Monday, March 24, 2008

I want that daddy

Today I crossed the thresh hole of a new world. So staggering it was that it moved me to what I am about to state now. Originally I had toyed with a title called MALES VALENTINE DAY. It was basically a post for the ladies letting them know that for brothers, March Madness is our Valentine’s Day. And that on he start of this day, they should get their men a bottle or a six pack and some chicken wings, as he would Lily’s or pearls on Valentine’s day. Not that I am into ovation pronounced toward ye old Vicar saint, it was an idea I could likely drop a little satire in. But then I realized there were two such days when you add the super Bowl. And women get or should each day and ergo don’t need no nother holiday for them to get shit for free.

I suspect that given my predilection of lascivious activities, I know some of my readers may have their mind in the gutter from the title alone. So now I will apologize for it contains none of he sordid deeds this mind could make into reality.

You know I have a wonderful and adorable little girl. She is the age of parallel play and plain verbal communication. Now she talks, and wont let me even take a phone call with out saying “I wanna talk.” Then she got them Patty Label lungs too.

Walking into the kitchen to fix dinner, she walked over to the Pantry with her fuzzy pink bear house shoes, sliding her feet full of echo to the pantry and pointed. I looked but couldn’t find what she desired for each time I touched something she quickly shook her head and said “no” at the same time. Frustrated she got her stool, went to the back of the cereal box and said, “I want that daddy.”

I froze. First because it was not the cereal, but the picture of the toy on h back of the box; second, because she strategically laced daddy at the end. Now she calls me daddy and poppa. Daddy is the living and walking half monkey bar half chattel that she orders around. Poppa is just some dude she recognizes when I am in photograph form. Not to mention she uses daddy all the time, like by itself, or “daddy hungry too”, “daddy let’s go”, or the ubiquitous “my daddy, daddy mine.” But this time it was “I want that daddy.”

Everyman’s fear fell into my soul. I wondered if she would be able to say them magic words in the future, forever to get what ever she wanted from me? I looked at her and caught myself. I could only deal with now. She talks a mean game, but I took advantage of her inexperience and said no. That was close, I better get ready for the future.



1/3 of what I used to be said...

Boo @ march madness being the male equivalent of valentines day. I see your point though..not saying I agree lol

your daughter is soo pretty:-)

lol @ her ordering you around. She's a baby its cute. i know you will set up limits for her in the future.

Tony OH said...

As we say in Vegas, " Kick down like a slot machine" She gone definitely have you wrapped.
I'm personally gone see to it :0)
After all, what is family for?

the prisoner's wife said...

thankfully my man don't do march madness LOL. his holiday of choice is the World Cup, which is cool cuz it only comes every 4 years! (but damn, them games seem to go on forever).

and awww...yes, you'll be giving her what she want till the day you leave this earth. better get used to it.

ps--check your email.

Ms. Behaving said...


How can you say "no" to a face like that?? [LOL]

Your little girl is beautiful :-).

Lovebabz said...

Sorry Hon, but ther are a LOT OF WOMEN who love March Madness too! I won't even dignify your snide comment about another holiday to get free shit...but I digress.

That beautiful child will forever have you wrapped tightly around her finger(s)...the box in the pantry was only the beginning. It's in our DNA!

I want that, cars, shoes, trips abroad. Yep get ready. (sigh) LOL!

12kyle said...

mannnnn, get ready to get cut the checks for that lil lady. She's adorable.

Kieya said...

yea, she got u...and you def won't be able to defend yourself against that sweet word or that beautiful face...

Anonymous said...

You might as well and give in... you will eventually.

ATLcutey said...

ahhh she is so cute.

how can u say "no" to that face?

Tamra said...


Sugar said...

She is such a little cutie! You may as well get used to letting her have her way. Isn't that what fathers are supposed to do? Don't fight it! lol

DeadMule said...

Hi T., That is one beautiful little girl! Best, Helen

And BTW, what makes you think women don't like March madness and the Super Bowl?

Just for that I'm gonna post my poem. Come by and see it at

Curious said...

And so the battle of the sexes begins. The little one already has her father's intelligence.

Give in now my man, she's only get bigger, stronger and even prettier.

Fat Lady said...

Cracks me up when men complain about women wanting "free" stuff (as though it's not earned with every plate of food she fixes for you or every time she knows what you need before you do) and then can't seem to stop themselves from raising their daughters to be the kind of woman who expects stuff handed to her just for being cute.

