Monday, June 02, 2008

can u dig it

I lied. Looks like the enthusiasm of hustler genes revisited conglomerated in my being will have me talk about something a little bit more, meaning I’m finna (i'm country) talk about loot again, and its accumulation there of, in ways that impose upon thinking and personal communal responsibility. And communal responsibility being that which shows no harm, that which elevates and drop that hammer of beneficence on a (I wont say).

And as I said before, me and mine, folk that is, is a tight set. I mean especially the Memphis Cats, Morehouse Alum, or fellow pay your own self folk. Whether they be white black, Jew, Christian or what have you. See we are protective, and basically know that we are few in number as the knights of Templar or the Dogon Priest that protected the temples (libraries) of Timbuktu.

We extend our selves in life to extend the olive branch first as opposed to extending a weapon of calamity such as the Axe (my preference followed by hammers). As such we are protective of one another as bonded by our personal obligation to our community, family being first.

With that said, my folk from the crib and who attended Morehouse with me stopped by my shop. Heard from him recently when he left a comment on my post GIVING WINGS TO ANGELS. We greeted, drank, chiefed and talked.

First I never realized how many folks watched the WIRE, and how one video clip that he described to me of a cat executing jones in his store, could get folks so upset. Me never seen the show. Second, never new how much love so many folk had for folk here. He said I was like “Malcolm X King Jr.” and that I was a rare breed and that kats from the crib and especially Morehouse wasn’t gone be with Petsmart no more but that they were “T-smart” now. He peeped the spot and said I was like the dope man and had the corner on lock and that cat’s aint on thinking like this. He also dropped 200 plus on food and clothes and in particular an 85$ hand-made studded collar.

As we talked, before he left the convo went something like this.

Folk: “Jones, you hit it mane, this the lick. You got the perfect place and you got the corner on lock, you like the Omar of the dog world.”

Me: “Straight, good look folk – Bald fist dap.”

Folk: Jones, you the Omar of the dog world, except you got no comp.”

Me: Laughing.

Folk: Jones, we got your back, let the haters hate; they don’t know how we get down. You got me to hit them books. I’ve been in business for myself for 9 yrs now.”

Me: “I see like that Black range Rover.”

Folk: For real though Jones, cause I live in Marietta, I’m coming back, and you serving free wine, don’t need no Liquor License for that. A head of the game folk.

Me: Brain cells jones.”

Folk: I’m coming back, hold it down, Omar – can you dig it?”

Me: Stood up, put gat in back of my pants, Bald fist dap. “Alright Love, good look folk.”

Folk: “high post bruh, higher than most”

Me: “Think about it, Special Ed.”

He made me smiled. So fellows, represent. If I succeed u succeed. If I fail, you fail. Let’s hold hands, talk to each other and put it on the table. Let’s hold down the fort and make certain that we all eat, that we all provide and that we all give. Let’s handle ours first, in our homes in our schools, PTA’s and take control of what is really real – and aint talking reality TV, lottery tickets or the NBA finals (but ‘m down with that too).

And I aint just talking to the African American men, You white men (in the case of buelah man a self professed redneck-lol), Asians, Africans, Caribbean’s or what have you. Let us represent as men folk. Let us show government and big business America is not one spelled with three Ks in substitution of the C, but a stalwart for family, family rule, and that neighborhoods rock – dude.


Pimpin' Pens said...

dope post, nice lil references in the mix

- los

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

good look love its reall couldnt put the whol convo down god u know

Lovebabz said...

You have a fine hand in reminding us of our humanity toward each other. It is easy to live out our fantansies in TV the Wire..but we are so much more than that. Even if we buy into Hollywood's version of who we are in our neighborhoods, homes, private places at the end of the day we get to decide and we get to flip the script on stereotypes.

Thanks for reminding us that WE are all collectively in the struggle and we can be as crabs in the bucket or we can raise up and pull each one up as we go.

A fine hand indeed.

