Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yuan Ton Soup

Addendum: Pic to rt.

Point of order: If u dont know y this blog is raw dawg buffalo, u will now. I dont melt under rain nor word.

I am an optimist true, but I have denied inside, that we can make it if we try, for I have failed to acknowledge that we aint EVEN trying. I am putting down what I am reading now to write what I’m finna (im country) write now. I only had about 45 pages of Pursuit: the chase, capture, persecution & Surprising Release of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Really I have finished the text, I am just going through the 40 or so pages and 270 sum odd footnotes, to check the authors (Clint Johnson) interpretation of the events depicted - great read. In fact checking the footnotes is the best part of reading to me cause you find out about other books. Any who, im finna stop because my blog rounds lead to such. And forgive me if I don’t know when to stop because Im listening to Chuck Brown and the Soul searchersMidnight Sun.” Appropriate cause I hope I can make some of yawl search yawl souls, which in my case is integrated with time, thought and the ability to reason.

We got to get out shit together folk. I mean, I went around the blogoverse over the last few days and all jones hear saw and read was either about Jesse Jackson, The cover of the New Yorker or Mr. Obama. Like dang folk, are we that myopic, limited in our intellectual sphere to consider such to be super important, as if these topics are all we can think about? Or as if they (these issues) were like melaninsuper ferrous magnetic. Shit jones, folks could be about to start slavery back in affect and we on the hook, line and sinker tip still. What gives? When will we value free thinking and look for ourselves as opposed to respond to what other dangle in front of us. They say the Bass is a smart fish, but I never figured he was smarter than us. They don’t bite at anything, even if it right in front of their face.

So your outrage over a satirical drawing or an obsolete former jones who ran for president is unwarranted, I mean is it important? Shole aint interesting. But get outraged while jones her say fck that shit mane. What does it do or what purpose does it serve? Chances are folks who think about Obama that way still and would have if they never did it. That Don’t do jack for me. So yawl go ahead, cause Im more concerned about China, the Juan and global inflation. You see the way they control they currency rates, in concert with how fast their economy is growing may be bad for the world, especially US in the country of the New Yorker magazine.

I mean, in my junior high civics class, we talked about inflation and other stuff a lot albeit I don’t know what Civics is to this day, I do recall the hodge podge of subjects it encompassed. From what I learned, if China keep on growing like they are, they can boost the current level of inflation else where cause the gone need more stuff (raw materials) to feed their growth.

Seeing that we in the US have cut interest rates, its gone be hard for China to raise the value of the Juan – since it is pegged on the dollar. This means if oil don’t come down, an increase in the value of the Juan would mean the stuff they send here that we buy like crack (cellphones, TV’s. Cars, Steel, MP3 players and CDs) will make them a lot more expensive and hard for yawl to purchase. They done had the earth quake and some food shortages too – could be on like pop corn. Cause its already real in the field.

So Jones, don’t think for me mane, or tell me what I am supposed see or feel when I read or see an image. Cause im like, fk that shit, Midwest air lines just laid off 1400 workers and we dont know how many GM finna lay off. Its cool if yawl wanna be outraged over a magazine cover that I doubt many yawl read. Care about what impacts you for real though. So with that said, go find your self some Chuck Brown and get that head right and soul search with the master. Other wise, go and suck down some Juan Ton Soup, oh I mean Won.


Anonymous said...

i fell stupid for being mad. It is nothing, especially if my cell phone may go up, and Apple sold 1mil in 3 days. China getting rich on my dumb ass because i Got one.

Lena said...

Thank you for speaking what I think is on a lot of people's mind but don't say for whatever reason (my reason- I stay away from things of that sort on my blog). I really do think there are many other issues on hand that will impact us more than a magazine cover, cd title and a person's right to speak his mind no matter how ignorant he or she may sound, which of course you pointed out. I don't know, I think the more we drive ourselves a part as a community over stuff like this, the more in trouble we will be because of that and the global issues surrounding us. Then we're really up further shit's creek running around like crackheads as you said, lol.

The Jaded NYer said...

*playing Devil's advocate*

hey now! everybody's blog is different, and people post what's on their mind. some even use it as a type of diary; there is always the option to not read them if you find their thinking myopic.

maybe you saw the same things everywhere you went because the blogs you visit belong to people who are like-minded. and there's nothing wrong with that...

Big Cheekz said...

Jesse's comemnt made me laugh, not mad, and I did find the magazine cover somewhat offensive but i didn't lose sleep over either issue. You're right, there is a lot more going on than what the media chooses to try & distract us with at any given moment. People need to be aware of this fact, especially during hard times in the economy like now.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

dont feel like that, just trying to hold us accounatable, we say one thing and o another

true, so true

Blogs, like papers, like tv, like politics, im asking is it really important, if it is, dont complain when shit hits the fan, free will is real, talk abot what u want, but be pragmatic

we ill informed but dont get mad over what effects us, so why complain after the fact if u aint aware b4

Jay Midnyte said...

this is straight up truth because I started learning about world economies and history for myself these last two years and it dramatically changed my perspective on all the lil politics we see on tv right now! I used to care about the race for president but now I know that if they're not going to address the dollar, oil, globalization, and these wars... it doesn't matter who the hell is commander-in-chief.

As we speak the FED is getting ready to bail out Freddie and Fannie... fascism?

Anonymous said...

hey bruh! when you get a chance, slide back on over to sharon's spot and peep what i said about you in a response to her latest post.

long live jesse jackme! next time around, he better talk about cuttin' off folks nuts while he is having dinner with his wifey at home; and he better do it off the record.

just my two cents.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Dreamy said...

well very informative information, we do need to get it together!! Things are only gonna get worse if we dont!!

msladydeborah said...


