Sunday, June 22, 2008

recess is on

Point of order: 1] Putting a stone in my bed does not make u my friend – Damu Proverb. [I say this because some folk, who have put stones in my bed, expect me to be appreciative of them and their stones. I am not.]

2] Read this over my folk spot (beautiful souls of black sisters) the other day, I bet a lot of momma’s (if u can call them that) ask men, even married ones, to sponsor or take care off or support their daughters – dang.

My folk stopped by the shop when I was getting it set up about a month ago. The conversation, tersely, went something like this:

Folk: Jones, whad up? Whad up with the mean mug?

Me: Gave bald fist dap as a precursor to a hug, pulled back and showed him my mouth.

Folk: Jones, not the no teeth mode, real raw dawg. You subject to mack a hundred babes and shoot at a few mutha fucas (he laughed).

Me: Jones, loot. 40 stacks up in this camp. For real though, kids got to eat. I aint studying no babes, if they want me find me, and fuck a mutha fucka. Recess is on Jones.

Yep, this conversation was the impetus for this title. Now what did folk here mean by this statement? I am gone try to explain. See Jones here got no loot coming in at all. Sure done inked a few contracts for a few 100 stacks over three years, but they don’t start until November. Outside of that, just this store for dogs, and my savings albeit they are hefty. And I got my kids, not to mention another human liability. Meaning I gotta eat and they gotta eat and we neck bone pimpin plus up in this camp (prime rib last night and pot roast today).

Currently there is a recession in effect in America; regardless of what these cranial constricted and teleprompted bitch azz media pundits be telling yawl. At least by the economic indicators I follow (payroll, employment, industrial production, real personal income and, real manufacturing). Not to mention something I wrote about a few months ago regarding how traditionally when gold, and oil rose, so did the dollar – but not any more. Not to mention folk here was raised on John Kenneth Gailbraith.

As such from my standpoint, there is no better time to start a business than now, for as I have suggested in prior essays, in the future, outside of growing your own food, the only folks that will be able to eat are those that will be able to pay themselves – sleep if you want to.

I mean it is a down economy. Real-estate prices are flat, not to mention there are normally about 5 start up businesses for each start up Idea. I got lucking picking a store for dogs and locating it in the number one dog concentrated area in the city of Atlanta. Especially given that the top two disposable income industries in the country are Porn and dogs Dog food and porn are recession proof), and folk here don’t have a video camera. But again don’t sleep, horse man production will kick off soon, just need some volunteers-lmbao.

But like I said, it can be done, in particular if you don’t require no venture capital, and got your own loot like folk here. Moreover, even if you are starting a business without intellectual property rights (microchip patten for example), now is still a great time. Especially is you aint got no job security - which no one has. The way I see it, with my store for dogs, im with the ToyRus, KFC, Home depots and the like which started off as an Ideal. But I wont get greedy, for now all the folks closing shops. The Layne Bryants, Gaps, Linen and Things. Cause they wanted to make moey by openeing more stores, which looks good on paper, but an empty package because sales dont match.

So I just say this to suggest. Back in the day we had recess, you know kickball, four square and pick up and run. Now schools dont. Recess is on for us now in this economic lull. A lull that proffers the perfect opportunity to make a decison to do for self instead or talk. Scared say ya scared. Im not. Im with the old school, the family business school. Im leaving not only loot and land to my seeds, but also a legacy. Meet my CFO (son) and COO (daughter). With their help, we will create our own reality.


Anonymous said...

I just got to Atlanta and you know what? I was like, why is there so many 'adult' stores and strip clubs and pet clinics sis/her bf would just look at me like I'm crazy....I knew I wasn't crazy lol smh but it's a good thing you are starting your own business. That's something more Black people need to do...accumulate wealth for their families/future generation.

sista gp said...

I told you I am ready to kick off, SISTA GP Enterprises, lol.

I have many business ideas, why not try them all.

Rich said...

No doubt recess is on - ain't no time for playing. I'm buying these house while they at the bottom. Folks still need a place to live, besides on the street.

M. J. Eisenbaugh - President/CEO said...

Torrence, congrats on your blog, and your other endevours to write words that people want to read!

Though I do have to share this with you, or whom ever else.
I grew up in Philly, PA in the 60's times were weird back then. But whether you were black, white or yellow it not mattered as much as whom you could call your freind!

