Monday, July 14, 2008

One TV – one bullet

point of order: listening to the foolish makes the fool an idiot....torrance stephens

You know, before I actually had the chance to visit and live in South Africa for 4 summers in a row, I recant when Nelson Mandela was granted his freedom. As such I also recall when the first DEMOCRATIC elections were too be held. It was a major point of consternation for me because I knew just as the US; South Africa was a republic and not a democracy. As such, my folk was hating on Jones because he was down with the PAC as opposed to the ANC. I used to love their slogan – one settler, one bullet. But that is just the live free or die, don’t tread on me, and Patrick Henry in Jones.

When I found out that TV-One was going to air the Democratic National Convention and Not the Republican National convention, I decided to modify the slogan proffered by the PAC to one TV, one bullet. Now don’t get me wrong I aint hating on TV-one, but rather I am hating on their lack of acceptance that black folk in America only watch TV, are poorly informed and basically no where close to being well read. It made me mad. I mean we get mad at a satrical cartoon on the cover of the New Yorker but aint got the gumption to say shit bout stuff that keeps us stupid.

I mean, we need to see these mutha fucas and what they actually propose so we can have a better understanding of the issues that we HOPE Barack Obama can handle if Jones wins the general election in November. I mean we already poorly informed and if we don’t know the issues, or have tenable suggestions about how to solve the problem, then we cant or wont be able to tell if the answers we get from Obama or McCain are satisfactory or pragmatic. As a result, we will accept anything a mother fucker will tell us without objective and valid query. For me, that’s foul. I already see problems equally in how both the front runners of both parties want to deal with the Economy and Health care. Not to mention they connections to K Street.

TV One should be ashamed to keep information from the community they say they care about. It is no different than saying since you black, you can’t learn to read (you a slave). But then again what do folk here know, I’m just an Idiot Savant who is trying to become well read.


FlyyGurl said...

you're right...they very well should be ashamed....but really is it any different from the misinformation we all learned as children about our supposed "heroes" (really people who to this day would rather us in captivity? Its hard for me to decide whether i want to keep supporting faltering channels like bet and TV one- but then again, if the economy gets any rougher, the choice'll b made for

Missy said...

I have no problem deciding whether or not I will continue to support channels like BET and TV One. The answer for me is simple..I won't. Until and unless we show that we mean business and back it up with financial repercussions, our words will always ring hollow.

As far as TV One only showing the DNC...
They are basically saying that their viewing audience is so simple and predictable that they know they will vote for Obama just because he is black NOT based on issues or they would show both sides. You can't make a fully informed decision without having all of the information. It just shows that just because it's black doesn't mean that it's for the good of the people.

JayBee said...

i've said this before, but i'll say it again. everytime i come here and read something political i'm confronted with how non-politically astute i am. i have got to do better. what's k street?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

and saddened
like they think for us, i dont get it

Bravo, they dont see the big picture, maybe ratings if that but i agree 100 with u

k street is where all the lobbiest offices are. a wise man can admit to what they do not know so dont be so hard on yourself

tvanel said...

TV One is trying to be the new standard bearer for black media. As such, since a Black man will make history as the first Dem nominee...To them that is relevant news, whereas the RNC convention is not.

Do we still need TV news strictly from an AA perspective?

BET tried it some decades back and it was needed--but now we folk have become much more sophistated and politically astute. As evidenced, by the rise of Black political blogs. TV One should cover the GOP convention, though I suspect that the decision not to do it is partly financial. It takes beaucoup moolah to cover these events and major networks are already complaining about the added costs of covering Obama's speech at Invesco..(how dare he!?!)

tvanel said...

Forgot to add this...did Capetown and Joburg 5 years ago and it was one of the best trips I took in my life. I have a few friends who are doing quite well down there.

The world cup will be held in South Africa and 2010 and I am there.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

tv aint in black and white no more lol. I lived in westbrook beach, 20 klicks from durban in kwazulu Natal - 10 bedroom house on indian ocean

I lved in mpumalanga, but always the Rosebank Hyatt, on the sith floor in the Bill Clinton Suite LOL

and In Capetown, and the WaterClub in Green Point by The Victoria and Alfred (stayed there to on short trips. My son loved it, we ate at Theo's almost every day

black folks need to live in africa and not be tourist. the 3 months trips i took were too short, but u get spoiled after 16 mths in Nigeria and 2 six month stints in Senegal (Dakar and Theise)

Lena said...

