Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I don’t wanna see you draws jones

Jones man, while me and my folk was in the shop putting up some extra display space, I saw two dreads across the street walking. I suspected they may have been lovers the way they were holding hands, but that is beside the point. Both folk had wife beaters on and jeans. But what struck jones here was that they wife beaters was down under they asses with the jeans held with a belt below them.

My boy Aston, the owner of Clay Gallery next to me saw this. I was about to scream to folk across the street “Jones mane, pull you draws up, don’t nobody wanna see yo azz, you running away my customers.” But Aston looked at me and said don’t mane. But I felt like it and I’m writing this cause I felt I should have and because I neglected my obligation of expressing how I feel.

Now I know I aint the coolest folk on the planet, but I do feel that this draw and wife beater for draws with a belt around your thigh shit has gone too far. Now true, me with my none underwear wearing self may not be the correct conduit for this message. But it is about time that somebody suggests a trade in of white tee’s, and airforce ones for some Linen’s and sandals or Cole Haan’s. But I think its too late. For they don’t listen to men.

And you women, some women, a lot of women that is, are part of the problem. Until you actually tell a mutha fuca that that shit aint attractive or sexy, or mature they will keep doing it. But that is like expecting George Bush to care about Iraqi civilians or Africans in Dafur because yawl help propagate this nonsense. Yawl (some) be the main ones in the clubs liking and singing and wanting to make “love to a thug in the club with his Nikes on? “ Not realizing you just gone get fucked without any love. Even knowing that that mentally, physically and emotionally shit is just a lame pick up line-yep. Yawl be the main ones singing “buss it baby” Knowing that you are one of many.

But I will calm down, just like I calmed down today, went in my shop and got my hot sauce, and like Brylcream, a little dab will do u. So I did my little dab, watched it dissolve in my tequila and threw it back with a smile. I may not wear draws, but u cant see my ass, unless im at the cut – I hate clothes. vote


BlaHHH said...

I feel you on this! That is so not attractive & it looks tacky. I used 2b that girl your talking about 2, but after a while you get tired of the same thing & same conversation. What a lot of women dont realize is that depending on the guy you can gradually change their appearance 2 a taste of your like. But it depends on the guy & how you do it. It worked 4 me & my momma! lol

Dreamy said...

i laughed at this post when i seen it come across my blog roll, too funny

i totally agree with you on this and now i can finally leave some kind of opinion without sounding stupid,lol

i dont understand why you would want to walk around with your pants hanging off your azz and your drawers showing. like that is super not cool at all. as a matter of fact i think it is disgusting.

another thing that disgusts me is when men grab their crouch area. like dude why are you doing that

i so understand where you are coming from with this one. black men need to get it together and females too i am tired of seeing and bitch thongs. like that is not cute at all.

Dione said...

Sometimes it's a thin line between doing the right thing to school our young brothers and sistas and getting cussed the hell out. I tread carefully these days around young folk I don't directly know because many of them are so UNSTABLE and you neva know if they will heed what you say or go slam off like the Soulja Boy chic on the subway a few months ago. Bi-Polar or plain disrespectful, you neva know.

I have the SAME problem with the girls in my school. They are so HAWT and looking for a baby daddy in MIDDLE school, they give it up to the guys left and right. I keep pulling them to the side and give em "the talk" about saving SOMETHING for that special someone...Until the GUYS say "Hey, it's my job to pursue YOU", they will keep perpetuating the same legacy...
LOL at you and the underwear...Do your thang Dawg...

msladydeborah said...

Hi T!

First of all, You know you are preaching to this sistah's chior!

The look has never been attractive and I thought that it would of played out by now. But I have seen some youngbloods who have made me shrudder to look at their asses hanging out. So you get a snaps up and LOL from me on that tip.

It is probably good that you didn't say anything. I know it is difficult to keep one's lips together during moments like that, but you strike me as being someone who ain't having it, and will back yourself up.
But would they be worth the drama? Of course not!

Looking at the Cole Haan's made me realize something~I am a real shoe freak! OMG! Those shoes are so good looking! I love good looking shoes period. Female or male. Since I raised three males, I spent a lot of time shopping for them. I know my Geminis would love them!

Brycream? I did not know that this product was still being sold. Just reading the name brought back the days when that and Breck Shampoo (Is it true that blondes have more fun?) came rolling back. Thanks for the memory.

I am going to have to try some tequila and hot sauce. It sounds like it might be pretty good.

allienicole said...

im not ashamed to say i do like bust it baby (part 2) -- i like plies for his raunch -- the message of this (albeit ignorant) song is least i construct it that way. and love-less sex is just that. ain't nothin wrong with it as long as thats what you want.

SECOND... though i do enjoy oogling a mans ass, i prefer to do so by tracing its outline in some nice work appropriate slacks...wife beater phatties are NEVER EVER a good look...but yes i do look. sigh.

am i contributing to this convo?
prob not. oh well.

WArd PrEfEct said...

Like you wrote to me earlier cuz, me and you ain't no where near regular. I use that phrase sometimes to just be funny, really, kinda being sarcastic with myself, ya dig? Keeps me humble.

So you got these regular cats fakin' it like it's cool, but I heard that the the "saggin'" phenomena started out in jail, when prisoners would sag to let other inmates know they were putting out,if you know what I mean. Maybe that's just speculation,but I heard it somewhere...

