Friday, March 28, 2008

I don’t dispose of income - folk don’t get down like that

Down in this camp, everyone appears to be in awe of the spectacle that Mary J. Bilge and Jay Z are going to be in concert, while I am sitting here before major oral surgery to find out the big deal. Especially with the existence of Limewire and cell phones with video cameras.

They also say it is virtually sold out with front row seats (from
Ticket Master) going for $660 a pop. All other seats are going for $300.00. Off market front row seats are going for $900.00, with all others priced and $600.00. Are folks really that greedy? Is a concert really worth more than $50.00 for a front row seat? On the surface I will say no, I mean if it is disposable income, then maybe. However, the folks that will be mostly in attendance, according to the economic indicators I follow have the least amount of disposable income in the country – us.

Personally I do not believe the concept, nor do I ascribe to disposing of income. Garbage yes, income no – folk here don’t get down like that. Maybe it is greed too, because now the concert people have even opened up the rehearsal to he general public for the paltry fee of $250.00 a seat, a rehearsal

Then knowing us as we do, people got to have the fresh cut, their doo’s whipped and new shoes, outfit, purse and nails done if a woman (even some men). So we really looking at anywhere from $500 to a stack for a concert night. And don’t throw in doing dinner before and drinks after coupled with $3.35 per gallon gas, the ticket becomes even higher, cause many of us are not smart enough to take

What I could do with a stack, well at least get me shares of some new stocks I have bee following, namely the vice fund, Incogia and Geopharm. But that’s just me and how I dispose of income. What this concert may cost a single individual may even be Board for a semester, if not at least a few bills or a couple of car notes.

some more muzk from the vault


rodney said...

yo you wild as hell, but to tell the truth that song fit perfect- besides investing, that one night would pay for my monthly mortgage and car note. Come on J lets talk about this baby

TheophaniaPaige said...

That's why I stay home and wait for it to show on HBO...

Anonymous said...


The pic
the big nose

the big head
the big lips

funky, so u call that funktry music, nice

JayBee said...

i wouldn't do it but i don't begrude others from doing it. nothing wrong with wildin' out every blue moon. just becomes am issue if you trying to live like that all the time.

Muze said...

now this is real. i wanted to go see kanye but the tickets were $240 for the good ones...and um, hayle no i'm not paying that to make some rich dude richer.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

rod - good look folk welcome to the bloggosphere

Theophaniapaige - start investing

Anon - nothing against jay z....yea FUNKTRY, ALL LIVE AND IMPROMPTU, BASS AND LEAD VOCAL ON THAT, BUT GIT AX AND DRUM AND KEYBOARD ABILITY ALSO all live and impromptu (sorry type w 2 fingers)

Jaybee - well said, i dont begrudge, just wilding every now and then would mean larger disposable income, all the time means less u make the call..thanks for the drive by fo9lk do come back

muze - on the real i think he should retire or do like me, i make music so i can drive around and listen to my own music

Lovebabz said...

My priorities are different these days. I like MJB--have her latest cd, but I am not a fan of concerts unless they are small venues like the Blue Note--where I saw Cassandra Wilson...amazing! or the Iridium and maybe the House of Blues or BB King's. I think being 44 almost 45 affords one a much more discriminating palate of music taste and willingness to part with one's money! Meaning I am no longer interested in the hip or what's happening now and I certainly don't want to pay for the hip and now! For me the music I dig now is the soundtrack of my life, eclectic, mellow, sexy and reflective of a Grown Woman who is not sweating shit. So bring on the Oleda Adams, Carol King, Brenda Russell, Vanessa Williams, Diane Reeves, Lizz Wright, Carly Simon, Concerts.

Great post! I appreciate your Grown Man sensibilities. I would suggest that even if stocks aren't your game...a nice rainy day fund would be just as sweet. But I hear you.

Lovebabz said...

Oh yeah, LOVE the SONG! You my friend are a man of great
talent(s)! A True Renaissance Brother in the same vein of da Vinci and or Goethe. Game recognizes Game, but Genius is a whole other stratosphere.

I am looking forward to the cd!

focusedpurpose said...


hysterical! you crack me up. seriously.

i like full grown folks with a full grown perspective:-)


David Meyer said...

I'm going to the Kanye Lupe concert in May. I got my tickets for a good price for great seats. I don't have a car note.

Jay z should not retire than You would have clowns like 3-6 mafia spinners riding devil worshipping still doing musik. We don't need these country boys doing musik. I don't live in the back woods. I have some acres trust.

