Thursday, June 05, 2008

From static’s to stochastic’s

Point of order: 1] I feel like the Taliban when they run stores in the US cause my daughter be in the back playing on the sofa like they kids do – sleep even. LOL

2] Just found the dog for Obama T’s, but they asking to much for folk to make a profit and u know the deal (profit over P***Y)

3] Heresay susggest that my daughter’s mom is having a bday party for my daughter who turns 3 this week at piedmont park and she aint gone tell me. I got lil momma a bike. Guess what she desires is more important that our daughter – good look. You always invited folk. Anywho.

4] Shouts out to my folk Sm Double O VE (Smoove-right) and Garfield - we call him ginsu (On Left. Remember Shai? Well I do stayed in my warehouse with me when they signed they contract, when my son was born, 2 days before I went to Nigeria for my first post doc-good look)

5] "I roll with real NI double G A's, who live life foul." Children of the Corn - Hell Up In Harlem

Now folk, as I sit here on the toilet ordering University of Georgia dog bowls and dog shampoo made with mint and green tea, I aint mad, but I know some of yawl think Jones a stupid mutha fuca, or a lame, or a fk boy. Truth be told I am not, and more than likely one of them same black mutha fucas who is kin to u and you family. Yep the black sheep, the lone wolf. So just to demonstrate the acumen or lack of that I may possess, folk here gone drop the bomb on areas of expertise that all should be adept in from my personal purview: Static’s and stochastic’s. Why, because I am a human being of word and action and one can have neither without a terse understanding of force and calibration. For me, words and actions are equal to forces, forces that define modes of operandi and perspective.

As a simple introduction, static’s simply is the study of rigid bodies that are in equilibrium. Essential in the understanding of such are the concepts of Force (a push or pull exerted by one body on another), particularly with reference to scalar quantities (something that only has mass or length or time) and vectors (something with magnitude and direction such as velocity). Now what does this mean? Well for me, its simple, it is my goal in life to aggregate and or combine thought and time in such a way to make it a force as if I were a super hero. Time in this temporal form being representative of all my experiences past, present and those to come.

Although most physicist reduce these principals in terms of Newton’s (In the meter-kilogram-second system, the unit of force required to accelerate a mass of one kilogram one meter per second per second, equal to 100,000 dynes), my preferences is to reduce such to dollars, brain cells and inter personal relationships. In theory, when all the forces which act upon an object are balanced, then the object is said to be in a state of equilibrium. However, this don’t mean or imply that all the forces are equal to each other. Consider my relationship with my former woman, or better yet with my former employer or even in sex. With the first, I did every thing force wise a man could on the positive, from providing ALL her needs to persuading her to seek professional help inclusive of insurance. But her force in return was to be deceitful, lie and not even feed folk when he was tired or a back rub under the guise of she was saving herself for marriage – when she used to before. And worse putting herself before her family – which jones here never did.

With respect to my former employer, I was the first and last to leave and published more and provided more research funding in my short time their than any other in the same period. But they, even when knowing when they hired me, wanted to take my loot for theirs under the auspice of I did not ask for permission to make loot when I had said contact 6 years before working there. I gave them my all, which they never did.

And sex, well I am rather proficient in this area, for I treat all things I do like I’m cleaning my plate. And the processional of messaging a woman’s back from inside of her body until the point of incessant release and shivering well is often never reciprocated in my direction.

So for me this is important, static’s that is, for it allows me to model my practices accordingly; such to discern whether an event is a trend or cyclical – stochastic. I know this is boring but all I am saying is that things we say we hate can have daily application. For example, the way I approach business now, I base forecast of profit in terms of a simple sthoastic model 50, 100, 200, 300 dollars a day. And this is based on how I see the forces, whether scalar or vector, interacting with my thought process. So just accept this as what is a simple tutorial on how to combine energy, thought and time, and for that matter orgasms.


Lovebabz said...

Laying out things in a scientific manner is brilliant. However it lets you off the hook for taking responsibility for adding more love

Work ie the issues with money, time and employment, well that was a tough one that can be fought out in a court. If you think it worth the effort and you feel unjustly wronged.

Your former woman, you already know how she is. There isn't anything new to that equation. You give, she takes, she takes you give. It works for the both of you in a static way...equal and opposit force, give and take, take and give.

Sex. Hhmm, then choose better partners. Choose partners that are giving, loving and interested in your pleasure as they are in their own. I have no idea of the intimacies of your loveships, just by what you post. If there is some disappointment, or miscommunication, or some unspoken expectation, then you gotta say it up front, before things progress to ecstasy. Otherwise unspoken desires are never met.

Change your modes of operandi and perspective: You know something about creating your own reality!

Change your mind to change your life...or your outcomes in your life around your loveships.