Now that you have expanded out on your comment. Let me point this out.

I did write to the editors of TNY. I am one of those folks who believe that the other side can always explain their intentions better that anyone's assumptions. In order to get their response, I had to write a letter.

Originally I was not too happy about the cover. Until I remembered that this particular publication has a long standing reputation for being good at satire.

However, it is important IMHO, that people read the content of the magazine! There's an eighteen page article on how Barack developed into the politican that he is. I know about Chi-town politics and about bi-racial families, so it is worth the effort to go to the library and read the articles.

You know like I do, TNY isn't one of those publications that grace the homes of a lot of black folks. The last time I read a copy of TNY, I was at the library and someone left a copy on the table. It was really a good read.

Christopher said...

I think I hear where you're coming from about what is important and what isn't important.

But, I have to add this is an election year and everything is on the table. 'Specially, as it concerns the "O" man.

Where he stands and how he votes is front and how the culture plays him is front and center. Like his total fuck up vote "FOR" FISA and the racist New Yorker cover art. People are paying close attention to everything.

I've come to the conclusion that nothing is going to get better or improve until the Motherfucker from Midland is out of office. He's like a giant tumor sucking the life force out of the collective unconscious.

We're almost there. We survived the last 8 years and I think the day Bush leaves office and Obama assumes the presidency, life for all of us will improve.

It has to. I am willing it to be so.

Lina said...

Dude, you hit the nail on the head. I am so glad you mentioned China too, because a lot of people don't realize that while America is a strong country with heavy influence, China's growth and power is increasing. And because we depend on their exports, the price of such depends upon demand (plus shit like the strength of the dollar, like you said). Its the same thing with gas, China is using more and more cars every day, which causes the demand for gas to go up along with the price. Its simple economics.

Thanks for this dude. I appreciate people who bring something different to the table.

Urban Thought said...

I feel where you are coming from. I know I took notice to The New Yorker cover but I didn't get outraged. I didn't write about it on my blog. However, what I did do is comment on others. People think about these things. They take notice. Politics is serious business.

Jesse is that dude you want to kick for not stepping up when his main man was shot down. He tried but he didn't succeed. He skates on a little bit of respect... But completely built on a movement that is slowly disappearing as a generation ages.

As for China, the economy and all that... I don't talk about it on my blog but we discuss it in the office. We get into deep conversations. I deal with folk that handle money and investments and advice clients on a regular basis, along with news aggregation, so you can't help but discuss it.

I won't limit myself in thought to the site of Obama on the cover or fall prey to the ignorant comments of some washed up old school head looking for attention.

However, I will focus on the increasing homeless situation going on in NYC through pictures (shameless Wordless Wednesday plug).

Always keeping a brother thinking. That is why I keep coming back here.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Were it not for China giving us loans, we'd have been fucked several years ago. At best they've slowed down our impending economic train wreck, but no one has been able to stop it.

Events that have unfolded since our stock market crash several years ago, followed by this year's airlines going under, housing market collapse and now massive bank failures, signal that the new Great Depression is here. It simply hasn't been formally announced.

The New Yorker magazine cover is nothing in what every single one of us will have to endure for years to come. If you'd like to read what to expect and how to protect yourselves, check out my article, Sliding Down The Rabbit Hole, Part 1 & 2.

laughing808 said...

I wish I could put some Chuck on here at work, but Chuck makes me wanna dance, and well I have keep my composure.

Tomorrow I'll bring in the Chuck cd and have a lunch time groove session while my door is closed.

Stuck in my head said...

Like KIT said, we need China to stay afloat. They have loaned us more money than we can possibly pay back in the near future.

And like I always talk about with friends, we really need to pay attention to what is going on that impacts us directly. Here in St. Louis that is AB beer company and GM (among many other things that impact even more people directly in this city). Both are going through some things right now that for AB could lead to job losses, and for GM it is known that jobs will be cut -- a lot, along with some people's insurance benefits.

There is also the environmental issues that are going to be impacted, especially with Bush now saying that he wants to allow off shore oil drilling. Yea, gas is getting expensive, but do we really want to be drilling oil off our coasts? How many oil spills do we need close to home? And how can we convince the governments of this nation to build better public transportation systems that can really transport people to the places they need to get to (without suburban folk feeling like the city dwellers will come out there and rob them - wtf)?

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Americans are not globalist, we do not think in any terms other than this world here. Hell even the term globalization is nothing more than WESTERNIZATION. America is not worried about China, India and Pakistan strife, Iran testing missiles aimed towards Israel or any of that jazz, if we were we would not be in an unjust war to line the pockets of W, Dick, and all their friends! We let our concern with us override logic, how else could an administration pull a bait and switch as obvious as Iraq for Afghanistan?

Good Post!


Aunt Jackie said...

So are you saying that you are superior because of your choice of posting or are you just hating to be hating?

It's a bit hard to tell but I'll be honest more and more often when I come over here I find your tyraids a bore...

so on that note see ya later alligator.

Anonymous said...

I agree it was a Blackout of Obama coverage all over the blogs. I just copied and pasted the same response like 10 times!

I am new to this blogging thing so I expected to read people's point of views on all kinds of stuff but except for a few there haven't been any original thoughts and ideas put forth.

I'll try to keep mine moving and dropping different topics for people to think about. But it was the Obama Blog Week for sure.

Freeman P.

The Diva's Thoughts said...

You make some valid points here my friend.

4GOTTEN1 said...

I think a lot of us get caught up in the media hype of it all and that's how we come up with whether or not it is important.
If all the major news sources find it important than it must be is the general thinking.

DivaJood said...

