Friday, March 20, 2009

A nation of Ralph Tresvants

I have come to notice that it seems to be the business of the day for us in this country to be over sensitive and too politically correct. It is as if we have no backbone or fortitude and even intolerant to the point of where we want and expect all to be or think as we do. This is a scary thing for me for it borders on totalitarianism and even fascism. By the first, I mean the ideology in which all social, political, intellectual, cultural, and spiritual activities are subordinated to the purposes of a guidance that purports there is one way to behave or think. Moreover, to the point in which nearly every aspect of public and private life has to fall into a single all-embracing ideology that regulates and restricts free thought, discussion and criticism.

It is so bad that folk can get offended over anything, especially if they are grounded on the correctness of politics and even more so if they attach emotions to their supposedly empirical and rational thought. I feel that such behavior, and I use the word feel intentionally, is detrimental and even dangerous to free thought, creative prowess and ingenuity. I even think such behavior is one reason why as a nation we have fallen collectively as world leaders in science, technology, industry, and education. We have no backbone and will continue to fade into obsurity for we don't even have the ability to stand up forth right in the midst of disaggreement or even accept that folks may think and do differently than our own standards.

So all of us really need to re-evaluate what is it about us that makes us so intolerable and so sensitive about little things that we miss the big picture? What is it about us that always defines a purview with I or me or my before the collective? Get some backbone folk for the way it appears, it is as if we have become a nation of overly sensitive gnomes, even more sensitive than Ralph Tresvant. Good day


RiPPa said...

Kinfolk you said a mouthful right there. Shit, some folks gonna have to let this one just digest like the anaconda who ate a calf. I think mush associated with the problem is the inability to properly communicate. People often don't say what they mean, which leads to a conflict of thought and action.

Rich Fitzgerald said...

Yep, you nailed it. It doesn't make it any better when folk have their own versions of Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike co-signing their views.

urbanknitrix said...


People are very sensitive. I listened to the radio this morning about the boycott of Borders over a book (monkey) that was displayed with the Obamas. Now I would be mad too if it was done on purpose.

However, one of the head honchos was on the radio and he stated that the original display was a salute to the Obamas but the window display is an open case and someone put that book there to be funny. They also said that people do crazy stuff all the time - put porn in the children section, write in books, throw books in the trash all types of ish.

The radio station asked how can they prevent this from happening again? ITS AN OPEN SPACE!! As much as we would like to think it would not happen again, of course it will with something else maybe NOT Obama. What are you going to do? People said cover the windows. Um, how does light get in.

Do we really believe no one is going to get at Obama? Come on there will be more watermelon jokes and everything else.

Sorry for venting about a somewhat different topic, but this just worked my nerves, especially since as a people we have a lot of other important issues to fight about right now that effect our communities.

People are a bunch of widgets, they don't think for themselves, but that is just my opinion.

Relax, relate, release.

T.C. said...

i think you are absolutely correct we need to step back and take a chill pill that's for sure about a LOT of stuff...its not that deep you know

Jackie E. said...

I don't know when and how people started taking PC to a point where it's just outta hand. Everybody is offended by everything - Jewish people offended by Christmas trees, non-Christians offended by "In God We Trust" on money, boycotting books - it's all just crazy to me. People need to really start getting their own houses in order before they get their panties all in a bunch:) and stop worrying so much about what everyone else is doing.

rainywalker said...

We as a nation are a large group of sheep that have forgot this country belongs to us and we need to say and do whatever is required to set it back on course. Most Americans do not care since they are into themselves, some set on the fence and look to see which way the wind will blow and the rest speak out and defy the government to put us in leg irons.

KevinsTeeTee said...
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Strongblkwmn said...

I definitely agree. Most people walk through life on eggshells. There are too many serious things going on right now. People really need to calm.

KevinsTeeTee said...

I giggled over the title of your post.

Aside from the amusing title you are truly correct on people being overly sensitive. I'm one of the least politically correct person(s) because I don't see the need to spare someone's feelings about a subject especially if it's the truth.

That's the problem with people today nobody can take constructive criticism. If you point out something that may not be the best of decisions or best of situations people flip out on you as if you are attacking them personally.

I think people are so worried about things that are IMO irrelevant (NY Post and monkey photo..lame) and not worrying about if they'll have a job tomorrow if they'll have food to put on the table. People are wound up about the wrong things and if this whole PC thing keeps up people will continue to make an issue of things that don't even deserve the spotlight. When will we learn people?

