Friday, July 25, 2008

2 spend or not 2 spend

Point of order:

A] Almost 600$ in sales Thursday – me likes.

B] Got a call from a former woman (would link her blog but that would be foul-lol), she don’t call unless she wants something. Aint talked to her in a while. She asked me to pay for her tuition (gumption) – I said no. Couldn’t figure out why she would ask me instead of the one she is talking to and desires. Guess prior post was prophetic – go figure.

C] Not sleepy, so made a rib eye and fried 3 eggs at 145am. – Yummy. And don’t forget 5 pieces of bread.

D] Babz blessed the shop, and started taking pictures like the blogger she is LMBAO. She partook in vino.

Was gonna have another thought amnesty today since a many folk say i'm deep or that I think to much, or that I just plane ole hate when I go on my thought crime spree’s. I was either gonna put up the speaking Memphisian #2 or Riddle me this #3. But I decided against such. As you read under point of order A, I have a penchant for paying myself. Now that said, I am reminded of how I have been taught what money was, how to use it and more importantly How to save it. Now I have not nor did I have a desire to watch the talking heads CNN producers aggregated for rating purpose, talk out the side of their necks about what I suspect many already know and experience. Not to mention the folks likely didn’t represent me nor my beliefs and that if it is on TV, it will eventually, like in math, be reduced to the least common dominator of Entertainment.

Now of all folk, I know it’s hard for the average person in America. I know that the value of the dollar aint like it used to be. I know that many of us struggle just to keep a roof over our heads – I know I do. But what I don’t understand is how and why folks say it is hard and even difficult to save.

I mean it seems we have loot for what we want, but not what we need. Sure like I said it is hard, but not that hard. I figure that if a person goes out to a club or bar (which is cool) they will spend somewhere between 20 to $30 on the low end. That’s reasonable. But if we do it twice a week or four times a month, that’s about $2080 to $3120 a year in the first example and $960 tom $1440 a year in the second. Believe it or not that is a lot of loot if such habits persist for 3, 5, 7 years – for which many of us do.

Sure you are or may say it is easy for me to talk, I got a PhD. True I do, but even before then I saved my money. Yea I invest, which think a lot more folk should do, and I see the volatility in the stock market, but I did so since high school and my family didn’t teach me that. I aint never need a flashy car or nothing and I have never had a desire to go to a club and covet the VIP section nor make it rain on a stripper. If I did have the urge to make it rain, it would likily be on a homeless person or in homeless shelter.

Then we add to the problem, for we don’t even recognize how our loot is degraded in meaning. We can go to a club and be made to pay valet parking, and pay $20 to get in when on the regular or for lack of a better descriptor – on white night, one can park they car and walk in free. We don’t even complain, we just stand in line and pay. And don’t let it be a party where some rapper or professional athlete gone be claimed to attend, then we just plum loose our fucking minds

I guess what I am saying is that its cool to enjoy life and make money, but it is not as hard as you think to save it. For although my folk aint invest or teach me how to, they did teach me how to save and that money was to make money and not to spend. Are we the only ones in capitalistic America that cant grasp this concept?


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

I been emailing you how come you aint responded? Anywayz I agree with you about this post and the last post...I always wondered about the stock market how did you learn about it?....But yeah I was just talking to my mother about this....How 10% of every paycheck should be put into saving or whatever you can afford....

Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Saving money def. isn't easy for me;), but I agree that it's extremely important to do so.

Spending that much money out clubbing? I never did all that counting like you just did, but man that's alot once it adds up!

Anonymous said...

And I agree with you Introspective Goddess, saving a little from each paycheck is a really good way to save.

Ticia said...

I am getting better with respecting my money - I want a big nest -

At any rate - I want some ribeye steak and eggs

NoRegrets said...

Does it count if I spend money on a house? I guess that's a form of investment, I HOPE.

Again, nice to see you take requests. ;-)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

That’s great I used to save as much as I couldm, only went to grocery store. Started investing seriously when market was at 3900. And Im sorry sister, aint chked in a while, I been on my store for dogs email, will chk it today

I am cursed with the gift of numbers so forgioive me and I taught statistics...and your name is my daughters second name only spelled differently

Good for u and starting at anypoint is good

that is saving, real saving to me, many folk rent and pay more on rent than they would a mortgage

Exquisitely Black said...