Torrance, I did blog about the New Yorker cover, because to me, the outrage is due to a lack of critical thinking in America - a death of irony, an inability to deal with satire. We don't think. I realize this is a gross generalization, but for the most part, we don't think. And yes, I am one of those people who reads the New Yorker.

But yes, we need to be outraged over a lot: The War in Iraq; China; the pending war in Iran; Afghanistan; bank failures; insurance (or lack thereof); health care (or lack thereof); AIDS and the failure to find a real cure; I could go on, and on. I wish you'd actually left a comment on my post about the Cover - it's been an interesting discussion.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Jay Midnyte
And gold is pushing to 1000 an oz

Will do Jesse Jackmee LMBAO

I still have faith we will, and hope we do as well

yep it is, I always preferred the atlantic monthly. Great point, I may have to read the artcle after all, never really read nothing in it except the fiction

U and all else, I know folks counting down for the inuagration as we speak – that’s faith. I like that

Anytime sister. Thank u for the appreciation

Urban Thought
Great point. I will try. But it is on all of us.

Kit (Keep It Trill)
They wont announce it until it is too late. China and us are connected like simese (sp) twins.

I was dancing too

Stuck in my head
I don’t know how, for many this kind of stuff is a bore, regardless of how it is presented

OG, The Original Glamazon
Ironic u say that, my next one will be on the Taliban - again

Aunt Jackie
Nope not superior,but they did say the same about web. And even malcom. Not to mention, to write about something someone has not read is not too cool to me. I say read it first and discuss it, then evaluate the image - is that so bad.I guess by that standard I am hating, on what many of us including me see as being important. Sorry to bore u sister, cant help myself – I just write what I think. Babz and u better represent well out in the Bay. And look forward to being bored on my next post bout the Taliban

I think we need to put some more thought on framing how both OB and JC frame their answers to what we ask and work on evaluating what they give us as a response

The Diva's Thoughts
I try, thanks

All of us do, even me, im stuck on the dollar, I just think that’s more important for some reason

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Most of the blogs on your list are personal blogs. A personal blog is suppose to have the ideas, beliefs, stories of the person writing it.

If someone feels strongly about a subject and decides to post about it that is their right.

It is wrong to berate people for posting what they feel on thier blog.
It is wrong to dictate what people should be talking/writing about.
What is important to one may not be important to another.

We do live in a country where we have the right to say and write about what we wish.

My blog is personal, yours is a mixture of politics/science/personal and another's my be about celebrities.

To each there own.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i can respect that. and i agree with what frames politics, but in politics, the tactics dont change

Urban queen
well said, i did not berate
i figure all blogs are personal
i just dont think it makes since to focus on a cover or anything if one has not read the contents, and i still think we should be informed thats all, is that berating or the truth. its like framing or writing a book report on the cover picture without reading the book - it misinforms. and the cover, its talk, even mione dont make the value of my dollar increase nor anyone elses

so if folks felt berated was not my intent. but my vehemenace is just that - mine

Melody.Darlene said...

"Other wise, go and suck down some Juan Ton Soup, oh I mean Won"

hahah! ur a fool for that one! lolol

BuelahMan said...

Much appreciated post.

But for those who are pissed off about the New Yorker Cover, I have found the revenge:

Keli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keli said...

For me…right now…I am more concerned with local politics…
I have begin to be more involved locally, and the ish that goes on in the community…that’s what gets me…there is so much that goes on that most are not privy too…even those that feel they are up on all the happenings…
Want to make a change…start in your own backyard.
Jesse did not offend me…almost wish he did not apologize.
The New Yorker…did not offend me…
Folks need to stop being so dang sensitive…had it been a cover of Bush or McCain…this dialogue would not be happening. Had it been a cover portraying Evangelicals in a negative light…this dialogue would not be happening…we can’t have it both ways. I have never been down with the notion that black automatically equates right…
I don’t think you realize how much I want this election to be over…and the more Obama opens his mouth, the more I am really considering not voting period…right now, there is not one candidate that I can stand and say that I can vote for confidently…so for me it’s the lesser of two evil s…and I am a registered democrat…makes me wonder how independents are feeling. I bet those who speak so adamantly against McCain, have probably never reviewed his policies…although I am very liberal when it comes to social issues and issues of war…I can be quite conservative when it comes to issues dealing with the economy and education…I want “No Child Left Behind” to be a thing of the past, but I also don’t think the school voucher idea is all that bad…

I am always concerned about what is going on globally…we do not live in a vacuum…the US is most definitely on the down cycle…we need to get ish right at home.

And we will forever be feeding in the foreign economies…because as a capitalist society we do what will bring us the biggest profit in the moment…not thinking ahead…not thinking how it will hurt is by becoming so dependent upon foreign lands.

I blog what’s on my mind…what gets me, are the entertainment blogs trying to cover political matters…I really wish they would not…to me that lacks responsibility, especially when they present subjective statements as facts.
I wanted to blog about my conspiracy theory in regards to Obama…but black folks ain’t ready for that...I most definitely will feel the hate then.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...


Thanks u know i had to gank that immage and link u a fool folk

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i will listen, i wanna read it. great comment - stop hatting LOL


Excellent post, as far as the blogging, I need to define a plan of action with my blog to tackle different issues concerning me that are NOT PRINCESS CC related, I'm getting there, currently I'm still in my own little world, thank you for "telling it like it is".

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I couldn't agree with you more, in fact during a cocktail party at my house this weekend we discussed similar viewpoints. The media is a magic show, designed to keep you looking at a closed fist while your proverbial free thinking pockets are being emptied.Anything being written about and discussed ad nauseam has already happened, carry on and make shit happen instead of sitting amongst other fist watchers and discussing the woulda-coulda-shouldas. meh...

