Thursday, July 31, 2008

U should be crying

Point of order: My folk was in town, couldn’t get by the shop. Said the blog was tight, but like his lyrics, falling of the deaf ears of the lame, mute and blinded. This is for you.

“i’m from where the catholic church is some racist shit,
they helped europe and america rape this bitch,
they pray to white spanish jesus whose face is this,
but never talk about the black pope gelasius,
i’m from where soviet weapons still decide elections,
military’s like the mafia — you pay for protection,
catamite sex tours is what the country sells,
and rich white business men make the best clientele,
i’m from where they too pussy to come film survivor,
and they murder coca cola union organizers,
i’m from where the justice system está podrido,
fuck government niggaz politic over perico,
rebelde concido, enterado vivo, como otro argentino desaparecido,
cuz rico laws don’t apply to the cia,
and muthafuckaz make sneakers for a quarter a day,”…… Immortal Technique

Take that Jeezy, Lil Wayne TI and the rest of the female dog gluteus maximus Negroes who claim to keep it real - real stupid

Talked to my folk last night. My home boy from the cut. He aint call me I called him. I love jones to death. Same neighborhood and same social club that twelve call a gang. I called him because his ex called me. She my folk too and I love her to death also. She asked me to speak with him. She said that his son would call him but that my boy would not call him back.

Now men, this will come from my heart. There is no greater blessing than the love we receive unconditionally from our kids except that of God if one believes such. For the life of me, I cant see no reason in the world why a man, in particularly one that claims to be such, and has planted himself in a woman to result in fertilization and the resulting blastocyst, cant see this greatness, especially even in vanity, of what he has created.

Personally, in the world we have around us currently, I want my seeds around me as much as possible. And when they are not around me, although I don’t worry and keep the love I have for them and that I suspect the have for me in my heart, they still contrive to cross my mind incessantly.You dont know what u missing, when im not with my daughter, when she sees me she holds me and wants to sit on my lap and hold me with her head on my shoulder all day. And my son, as son as i get in when he dont see me, he like "hey pops" and ask my advice and opinion on everything. We all sit at the table like to day and laught and talk.

So I won’t get deep, or nothing like that, just short and simple, but for all yawl men, that claim to love and miss your kids, show me, and I aint from Missouri . Cause if it was me, I’d be mad if I missed my child’s call, and even worse, every time I saw a man with his son or daughter in the street smiling and hugging and holding them, I’d buss out in tears, and my fault folk, but I think yawl should be crying too. Good day.

addendum: i have come to realize we are lost. Folks dont understand the economy, and wonder y any job is better than no job and how stupid u ask, we will turn down a job in a recession, for paying 7$ an hr and we aint got one - go figure.


Anonymous said...

never heard of him. Now he should be on the radio. And I hope you read your home boy the riot act.

paisley said...

i totally admire you r commitment to being not only a father,, but a dad... i wish i had known you twenty odd years ago... i coulda used a good talkin to...

The Flyyest said...

ummm...what were my stepkids watchin on tv...all deep wit it!!!! i see lil mama had to make camera contact...LMAO!!!!!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

had to folk, he was foul

thank u sister

cspan, what else and she think she a diva like your lill one

RealHustla said...

Men have the uncanny ability to justify their actions, wrong or right. What they don't realize is how much they are hurting them selves and their seed. I think the word I'm searching for is one you tried to avoid using in this post. Bitchassedness. Plain and simple.

Your children are beautiful.

The Love Collective said...

That's what's up, rawdawg. F.A.T.H.E.R.H.O.O.D.

Kieya said...

i always wonder how a parent can just turn their back on their kids.

i wondered how my father did it.
and i pray my *future* kid's father wont.

i'm glad you talked to your boy

Lex said...

I'll bet the female dog gluteus maximus Negroes who claim to keep it real of whom you speak wouldn't even be able to find Cuba on the map.

Lex said...

Much less Colombia. :)

Sauce said...

