Sunday, March 30, 2008

Snitch if u can

First a few house cleaning items before I proceed with my current rant in tractate form. I want to thank Koffee Dyme for the free template design (she said m page was ugly), she is very talented. Second, I say and think and write what I feel, it aint contrived or managed. Sometimes a little research, but I try not to do that here, so if thats your desire; u can read something like this or this. Also, if you put up a post, I’m gone say what I feel and think if I comment. So if you say ask me ANYTHING – I feel free to ask anything (lesson being grasshopper, dont say what you dont mean). So don’t hit me with inappropriate, it was inappropriate for slaves to read so man up if one means what they say.

I know a lot of folks will likely vilify my character, what little I maintain, after I say this. Snitching is cool with me, especially if u owe me loot or if u aint seeming like you gone pay up. But then again what would you expect, I am the kind of person that will tell folks where to find me if I say what they don’t like or consider to be appreciate.

So yea, I’m a snitch and will tell with the quickness, for I can only be accountable for my own dirt and no one else’s. But like most black folk, the government aint down with snitching. After the largest recall of beef and beef-by products (Vienna sausages and potty meat with veins and the likes), the Agriculture Department is considering a measure that would allow for them not to tell the folks afected by such – the public, the names of retailers that may have and may have sold tainted to said aforementioned public.
As it stands, the USDA doesn’t not release or publish or list the names of food retailers that might have received or sold meat that may be hazardeous. This means that if you happened to buy some of this carcenagenic mutated shit, there is no way for you to know if the store you got it from got their meat from one of the slaughter houses putting mad cow disease on the refrigertaed isle at low low prices.

I mean this aint a small deal, we talkin about 143 million pounds of beef. Supposedly the argument is that they fear full disclosure will result in pressure applied to the companies that process and manufacture mad cow and e coli tainted beef. Im like tell, who gives a hoot? Tell and tell all.

In 2007, United Food Group LLC recalled 445,000 pounds based on "unspecified concerns" raised by the California State Department of Health Services which had been shipped to stores in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. I must admit, after some added pressure, the USDA have released the name of the districts impacted by this latest recall, but that’s about it. Like a mutha fucka know what district his meat comes from like it’s a voting or school district or something.

Laws protecting the public good are already super permeable, I mean how else could such meat (about 50.3 million pounds worth) could get into school lunch programs around the country – yep Atlanta being one. So I’m asking yawl to “reconsider, read some literature on the subject” because I love me some meat, and wanna know who got what I purchase frequently, and from where they got it. So promote snitching, say that snitching is good my people. Sure I trust my stomach acids and gastric enzymes, but I still don’t want to eat a tainted steak, that may have anything in it from mad cow to toxic shock (arm above). Cooking I don’t think, kills either.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

and i know for the record, cows dont use ob method tampons to get toxic sck, just satire

professor said... left your own comment...haha...if folks didn't get it, fuck em...
listen, snitching makes the world go round...even when folks don't man up to it...I snitch when I have to, and use snitches regularly...but I do both in such a way that one doesn't/never know where it came from...
now to the beef...I didn't eat beef for many years...then started cause the girls needed more iron...still don't eat it much, but with this BS and my crown falling out my mouth yesterday, I think I'm gonna fall back for a while...will eat a lamb chop now and again and don't touch the pork EVER...

Anonymous said...

T. umm.. its all good.. You do have a point. As I said, there are other ways to go at it. REAL TALK.
Putt me on blast I will CUTT you.. lol...

I get the dead meat thing and ish, but I almost passed out with that photo. You trying to kill me after I done help a brother out?

Although you like it, I be hating at all those clutter... It done mess up the concept.

Anonymous said...

Noone is safe these days with all the recalls occurring. Not to mention, the stuff the USDA and FDA don't want to tell you.

It's easier to risk a small amount of people getting sick than pulling back all the $$$$ that will be lost from the recall and the retail of the meat. Something even scarier is our gov't is extremely comfortable with it's people ingesting antibiotics and hormones in most meats as it is.

Xcentric Pryncess said...

that picture threw me off...trying to focus back on the post...

Aunt Jackie said...

unfortunately stories like this keep me meat free. my sister was an aggie and worked in slaughter houses, raised cattle and was privy to all kinds of never mentioned meat madness.