Even though I admire you for your intelligence, business skills and all that other stuff I can honestly say I am very JEALOUS of you right now. I've been trying to go to South Africa for years now and almost went as study abroad for a semester. AGh! I want to go there so bad. I am working on it for next summer though. Lucky lucky Torrence.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


What's "TV-One"?

Again, you are being a truthteller. I agree with you about PAC. I'd also recommend everyone read an account of the political evolution of DeKlerk's thinking. Believe me, when he came in, he was worse than Botha.

One word for what you are and what you're doing here: POLYMATH

Look, I'm a capitalist, but I'm all the better and more effective a capitalist for having marinated in radical politics as a boy and having heard about ACP from my old man and having read Marx and Marcuse.

I'm an atheist. But I couldn't very well be an atheist if I hadn't read both Testaments, the Chumash, the Koran and parts of the Baghavad Gita, si o no?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

u aint jealous, besides, it my least favorite Africa country and aint really Africa to me - u can drink the water out the faucet. u will get there


lol and Ironic, just let a comment of Jaybee's blog, u should read it.

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots. Marcus Garvey

Lena said...

LOL! That made me feel a lil' better.

msladydeborah said...


Some of us drink from the fountain of knowledge daily.

Others drink just enough to keep from feeling too thirsty.

And there are those who do not even wet their lips.

My high school English Lit teacher use to say this when it was obvious to her that someone in our class had not studied. Whenever she would riff that off, we'd all start laughing at whoever she was admonishing.

I have since come to understand that she was speaking a whole lot of truth in that statement.

It is funny how television evolved. I remember when all of the networks would close up shop around 1 a.m. during the work week and around 2 a.m. on the weekends. Now the idiot box goes 24/7. With more news coverage than ever before. But it really is just a repeat of the basic story.

The ironic thing about those folks who do not try to acquire knowledge, is the fact that at one time there were black folks willing to risk their lives just to try and get their lips wet with it.

I found the article on Idiot Savants to be fascinating reading. Thanks for sharing that link.

Lovebabz said...


Torrance is indeed a polymath. I have asaid that to him time and time agin...I am glad someone else said it.

You know how he is...but then again you are the same...(smile)

I appreciate your stand on the New Yorker debacle! My family's roots were played out there a few years back...links to the Jefferson legacy...YUCK. So I know how they like to push the envelope. They went too far this time I think...

Torrance...GREAT POST! (smile)

Torie Michelle said...

IMHO, both BET and TV One are (intentional) poisons--just of different potencies.

As far as I can tell, most (if not all) of us are misinformed and confused. Some of us think we know so much and we actually don't know the true stories behind the things of which we profess our greatest knowledge.

On the topic of where most black people get their news...almost undoubtedly it's via TV. Either that or nothing at all. This is particularly true for Gen Y. We've grown up with the TV. We're just now really getting into the thick of the Internet as a news source.

It's not that we all don't read. It's more that when we do, we read "urban lit"--whatever the hell that really is. When we read anything else, we often lack comprehension. We haven't been properly taught. And that's a cyclical plague in more than just the black community. That is an American problem.

4GOTTEN1 said...

I don't watch a lot of television anymore and when i do watch i try to stay away from channels such as BET and TV-ONE. They are supposed to be for black people but to me those channels just seem like a Minsrel show.

You are right though i'm not sure why they wouldn't show both. How can you get a complete view of both candidates without having both sides presented.

MrsGrapevine said...

I just don't think TV One can afford to air both. No offense, but I don't think they have a big enough budget or crew to handle two conventions. They probably have to go into debt just air history in the making.

Stuck in my head said...

"...we already poorly informed and if we don’t know the issues, or have tenable suggestions about how to solve the problem, then we cant or wont be able to tell if the answers we get from Obama or McCain are satisfactory or pragmatic. As a result, we will accept anything a mother fucker will tell us without objective and valid query. For me, that’s foul."

So true. There are a lot of people upset over the cover of the New Yorker and ol' boys oreo comment, but these same people don't know either of these men's stances on the major issues that will effect them for the next four years after 01.20.09. They don't even realize that there are others in the race who are not even covered by the mainstream media, yet may address and have answers about issues that will help them in multiple areas of their lives.

Yet many could tell you the show line up for BET and TV-One.

People really need to stay informed, but, I don't think the media wants that to happen. Other wise it would be easier for people to find out all of the information. You wouldn't have to search the internet, or just know where to find information on the issues.

They want us to remain ignorant.