Be like New Edition - You've got to cool it noooow!

Happy Friday btw! :)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

See, I actually disagree with your post here. I think we as a nation have become a bit more tolorant of others differences. I think being PC is our way of being tolorant and not wanting to offend.

Untouched Jewel said...

I disagree with the last comment that was posted. Back during the days of slavery and Jim Crow since when being called a Nigger was PC? IT WASN'T! So, what difference does it make now to be that way? Sure enough some people may get their feathers ruffled, but that's life. Just like the statement I made about being called a Nigger. If you know you aren't one, why the hell get offended? If you know you aren't a spick, Jew, homo, etc., why be upset? It's like the statement Madea in one of them Tyler Perry movies: "It ain't about what you are being called, it's what you answer to". As everyone else stated, we got far more issues on our hands in this day in time than to be bitching about some Tom Fuckery shit that don't even matter.

olu albert said...

I am of the opinion that creative thinking fosters interlectual discussion. Unfortunately, such is the society we find ourselves in today where folks want to pacify their colleagues in other to move ahead.

Throughout the knowledge of time, good thinkers have always used a myriad of resources available to them. To be a good thinker, you have to be creative., and I argue is not innate. It is accompanied with facts as opposed to fallacies which has to be plausible through scientific principle(s). By scientific principle, I do not mean experimenting through physics or biology., or other basic sciences for that matter. It is the ability to discuss rationally through some of the social problems we face in the world.

This, I contend, takes time and one gets better at this through life experience. The notion that you are empiricentrist when you reject an opinion is something I vehemently disagree to. Some of the greatest philosophers of all time such as Kant and Socrates have challenged human reasoning. They have been able to analyzed facts from fallacies; and fallacies from facts. Such is the mainstay of good thinkers.

The act of creative thinking "is not what monkey sees and do"...., it is beyond rational thinking and numerals. It involves complex analyses of information, and I argue, the ability to distinguish between rational and irrational, and making irrational rational is the mainstay of good thinkers:)

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Untouched Jewel- Why is it wrong for people to try to not offend others? Do we always have to have our ass on our backs and want to fight and argue and be agressive all the time?

Back in the day, sure, people were not noce opor tolorant but now things are beginning to change and it is very evident and there is nothing wring with not wanting to offend others. We don't always have to be so in your face agressive all the time. Just my opinion.

Keli said...

To me PC is another term for being fake...let me know what's really on your mind.

Mentally disabled...bump that, you's retarded.

nicki nicki tembo said...

False pleasantries are the conventional wisdom in this day and age. Again, I'm not a big talker, my father was that way as well. So I've grown to undertstand that words, albeit significant, aren't as defining as our deeds or how we treat people. So if our vernacular or taste aren't the same yet you're genuine, sincere and and of sound mind then discourse shouldn't be a prob.

I worry though cause what does it really say about our society that we readily avoid accomodating that which doesn't square with us?

enigma4ever said...

sensitivity is not all that it is cracked up to be,,,,and politically correct ? hmm, I think that is a myth too...keep writing it...and talking about what matters...because, well it matters..( did that make sense?)


2sweetnsaxy said...

Amen to this! They need to stop being so sensitive and take responsibility for their own actions. Everyone looking for someone to blame instead of looking in the mirror. Oops, I veered a little right of the topic.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with you. Somehow in the past decade we took being PC which initially was not a bad thing and just went crazy with it.

I knew it was bad a few years ago when I realized people seemed put off that I referred to my husband as my husband. It seemed the preferred wording was partner...

Anyway like another commenter stated any and everything can be deemed offensive. You say some cat gypped you and now that os offensicve to the gypsies. Its madness I tell you.

Untouched Jewel said...

lol @ Keli- Mentally disabled...bump that, you's retarded.