I can't justify eating something I know has a greater chance of being tainted than not.

I wonder how many lobbyists are trying to keep the meat industry alive. With this particular recall I heard that most of the meat had been distributed and eaten before then even considered a recall.

Just visit a slaughter house, and you'll snitch your damn self. Our meat industry is in shambles!

The Artist In Me said...

Sign me up to be a snitch too!

The government is so sneaky sometimes...oops let's make that most of the time. It's ridiculous. Why is the world would you want to withold information that could possibly kill folks? It doesn't make any sense. Hopefully one day we will get it right...although Jesus might be back by then.

Be blessed!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

all - MEMPHIS 86 texas 67

professor - im gone die like i was born, with cainnies and all, as a carnivore, i still dont understand this fuckboy shit of stop snitchin

D'Lee - ill feed u, i cook and i eat good. and great layout again. and sorry bout the pic, in my line of work i have see much worse in person

Meikmeika - yep, too comfortable for me

Xcentric Pryncess - my fault like i said, when u got 12 plus years of infectious disease reserach in prision i the US and africa, thats nothing

Aunt Jackie - mabe u right, but i slaughter stuff on the back of my pick up, i wont change my mind LOL

Artist in me - welcom to the valued world of snitching

msladydeborah said...

It's time for the big girl to sing!

If it is about something I am going to eat~it has to be right from the start.

So if I run across something that is wrong, I'm snitching. And I plan to do the WB and WS thang~Warn a brotha and a sistah about what is going on.

So just prepare for me to hit the finale note!

Keli said...

I guess getting meat from the butcher or an organic grocer would be best...
scary what they are doing to the food that is suppose to nourish us. I had some Austex chili the day before the story broke linking it to botulism. I have not eating canned chili or tuna since (don't eat potted meats *smh*)...I also think long and hard before purchasing canned fruit.

And lmao at the ob tampon comment.

Christopher said...

Since the Motherfucker from Midland was installed in the Oval Office, our food supply has become unsafe and we can no longer count on the FDA to keep an eye on the store.

In fact, Pravda, AKA, the New York Times had an article about the FDA which said they have ONE -- I repeat, ONE, inspector to examine all the food that is imported into this country.

They feed us Genetically Modified fruit and vegetables even the bees and butterflies want nuttin' to do with and now the meat is unsafe.

It's just a matter of time until we have Mad Cow Disease in this country and I'm not talking about Hillary Clinton.

Tony OH said...

Yeah Bro, thats why I stopped eating Red Meat, Now if you could only show the sickly infected chickens and mutated farm raised salmon or talapia you'd really be on point. Although I know you don't want to gross us out and turn us in to Veggies. Truth is we all get screwed whae it comes to poisonous meats, ain't none of us food virgins!

12kyle said...

wow!!! you gave me a lot to think about what i'm eating. good post, bruh.

Fat Lady said...

I don't eat beef or pork, my body started rejecting them about 15 years ago. But that doesn't make me safe - cause there are always things popping up wrong with various vegetables - and well - you know commercial chickens just ain't raised right.

Plus, the reality that most people don't think about is - when one thing in nature is out of whack, it throws everything else off. It's all connected. We're all connected. When one part of the cycle is sick - it all gets sick eventually.

So, yeah, I'm all for snitching - 'cause we all need all the information we can get about what's going into our bodies.

Sorry, but I don't like the new layout. A big part of it is, as k dyme says, the clutter - it is not helping you.

Tamra said...

Yeah, I got the ts thing. I think about it every time I use one of those damned things, but they're a necessary evil--and there are certain things to keep in ming so as to minimize your risk of getting it (ts).

Great post, as usual. I was planning to do one at some point the FDA and its useful--ooooops, uselessness.

When I think about our entire food system and the extent to which we should be protected from so many things, I get really ill. I think so many of us are either oblivious to or in denial about these things thinking, "Oh, I'm ok unless it affects me indirectly." Um, well, it does, all the time, in more ways than people can imagine. Which, as you put out--it is crucial that we be educated and informed about these things. But then don't get me started on that.

I'll end here. Again, great post, and thanks for the info.