We must fight back and educate ourselves so we can not only vote in an educated manner, but also know when the candidate who wins is doing something that could hurt us or help us.

PrettyBlack said...

Sorry I haven't commented in a minute...I've browsed though. As for this I totally agree with you, my aunt is really into politics and a few years back she told me to pay close attention to fox news. I asked her, "you watch fox?" She says yeah, keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Every since then I tune in, the other day Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, (whom I think is the absolute shit) was on HO-reilly's show shutting that bitch down and I loved every minute of it.

As for Tv-one I got rid of them ages ago, if you have a full on medium to reach the masses and you waste it on shit like Martin re-runs and NY undercover repeats 24-7 365 with a commentary once a week from Roland Martin, then I don't believe you deserve my support.

Teach more and people will learn more.

PrettyBlack said...

Oh and by the way, the pomegranate post got my hubby extra lucky that night...with a cherry on top. He thanks you...

Curious said...

TV-One? i don't know what that is. I don't think we have that up here in South Jersey, but I might be wrong since I tend to watch very few channels.

Not to take your thunder but I'm going to use a quote that I try to think of when I make a decision. It's when Hans Solo calls Obi-Wan a old fool and Obi-Wan asks, "who is the bigger fool, the fool or the one that follows the fool?" ---Yes, I'm a nerd among other things.

I guess my point is that, like you said, if we allow ourselves to be led down a path without the benefit of knowing all the information there is out there and just listen to the company line, then we deserve whatever happens to us.

Also, my hats off to the New Yorker, not for the cover that they used but by showing us that people have no concept of what sarcasm and satire is about and are just willing to be lead by any knee jerk reaction that they come across.

Oh and just one more thing, it's not fair for you to bring up Healthcare and not delve into it. One plan is poor and the other is piss poor and it frightens me that we could get either one for the next 8 years. But thats just my 3 cents, the extra penny is for inflation.

Anonymous said...

Raw - it's about the CHIP$ mane c'mon. You know they got Obama speaking and all the folk are going to tune in and make it a historical event. I am sure there will those old ass McDonald's MLK commercials going, a couple of Wal-Mart BBQ with Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince summertime in the background, and of course the UNCF with the black kid walking in the grass for that bus that took Morgan Freeman to Saywatanajo.

It's all about money they are just trying to get the commercials in there so they can make money off of Obama. You got to love capitalism!

NoRegrets said...

K street is also where the financial powers live in DC.

I love the music.

As for your point, I agree. People need to be informed to make good choices.

I lived in Zimbabwe for a year and never made it to S. Africa, alas, because I didn't want to go and support a country that still had Mandela in jail (1989). I don't regret it, but it's a place I need to get to someday.

freedom said...

Yes, we need to be informed and informed of what choices we have. I have to take my unchangeable stance and say that each politician can say whatever the people want to hear. It is not until they are actually in the seat that we learn whether they were talking bullsh*t or were for real. We can look at the issues, and hope to come to an informed decision, but, all the way up until election day is done, all that every politician says can only be taken as rhetoric.

There are only two parties in this country that count in a presidential election: Democrat or Republican. You can have ten Independents, or Green Parties, or whatever. In a presidential election, in this country, right now, only two count - Democratic and Republican. We can work now to prime better candidates for the future, but for now, it boils down to only those two.

If you can accept that premise, then it would follow that the winner will be either McCain or Obama. For me, that makes the decision impossibly easy. I have no desire to see Republicans in office again in the near future. Therefore, my choice would be Obama. I did look at the issues, but, my main reason for choosing him (from the very get-go) was that he is , at least partly, Black like me. Being (very) old school, I am not ashamed to vote by color. First answer is that color does not mean best choice. To that, I say that there are your Detroit- and D.C.-type mayors, and others that cause us embarrassment. But there are also the good ones that have come through the system from time to time. If Obama turns out to be just "another politician", then, we are probably no worse off than we have been with G Dubya and the Republicans. I would rather have Obama dupe me and be stuck with him, than to be stuck with another Republican for at least four more years.

When we prime candidates for the future, we can be relatively certain that they will do some good for the people. Then, we can drop those old "party line" choices that we are stuck with today. Until such time, although I can't readily put my finger on any real good that Democrats have done, they seem to be our only choice. What I do know is that the Republicans have done absolutely nothing.

