Wednesday, March 12, 2008

never neglect anything u love

Today, i was just gonna post a part of chapetr 8 from my mos recently completed novel HER KISS WAS NEVER MIND. However I decided not to, and may post it Thursday or friday.

With that said, the heart, although vascular, reticular and muscular, is really a vacuous organ. Sure it transports blood and fills blood with oxygen, it doesn’t have any meaning outside of an anatomical and physiological compensation unless you allow other in or unless you are allowed inside of others hearts. I came to this conclusion while being a chief with my boy Smoove. For those of you who are unaware, I am leaving academia so that I can be a lot more lazy (yep, I know it is grammatically incorrect). Well really, I am going to do something I have been dreaming about for a while – open up a dog clothing boutique over on the East side of Atlanta in the old 4th ward, Edgewood district of the city. And out side of my little 3 pound black Chihuahua named famous (in picture), I want to use my boys small Terrier for my advertisment flyer and in news papers, of course panoplied in the couture I will be selling

He indicated to me that he had been neglecting his dog and that he needed to give him a bath, and also that he wished he would bark at folks when they came in the door like Famous did, instead of pissing on their shoes. I responded, well we can never neglect the things and people we love. He said it was profound and that he had to think about that and added, “That’s so true.”

Now that I think about it, I wasn’t trying to be prophetic or nothing, but it dawned on me that I never neglected anyone I loved. Neither family member, nor children, nor woman (when I had one) nor friend or pet. I always wanted to be there for them because I truly believe if I wasn’t they wouldn’t be there for me, or worse that I would loose them. I know sometimes you can be there for folks and the not be there for you. But that’s cool, cause then you will have the upper hand and can obviate them from your life. An action that will occur at their own offense. For it is true, they will learn, and that their neglect may have proffered such for “you never know what you have until it is gone. So folk, if you love something or someone dearly (cares, purses and shoes side), then do put in the work and never neglect that love, for it may evaporate. And even moreso, never be afraid to love or show it, saying it empty for love is a verb from where i sit, and can only be demonstrated by actions.

So I just wanted to share that from me to the reader today, before me and my little monster went outside to plant flowers and replant some plants on this cloudless 62-degree day in the A. Yep it is real important to me, because I only know how to love one way: that is completely and all in, or not at all.


bernice said...

Leaving academia? How bad were those mid-terms?

"D" said...

Peace Torrance,

lol@ Ms. Gibran……. *kneeling and waiving hands…..who could be worthy?*

I have been a little under the weather with a cold and I am getting back into action…lol.

What you said to your son was wisdom expressed! We need to stop beggin God and be God. We all possess the ability to be GODLIKE… is within us. But everything in life has polarity and if good can be present within, so can bad. It is about how much life is given to the one that wins out. If you want a child to grow, you must feed and nurture the child. The spirit is within and only our minds can manifest our actions. It is a valuable lesson you are teaching your children. LOVE is a state of being. And if you do not give love, you do not get it. That is the overlapping law of Gravity….what goes up, must come down, what goes in must come out. If we live our lives randomly giving Love when it suites us and yanking it right back when we are disappointed in something or someone, we will never experience LOVE as a state of being.

We are so quick to discard love and abandon it when it is not in our favor. LOVE is constant. It does not rise and fall. It IS. Our ego self is what seeks pleasure and avoids pain. Sometimes an act of LOVING can be painful. It is still LOVE. Feel me? For example: A child wants to stay up late and has school in the morning. The parent says no and puts the child to bed. The child is upset, they didn’t get their way, but the parents act was a loving act.

So love isn’t about getting our way all the time. That is a human condition. LOVE IS. In that state, there is a sense of compassion for life itself. You wish no harm on anyone or anything because there is an understanding of the fragility and wonder of the life force. Just like the dog. If operating in a state of loving, the dog surely wouldn’t be neglected. Love is about the service we all can give to each other, not in the tracking of what is received. When love is present, there is always a return on your investment, even if it is not YOUR WAY.