I just can't relate to the south like that. They talk with slang and call me folk. Where I'm from we don't speak. You can get put in a body bag above this mason dixon line for less. I'm a big city guy with country roots that's it. I don't chew snuff or run around with no sneakers on.

I've found some southern people to have this attitude with me. Reason being I'm from New Yawk as some would say. Sometimes I do have this attitude like people from the south excluding my family are kind of late in terms of world events and technology. In memphis it looks like a war zone and people have the nerve to speak on BROOKLYN. Folks down here need to show respect.

Curious said...

Torrance, you are too hard on people. Its called quality of life and for some people there is no price ticket to high for that. True now that I'm in mid-40's I would have to think 3 or 4 times to spend even $50 on a concert ticket and then wait another 2 months before I bought it. But throw some cake and cookies and vanilla ice cream in front of me and I'd be willing to lose the house over them. That's my fix. Can't begrudge someone theirs.

Ascot Nardin said...

Question T. If one can afford to do this and have their bills and tution paid off. Why not do it? Its' no difference than seeing whoever was popular in Your era.

I know this might be hard to fathom, some people are really not hurting in these days and times. Maybe, I see things different.I was raised in a different tax bracket. I grind like I'm a single dad. I'm getting money later on. Don't You dispose of income on of whatever You are into.

Living downsouth is not that expensive.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

curious - i am not begruging them, just trying to understand the 600 bill ticket, i mean to me its no different when i question tyhe mind set to buy fat gold chains and watches by jacob instead of giving to the king memprial thats all, just want folk to think about choices

david - did i insult your fanhood? not my intention but i belive you require an attitude adjustment. i dont have a car note either, but just cause i dont do not mean others dont, i went to college, most dont, i got a phd, but i will not say others or u have one - fatous. and who is we, u call folks clown, and personally, saying speaking or being cordial to someone will get u kill shoes me how fucked up in the head u are as a person, if u even ascribe to such FOLK and truth be told, i have more respect for u than u have for me u narrow minded and myopic fuc boy. how is that for respect. thanks or the drive by Lansky, do come back -

Focused - thank u mam. LOL

Babz - so u likes, thanks hon, nice selection of music u have

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Ascot Nardin - good question. But i dont think our priorities are in the right place, i feel the same bout the lotto, rich folks dont by them as much as the poor. and unlike u I am a single parent (2 kids) and if i had the loot, i would not spend it on such, thats just me, and im not critisizing no one really accept the people who charge such high prices, a foll cannot be critisized for they are what they are

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

david - u dont like beingcalled folk, yet u call others folk, u donw her, why not be in yo beloved brooklyn, and the song at the botto of the psge resembles u in fact i dedicate it to u

professor said...

this is how it goes...folks with "disposable" money can drop that kind of gwap and it won't hurt the folks (ours in particular) like to pretend that they got it like that...they will spend all they have, plus max out a credit card, to like you say, buy new clothes, bag, etc. plus limo to and from...they will say "shit, this ain't nothing" meanwhile they are sitting at home with no lights,...but its all a front...folks want others to believe that they have "disposable"'s their way of feeling important...

Christopher said...

Oral surgery? Dude, I know how painful a root canal and crown is, so I'm feelin' you.

Concert ticket prices. They all started to go into space when the suits got involved.

I memba seeing Rufus back when I was in High School -- Chaka was about 18 then and I think I paid $9.00 for front row seats. Shit, I can't get 3 gallons of gasoline for $9.00 these day.

I really don't know how people pay these sums of money to see their favorite artists. I wouldn't pay $900.00 to see anyone -- not even Jesus himself if he came back and toured with a jazz trumpet.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I never really could get into concerts like that. I'vee been to on (Lupe and the Roots), but I don't think I paid over 75 for the tix.

Hell, I can't even afford that right now.

WTF is this disposable income that these people speak of. Send it my way

I am not Star Jones said...

if all of your basic needs are met.... spend the money on jz and mary j

it must be an amazing show

but if the money for the show
should have gone to child support, rent/mortgage, car note/insurance, tuition and books, health insurance premium or
if you have $2 in savings

then yes some people need to rethink spending money on those millionaires.

life is about choices and compromises for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness I couldn't hear a thing...

When you all mention liking such and such music and will pay $4986704
to see em in concert, the thing that goes through my mind is yall crazy... I wouldn't even pay that much to go to an all you can eat buffet.

