Saturday, July 26, 2008

Riddle me this #3

I will free your mind today.
thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u

1] Is dog toe nail polish different than human, and should I carry it in my store?

2] WORD PROBLEM: Verizion say I get unlimited calls for $99.00 a month, and that they have free calls for verizon to verizon calls, if all my calls from verizion folk, shouldn’t my bill be zero? Pleas express answer in a quadratic equation.

3] Is it just me or do Abe Lincoln and Jefferson Davis look like Twins or brothers?

4] If Iraq has 169K square miles and Afghanistan has 250K square miles, why do we have 170K troops in Iraq versus 60K in Afghanistan, when they say Afghanistan is more important on the war against Terror than Iraq?

5] If folks in Thailand had documented the existence of the Giant Fresh Water Sting Ray for centuries, how can scientist say it was only discovered 18 years ago?

6] Why is that a woman can have pretty azz toes when painted but can look busted than a mug without toenail polish?

7] What gives people the right to get upset when you tell the truth about them?

8] Am I the only Jones in the blogoverse who know a plethora of folks who wear rollers (pink foam) in they hair?

Addendum: Sister Gp drop a C note at my store, good look folk and met some of them black bloggers at the conf folk. Good Look K Ross, my Morehouse class mate and alum.


IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Answer to 6- well if she paints them herself it takes away from the discolored toe nails and if she gets a pedicure you know they work the whole foot, push the cuticles back...the whole nine

Answer to 7- Most people dont tell themselves the truth and some dont consider the truth you tell them to be the truth for themselves. I have learned that many people are delusional and deluded about who they are and how they live their lives....most people do not Keep It Real...

Question for you- How would you handle if someone told you what they consider the "truth" about can dish it out but can you take it?

Anonymous said...

1) Never heard of dog toenail polish LOL wow. Not sure that would sell. Who's gonna be sitting there trying to paint dog's nails?

2)Nope. Your phone bill won't be zero. Because you have the base amount that you agree to on your contract. Regardless of what you do. So, at minimum it would be the amount of the plan you agreed to in the contract. Or else, the company wouldnt make any money.

3) All White people look the same (just kidding...hahahaha)

4) How many "terrorists" are they fighting in Afghanistan vs Iraq? How much of the land is available space for battle? How much of the space is inhabited at all?

5) AMERICAN scientists....there's your answer LOL

6)Maybe you are just used to seeing them with nail polish. Maybe she's not using a base coat (clear) before she uses a strong nail polish which can discolor her toes. Maybe she's one of those people that wears fake nails on her toes. Who knows? It depends on the woman but it is most likely being used to seeing toes with nail polish and assuming that makes them look better.

7) Whatever truth may be to you could also be your opinion to them...that's broad, I'm sure it differs for different circumstances (and people)

8) yes, you are LMBO

Anonymous said...

I'd suggest that Afghanistan is NOT more important in the war on terror, certainly it's not what people are saying. Bin Laden, if he's alive may be there. The Taliban is threatening a resurgence there. But Iraq is the key to the region. Iraq separates Syria and Iran. Iraq has always been the key to trying to modernize the Middle East, and bring them into the 20th century (let alone the 21st). Win there and Syria and Iran get demoralized and start to come to terms (like the Libyans have done). Lose there and we are looking at an Iranian led assault of the world economy.
I like your blog! Great stuff.
D. Ox

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

is pig pussy pork? ans YES lol

I am an american scientist
buit dont get down like that LMBAO at 8

where is the equation LOL thanks folk

Yasmeen Christian said...

OK, I am laughing.

JayBee said...

i've wondered that about cell phone companies myself.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

1) Who would buy dog toe nail polish?

2) Quadratic equation? I can barely add.

3) @bekinky_paula. . .LOL.

6) Well, mine look good both ways. Yes, I got pretty feet.

7) Maybe your truth ain't their truth. Maybe it is the way you told them.

8) I hope those are not men you are talking about with rollers in their hair.
And for people walking around in public with rollers in their hair . . . that is tacky.

Don'tthinktwice said...

7. they will, but they shouldn't. Keep speaking the truth. It sure doesn't get out there as much as it needs to.