Don't worry, ain't nothin' regular about our thoughts, I just always thought it was funny to say, since it's nowhere near

Dagny said...

So many things to say. Like BlaHHH has it right. The right guy will let you do a makeover. And Dione in saying that you have to be careful with the younguns today when you give advice.

I must say that I do love a good wife beater but the sags? (Oh, and out in Cali, the tale is that sags did indeed start in jail -- because sometimes the prison issue stuff doesn't fit and you're not allowed to have a belt.) I never really liked them and was definitely over them when a kid tripped on his way out the door of the classroom. Why? Because his pants were hanging too low. He cracked his head on the metal door frame. I'll leave it at that. Luckily I am the kind of person who deals well in stressful situations like that.

And now I'm off to listen to MC Lyte's "Ruffneck." I haven't listened to it for years but for some reason now, I suddenly feel like I need to.

Miss Foxxy said...

first, LMAO @ "i suspected they may have been lovers the way they were holding hands, but that is beside the point" HAHAHA.

okay, i love wife beaters on a guy if they can pull it off, but not in public worn as a damn dress with the pants hanging off. so i agree with you on that.. people really underestimate the power of dress, and the impressions you give off by what and how you wear your clothes.

just the other day, i seen a group of guys walkin' around with their pants sooo low, i swear they must have forgotten to pull their pants back up after taking a shit. there is NO EXCUSE for having your pants so damn low they around your ankles.. we know damn well you don't have shit in your pockets weighing it down!! GEEZ.

PrettyBlack said...

I replied to you in the last post. But as for this one, I'm trying to tell these chicks that they make the rules...The good shit always makes the rules...Behind every good man...

That sagging shit was originally jailhouse display for letting inmates know you were jailhouse pussy, now all of a sudden it means thug? Yeah right.

A man after my own heart, you know nike teamed up with cole haan, I got my husband a pair, he says they're very comfortable.

When "men" started wearing their shirts like mini dresses, showing their asses, and dying the tips of their hair, they are no longer "men"...more like bitches.

Anonymous said...

pretty black said: That sagging shit was originally jailhouse display for letting inmates know you were jailhouse pussy, now all of a sudden it means thug? Yeah right.

i didn't even know that. damn, the way we "make it our own" these days... you have touched a topic close to my heart. i too don't find it attractive at all. i'm going to come right out and say it: the way men dress, particularly african american men is the reason why i don't give them the time of time, not just the day. it would be a straight up embarrassment for me to be seen in public with your ass hanging out like you ain't got no typa sense. *shudders*

i know for a fact that i am not one of those women that encourages that nonsense. i might be up in the club jamming to those songs you mentioned but i will let a man know when he steps up to me that i am not feeling his attire. then i'm going to encourage him to get in touch with some clothes that fit.

i am in agreement with so many people here, you have no idea. that's why i love men in office wear. suits and shit. can't sag those and the look of power or authority appeals to my horniness very much

ps: missed the call. called back. no word. email me that celly again.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Aah yes, the ubiquitous "manties" phenomenon. I question why anyone would want to restrict movement, blood flow and the potential for gainful employment by fastening a belt around their thighs. I have a teenage son, we have had this discussion ad nauseam, "Pull them up or take them off and stay your ass inside!"-It least until he's out of my range of vision *sigh*

charmingdriver said...

I've heard the sagging = prison availibility myth many times too but snopes says nay:

But regardless of where it came from, yeah, it needs to go back because you can't expect someone so lacking in respect for their damn selves as to walk around shining their ass to respect anyone else they encounter.

Traycee said...

I so feel you on this one...I have boys and I let them know that is not cute... One of the reasons why I always liked older men....I never thought that crap was cute....

Linda said...

*lol* They're just wearing those so it looks extra cool when they (try to) run from the cops.. can't believe you didn't know that ;)

They do it up here too.. first it was the low rise jeans.. then some skinny guys had them go under their hips.. and now it's just them asses hanging out.

Honestly.. eventhough it may "look cool" (which it doesn't) just imagine having to wear your clothes like that.. I don't know what's holding those pants up.. I'd fear them dropping down every 20 seconds..

Greetings from holland! ;)

Curious said...

Okay, I guess I have to be the contrarian Liberal again. I'm over 40, in fact well over 40 and I recognize saggin isn't for me or anyone I know in my age group. But I remember hearing about people in the 60's walking around with long hair and people were disgusted and couldn't tell if the individual was a man or a women because of the length. I remember wearing platform shoes in the 70's. The higher the better. In fact the closer you got to wearing shoes that even Elton John would think twice about, the better. I remember freezing my little teenage chest trying to look like John Travolta with the shirt open down to navel which shocks me now when see even older men still trying that look.

Saggin and wife beaters is for kids and as long as they know they can't wear it to a job interview, school, church or mosque or certain other places, then I have no problem with it.

It seems that each generation now wants to differentiate itself from the last and if they want to do it by showing their JC Penny draws, well there could be worse ways.

Lovebabz said...

So much of this post is lost on me I'm afraid.

I do not know the song you are referencing. It's been eons since I have been in a nightclub. I guess I am inclined to agree with Curious..I am half way through my forties. So my coming of age fashion statement was platforms, afros, hot pants...yes hotpants (although my mother forbide them on me)LOL!

Each generation of young people has their own coming of age fashion, music, style and language. Now it is rather silly to see older men dressed like teenagers...that is sad and pathetic.

