one can solve a problem if ill informed. Thats the problem with politicians to day, and would u go to a surgeon, or lawyer who was unable to be informed about his area of service? maybe u would but not jones here

she is the poster girl for this movement then. Its about color - king would roll over references content and integrity of chracter

Lovebabz said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Reading IS fundamental.

it is also important to buttress that reading with an open mind capable of separating genuine opinion from some kind of propaganda.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Agreed Peoples.

KevinsTeeTee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
KevinsTeeTee said...

Good post! The problem with America is that education is not valued as highly as people aspiring to be football players, actors or rappers.

In other countries kids do not have the distractions (e.g. Television, video games) that kids in America have. And nothing wrong with having fun, but it's gotten to the point where that's all kids ever care about.

I see it in some of the kids on my block, they will do their homework like it's a chore and never take the time to study. They don't see the need to do additional reading or try to read ahead and the benefit it gives.

My mom always taught me the more you learn the more value you add to yourself. And that's applicable to school, work or anything. I have folks I work with who only want to do what's comfortable for them to do and not try to learn new things and then they wonder why they never get promoted.

There's no incentive to do better for themselves because ultimately I find that people just don't want to have to be responsible for anything. Nobody hold themselves accountable for anything anymore and that's why we're in the rut we're in. Just my opinion, but I'm sticking to it! :-)

4GOTTEN1 said...

Being critical is the most important thing we as Americans can do at this point. There are bailouts left and right that aren't doing shit but hurting us more than helping us. I say fuck it let some of these banks and big business fail. It's time to go back to the basics we as a people need to become more self sufficient. It's rare to go out and find something that says made in america. WTF we are buying everything but not selling anything. Just sounds like bad business to me all around. I thought the whole point was to make more than you send out. We need to get rid of the credit cards and loans that are 10 times more than you make. buy shit we can afford. Pay more attention to some of these crooked ass politicians and not give slack just because you and the president have the same skin color. Racially it may be significant but after that it doesnt mean shit. All this to say yeah man i agree with you we have to be more critical of the policies these politicians make for our country shit our home they get away like fat kats and we are stuck dealing with the after math that shit makes no since. I'm tired of being robbed blind.

RunningMom said...

"Our inability as a nation to absorb information, or even read it, and perform well in school is one reason we are where we are. Not to mention we are no longer citizens but rather consumers."

This is so true. Our lives are so filled with "things" and "noise" there is hardly time to process let alone think and observe and test and live.

As I study more about marketing and consumer behavior I see how marketers use consumer greed, want, desire and competition to keep us wanting more and more and more.

Meanwhile, we've lost what's really important - education.

msladydeborah said...


I have remarked before on what I think about being able to critize Obama's policies. So I will not go there again.

I do think that you are absolutely correct in pointing out our contribution to the current economic problems.

We are not truly capitalist. Which is ironic since we have lived within this system for years. I know that there are people who will point out all of the obstacles that have "prevented" us from achieving that status.
We were born and bred to be consumers. Our apetites are glutonous for the "status" that comes with material items.

However, I sincerely believe that there is mass ignorance about many subjects that have direct impact on our lives. Even though we have ample tools available to acquire the knowledge it seems that for some people-ignorance is truly bliss.

On the subject of education:I believe that the time has arrived for us to consider what our stance is going to be on this critical area of our lives. At one time it was in order to adjust the way we were tested due to bias and bullshit. But now, I strongly feel that we are going to have to kick some ass to move up to a higher standard.

This is going to require some mass attitude adjustment on our part. The whole idea that being able to read, write and communicate in our national language is an indicate that we are no longer Black is bullshyt!
I hate that whole simple minded concept. Some of our most important figures in our American story were self-taught, articulate and capable of mastering the language.

To this day one of my favorite people is the late Barbara Jordan. That sistah blew me away with her mastery of American English! She had everybody scrambling for their dictionaries during the Watergate Hearings.

Now we have the cryptic writing and speech of Ebonics. Which is cool in the hood and to exchange ideas within your peer group. It doesn't do a damn thing in the for real world.

I am always fighting off my sense of angst when I look at one of my children wearing label everything and realize that their parent or parents are on the lowest end of the earning spectrum. Those same parents spend tremendous sums of money on video games, dvd players,mp3 players and all manners of bullshyt. But they balk at the idea of going to the library or purchasing a book.

We need to be seriously about the business of working on creating a generation of producers in all fields and disciplines.

Anonymous said...

wise brutha with the critical eye! Hey great post as usual. You always make me think with your writings.....DD

Jackie E. said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly that no one should be given a pass based on any innate or inherent or inherited criteria. I, for one, tend to judge each man or woman individually, whether that be positive or negative, and if it's Barack Obama, my cousin or my competitor the standard is the same. That doesn't mean though that I don't hope that one person moreso than the other will do well, win, succeed.

Jay Midnyte said...

On your last talk show on Obama and foreign policy ima have to just say that Babz had a point. If you tell me 15,000 have died in Iraq, that's not gon move me as much as a picture of even as little as 35 dead bodies on the battlefield.

Either way i know people died, but emotionally and in my brain, the picture will have a much stronger impact on me.

People know people was gettin tortured in gitmo but they aint really care till the pics leaked

Jay Midnyte said...

and i dont fully understand what u n kelso was sayin the approach of the west was wrong for focusing on religion instead of futilism.

maybe thats a post topic

Jay Midnyte said...

well now i basically get it cuz some1 said its like ya brother gettin jumped and all ya fam jumps in to help him

mp1 v.8.0 said...

A nation of idiots, we are. Give us our material goods and we're happy.

Its the alienation of the masses. Ignorant vs. the very small understanding.