In the 90's because of so many years of the so called assumptions we get taught by our famlies we all grow ignorant to what our freinds are.
When a young black family moved next to me I extended my kindness to them to help them move into a prominet white neighborhood.
They were scared, but not mentioning what common ground we had, we became the greatest friends from that point on.

Ignorance should always be dealt with educated thoughts, thoughts shared with those you may never have known that feel as you do.

Hope to share thoughts with you again some time my brother.

Regards, Michael

focusedpurpose said...

hi T-

great post! i especially agree with your last sentence.

blessings in abundance,

focusedpurpose said...

also, your babies are beautiful! i love the pics:-)


Mizrepresent said...

That's whats up T! Beautiful pic! Keep hustling!

Anonymous said...

Interesting read.. I must tell you i had NO clue what y'all said in RED.... but its like this you wouldn't understand me either...

Great pics of you n the fam!

12kyle said...

good post! you know I know where you're coming from. it's hard getting things off the ground...especially in this economy. keep ya head above james evans and nem

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I heard that brother....leaving a legacy...that's what I'm talking about....May God bless that quest double time!

Waiting for Zufan! said...

Just gotta say I love the new pictures. Beautiful!!

Tony OH said...

Brain Cell 4 Life Bro ski!

Keep doin what you doin Luv... This to shall come to pass!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: I'm loving the JKG link and remembering an essay on the 1929 crash and Great Depression called "Care And Feeding Of Disaster," which seemed to have a lot of analogs to today's problems: Teapot Dome (which could be proxy for any of the oil jacks or Enron), excessive liquidity...I could go on...

I was at a far-right McCain site the other day and I noticed that one of the regulars trashed Obama for being a Keynesian-Communist! Well, that's quite something. It was the modified Keynesianism of the FDR/JKG school that saved the West from going communist if I'm not mistaken. My dad was ACP as a teenager and those kids clubs were full to bursting even after the worst of it had passed (of course, the ACP kids' clubs had the parties with the booze and sex and drugs!)

But the larger point is that I find it rather amusing that you and I are two of the most un-abashed free-marketeers on the telegraph wire, but we both dig JKG. And we get that NO capitalist economy can function without some form of Keynesian flexibility in fiscal policy. Really, it's just the fiscal analog to Monetary Neutrality. Alas, even that article of Right Wing faith has been tossed out with the trash by these monsters in the White House and on Capitol Hill.

I guess it proves once again the great adage: "there are none so blind as those who will not see."

But recess, jeez...Running Bases (also called Pickle), Johnny-On-The-Pony, Emmies, Click-Clacks (when not confiscated by teachers), and the Granddaddy Of Them All: Pitching Pennies!

Had a Torrance-like set-to with the ex last night when she called looking for some money and giving me a truly incomplete account of our son's last game in this Little League season. Translating from Mean-Ex-ese into common English, he went 3-for-4, but made an error on a pop-up and short, led the league in batting average but no taters, and needed some lectures on sportsmanship because he hates to lose so badly. Then it got tense. I said something like "Obama looks pretty good in this. Clear choice. Too bad I can't vote for him." EX: "Why not, you're an American citizen?" ME: "Whatever, but I'm a resident alien investor in the Republic of Panama, who are my electors in the college?" EX: "No, you're not, you're a resident of New York State." ME: "I'm looking at an ID card with my signature and picture that says 'RESIDENTE/INVERSIONISTA.'" EX: "That's a lie. You're a US resident." ME: "Haven't set foot on Uncle Sam's farm in 2 years." EX: "Why don't you come back and use your MBA to get a real job like a normal man?" ME: "Real jobs don't pay as well as entrepreneurship; couldn't give you the money you want if I had a REAL job." And THEN it got ugly!

The word "stack" got me thinking about money slang.

$100 = "dollar" or "charlie"

$500 = "nickle"

$1000 = "dime" or "large"

$10,000 = "stripper's purse" or "bar mitzvah wallet"

$100,000 = "unit"

$1,000,000 = "one"

$10,000,000 = "texas unit"

Scott said...

Over from Tera's because frankly she got me curious. Can I just say you kick ass? Love the attitude. I think about it all the time about possibly growing my own food. But my brother has a business down in Houston that he wants me to come and manage for him. He's great with people, but completely inept with tracking a business, which classically isn't my strong point, but something I could do if I really tried. I like your optimism on the state of the economy. It really sounds like you know what you are talking about. Makes me hopeful.

Traycee said...