My girls are being raised to know that they need to earn the things they want - and not just by being beautiful, or by doing what some man wants. Because beauty fades, so ultimately, those who get "paid" for their looks wind up with absolutely nothing. And my girls deserve a whole lot more than nothing.

Aly Cat 121 said...

That's funny. Yeah you betta get used to it. I heard my on daughters when I read your post title. Because that's how it goes down in our house. And if it's not there, guess what? "Well then Daddy will buy if from the [insert any store name here]" LOL.

Your baby is too cute. I'm loving the fro!!!

VAR said...

You gonna be like putty in her hands as she gets older. She's gonna learn all the sweet ways to get you to say "okay, this time I'll do it.." lol.. making you believe you the boss mane... lol..

Televisiontraci said...

First of all you daughter is ADORABLE :)

Second, yeah I can see a special March Madness holiday for least least we would know exactly what to do and what to buy. Valentines day is not a male holiday yet you feel obligated to TRY and find a man gift on that day and everytime I'm left racking my brain for somthing original and there really isn't that much. So I would gladly trade for a holiday where the gifts are easy and abundant.

Cluizel said...

ohmigoodness! Your daughter is beautiful! I love the fro!

Jaded said...

Luckily, Mr. Jaded's days only include the ridiculous fanatsy football draft, playoff games and the Super Bowl. He's not much into basketball, and even less into college ball. My "super bowl" is the Tony Awards. He knows this and we have wings, beer and popcorn on that night too.

As you know, Jadette has a language disability. However, she's very good at the "I want" stuff, and manipulating her Daddy. Mommy falls for none of it, which she knows, so she doesn't even try. She's also good at the "nothing and because" What are you doing? Nothing. Why are you doing that? Because. She's 5...6 next month. It only gets worse from here on out, whether they talk well or not. Sheesh.

bernice said...

This is only the beginning of the 'Daddy, I want...Daddy, I need...' syndrome. From the eyes of a step-mom, it took 13 years before I heard him tell her 'NO!' at her age of 19.
Now the cycle is repeating with our 6 yr old son. Boys know how to work their daddy's too.

And women can get into March Madness. I was once when I was pregnant; I tracked the stats better than hubby. I guess my son is going to play b-ball, I've no desire to watch ever since.

Good Luck!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

1/3 why the booooooooooooooooo lol

Tony - i know and thats the problem

tpw - poor him, like a leap year. i sent manuscript too

msbehaving - im gonna get used to just fixin my lips and saying no

babz - dang, can we men have something lol. and no she wont

12kyle - noooooooooooooooooooooooo lol

kieya - thanks for the drive by, and yes i will, just close my eyes when i say NO

buelahman - dang its like that

atlcutey, tamra & sugar - thank u all, i guess im the only one that see's the horns in her head

DeadMule - u a good one and thank u too

curious - u mean bigger or beter at placement of daddy when she ask lol

fatlady - lol, i want free stuff so i know and she being raised the same, she just always playing the daddy card

aly cat & cluizel - she my lil pam grier, lol

var - im already putty and my son had it the same way

tvtraci - call me ill tell u what all men want. and thanks

jaded - im with him, fantasy baseball started yesterday yeaaaaaaaaa

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Bernice - its a syndrome? is there a cure

bernice said...

The cure is the 'Grandparent's Curse'.
You tell your kids, 'I hope you have a least one child like yourself.'
My sister and I have been touched by the curse our mother spoke; my niece is like her and my son is like me. I now understand why my older brother (first born) has decided to stay single and childless. My younger brother's third kid is due in a few weeks, I guess he forgot the curse.

Christina said...

Awwwwww I want to photograph you both someday if our paths ever cross. Such beautiful souls:) Enjoy everyday with her, the days go really fast but if you're lucky she will remain your best friend:)

Uhem...dang I'm an auntie:)

Anonymous said...

I LOOOOOOOOOVE that photo of your lil girl.. her fro be banging....

lol @ march Madness it makes sense.. lucky me i'm single....

She will get to you.. you better learn "NO" right now, for once she gets older, she will WIN!

As an auntie, I'm the one my nephew comes to for something.. I just stepped my game up....he ain't paying mind to me lol...

dejanae said...

she's so cute
gon have u wrapped round her fingers
just u watch

VertigoVirgo said...