You get the business part you just don't get human relationships...the ebb and flow the order of things for which can't be measured in time, space, temperature. How can you accurately measure a smile and how it makes your heart feel. Or the sound of someone's voice you have been waiting all day to hear. Science is amazing..I was a biology major...But I am a lover too and what I know about science goes out the window and happily I might add, as I develop my loveships.

less science...more love!

TheophaniaPaige said...

Hmmm, you said a mouthful and I understand for the most part what you are saying. But, I'm pretty sure I'll have to read this post about two more times to fully grasp the scientific part (sorry my brain shut down after May 5th, lol) but until then I'll be singing...

"...rollers in his hair..." mayne, lol

Anonymous said...

Happy Bday lil mama!

lmao at Now folk, as I sit here on the toilet ordering University of Georgia dog bowls and dog shampoo made with mint and green tea, I aint mad,

dude u something else u know that right?

but hey thats what makes u real.... I feel how you just blog like this... I just wish i could do that... but i'm going to try... simply cause I CAN...

Mizrepresent said...

Happy b'day to lil mama! ummm, can you bring your crew to the party? that's all i want to know...we real folk too! lol!

Curious said...

Please don't tell me you wrote this post, ordered product, forecasted profits, rethought old employee employer relationships, reflected on personal slights and family intrigues all while sitting on the toilet. Each day you making my life look less and less significant.

Tera said...

Very nice picture Torrance! And YES, I remember Shai...I loved that group!

I love it when you talk all intelligent and moves me in ways you will never know ;-)

I hope your yongin enjoys her birthday :-)

Lena said...

Happy birthday to lil' momma. I am sure she will enjoy her shiny new bike that you can make lots of new memories with for her without the need of a bday party (even though that is grimy). And I agree with lovebabz especially with "Change your mind to change your life...or your outcomes in your life around your loveships"...thats advice I should heed for myself. Have a good weekend!

i.can't.complain. said...

u lost me at "operandi".

i think those dog-for-obama t'shirts would sell like crazy.

the lil' one has a bike now.


her 1st set of wheels.

ure a great dad.

i mean, poppa.


sista gp said...
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Aunt Jackie said...

I hope that one day you will be look into the future of your love and sex life without it being clouded with the negativity of your past so that you can focus on what you want instead of what you once didn't get in a relationship.

You are worth that and so much more!

I hope your daughter has a blessed born day!

sista gp said...

I am a little different that most, I guess. Explaining emotions in terms science allows the reader to convert the science to their own interpretive emotions.

If the forces were always equal, there would be no development, growth.

you can give your own party for lil' momma...she would enjoy it.

lol. Now I have to add a UGA dog bowl to my shopping list for my brother; we both attended.

"i ain't even 'gonna" say what hydrostatics brought to mind, lol

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrence: You went so deep on this that I can keep it simple. He learned it in the more euphonic "statics" vs "stochastics". I learned it as the more cumbersome "determinstic process" versus "stochastic process." But it's all the same. is what seperates the playa hata from the playa. Something "deterministic" is something assumed or if you're exceptionally lucky "known." Something "stochastic" is something that is composed of risk or randomness or even "risk of ruin" if you like.

The playa, the hustler, whatever, is the one who is best able to discern whether the expected value or reward is worth the amount of risk you are taking or paying to try to collect that value. Moreover, he or she is looking for the "efficient" way to express his or her opinion. He or she wants to be paid in excess of the risk but also limit the risk as much as possible.

I'm an atheist but this is the closest I get to being religious. One may estimate expected value and estimate risk but only God knows what the right numbers are and besides even if you made the mathematically perfect decision whether that one draw out of the random, risky bag will pay off for you.

Sometimes it works out for the playa. Sometimes it doesn't. But he or she always puts himself or herself in a position to make a score by be rewarded in excess of the risk taken.

The playa hata cannot abide risk. So, when the playa takes down his score that's when the hating comes in. Torrance has figured out what his expected return over a period of time with his business is. He has also calculated the risk, expressed in units of variance or the square root of variance, the standard deviation.

Let's say he's come up with a 5-year plan of operation with the idea of selling the business on 12/31 of the 5th year. He has determined that the present value (topic for a later discussion) of all of his net profits minus taxes and the capital gains from the sale minus taxes will be $1 million in today's USD inclusive of his investment He has to pay $100,000 today to guarantee that the store will be operation for the 5 years and for convenience sakes let's say he knows he has a willing buyer on 12/31 of the 5th year (that's known as an embedded call option and is also a subject for another day). He has in other words, figured out that he is being paid 9/1 on his money. His 100k investment plus his $900k after-tax return for $1mm in his hand on 12/31.

Torrance is a very sharp guy of course and he's studied many businesses that could be proxies for his in terms of size, operating plan, pet focus, etc. And he has determined that the model business in his sample study which most resembles his has ann 80% chance of total loss and a 20% chance of his having the $1mm on 12/31.