BTW, it looks like your blog-linking/ID thing only allows for Blogger and OpenID, and not the usuals it did before. Just an fyi.

Tamra said...

Gawd, I guess I should have proof-read! Sorry--moving fast, got to get the day going.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

msladydeborah - a woman after my own heart, glad u like the page

Keli -n u know some folks dont think i have good sense or that i know what im talking about

Christopher - Genetically Modified fruit sounds like some kind of automible part LOL and i heard Hillary was a mad cow lol-heaffer

Tony oh - like i said each his own, but humans are carbniviores

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

sorry mpc cracshed up here at CAU

12kyle - we men have top kep our stomach first lol

fat lady im sorry, accumulated cluter over the years, hope u do like the content though, im not much for cosmetic etiquite

Tamara thanks hon, anddont worry i dont every proof read, i will change it now

dejanae said...

what kinda questions u was askin man?
where u be when i ask folk to hit me up with some queries?

u tryna make me go vegetarian?
not gon work bruh

u already know
im that bitch that snitch
aint no shame in my game

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...

Glad my lil sis could hook you up. Ain't she something!?

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

PS: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM). I am PASSIONATE about this issue and I’m determined to do my part to help educate as many people as possible. Please join me in spreading the word. Sexual violence must stop

Tera said...

Very interesting. I recently decided to opt for ground turkey instead of beef in most things like chili, spaghetti, and sloppy joes. There are some things however that truly cannot be my fat juicy steak (medium, of course), those good juice burgers off the (charcoal) grill, and tacos...unless you make them with chicken.

That photo gave me the willies.

Christopher said...

i heard Hillary was a mad cow lol-heaffer

HAHAHAHAHA The Borg Queen is a heffer alright.

Christopher said...

i heard Hillary was a mad cow lol-heaffer

HAHAHAHAHA The Borg Queen is a heffer alright.

Aunt Jackie said...

my daddy slaughters about 2 to 3 lambs a year...that's meat I'll eat. I know where it came from, I know how it died.

Folks are far too removed from the process to know what is or isn't good.

Hunters don't eat road kill and our meat industry is basically trying to feed us Road Kill and call it Steak!

Bradley said...

I LOVE ME COW, I have to admit and its a problem. If it comes from or pig i prolly eat it, so if you know stuff that’s going down SNITCH LIKE YOUR GETTING PAID TO DO IT! After reading your post I felt some hypocrisy in fact that people will refuse to eat beef cause of what harm it can do but will indulge in other vices that are bad if not worse for you.

Dusty said...


I love to read your thoughts..and I always feel blessed to have a visit by you to my blog. As for how our government treats us regarding the food we eat..our pets have more safety on that front than we do I think. Sad ain't it?

Blog on my on.

PS..the new template is very nice. :)

Anonymous said...

T, You are something else... Ok i see Memphis doing their thing... I done see your excitement everywhere.. lol...

Thanks to those who likes the template.. Can yall help me convince T that he needs to get rid of the clutter?

The True Urban Queen said...

I have to think about this as I bite into my hamburger. I'll snitch in a minute esp when it comes to child abuse, animal abuse and any other injustice one can commit against those who can't fend for themselves.

i.can't.complain. said...


me and pork already have a complicated relationship

now it looks like me and beef are gonna have a falling out.

lowkey, i haven't eaten potted meat since i was in like... 2nd grade

and even then i knew something wasn't right about getting a can of meat for a quarter.


CapCity said...

i don't need to snitch - just sWITCH;-) No meat for me thank u very much! but u gon' & enjoy the USDA's Russian roulette. LOL!

...after reading several comments - Fat Lady's right - it's all a crap shoot, 'specially now since we ain't goin' to gramma & granddaddy's house in the country getting fruits & vegetables from THEIR gardens/orchards, eating livestock that THEY raised.... I wish us all the best of health as we endure these greedy "effers" "in control"...

The Bear Maiden said...

I liked the new template/understand the need for all the tags and widgets, but they also slow stuff down and just FYI it takes a minute for everything to load.

But I'm no web designer.

As for snitchin'. I learned something from my Hispanic Sisters... "Meddlin". They just meddle in all the family business, and if you're family or close to family, you get meddled with. I like Meddlin better than snitchin', cuz meddlin' implies you're (wo)Man enough to stand by what you've meddled with, whereas snitches can be cowards just trying to rat you out for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with justice.

