Thursday, March 06, 2008

game recognize game

Believe it or not, no politics, no foreign policy or no history today. Instead I’m going to turn my attention to male sartorial splendor. Now this may not be for everyone, but these are the essential GAMES any self-respecting male should consider with the specific regard to personal style. And this is not in any particular order and based singularly on my personal practice.

1] SCENT GAME – your scent or cologne game has to be tight. I consider mine top shelf. My preference is not to wear the regular shelf variety of cologne. It has to match both the individual spirit and dressing habits. For me, my rotation consists of 16. My favorites being Jo Malone Pomegranate, Acqua Di Colonia Melograno, Acqua Di Parma (Cary Grant’s favorite), Hanae Mori, Musgo Real No. 3, and Thierry Mugler Angel. Again in no particular order and I like hearing from women incessantly say “you smell good, what is that."

2] TIE GAME – A nice cravat is worth its weigh in gold, preferably all silk. A man at a minimum should have about 60, inclusive of Bow ties. Yep, Bow Ties. I find the best to be made by Ralph Lauren. I mean 45 bills for one aint bad, seeing that the ones I have by him are in mint condition and at least 12 years old plus. And 40 bills aint a lot, especially when you can pass a mint condition Tie down to your son.

3] JEANS – One word – Levi’s. None of that paint on the back of the pocket, I’m cool as fuck, like a hip-hop star shit. Just the classics.

4] SHOES – Now I have about 12 pair of shoes and that is more than enough not counting tennis shoes. I have four pair of Tennis shoes, but tennis show game is over rated. I have a purple and gold high top pair of Laker Magic Johnson’s Converse, a pair of the original AIs by Rebook, and two pair of addias for the tennis courts only, but the are Shell toes, All white, black and white, and white and green (in pic w me and daughter green shirt). I can’t find my Borg Didoria’s. As far as dress, Two pair of black shoes, and two pair of bucks (white and Brown hopefully by Cole Hann) are an essential. My black shoes are slip-ons, and one pair of Monk Strap. Then you need a pair of boots, maybe two, I like the Kenneth Cole Dessert Boot and the Georgia Boot Company boot (in pic w me and daughter in snow), albeit most folk like Timberland, either one will do. The remainders of my shoes are al open toe and open heel sandals. One can develop a mean sandal game by living abroad, especially in Africa. And i do have a pair of blue and gold air force ones high tp - colors of my AAU team i coach.

5] SHIRTS – I have not bought a shirt in about 10 years. I have about 80, but all you have to do is have an assortment of collars, some stripes, and solids. I send mine to the cleaners and get them folded (they come back new like in plastic), The last a long time that way and the even stamp your name in the inside collar – Dr. Stephens. Then you got to have a plethora of White Tee’s and wife beaters, a must in the dirty.

6] ASSESORIES – Every man needs a flask. I got a nice Suede flask I got for $9.00. I keep Tequila in mine, no Patron, just the real with worms. And No wallet for me, I have a passport case. I keep my passport with me daily albeit I am on my 3rd one, You can keep multiple currencies in it too. Mine used to keep Rand and Dollars and I do have one crisp 50 pound note as well. Then there is the need for belts, skins preferably and a coat or two – classic London Fog trench and a nice black wool full length. Add some leather and suede jackets, and a few Jerseys (Mine are of my favorite athletes: Kareem, Jack Sikma, Conrad Dobbler, and Penny Hardaway among others). But remember throwbacks are not dress attire.

7] WATCHES – I’m not for diamonds in m watches. In fact I have three. One my son gave me, and two, antiques, one from each Grandfather: a Wittnauer (62 yr old silver band and a Bulva 55 year old with a lizard skin band?. No Jacob the Jeweler. Again importance on being able to leave to your son.

8] GAT GAME - was told by my folks that if had use a pistol, I was too close. And although my tool of choice is the SKS, followed by the HK and M-16, every man needs good pistol. One that is easily concealable is of preference. For me, it’s the nickel plated .380. I can fit it in a inside suit coat pocket with no bulge. However, my road or travel pistol is the snub nose 357. This is what we used to call a toss-across or throw away. Never know when it may come in handy.

9] SUIT GAME _ I personally have 30 suits. But the essential things are to have them tailored. See I’m pimp size, 6’2”, 180, 40 Long. Perfect suit size for models they say. Any who. Pin stripes, and a few khaki suits, and some light grays are a god start. If you can get a few linen suits and have at least one double breasted (6-button) and one 3-piece although I have neither. All of my pants are cuffed though, 1.5 inches. And I would be remissed if I didn’t add my preferences for Jos A, Banks, Hugo Boss, and Canali. And do have a tux, mine is black, and I only wear white tie.

Now this is just a start, For me flannel shirts and thick sweaters are part of the act as well. There are more details I could share, but I do not want to give it all away, for it is as they say, “game recognize game.”


Erica C. said...

Love the scent of Armani Code.

I love watches. Still have my 80's Benetton watch. Remember those?

Nicole said...

When I first got a passport, I kept it on me, too...just cause I was so proud to have it. But man, you planning to hop an international flight last minute?

And please add deodorant to that scent list. You'd think that's obvious but I've had some men prove me wrong. Nothing worse than a man with nice cologne but BO.

Mizrepresent said...

You are too funny T! Your warbrobe sounds you babe...i've seen you, never smelled you, but i believe you smell like a man on a mission.

Jaded said...