This is what separates the playa from the playa hata. Even though Torrance knows that 4 times out of 5 he's going to go for the entire $100k investment and is a very likely loser of his stack, HE HAS TO OPEN THAT STORE. TO DO OTHERWISE, BELIEVE IT OR NOT WOULD BE GIVING AWAY MONEY.

Here's the expected value part of the stochastic problem. 80% of the time he loses $100K. 20% of the time he makes $900K. Simple arithmetic.

80% x (100)= (80)
20% x 900 = 180


But our buddy isn't finished. He's looking to do 100 of these on the same terms at the same time. He now not only expects to make 100x $100,000 OR $10mm over 5 years but also because he has spread the risk across 100 plays instead of one, he has cut his overall risk way down. 1 store is 80% to fail. The chances of all 100 stores failing and Torrance going for his lungs is infinitesimally small.

So, he rates to have $10mm profit after the 5 years, with not a tremendous amount of risk of ruin if he's done his estimates of the risk part of the stochastics right. I think he does.

The child's mother is furious because she wronged him. Disrespected his dreams and him. Lost his love. And thus has no piece of this score of his. Probably because she couldn't bear the thought of losing even a penny. There's your typical playa hata.

So, now comes the fun part for Torrance. A venture capitalist like me comes along and says "great job on that chain of stores in Georgia...but I think the big money is to be made in Europe and South America and I trust you so much based upon your record that I'm going to put up $20million of my money to open 100 of your chain in Europe and 100 in South America. The bad news is that you're going to have to do a ton of work. The good news is i'm giving you a free roll of 30% of our venture."

So, if Torrance's calculations hold up. He and I will cut up a profit of $20 milliom together. I get $14 million for having taken on all the risk and he gets a risk-free $6 million.

We're so happy with the way this turned out that we start looking into franchising, re-franchising and going public with an equity offering and before you know it Torrance and I have a few 100 million a piece with the equity holders now assuming all the risk and both of us on a free roll.

Tough darts to the woman who couldn't feel or understand his dream. I'm crying her a river!

Great for me because one day I came to the blog and discovered folk was for real.

Now, if anyone didn't understand any of that, please remember what I wrote before. Although, I wrote this in English, it isn't English. It probability (stochastics),statistics and finance.

So, go back over it. See if a second reading adds anything and NEVER EVER EVER BE AFRAID TO SAY "I DON'T UNDERSTAND PLEASE EXPLAIN IT AGAIN."

Because what if had written all of this in Spanish? I can do that. And you wouldn't feel inadaquate. You'd KNOW that you didn't understand Spanish. So, you ask for a translation. Ask me or Torrance for a translation.

He's written his post and I've written my comment in languages OTHER THAN ENGLISH EVEN THOUGH IT RESEMBLES ENGLISH.

And of course don't ever hate the player. He or she is the one taking chances so everyone can enjoy innovations.

sista gp said...

@KELSO, I actually understood that. You guys are bringing back all the math/science course materials I had in college.
And if you responded in Spanish, I would have my Panamanian-born friend to translate. lol

KELSO'S NUTS said...

And in case anyone thinks this is just bullshit fantasy stuff, think again. Those of you who've been by my gaff have read about the guy in Athens, GA, David "The Gunslinger" Bach, who's like the younger brother I never had.

When he was ready, our Padrino told me that he and I should bankroll David on the World Poker Tour and The World Series Of Poker in a way similar to the venture capitalist scenario in my post.

We went through all of these calculations including spreading the risk. He's a tournament player and plays in 25 events on the World Poker Tour and 25 events in the World Series. Most of the time he gets knocked out and wins nothing but because of his talent and the PORTFOLIO of tournaments he picks, he limits the risk overall.

Over 4 years the boy has returned El Padrino and me an arithmetic return of 140% on our investment per year each!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: BTW, of general knowledge blogs, yours and mine are only spots I could write shit like this an people would enjoy it.

And you're a one-man band. We have a 22 person team with 4 gearheads like me. So, Black Blogger? Bullshit!

You've got the #1 general knowledge blog in the one man band category in the English (or prob/stat/fin/econ) speaking world!


KELSO'S NUTS said...

SISTA GP: De donde es tu amigo(a) panameno(a)? LCdP? Que barrio pue'? Yo vivo en Bella Vista la confluencia de los barrios de Paitilla, Obarrio, y San Francisco.

Calle 50 atras del inteligente, frente a Multiplaza y los edificios quedan en la Calle De La Colmena: PH Bahia Obarrio, Vista Pacifica, y Buganvillea.

Juego en el Veneto, el Royal Marriott, el Fiesta, el Majestic y de vez en cuando en el Crown del Sheraton De Caesar Park.

Mi club se estrenara el 15 de junio. Queda en el primer piso del edificio VIEJO de Nat Mendez, frente a Popeye's. Es club de la techno y house. Se llama HED KANDI BAR (Panama).