When a couple is constantly arguing and they cannot even get along from day to day….. what is loving about that? Doesn’t it make sense for one or the other of the involved parties to end that type of relationship? Surely there is discomfort in what we feel is the LOSS of our mate. But isn’t the big picture that it was a loving gesture? Why remain in something that is not loving? Because we are all afraid of the KNOWN. Which is the loss of the things and people we feel we know. We are afraid of loneliness. We are afraid of change. Where fear is present, love cannot exists.

We blatetly throw around the word LOVE…… I love my car, these shoes, my tie, that song. That is not the reality of LOVE, that is something that gives us a good feeling. Love is not a feeling. Feelings are the effect of a LOVING STATE OF BEING.

Just my two scents…….

One Love,

PrettyBlack said...

I don't know what to say good Doctor...You aight? What's the point of getting a true gift of love if you don't take care of it huh?

As for the clothing store, follow your heart, although I believe some students are going to lose alot in terms of benefitting from your knowledge, you have to do what's best for you...I dig.

My mom,and I are planning a trip to my hometown in Texas for the summer, so maybe we can sky out to the ATL and check out your store if it'll be open by then...I always wanted to see what all the big shit was about when Black folk talk up Atlanta!

1/3 of what I used to be said...

I love this post. Love definietly needs to be nurtured. Thanks for sharing:-)

BuelahMan said...

Yep it is real important to me, because I only know how to love one way: that is completely and all in, or not at all.

I believe one calls it "passion"... something, my friend, that you and I share. All in or all out... too exhausting and soul-consuming for anything else

Excellent post!

A dog clothing store? That would go over here like a lead balloon.


I wish you all the prosperity you can handle and even more happiness.

You got anything sexy looking for my pet pot-bellied pig or is your shop not that kinda shop?

Aunt Jackie said...

who nurtures you?

thoughts about love seem to do nothing but confuse me lately. I have no romance so my nuturing and loving is mostly self imposed and I grow tired of spoiling myself..i need some new inspiration.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


I got stuff to take care of in Atlanta on the 21st and 22nd but, alas, I'm going to have to do it by phone. If these were normal times, I'd come for a week and maybe even set aside time to check in on Cynthia McKinney. Sadly, these aren't normal times and my money is the last kind she needs.

I'd also make time to knock back a drink or 10 with you.

While I don't miss the states, this post reminded me how much I miss my boy and my people in Atlanta and Athens. This time of year used to be a big celebration down there and there was lots of gambling on NCAA and NIT and the baseball futures and partying and this enormous Masters Calcutta at some hotel. I saw a guy buy a Tiger Woods future there once for $500,000. But alas, 9/11 changed everything...I would have liked to tell you the story. And hear yours.

Maybe by e-mail.

Pokemon key chain. Damn, I miss my son.

I shouldn't bitch about it. There are so many of us here. Guys in the biz who grew up speaking Spanish and became in 2006 "the equivalents of Al-Qaida sympathizers" in the words of John McCain.

Christ, we paid our taxes, we voted, we served jury duty, we did volunteer work.

Whom were we hurting among consenting adults in anonymous markets armed only with Excel and an HP-12C calculator? Or a bunch of online poker accounts?

My attorney rightly said "'why?' is the wrong question. 'What?' is the right question as in 'what are you going to do to maximize the situation as it is?'"

Just a moment of the blues is all. Just got to thinking about people I love.

It's an experience I'm sure you've heard down the generations and live it daily. They try to make you love America by force and they end up making me Ruso-Panameno instead. Funny, when all this madness is over if it ever is, that's just what I'll be. Won't Lou Dobbs be glad to see me when I come back, if I do?

THE BLACK SNOB gave me a very nuanced answer as to why with all the endless shit she still loves her country, which you can see on her blog or I'll share it with you sometime.

Thanks for indulging me. I don't speak much English anymore and the blogs are really my only avenue for self-expression in that idiom. Which is why I go on and on.