But then again I know i'm missing alot... not them concert but not following along with music.

guerreiranigeriana said...

hmmmmnnnn...i'm trying to figure out if exploitation or greed dictated the price of those tickets-rehearsal prices included...curious about mjb and jay z's role in the price and how much control/say-so they have regarding that...i think the prices are ridiculous and just plain outlandish...unfair even...

...i am trying not to bad-mouth the people who have paid for the tickets and will spend countless more money trying to keep up or portray 'appearances' because i don't know them...i imagine, every now and then, you need an escape from the fuckery that may be your existence...although i prefer a book, a play or a small venue-read CHEAP-show, that's me...

...shame on the show producers and artists performing and shame on those without disposable income for shucking and jiving and pretending...

the prisoner's wife said...

lol. i have disposed of some income in this way before, but certainly not at $900 a pop. like FOR REAL?

the most i paid for a concert ($75) was back in 2000 & that was to see D'Angelo live on the VooDoo tour. not only was it a GREAT show & we went back stage (i mest ?uestlove of The Roots!), but D aint been out in a while, so it look like it was money well spent.

but they are BUGGIN for $900. Jigga & Mary will be here at the Hollywood Bowl. i will be at home. LOL

Tera said...

You make a good point! I for one definitely would not squander that much on a concert. And honestly I LOVE Mary J, but never have been a big fan of Jay-Z anyways!!! If I had $1,000 to "waste" it would certainly be on something more worth while!

I think it is ridiculous to spend $600 in one pop on something that can't be used more than once, transport you, house you, or feed you.

David Greys said...

I wrote a check for the memorial. I still flack from people when I come visit. I have dare I say it relatives in North Memphis. For the life of me I don't see how there friends and others always have something to say. I had my V-12 Vanquish shipped down from New Jersey where I live. They act as if they have never seen a James Bond car before. It was a lawschool gift paid for along with 6 acres I just turned 25.

Just because I had my choice of car shipped downsouth they had something to say. I didn't have an issue with the kids touching it.

Its' like some of my family have an issue with people younger than them doing well. I tell them I just came back from West Africa visiting my family.

I also told them I was staying at the Peabody. They had such an issue with it. I encourage the kids to stay in school. I gave them some money expecting nothing in return. They had an issue with that. Are all memphis residents like this?? I'm doing my part and trying to be a blessing to others. I don't understand the ways of the south. Help me out.

12kyle said...

You've hit the nail on the head, bruh. I don't begrudge anybody who will drop that kinda loot on some tix. I am HUGE fan of Jigga and MJB. I've seen them both in concert for less than $100 in the past. That said, I'm not spending that kinda money to see them again. I know that there will be some "surprise guests" that they bring on stage. But unless they are gonna bring Biggie, Pac, Jam Master Jay, and Big L on stage...its not worth it to me. Good post, bruh

chocolate_matters said...

Yeah, that concert just passed us hear on Long Island this pass Thursday.
I agree with you. We need to do more with the money we spend. More investments, more savings. I see cats around where I am all the time with Benzs, BMW and other luxury cars with rims, but do they have a house? or even a savings account? Probably not. I contribute something toward s my savings account every time i get paid in addition to the automatic savings deduction my bank does every month. When I start my teaching carere(which will be soon), I am going to look into investing in companies so that I can earn a share in their stakes. It will only be companies I buy products from so that way anytime I buy something it will be like paying my self. I also looking into some retirement plans.

My po' black folk, what are we gonna do with our selves (sigh)?

See ya around the blogosphere.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

chocolate_matters – good look that was one of the points I was trying to make, regarding our choices. And im really disappointed hat the folks putting on the show don’t understand that these prises are exorbitant.

!2kyle – again, I aint hating, I just don’t think in a recession its particle, I mean if some body owed me loot and instead splurged on a feel good concert, id be up set, like saying I spend and borrow but I don’t pay back. If u cant afford something do without unless it’s a necessity

David Grey (or is it Myers) – anywho, I would suspect only a fool would have such a car on 11 or 6 acres, I mean id tear it up going up my dirt road, and sure couldn’t haul wood or pull stumps out the ground, and yep, I can afford one, but no privlidge or silver spoon here. Each vehicle I have ever owned I have bought on my own. My parents could have gotten me one, but they taught that u have to earn for yourself, and graduation didn’t count, im supposed to graduate. But im sure its nice, but ill keep my pick up truck any day – I bet u wash it or ge it washed too al the time, at least I hope u not lazy and don’t change your own oil.