Todos bienvenidos y tambien al sucursal de South Beach en la calle Washington frente a Collins.

Linda said...

Who would explain things like that.. brilliant, really brilliant! You deserve a ...... prize!

(ok, so I don't know the US-equivalent, but you know what I mean.. like a nobel prize but in literature ;)

p.s. Ask me how much I love that t-shirt the dude on the right's wearing.. also: brilliant!

Tony OH said...

Nucca, you crazy as Now that was some dynamic ish! Sheer Genius...Sheer Genius (LMBAO)

Aunt Jackie said...

Kelso's brain just did a number on me that has blown my mind.

Had I ever a teacher like you in my life I might now be stuck making television and entertaining the masses.

My God you two are brilliant!

JayBee said...

you wrong for calling them the taliban, but i smirked when i read it. i guess i'm wrong too. i hope things pick up at the shop. i like to see people doing well. i'm sure everything will be fine. i'm sure you've said this before, but indulge me. what exactly is your ph.d. in? for some reason i guess i assumed it had something to do with medicine. i'm gonna have to go back over the stoc--whatever the terms were. i don't even feel like going back to check the spellings.

2sweetnsaxy said...

I ain't gonna lie, at times I felt the words whizzin' over my head. Fly by. LOL! Too early to be thinking. I had to shake Mr. Sandman out of my head and re-read. :-D

Happy Birthday to your little miss.

ATLien said...

Why you didn't take MY picture yesterday...huh?? :-)

The Flyyest said...

i love the pic bro!!!!
im tired so i dont feel like commenting about everything you wrote about!! i did read it

professor said...

you know I feel you, and I'm no dummy but what you laid down bored me...genius yes, but boring as hell...the issue with your love life is , as lovebabz stated so eloquently, too scientific...the matters of the heart can't be written into a and Kelsos nuts are very smart, but if I'm hanging with you guys on the beach, in the bar, by the pool, I really don't want to hear that shit...I want to relax and talk about other stuff...
now I love a good conversation and/or debate but there is a time a place for that...
also my friend, you do have to look in other places...not knocking homegirl, cause I don't know her, she seems a little immature for you...does being with a younger/less inexperienced woman make you feel/seem that much more? and why the fuck do you always have to reference your sexual prowess...if I was dating you, I damn sure would not want anyone visualizing our sex life...see you take all the mystery, intimacy, and just you and me-ness out of it...
but I get the feeling you don't want an would not date a women who is on your level, who can give you a run for your that means you will be stuck in the same circle, with the same folk, complaining about the same bullshit...

one last thing...if babymama does not want to include you in lil mamas birthday party, then good for are not together, you bash her regularity on your blog and she more than likely does not want your bullshit/drama/comments during the party...I wouldn't want to look in your face either cause the focus will be on you, her, and you alls power struggle over lil mama...its lil mamas day, not yours...get over yourself and have your own party...

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

More sciens less love or exual not less science sister lol

Thank u great advice

Classic aint it LOL"...rollers in his hair..." mayne, lol

D'lee Trecia
Was just being honest

Tru dat

LOL it is true, be happy for who u are, u my folk

all intelligent and shit LOL

Thank u I will but to change got to get this profit making and mogling out the way first – kids gotta eat

Im sorry sister, and yep she rolling now, u just enjoy MIA
And I got folk there if u need anything (hit um up at pimpinpens) tell them u my folk jones

Aunt Jackie
Thank u sister, I really mean it

sista gp said...
Yep, gotta get a UGA bowl and they playing in the college world series as we speak

All I can say is love the play hata analogy
And the brief excursion into the simplicity of monte carlo (thought I aint get that)

And best of all the profit expectations
But don’t wanna do analysis for 20 euro stores, cant we pay some one and check the math?

sista gp
Stop flirting with Kelaso u don’t want none lol and im gonna tell the hubby

Thanks and 22 folk 4 one blog, never here
Stop macking folk LOL

Thank u and you should hear their Music - SHAI

Tony OH
Thanks folk

Aunt Jackie
Kelso is my twin

LOL we the new Taliban lol

My fault and thanks she has a new bike

Took it before u got there, me sorry

The Flyyest
Don’t worry I belive u b safe this weekend

Well said sister - word

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Tha Homies is posted.


Wow....scientifically speaking...

You laid everything out there about your child's mother, your ex employer and sex, that was brilliant.

Aren't you happy that you are working for yourself, you can set rules and have more control over the situation, somethings are beyond our control, I understand that but this is like your scientific-business experiment you have brought to life and you can add or take away as much as you want, I'm sure you enjoy that.

And as always I wish you & your fam well.

And happy bDay to your princess!