Christopher said...

Hotlanta must be a splendid place to live. Big city, lots to do and mild winters with no snow.

I think I would like it there.

Plus, all the smaller towns and cities closeby, like Athens and Stone Mountain and Augusta.

Hartsfield, with all those cheap ass flights coming and going. Man, I would dig this.

Oh well, 9 more months in this shithole called New York and we are so outta' here. Maybe we will come to Hotlanta? Lotso' my tribe there, you know.

Marleaux said...

You own a Chihuahua? It must be for the little one, because it doesn’t seem like a breed you’ld own otherwise. We have one named Bambi, that looks like a mini Bambi and is as spoiled as a new born baby.

Good luck down the new path. We have those stores on every corner out here in LA. Even one that sells dresses straight from the red carpet. I guess you never know when lil Fito will need some black tie attire.

Anonymous said...

It is true you must actively express your love for anything or anyone that you love...I wish you success in your future business venture..... I dont know If I have neglected the people I love or not...something for me to put more thought into....


Sharon said...

Much success to you and your business. Seeing your dog did make me giggle, I would have thought something much bigger.
I have only really loved two people in my life (yes I said only two) and my babies know it.

karrie b. said...

awwwwwwwww!!!!! thats such a cute idea! good luck with it!

-karrie b.

focusedpurpose said...


hi. sweet post. i wish you success with your new venture. following your heart is win win.

i am going to send you an e-mail in a little while okay? i have a question/request.

blessings to you!

Tony OH said...

There comes a point when the master turns to the pupil and says "I have nothing more to teach you" and the student realizes that he is now a master and must face the world on his/her own. you've laid a great foundation, now it's time for the walls and the roof to be placed, so grab your tools and start building.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

tony oh - well said, sun Tzu like. thank u

Focused - thanks for the blessing ok, ill wait for it

Karie - thanks hon, sorry bout the question, but from the side is my fav, get more in that way

Sharron - y thank u hon

Marleaux - only for three yers, my dog befre her died and i wrote about him. half wolf and half rot. got him when my son was born and he ran these 11 acres and trained famous, she chases cats and foxes even in the woods

Introspective - thats because u know how special love is

Christopher - u would have a bal down here folk d we can do drinks

Kelso - i wil email u my number, we will hok up, and dont sweat he snob, so hit me anytime, drinks a must mr dice shooter

Aunt jackie - no one, had a woman but she neglected me, and rings my phone ll the time now, u may have seen her pic on myspce with my daughter

BuelahMan - thanks man, i belive u, like a lead ballon it would, but u would be in my store if here, if not for the wine alone, but thats still suport in my book

1/ 3 - any time.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Bernice - not he mid terms, thats a cau, morehouse chool of med, cant sign over 70 stacks to anyone, i dont need no pimp

D - hope u feel better soon, and i agree but u can obviate acts of love, that is what wil be missed

Rayo said...

Aside from the whole "don't neglect the people and things you love" thing, I'm really feeling that dog boutique thing. You may not know this but I'm a fashion, holla atcha girl. lol

Noushy Syah said...

Hi Torrance! Gr8 post.

..never afraid to say how you feel towards someone you love. Actions speak better than words.Be creative in order to have a healthy long lasting relationship coz a healthy relationship has to be won't just happn!! And love surely needs to be nurtured.

Have a gr8 day my friend.Take care.

p/s Are you going to open dog's boutique?

MP said...

I like enjoyed this post. Loving completely is difficult when you are afraid to be vulnerable but I recent broke thru that and it is the most freeing experience.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

MP - great point, but s mn, u should nevr be afraid to love, thas what makes us me. I say break my heart but not my bones, i would hope all men and all folks never let their fear for pain stop them from loving, for else they can never be a warrior even fighting for what u belive in with pssion is love

Noushy Syah - thanks hon, nd yes i am goin to ope a dog botique - no cats LOL

Rayo - i did not know that u got a pet line?