Being there for your kids. Now THAT'S what's up!!

Lovebabz said...

Because my children are not mine biologically I have a different take on the world. Some day they will ask me why their biological people didn't keep them and I will have to say...because I love you more, I wanted you more and that would be the truth. I cannot imagine my life without them...birthing children is over-rated! LOL! I choose them and they accepted me.

I appreciate and admire your commitment to parenting. I hope the next man I fall in love with has that same sensibiliy...yes of course he would have to in order to have me!

Keep it up! Continue to be the shinnning example that you are!

Anonymous said...

real talk mane.

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

IF only absentee fathers had a friend to give them a good talking to....I hope he really absorbed your words..whatever it is you said to him...and in the end the father really misses out when they dont see their child development and become the people they were meant to be......who knows all the reasons why but there is no reason for neglecting the one being that comes directly from you...Good Post

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

IF only absentee fathers had a friend to give them a good talking to....I hope he really absorbed your words..whatever it is you said to him...and in the end the father really misses out when they dont see their child development and become the people they were meant to be......who knows all the reasons why but there is no reason for neglecting the one being that comes directly from you...Good Post

Anonymous said...

yall still some funky muther fuckas
and thats from back in the day
i rember yall in the studio
cranking out 7 or 8 songs in 2 hrs
holla at yo folk jones
you still throwing them axes


Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

I got into Immortal Technique a couple years ago. His older CDs are tight.

And the economy, as you mentioned at the end. We are fucked, and you're right, a lot of folks haven't seen the tsunami that's only weeks away. It will be more catastrophic than the Great Depression and as much as I've written about it, I still don't know how we as a people are going to survive.

Banks are going in flames and the country is so broke that it wouldn't surprise me if the government cuts off welfare checks, food stamps and SSI next year. God help us.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Are we the only 2 that don't like the lil wayne guy? lol..I have so many issues with him. Anyhoo, you are sooo right about how men are to be daddies, not just fathers. But that goes for all of us. I was telling my husband that it's a blessing that my 9yr old son still perfer to hang with us over his cousins. You know they get to that age where they don't want to hang with you or even be seen with you for that matter. So embrace every hug, kiss and outing because oneday they just might get "to kewl" for it.

heather said...

anyone can be a spermdonor. it takes a man to be a father. it takes a good man to be a daddy.
once again, i'll thank you for being a daddy. there aren't nearly enough of them out there.

let's hope your buddy listened to you and decides to act right.

$7 an hour can turn into a hell of a lot more if you're willing to apply yourself. why don't people get that? a job is not a handout. it's a job. you've got to do the work to get the money.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: Where did you learn those words?

That's very specific Spanish slang. There are no Spanish-speaking American immigrants who use those words in that context. That's Isthmian/Andean Spanish.

"Perico" and "rico" are a bit out of date. Kind of a holdover from the bad old days. Colo-95% or anything real pure is called "La Gota Lila". One notch down but still really good is called "Escama."

"Angelito" is that bad thing you get when you put La Gota Lila, bicarbonate of soda, and distilled water together. You know the OPPOSITE of "personal responsibility" thing LOL!

"Gordo" = Jones

"Gorda" = Ms Jones

Direct translation is "fat" but it means "fat cat" or "money" or "hot shot."

"Vaina" = "Shit" in the all-encompassing sense. As in "Tu vaina es la ensenzana." ["Your shit is teaching."]

"Huevo, huevado, huevon" = "fuck" as an interjection or pause

"Huevos" = testicles, biologically or in terms of nerve

"Joder" = "fuck" as in "to fuck with someone." "NO ME JODAS" "Don't fuck with me."

"Pana" = Jones

"Panache" = Ms Jones

"Culear" = to fuck as in the pleasurable act

"Flojo" = either relaxed or lazy depending on context

"Suelto" = animated in good way

The diminutive "ito" gets changed to "ico".



Jazzy said...

