Monday, March 10, 2008

Eighter from Decatur

Jones main, you folk here grew up around dice. I used to love to see Earl Campbell (3/4) come up on the first roll. But I had to let it go after the night my boy Hotrod got stabbed in a dice game over a side bet. Had to sneak him in the house after his folks went to sleep. Think it was 10th grade.

Now days, Hillary Clinton sound like she shoot dice. She is always taunting her 35 years experience. So I have been doing some thinking, If she is 60 now, that means she been in public service since age 25, which I find hard to believe. Sure a large amount of that time was as first lady of Arkansas and the First Lady of the United States, but really, outside of that, what experience does she have?

I know in the late 1970s, when she worked with the Rose Law firm, I have read that she opened a commodities account with $1,000 and was able to Parle that into $100,000 365 days latter. But that’s beside the point, the Law firm, which I couldn’t find no mention of on her website, was infamous for scandal after scandal including “Whitewater; the death of Vince Foster, a Rose partner who became deputy White House counsel; and the missing billing records from Rose that were discovered in Hillary Clinton’s book room at the White House.”

Whitewater enabled the Clintons to sale Arkansas real estate. Although Hillary stated on the record that, as an attorney at the Rose Firm she was not significantly involved in the representation of “Jim McDougal's savings and loan, Madison Guaranty.” However, billing records documented that she had billed Madison for 60 hours of work over a 15-month period as covered in a PBS special a while back.

My issue is that she brags on all these years of experience. She has only been in the senate 7 years and they way I see it, being first lady of a state or the country is ceremonial – she was not voted and we had to take her as his wife without question.

I do know that while in the White house and over Health Care Reform, she cost us about $13 million. Then there was her small role in being allowed to select an Attorney General. Her first two recommendations (Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood) did not make the cut and were forced to withdraw their names eventually leaving her to name Janet Reno. Bill Clinton considered Reno to be his “ worst mistake.'

It doesn’t stop there because she also advocated that her former law partners, Web Hubbell, William Kennedy and Vince Foster, for positions in the Justice Department, the Treasury and as a Whitehouse staffer. We now know that Hubbell was later imprisoned, Foster died under strange circumstance, and Kennedy was forced to resign. In her experience, she also got her husband to pardon some clients of her brother's (Hugh & Tony) in exchange for hefty campaign contributions. These included Carlos Vignali Jr. who was convicted in 1995 in Minneapolis for moving 800 pounds of cocaine and Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory for a 1982 Bank fraud convictions

As the Senator from NY, she has not even promoted nor passed any significant – at least that I can find on the books, I may be wrong. But outside of any of the aforementioned, she has only worked at law firms (one for 15 years) and been a wife to a governor and a president. She even talks about her foreign policy experiences, when I read in the New York times once that “one meeting with mutilated Rwandan refugees so unsettled her that she threw up afterward.” What kind of leader does that?

Add to that, some of her positions just don’t make common sense to have so mych experience. First, she opposes the international treaty to ban land mines. She also voted against the Feinstein-Leahy amendment last September which restricts the U.S. exports of cluster bombs "to countries that use them against civilian-populated areas."

Now there is much more, but al I want to do is suggest that maybe her 35 years experience is a big fib, and that maybe Mr. Obama needs to bring this to the fore. If I can find it, I know his folks can too. And its not slinging mud, its just factual and namely a function of how she comes up with the number 35 years and here positions and failed attempts in politics when she was first lady. Other wise, if he don’t she gone keep rolling the dice, talking about the Eighter from Decatur – for the none crap shooter, that’s 3-5.


Rayo said...


Rayo said...

Ok, now for my real comment.

Simply put, the woman scares me. She just seems to be shrouded in too much secrecy.

Jaded said...

I was gonna post about this very thing, but Jadette is sick and I haven't had time to put it together.

The fact that she was married to the president doesn't give her any experience to actually BE the president. Can a neurosurgeon's wife do brain surgery?

Her pre-whitehouse years are shrouded with controversy. Her white house years are shrouded with failure and controversy. And she has done little, if anything, as a senator to prepare her to be the president.