BTW - I do know the difference between satire and racism. In this case (the cover), the difference between satire and dirty politics. This was no where near satire, but, instead, outright dirty politics. There are many White people who are deathly afraid of Black people, Showing this cover only heightens their fears and prompts them to run to the safety of a White man (McCain) just so that a Black man will have no say in their future. It's just my opinion, but, I don't feel that this cover was meant with good intentions. Peace.

Tamra said...

I think you already know where I stand on stuff like this.

A-men. {Disclaimer for use of religious words: no religious affiliation here, period.} ;-)

Tamra said...

I forgot to add, it amazes me the number of people who will "take action" about TNY cartoon (again, which I thought was brilliant), but as you said, remain ignorant and dormant about bigger issues that warrant, at a minimum, the same degree of examination.

I don't get it.

For TV-One to broadcast the DNC and not the RNC? Disgusting and just downright stupid.

Our black media news and information (if you want to call it that) outlets have failed us miserably.

Oh, and I'm with you that, though I'm voting for Obama, both candidates stances on some issues really concern me, and Obama by no means gets a blanket endorsement "just because." He's just the lesser of the two...evils? (evils being politicians--and I hate both politics and politicians)

Darius T. Williams said...

You know - at first I was thinking that your premise was crazy. But after some thought, you really do have a point. TV One should be a medium for all things relative to information, especially things that adversely affect their intended viewing audience. Seems like to me some exec producer over at the station isn't proposing the right types of things.

So, they should totally hire you - lol.

Tamra said...

should read "candidates'"

Garth Sullivan said...

that's why i get ALL my news from the internet.

msm is in the back pocket of corporate america and they heed their master's call.

media consolidation is only making it worse.

can you imagine life today without the internet as a source of news?

and newspapers wonder why their losing readers... it's cuz they're crap, same with TV.

in today's day and age it more important than ever to be an educated and discerning media consumer.

Keli said...'re just adding fuel to my raging fire...

Trust...I just as interested in what goes on that the GOP convention.

I am not faulting BET or TV One...because as black people, we need to stop living inside our box...the revolution will NOT be televised.

Keli said... only if I could type, lol...see what happens when you get me typing about politics.

MacDaddy said...

Good post, T:

I agree that both conventions should be aired, but, like, Ms. Grapevine, I don't believe they can afford to air both. Plus, there is some question about the rating of the Republican convention.

NoRegrets said...

Hey, I tag you. Go to pg. 123 of one of your books, etc. etc. etc.

Ladynay said...

Why air both conventions? All black folks are Dems anyways. Who cares what Mr. Obama's stance is on anything? He's black so he's better. Oh and if he get's in the US will change overnight! Watch!


I don't have cable so BET and TV1 are not in my reach.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Anytime sister, I just hope my next post will too

so un saying it’s a lotta thirsty mfs who don’t wet they lips? Lol

I am the true idiot savant sister

Yawl stop double teami me. Like I wrote before, I aint no polymath
But thanks for the flattery maam

Torie Michelle
And it just the news, it is information, nowadays people think of news and info and straight say TV, no newspaper – we foul folk.

The gate keepers say we aint allowed to think

That’s logical, but don’t the gov provide fed dollars and pay, not to mention so do the parties – I think.

Stuck in my head
Well said, but we the problem, thinking info only comes from the media

LOL glad somebody getting some

U aint missed nothing LOL at the Obi one line. Cover was funny to me. And reading it every where gave me food for thought. Stay tue same bat time same bat channel….ps great post today folk

first good look with urban queen.
They can make money showin g it folk, im sure some white republicans and blackones watch it. But don’t say yawl for us when u compartmentalize us, I don’t expect them to show the libertarian convention, then again I don’t watch TV one any how

Thanks and welcome to the world of funktry muzk, all live and impromptu. Record as u go

great point., bnut as I recanted, even copied and pasted on so many post re cover, its what the gop attack machine has said about jones and that’s what he should look like – classic, I was laughing harder than a mug.

Besides politics is dirty and a blood sport last I heard

LMBAO, I gone try to write something that will make u smile ok

I don’t either, but as I said to curious, wait for 2morrow show.

Darius T. Williams
Not me folk, re runs of cspan wont fly

Garth Sullivan
I aint mad at ya

I don’t be trying to upset u and Tamra, I just be thinking and writing and I type w 2 fingers and cant spell lol only if I could type, lol...see what happens when you get me typing about politics.

We got loot folk and I think M GP may be on point, but they did not make such an issue when they said why they made the decision

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...


Ladynay s
by your logic I am not black
i am a libertarian

Shy said...

