Tuesday, June 24, 2008

when sequence was a dress

Addendum. Was nominated by Blackpolitics on the web for a Shiningstar award. Good look - but folk here Libertarian not Liberal Jones.

Back in the day one would hear the word sequence and you would think about them little bitty azz circles with a hole in the middle that would be stitched together on a blouse, skirt or dress. Namely for women. I learned actually what this was, although I had seen them on clothes worn by my mom and granny, when I played the drums in the high school band because our majorettes (fine as they wanted to be) wore outfits made of them small circle things with the holes in the middle.

Not anymore, at least since Geneticists of Leiden University Medical Center have become the first folk to determine the DNA sequence of a woman. They say this was easier to perform on a woman since women do not typically have a Y-chromosome, but rather two X-chromosomes. Marjolein Kriek, a clinical geneticist working at the institute, is the first woman to have her genome sequenced, according to the University. They say it took them about six months to produce approximately 22 gigabases of sequence data of lil momma.

I wanted to write this a while back since it happened in May because I wanted to see if I could verify if the findings confirmed Ohno's theory which estimated that the human genome must contain up to 100,000 distinct genes, since Human Genome Project found that humans today have only 20,000 to 25,000 genes. But I couldn’t. But over all this has some far reaching implications. For one, if I were a geneticist, I would be making loot, charging the supre rich 200 stacks to have their genes sequenced. Then again maybe not, for a mind such as mind may find the fck boy gene, the bad breath gene, the liar gene or the lazy gene. And I don’t need to give folks who have historically, like Carl Jung (who equated Africans to Gorillas and that "Living together with barbaric [lower] races [especially with Negroes] exerts a suggestive effect on the laboriously tamed instinct of the white race and tends to pull it down.") or Sir Francis Galton (the father of white supremacy in the form of eugenics) or even Darwin, any more ammunitions to berate and reduce people of Africa to the status of secondary organisms.

Even worse, they may be folk unlike me that may use this technology and information to play God and in the long run, represent the final step to engendering man made life – as skin stem cells. Any who, I thought it was interesting, and now sequence for me, no longer refers to the tine circles with holes in the middle stitched on dresses or skirts.


Tera said...

This is about the 2nd or 3rd time in the past couple of days that something has come up about Darwin...hmmm...

Anyways...I remember when we discussed this in Science classes of old, I was always fascinated!

I must confess however that I was NOT fascinated by clothing donned with sequins...not in the least!

Anonymous said...

This was a good post. Nothing like sparking the braincells at the end of the work day!

And nothing worse then an outfit with sequins. Nothing screams 80's louder!

i.can't.complain. said...

u lost me after sequins.

i thought this was gonna be a fashion post.

ah well.




Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

me either, its just my frame of reference

thanks u, I try

how ya living sexy, no more tequelia and hot sauce for u
and im sorry
u know i cant spell folk

Dreamy said...

I did understand your post and sometimes i wish i could offer some type of intelligent comment but i cant.

so i will just keep it simple and say whats up fam. stopping by to show you some love.

Heyyyyyyyyy T., whats happening with ya folk

Melody.Darlene said...

omg JUNG!!!

he is the reason why ppl were so susceptible to believing that Ota Benga wasnt a human, but rather a "savage beast" and was put on display in the bronx zoo as an animal!!!


The Flyyest said...

Bahahahahaha....honestly im with 1 on this one......i thought it was a fashion post..Bahahahahahaha!!!

BuelahMan said...


They aren't even pronounced the same way...


Still in Cinci... held over one day (for a big order, no less).


Anonymous said...

Yes I was a bit confused after the reading the post as well...didnt see the connection between sequins on clothes (which usually looks hideous) and the genetic sequence of a woman?.....yeah i really dont have anything intelligent to comment about this post so...I'll just say Hey hope all is well.....