I so understand what your saying..California was already an expensive place to raise a family but now because gas is about $5 a gallon..The cost of food has went up..We won't even talk about the fact that I know too too many people who lost their homes or came close to it in the last year....But yet Bush refuses to say it is a recession ....Things are bad....

I just thank God it hasn't yet effected my household...But my Husband and I are really saving more now than ever..Because we don't know what tomorrow will bring...It just seems things are getting worse instead of better....

msladydeborah said...

Hey T,

I am swooping though here as usual.

I should be standing in the middle of the floor screaming my head off. I resigned from my job today. It is a long vent and that is not what I am about at the moment.

I have a seperate blog for those moments.


In lieu of my first in a long time employment disaster, I feel that it is due time for me.

I am going to have to return to work. There is no doubt about that. But this time, I will be working on my money business in a different manner.

If there is someone reading your blog who doesn't know that we are in a recession, please consider sharing some of what you use to distort that particular reality.:-)

If the trends hold true, I suspect it will be awhile before things level off in the midst of this $$$ crisis.


"Meet my CFO (son) and COO (daughter). With their help, we will create our own reality."

Wow that's real. Creating your own reality, because we can't wait, the media misleads Americans so terribly, so we must be aware of everything that is surrounding us (period), I wonder what title my son will have in my business LOL.

Also I mentioned "YOU" in my last post...please check it out :@)

Professor Tracey said...

Excellent post, I admire your drive and effort even in a down economy. Black folks need to get some more guts to ride this down time out. Get creative! Best of luck.

I answered your question for today's words for warfare. Check it out later.

Jay Midnyte said...

oh snap! thanks for the link on your blogroll.

Anonymous said...

Very cute kids...good luck with the business venture.

What's your hook? Pet products? Pet services? A little bit of both?

shine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
shine said...

recessions curb excess and debauchery. it's not necessarily a bad thing. besides, times like these often bring forth ingenuity--i'm looking to start my own business and it has nothing to do with dogs ;-)

Ghetto Philosopher said...

Like Ieisha said, whats your hook man? Share with us.

Anonymous said...

To comment off of what bekinky said....I was told there are lots of strip clubs and megachurches in Atlanta...go figure?!

Anyway....I admire your tenacity and ambition...however it takes money to make money and I'm just barely out of undergrad but working for yourself is always a noble aspiration

Love the new pics as well and your son is your twin....


The Flyyest said...

i miss recess!!!

i cant wait to get it to ATL...first stop BrainCell

(even tho im scared of dogs) hahahahahahaha

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

I didn't understand the conversation.

I beleive everything will work out wonderful for you and your family.

Loving the picture.

Pajnstl said...

" Im leaving not only loot and land to my seeds, but also a legacy. "
This is the gist of a conversation I had with my dad this weekend. I'm his only child and he's setting things up for my inheritance and trying to make up for lost time.
Good post

Haute in LA said...

And that IS what it's all about: creating lasting legacies.

Kiara said...

Hey! Thanks for the blog comment! Your blog is on point too. I started reading it, but some of the words were still a little too big for my fourteen year old mind to digest but I understood most of it, lol. Keep it up! It's interesting! =]
Oh, and your kids are too cute!

Tera said...

The kids are adorable! And I was just thinking about this the other day...unless I STAY on my grind, on a regular, my kids won't have a thing when I leave here---especially if it was up to their fathers. This is decent in a major way...inspiring.

Sha Boogie said...

Dig it! You are so right-- carving out your own niche is the only way to stay afloat, I am all about the side hustle. Hell, I do hair and picked up media and marketing skills to make money besides my regular 9-5.

Tamra said...

Great post! Love the pics--the kids are absolutely adorable.

JR said...

You are spot on there T, the time is right for an enterprising soul to make their mark.

I do believe your mark will outlast the both of us.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Add churches to that listy and I want the same for my community

sista gp
That’s the attitude

Said like one who plans to be a have and not a have not

M. J. Eisenbaugh - President/CEO
Thanks folk, do come back by and we have the same objective. I share to encourage others. I would want them to do the same for me

Thanks scholar

I will; folk, I nsent u a txt, u chk on the books stores yet

D'lee Trecia
Thanks babe, I 4 get folk don’t speak Memphis jones

U know u like tone is my love folk, next year this time u better have something up your sleeve jones. Not to mention u met the COO and CFO in person, now they have to meet your seeds, community starts with them

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs
Thanks siter, adding u tom the roll this weekend so I can chk up on u more

Waiting for Zufan!
Thanks siter. U know what fam means to us

Tony OH
Just l;ike Media 2 live for jones

Money des make u think and JKG, they don’t make minds like that no more

Thanks man, we all have to give what is in our hearts and I try that’s all

U and huby keep it tight and keep on saving and it will come

if any one can find a way and make one u can – u the truth

Thanks babe. I saw it, im flattered

Professor Tracey
Thanks siter, it’s a lot I don’t know and im not afraid to ask

Jay Midnyte
No problem. Can chk on u on the reg now lol

Just all dogs. LOL

I am certain u will do well hon

Ghetto Philosopher
Well just dogs, clothes, shampoo, foods, u name it, all naturel

Introspective Goddess
Thank u he is the man.