And meat. I am a steak-and-potatoes girl. Me and the Sun love a good charcoaly slab o'meat on a bone. I have a barbecue grill on my deck, that until I ran out of propane (and I need a new grill, actually) I run out in the dead of winter to char me some meat.

But I've become convinced that my mother is right... your only hope of eating somewhat clean meat is Organic... or Kosher (though kosher tends to be touch and salted).

Or grow/kill your own.... kinda hard to do in the big city...

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Bear Maiden - well said, and mom's always seem to be right.

Cap - guess im lst of the carnivores, cause me and meat go way back

i cant complain - lol, yea potty meat is throw back LOL 25 cents

true urban queen - it dont stop me from eatting either, just the oral surgery

kdyme - no they can not change mymind, only i can

Dusty - y thank u maam, and i cetainly will

Bradley - lol I love me cow too

Aunt Jackie - true dat, no road kill lol

Tera - im with u i love a fat juicy steak

Fat lady - its cool cant please everyone as long as u like the words i cool

Christopher, like Bear Madien said a while Borg queen is a classic

Keli - food dont grow in the crocery store, my peach and pears and apples come from my trees

Dejanae - it aint gone make me go vegitarian either lol

Xavier Pierre Jr. - yea man, super talented, when your book dropping, its about time

Anonymiss said...

That really scares me. I remember reading on the Huff Post a while back that when they approved cloning meat, they didn't require for there to be any labeling specifying if the meat's cloned or not. Scary.

All this madness with our food is enough to make me wanna go vegetarian or opt for organic meats. I can't afford to shop at Whole Paycheck though.

Anonymiss said...

Christopher said: "It's just a matter of time until we have Mad Cow Disease in this country and I'm not talking about Hillary Clinton"

Anonymous said...

Whad up folk

T.C. said...

see things like this make me want to go meat free...seriously i need to really rethink what i put into my body, meat definitely being one of those things now

Onome said...

hi jus wanted to say thanks for stopping bye....nice new template

The Flyyest said...


bookfraud said...

torrance, if you haven't already, you gotta read "fast food nation."

i've actually been to a slaughterhouse, and not only is it repulsive, but filthy. it will make a vegan out of you in no time.

the food-industrial complex rules our diet in ways most people aren't aware of; the meat business probably has the worst safety record of any industry in america -- both in terms of the food supply and worker safety. the usda has been neutered by the corporate shills of the gop, who really think that deregulating food suppliers is a good thing.

trust me, things won't get better with inspections and such until al-queda taints shipment of beef with botulism toxin. then things would change in a hurry. for instance, just look how well they responded to katrina!

allienicole said...

Like a mutha fucka know what district his meat comes from like it’s a voting or school district or something.

LMAO...honestly i am veering more and more towards vegetarianism every year... i haven't eaten beef...(ok save 3 or 4 delicious burgers) in years...not that chicken is that much better.... it just feels safer????

PS ground beef makes me want to vomit...

ok i'm done

LadyWritesTheBlues said...

See? This is why I don't fool with beef or pork. Not that it matters because we will end up with the same types of issues with all foods. It's all about money and mass production of things, even if it does mean spraying our food with things that are harmful and lying about how safe what we're consuming is. It's just sad. And I won't even start on how expensive 'organic' food is or the fact that after I pay all that $, can I really trust that it's any better for me than the other stuff!?!

On a happier note-GO MEMPHIS!!!
(I knew you'd feel me on that one, even if no one else in bloggerland does)

I added you to my blogroll-hope it's cool...

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Aunt Jackie...this type of stuff will keep a sister a vegan for life!! :) I was a vegetarian from childhood and became a vegan as an adult for health reasons. However, I'm not kidding what's going on is too scary for words. I was born in Iowa/Nebraska where beef is king and I personally know people who were in the cattle industry, but got out/left because of questionable goings on in the meat industry. One person in particular heads a cattle company...yep he's a black man and he's in the process of leaving now too. He's headed to Nebraska state politics, but that's a whole different post!

vaginas said...

It won't really have effect, I think this way.

Anonymous said...

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