Monday, June 16, 2008


this from rich enjoy. Back to our regular scheduled programing wednesday.


Lovebabz said...


The store looks FAB! Well done! Nicely the dog clock on the wall! Love all the art work!

Tamra said...

AWESOME! Looks fabulous!

Doggie boots, man--doggie boots--for our canine friends who don't like to get their toesies wet. (Rain coats too.)

Tera said...

Looks great Torrance :) I wish you much success!

The wife-beaters made me chuckle!

Crys.C said...

I'm stopping by this weekend for my wine...

Waiting for Zufan! said...

So cool! Fun to see the walking / talking version of you.

A microchip you inject into your own dog?! Hilarious. Really. Hope whoever buys that has to prove they know what they're doing before you let them out the door!

That was some great publicity, I sure hope your store does well.

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said...

Wow, some dogs sure eat good!

Yeah, I paid $130 to have my dogs mircochipped! Do you have anything that'll fit a 155 lbs rotty and a 2 lb chihuahua? lol

DivaJood said...

Okay, the pink polo shirts are hilarious. I also see you carry the doggy car seats. My AA sponsor has two little dogs, a Havanese and a Shitzu, so she got them the car seats. But I draw the line at dog caviar.

Good luck! And just so you are clear, the Chicago Cubs are going all the way to the World Series Ring.

Lindsey said...

Great store/video

The Ordinary Moe said...

I enjoyed the poetry.. The political talk I need some more education in. Thanks for your comments on my blog.. I have more coming so I hope to keep you entertained. You have so much information on here I can only hope I can reach your status someday.

memphiz said...

okay! i see ya doing ur thing!

Rich said...

next time we'll plan it all out. hopefully you can garner some sales.

Dreamy said...

Go T: i like that K-9 caviar, lol. too cute. see that is what i love about blogging because we get to see what our black men are doing that is positive.

keep on doing your thing T, and i will definitely be visiting your store when i come to the A.

cant wait. so proud(beaming from ear to ear)

Linda said...

What? No soccer shirts? All of our (our being the nations) dogs are wearing orange shirts now.... *lol*

Surely a nice ronaldinho shirt would look good on any dog! ;)

I LOVE the name though.. brain cell.. fantastic!! keep up the good work, man!

p.s. yep, that was the book I told you about ;) - greetings from holland!

Linda said...

btw.. that movie made me smile big time.. in curaçao (the caribbean) ALL tv-commercials are exactly like that..

People just take a camera, walk into a store and walk in circles showing all the products. There, that's your commercial.. brilliant, isn't it? You'll always know exactly what they're selling ;)

Marleaux said...

Looks like it's all coming together. Congrats.

Urban Thought said...

Thanks for the tour. The business looks great.

Eb the Celeb said...

hahahahahaah.... i dont know why... but I did not expect you to be so

weird name for a dog store but I can dig it... will definitely stop by when I gets me a pooch

and you bet not ask me when or to hurry up and get one either

niaNaturally said...


The store looks good. If only I still lived in Atlanta...or had a dog. lol.

dc_speaks said...

the store is banging, brah.

@eb: you know you need to be getting a dog. thats the sec time in two days you talked about owning a pooch.


Garth Sullivan said...

you should look into teaming up with a photographer who does pet portraits.

i just finished working some ad copy for a photog in Chicago who said the only things people want pix of is their kids and pets.

get a camera or cut a side deal with a photog you know then put up a sign in the store.

maybe sponsor a singles club for dogs on Friday...

ah luvs small businesses...

Garth Sullivan said...

cool name
cool store

good luck

niaNaturally said...

That's cool with me Raw Dog. I respect all affiliations and ideologies.

VertigoVirgo said...

COOL!!!! ...but I like cats.

LOL!!! congratulations your store is cool :)

Jenna said...

Cool store...Can people order over the phone or online? I got friends with dogs.

KIKI said...

Did you say you had dog food wit sweet potatoes? Stop it!! LOL...

I love it though! I'm definantely there when i come to the ATL...anywhere I can sip wine & listen to some smooth tunes while I shop is my kinda spot!

And yeah...can we order online?

MP said...

very nice! I'm feeling that 80/20 blend!

nywele said...

Great Job and I like the variety of products.
Your friend did a great video :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'll have to check your shop out next time I'm in the ATL. My puppy wants a pink wife-beater, she's tryin' to be hard! ;-)

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Nice Peoples.

CapCity said...

i love that video! when i come back in august i'm gonna kick my feet up & have a glass of wine atcho spot! gonna watch U hustle;-).

Dione said...

My canine baby Imani and I will have to stop in for a visit. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the clothes. Poor Imani has suffered through many sweaters, jackets and doggie Halloween costumes. I think it's time I got her some summer clothes!!

Dusty said...

That was awesome Torrance! Seems like you have pretty much everything there. You did a very nice tour of the store..a star is born! ;p

Plus your books..good for you :)

I will keep you in my thoughts..hoping the store is a huge success!

Dusty said...

Online ordering might work for some of us far away as Kiki brings up.

AriStar said...

thanks for adding me to ur blogg roll! and i love ur store! if i'm ever in the area me and my dog remi will deff have to come by and stock up! i love the polos and wife beaters! too cute:)

msladydeborah said...

