Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Blinded by the lights

I was on the grind yesterday, so I aint get to see the BET awards. Let me rephrase that, I didn’t want to see them and dint give a hopper grass that they were on and even if I did I would not have manifested a desire to see such.

But I became aware that this dumb shit was on when I made my blog rounds today. Seems a lot of mutha fucas think this shit, or such a spectacle is essential and even important. Although I couldn’t figure out its importance, I did not judge or relegate those that did as dumb fucks (I mean u complain about gas prices, but will look at the BET awards as opposed to writing a letter to your congressman about high gas prices). No just lost folks who prefer to live vicariously through the lives of those that don’t know hard work, but do know persistence.

I figure they had a few singers and a few rappers on. Maybe a lil wayne, or a young Jeezy or a TI or some jones like that. Maybe, I mean i'm just speculating. I know when I was at school, folks like them were hatters. They hated me for clout, and having a pool in my back yard, and hated me because I gave fi’e ass parties. And don’t forget the ubiquitous beat they boy down with an ax or a hammer. It was folk like them that wanted to fight me because of what my folks had worked hard for. That wanted to fight me because they said I was smart or was going to college. But it was just talk, cause they knew in my eyes and heart Id house they bitch azzes , with brain cells or fist, or hammers or bricks and take they woman – they bought when I would just talk,

But what do I know. I Mean women know what up, they like these pseudo thugs, rough necks. But strange to me, cant be to rough if you bitch ass can’t read a whole book or pass a class. But I’m through. Cause if yawl read this, some gone get they feeling hurt if the shoe fit for women, and others gone be mad cause i’m calling them fuc boy bitch azz n I double g a’s. That is if the shoe fit. But I aint blind, nor am I blinded by the lights - i love this song.

Even Stevie wonder, Ray Charles, and Helen Keller learned something in the dark, but we, nope, nada; sun every and each day and we can’t learn shit.


nywele said...

I watched the BET didn't miss much. Plus you know them, they're going to re-air it a million times...

Rich said...

I feel you, I ain't got time to watch someone else get paid who ain't even concerned about the community.

ViolentLove said...

dag, i like you more and more.

keep it real and strong and say whatcha gotta say.

much love, beautiful man...

Canaan said...

TRUE TRUE TRUE.... Its all complete non sense. I had to cancel my cable because everything they put on these days is mindless junk that digs our social injustice graves deeper and deeper. Good Words man.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

"Even Stevie wonder, Ray Charles, and Helen Keller learned something in the dark, but we, nope, nada; sun every and each day and we can’t learn shit."............Now that's a good word right there brother...I'm passing the offering basket at this very moment on that one....Preach!!!

memphiz said...

I agree with that BET thought of yours... BET is becoming a hott mess!

David said...

I talk with my Congress man. We golf together. GAS prices. I can take it or leave it. I work with those that set the prices to what U are paying today. I'm taking the money I get and setting up my God child's life college fund included.
I need that xtra money at the pump too.

Tell Al Sharpton to come up off that guap (money) that he has. Kats like him are always crying about blacks that grew up well off no giving back. His old ass is forever chasing the next cause.

I went down to the country. I visted family and gave back in North and South Memphis. Kats in the country will not give me shit. I've helped them out. I stay looking out for my community with no thank U.

I do my damn job at 23 my community makes me sick. Hell grow up have a hard life go do a bid come home You give fauned over. Some days I say fuck dem.

Its' not my fault some kats didn't have daddy at home. I was in your part of the south. Kats bitching at 23 growing up without daddy. I grew up with my Dad. Niggas make me sick. They wanna hard act in da street but cry behind bars like bitches. Some kats wanna be a college educated thug. Niggas get what they deserve.

Real thugs raise gas prices and laugh while people struggle.

Anonymous said...

If you seen it last saw it this My future husband Common probably was there though...besides that..I agree LMBO!!! jk

Aunt Jackie said...

now who is exactly is the hater? people from your past or you hating on entertainment?

I got confused somewhere in the post cuz you kinda sounded like a hater but i wasn't sure.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I didn't even realize BET still had an awards show.

Dusty said...