ChocolateOrchid said...

Great post, as usual! You spoke (as usual) truths and I respect you for that! If folks don't like it then they're not ready for the truth. But right now, we need to hear it and act accordingly to it no matter how much it may hurt.


T.C. said...

might i add that part of the reason we aren't citizens is because not even the school system is focusing on citizenship...they don't even teach civics anymore...

i totally agree that we must be critical and know what is going on, and KNOW where we come in to help...

as always well done sir...

oh and i got a pic up

Dusty said...

It's refreshing to read that you have no allegiance to either fucked up party Torrance, neither do I. I am registered as 'decline to state' for a reason:

My allegiance is to people, not political parties.

I want to believe Obama has our best interests at heart..I really do. But it's too soon to tell methinks. ;)

Urban Thought said...

Don't apologize for taking your loot seriously. Folk need to realize they are one paycheck away from being homeless. They are telling us to spend spend spend so that we can stimulate the economy. F that is what I say as I try to hold on to every penny hoping that I will still have a job come rent time.

You keep on spreading the word so that people can understand what is going on rather than wondering why CB is on some wave runner when he should be morning for R.

We should spend more time educating ourselves on economics. Glad you're doing your part.

rawdawgbuffalo said...

The Ink
u aint never lied fo0lk

Tha BossMack TopSoil
now u know i know how u get down

so true - applause, and i have seen it directly in the countries i have lived in in africa

now thats what im talking about folk

just trying to be factual sister

preach - toast to the death of the free market econonmy

Daysha Writes
thanks hon when is the wedding?

Jackie E.
an objective mind - long live u folk

Jay Midnyte
i wasnt talking about moving people, i was talking about knowing. and yes, feudalism has been the law of the land in that regioun since the Beoudin

mp1 v.8.0
could not have simplified it better

thanks and when u coming n the city to see my shop

let me see lol


Urban Thought
thanks folk i appreciate it

MacDaddy said...

You kick truth like Einstein at the chalk board and Chuck D on the mike. Luv u, Dawg!

no_slappz said...

torrance, you wrote:

"We go around and waste money buying air force ones (the tennis shoes and not helicopters) without thinking that many struggle to just purchase food."

Who buys Air Force Ones? Teens? People in their 20s? 30s? Older? Blacks? Whites? Asians?

Meanwhile, what connection exists between people who buy shoes and people who want more food?

Frankly, consumer spending means jobs, and jobs mean taxes, some of which fund food programs and other social service assistance.

Thus, if more people bought shoes, there'd be more food for those in need.

At the same time I think it's important to mention that in America there is NO starvation, though I have often heard people claim otherwise.

Hunger? Not enough food? Okay, at times, for some. But if there's one thing in abundance here in New York City it's food for people who have fallen to the bottom.

Wherever homeless people gather, the food trucks show up daily. Free food, free delivery. Supermarkets and restaurants contribute -- daily.

Mentally ill homeless people are helped by volunteers. Soup kitchens (insufficient term, more like free restaurants for the poor) operate around the city.

Meanwhile, shoe sales around the city have slowed. I don't know the sales figures for Air Force Ones. But the overall retail shoe business has slowed and a number of independent shoe stores have closed. The chains are getting along okay, however.

You wrote:

"And not just in America but world wide."

Food and shoes are an entirely different matter in the poor parts of the world. NO comparison with the US.

However, if there is one quick route to improving the food situation in many countries, that route involves the violent and sudden removal of dictators. Unless Robert Mugabe drops dead or is assassinated, he will continue wrecking Zimbabwe and keep at it until the country is uninhabitable. According to recent reports, 40% of the population has already fled.

You wrote:

"Our economy is in a global market place and believe it or not contributes to unrest in places like Pakistan..."

The US contributes to unrest in Pakistan??? How about Pakistan is an unstable muslim country with an atomic bomb and it has had several wars with India which may lead to a nuclear exchange between the two sometime soon -- considering the Pakistani attack on Mumbai.

Moreover, Pakistan is a playground for muslim terrorists who have been given their own territory by the Pakistani government. Meanwhile, it was in Pakistan that Daniel Pearl, the Wall Street Journal reporter, had his head cut off.

The Pakistani government is near collapse. Benazir Bhutto was assassinated a little over a year ago and her family seems to have gotten back into the business of ripping off the country.

The problem is Pakistan, not the US.

You wrote:

"...which makes it a lot harder for the Obama Administration to implement foreign policy efforts that directly impact our national security."

Harder? Apparently not. It seems the Obama policy is a policy of appeasement. It looks as though Obama is willing to give dictators whatever they want from the US.

The US is expected to withdraw most troops from Iraq in the summer of 2010. This raises a few fascinating points. First, by announcing the withdrawal, Obama has said the war is over. But he forgot to mention whether he thinks we've won or lost.

Or even if we are winning or losing. Thus, his plan of withdrawal looks like total capitulation to Iran and other anti-US countries demanding our exit from the middle east.

I'm sure Tehran was ready to announce victory over the Great Satan after Obama announced our departure from Iraq.

Meanwhile, back in the USA, Obama and Geithner seem unable to say anything that impresses investors. The Foreclosure Plan is looking like a complete ZERO so far.

Chanel said...

"I also agree with you when you say that yes we have to support our current President because he is Black, but in order for him to succeed he is going to need advice from time to time. We will not agree with everything he does, and that doesn't mean we have to."

Good point. You know what I like even more about President Obama is that he acknowledges that not everyone is going to agree with him or like him. It takes a lot of balls to be able to admit that like he does.

well said

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...


oh boy slappz, slappz, slappz lol its a metaphor for gucci, lexus, whatever dang

thanks folk do come back

Anonymous said...

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