JayBee said...

i knew about the jesse thing and the magazine cover but dismissed both as attempts to cloud my view of what is really important. pretty much right now i'm interested in how our economy is going to get better. in the words of the great ms. lauryn hill, nothing [else] even matters at all.

Veronica Wright said...

MAAAAAAAAn! what you know about some CHUCK BROWN!!!! :-p

Sheliza said...

man, your brain must go like 1000 miles per second! I am still trying to understand what you are saying half the time ( I promise I am not disrespecting you!) I am always in awe after reading your posts. :) I promise I will have some witty comments once I can get your dialect down! LOL!! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Excellent for thought for real.

I'm listening to Chuck Brown right now. What you know bout "Moody's Mood for Love" though??

@Keli, I wanna read your conspiracy theory too.

KIKI said...

Damnit T...I love you man!! I'm glad somebody said it! While the TNY cover did nothing but tickle the shyt outta me...folks responses to it made me outright fall out with laughter. Soon as the cover came out they made it clear that it was making fun of all the ridiculous rumors that had been put out there about Barak...not to put down or humilate him or Michelle. But first thing folk wanna do is bytch about something they dont even know the intent behind.

And to be honest...I am soooooo sick of everybody making it a monumental event everytime somebody slings mud at Obama. I mean...HELLLLO...this is a f*ckin election. Since when the hell are there nicities in politics...shyt just makes my ass itch...

IMO the problem is that people arent happy unless they find something to complain about. I've even read on a few blogs where folk DID read the article and heard what the meaning behind the cartoon was, and still weren't satisfied with it, claiming that TNY is just trying to cover their asses and still believe the cartoon was a personal attack on the presidential candidate. WTF?! Oh that was racist...they tryin to make Obama look like he in the taliban...Oh this is so wrong and unacceptable...yada yada yada

NO...shyt is funny as hale, and people need to start worrying their sensative asses over the things that really matter instead of all this "They hatin on the black man" shyt! Economy all shot to hell and all folk can do is complain about a dumb ass cartoon?! GTFOH wit dat mess...

Anonymous said...

Having just came from buying some food at the farmers market and engaging in a rather interesting discussion on the price of food, I see where you are coming from.

That said, I think yesterday was just one of those days where many of us just had something to say...

On the other hand I am not one for conspiracies but it is facinating that banks are collapsing, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are on government life support.. financially the USA is close to becoming a 3rd world country and yet we are all so caught up nobody is even truly aware. Perhaps that's what the powers to be want, a sleeping nation of folks who don't pay attention.

Jenna said...

See, that's why I love me some Torrance, you are the truth, u the future. Thanks for the shining the light.

rainywalker said...

Raw Dawg,
While they are showing us the magazine covers you can bet they're covering up the important shit. The stuff we really need to know and call them out on their agenda for us in the ovens.

Anonymous said...

People have a right 2 feel what they feel and read what they read. If they read and get upset they are bashed. If they don't read or get upset they are bashed. Hypocrisy is 2 way street.

Anonymous said...

I'd have to disagree with you a bit. I think people's blogging does not reflect everything they think about. Some people blog simply about beauty, makeup or fashion, does that mean that's all they know and that's all they care about? or that's all that's important in their opinion? I'm sure theres lots of Obama posts because when something comes out in the media, most people have a response to it and would like to express that. Just as my blog about fathers pretty much came from me reading your blog and thinking of Obamas statements. In general, you would expect a lot of focus on a Black man actually having a shot at being the President since we would never think that could happen. But I do agree with people needing to be accountable and people should go out and search for information. I'm not sure how much you can really say what people really know about and care about though. I've heard a lot of talk on the state of the economy and a lot of different things from different websites/people. We can talk about stuff all we want, if we are just sitting around and watching junk happen and complaining, nothing will change.

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

I have mixed feelings about this particular post....In my honest opinion it sounds a bit self righteous and condescending but on the other hand it raises some serious issues....I agree that we have much more pressing issues than the New Yorker cover and that the media can use frivolous data to distract us from the dire state our country is in..on the other hand like some people have said people write about what they are thinking...just because someone didnt have a post about global issues doesnt mean that they arent concerned with it, I'm sure you would agree Torrance that a person's blog is just a small glimpse into who they I dont know if their needs to be a PSA about people's priorities....unless your living and dealing with all the bloggers you read on a daily basis you cant possibly know what their priorities personally I have read on and sometimes discussed global issues specifically with China but when I go to my blog I write about me...cuz its my domain and honestly talking about that shit all day is boring and depressing to me......To each his own your message comes off a bit abrasive I'm sure if someone told you about what you should be writing or that your views were unimportant and your priorities were mixed up you wouldnt appreciate it....Just my two cents

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Thank u sister

U see thay call me hater

See that’s whay I know u can never forget where u come from

Veronica Wright
I was fuckin b4 u was walking what u mean lol

Yea, u women hat thast though lol

thank u sister

Me or how I think lol

blackgirlinmaine said...
well said

Biased lol

So is this cover making them think diff about obama, ort dom they think that way any way…….be a scholar and not a a slave

Not talking about hicropsisy but what is important importantant in making conclusions again, mabe u comfortable with making a decision on an article without reading it baqseed on a pic or cover , not me

Again it’s not about bloging
But rather what is important about making political decisions.
And don’t hate me for asking or saying it is wrong to dog a cover when u aint read the artcle, that’s how slaves are made, maybe u want to be one, but not me

Introspective goddess
I don’t need to know, thwy may think cartoons or bet are important, but thatv aint the issue. What has an impact still has an impact blike gas.
So if self righteous means calling such folks out for responding to a cover when they aint read the article to go with the picture is fucked up to me, maybe not u but it is to me

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

so u disagree with me saying china, the juan has more of an inpact on us than the cover of the new yorker, if so do explain

sista gp said...