Damn Torrance, you lay it out there..bless you;)

On a lighter note..Fresno played one helluva game last night to win the CWS. Those BullDogs finally won something outside the state.

The Jaded NYer said...

I don't watch these either because 1- I don't care for BET and 2- I've been falling out of love with celebrities lil by lil...

however, as much as I LOATHE half the nonsense BET puts out there, entertainment has its purpose.

the film Sullivan's Travels (1941) depicted it best: the public NEEDS an escape, even more so during hard times.

We all know gas prices are high, and that the economy is crap right now, and that there is a war going on, but how does it help to kill ourselves with worry 24/7?

at some point there needs to be an escape or release, even for an hour or so, even if it's to watch some wack ass wankster go up on stage n get an award that he probably did not deserve.

it's really not fair to generalize people the way because your idea of entertainment or release is different from theirs. That screams of condescension.

It isn't always about Voltaire and them. Sometimes, the world needs a little bit of Ludacris or Alicia Keys and, lord help me, I cannot stand this fool, but yes, even a Lil Wayne.

just my 2 cents at 5 AM.

The Bear Maiden said...

LOL. I'm violently allergic to BET myself, and I worked there. Worst damn job I ever had. I cried the first day I got there and spent the next 4 months trying to get the hell out. Oh, the things I could list... I didn't even keep in touch with anybody when I left.

And then I hold the network responsible for putting on the worst ass-shaking/women-degrading nasty videos you've ever seen, when as a black network they had the opportunity to do oh, so much more.

I'm no hater. Don't have time to hate... or to waste on watching those awards... or even MTV or the Oscars or the Grammys or any of them. It does absolutely nothing for me.

Lovebabz said...

Hhmm. So, football and golf, tennis players those folks are so committed to communtiy and the uplifting of community. OK.

I would also say that sport is a form of entertainment not unlike singers, dancers, actors, rappers. I mean can you really separate one from the other. Performers of the stage have the BET, Grammys, People's Choice Awards, etc. Sports and athtletes have the Superbowl, PlayOFFs, March Madness, US Open, Wimbledon, etc. It seems to me that neither requires a great deal of intellectual prowess. I mean you turn on the TV to watch.

Some folks watch sports, some watch BET Awards.

Perhaps if the BET Awards were held in Memphis or a few Memphis players were presenters...but I digress.

It is unfortunate you feel pray to bullies, but I suspect you held your own. You will always have to defend being smart...being a polymath isn't easy, even as an adult. The demons still chase you and you stay several steps ahead...I am just guessing. I appreciate your intellect and I truly appreciate you letting me and anyone else share a different perspective...even different than what you post about.

i.can't.complain. said...

lol w/aunt jackie

didn't watch the awards either.

although my 75 yr old grand-mother asked if i did

she seemed kinda sad she missed it

i dunno how to take that.


Anonymous said...

Dint - Man you are country. I do understand. It is ok to watch and like award shows, just do not place them above what IS important. We do give some things (build them up)more attention than they deserve.


Anonymous said...

You made an excellent point on wasting the 2 hours in front of the television instead of writing the letter to your Congressman.

Hmmm...I'm sure if they did the two simultaneously, it wouldn't feel like such a waste of their life.

BET does not appeal to my demographic. And they are not the authority on black entertainment. As much as they'd like to think so, they're not.

Good post...I'm seeing a best blog in your future, lol!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Thanks for the play by play

I know that’s right

Thank u sister, the feeling is mutual

Hey man, u write well, and u got to make that mind of yours work for us. How was south Beach?

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs
Thank u kind maam

LOL, how ya doing sister, and job prospects

I can see where u coming from. I don’t know any thugs and whats you handicap

LOL, my fault

Aunt Jackie
LOL, u do know I have a PHD (player hatter degree) and admitttted such in a post a few weeks ago. But not really, just asking what is really important. I mean we know more about this stuff already, most kids know songs better than their school work and we complain, least I do. Once upon a time that wasn’t the case.


Wanted UGA tyo win, and I missed that game too. Wanted to see it, but was helping son with math in preparation for SAT. It was more important although I love college world series.