Tera – miss u hon, I knew I forgot to add someone to my blog roll, how have u been, and don’t foret to get my book

TPW – a woman after my own heart, buggin – that’s old school, how u like the manuscript so far?

guerreiranigeriana – it is ridiculous. I don’t see that much value in a show, its like he cost of a vacation, I mean, maybe if it was for an entire day. But 900 for 3 hrs, go figure

D'lee Trecia – that’s a blessing then. But u are likely more pratical than the average concert denizen. I mean, wonder how much they gone sale the dvd for? Half the performace gone be smpte anyway

Im not star jones – true, but how many of them do u think have a mortgage, or all their bills paid, just being really real.

MP – I know that’s right, tey can dispose of it wit me, cause I put mine in my business and in my books

Profrssor – well said, its like the saying, “keeping up with the jones”

Christopher – now u going back, that’s old school and great taste I must add, and Id have to wait til jesus released the dvd.

James Tubman said...

they just had in my city b-more on the 26th

ticket prices are insane

gotta be pissy drunk to pay that price

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

I totally agree.
I love music too but I don't need to see you in person that badly to where I'm willing to pay $200. I was going to UltraFest tonight but... not for $400 VIP. I love dance, house, techno but not that danggone much.

in the words of Hakeem, "Teach the children, Ms. Mitch"

Aunt Jackie said...

the only band I would consider paying that amount to see if the Rolling Stones, only because they are my all time favorite band.

I've seen Jay Z up close and personal during his 7 city hanger tour. Met the cat, hung out with him back stage, got to see his show from the stage...he's cool, got that swagger, makes you look at 40 in a whole new way..

Mary is cool too, just interviewed her for a show, real good people, I like her husband too, but they aren't musicians in my opinion, they don't really command that type of money.

personally i believe concerts are the last frontier of real music, anyone can do their thing in the studio but can you wow me for hours like Jill Scott, or Prince? Probably not.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

aunt jackie - im down with george clinton and Prince, just not more than 50$ worth

Sincere said...

ha that's funny that you post this! I was planning on attending this concert but the prices were crazy! So I took what I was willing to pay for a ticket and bought some more shares of Clorox stock! I literally did it like 5 minutes before I read this!!
David Meyer is a funny cat... I'm from DC and that is above the mason dixon line, we speak to each other without getting "put in a body bag" for it. MAtter of fact I lived in Brooklyn (Bed Stuy) and spoke to people just as cordially as I do here in Atlanta and nothing has happened.. I'm not sure what type of area or mentality you have but you might need an adjustment. How come your family seems to be the only family in the entire south that is up on world events and technology? hmmm... You might need to take a trip to the south and really see what is going on.. I'm not originally from the south, but who are you to judge a place you obviously know nothing about? Sounds like some Fuck'ry to me...

Anonymous said...

I don't do well with huge crowds..especially when I have to disturb others to exit. I can only imagine all the pushing, shoving and let's not forget rowdiness that will be going on. You know atleast one person is going to try to sit in a better seat...LOL!!!!

I just hope all gets their money's worth. Hey!! What's up with all the skulls I'm seeing on hip-hop's "finest" attire. When did wearing skulls become popular? I'm so late in everything....

The True Urban Queen said...

Hope you are feeling better. I love Jay Z. But, I refuse to give up my house for the man.

Christina said...

Hmmmmm let me think... a mortgage payment or Jigga and Mary tickets? Nope not for me. I guess if you can afford it and it doesn't take food from the mouths of babes it's ok :)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

First LOL

Mizrepresent said...

I would never pay that amount of money for a concert, but then again...i'm frugal like like that is better served, investing, investing in something i can see (ie. furniture), i can enjoy longer than 4 hours (ie. a trip), or something i can look at and gains interest (ie. bonds, stock, mutual funds). I love MJB, listen to her cd almost everyday, when i play it real loud, sounds like i'm having my own concert, all is good. The most i ever paid for a concert ticket $65, to see Maxwell and Alecia was great! But i thought that was too much. Like the smaller venues better, much better. Best concert and worth the price, Prince live, oh yeah...who can't beat that, not many once he gets to strumming that guitar! To each his own, enjoy every bit of that $600 dollars. Whew!

Tony OH said...

I wish I would even consider paying that kind of bread for a ticket...I'd slap myself!

"Nigga what, Niggga who?...Jigga what, Jigga who?"

Anonymous said...