Good one.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Blogger RiPPa
true folk i was gonna call it a nation of pussy's but i wanted to show my ralph tresvant side lol

Rich Fitzgerald
what have we become as a nation?

facism lives in the good ole usa

some folks need to get a life

Jackie E.
i think it a democtartic concept/construct

thats the best definition of selfish i have ever heard

you name suits u well based on your comment

sen-si-tivity- a man like me lmao

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts
i can agree on the overt differences but not with respect to opinion

Untouched Jewel
well said hon

olu albert
thats why u made the highest grades in all the class i taught u in

here to all the fakers in the world

nicki nicki tembo
just nodding my head in agreement hon

thanks sister i will try my best

LOL sounds like str8 talk to me

me myself and i is offensive to a lot

Jay Midnyte said...

wow u and Babz i dont get how yall still cool lol

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ JAY MIDNYTE: Because they have ME to mediate. Why else? They both have their valid points. I think among friends people have a privilege but not a right to be called whatever they wanted to be called. There are already anti-discrimination laws aimed at preventing offensive speech restraining trade or labor. Too bad neither Bush nor Obama are interested in enforcing them.

In that sense Babz is right.

In the sense of this post and the concept of the radio show, Torrance is right. We chose the NC-17 hour because we wanted to be free-speech absolutists. I also think the differing styles of locutio of the three of us make for interesting listening. I think it's funny that Torrance and I speak in the vernacular of our respective neighborhoods yet present a scholarly approach to things. That was part of why we thought it would be fun.

Babz has a very elegant way of presenting her thoughts and that makes for a nice contrast. I think it's a good trio.

But I think that freedom of speech, thought, association, etc., are essential. I don't mind cursing or rough humor (obviously, I love it!) even if it's directed a me. I had a riot coffee-housing with Rich Fitzgerald about sex in a "dozens" kind of way.

When I was in college I protested a Klan rally and I also COUNTER-PROTESTED an effort to prevent General William Westmoreland from making a speech at my school. I loathed the war in Vietnam and Westmoreland's conduct of it. But the chance/NEED/HIS OWN RIGHT to SPEAK on it far outweighed anyone's tender sensibilities.

Tamra said...

Gawd, thank you. If we spent half of the efforts involved in our phony outrage over the little things on things that matter, just think...

Lovebabz said...

A great many of us have backbone. We come from strong people. It is hard to accept the knife being pushed by folks who look like us.

It is US that do US the most harm. We are the only ones calling each other "nigger" "Bitches" "Ho's"

I trace my roots back to Jefferson. That is not is sad. A day to day reminder of our history.

When a Brother (Black Man) calls me a Bitch, simply because he deems it as a term of endearment...or worse a way to remind himself that the word is vile...on the backs of Sisters and Mothers and daughters. I got problems with that. Yeah at the end of the day it is always about what I will answer to. But still it hurts. Because I always want to believe that the safest place on the planet is in the presence of loving Black men. But when they too want to call us other than a child of God or what my Momma named me, then Yeah I got problems with that.

I am never without my sensitivities and sensibilities. I do not need to make excuses about what offends me. I am a Black Women EVER DAY! I don't need to be tougher, stronger or anything...I AM.


Lovebabz said...

Why didn't you post that you call women "bitches" and "Niggers" Rather than this ridiculous post on sensitivity.

Jay Midnyte said...

This how I would play it. Babz does a good job as the one making sure the show is up and running smooth. If someone kept callin me something i didnt want them to call me, then Ima take that as that person just dont respect me and we can handle it however.

So Babz being the host isnt asking that much when she say she dont wanna be called nigga or bitch. Even though thats how we came up talkin.

So this aint even bout language, it's about respect. I dont expect somebody to call me whatever the fuck they want against my wishes cuz that means they challenging me.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Jay Midnyte
Sticks & stones


pretenios (sp) huh

LMAO its cool i can respect that. but in the immortal words of my home boys 3-56 mafia when i say weak ass, you say bich LMBAO

Jay Midnyte
well said, but call me anything - just dont cut, stab or shoot me - thats pain - not words

Lovebabz said...

I am who I say I am. I am however always stunned when Black Men shove the knife. Who looks out for us...the whores...ho' bitches...mothers...aunties...Big Mama's... we are all the same woman.

If we can't depend on you to hold us up...then who?

Jay Midnyte said...

man all i care is that yall stop cryin and keep these shows going

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

ok me sorry - is that bettter

Jay Midnyte

Anonymous said...

"A nation of Ralph Tresvants"

dude that is the funniest thing I have heard in a LONG time! LOL

Rock On!

lou911 said...

I think the other side of this has to be people having values or what they assumed were truisms at an impressionable age and believing it to this very day. Such as restraint in situations in which they should voice an opinion...So in a sense it comebacks to what one's upbringing is like.


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