There is a lot more to this post than just fashion. There is also the high rate of sexual activity as a way to gain love. The problem is that young people are having sex without regard to consequences that could have long standing effects are their lives.

I think some popular music is a part of the problem, but not the sole culprit...I mean I listened to Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing..I mean come on. But at the same time, that was one song in a sea of a great many songs. Right now every song is sexually explicit.

Blah Blah Blah said...

I am this old as anciet that baggy pant shit soooo turns me off.
Grown men that I date...wear suits...and maybe that's not much better...but baggy pants and wife beaters...I just can't understand the desire to look ...sloppy.

Got a pic for you...

James Tubman said...

they can't help it bruh

I've heard thqt the youngins wear their pants down as a way to tell everyone to kiss their ass

its an expression of defiance

I just wish the brothers could find a more tasteful way of expressing how angry they are

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

OK this is SO TIMELY just yesterday me and my gals just had a whole e-mail thread about upgrading the dressing styles of our TOM A's (The Object of My Affection) discussing how we can make them "get a button up" (my term for dress like a grown man with sense).

I have to tell you Raw, it is a very delicate line a woman walks trying to get some men to abandon their young gun style.

Luckily no one is wearing pants on their thighs, but they could stand to go down a size or two. So far our efforts are going well and we are sharing what works best.

For me it was buying a piece here and there, for another it was just the refusal to go out with him looking "like that" and for another it was to bring up the wardrobe during a talk about likes and dislikes.

Plus we don't want to be the typical change you into WHAT I like kinda of women, we just want to improve and suggest. Oh lord its a tightrope we walk.

Anyway... glad I finally has some time to stop by and read, I run into your comments often in the blogsphere. Although I must confess I have lurked a time or two.


12kyle said...

I see it everyday. The kids just wear it like its a badge of honor or sumthin. It looks even worse when you see the kids walking with their PARENTS and they are dressed like that. I'm thinking "do you NOT see the clothes fallin' off your child's ass??"

Remember when we were young and you would find one kid to pick on. Sometimes you'd just walk up to him and kick him? Well, that what I feel like doing to these kids. Just walking up on em and kickin em in the ass. Just for GP!!!

btw...i'ma get back down to the store...sooner than later. we gotta kick it again

The Jaded NYer said...

LMAO @ you yellin at some dudes to pull up their pants!! classic!!

but I'm with curious... every generation has their thing. I drove my mom nuts wearing layers and over-sized flannel like it was going out of style during the GRUNGE era of music; it happens all the time.

they ain't hurtin' nobody.

Urban Thought said...

Yo... You should have told them about themselves. I don't get it either. Half the jeans are tight anyway... They don't require a belt. But you were fortunate to get the folk who cover their ass. Some of these people walk around with the underwear showing. And if they fat and the underwear don't fit you know they showing crack. And you know crack kills.

Next time speak up. Somebody gotta tell them. I had to tell my 40 year old people to do the same. I told them it wasn't appropriate to be so old and not knowing the value of a belt.

BuelahMan said...

I gotta say that that look is about the stupidest thing I've ever seen. I thought I was a freak just rolling u[p the cuffs of my jeans back in the 70's, but that shit is just weird, dude.

It has to be uncomfortable and if a man had to move fast, how is he gonna do it with the shit all around his thighs and ass hanging out?

Did I mention it looks stupid?

Sorry, no offense, but damn, people.

If it was my fat ass, like a plumber bending over working in your house, and my ass hanging out, you'd want me to cover that shit up.

Same thing here.

Tamra said...

I'm with you on this one. It certainly baffles the hell out of me, and every time I see it makes me want to bash the wearer's head into a brick wall and tell them to "WAKE (the fuck) UP!"

It's painful to see the late-teen/adult guys doing it, but it really breaks my heart to see the younger guys do it too.

I don't get it. It's a fad that just won't die for some reason.

Tamra said...

I forgot to add that it would be interesting to do a survey of these guys about *why* they do it.

I think it's more than just a "coming of age" thing.

Not to mention, the root of the fad as a statement of "availability" to fellow prisoners is disturbing (if, indeed the story is true).

Outside prison walls, I think it's indeed a way of saying, as somebody else mentioned, "kiss my ass," and "I don't care." That's what bothers *me* most. That kind of attitude is hard to fight, and we seriously need to fight that.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

went to sleep no comments wake up with 25

Thanks for the drive by, but tell me are u amenable to a man gradually CHANGING your appreance. Had a woman wanted me to cut my dreds once. But u can if he has a desire. Do come back folk

Im laughting at u know, u can say what ever u feel and want here and u are no doubt contributing o each convo if u speaf from your heart
And I used to joke in high when women asked me, although it does require consistent adjustment when iot moves down ones thigh….u aint never seen one stole, that’s why I hold it lol

I have dealt with BI-polar personally – it ugly
What wrong with me not weary draws, things don’t get caught up that way

yep u old school folk – speaking youngblooods

And u would go crazy in my closet then if cole haans and leather sandles is your bag
Remember u been hearing it here first for years ( tequila and hot sauce) lol.

women are never ashamed to admit their feelings

nothing wrong with sex, but u know some women can separate that from love, thus tons of middle school moms. And I rock wife beaters all the time, on my farm atht crib. I even wear one on the back cover of my book FAST N GAMIN – but pic taken at my cut

u did contribute
un man azz oogler lol

WArd PrEfEct
U know I heard that too, as well as the one size cheap state gov fit all standard.