Aunt Jackie said...

I watched the Wire on occasion because it had the most and the finest black men on television in its cast...and I like to look at fine black men as often as possible.

I'm not familiar with the clip you refer to but familiar with the concept.

I'll say this as an actual Hollywood Producer that looking to the small screen for direction is looking in the wrong imitates life so if you wanna do something or be something be the trend setter and not the trend follower...

that would describe you torrance 'cuz it sure appears you don't follow a script.

BuelahMan said...

Thanks for the love.

All I got is me... sure as hell can't count on my representatives, or anyone else 'cept family and friends.

I just picked up a huge robotics line (Adept Technology) to sell in my area, which is MAJOR.

All I can do is keep on keepin on.

Tony OH said...

Just keep gettin your loot main, everything else will take care of itself... No need to worry about a thang, ya heard?

PrettyBlack said...

People appreciate knowledge, and honesty, you get what you give. You give people knowledge and they show gratitude.

I've realized real friends are few and far in between, a friend is someone who will sacrifice as much for you as you will for them...If that's what you have hold on to them. That's good shit.

Anonymous said...

I just got into 'The Wire' re-runs on BET and the show is hot. I am not too familiar with the clip, but yeah, I could see you be an Omar type brotha lockin' down the pet corners and whatnot!

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

CapCity said...

don't watch much tv - prefer my folk live in technicolor - like we will be on SATURDAYYYY!
been meanin' to tell ya - u r rockin' that pink in the new flick & i'm DIGGIN' IT! I know one of your folk, too! He said u r the most intelligent man on EARTH! Wow & I'll get to meetcha;-)

Anonymous said...

i tried really hard to understand that conversation between you and your friend but alas, i could not.


Anonymous said...

and the wire is a really good show.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

This is a very deeply finessed and sophisticated post. I can't really deconstruct it. I can only REACT. I've made it a policy not to watch cop shows because it's like watching a fixed David V Goliath. That said, I like CRACKER and WIRE IN THE BLOOD because the protagonists are such wasted flawed people. But of course those are English shows.

Don't talk about ethnicity. What do I get? The ugly friend who's comic relief. The psychiatrist. The gay confident to the heroine. The "heroes": the Jewish skin-head who reforms at the last minute played by a Mormon (Ryan Gosling) and the psychotic cop who has been "passing" his whole career until he has to investigate a possible bias murder of a wealthy Jewish family played by a Catholic (Joe Mantegna). Or fuckin "Gentleman's Agreement" with the Jew played by Cary Grant! Otherwise, cowards and villains.

The proprietor of this blog is the antithesis of a coward. He has put himself forward all the way with all of his views, some autobiographical notes, goes high-brow and low-brow and lets everything roll off him like the Buddha. It is remarkable what an intellecutal, curious and diverse blog he's put together by himself. I admit it. I'm jealous. Add in the scholarship and the business acumen, catholicity of interests, and as we say in the gambling world "table presence," and it's just not fair one guy could have so much talent.

But given the state of play in the USA, this is a DANGEROUS blog. And this is a very DANGEROUS post. I live in Panama which has no treaty with the US, so I'll tell you how I read this post. He's telling you that the USA is not a capitalist country. It is a fascist country with some capitalist features. But there are cracks and fissures. One just has to be sharp enough to find them. For some reason, economics, finance and mathematics have some kind of forbidding or boring aura around them.

It's bullshit. Anyone can learn it. Anyone can learn it well enough to make money. The books are all there. It educational system has just failed is all. Economics, finance and mathematics are taught as variants of English, when they are completely different subjects. Each is its own LANGUAGE. If you're learning finance, say, even though you're learning it in English, Finance is not English. It's Finance. Chinese is not English. It's Chinese. Think in those terms and you stop feeling inadaquate for not understanding something. You're not inadaquate. You're just learning something new. But you think you're inadaquate because you're being taught that something new IN ENGLISH which you have already mastered.