I'm not much into politics and all, but I do plan on tuning in to the Convention(s) just so I can be more informed about what's REALLY going on. TV-One sucks for aiming to air only one "side" of the story, when there are people out there who care to know both sides, such as myself.

I'm a self-proclaimed young democrat, but in the same vein I also like to be well-informed on all the issues (both Dem. and Rep.) so that I can make informed decisions. Too bad TV-One won't be helping me out with that.

Ambular said...

Finally someone who agrees with me.....great blog. Foward it to TV One

Anonymous said...

There isnt any love for Black people in mass media. I've learned that long ago. I have lots of thoughts about that but I wont post them here lol ..and I find it interesting how soooo many Black people were not all gungho Obama until he won the nomination. Now people that didnt even vote in the primaries will be expecting him to save us when they don't even know his stance on policies or ANYTHING...I'm voting for him and I've decided that a long time ago. But Im also realistic in what he's capable of, what he HAS to do in order to even win the Presidency because TV One & BET can try to hype up the Black man but the Black vote won't get him in office. (but Im tired of talking about this...been talking about him for months and Im not saying anything else...I still love him and my boo Michelle lol) and I've studied a lot about South Africa, I've always wanted to visit. BUT I spent my time in the summers taking classes instead of trying to go but Im sure I'll go within the next few (read: five)years LOL I met Ahmed Kathrada, he's amazing. I wish more people knew about him. I know Im superduper random and all over the place. lol

Amina said...

slightly off topic: I was reading your comments and why was South Africa your least favorite country?
I should do a search on your blog but have you talked about your experience in Nigeria, S. Africa and Senegal? I'd love to hear it...
alright, off to do a search:)

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Well I see why they made the decision TV One is not viewing the DNC as news, they are covering it as a historical event in black history.

I'm not sure why we couldn't treat the election process as news, I have to believe blacks want to be informed of news and maybe even see some Meet the Press discussion after each convention and maybe even a post convention wrap up that talks about BOTH conventions.

But then again Black TV really is not for news, being informed, opening conversations on race, conversation on books or anything that enlighten TV can be about. I mean if you view it today, Black TV is about videos, award shows, and old black movies and sitcoms.
Oh and apparently now covering black history as it happens. Maybe if they would spend more time chronicling black history people wouldn't look side-eyed at them.

- OG

Anonymous said...

quote is classic God
just like that SBM

Anita said...

My own personal favorite "polymath" or "renaissance man," what have you, is Richard Feynman: "physicist, mathematician, author, artist and musician"

WArd PrEfEct said...

I think those cats De la Soul said something like "Black folks put a book in yo face!"

That's the sad thing, that learning has become trivialized so much that they put it on television to teach the youth. TV can't raise your kids, cause the stuff they keep from us, needs to be expressed in the homes. Why people think we consume more than any other race out there but we make the least amount of dough?

Anonymous said...

funny that you mention this, because tvone does host a lot of political issues on their website; especially with this whole jesse jackson business.

i can not really get into the parameters of why they will only host the DNC and not the RNC, but i think they feel that the black community has made a decision already so why waste time with the quite possibly the less obvious.

that's my two cents.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

12kyle said...

@ Torrance
Good post bruh

I can't be mad at TV One for wanting to ride this wave of "new found hope" in politics for black folks.

I'd like to see more programming that is dedicated towards politics and business.

Why can't we have our own black version of Meet The Press?

David said...

Kats kill me with this stuff. Cathy Hughes does not owe anyone anything. Its' up to the Community to watch CNN,MSNBC,Link Tv on Direct TV among other networks to find out information.

Political I've been on point. I grew up and was raised to be well read amd understand many concepts. I have family in political offices on a local level and a major national level.

The games the Repubs and Dems play for the national audience is funny. People kill me waking up rushing when they are damn near up shit creek without a paddle.

Shits been going on for many moons cuzo. Who in the hell watches BET and listens to Al Sharpton's ass anyway. I have a understanding of my family and who I am. I'm cool as a fan. Its' funny kats running around with their heads cut off.

If they would turn off yo gottis and any other rapper than maybe they can learn something.

I'm starting not to care about MY PEOPLE anymore. I got mine and gave back I'm done. I've done what I needed to do.

People are not that bright most will think the sky is pink if Fox News or AL Sharpton has told US folks. The no party folks make me laugh its' the same game different faces. Think about it but You knew that already. Make gas 5.50 I don't care I'm not hurting.

tz said...