The Jaded NYer
I am just saying we excape too, much many of us will be the same ones complaing about the problems with our schools, and wonder why our kids, and we don’t read. Just saying or asking how important ios it and what have we learned from our ignorance

The Bear Maiden
Im with you

Nope the are the same if they are more important. You know I love me some Memphis basketball, but u also know its not more important than family, life, love politics or economic empowerment. So it’s a none issue for me, but for some (as I have written about before – including myself, give them more importance than they deserve, wouldn’t u agree.

Same thing to me
The issue is when we become blinded by such, as the title suggest.

Your granny sounds like the rteal deal and aunt Jackie is the truth

Yep, Im country lol, and yes exactly. Nothing wrong, lets have priorities

Swalden said...

After reading your post I have to say that at the end of the day all what you stated is the truth...but I wish it wasn't that way.

Tera said...

Wow Torrance, tell me how you REALLY feel!

I am not a fan of BET and certainly do NOT watch it on a regular basis. I did however watch the awards show because there are a FEW artists that I do like, not to mention the Al Green tribute/performance was ALL THAT (if you're a fan, go and watch it). Alysia Keys also did a wonderful tribute to her favorite female groups and her surprise guests were SWV, TLC, and En Vogue...I could really appreciate that.

The Pew View said...

You was on a grind yesterday! Baby who was you grinding on? And don't you thank that's too much information to be sharing for the worlds to see? Yall young peoples don't know how to leave nothing for the imagination. When I was younger I would sneak me a freak cause we was taught not to kiss and tell. Hell I tried to pretends I was still virgin for a longggg time. But peoples started thanking I was lying being that I was on my 5th marriage and baby #7 at that time. But anyway, I hope you protected yo self while you was grinding. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

The Diva's Thoughts said...

You pull no punches do you brotha? LOL

paisley said...

i do know that folks is folks.. no matter what they do for their day job... only thing that changes is who THEY think they are....

Lovebabz said...

Folks are blinded by such because it is pumped into home easily. No one is pushing science, literature and artistic achievement.

Who is responsible for the blindnes? Is it a collective issue or an individual of personal responsiblity. A perticular definition of Success has been forced fed to the masses...primarily in our communities. So few see honor in commitment to family, life, love, politics or economic empowerment (your quote) I appreciate raising the issues but what else?

Chastising the masses for doing what they were told/raised/led/brainwashed to do is daunting...particularly if you are raising the issue to raise consciousness.

I understand your point of view, I just think there is more to consider.

Keli said...

Hey I enjoyed some of the performances...ain't no future in the frontin...I'm talking about T-Pains set, Lil Wayne's set...and

Al Green put it down! I watched his performance again last night.

Kofi said...

Awesome song indeed.

BET wasn't available where I lived as a young'n.

AriStar said...

i personally don't care about the BET awards and typically i don't watch them and if i do i catch the end. but this year i actually watched them and i was completly dissappointed. they sucked ass! and that's probably the last time i will watch them. I had to write a blog about them because they sucked sooooo bad and i expected so much more since they come on every year! overall the BET awards suck!!!!!

MP said...

should have kept going because I completely agree! I hate BET!

Curious said...

Okay, I know this has been said before, but back in the Great Depression wasn't the biggest form of entertainment for the masses the moving picture show. People would go and pay their nickle to see Fred and Ginger kick and shimmy. They would see some screwball comedey about rich people acting silly even though they themselves didn't have a pot to piss in.

People need to find some sort of escape from reality from time to time. And if it makes them feel good once in a while, there is nothing wrong with masturbating once in while whether physically or mentally. said...

THAT WAS FUNNY! You seemed pissed! I wasn't interested either. I hardly turn my tv on.Matter of fact, it's not plugged up. I Love to hear your thoughts. By the way, I TAGEED YOU!

WArd PrEfEct said...

What's good fam? I just want you to know that I'm right there witcha on this one.

One of my girls asked me if I watched it the other night, and I remarked "Damn, I didn't even know it was on..." Honestly, I don't know if I would've watched that joint if it was.