Fever said...

lol thats cute, do you blast music too? the stores i've to, they blast music....and sometimes i get down lol

hearsay? didn't tell u? thats....weird

dog shampoo made of mint & green tea? they make it for humans as well b/c that sounds heavenly...

but it seems as though you're not seeking those of equal force as yours...they do exist, you just have to find them -- relationships, jobs, sex -- you've settled, no disrespect fam.

Melody.Darlene said...

omg shai?!! dizzaaayuuum, came close conceiving a few times b/c of their music!! mmm mmmmm gooood!! lol

ps. i was tryna order one of your books the other day, but decided to ask you which one u recommend?!

braincell said...

Where my ups folk lol

Thank u

I agree with your position

Butterbrown or fast n gaming, and I cant say how many I have bedded to that one song lol

Anonymous said... regards to the sexual aspect...dont give up just may find someone who can satisfy you....*wink*.....

Happy Birthday to the little princess.....You are a really great father....


Anonymous said...

Oh and nice pic of you also.....


LadyShay said...

Happy BDay to lil momma!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: A number of tiny complaints, here, buddy.

It's not fair of you to accuse me of thinking I was slipping any science of stochastics by you like MONTE CARLO or LATIN HYPERCUBE. I left PRESENT VALUE and OPTONALITY out. I left guessing the DISTRIBUTIONAL FORM of the variable out. I left the math of the estimation of the VARIANCE out. I left the question of THE EFFICIENT FRONTIER out. I left UTILITY THEORY out.

You are the teacher, not me. I have a masters' degree and a lifetime of practical application. That's it. Do you REALLY think I assume you don't know about any of the above stuff? I left it out because I bored at least one person with the back of the napkin thing I wrote. When we take this deep, we'll do it in person and privately.

I also am hardly MACKING. Sista GP could do WORSE, of course, if she weren't married. I'm told I look like the actor Robert Downey, Jr., which I think is pretty accurate. We're the same size and build, although he has lighter skin than I do, and I'm losing my hair so I keep my head shaved.

And I believe I've explained on a number of gaffs like LOVEBABZ's "P" site my theory of why we Yahoodies are past-masters at what Bessie Smith called "pearl diving"!

But I'm neither macking for sex nor money. Also, there is no edge whatsoever in gassing you or bigging you up fraudulently. I don't exactly believe in sin but to lie to a twin brother is a pretty serious violation of my code.

I am a gentleman. I have a lovely girlfriend. She's from Manizales and is a very good applied mathematician. Her name is Madga.

I've been blogging for 3 years and I'm telling you NO ONE has accomplished by himself or herself what you have. A lot of popular one-man bands have SPECIALTIES or pornography. What you've put together here is unique. I purposely don't track pageloads or links of my posts on my spot because I believe strongly in THE HEISENBERG UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE and SCHRODINGER'S CAT, but comments are right there.

Using the metric [SOPHISTICATION x RANGE X VOLUME x (SOPHISTICATION + RANGE of VOLUME)] - (FLAMES x DISRESPECT) makes RDB in my mind the #1 one-man blog in English in the world.

The honor of being among "The 25 Best Bloggers" is not a bad thing. It's surely an honor you deserve. About the equivalent of saying I'm a top-25 probalbilist of those grew up South of K-Town in NYC.

And I still think your skills were underutilized on that radio show.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Introspecivte goddess
Thank u but truth is I sling too much dic for any one woman lol

Thank u hon

For such a scholar and as well, my long lost twin
I am laughing my black ass off. I know u did, that’s why I threw it in but I must say, I think u make me laugh cause u knoe I love it on purpose, and for real folk, u are a mac
And I know u were not macking

And u gotta get that book folk. Read FAUST IN COPENNHAGEN by Gino Segre

Its about Wolfgang Pauli, Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg in the 30s

Lovebabz said...

You are on the usual!
I am not sure about the macking thing, I do know that smart and intelligence is uber sexy! Sister GP was paying you a big compliment--go with it!

You are right T's skills were certainly under utilized in that radio interview...but then he will get that all the time because who is smarter than him...not the host!

You Kelso are a gentleman and a scholar a very heady combination! I love your fine mind as I do Torrance's. You both have swagger!

Oh I did go back to Hell and finished my thoughts/post..hey I got kids! LOL!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

T: Book aounds great.

The STOCHASTICS equivalent books to this sound of your recommendation on the modern science story, which are fun and totally readable and require not a whole lot of prior study are AGAINST THE GODS by PETER BERNSTEIN and FORTUNE'S FORMULA by WILLIAM POUNDSTONE

I would tend to miss a lot of popular writing on subjects I know well, but I was lucky and a friend of mine suggested that I'd enjoy them because I knew some of the people in each. I thought both of those stochastics' histories were very well written and re-enforced a lot of my study and practice. I really didn't care about the stuff written about random acquaintances.

This brings up another thing (which my metric, I admit does cover), I like about RDB. The lack of playa hatin, specifically with regard to such things as the "M" bomb.