For the most part (notice I said most), I believe like you, when people say they can't save, it's a matter of choice, not ability.

The present seems to be a lot more important than any potential future, thus things that make us happy today hold more importance.

I also believe that our obsession with celebrity, what they do, drive, wear, eat, etc, influences many to try to imitate such behavior and land themselves in the poor house in the process.

Saving and investing is a learned behavior like all others, you just need to be interested.

Blog Queen said...

Gumption! - I hadn't heard that ever (outside my kin using it on the Have a great weekend, my brother from the south


Anonymous said...

Don't worry about the numbers,lol. I don't go clubbing anyways so I am spared any guilt of over-spending @ bars;).
About the name thing-Really? That's cool!:)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

I often wonder about the psychology behind spending money and attribute frivolous spending to a need for fulfillment and assimilation. If you can have the same car as a rapper, baller; perhaps you're equally as important. I don't really know what the problem is, grandma always said, "Waste not want not". I try my best.

On CNN-cynic that I am, I tuned in both nights and no, I didn't learn anything but in all fairness the entertainment aesthetic was seemingly minimal. It was (based on my own experiences) a fairly accurate portrayal of middle class blacks and the enterntainment industry, now as far as the other stuff, I coyuldn't honestly tell you, I'm kinda green where the rest is concerned.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Exquisitely Black
Well said, great point – mad I aint think of that

The present seems to be a lot more important than any potential future, thus things that make us happy today hold more importance.

I also believe that our obsession with celebrity, what they do, drive, wear, eat, etc, influences many to try to imitate such behavior and land themselves in the poor house in the process.

Blog Queen
U to sister

Yes maam, really

memphiz said...

make that money!

Anonymous said...

If I did have the urge to make it rain, it would likily be on a homeless person or in homeless shelter.
nuff said said...

Are you familiar with the term "Renaissance Man"? Due to your wide breadth of knowledge, I'd be surprised if you aren't.

However, if you aren't, suffice it to say that this term, which immortalized my identity in the "former students" section of my college's science center, means "A person who can engage in deep thoughts about anything."

You fit the Bill, folk. In the years to come, I eagerly look forward to meeting we you someday, probably at some Blogging event, and having a refreshing dialogue about the "full circle" of life.

George M

Keli said...

People always trying to keep up with the Joneses buying this and that for appearances, and then they find themselves deeply in dept and working overtime just to keep a bunch of shit they can’t afford.
The “bling-bling, make it rain” rappers /producers are having cars repossessed and homes foreclosed…

Fuk a diamond…you can keep the Benz…buy me some stock…a piece of land and some cattle… something that will yield a return on the investment.

Now don’t get me wrong…I like nice things…but I don’t see the need to rob Peter trying to pay Paul for luxury.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

You now some times I think we are doomed to kill ourselves through financial genocide. The older I get the more I understand in America money is freedom, and while you can’t make a racist like you, they may be willing to partner with you to make money!! We are so into all that external trappings of what having money looks like. I am a recovering Single black female addicted to retail, but I’ve never been much of a label hound. Rather be flashy in a nice house I own than some flashy jeans I might outgrow. Actually I still am addicted, the difference is I pay myself before anyone else and that includes the many retail stores and internet sites I patronize.

I have a healthy savings and savings plan an annuity because I don’t always work for the man (hence 401K plans are few and far between when you work contract gigs) and a few other investments and investment funds. My main purpose for the Beantown detour was to return home debt free (sans house) with money in the bank and to be able to take an extended vacay to South Africa. The debt free status will help me determine if getting my MBA the traditional route or working is for me. I really want to be able to weigh the options and not have looming debt be the decider, because I still need to work to live and pay creditors.

I think you’re right many of us get caught up in that scene. I do at least like to spend my money on tangible things and not things that will be flushed in a few hours or slept off , not that I can wear the amount of shoes I own at the same time (I’m too shame to cop to the number I really own). I do however think these days before I buy, would this money go to better use buying this or earning interest and becoming a nest egg fro my family. Sometimes I chose right sometimes I choose wrong, but I figure at least I know there is a choice to be made. Knowing is half the battle.