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

good look folk
im country thats how i pronounced it

now that tad bit of history is impressive

cant b fly wo the xtra y
you know folk here aint no fasonsista, except canali suits and cole hanns lol

LMBAO, i know, but thats how we country folk say it, dont tell me u a siddity red neck, up there with them there yanks and all now LOL

Introspective godddes
again my fault i say sade and not shar-dey

hey! said...

this is so on point.

(its emeritus)

G. R Evinrue said...

They are always going to try to find proof that we are less than they are, no surprise. Genius invention, use it as a weapon. Scientific discovery, use it to make me feel better than. They might mess around and find they have goat genes, it cuts both ways like voo-doo.

I told you i wrote a book. What i did not tell you is that one of the chapters is called "If blacks are closer genetically to apes than other races are, why do only apes and other races have straight hair?" Kiltem. Keep pushing the REAL Truth. H3x

One Man’s Opinion said...

Interesting. So, question, and this comes up a lot. Do you think that there is such a thing as going too far in research? Do you believe that just because we can do somethings, doesn't mean that we should? I only ask because we do run the risk of people forgetting and falling into "playing God".

Garth Sullivan said...

don't fear. genetic manipulation is coming. i highly recommend the movie Gattaca for any sci-fi fans out there.

within our lifetime, computer scientists might create a computer smarter than a man.

big blue beat kasparov, what? years ago.

right now all that genetic sequin shit will just tell you the probability of whether or not you're genetically predisosed to come down with some life-threatening illness doctors have no idea how to cure.

i don't know if i want to know that!

but i'm all for living longer with a full head a hair and steam if you know what i mean ;)

gimme dem t-cells

msladydeborah said...

I have never been a big fan of Jung.

Anyway, let me see if I have the basic foundational understanding of this.

We have evolved as a species and in the process we have lost genes and the sequence has changed to adapt to what? Our environmental changes?

Or did the change occur because of the way we nourish ourselves?

I didn't see any data that indicated why. Or do you think the change was already imprinted into our DNA? Or is this even DNA related?

I swear, I like science a lot. And usually I can grasp the basics of quite a few concepts. This one is rather fascinating.

I noticed that a European woman was the first subject. Are there studies being conducted on women of other races? Or is this going to be like Pinky and the Brain? Another sinister plot to take over the world by altering the make up of human beings?

Linda said...

*lol* Leiden.... d'you have any idea how lame those people are? Can't even talk properly ;)

And ehmm...."exerts a suggestive effect on the laboriously tamed instinct of the white race and tends to pull it down" - I couldn't testify of that, perhaps it's the other way around even.. or at least in our case it is.. my husband's a goody two shoes.. *lol*

Greetings from the netherlands, but not from Leiden fortunately ;)

Keli said...

You know...I am a conservative liberal...my views are pretty conservative when it comes to economics, but tend to sway liberal on social issues...but that stem cell one...I am torn...on one hand, if it can help save a life...but then as you stated...Folks will begin playing God (not that most Dr's (scientist) don't believe they are good anyway)...I mean they are already cross engineering our food.

The Urban Scientist said...

It is an interesting discovery/story..Science & Ethics - gotta have them both...always.
But there will never be a simple answer. A simple thing like sequencing seems harmless enough..It's the application that gets us every time.

Oh, and I voted for you nonetheless. You libertarians are a special breed of politics - crazy liberal on some things and off the charts conservative on others (mainly anything to do with $). But I think conservatism/liberalism are false dichotomies. Really - what makes one a Conservative or Liberal? What's a liberal value? Why does one side get all of the credit for some things and the other side nothing?

The Urban Scientist said...

Re: Lady Deborah's questions:

Jung (and the Eugenics movement) was some Sh**. Sadly, there always will be some people to exploit knowledge to hurt others -- science doesn't hold a monopoly on that.