I'd say she's just as inexperienced as Obama...maybe moreso, because his achievments are his own. She rode in on the coattails of her husband.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


I assume you know how to beat a private dice game, right? My barrio wasn't as hard as yours. We settled without hassle. And we called it "dados," not "dice" or "bones." And "___ hard-way" was "____ de par". "3" was "tres" or "gimmel" not "trey."

But, otherwise, you know we're twins.

When a guy makes like 3 or 4 straight passes, and everybody's all excited you get somebody to give you the wrong price on the DON'T and a really, really bad price on CRAPS.

Or the best of all is if he's hit three straight 7s, you'll be able to find some sucker who will let you lay him 4/1 against another 7.
And you hope that you lose the first couple and everybody's laughing at you. Just keep your cool and your bankroll and keep asking for a more favorable price your way each time. Do that every time your friends are shooting and YOU CANNOT LOSE for a week's worth of play.

Other than your gratutious inclusion of Vince Foster -- that's FoxNews stuff and you know better than that -- and your missing the biggest gangster of them all in the group, Dan Lasater, you are on point here.

Nothing ever came of the futures trading, but it sure looked like commingling, mis-allocation, tax evasion, wire fraud, and conspiracy to me. But I always root for the defense, so good on her. And that's a hard case to make because these things are coin flips and it's not illegal to hit 10 heads or 10 tails in a row. Without any other evidence like the dupes of the original ordes, or the phone calls, you can't make the case. It's big-time fruity, though, I agree.

You weren't under the impression I ever thought the Clintons were CLEAN, were you?

My problem with Obama isn't that he's shady. It's that he's not shady enough. I think he's a good candidate and getting better but the Fundamenalist Christianity and his closeness with Powell and Lieberman scare me. That means I can't trust him on issues of war and peace no matter what his rhetoric is. Unlike, every other American, I wish he WERE a Muslim. Islam, I get. Fundamentalist Christianity is just foreign to me is all.

Clinton is hardly better. The both of them are AIPAC and DLC all the way. She doesn't need the Christian Right so much so she's anti-UIGEA. He needs them so he's pro. I know she's mellow on South America. I think he is too because he and Perez-Balladares down here both use Gregory Craig's legal services, but the Powell/Lieberman influence and the Rapture thing scares me.

You know me, Torrance, I do my research and I'm all about how things affect me. I'll let society take care of itself, thanks.

I liked very much how Obama handled himself with that idiot King in Iowa over the Muslim bullshit. I would love, however, for Obama to say once and for all "My father was a Muslim. I loved him. I'm proud to honor him by having this middle name. Besides, Hussein in Arabic is like 'Jimmy' in English." Surely, not one member of the press realizes that.

But Obama, Clinton, whatever. They're both mushy centrists. Both creations of Rahm Emmanuel. Neither lead on any issue of any significance. But both are better than McCain.

Besides, my political YEAR was made yesterday and today with Balbina Herrera winning the PRD leadership down here. And that wretched shake-down artist Spitzer getting it today. Good riddance to bad rubbish there.

I'll cheer for Obama. I'll cheer for Clinton.

I am super-relaxed.

PrettyBlack said...

Hmph. Honestly all I can say is you did your homework, good work Doctor. All that shit she talks about Obama, when he speaks of change, I'm still trying to figure out what significant things she has done in her time in office.

I don't trust any bitch that can cry because she didn't win an election but could remain stone-faced and aloof when she found out the next chick was sucking her man off in the room next to her bedroom. Can't trust that.

Submariner said...

Hillary is losing all credibility. She is becoming a grotesque joke. If she wants to still be influential and remain a senator, then she must quit the race by the end of March. Any potential gain she achieves in Pennsylvania will evaporate the following month in Indiana and North Carolina.

The outcome has been mathematically decided. She's gotta go freely or face eviction. And with the new scandal involving Gov. Spitzer, the media no longer has a vested interest in perpetuating the illusion of a viable Hillary.

This race was effectively decided in February. It was a Gettysburg moment. Sure the campaign continued, but the end was foretold. None other than Bill Clinton said that Hillary needed overwhelming victories in Texas and Ohio on March 4 in order to have a chance. That didn't happen.

I'm sorry for Hillary's supporters. The mainstream media and the Clintons colluded in deception. They made folks think that she had a real shot at winning legitimately. But now the media is moving on to fresh meat and is no longer propping up the house of cards.