At first glance, I was shocked that someone would publish something like this. Upon further review, I noticed all the items representing all the crap that has been spreading about the Obamas. The illustration seemed silly then I moved on. There was no interest in it further nor a desire to read the accompanying article.

I was surprised that so many blogged about it. It didn't seem to be such a bid deal to me. Of course I had several other issues to deal with at the time.

Jersey Girl said...

Exactly what I said... the people who hate Obama will say "see? I told you!" and the rest will say "so what?" That picture won't change opinions and it certainly won't change the type of thoughts that some have had engrained in their narrow little minds for centuries. And those are the people who haven't a clue as to what satire is in the first place.

I've been sitting here watching people scream about oil prices being the problem and trying to explain that the larger problem is the food...prices, supply is down, nations stock-piling, all of it. I even heard a report on NPR about some smaller Asian and Indonesian nations, in an effort to open trade agreements with countries like China, have put local rice growers out of business because they've made it cheaper to buy imported rice than locally grown. Demand is up, supply is down! Too many people I've talked to think that food prices are up because of oil and don't understand that that's only a tiny portion of it. People are losing their jobs in bulk every day, and they can't afford to eat! You can catch a bus or ride a bike to avoid buying gas, but we all have to buy food! No one wants to listen. I get "Yeah but gas is 4 dollars a gallon." Makes me want to bitch slap people.

I'm done ranting.

Anonymous said...

Nope, I actually agree with that. But, I disagree with you saying that people's blogs are reflecting what they think is important or what they know of. In some cases, what's in the mainstream media may be what people know of only and I don't think its all their fault . I think there's privilege in having access to how our relationship with other countries may affect our economy (and what that relationship is) or having the leisure to care about that. And the people that are the least privileged would benefit the most from having this information because maybe there could be some type of action.(at least some motivation) I just wouldn't attribute to the people being dunces, that's all. And I didnt really care about the cover of the New Yorker even. I didnt blog about that, I didnt care about it. If the article WAS offensive and an attack on him and his wife, I STILL wouldn't have blogged about it because I wouldn't be shocked about it because the media has bashed Obama since he became a threat. And if I was to be concerned about Obama's wellbeing and feelings (and I wouldnt be), I would have read the article first before I defended him. So, nope I don't want to be a slave :P

Dusty said...

Torrance..Bravo! Great post, thank you for slapping us all around a bit, I mean that sincerely.

I had no plan to write about that damn New Yorker cover until that was all I too saw as I waltzed through the blogosphere Tuesday. I finally had it up to my big brown eyes and said fuck it..I gotta talk about how stupid this shit is. you did it much better than I did sweet man. ;)

We folks get our panties in a wad about some stupid shit. I do too, so I am in that group as well.

You give us a good talking to Torrance, and I for one will take it to heart.

China owns our ass, financially speaking. It should bother the living hell out of every adult that the current administration has put us in this precarious position.

12kyle said...

@ Torrance
Thanks for the Chuck Brown!

Good post as always, bruh

I was at Lenox Mall the other day and the line went out the door for the people who were buying the new iPhone. Talk about buying like a crack head. You should've seen em. They waited for hrs at a time.

RunGirl. said...

preach brother!! pepople who dont even read that magaize or anything else for that matter are all in an outrage... and for what? yes it is offensive, but somebody tell me why effective today, DC residents can carry concealed weapons?? Lets be outraged about that! WE are in the murder/nation's capitol and shit is about to get worse!!

Waiting for Zufan! said...

China is up and coming. Thanks why we're learning Chinese around here, along with the Spanish and English.

Funny that you called the yuan the juan. That's how my Spanish-speaking esposo etc says it.

Sorry this isn't too profound a comment to go along with a great thinking post, just mostly wanted to swing by and say "hi."

MrsGrapevine said...

My husband and I had that discussion: we are just a crisis away from our economy sinking. There are so many things going on right now between the war, the weather, oil, foreclosures and banks, the economy and debt, and trade, that any one thing can set on us on tumbling path. If you own your own business like we do, you may be a little scared, right now.

I think people are myopic right now, we have the first half-black viable candidate for President, and you have a group hoping he fails, a group hoping he wins, and group pretending race doesn't matter.

Garth Sullivan said...

dawg, you need to tune out the msm.

go pure internet.

i tuned in to the new yorker cover... YAWN

jesse jackson... YAWN

the most interesting thing i've learned in the past couple of days is that there may be a hidden bump for obama not being picked up by pollsters.

apparently it's too expensive for pollsters to use cell numbers so there is a huge voting bloc, that fits obama's demographic, that are consistently undercounted.

btw, you should read everything you can by Robert Penn Warren (Not the poetry, the novels) His book on John Brown is fascinating.

Not too long ago I read Warren's book Jefferson Davis Gets His Citizenship back which was interesting. Recall there were many who wanted Lincoln to hang him, but, he refused.

T.C. said...

is that Chuck Brown DCs had me with that!

Kitty said...

Yep I posted about The New Yorker cover too. I wanted to know people's opinion of it. And like you said it's not that serious. Especially compared to the real issues that are going on but hey. I also did a post about Elton John's Ben& Jerry's ice cream so obviously I don't discuss serious topics.

But I can respect what other people want to talk about on their blogs. It's all good.

What killed me more was seeing and hearing about it on the news over and over again That's where I expect to hear the real issues.. :(

Anonymous said...