There is so much more good music out there that they don't give a rat's ass about. Everybody on that doe trip, so they wanna endorse folks that got money, instead these up and coming folks that's hungry with the skills to back it up.

I'm continually disappointed by anything I see on BET...except for Tavis Smiley.

TheophaniaPaige said...

Wow, someone is a little worked

I'm not much of a rap fan but I did watch the BET awards, at least the end of it.

Todays artists don't intruige me(music just isn't the same!!!) but I did enjoy the tribute to Al Green (Jill Scott did a nice job as usual) and Quincy Jones. I love those men, they are aging so gracefully...

I try to find something good/positive in everything, the award show was strictly entertainment I don't even know who won what awards, I could care less. We as Black people are so talented, creative and amazing, I can appreciate some artists for that, but some need to channel that energy into things that matter a little more, or spend thier money in a way conducive to building up OUR economy, heal the hood, something!

*sigh* No matter what I will support my fellow Black folk (maybe not financially but in any way that I see fit) because if we don't whitey sure wont...

Blah Blah Blah said...

I thought Lil Wayne and Young Jeezy were the same person...shows you what I know.

LOL @ Aunt Jackie...

The part I liked...
Even Stevie wonder, Ray Charles, and Helen Keller learned something in the dark, but we, nope, nada; sun every and each day and we can’t learn shit.

Ms. Jones said...

This post was on the money...I sat and watched about half of it,but the only parts I enjoyed were when the old school (Al Green, SWV, TLC, EnVouge) performed. I have been watching less and less TV these past few months for exactly the reason you mentioned...why am I about to sit and watch these people make money and earn a living?!

msladydeborah said...


I swear there are times when I roll up n heah' and have no idea where I will be heading on your train of thought.

Since I am a hip hop nation birth mother, the BET Awards is not interesting to me at all! Neither do my sons. Since they all have daughters now, it seems that BET is a no, no in their households. :-) (fist pumping in the air, Yes!)

Blinded by the Light~that brings back good time memories. That would be during my pre-parent days.

But I digress.

It would be wonderful to see a commerical network that provided some decent entertainment period. TV is getting to be a real hassle period. BET has been a hott damn mess for a long time!

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching BET years ago..I never understood why BET looked so low budgeted compared to MTV when both were owned by the same company....huh?

Aunt Jackie said...

i was pretty sure you were being a hater but i wanted to make sure.

i make my living creating entertainment and will never ever be ashamed of it. I have studied arts in many forms most of my life and have to come to appreciate the fact that arts and the expression of such are apart of what makes life liveable if not beautiful...but hate on if it makes you feel good.

Anonymous said...

All the programs worth watching on BET left when the new owners came in.

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon Raw Dawg Buffalo. You know Raw - everyone doesn't have your abilities or skills; some people sing, some people dance, some people read, some people write - I don't like the rap scene, because most of the lyrics have absolutely nothing positive to say or teach our youth; but I love a good love song every now and again! Al Green and Quincy Jones were the high light of the show; and the graphics and arts were awsome. Some pretty talented people put this together this year. Peace, Light and Love, CordieB.

uNWrItten* said... u are
naaaa for real..u speak the truth, people have their priorities messed up all the time..we human..thats just wat we do best i guess

Darius T. Williams said...

Oh wow...I understand ur frustrations. I need a hug?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Thank u very much

My fault

The Pew View
Lol not that kind of grinding woman

The Diva's Thoughts
ALI folk, ali

We on same page

Daunting? I try to be io guess

Sounds fantabulos lol

Kofi said...
Im sure it was

Good for u


Point well taken
im allergic to tags folk

WArd PrEfEct
Aint that the truth

Like I said al green is the truth

Blah Blah Blah
Thank u

Ms. Jones
Thank u babe, I be trying

My fault
Classic song

U a wise woman, I mean person

Aunt Jackie
Well I know that woman .lol. but like george bush, and other, I hate where individual responsibility is lacking. And how would u feel about a man that neglects his kids – general query? Would it be ok to hate such?


True. Well said and al green my home boy - MEMPHIS

Just a lil sioster lol

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...


Fantastically Misunderstood Me said...