No man can resist the request of his little girl...sad but true, even those (like my Father) who play at being inpenetrable (sp). BUT, on the other had...I don't believe in having to tell children "no" too much...the order of the day is to train them in the way they should you will have to set limits and discipline her (you had better...nothin' worse than a Daddy's girl who had no discipline growing me, I know a ain't pretty)...but you'll be okay ;)
She is a "button" indeed, congratulations! :)

A Male Valentines Day...hmmm, o what about those women who love March Madness just as much as the men do, are we THEN entitled to that second holiday?...and NO Valentines Day gift is "free"...we works haarrd for that candy!!! LMAO, LMAO

The Bear Maiden said...

I don't do sports. And a man of mine is free to love whatever sport he chooses, but I hate when they think that their softball game is the damn world series. "Do you"... leave me to do mine, lol, and no you don't get free sh*t just because. Cuz I betcha I EARNED those damn roses and box of chocolates on Valentine's. I got skillz.

As for the girl. LOL. She's cute. My father's solution was to flip a coin, cuz he said that The True God controlled how the coin came down. He had a way of flipping it so it made a "ping" as it went up in the air (and I only figured out the other day how to make that noise) and it would flip straight up, turning over and over, and the Professor and I would stand with baited breath waiting for the call..... "HEADS!" and we'd jump up and down.... "Yay! The True God said 'yes!" or "aaaaw, TAILS!" and that meant we'd have to wait till another time.

I suggest you start practicing them coin-flips or you're gonna be broke as hell...

Tamra said...

LOL! "...the horns in her head..."

She couldn't POSSIBLY be a little devil--she is just way too cute.

PrettyBlack said...

She is absolutely beautiful. For hubby the sun rises and sets around his daughter...but that's how it should be.

March madness huh? Did you know Jim Jones' grandson plays for San Diego...They're out of it now. I really don't like b-ball, but once football season comes and my Cowboys are on I'ma need everybody to shut the f^ck up for 6 months and not bother me...I don't even take phone calls! haha!

Aunt Jackie said...

My sister and I are Daddy's girls and we're long past grown.

My Daddy just shipped my sister a Volvo SUV and I get jewelry in the mail on the regular.

He always said that he would take care of me so I would know what a man who loves me will do for me and so that I wouldn't let some shiftless man fool me into thinking that was love...

so umm yea, I'm representing for the Daddy's Girls. In return I will care for my Daddy until I can't no more. He's my very best friend besides my Mom and I thank God every day I got me a real man for a Daddy!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

aunt jackie - one word for u and sister - SPOILED

prettyblack - no i didnt, you mean of Jonestwn fame?

Tamra - yes its true, belive it...horns

Bear Maiden - i can live with that, right out of statistics and probability i will start flippin coins

Vertogo - what u call working hard for candy, and i wasnt trying to say hard candy on purpose lol

dejanae - do not remind me pls

d'lee - yea, but as an aunte u gt to send them home, i dont have that luxuary

Christina - yawl the enemy too, u like D'lee, u can send them home to parents lol

Bernice - lol and u know i know about the grandparent syndrom lol. u email all u know and order them (lol) to get my newest

Stephen Bess said...

Yes, indeed. Get ready. :) She's a gorgeous little one. God's blessings to her and you. Peace~

Aunt Jackie said...

I resemble that remark:-)

But no I don't think we're spoiled, my sister was top of her class in Law School and I have a viable career, my Daddy says that he is thankful that he can give, where he sees many men whose children have to take care of them!!

deepnthought said...

I need memphis and ut to do the dang thang. I am sooooooooo serious about this. March madness is my valentines too. lol

I liked this post. very poignant. I am going to get the book asap.

deepnthought said...

your daughter is very beautiful.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
memphiz said...

aww give her the toy lol i know u have a weak spot in there somewhere!

Kai C. said...

she's too adorable!:)

Brittany_83 said...

what is march madness?? j/k

your daughter is too cute.(i liked how you said she was the age of parallel play...are you and early childhood major?? lol

The Flyyest said...

aawwwwww....i jus wanna grab those cheeks!!! she is too cute!!! yeah its hard to say no to that face especially if she gives the sad

Lisa C said...

Yes, you better get ready. I've heard that she'll be your little girl until the age 13. Then she won't return until she's 30. This is how it happened for me, anyway. Now he (my dad) can't get enough of me.

She's a beauty, Torrance~

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

lisa c & Kai.c (sisters?) - thak u sweety

flyyest - NO, i guess u dont see the horns in her head either

Britnney_83 - thank u too. my masters is in educational psy and statistics, phd in counseling psy. hit me up before u get here, u going to GSU, and i used to teach psy, and human sexuality. now just v research methods and statistics

Memphiz - should have expected u to instigate lol

Deep n thought -mu know im from memphis and we represent in 10 a Key. And thank u

aunt jackie - yes u do, i hope im a good father and parent

Stephen - yea man, i know u know daddy lol

PrettyBlack said...

