Wednesday, July 09, 2008

$3 ATM

Point of order: Sorry for delay in post, forgot I was still a scientist and had two journal articles to proof and correct for Health Education Journal and Global Public Health

Now since I was finally able to post Recess – is- on and PP (which were written in April), back on the grind, which you know in most cases means loot. I am kind of frustrated with America, I mean we aint got what it takes it seems anymore. I can understand how K street gets politicians in a bind but I can’t understand why regular folk don’t see why things are the way they are economically.

We are big on crying and asking folks to do for us, but we never have a good understanding of first what needs to be done or even what or how serious the problem is. Come this November, after the general election, well really before, I hope we can come to an understanding of the aforementioned.

This country has not been in this bad of shape economically since the 1920s and 1030s. I’m sure some will disagree with me, but this is just my opinion. Right now, at least based on numbers from two years go; our domestic financial debt was more than 14 trillion dollars. Fourteen trillion. Today I suspect it is maybe 4 or 5 trillion more, but there aren’t any real numbers available, just estimates so I made my own.

And although we talk about the housing market as being a major contributor to this problem as well as multiple wars, the truth is that the financial sector is mostly to blame, along with republican and democratic leadership at the legislative and executive level. For as I said before, with regulatory constraints basically removed, this created an environment for this particular sector of our economy to go buck wild. Bill Clinton repealed the Glass –Stegall Act and bam.

Long time ago, there were regulated fees for Credit Cards for example, now they can make up fees and even charge you for paying on time or even if you pay off your monthly balance. Don’t even throw in the outrageous and wide ranging interest rates credit card companies (the financial sector) can charge, that is a whole ‘nother story. But to sum it all up, this is where the problem lies. We didn’t have this type of concern when America made stuff and had a strong manufacturing base. Since the financial sector has replaced manufacturing as our largest industry, our national debt has sky rocketed. This sector alone accounts for more than 30% of all of our national debt. Namely as a result of what is called Securitization or what can be called collateralizing debt obligation

Like I said back in the 20s and 30s when we saw similar problems, the national debt was about 250% of our gross domestic product. Today it is about 350%. What does this mean, well in simple terms, maybe a 10% reduction in the values of our houses for those of us who own one, commodity inflation (as mentioned in a prior post) and a 500 trillion dollar debt, which will eventually come back to bite us in the ass one day. I think that is one of the reasons I don’t have an ATM card. Never had one ever. So they next time you go to an ATM machine, just remember that the $3.00 they charge you to use it, is just adding to our national debt. Three cheers for the financial sector. Hip Hip Hooray.

Addendum: Love the fact folks can come in shop with dogs and kids, lay up and drink wine for free – they always end up buying stuff.


kayellejaye said...

First of all, how do you manage without an ATM card? I hope you at least have a check card on ya. I hardly ever carry cash myself.

Secondly, I will never understand how a country can accumulate so much debt, but can then find ways to fund wars or send aid to other countries. I'm all about the foreign aid, but let's help ourselves first ok? Times are hard over here too.

Garth Sullivan said...

and don't forget about the additional fee if you use another bank or a cash machine not your own.

always remember that a corporation exists solely to make money off of you anyway they legally can.

regulation is essential when dealing with a psychopath like that.

Kofi said...

That's hard core... I walk blocks and blocks to find my bank's machines (there aren't too many in this part of manhattan)

Anonymous said...

Great Post. This one inspired me to make a plan. God bless the child that's got his own. Thanks for the inpiration! Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

No debit card? I can't live without mine. It helps me avoid entering into banks.

Financial places are about making money. I know. I was told so.

I have a problem with pushing products (home equity loans, credit cards etc) on people who are all ready struggling or who are not financially educated.

People please the best thing you can do for yourself in these times is learn about managing and maintaining your finances.

Don't take an offer for something cause it sounded good. Research.
Don't feel your back is so up against the wall that you put your home on the line.

Also, I agree with Kayellejaye. We can send aid all over the world but, we have children dying daily in America because of proverty.
And many of our inner cities are in dire need of a revival.

msladydeborah said...

Question: Does anyone know exactly how many dollar bills it would take to visually show the national debt?