Mizrepresent said...

Beautiful post T. We do need to appreciate the beauty, the love that surrounds us...because in a second it can be removed. I love my children beyond anything, and hope that in my day i can have this kind of love returned. I know you will, but for now, just love your babies, yourself and all that you are trying to do.

Crys.C said...

You are 100% right.
It's either you Love or Not Love at all, there's no in between.

BTW: Good luck with the clothing line. It's a great idea.

Christina said...

Awwww honey what a beautiful journey you are about to walk. I am a sucker for my doggie Miles (7lb maltese) and cried for days when my Abbey (yourkie 3lbs) died last july.

Good luck and let me know how I can make a purchase from here in Wisconsin:)

So happy for you big bro :)

Dee said...

Some beautiful words here. But, hey, I'm curious too. If you want lazy, wait until the summer. Why are you leaving academia, for real?

Samii Styles said...

I hate to be neglected, I must have all the attention!! So you really gonna do it huh? I'm still down if you still want me...

Aly Cat 121 said...

*singin* "It so goooood lovin some-booody, when somebody loves you back" *chuckle*

And I think doggie couture rocks. I'd buy that sh*t, altho I'll never own a dog (came to that conclusion after about 1,000 episodes of The Dog Whisperer) cuz my azz ain't walking 3 miles a day. LOL

KELSO'S NUTS said...


Only a shooter when turn came around and then I bet the minimum. I played dados like you did, fading streaks in side bets catching kids who hadn't been paying attention in math class.

We'll sort out some way to get in touch and have that drink or 10 in Atlanta by telegraph wire or proxy.

Oh, it just gets more annoying. I find out today that the USA doesn't recognize me as a "resident of the republic of panama."

So, I told whoever wherever that as I hadn't left the Isthmus in 14 months and was holding an "Investor's Residency Permit" and had complied with all local immigration laws, they needed to take it up with my licenciada here or the Ministry of Finance or the Ministry of Immigration or Judge Arosemena who happens to be my licenciada's father or the U.S. Embassy here or with Martin Torrijos himself because I was 100%in compliance with all laws regarding emigration, immigration and naturalization.

Let this be a warning to EVERYONE. This is not the ravings of a White guy trying to seem "down" on a Black blog. I worked my way into the elite. I was a good student. I am the furthest from "down" a person can possibly get. Except I can't ski or snowboard. And I scared to try.

Please get passports. Get off-shore bank accounts. Even like starter checking accounts or something on your next vacation to a foreign country.

The wall they're building down there is not to keep Mexicans out as much as to keep you in. Real ID is going to be the equivalent of the Soviet internal passport. I believe sometime this year you will be required to inform the Department of Homeland Security two or three days in advance of any trip outside the US including Mexico and Canada.

If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone. The goofy thing about this is that the "unspoken deal" two, three years ago from the national security apparatus when Gonzales started hiring all those bible college girls as Assistant US Attys was "We don't like you and we just want all you assholes to leave the country." Fair enough. I got the picture.

Now, I really have no idea what it's about. I guess they want us back and are hoping some of us will not assert our rights. I assert my rights. I'll deal with it when I have to.

I can already anticipate No_slappz writing "if you didn't do anything wrong you have nothing to worry about." Sorry, friend, it doesn't work like that. I didn't do anything wrong. And all I have over this is anxiety. Is this really going to come down to asking for asylum?

Somehow, I'm not guessing that the security state is deciding whether to buy a strawberry cheese cake or a Boston cream pie with which to celebrate any return of mine.

I'm not political. I don't believe in violent overthrow of the US government. I hate Al-Qaida as much as the next guy does. I just like to goof around about politics on blogs for grins. I've always been a peacenik.

I just happen to prefer living where I do. I don't want ASYLUM. I want to be a resident alien on the path to citizenship.


Tayo said...