EVerybody knows Morehouse is a top-class school. It fits with everything about RDB. Good thing to be proud of.

I was jumping out of my shoes when Obama spoke at my undergrad spot. And of course I catch some bullshit about "elitism". Like your pest I missed, it wasn't worth the time.

You just seem to get so few pests, though. I get fewer at HELL than I did on my own, but I loathe pests. Period.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i was hard pressed, couldnt free think
was trying not to curse

I (belive it or not) got the poundstone piece and another billy called the Recursive Universe (but who wants to read about paradigms of self - lol)

and i was trying not to curse

they tell me he shut down his blog, but im sure if u wanted to u could find him but as my folk UGK say
Niggas often crossed the line
The movies got this boy fucked up in the mind
Not to mention the wine and codiene syrup
Combined easy access to 9's
And shit talkin' hoes that's fine
And all they got time for is four Swisher dimes
Committing crimes amped off water
And some exaggerated rhyme
So, if bein' hard ain't in your heart
Then don't start,
Niggas 'll tear your weak mind apart.

and a bitch as nidouble g a is never a pest, once a fuck boy always, t

KELSO'S NUTS said...

I kind of like Hydromet syrup.

But it's not worth the constipation! I don't get those winter coughs down here, anyway.

Maybe that's what turned him into a pest LOL. The last thing in the world I want to waste my time on is websites of known pests. Good riddance to him.

Anonymous said...

T, that pic is a money shot big bro! I still wanna be like you when I grow up man...that's real talk!

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

VAR said...

You a raw dawg genius... Incredible post and I definitely wanna wish your daughter a beautiful birthday celebration! The years be movin fast huh? Much success with that store.. I dig hearing about it main... :-)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

lol. im the opposite, i get mental diareaoh (i cant spell)

Man, dont trip waiting on them string of gyms and the Langford nutritional supplements
thanks folk when u moving down this camp?

Tia's Real Talk said...

Wow, one of the best posts yet. You covered all spectrums. You laid down the knowledge. Handz Down to you!
Continue to be the sane parent in lil momma's life. She needs you!
Advicing that chick to get mental help but making sure insurance covers it was a hilarious line. Honestly LOL on that one.
Last but not least, you will meet your match in the sheets, but please don't test to much milk before purchasing the cow. A lot of calcium is bad for you too. Stick with one cow and she will start to produce a milk that your body needs and craves. Get my drift. Stop sampling like Kanye! lol

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KELSO'S NUTS said...

I have some applied stochastics to offer in exchange for some knowledge.

In the US President futures market, OBAMA is 65-p-in-the-pound favorite. It's traded as a discount bond essentially, meaning that you'd BUY OBAMA for 65p and if he wins, you'd get 1 Pound Sterling back. To BUY McCAIN right now would cost yout 35p-in-the-pound. [Prices in elections in the bigger futures markets are usually quoted in GBP instead of USD for reasons, can guess the reasons].

But the deeper meaning is that right now, those who RISK THEIR MONEY instead of running their mouths on TV say collectively that OBAMA has a 65% chance of winning this thing.

I can read an electoral map like anyone else and I see what's happening here, there is also a pricing-in of the probable VP choices for both and how that might affect the outcome. It's a very complex thing to unwind and it is purely stocastic because only God knows the answer.

There is a tremendous amount of money in open contracts already on this and it's only June.

The DemocraticVP futures market itself is not as actively traded and it's hard to take a read from that what the marekt estimates of the probabilies are. I do know that one guy is willing to buy 100,000 contracts of WEBB for 10p. The rest is kind of small and all sort of in line. CLINTON-WEBB-SIBELIUS-RICHARDSON-STRICKLAND are the most expensive contracts and there are lots of rags in 2p-5p-in-the-pound-range.

CLINTON and WEBB are generally in the 20p-in-the-pound range, depending on the place.

That's your state of play and the best book on the subject of the predictive ability of pure, free markets is THE WISDOM OF CROWDS by JAMES SUROWIECKI. It's mathematically solid to be sure but anyone who has finished 8th grade will be able to understand it and enjoy it.

So, I got some anxiety here. I can't make clear to anybody in America exactly how important the election of Barack Obama to the presidency is to the rest of the world. I have found that so many Americans have viewed this through a beauty-contest or color-war lens, but outside everyone has been in a state of cold panic since Bush took office and having heard what Obama has said, rather specifically, about foreign policy region by region, we're all ready to relax and breathe a hugh sigh of relief if he's the next president.

IF not, very bad things indeed are coming our way and yours. I'd lay a big price, for example,that a President John McCain will take the usual 75,000 troop+75,000 Blackwater mercenary run at Northern South America. I'm guessing at the numbers but he made his intentions very clear in his Latin American policy speech last week. He said that he'll send "advisors" to "US allies" Colombia and Peru to help bring democracy to the region.