There's no 8th grader who's incapable of reading a balance sheet or a statement of cash flows, or understanding why currencies fluctuate in value and most importantly, WHAT "VALUE" IS AND IS IT WORTH THE COST OF THE "RISK" YOU ARE TAKING TO ACQUIRE THAT VALUE?

Get comfortable with that no matter what your vision of "community" is and Torrence is right. You are very significant players. Individually and collectively.

And that's enough ass-kissing of Torrance by me because he's dead wrong about Hillary Clinton. Completely and utterly wrong. All that has happened was a split decision boxing match which his sort of preferred candidate won. You don't watch a championship fight expecting your fighter NOT to take any punches, do you? You want your guy to win more rounds than the other guy or knock the other guy out. And when all is said and done, if your guy has outstatted the other guy by 5 punches to 3 on average, you're a winner. The rest of it is bullshit.

Big-time politics is the same. If you think every hook to the body or cross to the eye is a low-blow, neither boxing nor professional politics is for you.

All of the rending of garments because Clinton didn't concede after Iowa, my god! Take a look at the electoral maps against McCain right now. Obama by 48. Clinton by 131, with strong leads in Florida and Ohio. You don't want that because why again? Please tell me it's because you think another person will be more effective at delivering FL and OH and not because of something "cultural."

For a few reasons material to me, I really want Barack Obama to be elected president. They are my reasons. His Latin American policy is excellent. He'll mellow things out globally. He'll appoint Deval Patrick (a REAL progressive) as attorney general. His fiscal policies will be at once more humane and better for the dollar than Bush's have been. He's a very deep thinker. In terms related to this particular post, he's pro-business while McCain is pro-instability. Obama's also cranky enough not to roll over and play dead like Kerry did.

The rest of what he's about is bullshit. Just like every other American politician. My choice -- which I can't exercise -- of Obama over McCain is based on material calculations from having culled through millions of meaningless words. And if he wins I'll be pleased. I like the guy.

America will still have a President who is in no hurry to stop incarcerating juveniles with adults or to start advocating against the federal death penalty. The Department of Homeland Security stays. Guantanamo stays. The "war on drugs", excuse me, "the war on narco-terrorism" stays. "The War On Terror" stays. Is HealthSouth going out of business? Will cancer and kidney disease become national emergencies instead of Grade 1 annuity hustles? Please. It was a super-tight race between two very smart conservatives.

A far-right winger like Alvaro Uribe of Colombia is a liberal compared to Barack Obama. Obama, Clinton and especially McCain are a bit closer to China's style of governing junta than Belgium's. Colombia is like old Northern Ireland with 60 million people, a huge land mass, and lots of leaves. And they neither have the death penalty, nor do they incarcerate juveniles with adults, and everyone has single-payer health-care. They'd both fit pretty good in the center-right of the British Tory party.

It's just that McCain will blow the world in two.

And if for some reason the gamesmanship involved in picking Clinton as a running-mate strikes you bad because of some perceived ill-mannered behavior on her part, just wait until you see what McCain's about. You don't have to wait. Just last week, he called Obama's father a "terrorist" and his grand-father a "communist." For laughs. Wait until he gets down to business.

I'll listen to the Kevin Ross show again in a couple of months and the complaints won't be about Clinton's stubbornness. They'll be about McCain's probable comment that not only are Obama's views "un-American," but also Obama himself is NOT AN AMERICAN.

Lovebabz said...

Ah Kelso,

Will you marry me... or should I come over to HELL and ask you formally!

Gosh, I love the way your mind turns. What an up to the minute post! This is the political conversation that most Americans are not having. Most are still egaged in Politics of personality. Very "American Idol" and designed to be distracting. And I will say that most folks don't really understand what politics is. All most know is the sound bites and the occassional tv appearance and of course the push- pull of the election season. It is the relationship building, it is moving an agenda by sheer will and determination. It is playing every fucking card in the deck and still talking shit as if you got more cards to play.