Hell, even my choice here to use public transportation, sometimes I get the bus eye. You know it’s the look like you are on the bus because there is no other means as opposed to it being a choice for the environment and your pocket book. I very rarely see young black professionals ridding the bus or the subway here for that matter, but I see droves of other colors. I think wow they rather pay crazy gas prices and absorbent MA auto insurance to floss, while these other use that money to GET MONEY! Or at least save on gas. Its cool I dig being the too fly career chick on my bus. *lol* The $$$ I save lets me still afford the luxuries like Starbucks and such! I wish I saw more of us being smart with our money instead of trying to show how much we have. Nothing wrong with having nice things, but I think you shuld have a nice bank account to match!

Good post! I wish some rapper would make it cool to make it rain on the homeless!! How fly would that be ?!?! Man, Weezy already look half way homeless maybe be could do it!


Sheliza said...

I am so glad I got the club thing out the way when I was 19-20 and realized "is this all the club life has to offer?" It got old and costly quickly and I decided to act like a grown-up and settle down and watch my money. Sad how folks can't keep their lights on or food in the fridge but can go to the club in a minute! Another thing people do not think about when they are young and in decent health is life insurance. You can get a whole lot for very little cost, but you know you can't tell some people anything.

Shy said...

Fa sho. I'm the only soul saving in my household. I put over half off my earnings in savings EVERY time I get paid. That plus tithing leaves me with about $180 to handle business with. Thank God I'm at home for the summer. But on the real, I miss out on doing a lot of stuff my friends do, because I'm trying to discipline myself and learn sacrifice. At the ned of the day, I'm the one that's gotta pay MY bills, lol.

TheophaniaPaige said...

Which is exactly why I've never been to a club, don't understand the appeal. I've been in Atlanta about 3 years and have yet to visit one.

Lol@ the makin it rain pic.

LMBAO @ homegirl wanting her tuition paid, that was a bold move on her part...

Anonymous said...

While I certainly respect your opinion in this post and you do raise valid points, I believe that prioritizing and balance is the key as with most things in life. We do live in a captialistic society which focuses on consumption, which in/of itself is not bad. Most of us work very hard and I believe it's not a bad thing to enjoy the fruits of your labor and it is certainly a person's perogative how they choose to spend their money. However, as you mentioned in your post, I do believe in our community we have a problem prioritizing and place the wrong kind of value on superficial things, which could be attributed to many things. That same person you vilify for spending their money "in the club" may have the disposable income to save and spend their money there. I am only speaking for myself, but one of the reasons, if not the main one, I work as hard as I do is so that I can do some of the things I enjoy with my money, i.e., having a nice quality of life, traveling, shopping, saving, and yes clubbing occasionally. LOL! Knowing that I have money sitting in saving accounts in the event I need to use it provides with me a certain level of security and comfort. Let's educate others. I teach a life skills and budgeting class for one of my church's outreach programs and I always begin my lectures disspelling the myth that only "po folk" need to budget. I digress. But in summation, balance and prioritizing is the key. Money has no value other than what you can get/purchase with it so just to hoard money without spending it speaks of Ebenezer Scrooge. LOL! You can't take it with you when you are gone....

T.C. said...

i totally agree its the little things like cutting back or completely out non-essential for someone like me who isn't that disciplined its a chore, but boi oh boi i have come a LONG way from spending like $125 on a friggin jean jacket...yep i was totally unreal at one point...but i am working on it

Soulstress said...

Real Talk.

Its all about choices and differentiating between need & want I suppose.

I sumtimes struggle with this..cuz I swear the club be callin my name lol!

And now I cant get "make it rain on dem hoes" outta my head.


Anonymous said...

Well dang, I should've called you to pay my tuition LMBO (jp I had a scholarship ha!)