Make no mistake. The convention is a coronation. The Clintons have made their supporters believe that something could be finessed at the convention but that hasn't been true since the Sixties.

Essentially Bill and Hillary have been hoping for the Democratic Party elites to do to Barack what the Supreme Court did to Al Gore: ratify an outcome not supported by the numbers. This just can't happen without destroying the party apparatus.

If she cares about her supporters and public service, then Hillary needs to exercise the moral courage of a Robert E. Lee at Appomattox and concede the prize to Barack by the end of this month. They can put aside past differences and work together for the good of the nation and secure a Democrat victory.

But this relentless, win-at-all-costs thrust for the nomination is more becoming of a reckless gambling addict doubling their bets after losing than an honest sober leader.

PrettyBlack said...

Oh and did you hear that Rush Limbaugh is telling his listeners to go out and vote for Hilary because she doesn't stand a chance against McCain. Ain't that a bitch.

Curious said...

Okay, as a closet Clinton supporter I've always thought the experience argument was weak. But it's been one of those chips that Clinton has thrown in the air and landed in Texas and Ohio to her benefit. It may work again, I don't think so, but if Hillary were to get the party nomination, that tactic wouldn't stand a chance against McCain who has 4 or 5 times the amount of time in government than she has.

Notice I said get and not win, 'cause winning is an impossibility right now.

Anyway, the senator from NY may now start using another strategy of having people vote for her and ensuring Obama a position on the "dream ticket." Of course if there's anyone who believes that, then I have a bridge in Brooklyn they may be interested in buying shares in.

As for the other part of your post, did Ken Starr step into the room? I thought we spent enough time and money investigating those issues and found, or least proved nothing.

Dogon said...

Rayo - yea she is two faced.

Jaded - hope she feels better, and your point is well taken. They both are novices, who is less tied in would be my query and my selection

Kelso - and u bet i do. You have me rolling as i respond, and i was going talk about Dan Lasater, George Locke and David Collins, but u got the picture huh, and all politicians are shady if u ask me, its just a matter of the type of shade tree, ya dig? K street is still the bigest shade tree

prettyblack - never thought of it that way, great insight hon

Submariner - first great metaphor "getysburg momment". And yea, they needed 65% and i wanted to talk about hat too. First of all, Texs and Ohio, and California are no more important or no less important than any other state. They don’t lace folk o the front line or behind the lines in Iraq based on whether or not the come from one state or the other, so why do the Clintons. That’s like telling me that a soilder from Texas or Ohio’s blood when shed in a foreign war is more important than the blood of our sons and daughters from any other state. Second, last I heard she stated in Iowa and agreed not to campaign or have her name on the ballot in Florida or Michigan, just as John Edwards and barak Obama. I mean, what kind of commander in chief would not follow rules they agreed to? Not one I would desire my kids to look up to. But then again, she has no kids, so such a message is not important to her.

Prettyblack - yep i wrote about tha a few weeks ago "running into a brick wall"

Dogon said...

curious - i wsnt trying to rehash a conspiracy, i was just saying, her judgment, the pardons, and al of her work and experience was with a law firm, a shady one a that and u right, McCain will, if he can raise some loot

Curious said...

You are questioning her judgement then. Okay point taken.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

submariner - Now New York will have its first African American governor if he resigns, and only the forth in the history of the USA

curious - yep, to claim experience when she has it, but just not in politics, and Obama should use this to buttress his position that she is part of th same old schol politica machine

The Bear Maiden said...

The thing about Obama is that he's got the web. He doesn't need to bash Hillary... people like you and Kelso's Nuts and some other blogs I've been perusing are digging down and dirty on her. And I pointed out before that his website is TIGHT. He's raising money from the little people cuz when you go on his site, you feel like you are involved. And guess what I noticed the other day? Hillary re-did hers. Right down to re-designing her icons. To look like his. Can I tell you I laughed?

