Monday, March 09, 2009

tootin' my own horn (its the economy stupid)

I was listening to NPR today on way to take son to school. Lil Momma at camp grandma for a week. Anywho, the segment spoke of how journalist m,issed this economic crisis. I didn't. So Im tooting my own horn. My post of this since 2005. Enjoy.

1. Needs Improvement (10.12.2005).
2. the economic plantation(6.21.05)
3. pictures of american presidents (1.6.05)
4. This Aint Big Lot (11.21.2005)
5. jobless recovery (4.13.06)
6. Current Seas (circa 2003)
7. the new super hero (9.19.07)
8. where dem dollars at (9.25.07)
9. 500 billion and 4 what (12.19.07)
10. poor mr. or mrs. next presidentnt (1.4.08)
11. hope 2 die (1.8.08)
12. the midas touch (1.24.08)
13. My 2 cents (really $11,071.27) (3.15.08)
14. I don’t dispose of income - folk don’t get down like that (3.28.08)
15. Chinese Checkers (4.27.08)
16. Peg & petrodollar warfare (4.30.08)
17. 200$ in two (5.7.08)
18. Holy Cow (5.21.08)
19. real n the field (6.10.08)
20. recess is on (6.22.08)
21. $3 ATM (7.9.08)
22. We the corporation (7.10.08)
23. Yuan Ton Soup (7.16.08)
24. Body Blow, Body Blow, Body Blow (7.22.08)
25. Our America aint black or white – it’s green (7.27.08)
26. That’s makes 10 (9.2.08)
27. the vultures are circling (9.16.08)
28. the fat lady aint started singin' yet (9.17.08)
29. bank of America (9.19.08)
30. Fk the VP, who gone be your Treasury Secretary (9.22.08)
31. Mutha fuca please (9.24.08)
32. shadow boxing (9.28.08)
33. take it on the chin (10.2.08)
34. Rearranging the furniture (10.6.08)
35. ice ice baby (10.8.08)
36. deposits and despots (10.13.08)
37. The Baroque period (10.20.08)
38. Pay check away from a pink slip (11.8.08)

I could add more but this is enough to prove my point. If you expect the media to inform you, well one will stay ignorant. Inform yourself.


Sheliza said...

toot away! I love NPR :)

RiPPa said...

Independent media is the way to go kinfolk. You have to have a thirst for truth. The mainstream media with their sensationalism are not on our side.

nicki nicki tembo said...

Told you when I first started reading you that you were VANGUARD with respect to econ and poli. I've been hooked ever since.

*lowers oneself in kowtow*

Tamra said...

Like I said in my last comment, I was discussing with Hubby about dead-on you've been about a lot of this stuff for the time that I've been following your blog... I might not necessarily agree with *everything* every time, but more often than not you've been on-it.

You totally deserve to toot your own horn. Huge thumbs up from me.

rainywalker said...

You got the plan and you're the man!

MP said...

Toot that horn dammit!

Sister Girl said...

Go on & do ya thang !!!!

Lina said...

I agree with Rippa on the independent media thing. Mainstream news is extremely sensationalized and biased.

Q said...

This should keep me busy

Jamal O said...

Yo, Did we agree on something for
the book cover?

I'm having a Party Saturday in ATL
@ the BUREAU, 327 EDGEWOOD AVE from
11 - 3. Come through, let's talk about it, if can't make it's cool
catch the next one. Your Blog
stays Rockin.



geekgrl said...

Mainstream news likes to keep its audience busy with mostly gossip. That why the 'net is so important.

Except for traffic and the weather, I don't trust the local news.

Sista GP said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sista GP said...

Main-stream is developing into minor trickles of nuclear waste.

ChocolateOrchid said...

I ain't even mad at you.
Toot on.

Villager said...

Outstanding point! Thanx for sharing these links consolidated in one place.

Keep doin' what u do!

peace, Villager

Anonymous said...

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