Why lose genes?: There is ALOT of redundancy in the genome. Over time, things get culled. The change could be a selected advantage - OR not.
Assuming the loss was an adapted advantage it could be due to
1) mutations - some sequences got clipped off long, long ago and are now gone forever; we're doing fine without them - life goes on.
2) selection - all of those Extra genes weren't needed, the cells were packing too heavy for a short trip, drop the excess; we're doing fine w/o those extras - life goes on.
3) environmental influences - our new environment (climate, behavior pressures, what we eat, what eats us, etc) selected for a more efficient genome - drop the excess, fewer genes can get the job done, many genes just weren't needed or used anymore in this 'new environment' - drop the excess - we're doing fine, life goes one. The point is the nutrition influence would be considered an environmental influence, too.

Rich said...

I should have known you misspelled sequins on purpose - always thinking. Very interesting post. But I wouldn't worry about them making another human. The last time man tried to get close to God by way of a tower, he scrambled the language. I'd hate to see what was on the horizon for the one who tries to create themselves an Adam.

Kofi said...

Interesting you mix in the "playing God" reference...

For some time now, I've been wondering if our DNA was the true Tree of Knowledge all along.

That's a whole different way to "know" a woman.

Scary times, indeed -- or profitable ones... God meets Eve all over again.

Stephen Bess said...

Thanks for dropping that science. I've now graduated from the terms "genotype" and "phenotype." :)


I remember this from biology as well, GOOD stuff and LOL at your remark about "fboy, lazy," genes, that would be HORRIFIC...

But I love how you always tie the knot in your posts.

MrsGrapevine said...

I think the biggest fear is playing God, and instantly the Stepford Wives come to mind. There probably are plans for Stepford Experiments with this recent technology. Move over Tuskegee Study, I think there's another experiment in the works.

Anonymous said...

Umm I luv your posts but dude you're deep...lol I'm reading your stuff while at work and I now understand that I can't do both at the same time...

one deep brother lol

and you didnt miss much with the BET Awards so maintain that subliminal

ViolentLove said...

you always a good read, my friend.

keep on keeping on...

2sweetnsaxy said...

I'm trying to remember something I heard in a movie once and though I'm sure I'll misquote it the point is still there. As the human race here on earth goes, our intelligence outweights our sense of humanity. We have the smarts to do damn near anything we want but greed and power will use it to destroy rather than build. One man's dream is another man's hell.

And I don't care what some of the other ladies say, I love sequins and had the bomb mini dress in silver sequins for a cruise once.

Sequins - Sequence... It's not what it is but how its used that makes the difference.

Lovebabz said...

First off I love sequins on things...I have a pair of black flip-flops that have sequins on the t-straps...my favs! This is a post about fashion...

...and science!

Well atleast science is paying attention to women, I mean mapping the female genome is amazing--although I take issue with women being easy...we can't seem to shake that label...even in science (sigh). Can you imagine what the technology coupled with science will bear out for the erradication of diseases soon?

Now to introduce race into the equation, I wonder what will shake out. As a former biology major, in lab we were always told that we are all the same, but I always wondered perhaps there had to be some differences at the molecular level...I am just betting mapping the human genome could settle the matter or shed more light on this.

Hollywood has been presenting various scenarios of genetics gone awry with films like Jurrasic Park, Gattaca, Bladerunner, The Island and a few others. So the public is getting spoon fed some genetic information couched in sci-fi movies. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing. In my marketing classes when I was a professor, I would always tell my students...follow the movies, that is a good starting place for what the government is up to. Sure enough, I am always right.

Good post Dr. Stephens, I understood the sequins and sequence thing. It is fashion and science. (smile)

Melody.Darlene said...

hahahah! that's b/c i was a sociology major... information like that is my life!!

Anonymous said...

There is not too much I can really say other than the fact that I am pretty bothered by the fact that imperfect mankind is trying to outdo God! I mean really...stop it! Mankind wonders why they can't advance beyond what's right in front of them, but when all they have to do is submit to the Almighty and receive their blessings that way.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Waiting for Zufan! said...

Your topics are all over the place, aren't they? I like that about you.

Funny you mention this one. Not long ago a friend of mine gave me the movie Gattaca to watch just 'cause he liked it so much. Well, I sorta watched it, but admit I never saw the ending... I don't have much patience for movies. But I got the general idea.