Again, is it change, for real change comes from within.

I hope u don’t think of me as a ruff neck and It is strange to me, fo I figure if they running from 12, they pants falling, how they gone geat away LOL. Thanks for the love and where u been, no love for your folk sister

Miss Foxxy
Just the facts maam, the call them homo thugs down this camp I thing
And I rock wife beaters and go shirtless at my home, unless baby girl around – she 3

thanks for the drive by thought u kicked folk to the curb jones

I know u do, and I remember your comment to my post Game recognize game u shoe oogler (stole that from A. Nicole).

And I heard the same. You and fam enjoy hon. Yawl are so lovely and lil momma was rocking them yellow shoes

Well u have good taste. Will do, did u ever get in contact with my folk I tsalked to u about at UCLA, Dr. Tony Strickland ? like I said he does inmate health research also

"manties" phenomenon. classic

Thanks for the driveby and love folk I will chk it out

Me either

To Holland – LMBAO you ctack me up sister

Agree with u folk, and im 5 years older than u
All im saying is hair and azz hole are to different things

I could not have said it better

Blah Blah Blah
U aint no old ancient broad, if so, what did the Trojan horse look like on the inside lol, is it u in a wife beatter lol

James Tubman
Me and u do it too folk, but are man enough to look another in the eye and say it

OG, The Original Glamazon
Then are they men, and what attracts u to some one u have to renovate like an abandonded house
But im with gifts, Canali suits and teqilia mainly.
And u may no longer lurk, im changing u lol

Yea man, and u and me have boys too. I cant wait to kick it with u again, did u and tone ever hit the links?

The Jaded NYer
they ain't hurtin' nobody. but running or keeping customers from wanting to enetering my shop hurts me don’t u think?

Urban Thought
I felt like I didn’t do what I was supposed to but this was worth it to read this
And if they fat and the underwear don't fit you know they showing crack. And you know crack kills. LMBAO

LMBAO, u and UT most have planned this cause I cant imagine

you fat ass, like a plumber bending over working in your house, and my ass hanging out, you'd want me to cover that shit up.

Down here, men in 30s & 40 rock that shit

U know I deal with statistics, id love to get my hands on and publish that data

The Pew View said...

Baby the biggest classroom is the home. The more peoples make they childrens pull up they pants the less ass we'll see (Forgive me Lawd). Baby I ain't never tried that hot sauce and tequilla thang. What it taste like? Don't worry I aint gone start back dranking, I'm just wondering. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Soulstress said...

I must say that I like a beater (uhh the t-shirt lol) evry now and then and a little sag evry now and then...but when the pants is to the knees...thats waayyy tooo much. If I can see yo WHOLE BOOTY..thats too much. I was in ATL a couple months ago and this guys pants were so low..he didnt evn bother to use a belt..he just kept em up with his hand. No lie. And all I culd do was smh lol. Ultimately, if u wulda told those guys bout theirselves they prob wuldnt have listened. They think they're bein kewl I suppose.

One Man’s Opinion said...

My brother. See, I knew we were kindred spirits. I don't wear draws either, unless it is with my uniform and then only because that thin as fabric in my uniform pants will give away all of a brother's secrets. I also hate clothes. Hell, I sometimes think I am an under cover nudist. I might even do a post on it. And I love my hot sauce.

Anyway, yeah, the jeans sinched around the ass checks with the boxers showing...It is annoying. I try not to let it bother me, especially with the foolish young folks. But when grown ass men do this, over thirty, it is a bit more of a wonder. But what do i know. I have no fashion sense.

Kayos said...

I be wanting to pull them aside and tell them but these kids nowadays be so fast and quick to start cussin you be thinkin what's the point.

You're right though. As a black woman, I have a responsibility to these boys because real men don't do this. I have a responsibility to let these young children know that it isn't attractive.

I wonder if they knew the real reason why this all started, would they continue to perpetuate the madness....

Veronica Wright said...


i went to a pal's family reunion over the weekend and a cousin of his had his shorts--that would had hit jsut below the knees--hanging down to his ankles. The waist of the shorts and belt was so wear aroudn the thigh area. HOW on EARTH did his pants stay up?

i was disgusted. I wish folk would stop dressing like clowns

Lina said...

I agree...I tell dudes to pull their pants somebody's grandma...but thats just tacky...and it makes them waddle. Who thinks waddling is sexy?

memphiz said...

I'm tired of the look and tired of seeing the undies!

Ms TooFly said...

Lool..I have been relaying this message for ages now, its not fly to have your underwear showing...this goes for females too!

the girl across the way said...

Great post! I think it's very disrespectful to belt your pants around your azz even if it is covered by a wife beater!

But um....I'ma need you to start puttin' on some draws! LOL!

Lena said...

Agh! That's such a pet peeve of mine, not attractive or cool at all. I tell my friends pull thier shit up all the time. What to know what's worse though? There's a bunch of chicks in NYC that do the same thing. It's horrible.

Skoolboi Krush said...

I have never understood that look at all. Dudes are looking more an more like women every day. Long white tees looking like dresses. Earrings in both ears. Long braids or even worse fake ass hairlines. These are supposed to be the hood figgas? Please! It's even worse when you are a grown ass man dressing like an 18 year-old.

Waiting for Zufan! said...