Torrance my husband and I have this conversation all the time. Some people think flipping burgers is so lame but if they apply themselves they could be running that joint in a couple of months because so many other people are out there being knuckle heads. People prefer quick and stupid money to honest money. I’ll take honest money any day.

Anonymous said...

Yep, some job beats no job but its hard to get that through to folks especially the younger generation. Folks think they are supposed to start out making big money and get mad because they have to work their way up...

You truly are an example of what it means to be a daddy. Any fool can become a father but it takes heart to become Daddy or Pops.

The Bear Maiden said...

One thing I will always give the crazy-bastard-that-fathered-my-child props on is that no matter how he felt about me being pregnant, once The Sun came into this world he was there to the best of his ability. And he fought long and hard to stay in his life, cuz he was so crazy I really wanted him out of our lives if he was willing to go. Cuz he gave me fever, yo.

He's not always sane/rational/nice/cooperative... but he does the best he can with what he's working with and he has earned my respect. Even though he's still a crazy bastard...

BTW, I appreciate your drive-bys on my blog, cuz it's nice to have a man read some of my very girly issues...

sista gp said...

On the flip, it is hurtful when a father gives his all to his child, but the love is not returned due to selfishness.

Side note: I spent one night at the HOB hotel in Chicago once. The decor was a trip, not a place to get overly intoxicated. You'd wake up and think you've lost your mind.

Tamra said...

I love the code words for "the real stuff" in your first sentence. lol. Not a fan of those guys either.

a) Don't know about the other dude(s) you reference, but kudos to you for being an example to other black men on parenting. Love the pic of your son and Miss. Lil Mama.

b) On the "lost" thing--sigh! You sound worse than me with the pessimism and cynicism. I've never understood the job thing you describe either. Seems kinda bass-ackwards to me.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

Cool blog. Lovin' the "Dogs for Obama" shirts.

=) Bella

The Socialite said...

Good to see a Black man that takes care and loves his kids! May others follow! Big ups to my DaD!

Anonymous said...

I guess more people should follow your example.. for how you man up and take care of your kids...

Koffee Dyme

Sheliza said...

wow. I agree 110% about men being fathers. Children need both mother and father. I grew up in a home with both and I feel it strengthened my parenting abilities. On the other hand, my hubby did not have a father in his life and feels he really missed out. This has made him a very strong father and he vowed to always be there for his children. Kudos to you for being there for your children. I guess some dudes enjoyed being around to make the kid but don't want the responsibility. Like my hubby says, you see how many dudes are up at the carwash keeping their ride looking tight and their rims all shiny and gleaming...if they took that kind of time with their children perhaps we would not have as many problems as we do with our youth today. I will stop here because I could go on for days!!! Have a great weekend!

Lena said...

When I see a man with a child being all fatherly whether it is his or not it just melts my heart completely, especially minority men. And it melts my heart when I read about you being a true father to your own.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I think men really underestimate the power of being a present father in their child’s life. My dad wasn’t a lot of things but he always made sure above all else I knew he LOVED me. I think that is a large part of who I am today.

It’s one of the first things I look at when I see men who have children, if they are active in their child’s life. Not being a mother myself I have no real idea of parenthood from the other side. However I do know that if I met a man who didn’t care about or talk about his seed, I don’t think I could ever be serious about him. Fatherhood has swagger! *lol*

I wish there were more of what happened with you and your homie going on, men need encouragement just like everyone else. If men would get in each others ass about being fathers the same way they did when they missed the no look pass playing pick up basketball this world would indeed be a better place!

Oh yeah, your boy was fiyah!


T.C. said...

this is truly powerful...from the lyrics to the message about being a father to your children...there is nothing more wonderful in this world than being a parent and one day if the Lord blesses me with that gift imma live it to the fullest

CaroleMcDonnell said...

Wow!!!! Great lyrics. Might have to get his album. Kinda tired of my older son composing and singing anti-ho songs or songs about his male member. A true hip-hop protest song. -C

Soulstress said...