I have often wondered when figures like a billion and a trillion are used, it is visually beyond me to see what that would look like in actual dollars. And I really would like to know how that would appear, how much space it would occupy in the physical world.

So if anyone can supply that answer, I would greatly appreciate it.

The state of the economy in America is like hell in a handbasket that we are being forced to carry.

I have always thought that it was bullshit to have to pay to use a machine to gain access to my money. And I will go that extra mile just to avoid paying fees.

But this is a capitalist nation. And consumming useless products and buying material items to identify our economic status is how we insist on functioning.

I try to save as much as humanly possible. And since I am developing a Green Atttitude, my money environment is #1 On My Conservation List.

Bush's Shut the Fuck Up Money (aka The Rebate) is diversionary funds. We give it to you and you in return spend it. Not once have I heard any of the talking heads discuss saving it or investing it to make more. Which is the true mark of capitalism. Using your funds to generate mo' money, mo'money and mo'money!

The thing that really gets up under my skin about our financial picture is the fact that we have the loot,
but we damn sure won't collectively pool it to benefit the people who need it the most~US!

And we will accept the substandard goods from another nation~buy that crap and then get pissed off because it was allowed to be in the consumers reach.

I hope that by the end of this particular decade we have the good sense to turn around our spending habits. Having what we need is important. Money is tangiable. And for too many folks it has become plastic cards. That is a form of enslavement. And we need to free our minds so our asses and cash can follow us.

sista gp said...

It has been so long since I have used a credit card, don't see a need for it now. If it can't be purchased now with cash/debit card, save and wait.

I like those 'Same as Cash' deals and pay-off before the expiration. NO Finance fees.

AriStar said...

i almost had a heart attack when i went to the atm in SC (bank of america) and realized it was $3.

Soulstress said...

Ur posts are always thought provoking...which I'll assume is intentional ;)

No ATM card..does that mean no debit card lol? I find it useful but I always keep a bit of cash on me as well. Just in case a place dont accept it.

I agree with a previous comment in that I dont undrstand how we can be in debt but can fund wars? We're offerin relief and aid and need help ourselves.


Pajnstl said...

i cant remember the last time i used an atm. I will swipe for a pack of gum and get change back b4 i volunteer to get f*cked by atm fees.

12kyle said...

no atm card, bruh? you must keep the cash in a sock in a drawer like fred g sanford. lol

seriously, times are bad financially. this country is in shambles. i feel for obama b/c he's been left a HUGE mess to clean up.

i need to come down for the free wine! i'ma try to get down there on friday. i'll let you know.

Aunt Jackie said...

Interestingly enough I have allot of friends from over the pond and allot of British Banks extended monies to the US giving credit lines to students and such.

Because of the general lax attitude of paying off debts and general decline of the economy these British banks took major losses, causing them to take away things like over draft protections from their British clients because they are running out of money.

Banks have closed, people are losing money right and left with new increased fees and percentage rates as these British banks try to recoup their loot...

It's crazy..debt is NOT the business!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

It was in a previous life whilst working for the Evil Blue Octagon when I became familiar with cashflow conundrum. You pay to save, you pay to spend...the only certainty is you will pay. The caveats of capiltalism. *Sigh*.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Very nice post...its sad but true when you realize generations to come will have to pay for our country's ignorance.

By the way, no atm card...ever? I hardly ever use do you manage?

Dione said...

Two National Debt Clocks-

NoRegrets said...

The national debt used to be lower...we just got dug into a huge hole by chasing after terrorists.

You forgot to mention that the debt is a large percentage owned by China.

I live my life with an ATM card. No debit card though.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Man I work in the financial sector in IT but still finance. You gotta read fine print on things. The real issue to me is not finance it’s when we stop using sound accounting principals, the Enrons and WorldComs were harbingers for this shady present we have going on.

I agree this is not the best time, but there are bubbles of economic growth which wasn't true in the 20's and 30's. However this economy does suck and the housing market is the same thing as what happened with S&L and this inflation s is tantamount to Carter years along with the gas issue.

However I have to agree these times are the worst of times in a LONG time.