Do I think the Obama-Clinton is a good one...yes if it will pour ice water on the continued policies of this current regime. You think McCain will be better, or different...aahhh NO. He will be WORSE!

I wouldn't be made if he picked her. It is about the mood of the country and what needs to happen next. The fall out from not choosing her may be greater than if not.

I think you are right Obama would restore some of the respect America has lost over the last 8 years with this ridiculous non-foreign policy.

Oh this is definitely a conversation over tequila! Sorry Torrance for blog whoring your post!

Kelso always a PLEASURE!

yummy411 said...

ok can i tell you that i love you? seriously i love your sense of community as that's the type of person i am.

ummm where is my blogroll link that you were on me about?!?! thanks for the love =p

man i might have to do the blogging while brown conference just to "stop by your shop"... a bloggerville landmark in GA ;)

yummy411 said...

omg i was thinking like emeritus... ummm i was trying to understand a foreign language!

Tera said...

Lovin' this post!! And even some "herbal refreshments" ta's all good-dude, LOL!!!

Sha Boogie said...

I am so diggin what your saying! Why can't we as a people be on that 'I help you, you help me' steez? Crab in a barrel like a mutha! If I eat, you eat - right? That's how I feel and how I treat the folk in my life. You got an endeavor, I'm doing my best to support, not hating because I didn't think of it

sista gp said...

I must have read too much of your works, I actually understood that conversation. lol

Never watched The Wire, do not watch much TV anymore, mainly because of the overload of reality (not mine) and competition shows (dance, music, cooking, karaoke, etc).
if more that 50% of the content needs to be "bleeped", why air?
Not much to learn with the exceptions of Wheel Of Fortune and Jeopardy.

I see so many people wasting away their skills under the guise of "govment" job security. The potential of self-sufficiency is enormous, but so few of us make that attempt. As the economy declines, we have no other choice if we want to be able to feed our families.

Again, another great motivational post. Thanks.

nice new profile pic

blackandmarried said...

Good post!

Anonymous said...

@ Kelso

I heard good things about you. apparently 'they' weren't wrong. i'm not going to gush but my ear is def. turned on.


@ kelso nuts

Wow...thanks for the knowledge.

@ Mr. All MI T

" He said I was like “Malcolm X King Jr.” and that I was a rare breed and that kats from the crib"

That is a a very powerful statement, amazing that you have so much influence..hope you realize it.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


Come to HELL. We don't get enough comments.

I would marry you that is if I were divorced. New York State has very archaic divorce laws. There has to be an aggressor and an aggrieved and there has to be a 2-year waiting period after the judge has signed the formal separation agreement. She has done that. And the formal separation agreement carries the force of law in all matters except that I am considered "Separated" and not "Single".

Thank you for your lovely comments. Of course, this is the political conversation most Americans aren't having! Why do you think I'm at Rawdawgbuffalo right now? It's because the telegraph-wire is my only connection to intellectual conversation in English and this is one of the major intellectual spots on the telegraph-wire.

I don't speak much English anymore. And I can't vote. When I get my citizenship here, I'll register as PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democratico). It's the governing party. Basically, a center-left pro-business party like Labour in the UK, the Socialist parties in France or Italy, or Labour in Israel. Our president, Martin Torrijos, is just like Gordon Brown, or Rodriguez-Zapatero, maybe a little left of Royale (who lost to Sarkozy in France). I'm sure McCain thinks it's some horrible combination of Cuba-AlQaida-Hamas-USSR. It's the opposite. Low taxes. International banking and trade center. Obama and one of the PRD officials, "Toro" Perez-Balladares share the same attorney, Gregory Craig, which is one of the reasons Obama is hip to what's happening here.