As far as politicians being shady. They're all shady. They have to be. It's the nature of the business. A client of mine ran against Adam Clayton Powell IV recently and lost. Cuz ACP4 has money and a name. But then guess what? ACP4 got arrested drunk driving with a passed out woman in his back seat the other day. Client called me up, asked me to buy the paper, scan the article and "save it for later". Cuz he'll be using it down the line. But at the same time, Client is running for an office cuz he believes in his neighborhood. But he knows it's all about making deals.

Point is... some politicians are less shady than others, and at this point I think we need "less shady". And I have to say, as this thing wears on, Clinton is looking shadier and shadier, but Obama so far is still looking about the same degree of shady.

Cuz you KNOW they are digging in his trash, draining his septic tank, whatever, to look for dirt. The fact that they haven't found any major dirt as of this second, is interesting. Either he's SUPER GOOD at burying... or maybe he's just the real deal.

And Spitzer. I seriously laughed my ass off today. That was just the best...

Did you get your situation worked out?

Black 4 Black said...


you crack me up. it seems you did a lot of digging:-)

here it is for me:

it seems that in order to be a successful politician one must have character issues. lying, cheating, manipulating, callousness toward humanity---that is just the short list.


i.can't.complain. said...

nice research.

so she padded her resume.

find me a politician that hasn't done this and i'll show u a politician that either isn't in office, or that's heading out.

that's what they do.

im still rollin' with obama, im just sayin'...


KELSO'S NUTS said...


Although my political take is very cynical, my mom calls me an "Anarchist-Libertarian-Socialist-Democrat," and she is a wise old broad, so I guess that means that I do have some innocence about the process left in me.

To that end, I have to say that I get excited reading the passion folk here have over Obama. I think it's a great thing that people are getting really pissed off at Hillary Clinton. That's how it should be.

I see on the pro-Clinton blogs people getting really furious about Obama. Also, how it should be. And that it's racial and personal is also great. It means people give a shit.

All I hope is that the anger carries over into the general election and the Clinton voters can tap into how much they hated Obama or the Obama voters can tap into how much they hated Clinton and really let McCain have it.

Or better still, really let the Democrat know how important it is to destroy McCain. Because trust a man your age, Torrance, left to their own devices, each will have a tendency to play it way too cautiously.

The bullshit media say that a protracted fight for the Democratic nomination just "hurts the party." Ridiculous. Both of these candidates need this to get ready for that beast.

Dammit, every time I hear some crap from Clinton about "commander-in-chief" or "experience" I want to strangle her. And every time I see that same backdrop to an Obama speech and hear that same palaver about "post-partisan-new-kind-of-politics" I want to strangle him.

Both of those tactics are merely playing on the Republican side of the field.

But if they're pissed off at each other they'll forget these tactics of trying to out-Republican the other one. Neither one can out-Republican McCain. Neither Obama nor Clinton will get any breaks from the press either against McCain, so either one will have to go into thinking that they've already handled the toughest campaign of their lives and aren't afraid.

Clinton can't expect automatic coronation for being Bill's wife and an insipid, ghost-written book. Obama can't expect a slender delegate lead today, and an insipid, ghost-written book, to mean that it's over, he's won, goodbye.

Her Big-State argument and his Big-Coalition argument are both half-right and half-wrong. This is going to Denver. And maybe into court before or AFTER that.

My vote is meaningless. It counts for 8% of an Idahoan's vote. If I bother at all and Cynthia McKinney's on the ballot, I'll cast my last vote as an American citizen for her. I like her and if I vote for her my vote counts like 5 times what an Idahoan's vote does. Shapley's Values concept in Game Theory, Torrance, si o no?

But I hope everybody here stays angry and stays active no matter what happens. Right now, I'm liking the fire folk have on the blogs, but in the candidates I'm still seeing two smart Democratic gringo tourists and one dumb and mean Republican gringo tourist.

Exquisitely Black said...

It always amazes me how if you say something often enough, most people will take it as absolute fact.

Thanks for bucking that trend. It always helps to illustrate ones' gut feeling by backing it up with facts and now we can do just that.

Kayos said...

You was wrong for showing that old ass picture of hilary.

second of all....Hilary and Obama if they can get past the differences will be a powerful threat. Thas just me.

DeadMule said...

Hard core Republicans are bot happy with McCain. This election presents a chance fro Democrats to win - if they just quit the bickering.

Mes Deux Cents said...