I don't pay ATM fees; I belong to a bank that refunds my fees at non-member ATMs for keeping X daily balance in my account. *lol* IF you read the fine print you can find both good and bad things!!


Brownsoul said...

I wish they would charge me $3...

I hear you. Some of us...many of us do not know how to spend, save, invest,ect. People just want to have. They want to have and they want to have right now. EVERYWHERE YOU LOOK there are no money down, 0% interest, bad credit no problem offers. People just wanna be rich, but they don't know shit about being wealthy and at the end of the day, they end up dead broke, under mountains of debt, car repoed, house in foreclosure. People are guilty of spending outside of their means. Once they start, they can't stop. Soon they're spending outside of their means just to pay for the basics. You know you're in trouble when you're putting your groceries on a credit card. And the lenders are disgusting. Why in the hell would you approve a home loan for someone who comes in with $237.58 in their bank account and no money to put down on the house or to pay for the closing costs. I know why. They do it because they turn around and sell the loan to a bigger bank and that bank ends up in trouble when they find themselves forcelosing on the home less than a year later. Every neighborhood I drive through, including my own, has homes for sale and trust that at least one of those is a foreclosure. My property value goes down while the banks sell foreclosed homes in my neighborhood for pennies on the dollar and the county wants to up my property taxes. ARE YOU CRAZY?! With the way things are going I may end up upside down on this house. Now ain't that a bitch!

How the hell do we get out of a crisis like this?

MsPuddin said...

yeah we are looking at a recession, things are pretty bad right now.

kind of makes me want to live my life like everyday might be my last.

A Go Bytch said...

Good Post.. I went to the ATM with my friend the other day and noticed it's $3 if you were not an account holder. I'm like WTF? Everyone use to be able to use " the gas prices are going up" as an excuse.. so what's the excuse for a fixated unit with deposits in the same building.. hmmmm....

Anonymous said...

they dont even hav to worry about me using the ATm machine...ever....and by the way its a shame what this economy has come to

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

The credit cards is why I got bill collectors calling me now...Lawd have mercy....I didnt know that there used to be a limit to how much they could charge you, no wonder I got credit cards thats five years old still calling me...and now they charging $3 for Atm use?!?!?! Thats just insane to me....well I dont have a bank so I would never know but when I did use ATM and debit cards I always ended up getting overdrafts on my account...ah well thats why no bank will give me a checking account to this day but it aint like I got money to go in one anyway

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Cash, am ex or go with out. Yep its real in the field over here

Garth Sullivan

I know there are and u getting some good cardio

thank u sister

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon
Bravo, I will repeat your words
People please the best thing you can do for yourself in these times is learn about managing and maintaining your finances.

We all hoping together and where is Kelso or slappz when u need them, bet they could answer that

sista gp
I feel u on that too

Checks are free

No debit no atm card, im sighing with u

Woman u silly

Looking 4ward to seeing u again, and no comment on sock lol

Aunt Jackie
Could not have said it better

I know that’s right

Pay cash, am ex or go with out

Good look

No debit card either folk

OG, The Original Glamazon good point, but I define economic growth differently. Today dow lost 230, no production, now valuation in the dollar, tell me yours. The way I nsee it EG is an increase in a nation's capacity to produce goods and services or an increase over time in the capacity of an economy to produce goods and services and (ideally) to improve the well-being of its citizens or increase in real output per capita. I don’t see none of that

We all may be homeless soon, wait til oil is 200$ a barrel

Sounds like me, how is the hang over

A Go Bytch
Bleed the stupid is their motto

Yep, a big shame

I feel ya, and addinf u to the roll this weekend sister

Lovebabz said...

The level of ignorance of Americans and their finances is astounding. Americans do not even own America. If all our loans/debt were called in today we would all have to speak a foreign language and not just one!

Yes while it is true the manufacturing jobs that carried America to her greatness have all gone over seas, there is this new emergence of service driven businesses. Never before in the history of the world can folks start a business without a brick and mortar structure. The power oif the internet is still a frontier for wealth building---my opinion.

The problem(s)is/are that our educational system has not caught up with the technology and the need of technology. We are still operating the public school system on the needs of the industrial age. While the rest of the world has long since shifted their thinking.