Well, the 1st step in leaving academia is not using grammatically correct sentences anymore. And a doggie clothing store? If you love it, I like it, LOL.

I think you can neglect your loved ones. It's when you don't realize that you are or that you have that you have a problem.

Guess what, I tagged you. So if you're interested...

Lovebabz said...

Follow your heart. If leaving academia makes you happier, then by all means leave it! Opening a doggie it! So grab your brass ring now and enjoy the ride. I have seen too many people suffer in lives that do not satisfy them. Pursue your dreams with all deliberate speed!

I have no doubt that the love you want will find you. I appreciate the honesty in which you share yourself with all of us. I am cheering you on! I am a big big fan!

Lovebabz said...

I hope you have roses on that property...I love roses.

Tamra said...

Dang-it, I think I have to re-do this because Blogger didn't take it the first time. As I was saying...
Follow your passion! Life is too short not to.

Funny you mention leaving academia--I got out a while back myself because I got tired of the incessant games, politics, nepotism, bureaucracy, red tape and other bullshit. I didn't have the patience for it. I just talked to another (non-black) PhD physicist yesterday who is making a bee-line for the exit door. [Second one in a matter of two weeks...]

We have to do a much better job at retaining our students, faculty and other experts in science, engineering and other technology fields. Us (US) continue to compete globally in the long term? What a joke.

When you have time, after you've left the hallowed halls behind, if you haven't already you should check out some of Derek Bok's stuff.


jameil1922 said...

awww. that was so sweet.

Rayo said...

No, I don't have a pet line but I'm great with store layouts etc.

Jaded said...

I've taught everything from grade 2 through college, and there isn't enough money on the planet to get me back into a classroom.

I believe 100% that if you follow your passion, you will be rewarded. You may not get rich quick, but you'll be fulfilled. I love running my own business. The down side is you don't get sick days, but, so what? You will be blessed in a million other ways.

You are part of a dying breed, I'm afraid...those who love wholly and completely, in both word and deed. I admire that immensely.

Blah Blah Blah said... sound alot like these two old couples I met this past weekend...


The Artist In Me said...

I give you a BIG round of applause for following your passion! I think that we all get a little nervouse when the time comes to make a decision like you are making. However, no sense in being unhappy and doing things you don't love, when you have an opportunity that fuels your very being staring you in the face!

Be blessed!

dejanae said...

love is action

TJ said...

Congrats on the shop! Wonderful post. A lot of times we are sold on love as an emotion when it involves consistent, deliberate effort.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

tj - thanks yep, and its hard work, like anything u belive in. do drive by more often

dejanae - yep a verb

The Artist In Me - i love academia, i still teach 2 statistic classes, jus wont do it full time year round, and i got a hunch bout this dog stuff

Blah - what is that supposed to mean LOL

Jaded - me a dyin breed, a new post for next week, but live free or die is tru in my heart and thanks

Rayo - i keep the lot in the hod, so im giving one samii styles a shot, s i will let know bout her design skills, she say she tight, ill give her shot, maybe next time when i franchise

jameil1922 - what the dog, botique or loving hard LOL

Tamara - schlarship is my passion, but i like making loot too, i jus nailed a fat contract withthe CDC, so i still in demnd i just won be with an institution, jus BRAINCELLINC LLC me

Babz - Scabaosa, roses, russain sage, lavender, assorted bulbs, blue evolvus, sedum, rosemarry, asters, alzeleas and i can go on

tayo - thak u and my magazine cover is to risque, and i have bee vaccinated against the tag lol

Kelso - white, maybe scholar, and omedian for sure, but passports and the off shore ccounts are must, i have one in sechealls and o th continent. but i cant see u as a shooter lol and the drink or ten, how bout just one, a bottle a piece in the bac of my pick up truck, but if we must, i can be civil

Aly cat 121 - what u know about that song lil momma

Samii we good, i cant wait, u better b tight folk

De - thanks how have u been stranger, how was the bday. I jus wont be doing it full time i still will lecture, publish consult and i teach 2 stat classes at CAU, and they tryin to scoop me u like some tender as we speak

Christina - thanks and will do, and some folks say im to savage for academia

crys - y thak u hon do come back again

Miz - u always got my back girl, i apPreciate thaT and yawl, her imprint is publishing DIRT BEHIND MY EAR

Aunt Jackie said...

well besides the fact that I hope you lead dogs into a stylish life, although personally i don't really understand dogs or dog clothes...I hope you get you someone to love and nurture you without neglecting you...