Yep that's the one...

Ma'at said...

LOL aww my "adopted" sister, daughter, friend is ssooooo cute lol. At least there haven't been any purses in the fridge lately.

focusedpurpose said...


gorgeous little one!

great post.


A Go Bytch said...

I made a mistake of slapping my daddy when I was about 5 yrs. old. It was a reflex that he slapped me back. I didnt talk to him for about 2 days he bought me gifts to talk to him again. So guess what I expect now that I'm grown? I guess you can say I'm spoiled rotten! You don't want your daughter to be like that expecting every man to be like daddy. She'll be more than disappointed when she finds out that's not life.

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is such a cutie!!! She's gonna be spoiled by her daddy and that's just fine. That's what's supposed to happen, you treat her like the princess she is and forever will be. Now, I'm not talking about going overboard.

Big Momma Pimpalishisness said...

"No. You can't have that daddy." Perfect answer.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Big Momma Pimpalishisness - lol . and do return

Meikmeika - thank u i guess u cant see the horns either

a go bytch - not u too, spoiled wrotten, u and jackie sister, the bear maiden and her sister, guess we fathers can do some good

focused purposed - thanks for the blessing

maat - no but the refridgerator is her favorite place

MrsGrapevine said...

How beautiful is she. She is the cutest thing and I can see how she melts your heart.

I have two sons, and so I understand, and they are already pimping their mommy. My oldest says, "Mommy, you look pretty today," or "Mommy, you're my best friend"...followed by a kiss, and, "Mommy can I have some candy."

1stpet2v9 said...


prepare all u want buddie, that lil' girl is ready for you... lol

1st time on ur blog.. like it.. need 2 read more 2 find out what your book is about

JPW said...

The first week of Madness is the best. Thursday and Friday with wall to wall b-ball is Nirvana.

You were right in taking advantage of the inexperience. She'll figure that out pretty quick so use it while you can.

Kieya said...

lol @ close your eyes....that may seriously work.

Don said...

some chicken wings


Your daughter is precious. Of course you already know that. I don't know...I miss mines.

You change your page I see. Whaddup?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Don - bout to redo the whole thing. chicken wings Or neck bones u know

Kieya - it will babe, i cant click my heel 3 times folk

JPW - i aint got no woman to figure that out yet

1stpet2v9 - thank u and do returmn, its just essays and satire, like what u read here

MrsGrapevine - lol so she gonna say daddy u look pretty, can i have the toy on the cereal box? LOL

Rum Punch said...

Awww your daughter is too cute! Well, I'm not a true "daddy's girl" but I did learn early on that there were things my dad would say yes to that my mom wouldn't... so guess who I'd ask... I think the key/trick/hard part is finding balance - just like you, my daddy didn't say yes to everything, which helped me learn when not to cross the line. But um when times is rough, I do know how to put that extra plead in my voice when I say, "daddyyyy..."

MsPuddin said...

my mom be hookin my dad up like that, but during football season. they both watch it...

yeah that "daddy" will get you everytime and she cute so thats all bad. good luck with that...

Paula D. said...

Awwww!!!! She is beautiful! Ummm.....she has you wrapped around both pinkies!

Ms. Wright (Hunnie) said...

Good job cause I'm not a parent and I'm already a sucker for the "Aunt Nicci(my nickname)I want..."

*sigh* hopefully I will grow a backbone when I've sewn my own seed. LOL

The Artist In Me said...

Little mama is so precious! I would love to paint or photograph her in action.

It looks to me like she has you wrapped around her little finger too. She is already taking your whip :)

Keli said... did well. I still can say Daddy I want/need...and he will do his best to get it for me. Although sometimes he thinks me and my mom are trying to play him.

And hey, this chick is all about her March Madness too. What you know 'bout dem Horns?! Sweet 16 baby! Hook'em!

Cassandra said...

T, your daughter is so beautiful!
Yeah, you are in TRAWBLE!!!