OMG, just have to say, you are so funny! Love this post, all of it. Why the personal aversion to undies? Saving the environment through less laundry? Just asking...

And yeah, my mom is cooking some good food here! I'm gonna gain back those couple pounds I ran off in the marathon. Oh, well.


Don't you know that these guys don't care?????? they think that lazy style is in, but it's really not, I get tired of seeing guys with long tee's that look like GOWNS and shorts that look like capris and some tall white sneakers if you are not a rapper...why??? And a fake chain to match, not cute, but if you were your clothes to fit like Kanye, Usher, Pharrell amongst many others they think you're sweetie it's STYLE and unless your a TEENager, you should step it up!

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I bet if more rappers start dressing like they got some sense...the youth will follow...Sad that most of them have foolishness as role models....The teens I work with swear up and down...a person is lame..if they have their pants pulled up with a belt on....I guess walking around looking like you got a 4 pounds of crap in your pants is cute!

DivaJood said...

Personally, I like the look of a man in an Armani suit, or, good jeans and a black tee shirt and jacket.

But then again, I'm nearly 60.

Tera said...

Man Torrance, you don't wouldn't believe the amount of times we've seen these culprits in the streets! And EACH TIME, I "remind" my sons that if they ever get a wild hair and think they are going to do that shit, that will be a swift kick in their ASSES!!!

You don't wear any draws??? Wow.

RunGirl. said...

I dont know why men (read boys) still do that ... Where I'm from in SC, they have passed a law that says you cannot wear your pants more than a certain number of inches below your waist. No draws showing at all. If caught, you are cited with indecent exposure. We need more counties and states to adapt this law.

Anonymous said...

Well lets see, it is quite unattractive to see the lining of a man's ass crack through his drawers cuz his pants are so low....not a good look...I dont think I could even take anyone seriously who approached me dressed like that.....oh and I actually like the remix to Love In This Club and just cuz you like a song dont mean you down with the concept cuz if you doing anything in the club it aint got nothing to do with "Love".....oh and to everyone else All Mi T doesnt wear drawers...cuz they dont fit, not just cuz he dont want to.....HeHeHe


Tigress said...

You are raw and I love it. You are so on point as usual.

I had a long discussion with a male friend about the power of the poo-nanny and how women have given up the power. He's so right and so are you.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Love this post and that as usual, you just see it and tell it like it is.

Aunt Jackie said...

I'm thankful the men in my life, including little brothers are all prone to be preppy..

I don't get excited for marginal or marginally employed or employable men it sounds like that's what you are describing...but then again I'm old so you're not speaking to my demographic when you talk about songs I haven't heard and fashion trends that I'm not familiar with.

I agree with Curious that these kids have a mind of their own and I don't expect to even understand them because I'm damn near old enough to be their mother.

I like my men in well fitted jeans, nice shoes, dress shirts and blazers, with a fresh fade and shave.

The preppier the better!!

Sauce said...

I tell my 16yo son seemingly everyday, "either pull your ass down or your pants up"! That sh!t's not cute.

Like Slick Rick said to us on the song " Hey Young World" a long time ago, "it's cool to look funny, be a dumb dummy and disrespect yo' mommy". Prophecy ?

Keli said...

I admit...I'm party of the problem...because a certain man wearing a wife beater and a baggy (not saggy) pair of jeans...yes lawd!

But I like a man that can change it up...Linens and sandals...blah, depends on the event....but I look a man that can take it from the board room to the hood in the blink of an eye...that's how I like it.

Anonymous said...

"Until you actually tell a mutha fuca that that shit aint attractive or sexy, or mature they will keep doing it" So true - Instead of simply ignoring a brotha with his ass showing; pehaps I should speak. Seems everytime I do, I get cursed, called a B - so I just let the fools do what they do. I do tell my son though - he knows better than to show his A. If a woman is with a man who shows his A, perhaps she deserves what she has - as for me; I deserve way better than an Ass Hole. Another great article Raw! True too! Peace, Light and Love, Cordieb.

Canaan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Canaan said...

Perfectly said, Some people keep fueling these stereotypes, and then get mad when other cultures sum us up under one category. Stop digging your own social graves.

Tin Ma'am said...

There's absolutely no explaining fashion.

Anonymous said...

that's that jail mentality. my great uncle who is an ol' school gangster and dime-worth-of-time in the prison system told me how this mess came into existence. it's ridiculous how such a humiliating thing came to be popular.

but like you said bruh, it is getting old! that style of rockin' ones jean half off they azz shoulda been played out, but some bammas still want to hold on to it...i guess like the jheri curl, some things just don't die out.

great post bruh!

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Garth Sullivan said...

ah don't know if this has any relevance to this topic, but, it is factually correct.

when the police book suicide risks they take their belts.

pants fall down.

Immoral Matriarch said...

No. That shit is not cute. LOL

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Of course they are men. No one is trying to change who they are fundamentally (well in my crew), I think part of a relationship is helping each other grow. He most certainly has helped upgrade my game!! So I think any friend would do the thing. With out GROWTH we are dead.


Stuck in my head said...

I cannot count how many conversations I have had with young men about their clothing. As a teacher, I saw them all day long. I would not let them in my class room or let them walk past me in the hall without pulling that shit up. And if they complained I would try and explain just how ridiculous they looked.

Some of the students actually started a Facebook group on how stupid it is to wear clothes that sag, that are way too big for you, or that just straight up look crazy.