Anonymous said...

Regarding #6, as I have learned the hard way if you go the cheap nail joints where they are basically the McDonalds of the pedicure world, its easy to get feet that look like that. LOL For years I went to those places and could not understand why my toes looked wrong when not polished. Well I started going to a better quality place and now my toes look good regardless of if they are painted or not. Seems the cheap places used bad stuff as far as the chemicals.

That said, I suspect it helps if you have decent proportioned toes to start off with. LOL

The Diva's Thoughts said...

They have dog nail polish?

paisley said...

i am a dog woman,, but i am not about to paint their toenails... pierce their ears... maybe.. but paint their nails ... huh uh...

Amina said...

i had no idea dogs could wear nail polish.....french manicure? lol...

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Hey Raw, I think you should go for the toenail polish, especially if you expand to dog grooming.

Google the words: dyed, poodles. You'll see some wild and incredible photos of what the Japanese groomers routinely do. Don't know if your shoppers would go for this, but a photo of one would be cute in the store.

Note: if there's an ordinance in your area against dying Easter bunnies and chicks, you need to check out if they'd allow dye-friendly products in your shop.

B said...

Dog toenail polish? Get the freak outta here.

And I feel you on the Verizon bit. I also wonder why calling mobile to mobile is free but calling your voicemail takes away from your daytime minutes. How in the hell?

The Flyyest said...

dogs have toenail polish

6 is funny...

thats jus like saying a man is fine once he shaves but is ugly as hell with all that stubble hairs or no haircut!!!

msladydeborah said...

I wanna know do we get a prize for attempting to answer? :-)

1. Never polished my dog's nails, I have had to clip them. If you have customer's who are willing to purchase polish~why not?
This is a capitalist nation~we either consumer or profit from monetary exchange.

2. You=Customer

In theory your bill should be zero. But according to my study about it, this is what I come up with:

You want Access to the technology that Verizon supplies. Although you may never call outside of your verizion circle, there is that connection via their circuits.

So in simple she math:
Y+V=T+V=$99.00 (What? It is a valid math formula in my world)

3.I think they look like relatives. Brothers would be good. Or perhaps first cousins.

4. This is easy. We have a dumbass as Commander and Chief. Why would he go to the trouble to actually try to conduct a war against terrorism? The war against the middle class is going quite nicely!

5.Sounds like cultural bias to me. It ain't so until they say its so. I remember reading about a tribe in Africa that knew how to draw the planets long before Europeans did. But did they get credit from the science community? No. Why? They claimed that the information was given to them by a enity that rode out of the heavens in a chariot. The tradition of theft still continues.

6. One must take time to pamper the tootsies! That would include a proper soak,removal of rough skin and cuticles,a pedicure and healthy foot care practices. Sometimes a sistah just doesn't have time to do all that.

7. Did you ask the shyt just to see if we were paying attention? :-)

I am a pretty straight forward sistah. So I expect to get what I give out. I've learned that the truth can cut both ways. It hurts sometimes before it frees your mind so your ass can get together. Isn't anger just a disguise for being hurt in some cases? Although there are times when the truth will piss you off because it is exactly what you don't want to hear.

8. Heyl Naw!
I got it the first time around. I looked up plethora just to make sure I was on your page.

The pink spongies came to mind as soon as I read the title. And at least six names of folks popped into mind as I listened to the song.

Okay, I am finished with my cup of coffee and this Riddle Me This.

I expect my prize in the mail. :-) And not my e-mail either! lol!

Anonymous said...

1) Dog toe nail polish? Never heard of that, sounds wack.Plus- who has money to waste on nail polsih for their dogs anyways?!lol, not me. I don't even have a dog.

2)I cut my Verizon account a loong time ago because of that. Sorry-I'm not good with math so no quadratic equation;)lol

3)LOL my thoughts exactly

4)Beats me. Perhaps it's because America isn't really over there to fight against the supposed 'war on terror'? *cough 'oil' cough*

5)I have no idea.


7)Cuz people don't always want to hear or deal with the truth-esp. if it contradicts what they say or believe.