And we don't "do" color of "what" somebody "is" here. It is such a giant mix of people that such thougts go away real quick. In a way, people do stuff that would be considered very bigoted in the states, but is very natural here. Because so many people have the same first name one often distiguishes them by what the "are": Roberto El Blanco, Roberto El Negro, Roberto El Judio, Roberto El Gay, Roberto El Chino, Roberto El Arabe...but to avoid Roberto El Whatever for that reason would be considered "asqueroso" ("nauseatingly impolite").

And politics is only about issues. For one candidate to mention anything about an opponent's self-identity would be considered such a breach of etiquette that the person would have to drop out immediately. Even for a candidate to say "elect me because I'm a woman, because I'm an Arab, because I'm Black..." would be the same. The electorate would think the person who said that was retarded. Because it's "been there, done that" already on all counts and because...well, it is retarded here to say that.

They can fight like two cats in a bag over the university subsidy, though, or setting a ceiling on the price of red wheat, and even swear at each other.

How does it feel to live in a country that's more backward than this tiny place which has only been free of US colonial masters since 1999?

And here's an etiquette tip that works in the states as well. "Hispanic" and "Latino" are kind of silly except if you're talking in terms of large geographical areas. I was noticing this in the coverage on CNN of the Puerto Rican primary.

A Puerto Rican and a Mexican are as different as a South African and a Irishman. They speak a common language. Everything else is different. And there are no English-speaking equivalents to the difference between an Argentinian and a Nicaraguan.

It's not like Spanish-speaking people mind "hispanic" or "latino" as used by Americans, it's just that it confirms how provincial Americans can be and it becomes sort of a joke. It would be like me calling you and Pat Robertson both "Anglos." It's not really wrong and it's not really offensive, it's just goofy.

Kofi said...

Never watched The Wire but I found the story about the Dogon people fascinating.

dc_speaks said...

mighty fine post there, T!

i've been missing out on some of these gems. Glad to see you still get down like this.

u don' good!

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the wire thing... heck never seen it... always was wondering about "dagon"

If i was around I swear i would't understand a thing y'all be saying...

but thats mad luv right there!!!

Love&Afros said...

Look I would come to your dog store if I lived remotely nearby and buy something (because I am a nice person). But I live in Australia and I really think travelling over to the US just to buy some dog food might be a little frivolous.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

EMERITUS: Thank you very much. You surely don't have to gush. But do come by my gaff.

It's a team effort over there and everyone is great. Torrance is much beloved over there and we wish he and all of his regulars would stop by more often. For some reason, we scare people off. We don't mean to. I think we're pretty polite. We just have strong opinions is all. But that shouldn't be new to anyone around here.

THE PRINCESS "CC": I appreciate it. Thank you.

DreamCop08 said...

well I must say that alot of yall's slang went over my head! I watched the Wire that was my shyt, I like what Omar stood for.

We as black people do need to look out for each other, happy u are doing the damn thing! I know u will look out for other black striving businesses! Keep doing the damn thing!

eclectik said...

In Mfn Deed!

"finna" and "Think about it" alone made the post hot well as the sentiment.

The Wire was the truth (Even if the last season was a bunch of froggerknockle bull)

Me?> 401 K, Playing the market , and 2 Savings accounts
...I'm tryin.

you're the illest.


hey! said...

"I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it."
(just thinking of you)

WhozHe said...

Never seen the wire.

Didn't follow everything you said but I agree with the gist of it.

Submariner said...

Man, you are a superb writer. I can't wait to read your book later this summer.

VertigoVirgo said...

Okay...can I tell you how much I love "the Warriors" is the stupidest,corniest movie...but YOOO!! okay, now I will confess that I did not read this post, I saw the picture and just got excited...sorry... but I'm sure whatever you wrote was poingnant and very deep in meaning. :)

Caaaan Yoooouuu DIIiig Iiiiittt!!!!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Y thank u folk

Aunt Jackie
Only u and are u saying I should be in pictures lol

Now that’s a lick man, good deal, and u know we gone forever be bonded in intellect and all else brother

Tony OH
You have always been there and I don’t expect nothing less

Thank u sister

I hope to never have any of the negative traits of what I suspect he lived his life like. U be good ok

Pink what pink lol

Im sorry, did I disappoint u, and I trust your word on the wire

LOL I rember that "Gentleman's Agreement" with the Jew played by Cary Grant! Otherwise, cowards and villains.