So there is hope. There are young people who are out there who dress respectably, who wear clothes that fit, and who keep their underwear hidden away.

A main issue I have is when I see people over 22 rocking the saggin' pants. They should have common sense not to. And the man I saw the other day who had to be damn near 55 -- get your shit together. Stop trying to be young. Dress like you had some parental guidance(or even any adult, even some peers at that age).

Ambular said...

I don't support it!

Stuck in my head said...

Oh, and I have to reteach constant saggers how to run correctly when they come out for track. They are so used to walking with their legs all far apart and f-ed up that I have to retrain them how it is supposed to be so they can run efficiently.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

The Pew View
You don’t need to, I been drinking ity for ages and I still rise to my navel

Well me likes tsailored slacks and levis, im in the atl too

One Man’s Opinion
Hang free down the thigh is my motto folk

I don’t think they understand reason

Veronica Wright
They don’t see it and females that aint women don’t either

Fools and female fools do

so u liked it at one time

Ms TooFly
I agree, women with the back of they draws showing whorish

the girl across the way
lol it has to breath, other horses do lol

I know they don’t want to get u mad sister

Skoolboi Krush
Grown in theory, and im old school, one earring in left ear

Waiting for Zufan!
U making me hungry again, and I just like to dangle sister

LOL to the gay

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs
Here here and when the book of verse gone be ready

Lol 60 my azz

Is that a problem, me just hanging lol

Civil liberity, the law should be the parents

Draws leaves horse man hanging out still, restrictive u know, but u don’t wanna know lol

Thank u for the flattery made me blush

Thanks sister

Aunt Jackie
Too much cary grant in me to be preppy, how about stylish?

Mine is 15, me too, that slick rick is a classic folk

So u saying I cant take it from the board room to the street folk?

Wish more women existed like u, most are not women and degrade themselves as just flesh

U know im hoping they get the message

Tin Ma'am
No wonder I don’t understand, how was the peak?

Man I know that’s right. Like I said on your post, never had a curl lol

Garth Sullivan
Yep I heard that folk

Immoral Matriarch
Why do women play it up, some thsat is

OG, The Original Glamazon
Yes, amen (awoman) to the help mate

Stuck in my head said...
Well long live jesse jackson – keep hope alive

Good, but nothing is wrong with grown folk stuff, like phone sex lol wish more women were mature to appreciate such - loved that post of yours

Stuck in my head
LOL breathe

applez said...

ahhh!!! i totally love your whole look on this. i say you should've said something...maybe not in the way you put it lol but something along those lines.

but what ppl don't realize is that look (the whole wearing your jeans below your butt thing) actually came from the men's penatentary [spelling??] w.e. they were in jail and guys would sag their pants to let other doodes know that they were available ...if you know what i's sad how ppl try to make everything their "own" when really its what the gov't wants. just my little two cents

&& thanks for the comment on mi blog =]

Anonymous said...

Well I think you should have said something. Everyone thinks they are going to get cursed out, we'll so be it. The elders have to show the WildCats running these streets what's wrong if no one else hasn't already. That's why you have people scared of teenagers when logically any man over 30 should be able to put a serious hurting on them.

When I stayed in Brooklyn there were these young cats sitting on my friends father car. They wouldn't go out and say anything. I went up to the kid and say get the fuck off my car. He squared up a bit but he didn't want any. He just apologized.

We have to do something because if they can't get at home then it's out duty to give it to them on the streets.

FreeMan P.

4GOTTEN1 said...

As a young man of only 23 I feel as though it's all about that important self expression and also to the fact that most of us are slaves to some type of fashion. Not everyone will understand it. I think a lot of it does have to do with rebellion. I think every generation goes through it. Being an adult is so permanent and from our parents point of views and those before them wearing a suit and a tie or a nice pair of slacks is the attire of adults. This isn't the case anymore. What's sloppy to an older generation is just fashion to a lot of younger people not all but a lot. We as a generation are taking the world by storm so of course our camoflauge has to blend us in with our urban jungles.

dejanae said...

man im so with u on this

ErynMyisha said...

man, you should have said something! that ish is embarrasing. and i bet those guys would be the first to say they can't get a good job or somebody is always holding them back. blech!

Anonymous said...

Hey Torrance an old friend from BP Kaikai7:)(wink)How are ya! Where do I begin with this topic! I hate to see any man,young or old walking around with his pants hanging off his ass!Not only is it tacky but its disgusting for everyone who has the displeasure of viewing it.Its a trend that I'd love to see die. I cant for life of me figure out how or why it became a fashion trend in the first place.Needless to say no man who walked around with his pants sagging low ,boxers on display would ever get the time of day from me ,if he dare approach!

Tera said...

Why, ahem, not a problem at ball all you want!

Big O said...

they passed a law in Flint, MI that prohibits sagging...very interesting

the prisoner's wife said...

lmao....i feel you, it is SO not cute! i tell my male students all the time to pull their pants up, but alas...they look at me like i'm their mama, not a cool young woman. so they ignore.

Sheliza said...

i totally agree with you but nobody cares about their appearance anymore. I see grown men 40+ years old doing it! SO sad.

Keli said...

I did not say you can't take it from the board room to the street...just noting that's how I like seem to be able to handle your own in both regards quite well. *winks*

quakerjew said...