LOL. You know we just love that he say she say stuff! We can waste a lot of valued energies on he say she say - I'm like you, who gives a hoot! Learn something new each and every day is my motto and I pass that on to the youth! Another inspiring article! PLL, CordieB.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sista gp
I feel ya. That’s what most should have done, don’t comment on cover if u aint read it is all im saying and don’t make it about politics when the NY is a magazine of satire

Jersey Girl
Rant all u want that’s what I
figure I do

I didn’t say that their blogs was a reflection of what they think is important, I said the NY cover aint important in this race for the whitehouse

Y thank u sister, I don’t mind the post, I just so so many like folk saw it one plave and ran with it like it was news or information

Now I know u love some go go. And I bet they were, at 5 or 6 a pop, and im trying to decide if I wanna buy Barrick Gold or Cadence Energy stock – im a lame I guess

Thanks babe, how is the work out routine

Waiting for Zufan!
Yep, they got our trump card in their hand

I hope to meet hubby one day, when I talk about such wioth women 1 out of two get bored lol

Garth Sullivan

Chuck is the truth

I aint mad at the post or what folks blog about just saying it’s a non issue, they been doing what they do. I read u all the time and be cracking up

Thank u

ZACK said...

Your writing style is unique. The only reason I don't visit as much is because I CAN'T! You have too much stuff on your page and it makes it load slow. What I'm gonna do is subscribe to your RSS feed and then I'll read it without all the other stuff.

Good post!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JAY MIDNYTE: Torrance is winding me up. You're not really a teenaged college student. Just admit it already. You've had your fun at my expense.

You never fail to come back to this issue and you never fail to put it in perspective. Without figuring a way out of the economic holocaust that's headed the USA's way, NOTHING matters.

I think that Obama has by far the most gifted and electic team of economic advisors of anybody in teh race, although the off-candidates, Barr, McKinney and Nader have done more THINKING on the issue than either of Obama or McCain.

Obama is sharp enough to get the right blend of advice from Soros, Voelcker and Buffett to make some of the limited series of moves he can make, given the unique mess he's being handed. [I don't see too many scenarios with McCain winning this thing, really.]

Fascism is definitely one word that fits if you use pre-war Italy and Spain as examples. Soviet Communist is another term that fits. White Fundamentalist Christian Maoism works, too. Nazism fits. Equally immoral, misguided and inefficient in economic and foreign policy, to be sure.

The key that unites today's USA with the those systems is in the corporatism as opposed to capitalism. Industrial consolidation in "capitalist" countries is no different materially-speaking than the state-controlled, planned production facilities in "communist" countries.

It all boils down to the same shit in America. There's ONE manufacturer of airplanes. There are three major defense contractors. There are 5 conglomerates that control all of the news and entertainment.

The Republicans are fond of saying that the backbone of any economy is it's middle-class and small-to-medium sized businesses. This is actually true. They just don't practice what they preach. An innovative batch-process manufacturing company with a market cap of $300 million is considered an irrelevancy in the USA, instead of the economy's bread and butter.

Meanwhile, despite making money hand over fist, the oil companies and the two agri-monopolies, ADM and Cargill, get free money from the government!

I was and am an opponent of the wars but given that the US was planning a war in a major oil producing country and another one contiguous with 3 major oil producing countries, to not begin slowly and steadily raising interest rates starting in 2003 was inconscionable. They were just too scared that the real estate bubble would burst. Well, what do you know? Even with all that rate-cutting and the burial of the USD, the real estate market eventually tanked anyway.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: I just re-read this post and while I agree with most of it, I think you give short shrift to the NEW YORKER cover fracas.

I agree that if it were the cover of the WEEKLY STANDARD or THE NEW REPUBLIC it wouldn't mean shit. This is something very different. NYC's Obama vote proportion won't be all that different from that of East St Louis, IL. That makes the NEW YORKER magazine a Trojan Horse of the first order.

I've got no illusions about Obama. I had fewer than anyone, in fact. I preferred Clinton until Obama's started showing me how strong astute and sophisticated he was starting with his speech on race in Philly. I just became neutral at that point between the two. It's also a little disingenous to have fanned the anti-Clinton flames for months and then to back off a very blatant racist political hit-job in an Obama stronghold. It wasn't just the cover. It was the featured article in the magazine which was a hatchet-job on Obama. It's the editor-in-chief who has never disavowed his full-bore endorsement of the war on Iraq. It's a whole lot of big things BEHIND the disgraceful cover.

One may read whatever one likes into primary-and-caucus tactics but the nominees have been chosen and the Clintons are campaigning for Obama and the NEW YORKER does a hit-job on him.

But you know I agree with you completely on this economy being bad but more than just bad, structurally impossible to fix. 7 1-2 years of thowing economic theory out the window and running Stalin's USSR will mess things up badly. GM and Wachovia are obviously the next big stories and neither fiscal nor monetary methods are going to fix anything whether whether GM or Wachovia survive or not.

I know as sure as I'm typing this that at his worst Obama makes a far better president than McCain and it's not close.

The economy, however, was very much not the big issue back in February when Obama was doing a first-class impersonation of Chauncey Gardner and everybody and everybody's aunt Betty was sure that Senator Clinton was a cross between Satan and Hitler but worse. Yet, during that time, Clinton ire blinded and deafened a lot of Democrats to who was talking about practical economic plans and who was Chauncey Gardner.

I'm not saying that Clinton's idea of Bradyizing the CMOs in exchange for a long foreclosure holiday and a right to restructure was the best way to handle the real estate problem or not. But she was, at least, puzzling through it in public.

And I don't blame Obama at all for taking every edge he could and for wanting to win. That's what it's all about. Clinton, though, was Obama's opponent. Why is the editor of the New Yorker picking a fight? What does he stand to gain? We're not going to ever know because Remnick did a way better sales job ex-post than Don Imus did!