I live arond here and when last I checked every country from Mexico to the bottom of CAPE HORN is already a DEMOCRACY.

I don't expect anyone to care about Spanish-speaking people, but folks ought to care at least about US servicepeople, because they will be butchered like lambs to the slaughter merely in trying to secure the Center and Left Wing parts of US "ally" Colombia.

As in big cities such as Medellin, bogota, Barranquilla and Cali. These cities like 4 Bagdads but the people have guns and semtex and deal with this stuff on a regular basis because of the leaves and don't give a shit about how good GI Joe looks in his uniform or if his mother works at the charity hospital or whatever.

We all know the real goal is conquering Venezuela though and that my friend is an impossiblity. US forces could maybe hold off for a couple of weeks before they're all dead. The US just doesn't have enough people to do this even if it were a just cause as opposed to imperialst caprice.

Anyone is free to get angry with me and accuse me of insulting the US troops, but you cannot argue with the numbers. 150,000 people half of whom are mercenaries who are hated by the regulars, trying to establish a base of operations in a country of 60,000,000 having to go through insense urban warfare to do so, all in the service of attempting to conquer a country with a 600,000 man army?

You can dream, I suppose, but it'll be lambs to the slaughter.

Barack Obama's Latin American policy, however, is a rather different one. His primary goal, quite sensibly, is to quell political violence in Colombia. To this end, he is suggesting a "Mendela-DeKlerk" model of a truth-and-reconciliation-commission of all of the worst of the worst getting together, admitting guilt with no risk of punishment, shaking hands, each side negotiating what it is they want and getting to a settlement. With Obama himself as a facilitator, not a dictator. That's music to my ears.

But he's a sophisticated guy and that's how he thinks. He's read enough history and law to kow what works and what doesn't.

Today, Hillary Clinton conceded and pledged her full support to Obama. And I still read nothing about McCain's bellicosity. I read all about the "evil bitch" and "pimping" and "being play'd" and all of that. It's over. She lost. She supports Obama. I read this stuff from Obama supporters by the way. Not from McCain nutballs.

So, can somebody please explain why this is still going on? And whose interests it serves? This may be some kind of action movie up there and Obama wins so he's supposed to deliver some cute Schwarzenegger kind of line before blowing Clinton's brains out. That's fine up there. I doubt too much will change if McCain is elected from how it is now, but the rest of the world will be paying the price as will America servicepeople who should be in school not trying to kill Colombians who've seen more death by the time they were 7 than the toughest of recruits.

I already told you what the estimates of the probabilities were. Obama's likely to win. But it's not a certainty. It's 65%. And carrying on against Senator and President Clinton is costing the guy points, not picking him up points.

The hostility would be useful if directed at the culpable: the Republican Party in general and McCain in particular.

I know that the Colombian center and left and the Venezuelan army will keep the gringos out by any means necessary. So, while the thought of war, as opposed to Obama's peaceful vision of the hemisphere, is awful on a moral level to me, the dangeris greater up there. Because when the Southern Front fails, the dollar will be worthless and then the cities and towns of the USA will burn.


I would love to know. There may be something really important I'm missing. But until someone can explain it to me rationally, I'm never going to understand. I'm just going to assume that Obama is just light-years ahead of his fans and he should be President of a country who can appreciate how important to the world he'll be.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

wasnt trying to be funny on the real, she my daughters mom, the man in me do what needs to be done

id by the mccain, just on the pe ratio. But i think folks know, even bob barr

i think i should be VP what says u lol

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: Gotta love Barr for making a professional gambler his VP choice, that's for sure.

But for real this election is completely different than the last two. So, it would be kind of funny if this idea that the Clintons are WORSE than the Republicans because of some trivial stuff in a puffball campaign for the nomination keeps going on to the point that it costs Obama the election and gives it to a psychopath like McCain.

It would absolutely, positively confirm for me what everybody finds so hilarious and sad about the USA. That it's a country full of big developmentally-disabled children who are useless at everything especially the two things they think they're best at: War and Business.

If this thing is going to be about sticking it to the Clintons for imagined slights, then I have an offer. I'll give you Ricardo Marintelli, Guillermo Endara (the two Bush loyalist here whose approval ratings are like 0%) and a player to be named for Barack Obama.

He'd make an excellent president of Panama and I am sure Balbina would be more than happy to settle for mayor of CdP

Keli said...

Ok, so you lost me when you said Newton...I was not big on science...I was the worst at physics and chemistry...I could not be bothered, unless I was in the lab concocting some ish up..

I am sure you have a deep message in that post somewhere, and maybe when my brain is working at full capacity I will revisit this post.

sista gp said...

T, don't YOU start any drama here, lol.
"my" internet connection is good today, for now at least.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Their utility at even War and Business is apparently not as astute as professed. Given the two front currently (3 if u add somolia) and the dollar when even compared to the canadian dollar and dont mention the dinar.