I REFUSE to watch BET!! No matter what guise they put their programming under. BLAH! to them and that GARBAGE they supposedly represent our community w/.And your kids are too cute!!

Garth Sullivan said...

blow up your television...

but keep something on the DL for netflix, videos and frontline.

Anonymous said...

Well at first reading this post I was a bit offended...just cuz I watched the BET awards I'm a mindless drone with no real purpose in life??, but as i saw how you responded to other people's comments I realize you are talking about the importance of priorities.....which I do agree with....I dont watch BET like I used to it has really gone down since Viacom got a hold of it....however I do think the tone of your post was a bit condescending....I mean watching entertainment for the sake of entertainment doesnt mean your an idiot bitch ass, it may just mean you want to be entertained....but really the show did pretty much Suck so I wont be watching it for next year


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Fantastically Misunderstood Me garbage is right and thanks bout the kids

Garth Sullivan
lol especially with the clippper chip - lol

u are right, i apologize and should not have infered such, but can i still use it to describe the policies of geoorge bush?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Thanks babe, but i aint gone lie, the best movie i saw this year was on bet about montgomery bus boycott

.:jeni:. said...

so so so true. why watch celebrities that aren't doing a thing for me?... i'm good on BET as well, they're aren't' doing anything positive for the black image.

Homer is My Co-pilot said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who chose not to watch that mess. I caught the highlights but I wasn't about to waste a tuesday night on it. Women don't want the smart dudes till they get older, it's just the way of the world.

LadyWritesTheBlues said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Man give a sista a break! Dude, I was at home watching the BET awards BECAUSE the gas is so high!! Can't afford to get out! LOL.

Seriously, I watched and LOVED Al Green, Maxwell, Jill Scott and Anthony Hamilton. I'm deeper than just sitting around only watching tv-remember I spent time reading (and enjoying) your book too-so shallow and one who only wastes time, I am not. ;)

I understand your main point, I think. HOWEVER, watching the awards is what it is-entertainment. (Granted some wasn't the best entertainment, but hey...) Anyway- I respect ya, but I see two sides to this one homie.

Jay Midnyte said...

david said:

"Real thugs raise gas prices and laugh while people struggle."

WOOH that's a crazy line!


can you blame people for loving entertainment so much to the point they don't care about the important issues? Keeps our minds off the truth about our reality and how sad it is.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

First, I am being a fan of Aunt Jackie.
Second, I bet you thought you told me. . .nope.

Aunt Jackie said...

Torrance i will say have had sexual content on your blog, discussed the intimate relations of women whom you've bedded for entertainment and yet I would assume that you would hope when one thought of you and your musings they would see the whole of you....

Now granted I didn't watch the awards, and i don't buy half of the music that's being advertised these days (mostly because the labels send it to me for free) but i will say this.

In the 60's when my mother was crazy about James Brown and her father only listened to the Jazz Greats, suffice it say that perhaps he wasn't the demographic.

When I was losing my mind over rap concerts like BDP, and Public Enemy and my mother wouldn't allow me to listen to the music loudly at home, once again she wasn't the demo.

These days kids listen to Lil Wayne and Keyshia Cole and whom ever else is being peddled on the shelves of Target and iTunes and granted you may not be the demographic however the likes and appreciation of arts and entertainment is not mutually exclusive to being blinded to current events and news...

and for the parents of children who know more lyrics than book titles that's on YOU not the entertainer!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Well as my readers say, its like religion, or as marx alogorized (is this a word) an opiate

Homer is My Co-pilot
Thanks for the drive by folk, and get that business up mane

As long as you understand what I was attempting to get across. I just don’t understand, why it is placed so high. But it is entertainment, and true it serves its purpose. But I had to say what I felt.

Jay Midnyte
I cant blame them, but I can make an observation and draw my own conclusion – opinion

And that was a crazy line

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon
Aunt Jackie is the truth

Aunt Jackie
Yes you are right, but I would suggest the majority of my content is more diverse and UPLIFTING than a jazzy or lil wayne, maybe I am wrong. For every post as such, im sure ten more are about other. Cant say the same for the aforementioned I cited.