The problem that your noticing and proving but not saying is that the USA has two parties: the one Obama represents is a Reaganite Conservative Republican Party and the one McCain represents is a Religious Nativist Authoritarian Party.

Obama knows this Bill Cosby fatherhood routine, and renewed hawkishness on Iraq, and bezerko Faith Based Cabinet thing is all a lot of baloney. He believes he's got a small win locked down and is going for a big score by trying to pull in a lot of swing states and a Red State or two. He CANNOT discuss the economy with any clarity any more than McCain can because given the textures of BOTH parties, both Obama and McCain are REQUIRED to be USA cheerleaders. To discuss the 3 d's: debt, deficit and dollar would be "pessimism" and that will not play. So, it's platitudes like "renewable energy" and "volunteerism".

For McCain it's the War Hero palaver and the domestic sources of crude as if all of it would flow into ExxonMobil and Chevron and the explo rights not be up for international auction.

Neither will discuss fiscal and monetary policy because the answers are not what the public want to hear.

The answers are fiscal prudence through a vastly reduced military and national security outlay plus a policy of monetary neutrality meaning RAISING INTEREST RATES TO SUPPORT THE DOLLAR.

Noboby gets elected by advocating fiscal prudence and sound money. To so would admit there's at least two "problems" with America. Not permissible in a country whose overarching narrative is "freest, richest and greatest country on Earth." It ranks in the 40s on those metrics.

Which I guess answers my question about "why this racist New Yorker cover and hatchet job feature article." I think it's to scare Obama into continuing to avoid issues, keep coming to the right to the point at which there are very few ideological differences between the two and -- perhaps -- the "war hero" thingy trumps the "history and hope" thingy.

And no one has to take any risks by talking turkey on the economy. It's actually kind of a smart political move by McCain's team coming at a time Obama has ditched the strong message of March thru June in favor of a message somewhere to the right of Romney and to the left of Tancredo!

May it fail and Obama put up a huge number of electors. Like 400!

Stuck in my head said...

@ Kelso's Nuts

"Noboby gets elected by advocating fiscal prudence and sound money. To so would admit there's at least two "problems" with America. Not permissible in a country whose overarching narrative is "freest, richest and greatest country on Earth." It ranks in the 40s on those metrics."

Preach on! There is so much that these candidates will not talk about until they are elected and then will start to make happen -- to the shock of the electorate. Mainly due to the fact that we cannot handle it, or don't want to hear it. One thing that will greatly help our economy and our infrastructure and our way of living would be to pay a little more in taxes, but that is just seen as unpatriotic. We would rather have a bit more in pocket than have better roads, better schools for our children, better public transportation, better health care, etc.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

STUCK IN MY HEAD: I think that it can be done more painlessly even than American workers paying higher marginal tax rates. Again, it is the fiscal platform that none dare speak: cutting spending, most specifically cutting "defense" spending and spending on the National Security Police State apparatus to start with.

It is not Barack Obama's fault that Bush's two mis-guided wars have been failures exactly in the area Bush said he wouldn't go into: nation-building. You would be surprised how much budget room you get without the on-the-books and off-the-books allocations of the past 6 years.

Then, on the monetary side, it is time for the president and the two leading candidates to stop lying to the American people. If a monetary goal of 1/2 the distance to parity by the end of Obama's first term, you would see a lot of pressure taken off. In short, they can't keep throwing gasoline on the fire until interest rates are zero or negative as in Japan of 5 years ago. A strong president is going to have to choose a Fed Chairperson who is a servant to the national good and not to a party. That means a policy of slow and steady interest rate increases.

Republicans have gotten used to something that no party in a capitalist-democratic-republic has ever enjoyed: getting everything on their wish list. They've had war, loose fiscal policy, loose monetary policy, regressive taxation, a regressive system of non-health care, a highly militarized domestic system of social control, and no "fourth estate" to ask questions.

That all has to change. It doesn't mean that I think Obama get to govern by HIS fiat. It means that it becomes a negotiation with Obama coming in with the stronger hand than the minority leadership.

no_slappz said...


The cover of the New Yorker is funny for several reasons, none of which benefit Obama.

He's depicted wearing the muslim clothing he actually wore when he visited a muslim nation a while back. I've forgotten which country he visited, but he did wear the robes and cap that are shown on the cover. Thus, the drawing of him is based on something quite real.

In fact, islamic tradition states that the child of a muslim father is a muslim. Of course, Obama has converted to Christianity, but, he began life as a muslim, according to islamic tradition.

The half of the magazine cover depicting his wife presents her in a more conceptual way. Even though the New Yorker hoped to create a satirical picture, in fact, it took a mental image held by millions of Americans and put it on paper.

In this respect, the New Yorker cover backfired in a spectacular way.

Furthermore, Obama criticized the New Yorker. Thus, it's obvious Obama can't get along with organizations that support him because he is so deeply concerned about his image. The guy can't take a joke.

Why is that? He takes himself way too seriously. I think he believes his own crazy rhetoric.

He gave a speec recently. He stated his intention to exit Iraq, thereby giving hope to the opponents of freedom, democracy and capitalism who want to destroy Iraq. In the same speech he said he would invade Pakistan -- to nail Osama bin laden. He also suggested he would invade other countries and he was foolish enough to reveal that he thinks he can talk the Iranian leadership into minding its own business.

There's way too much proof he's a screwball.

It gets worse when he talks about energy. His views on technology are straight from science fiction.

Meanwhile, China can relax its control of its currency if it chooses. Letting its currency trade freely would be good news for the US.

no_slappz said...