I agree. I went to two malls yesterday. And I saw two loooong lines outside of the apple store waiting for that iphone I guess. I'm like, WHY would you stand outside in a line to BUY something. I thought they only did that for giveaways. LOL Especially for an iphone, most people that can afford those already have a phone, a computer and an ipod. SMH and my second thought was, I thought the economy was soooo bad...because the line was only long down the hall because the store was FULL of people. In Ann Arbor, everytime I'd walk past the Apple store, there would be about five people in there and about three of them would be kids. lol I see no point in buying stuff like that, esp the first model, because only a few months down the line they will have a better version of it and it will be cheaper.

And if you are a woman, I dont think you spend much money in a club LMBO If so, you need to stop that. You rubbing your booty all up on someone and they can't even buy your drinks. How Ruuuuuuuuude! LOL

And you need to teach me statistics cuz' I sure as heck didn't get past the midpoint of the class without being lost. Regular math is better Nice and clear and simple LOL

And btw, email isn't instant messenger LMBO I surely will get it four hours after its sent

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Assimulation – great point and I mean if it is on tv, its entertainment, much on at entertaining at all as u note

Save that money too to make more money, I guess buying inventory to make money is spending though

IF was the conditional
George, some have said I was a polymath, I don’t know, but im flattered and look forward to the day we meet, greet, and exchange information

Sound like u my kinda woman

OG, The Original Glamazon
Thanks hon, super dupper fly and im with u on action and belief with each word u said. When we recognize we can deal with our behavior we we don’t we cant.

I think such a decision on your part was a wise one as such would be for anyone

Trying is a start as well

U silly

Point well taken. Your are right, it is about priority and people have the choice. They may or may not have disposable income, that was not my premise, withor without my focus was saving. And I vilified no one, I spoke of the action. But I disagree, it is to make mone and not to spend. Lastly, I don’t desire to take paper to my grave, but I do appreciate the concept of intergenerational transfer of wealth, don’t u as well. I will leave it to my kids – us as opposed to I

Again recognizing is a great step to economic empowerment

U need to have an exsorcism performed in u possessed by the club like that LOL

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

LOL if u were a sig other that i was considering marrrying, it would havve been an investment to the WE - fam.

LOL on email, and i can teach any one stats, what did u Buy at the mall is my question,2hrs wow thats a lil league baseball game

Anonymous said...


In response to my post you wrote that money was to be made not spent. Question: What value does money have if it is not spent? And yes, I am very much an advocate of creating intergenerational wealth; however, that concept does not change my thoughts on the value of money. You would be passing that money along to your kids for a purpose: for them to use it, save it, and pass it along to their kids for the same purpose.

Darius T. Williams said...

Great insight on the money tip - that's definitely appreciated by me.

You said something that was key. It blessed me and I don't even think you knew what you were saying.

You said money was meant to be saved, not spent. That's so key and our mentality teaches us so differently.

Thanks for the wise words of wisdom!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Yes i did. I more accurately said it should be used to make money in the purest sense. But true utility can cover a broad range regarding its use, but primary in this system is the facilitation of commerce. And i dont know where I defined the value of money - in theory it is based on the coniage of gold. Modern loot is just fiat, not even a dollar, but rather a note. seems we agree and on the contrary i respect and VALUE your opinion

Thanks folk

Pimpin' Pens said...

Well said good doctor, you know it's amazing how people would rather blow dough than even have a 6 month reserve for unexpected surprises, nonetheless save or invest. Anyway, the dow would be flying past 15k right now if it wasn't for the shithole these mortgage co/banks/i-banks got us into. Thank god for shorts and inverse plays though...

-Los Diablo

Anonymous said...


I believe you and I could "spar" all day. LOL! And I am quite enjoying it as I await the end of the workday and the beginning of the weekend.... However, I will make this final point: the facilitation of commerce requires spending money. Again, thank you. I have enjoyed this exchange and respect and value your opinion as well.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Pimpin' Pens
Yea folk, how is life in the MIA. but u know what i say each one teach one, when yawl coming this way

You sound like a lawyer, them the only folks i know who call the exchange of information sparing. and tell u what, on that note, get a dog, stop by the shop and spend your money, so i can make money off your money LOL

Anonymous said...