And Like Charlie Chan being plaid by a white man. And thanks for the compliment. But you know your scholarship as well as craft of manipulating subject verb agreement is just as if not more superior than mine – such can be said of your intellect. Buddha, again and true, no kool aid in my veins.

And you know I prefer Powell or me as a running mate over lil momma
But Thus Spake Zarthrusta

A marry babz, she has proposed to u several times on my blog LOL, she would love Hell LOL

Do that and u are welcome anytime and its great being loved
Sorry bout the Memphis speak LOL

So u a chief to? Tescumsa, Gaul, Two Moon, Sitting Bull, All-Mi-T

Sha Boogie
Yep we our own worse enemies and men cant or don’t wanna be men

sista gp
Thank u, and true and they call it entertainment

Thanks folk

Thanks Kelso is a throw-back scholar, he is the truth. Im glad he sees that I am not what folk call a black blogger Im a blogger, albeit he elevates me entirely too much LOL

But I do like his penchant for true democratic centeralism

Me and mine consider ourselves DOGON PRIEST ON BAIL.

We are the same as those who documented the existence of Sirius B - the white dwarf star long known to the Dogon, now called Sirius B, exists, and that it is small, dense, heavy and too faint to be seen with the naked eye. The traditional name of Sirius B in Dogon language is Po Tolo. Tolo means star, and Po means small. The Dogon sometimes refer to Sirius B in the shortened form of "Po". "Po", traces an elliptical path around Sirius, taking 50 years to achieve this, according to Dogon astronomical knowledge, held by their priests,

Wee are also the reason men travel to the moon, the dogon used Harmonics, which is how nasa and all else communi8cate with ships in space.

Let me stop on the family history

A blog post for another day no doubt

thanks folk

D'lee Trecia
yep love is mad

I know u would if u were here, maybe I should open up a shop down under

U got a fan club folk and u still know how to flirt lol

Thanks love and I appreciate the blessings

Good look, u old school I c and u doing good as long as u lay down and let others walk on your back

Classic aint it "I disapprove of what you say but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

and thank u from this fanatical

I hear u aint miss much, except fine black men the way aunt Jackie see’s it LOL

good look folk

Its ok to get excited

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

You did it again ;-)

Jaded said...

Get yourself an online store and I'll start having stuff shipped to Jersey for my 2 dogs.

I think it's important to give back and help each other. I started my own business, and thank God, it's successful. I want other people to be able to do the same... follow your passion, earn your own living, on your own terms, by the strength of what you have to offer people, no matter what that might be.

It comes as no shock to me that people in your life have always looked up to you as something higher and brighter. That's why most of us come here to begin with. You offer a place to learn something and to teach something...give and take, from each other, regardless of class, gender, race etc. Can't ask for more than that.

no_slappz said...


The lead in Gentleman's Agreement was played by Gregory Peck -- not Cary Grant.

Excellent novel written by Laura Z (Zemetkin) Hobson.

no_slappz said...

torrance, what does the following mean?

"Let us show government and big business America is not one spelled with three Ks in substitution of the C, but a stalwart for family, family rule, and that neighborhoods rock..."

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Kawana Aminata Oliver
Thanks sister, and congrats on standing good move woman

Thanks for the smile

My man, leave it to you, and now u have given me some fiction to read good look

just that we are a nation of families and that family is the same as community and that we are all connected

Anonymous said...

emeritus and hey! (who gave the voltaire quote) are one and the same btw.

Tera said...