I agree...and I AM hatin' TV ONE sucks...the only things it's good for is the great episodes of 'Good Times'. I finally got a chance to see the full episode of when Thelma got married the other day...

NoRegrets said...

See, another example of how I sometimes just don't get it. I don't understand your second reply. I need a translator. Sigh... I'm tryin' though!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

I have faith that u will grown to be for politics on the neighborhood level is collective responsibility, they forget that when they get to the statehouse or wash.

Thanks siter, still having your phone sex issues. Besides nothing wrong with phone sex lol

Be random, be all over the place, ok with me, I am topo when I write if u cant tell.

Not real Africa to me, u can drink water out the faucet, l;ike America, and I loved Nigeria, reminded me of Memphis, people lovely and I lived there for 16 months doing my 1st post doc with Africare international running a child survival and maternal health project and infectious disease reduction program

OG, The Original Glamazon
Chronicling history, doubt it, I mean show me. Great point.

Thanks folk and like Heatwave always and forever

I am not a polymath, why u wanna curse me LOL

WArd PrEfEct
Aint thast rthe truth BOOKS

Now I will support a show with u and Kyle talking poliotics, I will just pick the topics
And Rich and Caanan, and Tony Oh,Marcell (abovbe) and Pleez, cause somebody said it’s a show with black men and that they don’t talk about jack

Kyle, wich they would give me a show, but would be hard, I don’t want to take away from the power of the written word, waited on u Friday folk, loved the pics of u and the fame, I see wife has her had full with yawl – must be a great woman from the way she makes u smile

U crack me up folk. Im glad u got yours, rember grasshopper, we have nothing until we are willing tom lay down ansd let others walk on our backs
And when oil hit 200 a Bar as I anticipate, look for 665 a gallon

Got times is the truth, even back then, it showed how important family is when times are good and bad. Nice profile pic, still liked the feet

Translatyion : Madam, I am taken back that u would tag me, if u loved me your would not give the equal to an STD LOL

Smarty Jones said...

I disagree with TV One needing to be ashamed of themselves. They are not a news outlet, they don't need to be unbiased.
Plus, I don't think them going to the DNC is saying that they're "for" Obama and "against" McCain. I think they want to document this moment in black history and they have that right. TV One is the "anti-BET" and at least their footage won't be sandwiched between scantily-clad women shaking their asses in the camera.

NoRegrets said...

LOL... gracias.
Noted for future.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

smarty jones
scantily-clad women shaking their asses in the camera makes them money so it is more important to them
just not me. i want my folks to be informed and when we often bring altering points of view, we get our feelings hurt

anytime folk lol

sista gp said...

Why should it matter if TV1 only cover the DNC? If one wanted to see the RNC it would be aired on another channel. The conventions would not be a venue to learn about the candidates and their plans anyway. The speeches will all be focused and hyped.
Checking each candidates' websites and their congressional records would be better places for gathering information about them and what they want to do.
The conventions are just for show and fundraising.

Dusty said...

I mean we get mad at a satrical cartoon on the cover of the New Yorker but aint got the gumption to say shit bout stuff that keeps us stupid.--Spot fucking on Torrance. ;)

I plan on watching both conventions. I feel what I don't know can hurt me. Plus the old saying: Keep your friends close but your enemies closer-is something I take to heart.

Ensayn1 said...

Torrence, great post. This is the reason I blasted Warren Ballentine yesterday, the talk show host that comes on here in the A on 102.5 FM. Its bad enough that we have the media in general misleading and misinforming, but to have "hue-mans" keeping those as MsLadyDeborah says
"...Others drink just enough to keep from feeling too thirsty.

And there are those who do not even wet their lips."
in this condition left there. He seems to be an angel of deception keeping "unquenched lips thirsty" all the while portraying himself as a giver of water. We have too many, such as Warren Ballentine, TV-One and others that are guilty of leading the blind into a canyon!

Kitty said...

Torrence 4 Prez!!!

Disturbed Stranger said...

Long time no see!
Did you vote yet? :)
I find Obama strikingly handsome :)

Soulstress said...

We dont get TV One round my parts but I have watched it when on vaca. I think its silly they find it ok to just show the Dems, but hey..mayb one day these stations will get it right.

One possible issue regarding BET, is that its owned by Viacom I believe, which also owns MTV...and tho its Black Entertainment TV...Black folks aint totally runnin thangs.

Just my 2 cents;)

Professor Tracey said...

Great post! I thought it was limited as well to only cover one convention. Black folks need to see the whole picture.

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