Maybe it was a little meaning in it i hope u still like me anyway lol

sista gp
yes maam

KELSO'S NUTS said...

T: If you like forex opinions, you have to come by more often. Carl, Gabrielle and I do practically one post a week on it and we refer to it in practically every context.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: I'm actually responding to something you left over at Jonestown, but they always review my posts before publishing them and this was a small point I didn't want to risk losing in case it them the wrong way.

In service of getting Obama elected president, Webb's fine. If that's what it is. I don't see how the media can prevent themselves from promoting Webb to President and Obama to VP because they like that kind of thing and the script is just too perfect with Webb for them to resist.

But if needs must. Obama has to do the same thing with Webb I would have him to with any Military Conservative he'd pick. Day one of fall campaign he hands Webb the BARACK OBAMA PLAYBOOK and says here it is, memorize it, and do it. If you deviate one iota, you lose your medals. I am the Commanding Officer around here. And if I get elected, same rules apply."

Civilians, yes, even Hillary Clinton, get it. These military guys are so adored in the press they have to be dealt with in a way they UNDERSTAND. Obama is not that type of guy, I realize. He's where he is because of his intelligence and bravery in a different sort of way. And while he's cranky from time to time, he and Webb come from differnt worlds and Obama's world is much less top-down.

If Axelrod has to be the "bad cop," fine. But trust me, these right wing military guys have no respect for Obama's accomplishments or style. It's not that they are incapable of it or dislike Obama in some way, it's that Obama's experience and philosophy are completely different that theirs are.

Obama is one month older than I am and we have at least 2 acquaintances in common I know for sure. So, I know what he's saying because we've read the same books.

Let's say I never left my neighborhood, had gone into the gambling world, by accident ran for some office and got elected somewhere through neighborhood channels and he chose me.

Like the way military people see the world as either "miltary" or "civilian", I'd see the world as "player" or "tourist." Knowing I'm a far better cardplayer than Obama is, I'd be receptive when the media wanted to promote me as the true "blue collar voice" OVER him, why wouldn't I roll with it?

So, velly, velly careful with Webb as the ideal. The good thing about a pol like HRC, Strickland, or Sibelius is that they already know who's boss and why and they respect it. You don't believe that about HRC I know but if there's one thing the Clintons respect its winner and winning. Obama beat her. It's clear who's the boss.

Pain said...

Fates be praised another Progressive quant! There may be hope for Terra yet. Happy birthday beautiful one!

Can you save America from itself if We help you raise the collective voice of the disenfranchised not matter their color, sexual preference or faith?

We love the way you do things here and from this point on shall call you friend. Come, join us. in dining on the bones and marrow of theocrats!

Qu'ul cuda praedex nihil!

KELSO'S NUTS said...


This spot is SICK.

How in hell I got away with my musings about teaching finance and math as languages and have people enjoy it, I don't exactly understand, but I'm not complaining... if Torrance could bottle and sell what he's done here....

LadyWritesTheBlues said...


Stop that blogging on the toliet though,-might get you in trouble? LOL

Happy Birthday to lil Mama! When is she gonna get her shotgun for the front of the store? lol

I thought dude from Shai was someone from Memphis because he looked so familiar! My friend used to be in love with him (well, everybody really-but she was a little psycho with it!) Be blessed.

msladydeborah said...

I feel like the Taliban when they run stores in the US cause my daughter be in the back playing on the sofa like they kids do – sleep even.

You are too silly! :-)

If you heard about the party through a third source, someone had to seed that out to get it circulated. were supposed to be bent out of shape behind not receiving direct 411.

Lil mama's on line auntie deborah thinks the gift of a bike is an excellent choice. While she is working on her gross motor skills and solving problems as she manuvers around, she will be developing a life long foundation for real. So you get thumbs up from this end. :-)

As far as sexual partners and gratification. I believe that you have to come up with a way to learn what the other person will or won't do-before you engage in skin to skin pleasure. Some folks are just more hands on than others. And some folks just have the instinct to be a total partner in the act.

I believe that if you find that person who wants to love you unconditionally and you feel the same way, some of what you declare is missing won't be. But of course, you have to willing to take that leap of faith and deal with things when you land.

And finally, I checked out the link with the MP3 player~who in the hell was born in 1901? LOL!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I see where u coming from but I raise u and webb
With Shelby Steel

Don’t eat theocrats
But brain cell against brain cell I fell I can smach or hold my own any day
U do have hot sauce when we dine kind sir I hope

It would be called snake oil lol

Thanks love, he act likes a memphis niggga. He getting his phd now and said it was because of me made my day
She got one but its bigger than her 22 cal

And yes maam, or should I say sister or momma

Where my woman at folk and not psycho babe had that b4

Me silly lol

I was gruge not bent out of shape thought it was foul

I will be patient

wouldn’t allow 562 bce lol

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