Real Talk.

1/3 said...

I've heard of immortal technique.

I'm glad that you are being a "daddy" to your kids. I wish more men would do the same.

James Tubman said...

children are a blessing

they really are

its hard when you cant support them though

when brothers have problems that they cant solve they try to forget them

its human nature

so when we have problems with the baby mamma or problems with being able to support the child

we try to forget those problems

its hard dealing with reality sometimes

we have to learn though because the lives of our children depend on it

Ms TooFly said...

Immortal Technique...Revolutionary

I don't think I'll ever understand a man not being there for his child.
It's good to know men like you still exist :-)

Regina said...

You know I'm in the Amen corner on that absentee father issue! To bad that all the bums who need to hear this are not hitting up your blog!

When folks are homeless and hungry I bet they'll be begging for that McDonald's job...

msladydeborah said...

Children would be the topic of your post today. My youngest son has got my nasty November temper turned up to white hot at this moment. I'll get over being angry with him in a few hours or days. But for the moment...he looks good steering clear of his mother!

My babies are grown now. They have created moments when I could of spit on the sidewalk and burnt the whole damn town down behind something that they have done or failed to do. (Am I ranting a lil, Hell Yeah!)

Anyhow, even when they have pissed me off to the ultimate degree, I still love them. And in due time I will forgive them for whatever their infractions are.

Interestingly, their dad seems to be the one of the two of us who gets a wide berth. He has done some fucked up things to them over the years. But when he really needed them to step up for him, they did not hesistate.

No one but the Creator knows when our time on earth is coming to a close. I am not for disowning or disassocating from your bloodline folks because of something that they did or did not do. If I learned any thing as a parent~your children will not always grasp on to the dream that you have for them. They will do stoopid shyt, boarder on the line of total disrespect and make catching a court case seem appealling as a response.

But once you're gone~what you should of said or could of said cannot really be related.

I hope your folk get his head screwed on straight.

rainywalker said...

Good advice for all us men and fathers. Love that poem, it gives you the feeling.

rainywalker said...

Or song!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

No matter how much you may dislike the mother or father of your child, be a better parent and love your child(ren). What's up with people thinking children are like tv's and accessories these days? They can be turned on and off when wanted and thrown away when tired of....? No! No! No!

Great Post.

Ms. Jones said...

Parenthood is a gift that some don't fully appreciate and that's unfortunate. I don't even have any children of my own yet but can only imagine that when I do the unconditional love I will have for them being aware that they existed with "no strings attached" would be no option.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Thank u and yes we can be foul I know women like my boy too folk

The Love Collective
Thank u it is da bomb

U have my prayers with u

LOL and they would want to fight me without the possibility of realizing they would take a loss

Cause u a father for your kids I know u know

I don’t give birts and cant speak on it

Jones u mocking me folk

Thanks babe

VD (Vincent Davis)
Yea folk, still throw axes, u seen the real love u jones. and u see roulac, and sauc a memphis mac too, u know how we get down - battle tested no tv LOL

Kit (Keep It Trill)
Yep, so true, so true scholar

Tia's Real Talk
I got no hate for folk, I just feel he a fuck boy, bitch azz nigga, id call him that to his face and explain myself as I have done with other fck boy bitch azz niggaz on the streets even in the blogoverse

I don’t get it either sis, I just dont

That’s why I l;ove u kelso, u a Memphis nigga LOL

And I still don’t know why they do

I love the job hon

The Bear Maiden
Thanks babe, but u my sister remember and its human not girly, men don’t liosten and we should

sista gp
So true. And u know what I mean when I was singing huh LOL

It is ass backwards but it is also my duty

Come on down and support your folk

The Socialite
Your dad gets a shout out from me sister

Koffee "Trecia" Dyme
Thanks and where u been folk

Thanks babe and u have a real and dedicated man for a hubby . keep that relationship tight. My last woman said such was a tuern off and weakness