Guilty! I am lawyer. And should I "get a dog", I would definitely "facilitate commerce" at your shop. LOL!


tvanel said...

Congrats man, will you be attending the blogging while brown conference this weekend?...

4GOTTEN1 said...

I'm real big on saving man I save better than I spend. I take the pay yourself first approach. Before anyone else gets their money i get my money first. I invest a little money i want to do more but I think i'm gonna have to get a broker for that i'm not real savy on stocks just yet but i'm working on it.

Big Cheekz said...

I have a serious problem saving money. My hubby is the saver in our household and he always gets on me for being the compulsive shopper. I want to do better but I am one of those that say it is hard to save. lol

Kayos said...

I agree..we should invest. Just something we don't do.

Man, your former woman was wrong for that. Never underestimate the power of the spoken word. You say something it is bound to come true.

Must be nice that you had such knowledge at such a young age.

Anonymous said...

:P I didn't BUY anything.I got two eyeshadows from MAC for free though! Woot!!!

no_slappz said...


The CNN special on being black in America was interesting, though I saw only the second hour of each show. However, I think CNN is rebroadcasting it this weekend.

Though I think the show presented a lot of existing attitudes accurately, there were problems -- inaccuracies -- in the presentation of some statistics.

Among many, Michael Eric Dyson and his brother were interviewed. I got the feeling their interview was edited in a way that made Dyson seem far more liberal than he is. Interesting, nevertheless.

Meanwhile, Spike Lee seemed out of touch and much less interesting that Dyson.

As for the matter of money. Gotta stick a little in the cookie jar. There's no way around it. And buy a house in an area near a major employment center. Not the middle of Iowa.

msladydeborah said...

I have always maintained that when you know better you will do better.

I have saved money since my childhood. My grandparents insisted that I do so. It is a habit that I have not broken.

I have a minimal understanding of the stock market. I have been trying to understand it better. What I have learned is it is difficult to ask and receive answers.

Perhaps you will share how you learned to invest.

And now to my other ate five slices of bread in one setting! Damn! It takes me a month to eat that many slices. You need to make plenty of loot~just to feed yourself. :-)lol!

Pajnstl said...

goodness that was alot of food at 2am!

I can always do better with my savings...but overall i tend to make smart financial decisions. Wasnt raised to respect my money so i'm self taught and have moments when i lose my damn mind.

but it is what it is...

congrats on a good day @ work :)

12kyle said...

@ Torrance
I, too have never coveted VIP nor made it rain on a stripper. But when I hit this hunnid milli on the, you, and the lil dog are gonna bring a hurricane to Magic City. Lmao!!!!

Good post bruh

12kyle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony OH said...

I say moderation is the key!

rainywalker said...

Raw Dawg,
The youth of this country need to listen to your words. I hope they don't miss the boat.

sapphirestarr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sapphirestarr said...

In a capitalist society, classes brings on division but the divisions are not impermiable. We all have the opportunity to take a bite out of the American pie, but you have to slice it yourself, You can be a wonderful, intelligent, beautiful person, but the world does not owe you anything. If you want opportunity and it is not provided you make it. If a door is not open you tear the wall down. We can see from the window of hollywood that it;s not how much money you make, its about how you manage what you have and make your money work for you and not you work for the money. Check out Saving Money-"Your Starting Point"
Tell me what you think

tell me what you think.

Tony OH said...

href="" />

Tony OH said...


Tony OH said...

intimate outings

The Jaded NYer said...

I am very guilty of worrying more about today that I do about tomorrow, or at least I was until I started this job two years ago...

one of my clients is a retiree group that works to try and prevent pension and benefit cuts and losses for their members by their former employer (one of the big telecoms)

and let me tell you- WHAT AN EYE OPENER!

no one- in ANY industry- is safe! companies are cutting off retirees left and right and claiming hardship, while their CEOs make out like bandits! And now even govt employees have to worry about this mess; state pension funds are seriously underfunded in places like New Jersey and California... WTF?

it's a sad state of affairs in this country and really made me care about saving for my golden years a lot more, cuz obviously you can't even count on your EARNED pension anymore!

Maglet said...

Thanks for the link.