Jay is cool and all but a sista is payin' her way towards a law degree ($907 per credit hour) plus raise a toddler so ain't now way in hell I'm droppin' that much cash on seeing somebody REHEARSE.

Just goes to show where our priorities are.

And you know some of them folks will justify it by saying that they're getting the good ole "tax rebate" check this year on top of their regular tax return so they can afford to splurge. Exactly what GWB wants us to do.

Damn shame we can't see the long term return on our investments or lack thereof.

Bradley said...

I completely agree with you, the idea of paying all this money for one night so I can listen to music that due to stadium sound and people will not sound as good as the actual CD that I stole off the net for free. I would rather spend the money doing as you said buying stock or at least investing in an entertainment product that will last me hours and maybe days, not just a night.

Dusty said...

Some music folks try to keep the prices from skyrocketing like the concert your talking about.

But not enough are doing that..and when the artist doesn't care enough to keep the prices decent..what are we to think of them? Are they greedy? Not my place to say...

I love music and I will attend a concert that I can afford. When I made lots of money and had it to toss away, I never thought twice about blowing 250-500 bucks on a single night of music..but now..its out of my reach. But thats a good thing I think. It makes me embarrassed at what I used to blow my hard-earned money on.

msladydeborah said...


I thought that I commented on this post. But~maybe I didn't.

I love the song! In fact that is why I swooped through here~so I could listen to it again~it's been a long day at work. And the title is on point for the type of day that I have had.

As far as concert tickets are concerned there is a select list of artist who could get me to give up some of my money. But not at the rates that you quoted.

I like MJB, but not like that! And since I am a birth mother of members of the hip hop nation~I really cannot imagine me being there!

I have a nice collection of music. I could do a MJB at home concert right now and be straight with it.

invisibleblog said...

I feel you. Fortunately for me, my birthday is coming up and my gift from my wife is two tickets. I wouldn't buy tickets for myself which is why it is a great gift. So I would say, don't dispose of income unless your doing it for someone else.

Ms. Wright (Hunnie) said...

I completely agree!

my friend and I actaully had this conversation while I was on ticket master looking for tickets two days before they actually went on sale the general public (he has a citicard and citi was offering advanced sells--we were THAT pressed to get tickets)

But when we tallied everything up..two tickets (360.76) dinner at our local hang out ($40-50) and drinks($30-40), new clothes, hair, etc. It WOULD HAVE REALLY stacked up to over a grand for a single concert. We agreed that right now, that would not be an economically sound decision so i Xed right out of the ticketmaster website.

and a friend mentioned to me...IT WILL BE ON DVD! and I know plenty of people with big screen TVs so we'd all have FRONT row seats for $20!!!!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

hunnie - a woman after my own world, wait til dvd - from the boot leg lol

invisibleblog - hats differnt no gift has a price when its for your wife or kids

msladydeborah- they charge more for a ticket than my lawyer per hour

Dusty - well like u say, key words "when u had it".

Bradley - stock game is a good one, u make and earn wha u put in, if u do it right

MIZ - i bet maxwell was a tigh azz concert thats my folk, great new age grind music

Ieisha - first thanks for the drive by and do return. second i will venture to suggest that some folks dont even know how to priortirize

Tong Oh - LOL

T.C. said...

your mentality is one that i am truly trying to adopt, one that me love has...he doesn't believe in spending mone, disposible income, on such things as concerts, especially 100s of dollars...

so in short i can truly dig it...we gotta get smarter with our spending habits fo sho

Ms. Wright (Hunnie) said...

LOL!!! Go on and get that boot leg copy! that's about 5 dollars and if you invite 4 people over. that's $1 a seat! Sounds good to me! LOL

I'd pay everyone's way in that case! :-p

Mica said...

The truth hurts. & That's why I'm feeling shamed about going to that cocert this month. But in my defense I just love Mary, I didn't pay nearly that much for the tickets, and I won't be spending $$$ per or post concert activities.
Thanks for coming by my blog :-)sooo long ago...

Rich said...

Man, I was going to check them out in DC this weekend until I saw those ridiculous prices. They trippin' and folk going along for the ride.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

tc - we sure doo

hunnie - we can do that and id end up with NO COUNTRY 4 OLD MEN and givm half off

Mica - do u if u got it like that or better yet want to, i just posed a query

rich - u gone make it back on them books in DC

brran1 said...

I wanted to go see them here in Baltimore or either in NY at Madison Sq Garden, but I REFUSE to pay that much money to see anyone in concert. I guess its time to go watch fade to black again.

Anonymous said...

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