And james brown, true, say it loud, im black and im proud and he, unlike me or the artist did not curse and felt a responsibility to preach empowerment and social change, as I think I try to do, maybe I don’t.

And BDP and public enemy, too were up lifting and for some reason I don’t put what they spoke of in the same vein as TI, or Jeezy, or 50 cents, I may be wrong

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

ps, go down the recent post
how many are about family and empowerment?

and compare that to what the songs that the folks i mention produce.

Miriam said...

Hi Torrence,

According to WAODs alot of people didn't tune in to it. Maybe progress is happening????

Also, I was wondering if you could take a look at my blog book and tell me how I"m doing so far?

Its about a young black girl who learns to defend and fight for herself by stick fighting and she decides w/ the help of a friend to take on the media that's denegrating the BC image.

Jason Proe said...

...sigh...I bet Obama is glad they got this out of the way early.

Anonymous said...

wow Aunt Jackie
it is just entertainment, no one human gets hurt, or can the music produce a mind set, as books do is the question.

Where i live, people drive trucks into stores and drag out ATM machines because of a scene in a movie. This was not happening until this move came out. And recently, men in a prison in my state escaped using the method they saw in a popular movie

But dog fighting is entertaining too, to some, so is it ok to watch without moral or social responsibility?

Goddess said...

"But I became aware that this dumb shit was on when I made my blog rounds today. Seems a lot of mutha fucas think this shit, or such a spectacle is essential and even important. Although I couldn’t figure out its importance, I did not judge or relegate those that did as dumb fucks (I mean u complain about gas prices, but will look at the BET awards as opposed to writing a letter to your congressman about high gas prices). No just lost folks who prefer to live vicariously through the lives of those that don’t know hard work, but do know persistence."

If you do not want to watch or blog about the awards show then that's your choice. However, to categorize people that watched the show or blogged about it as lost souls, is a tadbit of an overgeneralization, tadbit of a blanket statement.

I understand the point you are trying to make(or making) in the midst of this rant, and it is a valid point. However, the delivery comes over as a lil bitter and from a distance it is hard to identify the real hater.

Sometimes some intellectuals will perhaps better get their point across and really create a difference if those intellectuals climb down the stairs of the soapbox..

Thks for sharing.

Dione said...

"Even Stevie wonder, Ray Charles, and Helen Keller learned something in the dark, but we, nope, nada; sun every and each day and we can’t learn shit."

Yooooooo... That was a brilliant quote! It would really do this quote justice if you videotaped yourself saying it so we could get the TRUE inflection and emotion from your voice. Haaaaaaa! This describes some of the behavior I see in my classroom on the daily. Consider yourself immortalized cause I've got that one memorized now bruh.

I didn't see the awards because I haven't seen BET in years. Can't even remember what channel it is and have no desire to figure it out, but maaan.oohhh.maaaan! I don't think you were clear on how you felt about the whole spectacle... or maybe it was just that, a spectacle... but the mission was clear, to entertain, ADVERTISE (whether it's questionable values or physical products), and make money. Either way, I guess I didn't miss much because between what u said and everybody else's comments, I got the lowdown anyway.
I will say that I wasn't able to use that time to contact my good gubment cause I was on the grind trying to get more loot for my mom's health care...
It's a lose-lose situation all around...
Thanks for the controversial post. Excellent food for thought. That quote's gonna show up in my blog... Haaaa!

Dione said...

Oh yeah, another thing. All I can think of right now is Martin Lawrence talking about me being KRAZY and Deranged cause I am over here literally RMBAOFL hysterically! I love it when brilliant people get mad cause what's in the head comes straight out the mouth, no holds barred! This is some ish right here! I gotta remember not to stop by your blog at 2 dayum 30 in the morning cause now I can't sleep from rolling on the floor at your comments!

Linda said...

Amen, brother! ;)

People used to to effort to get out of the projects..

Now it's just cool to get in. Then you get all these pathetic white kids talking like they're retarded.. like (in our case) dutch never was their first language.. so lame *lol*

Tony OH said...

The Power of Poison! Killing us softly with there songs. The Death of the Intellect.... Gotta do better. I Hate B.E.T Television!