You stated that so simply, yet it's still hard for some to understand. It's NOT hard to save a little here and there, but the lure's are EVERYWHERE! You gotta know how to block temptation really well. I'm still working on that.

I've never done the clubbing thing, so I wouldn't know about all those admission fees--what the devil?

I'm positively afraid of the stock market and math isn't my strong subject, so... yeah. Plus, it's hella confusing. But, bless you for being able to deal with those highs and lows--that would KEEP me nervous! LOL!

Great blog, sir. :)

Anonymous said...

I too have been guilty of spending $$$$ on some material items during my lifetime. I have always had a thing for bags, shoes,and smell good items.I have always been a sucker for a good sale,and dont even get me started on a great sale.I guess that doesnt make me much different from alot of other women who enjoy ,same similar things! I have however somewhat curbed my interest in spending on these things in recent months. I have never been one to pay full price for something,most of the time anyway.I am a bargain hunter so I guess I used that rational to justify my spendin for a number of yrs! I'm older ,wiser, realize that the country is damn near in or moving towards recession. Money doesnt grow on trees,never did .I will have to save and spend wiser,even less on things that arent necessities if I hope to be financial stable &comfortable. I dont see anything wrong with treating yourself to something nice ,if you can afford it,and have worked hard for it ,and I will continue to do that when my $$ permits on occassion ,just in moderation, which is essential.
I have taken note that black people are among the countrys biggest spenders ,but it alarms me that our people , at ;east a large segment of them are the least financially stable.Many of us like to look the part for image sake , without having the actiual wealth $$ to back it up! My goal in the coming yrs ,aside from getting back in school myself is to pay off my debt and save!Naturally I'll still have student loans to repay,but I'm talking about old credit cards,etc,which can really wreck habit in your credit score and effect you for yrs to come negatively if you dont deal with it.
As for your ex requesting financial assistnace for school.If you do it you do it because you want to do it,and not because you expect something in return or want to feel needed by hr.However you are not in a relationship with the ex, and are under no obligation to pay for school. That is what financial aid is for, those of us who desire to attend school but do not have all of the immediate funding ourselves to do so. I personally wouldnt want to ask someone I'm not close to, involved with,and dont have a desire to be with for money.I'd think that they expected something in return,and wouldnt wat it thrwon in my face for yrs to come.Thats just me though!

Kai said...

Oopos the previous comment was by me Kai

Wasnt trying to be anonymous but pressed submit without checking!

truth said...

Great post!
Saving and investing your money is the key to building wealth. At the very least, it helps to have loot saved when a rainy day arrives and they come for all of us!

This issue points to a larger problem of not having a lot of businesses in the inner city. Our folk not understanding the idea of investing an our own community, which would make us and the communities other residents stronger.

I don't know if we're the only ones who spend are loot like there's no tomorrow, but we better learn differently fast!


no_slappz said...

jaded nyer, you wrote:

"one of my clients is a retiree group that works to try and prevent pension and benefit cuts and losses for their members by their former employer (one of the big telecoms)"

Pension plans are ALWAYS at risk. They ALWAYS have been.

If you want security, it is best to put real cash in a 401-k, IRA or similar plan that is FUNDED.

You wrote:

"And now even govt employees have to worry about this mess; state pension funds are seriously underfunded in places like New Jersey and California..."

A true "Pension Plan" is NOT a bank account loaded with cash. It is much closer to an IOU an employer promises to pay its retirees. However, due to excessive generosity in the past, many companies will see pension and retiree healthcare costs exceed the employer's capacity to pay. Especially in healthcare.

Lucent -- that may be the company to which you referred -- gave away the company treasury to retirees to induce a lot of people to retire. Thousands and thousands of people were offered Lifetime Health coverage in exchange for leaving.

Obviously these huge pension and post-retirement obligations contributed to the near collapse of Lucent's finances. It's now part of Alcatel, a French company.

As for state "pension funds", they too are pools of capital managed to pay the yearly costs of pension and healthcare benefits.

Pension funds earn the cash they distribute to retirees mainly from investments in the stock and bond markets. They own real estate too. They entrust capital to hedge-fund managers as well.