Anyway, in Gattaca, spirit and determination triump over raw potential. I don't think I'd like to know my genetic map if it lets me know that I'll never really be a fast runner. Let me try my best and then figure it out myself. I like to keep the illusion and my fantasies of possible greatness alive. Ha!!

shine said...

i completely understand your trepidation but i do think that perhaps this project will finally prove that race is but a social construction. if that is the end, we will have accomplished far more than a black/white man running for president of the US of A.

Bee Dee said...

hey, just wanted to leave my mark to let u know i came thru to check out ur page which is pretty nice by the way. and just to say thanks for swinging by my own little "humble beginnings" of a page I added u under to my list of fellow bloggers on my page.

niaNaturally said...

Nice post....

And regarding your question...latching/interlocking is when a tool (latchhook, bobby pin, or your own fingers) are used to interlock the roots of the lock in a particular pattern. http://www.tytecurl.com/v02/LatchinMethod.htm
The link describes it.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I know u like where ya been folk

G. R Evinrue
Good look folk

One Man’s Opinion
No never to far, but the question is aim, now that is up for grabs

Garth Sullivan
I love that movie and remember the chess match, I would give u my hair, and I know, u cant get a weave, may be able to buy them in store sonn, and u can order Petri dishes on line lol

girl don’t let me write about them scientist period, but now one day I will thanks for the post idea

LOL, I could only imagine hon

Now I know what my friends meant when they said they were glad I use my mind for good

The Urban Scientist
Now that’s what I call a response. Good look scholar

Im not worried, just that folks donmt want to help the ones made via divine inspiration on the earth now jones

Strange that scary and profits are in the same sentence

Stephen Bess
Man u wild, what new tunes u got for me scholar

True, women love them some fuck boy wana be thugs don’t they. But ask them to stand tall against the kkk the way they front on brush, they pee in they pants – not folk here jones

Aint that the truth and what of my querry sister

Don’t worry hon and thank u sister

Thanks sister, and for your inspiration as well

Im country and that’s how we country folk pronounce it, though folks would connect the pronunciation and sequences as dna – I guess not

Thanks to johan Mendel and the sweet pea, and im flattered sister

Well thank u hon, I don’t feel boring (that much) anymore. Grads chemistry, biology and psychology uess u can tell me underg

Yep, we cant do that, and I was just checking on u folk, got stay on u to get that business up jones

Waiting for Zufan!
Keep that illusion sister, and loved the pics I saw of u and the lil one, and yep keep them, besides I think ergo I am lame aint iot lol

No fear folk
But even if it don’t, the reality will remain that it was socially constructed.

Bee Dee
Anytime sister
All I kown is that u claim a writer, so that creed is me and support my folk.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

thanks sister, sorry i aint know

Garth Sullivan said...

cha, cha, cha, chia...

seriously, good hair, good teeth...

i'm off to audition for a writer role with a team in the 48Hour Film Project.

keep you posted.

i gave'em the Laura Bush Book Tour skit, which is posted on my blog, and they ate it up wit a spoon...

the producer is a self-described LARGE, liberal, jewish woman...


buy the project should be fun!

keep you posted.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

As a fellow libertarian, I would like you to look at two news items and then tell me what's so great about that combination of fascist-soviet communist country you live in. It's no place for either free minds or free markets. I know that.

They're useless at anything you can't pray to, wrap a flag around or shoot. There'll be blizzard here before I come back.



2sweetnsaxy said...

In reply to your reply - I got it. I knew what you meant from the gate. :-)

sista gp said...

As the X-chromosome is present as a single copy in half the population, the males, it has undergone a harsher selection in human evolution. This has made it less variable.
So, does this say that males are not as dynamic as females, lol?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Garth Sullivan
Yea, keep me posted and get me a tv deal – a reality show called raw dawg buffalo LMBAO

U knew that aftwer I read that shit I was gone get mad LOL


sista gp
It can be translated as such

Anonymous said...

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