Hi Torrance,

Hillary's biggest, most outrageous lie is saying that she helped bring peace to Northern Ireland. Is she delusional?!

I can't believe the media let's her get away with that lie.

Tamra said...

I've been hoping Obama would speak up and call her out on the "35 years" schpiel. I'm certainly sick of hearing it, and it bugs me that nobody else seems to be calling it out for the lie that it is.

Tho' actually I think Russert mentioned something to that effect on MTP recently--w/r/t her First Lady time in the White House counting towards that "35 years" of experience.

Such a shyster--and the media just makes me sick.

Gawd I wish Obama--or somebody--would publicly take her to task on these things.

On the McCain front, I think this bears closer examination and questioning from a lot of people. I certainly haven't heard jack about it.

Pimpin' Pens said...

You hit it right on the head with this one man. A lot of talk spewing out her mouth, but when you bring out the magnifying glass, diamonds full of flaws.


Tera said...

Hilary Schmilary...I am less and less impressed with her campaign as the days go by. Almost totally disappointed...

1/3 of what I used to be said...

LOL! i can't stop laughing at that pic of hillary and Bill! Where did you find that? lol did some extensive research.
Your right why doesnt Obama's camp use some of this stuff. People need to know the facts!

"D" said...

Peace T!

If one wants to know how thw FIGURE will represent this country and what types of poilicy decisions will be made, focus on the financial heads behind her and what their stances are, not on her and what she tells you, afterall, a pimp tells you he can make you famous! But does he "sell" you that dream or live up to it?

Look for the unseen in the "SCENE". There you will find your answers.

One Love,

Christopher said...

I couldn't get on your blog for several days.

Whenever I opened it, an ad page opened over it. I thought maybe I had opened a virus but it only happened at Raw Dawg Buffalo. Today, all is well again.

Anyway, I'm glad you're up and running.

Samii Styles said...

All politicians are shady in my book, but I guess you can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em...

I've been wondering the same thing (about Clinton's so called experience) and I'm amazed that it hasn't become a bigger issue. Obama definitely needs to bring this to the table since she always wants to brag about it.

Obama is really trying to take the high road and keep his campaign civil. As soon as he looses his cool he's going to get labeled as your typical angry nigga, then its all over!

Aunt Jackie said...

you just inspired me to donate to Obama's Campaign at this point I have to put my money where my heart is because Hillary is a really not getting my vote. She's maniacal and offering Obama a seat on her ticket when she's LOSING let's me know that she's not above trying to steal the election.

Anonymous said...

It really bites that members of the same party are digging up dirt on one another. McCain is just sitting back and watching all the fireworks. God forbid if McCain wins.. I'm moving out of this country.

Why is Hilary either crying, complaining or lying?

mp1 v.8.0 said...

Thanks for that info folk. I've been saying that for the longest, but I'm convined that some of her supporters are just stuck on the kool-aid. Being the first lady is not experience. That's liek claiming that the wife of the State Farm CEo has mad insurance knowledge and experience by virtue of their relationship. That simply makes no sense to me.

And she did help create peace in Northern ireland. lol Don't forget about that

MP said...

This entire democratic nomination process has become very frustrating to me. Hillary's desperation shows that she really has nothing new to offer. There are way too many unanswered questions surrounding the Clintons for them to be trusted. Ralph Nader '08! LOL J/K

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Meikmeika - yea, but since im a libertarian, i guess im the enemy. but macain, needs to raise some loot, he cant afford to dig no dirt yet. and I sugest Nigeria (not as bad as the say ) ethiopia, s. africa and senegal. kamacia cool too

Aunt jackie - u was gonna give any way huh

Samii - so true, and u know i feel u on the last line, i get that ALL the time lol

Christophor - where is the usual crack me up statement. yea folk, i got spammed and had to re do my site line by line

D - as usual, u sound like a prohet, so where u been ms Gibran

1/3 - y thank u hon, i am a scientist by trade

Tera - im with u on that. she is foul and not really concerned about the people, just the title

Los - yep empty

Tamara - I a still waiting on mccain, a hero yes, but he seems kind of dense to me, but in a smart way

Mes - well K street pays the media and she takes there money

Deadmule - yep i cant wait to see the final fight

Kayos - Yea that pic was foul of me LOL

EB - u welcome

Kelso - you crack me up, and scared thing is u are right. And the media

1 - thats a god roll, and u right, love the way your minds work, terse yet sophisticted yummy

black-4-black - a little not a lot, i did have to look up names of two appointees b4 reno, i rembered the rest, and remember laugh at the fact she threw up and had to find it again

Bear maiden - bomp propositio and comentary

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

mp - consider being a libertarian

shelia said...