8)That's hella funny!:D

Kai said...

1)You know regarding the doggy polish! I say carry it in a limited amount just to see if and well it will sell. Why not? Im a pet owner of a dog.While I wouldnt polish her nails I have come to realize that there are many people in the world who would do something like that! If there are people willing to spend money on gourmet dog bakery treats for their dog, and take their dogs to 4 star doggy resteraunts and dress dogs in designer gear ,diamond leashes,its not too extreme to believe that there are people who will polish their dogs nails!lol

2) I dont always understand the billing rules of some of these companies but I'll say this just "read the fine print "and be prepared to pay something. No matter how good they make their service sound ,they are still in the business of making money!They will get something from you.The only good thing is that cell phone and regular phone market is highly competitive ,so if you arent locked into an iron clad contract you can usually ease on over to another provider with better service/price package if your unhappy!
3)Abe Lincoln and Jefferson Davis kinda resemble but it might just be that stern expression,lol
4) Ill pass on #4 nothing personal just tired of hearing about iran,iraq,all them middle eastern countries right about now,since I hear it on news al the town!Ill pass on #5 too!Too deep for me I dont want to think that hard right now.
5)I happen to be a woman who loves nail polish, on my fingers and toes. (Must match) I wear all colors but mostly variations of red ,pink, plum, black,blue,and anythign else that appeals to me at the time.Sometimes Ill shock people and wear simp,e french manicure orplain toes but this is not often!
For some polish presents an illusion of pretty toenails,because if they have nail fungus which discolors and deteriorates the nail,it isnt noticable with polish! Sometimes if your in between a professional pedicure taking th time to at least polish the nail will make the overall foot look better,unless you have them crusty ashy heels covered with dead skin!
7)The truth hurts and some people dont want to hear it . Some people dont want their faults broadcast to the world by others! As long as its done in a constructive and not selfis and desructive way its ok.Juyst make sure you receive it as well as you dish it out!
8) sorry but I dont anyone these days still wearing them pink foam rollers. Maybe back in the 70's and 80s I could have said yes,but not now. That is real old fashioned,and those rollers always took the hair out of you werent careful. I hope that noone is goign out with rollers in their hair in public,unless they have on a scarf and are just makign a quick run to store or laundry!

Dreamy said...

alot of people live in denial about themselves. they lie and lie to themselves until they finally start beleiving he lie that they tell themselves

damn shame though, and they hate when you get mad and tell them the truth!!!

hope that you are having a great weekend

memphiz said...

Toe nail polish for dogs is just weird i refuse to paint any dogs toe nail.

Ummm pink rollers are old school I havent seen them bad boys in a minute.

so how u been?

dejanae said...

im right there with u on no4

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Torrance: I'll play at home.

1) I don't know. But if it's different and a small batch order isn't prohbitive, I'd run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it as the old Madison Avenue guys used to say at the "Stew Zoo" bars.

2) 2nd degree is FREE SKYPE TO SKYPE, 1st degree is CABLE PACKAGE INCLUDING PHONE SERVICE, constant is VERIZON is a bunch of bastards

3) Not just you. Very much so.

4) There is no war on terror. There's a war to prevent the rest of the developed capitalist-democratic-republican-parliamentary West (to include South Africa and Oceania) from getting into markets which have been useful political tools in the US

5) Thai historians have to fight for recognition

6) I got the world of responsibilities on my narrow shoulders. If I worried about women's toenail polish, I might as well chase 200 valiums with a bottle of Wild Turkey 101 and try the next life or eternal nothingness or whatever's out there.

7) "Truth" is in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes, it pays to be a gentleman even if you lie. Sometimes, it pay to throw caution to the wind, tell your interpretation of the truth and hope for the best.

8) I don't know any and if I saw one, she might scare me. Like REALLY scare me so much that I'd want ONE valium and ONE shot of Wild Turkey 101 and maybe a phone call from my mom before I could return to normal.

Tony OH said...

Subterfuge, subterfuge...subterfuge!