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Aunt jackie - me too, god lok, untill i will count mone and stack loot, ad work in the arden with my kids

Mizrepresent said...

And you know that! Thanks luv, your books will be here by this weekend...time to celebrate...again!

shy giraffe said...

hello torrance,

i think its great that you are planning to open up a dog boutique. wish you all success and your future undertakings. btw, this is a good post...i've enjoyed reading it.

msladydeborah said...

A clothing botique for pets. That is really an interesting change of careers.

Your dog is a cutie by the way.

As far as love goes, I had to re-learn to love me~All Of Me again. I discovered one day that I had neglected the number one person who needed this type of attention~ME!

If you neglect to give yourself the attention and self love that is honestly needed, it is only a matter of time until it catches up with you.

You gave your son some great advice. Taking care of all that we love is important.

I hope things go well for you during this particular transition in your life.

msladydeborah said...

I missed the Binky in your doggie's pix. Now that is really too many things going on! :-)

i.can't.complain. said...

point taken


KELSO'S NUTS said...


The funniest thing is that when I left NYC for CdP, some Russian guy was trying to get me to invest in a COMPLETE DOG SERVICE from the clothing and accessories, to grooming and walking, to kennelling and so forth. I told him that I'd do it if I wasn't leaving and that I'd be happy to share the my knowledge of pit-bull training and management if he liked!

I do actually know something about it but I've never been. I go to the chickens every now and then down here. Very, very good arbitrages for small money. You can get some great scalps duirng the fight on gamecocks which are still and not engaging the fight but not hurt. You can take like 50/1 and when he gets up and makes his first move, you can lay back 20/1 or less even if he gaffs. And you're not committed for much if the other bird just kills him with one thrust.

I am a scholar but you'll have a good laugh when you hear my voice because I speak about as badly as you type. I have a hideous New York accent. I think I used to get invited to speak at finance conferences in Europe just for amusement value in hearing proper English and sophisticated concepts being spoken will such an awful accent.

I love a good laugh, buddy, but I haven't written anything here wasn't true.

Bella said...

I pride myself in appreciating, loving, respecting, genuine, and loyal to all those I care for...but it does get frustrating/disappointing when reciprocity doesn't come my way....frustrating at times because even though I naturally do these things for my loved ones, when I'm disappointed it looks as though my actions are only to "give and to get".....

p.s. would love my 7 lb chi Dolcezza to be rollin with nothin but glam...let me know when you're store's open.


Blah Blah Blah said...

It's my "Not Free" post...
...the old couple talking about beign committed.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

blah - lol

Bella - y thank u maam, and do return, i could be what u earned, i mean if i stud hard i make good grades

Kelso - u make it sound like they kicked u out of nyc, did they do tell

1 - yep all the way or not at all 4 me

Msladyd - binky is thats what u call a pacifier? lol. she stole it from the baby, my daughter, stole quite a few i may add and i love myself toooooo much

shy giraffe - y thank u sister, y appreciate it

MrsGrapevine said...

Good work, I'm glad you decided not to do this one in first person. I like third person narratives better, I've never really tried to write a larger piece in first person, it's hard to maintain a good distance.

Now I need to read your other works. Is "The Spit" available online?

KELSO'S NUTS said...


Nobody kicked me out of anywhere.