Yeah, girls do hold the keys on this.
"Until you actually tell a mutha fuca that that shit aint attractive or sexy, or mature they will keep doing it."
We need them to tell us what to do. (Then we get pissed off at being told what to do all the time)
And, they want some sort of a sensitive monster w/a remote control. I haven't quite worked that one out yet.

laughing808 said...

I totally agree, and someone needs to a PSA about this. I can't stand seeing these youngin's walking around with their secrets showing, liek it's a fashion statement. And they wonder why people look down on them. Respect yourself and others will follow suit.

FlyyGurl said...

LMAO_ I feel you times a thousand! though we might not be able to break the brothers in some Cole Haans yet lol. But I for one, am not impressed by that at all-actually a three piece (vest man, its all in the vest)suit actually gets me kinda hot..cuz there's nothin more beautiful than a black mans body...whew! lol but i dont know man. my little voice might not get it across alone...
btw- I love your joint! thanks for the comment! and to blogroll you would obviously be the appropraiate, FLYY thing to

DB said...

wow I've been screamin' that our women need to stand up and tell these cats that this stuff ain't attractive. women don't understand the power in which they hold. sometime we have to save each other from ignorance by not allowing certain things. this what you blogge d about is one of those things.

uNWrItten* said...

hahaha..u are hilarious but so right...i personaly hate the whole saggin pants things..thats the thing about living in the south yuck!...

Ticia said...

I hate seeing folks drawers... WTF!! I don't want to see that mess

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Good Ass Post Peoples, You always come thru.

Brownsoul said...

LMAO!!!! A little dab will do you.....LOL!

"Until you actually tell a mutha fuca that that shit aint attractive or sexy, or mature they will keep doing it"

Now, you do realize that this will never happen. I know several grown ass women who love to see this crap!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I wanted to, had that thang in the back of my shirt, I still recall of area as old forth word. But they wont be back be assured folk. Good look do return jones, id like that folk.

execellent commentary. But if u read my old post I speak out a lot, even broke up a fight at my sons high school when other parents locked doors and drove off folk. Not to mention. That thank behind my back. I don’t belive in bussin, but I do believe in bussing back

1sy folk, u aint forgetten. Been ther, don that. Rebel with you mind jones, unless the vocab and got the words to do battle thom Jefferson, malcom X of carter g. woodson style.

Sound like man to me folk, except for the excuse

So man up

where u been folk

Like I said to folk before and where u been sista

Whad up folk been about 8 or 10 years. How ya been living, how u find me jones


Big O
Good look thanks for the drive by. Flit got some killers up min that camp folk

the prisoner's wife
one word woman lol

Now that is foul


Well we can all put our heads together and try and work it out. Thanks by the drive by folk, Jones here will be at yo spot soon.

That’s a real PSA re respect – preach. Thanks 4 the drive by do come back jones

Good look, I used to smioke joints, im flattered
Aqnd I got 5 pair of cole haans

So true folk, how ya living, and it’s the man in you that thinks such from the heart. I can get with that folk

True story folk

But u are a woman

Tha BossMack TopSoil
Where ya been folk and good look as always

women or rather dames or broads?

Kai said...

Oh I was looking to find site where your books were available, and aftert putting name in search engine ya blog spot came up so decided to visit link and Here I am:) Very nice spot you have here.This topic has further peaked my curiosity so I think I'll visit some of the other topics to read! Hve a happy 4th July weekend Torrance.

Anonymous said...

I been saying this for years but figured its because I am an almost middle age woman, that maybe that is why I can't get the appeal of seeing some cat's drawers.

Thankfully my teenage son has started wearing belts. You gave me a good laugh.

Sister Girl said...

Hot sauce mixed with tequila ?...that's a new for me !

But I feel you all the dang way on this one, and what really gets next to me is when you see an OLD dawg at the game (blah).

Keep preachin' the word & one perhaps one day it will come to pass.


Rebirth of Fly said...

I CANNOT stand sagging. They need to make that ish illegal. But now that people are shooting the folks that tell them to pull their pants up, I'm not as motivated to speak on it.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

You part Russian, Jones?

The hot sauce trick is a Russian classic.

Put a little red Tabasco (nothing like Dave's Insanity!) on a lemon slice, then take a straight shot of any spirit of any alcohol content. It works with 160-proof cask-strength Scotch and with homebrew.

Then, immediately bite into the lemon slice and the booze goes down extra smooth.

brran1 said...

I don't understand that whole saggin trend. Never have, never will.

Haven't really seen it down here in the A too much. Ya hometown is real chill so far RDB.

Pajnstl said...

I'm never fully dressed when i'm home :) You and the hot sauce... At least it the Louisiana brand :p Yes i'm bias

and can't stand the saggin' pants ugh

Happy 4th

sista gp said...

It may not do any good to advise these kids to put on a belt or pull up their pants when they are not encouraged at home.
Mom and I have been advising a neighborhood kid whenever he is on her property. He can barely walk without this pants falling down.
He dropped out of school last year or the year before.
Had a baby born in January of this year and in May he told us that he has another on the way from the same girl and he knows the sex of the baby, so conception occurred almost immediately after the first child was born. He is proud of this and wants a large family, but he living in his parents house.

We tried to express to him that appearance can effect how people perceive you, man or boy.

I expect our advice doesn't have much affect when his lifestyle is allowed in his parent's household, but at least we try to give him a different perspective of the world.