LOL! I am a former Chief, but quite often miss those days, Chief All-Mi-T :)

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: Powell no good for same reason Webb's no good. It would just be too sick to lose three in a row that way, with the Democrats agreeing with the Republicans on everything. Military thing too strong. You really think Powell respects Obama more than he does McCain? You're kidding right? Obama is our generation. He's a sophisticated thinker. He's reflexively for deals and peaceful resolution to conflict. He's ashamed of neither his book nor street smarts and he's so sharp that he doesn't hide that his street smarts he picked up on the Slavic side of town. How does Powell begin to understand a man like that? The only way Powell works well with Obama is a chain-of-command kind of thing. Obama has to sit Powell down, hand him the script, and tell him that if he deviates one iota he's stripped of his medals. That's what Powell understands.

Leave Powell to his devices and he will fuck this up for Obama surely as Gore and Lieberman and Kerry fucked it up. You have a better chance of being chosen by Obama than Powell does. And you'd do a better job both in terms of winning the election and governing.

But if the bizarre thing happens and Obama does pick Powell and doesn't show him who's boss, we are all going to have to endure 2 1-2 months of Powell telling McCain how wonderful he is and telling the press what a disappointment Obama is.

I'm gone for good, but I am always curious about what's happening up there. Powell seems to be another example of how it's ALWAYS about the military in the USA. It's a little boring already, no? What's wrong with business and finance? Those are far more interesting subjects.

And when you come down to visit and you see the abandoned, untouched living memorial of the neighborhood decimated by OPERATION JUST CAUSE and you still think Powell and Obama fit together, I'm going to have to send you to your room.

30,000 dead. 100,000 homeless. To bring one guy up on tax and fraud charges. So, PLEASE, folk, when you come here, DO NOT bring your Powell t-shirt! How am I going to explain what happened to you to your family?

KELSO'S NUTS said...

No_slappz: Where've you been, bred?

Pay me a call at my new gaff.

shine said...

i'm a bit verklempt. nothing but love and happiness for you.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Emeritus said...
Sorry im too old for u albeit I don’t look my age lol

yummy lol

Just in brevity I AGREE
But u know the esoteric is less than the cosmetic in politics
Me just speaking of votes
Or else obma would pic me
And u would vote for him then – tru?

As sweet as u are, nothing but love back, u know tony Oh say u my perfect woman

KELSO'S NUTS said...


If I were able to vote, I would vote for Obama no matter what. The choice between him and McCain is probably the clearest choice i've ever seen since I was aware of politics. I no longer can vote in US elections, however, so all I can do is offer opinions and hope to influence those who can vote to vote for Obama.

If what you are saying about the votes is true, which I doubt or else some sharp would have bet him good somewhere already and it would show on all the screens, it would mean that I got out of the USA not a minute too soon.

I understand the "always having a place at the table thing". Fair enough. I don't view stuff that way but I understand why someone else might. I'll say this, I'd prefer without a second's hesitation almost anyone to Colin Powell as Obama's running mate.

Louis Farrakhan has said some unusual things to his flock in the past and I'd prefer HIM to Powell in heartbeat.

Powell is a liar and a war-monger. I feel bad for him because if he were in any other line of work, he'd be a very solid and dependable middle-manager: not terribly creative, but loyal to his company and a good operations man with no reason to lie about anything. Sadly, he's not working for Caterpillar or some division of Motorola. He's been in the killing business.

And that's what he's known best for. So, if you feel that brings Obama the most votes, I don't think 6000 miles away is far enough.

I think the very nomination of Barack Obama is an indication that perhaps war doesn't sell up there as well as I fear it does.

So, my conclusion is that what made Obama a likely winner of the presidency disqualfies Powell from the ticket.

You were talking about Colin Powell, right? If you meant the Bronx boxer SECHEW POWELL, I take back what I said. I'd be fine with SECHEW POWELL as Obama's VP.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

lets take this a step farther, what if Obama selected Webb? or McCain if he lost? Taciturn may be

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