I have to hand it to Barrack. He's taking the high road. She keeps slinging mud at him and he dodges it. Most would have swung right back at him. I'm wondering if he's holding back or showing us that he doesn't have to stoop to her level. Her actions during the entire campaign have made me look differently at her and her husband.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


You crack me up too, buddy. The world is just very lucky you and I are not in the same city at the same time. We'd either get all the money or we'd burn it down to a cinder! We'd do some damage one way or the other.

And, gee whiz, when I wrote that I thought that the fighting was good, I didn't mean for Clinton to let Crazy Grandma Ferraro out of the attic just so SHE could burn it down to a cinder!

I suppose I'm glad Obama's taking the high-road on this, but for the sake of my amusement and for politics and for what's right, he really should pound away now. He's got to practice brawling and adding some harsh shit to his tool-kit sooner or later.

If you do a Spitzer post, I'll give you all the steam. That motherfucker has been shaking me down every year for as long as he's been in politics. Not for a huge amount, my share was about $2000 per year, but he's been running a protection racket and worse. This prostitution thing is a joke. That guy's a villain. On a level Tom DeLay could only fantasize about.

I voted against him for Suozzi in the primary and for whoever was on the Libertarian line in the general the last time I voted.

Linda Wattley said...

Very interesting to see the truth in the written word. Of course many of us are aware that something indeed is wrong with this picture. She has only gotten this far because people are not using their minds logically in voting. Some are angry with men, others want to be a part of history making the first woman president of this country and then there are those who do not want any other race but white in the White House even if the candidate can hopefully make a positive difference. Last but not least, some are not aware that when a woman does not make her own home a priority then her intentions are not pure in wanting to be a blessing for the American people. I am just thankful Obama realizes she is a woman and capable of scorning when she does not get what she wants. Now that to me is the best thing I see so far.

Submariner said...

The gambling metaphor is quite appropriate.

Don said...

I agree. Also, I wonder if she has ever stopped to realize how that same "career politican" mindset is what makes everyone want the change which Obama speaks of? I think Hillary Clinton has a few "crooks" up her sleeve. I used to love shooting dice, until (same as you) I seen what losing money does to some people.

no_slappz said...

For whatever it's worth, Hillary Clinton's experience in trading commodities is like much of her other experience -- based in some form of corruption.

She turned $1,000 into $100,000 by trading chicken futures. But her success was guaranteed because she was told when to buy and when to sell by Don Tyson, the head of the Tyson Chicken Company.

He told her to buy chicken futures just before the Tyson company bought a large number of futures contracts. When Tyson bought its futures contracts, the value of Hillary's contracts jumped. Then he told her to sell, and she scalped a risk-free profit of about $100,000.

The money was, in fact, a political contribution delivered in a clever fashion.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

No slapz - u got me rolling, u for real, no PORK bellies? Dang, i need a broker like that, i tel mine wha to buy, that would make a great post, i can see it now

Don - so true, i mean, wasnt it hard to get the dice out your hand, or worse, stop carryin them around Jr. High school.....heard Eb pulled your heterosexual card LOL

Submarioner - Now thas complement, u are king of the metphor. I wanted to steal some of yours for future post

Linda - first thanks for the drive by, but your coment was truely telling, that the may not even like her and vote for her, I thought such, especially seeing the counties she won in MISS - typical GOP strong holds

Kelso - LOL not like Delay. But he has th siniser i am a criminal, reformed via Harvard lok i must admit

Shelia - me too, cause I know tat soutside of chi town, cabrini green in him wants to seep out

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

PS Kelo - i was a side bet man, tried not to touch dice after 7th grade

Regina said...