No the binky pup is not eating haute cusine! Does your doggie wear a black wife beater or another color?

Your store looks great. And ooooweee are you silly! But it is all good! I wish nothing but success for you.

Anonymous said...

LOL.. u kill me... whats with the wine? lol.. u got ur book too i see.. only you can pull it off!!!

Mizrepresent said...

Do your thing T, lovely store, got to make it by, especially on Wine Fridays! lol!

Anonymous said...

I love the way you point with your feet.

and my song os Corrine Baliey rae = Breathless

Kitty said...

Get it boy!! Check you out, T! The store looks really nice. All the best. Free liquor? That's my favorite kind! Lmao ;)

T.C. said...

It really looks good! I love that everything is all natural and made from natural ingrediants


Cool...naming all the food for the dogs, sounds so gourmet, you'r making me hungry lol

Anonymous said...

I am simply going to FAINT and the doggie shirts... tell me something what do you have that is effective for tartar buildup and breath cause what I'm working with now is bones and a doggie toothpaste and a cat toothbrush , which needless to say is a pain in the ass... let me know cause I need to contribute to your up and coming spot and I am, after all, a huge dog lady

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Thank u sister

My daughters mom suggest dog boots and hats and shoes too lol

Whats a dog with out a widfe beater lol

Wine or do u mean pinapple juice LOL

Waiting for Zufan!
Thank u, yep I am a walking and talking me, that’s right, yawl just get the words. Thanks sister

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik]
I have a tea cup Chuiuguaha (cant spell) do chk me out if u down this camp ms writer extrodinaire

LOL at the cubs, best record though, but curse of Dusty, and find out if the make dog clothes lol

Thanks hon, how ya been

The Ordinary Moe
Thanks folk, like thaqt business pies u put up, we think the same way. I will keep on checking you out

Trying, how are u, feeling any better
Yea folk, I should have made u buy something fior your two future dogs lol

Yep they make a lot of stuff for dogs, just ordered some pink studded collars

Thanks, u find me some, I have seen Real Madrid
So u like my commercial

I am trying how u enjoying that flat screen?

Urban Thought
Thanks just send yo atl folk folk

Eb the Celeb
Yes maam, and u know u always welcome, u will be my next celeb pic post, Nichole B said she may stop by, Straight from the A already has

thanks hon, it is the thought that counts, and I hope no one wants to see me fail albeit I know there are folks that do

Yea man, now u start your own and we can support each other

And don’t pic on Eb, but u right, she want a dog to wear a pac man cowboy jersey - lol

Garth Sullivan
Garth, my boy Tony oh said the same thing, and I do have dog day afternoons, each Friday from 7 to 8, free wine (not for the dogs) and sample dog food (not for the humans)
And thanks

My fault sista, I like cats too, just not the kind that are like pets lol

Yes maam, once D’Lee get my site up – hear that sister?

Yep, sweet potatoe and duck to be more specific

I will save u some, cases on deck

Thanks Rich and his wife the truth, notice how he focused on his silver benz in front of store to start it off – francis ford coppola spike lee he is lol

U better and I will be here folk

Tha BossMack TopSoil
Folk still need the boss mack t’ss for dogs

Yea, do that u own me, gave u an invite b4 and u stood folk up

Not the Halloween costume, well I can wait to meet u both

Im working on it sister and I m glad to have your support

Thank u and anytime, that way I can chk on you when sales are slow in the shop. And no liquor lic for free beverage lol

My dog wears white T’s and a studded collar lol

D'lee Trecia
Whats a shop with lout beverages and u see folk waiting on my web site woman

Thanks babe u own me a visit

Breathless, that’s a love song, its funky too but like the song say, Love don’t live here anymore
and that was a few post ago
U know it folk, and u still ow me a free set of screw drivers

Thanks sister, how ya living

Remember, watch your weight lol, how is the new relationship going, keep it tight and be honest, lies and deciept will kill one and he right wear some clothes woman

Q I know u got love for me, I have the boda bones fresh n brite and the fresh n brite mint flavor treats lol

Curlycurvynervy said...

Woowowow! You really are a business..maaann..

Congrats on the store, may it exceed your expectations and dreams...

My sister would break the bank there *sigh* She is all up on the outfits for her lil baby.

Anonymous said...

Your store looks amazing babes! Congrats to you... makes me wanna get a puppy.

Miss Mika said...

The store looks absolutely wonderful. Love the chain link "fence" on the wall. Great atmosphere.

Love it when you can get you dog food, a good read, and drank at one location. An innovator you are!

Congrats again on being your own boss!

shine said...

congratulations. love the store. i have to pic up some digs in anticipation for a dog. right on!

Cat Hill said...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Thanks and send your sister on down
Gotta Let it Out
Yep it should, one for each little niece and nephew lol

Miss Mika
Thank u sister, where have u been aint seen u in a while no more love for your folk?

Yep get a dog sister asap. LOL

Cat Hill
Y thank u and yeaa, but do get a dog lol. But u welcome anytime

The Savvy Savage said...

The store looks great! It is certainly well equipped - the high-society dogs can even get their caviar and wine there. :)

I wish you much success with your business and book sales.

Bombchell said...

omg u got these dogs eating like kings =)

well i'll def recommend ur spot to any future dog lovers i meet.

apad 2 said...

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Anonymous said...

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