Happy 4th! Cooking Turkey Necks and Collards, how about you?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Thanks for the love. I hope u like my writing and that u get my books.

U cant be no older than me folk and thanks for the drive by, do comeback, and im glad I stumbled on your spot

Sister Girl
Yes maam, breakfast of champions

Rebirth of Fly
Hon, u worried somebody gone shoot your folk here

Kelso, so u do speak Memphis, jones

And nope, never knew they did that. Dang, now u sain im ukrano-memphian LOL

Main holla folk shop is 40342285497

Why u laughing sister, and a man must do what he has too, even the breakfast of champions (Tequila and hot sauce)

sista gp
Maybe you right, but I felt like it. And aty rthe shop, may have to eat dog food unless some woman bring me a plate

sista gp said...

You know I would bring you a plate, but 88 miles is too far away, especially with these gas prices.
How about this? We'll just think about you when we tear into my fall-off-the-bones turkey necks, lol.

T.C. said...

HELLO!!! i saw this young guy walkinig with his jean shorts hanging so low that he had them tied under his butt and his draws showing...not even a wife beater...what the hell! i was about to yell at the youngin but then a realized i was alone and wasn't in the mood for a confrontation...but its definitely a friggin shame that folks still think that its cute...

Dione said...

Woohoo! This was almost another 100 comment post. It just may make it yet... Anyway, JONES :-) There's absolutely nuffin wrong with your choice of attire, or lack thereof... I've been known to do it myself from time to time, I just neva publicized it... As I said before, Do your thang Dawg, do your thang...

Just Startin' Out said...

I definitely don't want to see no one's ass, let alone a man walking around in a wife beater. Men need to keep the wife beaters under their shirts, and wear them what how they are meant to be worn. As underwear, not outer wear.

I don't know about the Cole Haan's because I do appreciate a man who wears a nice pair of Nike's, with a crisp white shirt, but the sagging has got to stop. It is not cute. Sounds to me like these two dudes you saw just got out of prison, but that is just me.

Later sucka :)

Sincere said...

Dawg I feel you on this!! I hate to see when the pants are falling off they ass!! pull them shits up!! lls what's the belt for if it doesn't hold the pants up?

Anonymous said...

Jones, still drinking that shit?


KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: I'm an old-fashioned survivor. I don't just have issues, I have the whole subscription.

But LANGUAGE is a survival specialty. I knew no Memphisian at all until I started coming here to visit and now I have a working vocabulary far beyond just "jones."

You are one hell of a teacher.

Dione said...

By the way, my canine babe is of the extreme fluffy variety. In other words, she has like ummmm... 50 coats of hair. My Chow babe. Gotta love her... Anyway, are any of those Dogs for Obama shirts WIFEBEATERS!!!!!
This makes comment #99...

Doug said...

Comment 100! You're a popular guy.

This stuff cracks me up every time I see it. All I can think is, "If you had to start running, you'd fall flat on your face." I'd love to know what goes through these guys' minds.

Dusty said...

Ya should of said what you felt right then Torrance..I would of. We can worry 'bout how folks take what we say, we all need to speak our mind and stop being all politially-correct all the damn time!

But..I could be's happened before. ;p

Dusty said...


We CANT worry bout how folks take it.

Anonymous said... least we can tell the guys with his draws out is a jerk...I wish the rest of you would make yourselves more obvious LOL

Anonymous said...

ah....maybe not "you" directed at YOU, because I honestly dont know if you are a jerk :P

but I mean, you see a guy with his butt out, you can easily go blah ew...but lots of jerks are disguised as sophisticated blah blah blah some even perp like they are all proBlack...there should be an instant sign like the butt out thing LOL at least you know to stay away and if you fall for gotta blame yourself because it was SO obvious

I hope thats clear

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

sista gp
LOL, just keep checking on my aunt for me and we good

Don’t know what to tell u sis, how was cali

Now draws woman – lol, u wanted a 100 comments didn’t u, makes 3 in last two weeks

Just Startin' Out
So im a sucker now? LOL

Hey folk, how you been, we need to kick it

Is pig pussy pork? LOL
Thanks from one Lakota Brave to another

Shoot me an email or call and we can discuss dog stuff

Thanks D, cracks me up too where have u been folk?

Being pC was not even a factor. LOL

Well said

Thanks for the clarification, I hope im not a jerk sister.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I agree with you 100% on this matter. Its very pathetic to see the men dress like this and think its acceptable; on the other hand its pathetic to see women who condone this type of attire. I never found it applealing. In my opinion, this type of attire speaks ignorance in so many ways on on so many levels. It also says you have a "sugar in your tank" because what man (hetero) wants his ass out like that? It looks you smell bad and have bacteria growing on your ass. Looking at that crap makes me want to kick them right between the crack, but out of fear for going to jail, I don't.

Another thing that is happening, is the lesbians (the boy acting ones) are doing this crap too. The other day I was driving, and I saw this lesbian sagging worse than any dude I've ever seen. Her pants were below her boxers, with a belt around it!!!! WTF is going on?!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yep, even the gay women, what is the world coming too and look for your link on mmy blog roll, welcome to the fam

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said... wise actions :)

T. Michelle Theus said...

Put some draws on! LOL But I hear you. Another thing I hate is the "going out in public wearing a doo-rag as a fashion accessory" thing. I hate that! That's the equivalent of a woman wearing hair rollers to the mall.
NOT cute :-p

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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