The passage of PATRIOT II and UIGEA and SARBANES-OXLEY to some extent made it impossible to do my work in sports betting and finance legally, privately, with liquidity and above-board and I wanted no part of the thug life because I'm not a thug. That life is fucking mierda and there's nothing at all glamourous in it. It's just the shits and full of anxiety and paranoia.

The songs and the movies are fun and all but the reality of even a small problem is seriously stressful. My record is pristine though 8/06 when I renewed my New Jersey thoroughbred owners' license, redid my prints and had the FBI background check. I'm proud of that and I had no desire to change that status because of silliness.

For years, I had done everything in a completely legal and above-board way and I was very happy with that. I wanted to continue to work while not violating any US laws and while being able to maintain my privacy. I didn't want stress nor to jeopardize what I had left for my son. I'm really only excellent at one thing: valuing random variables. And I cannot do it in developed markets. In order for my shit to work, I have to have an information assymetry working my way and have just enough liquidity in the market so that I can make money but not enough so that it's interesting to big entities who can throw a lot of money and computer power at it and thus take away the inefficiencies and arbitrages I pick up.

Really, buddy, what I am going to do? Be a 46 year-old hot dog vendor? Sell insurance? Be for real.

Here, I can work as much or as little as I want completely legally and do what I love and not have to worry about being suspect by the government for doing such trivial and benign things as quantitative sports and emerging markets derivatives analysis.

And of course the confluence of 9/11, the "war on terror," Christianity (tm), and politicians lust for power are all part of this.

Why do you think I oppose Obama? Because of the color of his skin? Because he won't wear a flag-pin? You must be crazy, buddy. I oppose him because he is in favor of the federal statutes that interrupted my work in the USA.

The Congressional Black Caucus was my way on all of it. I love every single one of that group from Yvette Clarke to Maxine Waters. I feel the same way about the Congressional Progressive Caucus. And the few libertarians in the Republican party with the integrity to say "no,no, hell,no."

Obama needs lots of Christian Right money and folk to be in the mix for his campaign to fly. You think it's an accident he's won all of these Wyomings so big? He has to hold together a broad coalition. That's fine for him. I wish him well.

But he's for UIGEA. Clinton is against it because she's got a relationship with Barney Frank and the Massachusetts and Nevada House congressional caucus. I don't know what his South America policy is; she has a good relationship with the PRD in Panama.

I do know that Venezuela another country that poses no threat to the United States is on the list of terrorist states and I know that Pat Robertson who has advocated the assassination of Hugo Chavez backs Obama. He hates Clinton and McCain.

You're a libertarian. You understand. And the theme of your post understands. For me, as unbelievable and twisted as it may seem, this is about love: of my work, my liberty, my reputation and MY FAMILY. Especially the latter. Doing right by my son and making my parents proud of me.

Jeez, what am I even thinking. You have accounts in Europe and the Seychelles. You get it. Trust me, friend, we'll have a good laugh when we speak over the phone or skype. You get a bottle. I'll get one and we'll settle the world on the virtual porch or wherever.

The Bear Maiden said...

I believe in "Live Free or Die". And I always say you either have to be really rich or really poor in order to be truly free.

I am truly poor.

I also believe in "follow your passion" though it's no picnic. Particular if you're on the poor side of being free.

But... once you live free and follow your passion it's extremely hard to live any other way... so be warned. Cuz you could start out rich and then end up being really poor and it'll suck all the more cuz you'll know the difference. And you can never, ever go back to any other way because your heart won't let you.

As for love:

Eh. Love just plain ol' sucks and I really wish I hadn't let myself do it. Life was MUCH simpler without it. Except for your children. Somehow you don't mind loving them freely and giving them all of you.

guerreiranigeriana said...

*looks, disbelievingly, at other comments*...uh, dr.'re really leaving academia?...damn that msm!!!!!! open up a doggie clothing boutique?!!!!!...what in the hell?!!!...*raises her fist to the sky, yelling, 'see talent wasted o!!!'..*

...well, if that moves you, i wish you success and a life of leisure...i hope you keep writing...