In all fairness to Hillary she very well may have done some great things...BUT, I think her "Experience" is mainly in screwing a Governor, and then screwing a President, and now she wants to screw the rest of the US...

Tamra said...

Follow your passion! Life is too short not to do it.

Funny you mentioned leaving academia. I got out a long time ago because of the games, politics, bureaucracy, red tape and other bullshit--I don't have the patience for that stuff. I just talked to a (non-black) PhD physicist yesterday who wants out. I think that's my second person in about a two-week period making a beeline for the exit door?

Scary, because you know the US is way behind on putting out scientists, engineers and other experts in technology--just heard about how the number of degrees in CIS here is just horrible. Oh well--seems like we need to work harder on retaining both students, faculty, and our experts. Major re-alignment needed. Us (US) continue to compete globally in the long term? HA! We'd better wake up and smell the coffee.

When you've left the "hallowed halls" you should check out some of Derek Bok's stuff if you have time. It's time for me to do some re-reading myself.


JPW said...

Dawg: Thanks for dropping by my blog . Nice digs ya got here. Hillary's Rovian escapades are killing me. I started as an Obama supporter who wouldn't of minded Hillary taking the nomination. Now, I wouldn't be surprised if McCain picks Hillary as his running mate and she accepts.

As one who works in academia I fell y'alls pain.

Speaking of pork bellies... I had some awesome pb's with a white bean puree at a place called 1300 in the Fillmore district of San Francisco recently. I highly recommend.

Eighter from Decatur: Haven't heard that term since I lived about 40 miles west of Decatur, AL.

peace, all ya'll!


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

JPW - anytime and u crack me up with the white bean puree. Yep, she is what removes writer blocks from comedians and i hope u dont mind if i roll u, i frequent the folk i roll cause i hve them right there

Tamara - yes we are, we used to be top shelf, but now, e produce rappers, hustlers and crooked politician with vengence and thank u

regina - do u know that actualy crossed my mind lol

msladydeborah said...

I posted info about her record on my blogsite. 20 pieces of legislation up under her name.

That would include items like naming buildings, setting up a museum, and giving congrats to winning sports teams from NY.

Clinton is really a piece of work. I watched Hillary The Movie on You Tube recently. It is definitely must see viewing in my opinion. The clips are 10 minutes long. The 411 is being given by women who Bill messed around with and how she responded.

Her former associates discuss actions that she took against them to secure her political position. The stories those people tell are truly scary.

We need to consider that if she becomes the leader of the nation~the FBI, CIA and the IRS are under her command. If you watch the movie~that becomes a serious dish of food for thought.

JPW said...

Hey T: Thanks for the roll, man. I've linked you on AAW.

I'm not kidding about that white bean puree with the pb. So GOOD!

Side note as I do follow a lot of music on my blog and this may be something yer already hip too, but go buy Bettye LaVette's record "Scene of the Crime". My friends are her backing band. Best release of 2007 in my opinion.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


You are absolutely right. Clinton is as full of shit as a Christmas goose. I have no argument with you there.

I also understand that Obama, Rev. Wright, Farrakhan, etc., will always be heroes to a greater or lesser extent and that doesn't bother me in the slightest, even though I'm White, Atheist, and Jewish by ancestry.

Perhaps, my skin color has allowed me to view things differently but I don't see Obama as anything but a politician who's good and getting better at it. Hillary Clinton is your opponent in this and I encourage you to reveal everything about her. It's all there. The systems of elections and dialectical materialism only work when both sides fight hard.

There is nothing innocent about her. There is nothing innocent about Obama. There is certainly nothing innocent about McCain.


If you think of Obama as a savior and Clinton as an oppressor, I'd suggest taking a look at where the money to each candidate is coming from. NEWSMEAT has it. So do a lot of other sites. COMMONCAUSE,I think. There's a bunch. Another "fairytale" is that Obama raised $55mm in $5 increments over the internet. It's poppycock. He, just like everyone else has "bundlers" in every major city in every major industry. It doesn't matter whether he accepts PAC money or not if he's receiving so much from the companies that comprise the trade associations and their employees instead of the trade associations themselves.

Clinton, McCain and Obama are more like each other than any of them are like you or like me. But you and I are more like each other than we are like any of them.

Take that to the bank and borrow against it.

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