Intimate Outings of Love

Sandy said...

thanks for stopping by Torrence... The comment about verizon made me laugh... LOL! it appears that the dog nail polish was a hit with everyone else :) my blog is under construction. I'm still trying to figure this whole thing out so bare with me :)

fairlane said...

It's all related to the fact that Christopher Columbus discovered America.

enigma4ever said...

Great post really asked the difficult questions ;-0

now about that nail polish...I confess when I lived in Cali I bought nail polish....NOT for my dog-for me cuz I loved the color...(it's called Midnight in Paris) and I have to say it was the best damn polish I ever bought- this stuff is like made for airplanes- does not chip or anything- I still have it- bought it 4 years ago...

Disturbed Stranger said...

I like your riddles but my answers to them are disturbed... so I'll spare you the torture :)

T.Allen-Mercado said...

1. anthropomorphism? no torrance don't do it...
2. x= all-mi-t / c fine print!
3. you are silly!
4. they should all shake hands and have a hefeweizen
5. the same way cc discovered america with folks already living here doing laundry and shit...! hair, skin, nails all diet.
7.did they ask? if so it's ego.
8. still-naw...get.out!

fly tie said...

I'm with tameka on number five. what a joke.

rainywalker said...

I was ask yesterday if they sell bug spray for animals? I think dog polish might sell! I used to kiss a lot of toes when I was younger and they were beautiful either way. My daughters used to put rollers in my hair when they were younger just for play. I have Qwest and its $95.67 a month. Quadratic Equation? Can I do that with a pencil? I think we need to send the Hell's Angels over there and clean them all out. Just don't put all your eggs [coffee] in one basket like Starbucks when gas goes up to $4.25 a gallon.

Evolution of self Growth said...

Okay so I looooovvee the dogs for Obama shirt!!! I have a doggy that would wear it proud!! Hope all is well!

RealHustla said...

Providing dog toe nail polish in your store would be like you voluntarily contributing to the insanity. So, I guess it depends on what your goal is.

Polish won't do for dogs what it does for women's toes.

Regina said...

Doggy nail polish huh? Well you better call Paris Hilton she may want some of that!

And you know some people just can't handle the truth!!

Pajnstl said...

@#2 too much like right

@#6 I'm putting you in Time Out! LOL Lets hope the women you mess with that have foot issues keep them properly manicured

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Yasmeen Christian
I try

They like the government

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon
No babe im not lol

I agree with that

now that’s an anology

The Diva's Thoughts
Yes maam and dog everything else

u preaching to the choir and too many colors

U silly

Kit (Keep It Trill)
Leaning away from it now too costly

Maybe I should post the letter I wrote them lol

The Flyyest
Put a toe pic up folk – b4 and after

That must be new math, and what prize I aint publishing clearing house

U crack me up sister

the expression, I thought they were in co-hootz lol

So true so true

Im dating myself huh

Thanks hon

LOL. Im with the wild turkey 101

Tony OH
What u mean folk

Let me know when u finish and do come back

Colombus rears his head again damn, damn, dman

Ive decided not to carry it LOL

Disturbed Stranger
Disturb me sister

How small was the small print I missed it. LOL I asked the man and they couldn’t explain it to me, im waiting on a corp letter

fly tie
True, thanks for the love and the vist do return if u can

LOL you daughters don’t count man. U wild

Evolution of self Growth
Click it and email me hon. Do come back pls

Goal is to stack loot – capitalism – thanks for the drive by jones, but I don’t know the diff between human and dog toe nail polish

I wish, she would but everything

Can I get a dunce cap too LOL

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik] said... polish? That's hilarious....people would laugh at me b/c my yorkie had shoes and little black leather boots...HE was styling...

2. You're paying for the cell phone towers.

3. I'm sure they're relate some how. word. Bush.

5. B/C it's the same thing when Columbus said he 'founded' america.

6. Why is it that men always make a big deal out of a woman's toes, when most men have what look like ancient egyptian artifacts for feet?

7. some people prefer to hear lies, b/c thats usually what they're telling themselves anyways.

8. I've never owned a roller.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

(fŭng'kē) [blak] [chik]
never lol
and y u talking bout my feet

Keli said...

lmao at the pink foam rollers...that's old school...and are we talking about men in pink curlers

NoRegrets said...