Thank u sister

OG, The Original Glamazon
I have no swag, but im flattered, and im surprised u aint heard of IT

We all should adopt that attitude
U should he the truth

What is required and my duty folk

Thanks babe, and It is the truth
James Tubman
At least he kistened to me and humbled himself

Ms TooFly
Thank u hon, yes he is, and the truth will never die

Aint that the truth on both accounts

Yea, I feel ya, my mom would be cursing me out for some foul or dumb shit I did but putting food on my plate at the same time

Thanks man, and we could get a great song out of it

Jones mane, fuck nigga, chasing bitches , not women. Reminds me of our folk u know who I mean, from the terrace

Thank u sister

Ms. Jones
Yep, unconditional, at least for me no strings attached


LOve the pic of your kids and how you always tell how much you love your children that how men should do it..

Christopher said...


Did you see the article in one of the British dailies -- maybe it was the Independent, I can't recall for sure, that claimed modern kids today have totally lost touch with the natural world?

By huge percentages -- like 60% and 70%, kids under 12 can't correctly identify a frog, a bee, or a clover.

There is a whole generation out there who would rather sit at home in-front of the computer or TV than go outside to play.

It's all backward from when I was a kid.

Pajnstl said...

Your love for your kids shows. I love the way you speak of them, how you are preparing for their future. If more men were like you, the world would be a much better place.

@ your addendum *sigh* That's how I feel about my clients. It's disgusting

Anywhoo.. Hope you're having a good weekend!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Thanks babe, how u been

I didn’t know that, and that’s sad. What does the future hold, more misery and inflation I guess

Thanks hon, and yes I love them dearly – folk just unappreciave

Darius T. Williams said...

You know what Torrance, you're ALWAYS dropping the knowledge and reality...thanks for doing that.

You're in Memphis, right? I'm here right now - but leaving in the morning. I just went to Interstate BBQ...I hated it. I'm going to do a whole write-up about it. But i did go to beale street last night - lol.

fly tie said...

"For the life of me, I cant see no reason in the world why a man, in particularly one that claims to be such, and has planted himself in a woman to result in fertilization and the resulting blastocyst, cant see this greatness, especially even in vanity, of what he has created."
this is what *i* be tryna figure out. just the creation/process of creation itself is absolutely amazing, and it's beyond me how folk can be so indifferent towards the life that resulted from the union.

but i suppose people have their reasons...

April said...

Torrance, I truly do not understand how someone could have a child and act like he/she does not exist. Also, about the job--you better take what the hell you can get.

A Go Bytch said...

What a good daddy you are... !

Go B.

Jay Midnyte said...

damn i didn't know Immortal was that nice

Anonymous said...

Great post! No matter what other worldly titles we might amass, NONE is more valuable - or more telling - than a heartfelt and hard-earned 'mommy' or 'daddy'.

Big Cheekz said...

I like to see/meet fathers who loves and spend quality time w/his kid(s). I'm thankful for my hubby & the fact that he is a wonderful father. Good fathers are hard to come by.

tz said...

I love good daddy's

tz said...

I love good daddy's

Lina M said...

Any male can make a baby but it takes a MAN to raise a baby. There's a big difference between being a father and being a DAD..
Hopefully he will come to his senses.

T. Michelle Theus said...

Hmmmm...I read this the other day but I can't remember if I commented on it. lol

At any rate: I'm glad you called ole dude up to talk to him about it. So many of us don't want our friends to get upset so we don't call them out on their b.s. But a real friend would be real with you no matter what. I know he's a grown man and is going to do whatever he wants to do, but who knows? You may have said it in such a way that he could finally hear it and really think about what him and his kids are losing out on by him not being around.

europeenchikaxx said...

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tight blog you got there
i agree immortel technique got sum sick lyrics and i also enjoyed reading your blogs u got real and interesting subjects in here


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Anonymous said...

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