The Muse said...

You hit the nail pretty much on the head. If you have time head on back over to my blog and check out some of my poetry at

Exquisitely Black said...

I didn't watch this one and don't watch any awards show. TV was limited for us anyway, one of my father's favorite quotes growing up (there were so many) was "They already got theirs, you need to work on gettin yours".


Ms. T said...

You missed a helluva Al Green tribute and performance. Love and Happiness... Rev Al put it down school was in session.

You have a pretty nice spot yourself.

Missy said...

I'm in agreement with you on this one!
On a whole 'nother topic (because that's enough of BET anyway, right?)
By NOT being blinded by the lights, I'm seeing a whole group of other things being hidden in the dark.

What's on my mind right now:

What's the deal with the US and North Korea???

I'm getting a little nervous watching Obama and Hillary skinning and grinning at the crowds. I see some ish coming our way. Anybody else???

With McCain hailing drill, drill, drill!!! in the hell did Exxon get punitive damages reduced ...AGAIN????

F*ery is in the air!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Wow. What a post. I ain't mad at ya for telling it right. I didn't watch the awards, never do.

Shelle said...

i didn't catch them either...really wasn't an urgency for me at all...agree with ya brotha

Anonymous said...

Hey Torrance, Answer to your question the last comment on my spot...I been working!

That said, my child Tivo'd the awards cause she is at camp this week. So I watched it the other day. 2 things. First I actually liked some of the performances this year and DL Hugley got at least 2 chuckles out of me.

I understand what you are saying and agree that we spend too much energy focused on nonsense and not enough trying to figure out how to make our world a better place.

I don't know that they don't know the meaning of hard work. At least not all of them. I am positive little wayne is the stupidest MF this side of creation , but not everyone fits his mold.

I think T-Pain behaves like the biggest buffoon since Flava Flav, but there is something to be said for his talent. Her hears what works and and is able to translate that to anyone's record. As a matter of fact he made a point of thanking the people who slept on his talent two years ago because there was not a record he didn't have a hand in this year. Imma go out on a limb and say the brother put in the work. Let's just hope he can get with Kanye's stylist and dentist because the brother looks like a fool.

I had time to watch the awards. Not because I am mindless, but because I make a point of keeping tabs on what the children visually consume. If I don't know what they are watching then I can't fight against those influences.

Much Love! You know I love anyone who says a thing and it is just said and you definitely fit into that category. keep speaking your mind, it keep us all on our toes.

Bee Dee said...

hmmm...i feel u 1 hunnit, i really do. and for me, watching the awards was a cure for boredom. i'm still perplexed as to how Debbie Allen is receiving so much praise for BET...when everything it's built on is a contradiction to black people as a whole. i don't understand how u can have an award show giving awards to rappers telling about this bitch, or that ho, and killin that nigga and give an award to a humanitarian like quincy jones at the same really puzzles me. Or even better, have all these rappers and singers performing songs about money, sex, lies, drugs, etc and have 1 gospel singer share the same stage with all of least MTV would never incorporate Gospel in the same mix with other music...that's a mockery of God and a mockery of our own relationship with GOD...come one black people...come on!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I couldn’t see the link sister

Jason Proe
Boy u wild, loved the post 2day and thanks for the love

Well said

Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings
Just saying what bi felt
Shoe don’t fit
Don’t ware it folk

My fault hon
And im not brilliant
But im flattered

Girl u know u special, like me thanks hon. Have a great weekend

Tony OH
We last of the saumauri (sp) jones

The Muse
Thanks babe, I chked it out. See my comment?

Exquisitely Black
No wonder u the truth
Pops obviously was

Ms. T
Al green my home boy, and as it has been said, one apple don’t make the show. Thanks for the love and I know he put it down

U say n korea I say somolia and Saudi. But I feel u on hill bill obama, and I wrote something on that afew weeks ago, don’t know if im gone publish it though

Appreciate the love hon

Thank u sister. U aint miss nothing

Thanks sister, im not perfect, maybe foul even, but I try to be honest and truthful

Bee Dee
All I can say is that u are a very sagacious woman, age aside. I agree and hgeel venerated that u do as well

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: I'm not fighter. I've never had any interest in being one and I don't regret that choice.