Wait, do you own a dog?

Soulstress said...

hehe...funny..specially about verizon & toenails.

I'm a t-mobile user..the network and phones aint the best..but I get more minutes for my buk I spose.

Miss Soul said...

This amused me...great questions all need an answer, especially the one on terror.
Re: toe nail polish for dogs...don't we make them suffer enough with clothes and hats?

T.C. said...

1) yes you should because prissy people who have those small dogs LUV stuff like that...

3) did you know that lincoln was bi-sexual, yep had many homosexual relationships...

6) because all the nail polish that we keep on our toes prevents our toenails from getting the proper amount of oxygen so the nail becomes a yellowish color and uneven...thus keeping us with HAVING to wear polish...i know terrible...HA!

Anonymous said...

As you know, quadratic equations only work when they are equal to zero. So your first order of business is to get that bill down to zero, lol. When you do, I'll be happy to break down that mathematical proof for you.

Till then, pay yo bill!

Folk said...

LOL at the toes one. That ish is the truth right there.

...and yeah, WTF about my cell phone bill! I'm calling them b!tches up right now.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Don’t talk about my folk lol

Yep, her name is famous and no toe nail polish

That’s what I get for reading the fine print, still no answer to my letter

Miss Soul
I sell clothes not hats – yet lol

I knew Lincoln was gay, and the toe answer scares me

Impressive u the only one who caught that

We love us some pretty feet

Tish said...

i'm sensing a fondness for toenail polish. lol

you should definitely research doggie polish...maybe it's got less chemicals or some ish in it so that when the dang thing licks the paws it isn't slowly poisoning itself :(

just my thoughts.

Tish said...

p.s. yes dogs get their toenails painted!!! lol...the east coast is another world i'm assuming. you have no idea how much people love their pups...petsmart got savvy a couple years back and started catering their marketing around such canine luvvas. (my best friend happens to be one such type of person) they do exist!

sista gp said...

Thanks for the shout. Folks wondering what I purchased since I do not have a dog, nor does any family in town. Blog about it when I can. Schedule real tight.
Hubby is feeling better, but not back to work yet. I am worn out. At least he's up to cooking now, tonight's menu: Pinto Beans w/ham hocks and Fried Pork Chops. So there is an upside to all of this.

Kofi said...

1) don't know, I hope not... but if the ATL scene is anything like NYC I would say yes, sell it.

2) my math skills are rusty but:
(aggravating service interruptions)^2 + (overcharged service rates)*(x calls you won't make) + $99 for calls without rates = zero sense. Sounds like a scam plan to me.

3) Couldn't say. Although judging from our presidential lineage in this country, many of them are related anyway.

4) Iraq has more oil of a higher quality. Imagine where the troops would be if Kim Jong Il had the pumps and Iraq just had nuclear weapons.

5) I don't know about science; gnosis is more my thing these days.

6) The lack of corporate insurance coverage for podiatry?

7) Most people delude themselves into believe the best about themselves while ignoring the worst. Truth-telling breaks the spell.

8) The folk I know who wore the rollers cut off their hair. It's been 5-10 years since I've seen that look.

RunGirl. said...

Yes your bill should be zero! I have Verizon too and they kill me with that. Im working on my quadratic equation ...

RunGirl. said...

Yes your bill should be zero! I have Verizon too and they kill me with that. Im working on my quadratic equation ...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Only on a woman w sexy feet my dear watson

U would love my store for dogs sister

sista gp
Told u he just missed u and he did just have surgery

LMBAO at 3 and your number 4 scares me

Im still waiting on my letter to be answered I sent to the corp HQ

Anonymous said...

ok, yes, i used to paint my dog's toenails. neither monty nor gypsy minded, both being of the female persuasion. somehow i don't think terminator or rocky would go for it, though. these small town dogs might think nail polish is a bit to much and i don't want my boys to have to defend themselves on the streets over stuff like that.

still: STOCK SOME!

you might want to even do a small promotion to get the word out. you know, one bottle half off along with a color-coordinated outfit or leash or something...?!?!


Anonymous said...

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