Hence, a steady rise in our markets is important to every American. One of the best ways to ensure widespread prosperity in the US is to get Congress out of the way.

Oil priced at $140 a barrel drags down the entire economy. Making things worse is a Congress that stands against exploiting our domestic oil reserves in favor of sending $140 a barrel to other countries. HOw about sending it to oil-company employees in the US?

If we expanded drilling here, the domestic oil industry would hire a huge number of Americans who would earn healthy paychecks that would directly benefit the US economy.

Where's the downside?

Anonymous said...

Hey folk, you were just mentioned at the Blogging while brown was given

Anonymous said...

Why you talking to me? Sigh.. I am getting better about savings but like too many got caught up in spending and now I am digging out. Good post!

Christopher said...

Dude, how can you eat all that at 1:45AM?

I would've had heart burn for days and had to take extra Prilosec!

I'm usually on dream no. 3 at 1:45AM or bump and grinding at that hour. If I'm lucky. *wink*

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Jesus saves. Moses invests. God diversifies.

fly tie said...

man...i used to word "gumption" on somebody the other day, and they had no clue what i was talking though it were not a real word!

anyway, regarding the whole paying *whatever* to get in the club, my guy and i discuss this from time to time. people around here will pay absolutely outrageous amounts to set foot in a club..amounts that are usually triple what they are on "white night"...then, when they step back out cops are basically lined up *ready* to bust one upside the head if things get "outta hand."


Lina M said...

You must have self-discipline in order to spend your money on things that you need instead of the things that you want. It takes money to make money. The economy is so bad right now it's a scary situation. I hope Barack can do something to help out us hard working folk.. We live in a capitalist society but the key to wealth and success is definitely based on what you know...It is a shame that people from other countries can come to the U.S. and start a business with grants like it is nothing..And American citizens have to make a way out of noway if they have dreams of being an entrepreneur...Education is key whether it be book smarts or hands-on experience..Knowledge is the key to wealth and success..

Immoral Matriarch said...

I love babz - she is too funny.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

I stopped through happy hour that’s all

All u got to do is read, that’s what I did. Saving is the first step

Big Cheekz
Bet change that behavior b4 u homeless sister

Thank u. she will learn one day. Told me that only Capricorns expect folks to do what they say LOL


That’s a throw back, cookie jar. Im sure it was slappz, I just need stimulation for solutions

reading, walll street journal, Investor business daily

Thanks it was nothing lol

No Kyle, we will BUY magic city remember
2) dogs

In dispospable income spending in america LOL

Tony OH
So true, but still must save

I wish, they don’t wanna hear me mane

sapphirestarr said...
Nice read, but stioll don’t explain the discipline

Tony OH
U spaming, I mean not ref to post LOL

The Jaded NYer
Damn, that’s foul babe, I aint even read nothing bout that thanks for the information

Hank u hon and as long as u trying that’s all that matters

That was well said, and honest, as well as insightful. But such is introspection
Some women and men are not like u and would prefer to use than to produce for self for they cant sacrifice or go with out

Thanks, we do have a lot of loot though

Wow good look

like granny said, if shoe fits wear it lol

LOL I knew u was a big freak LOL

Classic LOL

fly tie
we slaves to the rhythm Grace Jones

Lina M
Well said and wait til my next post

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Immoral Matriarch
u recoop from your trip yet sister

no_slappz said...

lina m, you wrote:

"It is a shame that people from other countries can come to the U.S. and start a business with grants like it is nothing."

Shame? How can there be shame in moving to the US and succeeding?

You said:

"And American citizens have to make a way out of noway if they have dreams of being an entrepreneur..."

What does this mean? It is a lot easier for an American to start a business in America than for a newly arrived immigrant.

no_slappz said...


Cookie jar, mattress, 401-k or IRA. Call it what you want, but everyone has to set aside some assets and put them in a "retirement account".

rawdawgbuffalo said...

i know u know that we on the same page with saving, investing and growing wealth. I needed no loan, just used 60K of my own loot to start my business

Bygbaby said...

Wow, you had a major late night snack!!!


Eb the Celeb said...

going to babz spot to see the pics!

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