America is a nation of consumers. We want it cheap, fast and right now! We have come to depend on financing and credit as a way to live the American Dream...which is really a nightmare. The Jones can't keep up with the Jones!

The number one reason for filing bankruptcy in America...unpaid medical expenses and loss of job.

I pay as I go so I never owe. I have check cards for my family and personal use and for my LLC business, I treat it like cash and I make sure I follow their rules for atm use so that I do not incur those additional fees!

At the end of the day most folks are just trying to tread water... It is difficult to try to learn and manuever and champion financial success intehri personal lives. There are somany things that throw you a curve ball. Plus money and the use of money is so secretive and personal to people. Noo one want to seem less sophisticated than they are about their finacnes and I think that hasa lot to do with the reasons people find themsleves in fiscal trouble.

The rich and the very rich understand how to work the bankruptcy systems and how to refinance as necessary, how to move resources.

Ok. I am done.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

Bank of America robbed me for $3...The ATM;s in Las Vegas & Atlantic City will get you for a minimum of $5...

Recently I've learned to walk up to the teller and just withdraw the amount I'll need for a week...

The Pew View said...

Baby I don't use them credit card thangs either. I sticks to the old fashion way. Keeping a coin purse in my bra and buying with cash. Now back in my pre-saved days I might get what I wanted with a little ass (forgive me Lawd). You know that motto, pay to play but anyways that's an old fashion way to get a new dress or somethang too. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Tamra said...

I refuse to use the ATM as a matter of principal--banks can kiss my ass. I'm not a fan of carrying cash either, so I usually don't keep any more than $20 on me at a time.

I use the hell out of my debit card and if I need cash back, I do it that way with no fees. [Wonder how long it'll be before banks start charging us for that convenience...let me shut up because they might be listening.] That, and we have an account with a credit union too, and I like them a whole lot better.

I swear, if we've not learned anything after all of this (collectively)--I can't even wrap my brain around the possibility.

And, the big question that I keep asking is--banks stick it their customers for "irresponsible use" of bank accounts (via od fees), credit cards, etc.; but, who sticks it to the banks for their blatant, continuous, irresponsible behavior and almost-criminal money-making tactics?

I know financial cycles are one thing...but we'll continue heading the direction we're going (time after time again) until banks and these whack out of control corporations get the smack-down. Thinking about how that would have to happen makes me ill. But, it'll never happen, so what am I frettin' over???

Tamra said...

I forgot to throw in controlling govt. spending...

That'll never happen either.

We are so screwed--have been for years, actually.

Moody Gemini said...

You are so right! We have been f'ed for a while now & it is reeking on everyone.

Sidenote...I just got a job & as soon as my $ looks right I will be by your spot to purchase for my baby. Can't bring her because she is ornery in her old age!

Take care!

Cat said...

So you're the person thats holding up the lines in the credit card commercials!
As long as this country relies on people spending themselves in a whole we will always go in and out of debt and as long as they keep raising prices and not salaries the gap between poor and rich will widen to the point that we will resemble the economic structure of third world countries. It's a shame.

4GOTTEN1 said...

"...We have money for wars but can't feed the poor..." Tupac Shakur

I hate those A.T.M. fees myself i wish i could get around having to pay them that causes me to lose a lot of hard earned money i really can not afford to lose.

Keli said...

Yep...they charge you a fee for having to charge you a fee...just bend me over...

Actually Capital One is not bad (if you have one in your area) the bank actually refunds ATM fee's charged by other banks...probably the first time I've ever had a free checking account...and it's interest bearing.

Lena said...

I admire you. I try to live without my debit/bank card but I apparently I am not trying hard enough.

Free wine at your store...I'll be sure to visit. Even though I don't have a doggie I'll buy a doggie treat or two for the support.

Curious said...