This is coming from a daddy's girl.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Cassandra - have learned via this post the bloggosphere is loaded with daddy's girls curses lol

Keli - i know if yawl play my folk MEMPHIS we gone buss that azz lol

The Artist In Me - she may have the whip but i got the belt lol (time out is for sports)

hunnie - u cant see the horns in her head either - yep get some backbone

paula - unfortunately yes, her brother too

mspudding - im not a home wrecker, can you mom marry me or ARE there in mini moms that would take me

rumpunch - yea, i gues she my rum punch balance 1,2,3 lol

msladydeborah said...


Your baby girl is precious!
A real cutie pie for sure! Plan on spending your dough on her~she will be working on helping you to do that! :-]

Now about March Madness!

I watch March Madness like I have sons playing in the games.

I also watch the bowl games during football season.

And the Superbowl!

Lovebabz said...

My friend I think you have to retract your sexist and outdated and insulting comments about March Madness being a Man's Valentine's. It is evident from the number of posts from WOMEN about their PASSION about the same sport! I think you OWE US an apology in a big way.

And remember your beautiful cherub of a daughter is FEMALE and more than likely will grow into loving sports and having a real understanding of basketball, football, baseball and whatever else you force her to watch...and I mean that in the best possible way!

So own your shit and apologize! You have women who post here who will forgive you the moon...myself included..But Men do not own March Madness, the NBA Playoffs, the Superbowl!

Shit! my Sister Lo and I have thrown legendary Superbowl parties...for charity no less!

I appreciate your good intentions about your post.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

msladydeborah & Babz & others - i did not have sexual relations with march madness, so i stand corrected lol and apologize

bernice said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bernice said...

Dang! You made me burn my tongue. Hot soup for dinner.

That's funny and apology accepted, until your next sexist post.

allienicole said...


and good lookin with the blogroll!! i'd love to be a part of it - it'll updoubtedly up my hits -- 69 comments per post!?!? you are BALLIN in blogworld lol.

i'll check the book out soon as i get a chance!!

Ms Smack said...

(big smile)


How proud you must be. Is there any greater joy than that of being the parent?

Thanks for popping by my blog, mate.

Love from Australia,
Miss Smack.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

ms smack - take that such is a kiss blown and i accept, send me some wine on the real if u wanna know ya folk, and thanks for the drive by

allienicole - lol. "when i die, die, dont u cry, just rember me ballin' ballin' Lol do come back now u hear
Bernice - y thank u, no sexy or sexy post for me in a while, my Uhm,...may get hard lol

GiGi - The Shy Giraffe said...

torrance, your lil girl is so adorable!! its hard to say no when that cuteness is staring at

jameil1922 said...

awww. she's too cute. if you get march madness beer and wings, you better get ready to share b/c i'm watching.

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

Oooh! Too cute! I just want to eat her up!

Anonymous said...

she is so freaking adorable AND a master manipulator, she has you completely wrapped around the little finger

Queen of My Castle said...

Awwwwwwwwww, that's just too cute. She's a real beauty. Love her hair. I wish I had a daughter. I think any man can be a father, but it takes a truly special man to be a daddy, IMO. I trust that you are doing a great job with her. Kudos to you.

T.C. said...

YES she will FOREVER be able to say that to you and your heart will melt and she will get what she wants, no matter who old, no matter if she is married or not...

and she is a true cutie sweetie pie!

guerreiranigeriana said... be prepared because we will wear you out with that 'daddy' at the beginning, middle and end of requests...but she's sooooo incredibly adorable...she's your little princess...who better than her?...cute story...i always love this pic but you need a more recent one, right?...

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

guerreiranigeriana – im trying to get prepared but its hard, u remember how she used to sleep in my arms when I was teaching class – no more lol

tc – hanks, but she needs no further incentive. In fact she used it again today I WANT CHUKIE CHEESE DADDY

Queen – y thank u hon, I try, I try

Qucifer – thank u hon, dang what about daddy lol

LadyWritesTheBlues – thanks my fellow bluff city ite. And thanks for the drive by do return anytime home slice

jameil1922 – y thank u sounds like we need to do beer and wings together

gigi – I tell her to man up and that daddy poor lol. Thanks hon


Celena Gill said...

LOL at March Madness being Male Valentine's Day! The March madness has descended upon my testosterone-filled house and as the primary carrier of estrogen in my house, I am relegated to my bedroom sanctuary as the 46 inch flat screen HD TV (you know that I didn't buy that) is commandeered for every NCAA tournament game. No complaints here---all the boys congregate in the living room and mommy has "ME" time!
As to your baby girl beginning to be swayed by the trickery of commercialism, I have two words for you--GET READY!
Thanks for stopping by the blog on the regular and all of the support. Take care, Celena

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