The Flyyest
LOL u aint ready folk.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon
Most folk don’t if they don’t speak Memphis. LOL and pic of my kids, right.

Im sure he will do it. Thanks

Haute in LA
Hey stranger, how ya been, CC gave u a shout out

No excuses, my mind was they way it is now when I was 9

Thank u sister. What books did yawl order.

Sha Boogie
Im with u, u sound like a jamacian

thanks hon

u know how u and I both think, not us, but our family and kids. men are not that selfish, such does not lend itself to sucess.

Curious said...

This economic period, no era, will be a 1st time for many of us in figuring out how to survive and what's really important. Death or merely the future? Or as Hamlet said, "The undiscovered country."

Speaking of the future check out the CFO. If you are over 6ft how tall will he get, cause he's almost looking down on you now and probably giving advice too?

Blah Blah Blah said...

Can't do anything but take it now.
Glad to see you thinking of them instead of, others that think of self.

They are beautiful.

Urban Thought said...

Speak the truth.

Perhaps you should give seminars to the young people so that they can get business savvy and pay more attention to the markets.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

The lack of recess in our middle school is one of the reasons I'm considering sending him to private school where there is recess... also the sixth graders popping pills and getting pregnant in our town...that's the other reason.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

So true, and re the CFO, im 6 feet 2 in. He is 5’10” and u are right

Blah Blah Blah
I am trying sister, how have u been?

Urban Thought
You think they would listen to me?

Big Momma Pimpalishisness
In the 6th grade, pregnant – what city are u in?

Tera said...

I think Nina said she was getting Fast and Gamin', and I'm torn between that one and (the rest of) Butta Brown :)

Tera said...

Hmmmm, why do you ask? Are we getting autographed copies or something? ;-) said...

Hello there!

{raised fist}

Thank you for using your own experiences to teach, encourage, inspire and empower!!

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!

Anonymous said...

WORD!!!!!! And that should sum it all up!!! Love this post!!!

anyaleona said...

Thanks for stopping by my page. I really appreciate the love. Your page is amazing and very informative. Keep up the excellent work and make sure you stop by again.

Dreamy said...

that is what i am talking about take control of your own destiny. keep doing the damn thing T.

i know you are definitely gonna make it.

beautiful family folk.

neshia said...

the horse man lmbao

Ensayn1 said...

Serious Post Raw, Way to give encouragement in a time when most people want to feel bad. There is always an upside. Folk better learn to grow as much of their own food as they can!

canaan said...

Great article, Business ownership is the best way to go. We all need t become financially empowered. The capital powerful have taken enough advantage.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Good food for thought. It also reminded me I told someone the other day we were in a recession and he told me I was wrong. I just listened and mentally shook my head.

enigma4ever said...

I love that the store means something- and that it something you care about and share with your family....that is a beautiful thing...( I love your photos and that you share them...)

when times are tough- it helps to see other making sure of what matters....our kids matter...thank you for that...

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Good selections

Books, sure lol
Sister I know how u get down thanks

Ms. Denae
Thanks siter come back by if u can id like that

I will hon and u do the same

Thanks sister

u don’t want none and really don’t even wanna know jones

Good look folk and u in this area too. Need to hook up and talk war.

Yea folk and with a mind like yours u need to start something too

Next time pimp slap them lol

Family is the most beautifulist thing

Anonymous said...

Wow Dawg. You're thinking like a man is suppose to think! Like anyone is suppose to think actually. God bless the child that's got his own! We can't blame anyone but ourselves for our own misfortunes; and when we do - we dare not repeat them! Send me the link to the dog t-shirts! Peace, Light and Love. . . CordieB.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

thanks u sister, im am flattered

CapCity said...

Ditto everyone else! And when U look at history - the worst of times ALWAYS bring out the survival instincts! It's a make or break deal.

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