It's late and I'm too tired to read all the comments right now, so forgive me if this has been said before. I had to look up wt the Glass Steagall Act was and what effects it may or may not have had in the banking industry. As a Liberterian I would have thought that you would have approved of repeal of the Act. Doesn't this mean that there is less government interference and therefore more chance to make money by the industry and less chance of losing money on waste and regulation? True the subprime mortegage scandal has and will hurt a lot of people but won't it also weed out many of the players who have shown that perhaps they weren't equipped to operate in today's society, I'm thinking of Bear Stearns and Countrywide and the smaller ones that no one hears about? Won't it get rid of the people who maybe should not have bought houses in the 1st place, the ones who have driven up the prices for houses astronomically just by being in the market? The ones who bought something with no money down or with the ridiculous rates only to balloon in just a few years? Could this all just be as they say a correction right now, where the industry is just shaking off the chaffe in order to get to the good stuff?

Of course I'm sort of a Libral so I don't really believe all of that but they say that banks actually make most of their money from the fees they charge now for ATM withdrawls and late fees and overdraft fees and minimum account fees and fees I can't even think of and not from the interest they charge or even the investments they make. However, when it comes to ATM fees, I do have a card bit I will go at least 20 minutes out of my way to avoid paying fees. There are some convenience stores like Wawa that will allow you to use their machines free or there is the ever present cash back feature you can use at the supermarket.

Oh just one more thing, when you talk about national debt and $14 trillion you are referring not just to the money owed by the government but the money owed by ordinary people right?

Clay Lowe said...

I'm a stranger to my own land having lived out of the country for 8 years now. The last time I was in the States was October 2005 to visit my folks. I must say I felt like a stranger. I hardly knew the place where I'd grown up. Hell they even gave me hard time getting in the country, wanted to know why I'd been away so long, and what I was doing back (can't a man, a rightful citizen, come home to see his family?)

While I will come back to visit, I don't think I'll ever live in the U.S. again.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Really, it too many problems to count

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik]
Guess I should stay out of vegas

The Pew View
Or something? Don’t u mean hat?

Very well put and I wonder how long too.

Moody Gemini
Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa thanks for the support

Yep, im the man in the commercial cash, check or amex

I know that’s right folk, what part the ATL u in and come back, aint to many of us blogging

Bend u over, if u insist LOL

That is so sweet thanks, come by u are welcome anytime sister

True in so many ways great comment and thank for the post idea to ans the libertarian question

Clay Lowe
I aint mad at u and don’t blame u for that sentiment

DP said...

Interesting post Torrance. America is in a world of trouble and I'm not sure we can stop this train from going over the cliff.

Obama doesn't have a magic wand to clean all of this up. In fact, like most politicians he will be under the undue influence of corporate America too.

The bottom line is most folks don't even want to know what's going on.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Glad you made a post to educate the peeps. The Great Depression II will be biting our azzes by next year this time.

JR said...

It's all about education. Disposing of the Glass –Stegall Act was an advantage for an informed society. But folks these days hit the streets with absolutely no idea of how money works. Compounding interest? heck most don't even know what principal is. $3.00 on a $40.00 withdrawal means nothing if you don't know what $3.00 is worth. An educated society would never pay $3.00 for the "privilege" of using their own money.

This is yet another area where our schools are failing us.

Anonymous said...

there you go dropping that knowledge bruh!

seriously man, i wonder what this madness is about. when i go to the local liquor store and pull money from their atm machine, i'm charged $2.00. i mean, how the heck are you gonna charge me money to get my money; where is the logic in this!?

freakin' white man's corporation is always going to find a way to make money with the simplest of conveniences!

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Tera said...

"We are big on crying and asking folks to do for us, but we never have a good understanding of first what needs to be done or even what or how serious the problem is."

You betta tell it!!!

P.S. I'll be glad when I get down there to visit my cous...I don't even have a dog, but I'm gone come and show some love---and have some wine of course ;-)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

The bottom line is what is so scary

Kit (Keep It Trill)
Now that’s Trill folk, I agree with u on that

JR, I know exactly what u mean, I wish I was man enogh to have the desire to teach school. I know folks like u and me and the readers of this blog would not accept mediocrity from students regarding education. So how is the new edition. Don’t spoil the grand child too much LOL. Again congrats.

How ya been man, and I just want to say, watch your blood pressure, you know we got be here to make a difference

Vino for us all lol, looking 4word to it

JR said...

Thanks Torrance;

Ryan and Mommy are home and doing well.

Anonymous said...

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