I believe peace is good for business.

When I was 23, one of the worst of the very worst told me to remember this: "students drink coffee; thugs fetch coffee."

If somebody as affectless and cold-blooded as that could say that to me with a straight face, who was I to argue?

Missy said...

You know, I read somewhere that Hillary got as far as she did because she was thought of as reflection of Bill. If she's chosen as VP, would that make Obama a reflection of a reflection?

You're on point with Somalia and the Sauds...let's throw in how we continually ignore the Iranians funneling money to terrorists.

Don't even get me started. But, all that to say don't lose hope--we are watching more than BET. You always have such intelligent and enlightened comments here. I gain more knowledge from researching comments than watching news reports.

I'll have to look for the post on Hill-Bill a bit later. I'm on a hotel computer but had to get my Raw Dawg fix keep from getting too Tennessee country this week!

profunksticated said...

Nice spot you got here. Followed you over here from my girl Hostess' spot.

I watch zero awards shows, especially BET's. I'm 48 and ain't got time for that shizzit. Your line about Stevie, Ray and Helen was incisive. Keep it up, young bro!


sista gp said...

Granted it is 'Black Entertainment Television', not 'Brainpowered Educational Television'.
I "missed" it too, was helping niece prep for CRCT retake.

The CRCT fiasco, is another post within itself.

Monique "1Mopoeticsoulstress" D said...

Peace & Blessings My Brotha,
Thanks for stoppin by my blogspot... Sorry it took me so long to hit u back... But I agree, the importance and focus on the BET awards is just redundant.. The last time I actually watched the awards, I was just embarrassed to be black.. What happened to black folks having class and dignity about their art and talents... I agree I am always thinking of a blog topic or throughout the day when things occur I make mantal notes like... I gotta blog about this... Until the next time.. Peace & Blessings...

tz said...

LOL- I had my share of "a thug"...I much prefer the suit and tie guy I ended up with. He understands what it takes to succeed WITH his pants covering his ass. BET is horrible...I feel stupid everytime I end up watching's like a train wreck

Ticia said...

I just watched b/c it was something on tv -

I watch HGTV and CNN so much - I needed a change -

ShAé - ShAé said...

I watched out of my love for music. I hate that so many butcher it as a career. But as long as there is music I'll probably hold a little hope that there will be another award show like the one we all watched with Michael Jackson introducing the Moonwalk. Important to society? Probably not. A memory that some people will never forget? Most definitely. But I digress into bitchassness because I watched this year. Oh well... shoot me. It's all love over here.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

TORRANCE: Springsteen wrote the song "Blinded By The Light," (Greetings From Asbury Park -1973) and his version is not the denatured cover version on top 40.

Springsteen, however, like the BET AWARDS, is 6000 miles away and although I have more of an ear for rock, rap, soul and divas than I have for folklorico, it's all just celebrity mush. I haven't the slightest interest in any of it.

Thankfully, technology allows me to listen to whatever music I like whenever I like as I await in vain for some American newscaster to mention that Soros, Voecker and Buffett are advising Obama on economics and finance. That's a very good thing, indeed, but somehow it doesn't fit with this OBAMA=DANGEROUS LIBERAL story.

I'm happy for anyone who feels empowered by Bruce Springsteen or the BET AWARDS, but I'm in a whole other place.

T.C. said...

i was in LA when they were being tapped, didn't attempt to go down there or turn on the tv to it...i don't support a network that pretty much helps with the degragation of our folks every day...and keep our youth going further and further down a path of ignorance and stereotype...

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Point well taken jones

U know im from Memphis and I want to get u started LOL

Im 45 LOL

sista gp
Dang, I see your point – expect to much huh?

Monique "1Mopoeticsoulstress" D
Thanks hon, anytime and do come back pls

Seems like bet feeds stupidity mainly

Try cspan LOL

ShAé - ShAé
Never ever a digression from u hon

I didn’t know that but I do love the MM band version.

Good 4 u sister

sista gp said...

less expectation = less disappointment

Anonymous said...

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Derick said...

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