High oil prices add to the cost of virtually everything in the world.

There are plenty of reserves in this country and other places in the world that have not been tapped. Thus, there is no doubt it is possible to drill more wells and produce more oil. The obstacle is politics. Not Nature.

Meanwhile, alternative energy sources will develop. but it is an incontestable fact that even if we go double full-speed ahead, it will take DECADES before solar and wind energy contribute more than a drop in the energy bucket.

Nuclear power can offset more oil use than any other option. But the world will use ALL the options. However, the price of energy will reflect the price of oil for the next hundred years No Matter What!

Thus, if oil is $140 a barrel, equal amounts of energy from other sources will cost the same. That's how it works.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

No_slappz: Good point about China. Good luck getting them to do it!

JR said...

Sorry I'm so late getting around T, been busy busy.

"...if China keep on growing like they are, they can boost the current level of inflation else where cause the gone need more stuff (raw materials) to feed their growth."

I had previously Chinese imports and was a fan of Wal Mart. Wal Mart pretty much single handedly kept our inflation at record lows for a decade. By improving supply side infrastructure, forcing their suppliers to cut costs, and going overseas to get less expensive merchandise, they forced their competition to keep prices low. Low inflation is a good thing, it makes my future dollars worth more.

Now comes the unintended consequences of that short termed inflation hedge. China's economy is exploding. Our (and the Western Worlds) affinity for cheap goods is funneling metric tons of money into China. China is devouring raw materials at a rate never before seen. Not only is China providing goods to the world, they have 1.3 billion people who are becoming consumers of manufactured goods.

We can complain about speculators and oil companies all we want, but the American oil market is dwarfed by the new Chinese market. Oil, iron, copper and all other ingredients of industry are at an extremely high demand by China. This is driving up prices of all raw materials, not just oil.

What worked for more than a decade to keep inflation low is now coming back to bite us in the rear.

shine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Ok, I got mad love for u still folk u know that

economic holocaust ditto on that thought
And it is enough Equally immoral, misguided and inefficient in economic and foreign policy to put on everybodys hands

Kelso, all im saying is that cover don’t make me no loot, and that it aint gone change the minds of fans or supporters. The Myopic, well that’s another story.
And yes it was foul, but funny, like the one I put on the post of mccain but I got
I thought they just wanted to sell magazines really at any cost
Stuck in my head
So true, ask K street

and I agree it can be done but it requires time and thought, stumping wont allow for such.

and it must change

It did backfire, and humor is in the eye of the beholder. I mean I don’t expect all to like necknbones as I do u know.

But calling him a screwball , is to far now that may fit me but not him
But we wanna bomb Iran for be forward, more forward think than us on the
Nuclear power tip, go figure

What could give the motive to do such is my query?

Well said, and like u I recant when they All road bikes, not anymore, all cars dang. What can or will we do?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

sista gp
Well said sister, well said

Thank u hon, but we all in the same gang, like malcom X said

“If you have no critics you'll likely have no success.”


“I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against.”

Yea, and u read my comment to youir post – that’s all he with folk

Mane u don’t want that folk, do u LOL

Disturbed Stranger
Where u been, and LMBAO on the handsom comment

Good point and u aint missing much, except for the jeffersons and good times

Professor Tracey
Can we Professor, I mean 4 real?

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: I think that David Remnick is a pretty good writer and line editor. As a manager and a thinker, he's strictly 2nd rate. He has a tendency to be wowed by money, power and people he considers to be "above" him in certain ways. Thus, give him an audience with Bush and Powell and he'll write you a pro-Iraq editorial. Give him a dinner with Boris Berezovsky and he'll tell you that Vladimir Putin is a figurehead and Berezovsky is the true power in the Russian Republic.

I've had dinners in Moscow with Western Siberian oil men and they are bacchanals, to be sure. Remnick may be a little too uptight to enjoy them as much as I did, but put him next to a guy for whom $500 mm of net worth is a rounding error and he'll do what he's told.

Get him a couple of hours with McCain and he'll be love-smitten, assign a hit-job on Obama, and lose all good sense when choosing a cover for that week's "book".

Obama is about the same age as you and me and Remnick, so he won't inspire the same admiration in the New Yorker editor's eyes that McCain (or Bush) does.

I hear you about loot vis-a-vis NYer cover. I'm not doing this to save the world. I have no interest in that at all. Quite frankly, it's only on the blogs that I have any American self-identification left at all. I don't speak in English too often and on blogs is the only place I write it.

Not only do I have no vested interest in seeing peace, freedom, social justice and good fiscal and monetary policy in the United States, I do way better from a personal financial standpoint the more racist, fascist, ignorant, bellicose and fearful the USA becomes.

The American ex-pats I know are just like me. Finance guys who are fluent Spanish speakers. They are or were Democrats or Libertarians. We'll laugh sometimes at our CONSTRUCTIVE criticism of the USA! And somebody will say "fuck, yeah, why aren't we giving McCain money? What's with all this peace and economic growth shit?"

But even the most callous Libertarian has to have a conscience somewhere. And I'm not that callous really. I have too much respect and pride for older relatives who were suffering, taking shit, giving it out and up in all kinds of baroque madness and died young, so that I could go to grad school and make money and be in a position to philosophize.

Or I could just write: "Let them eat Hostess Cupcakes." Because, Jones, the worse it gets up there, the better it gets down here.

I'd rate myself 54% villain, 46% hero. Better that than 100% villain and 0% hero, si o no?

Lola Gets said...

Party up Chuck!

I was at a banquet where he was also a guest...I wanted to get a pic with him, but wasnt confident Id actually see the results (ie, Ida have to use someone elses camera), lol.


Anonymous said...

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