I'm with Nicole on the deodorant issue. I love when a man smells good... the right cologne, but not overpowering. That does me in every time.

Aunt Jackie said...

that was quite possibly the sexiest situation my day...

I'm gonna go day dream now, about suits, and the smell of leather, flasks, and men's cologne.

Skoolboi Krush said...

I see you! I'm going to have to step my game up.

Cluizel said...

love Love LOVE HANAE MORI...educate them. lol.

bernice said...

Torrance, I hope my hubby doesn't see your list. We are already competing for closet space.

Question: what about dressing the crown?

The Bear Maiden said...

I'm witcha on the levis. Especially if they hang somewhere slightly below the waist but certainly never far down enough so I can see your underwear.

I hope you never mix "Mandals" with sweatpants cuz that is not a good look. (FYI mandals in NY is kinda suspect... I guess they do things different down your way.)

I also hope you're not the type to painstakingly fold everything as it comes off. I mean when you have company. What you do on your own time is all good.

The rest.... Sounds good. But how useful is it, really?


Anonymous said...

Love a man that smells good....It says alot about a man that takes pride in his personal apperance....and I liked the desire to hand down staple items to your about the gun...have u ever had to use it???


the prisoner's wife said...

torrance, you sound like a bit of a clothes horse.

braincell said...

Erica c - thanks for the vist. I have to order most of ine, im sure it smells good, i dont like to waer what all else have. and antique watches my thang

Nicole - u never know when u may have to leave the country and deoderan is hygine, i was gonna add that along with skin (Maxwell's menthol and mint mask is a must)

MIZ - 20 yrs plus, i dont shop no more

Jaded - u would love me then lol

Aunt Jackie - u saying im sexy, horse man like s lol

Skoolboi - kee it tight, get it tight, nothing like a nice canali suit folk

Bernice - I wash my hair twice a week, tea tree oi and perpermint shampoo, and cactus oil and hemp

Cluizel - most folks only think luggage, i found hime about 7 or 8 yrs ago. women loe it (on me) lol

Bear Maiden - kust personal preferences. Its dail, then back home to bots, flip flops and socks and wife beaters, thats what my 11 acres loves

Inrospective - b4 i answer do u work with or for the folks?

PW - nope, never throw anything away, im a man, and same size, and great taylor. I have cole hanns 15 plus years ld and shirts and sweaters that old and older

braincell said...

yep braincell inc is me (my company) RDB

professor said... are funny as shit...I like it don't waste your money on dumb shit and that's what's up ...but I could care less about what's in your long as you're neat, clean, and color coordinated I'm's what's in your mind, and what's in your heart that counts the most...however you got your harem of blog readers excited and twittery...(no disrespect ladies)...

braincell said...

professor -its for the men, well they should know, rather the young men

professor said...

do you boo...can't say whats in my closet...but I'm with you on really does last forever...and I admire that you take care of your are teaching your son well...don't spend it on frivolous stuff...that's why you have 11 acres...I don't want 11 acres, but I all for finding a bargain...

i.can't.complain. said...

so u realize the situation im in...

yet, u insist on throwing around all this man-sexy.

smell goods, and trench-coats, and boots.(oh my !)

but, i know your intentions are good.

thnx for letting the young men know that throw backs are NOT dress clothes.

lol. it's sad that u have to actually tell people that.

and im not mad at your sandal-game.

for some reason, Black men tend to shy away from the "man-dal".

i say embrace it,

let those toes breathe.


Anonymous said...

Nope not at all, I aint the po-po....u dont have to answer though...I was just curious


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

professor -ood look

1 - email me and maybe we can talk

goddess - yes

Thic Flair said...

Aite, I see you Dr. I fancy having my game on full tilt...once I have somewhere to go.

PrettyBlack said...

I believe appearance has everything to do with everything.

Keep it tight All-Mi-T. My hubby stays fitted...thanks to wifey. I prefer Kenneth cole cologne on him "Black" cole haan is a must on his feet, he also has a pair or two of coach loafers, and stacy's never go out of style.

Kenneth cole, DKNY, Ralph Lauren, Perre Cardin (made in South Africa) not for slave wages either. These suits are a MUST.

Every man should own a full length wool trench with a hat to match...willie brown style. said.

I shop for hubby twice a year, my nephews get the old clothes. Since they go to private school and have to wear shirts and ties.

As for diamond and that should be in place of the gold bands please.

But yeah your list is on the one...damn I love shopping for my man...

Marleaux said...

Did you say Kenneth Cole, Cole Haan and Levis? Now that's what I'm talking about. I dropped a pretty penny in each store over the weekend. But it was worth it. Cole Hann actually sales Nike pumps, which I love, because they're so comfortable for working all day roaming the campus all night.

I love cologne, so much so that I wear it myself sometimes.

And a suit is the sexiest thing a man can wear. And it has to be tailored or at least the. I hate to see a dude in a baggy suit, still trying to sag; why even bother.

Marleaux said...

BTW, can we get a pic of one of those nice tailored suits

Aunt Jackie said...

Yes Torrance I'm saying you're sexy, somewhere between the cologne the gats and the flask I was out done...

With a sexy ass brain on top of it all.

Yup, you're official.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

aunt jackie - im flattered, u made my morning

Marleaux - ok hon, chk email soon

Prettyblack - again he is a lucky man, i do my own shopping.

Thic - how was the bday, and u dont need anywhere to go.

BuelahMan said...

Damn, T. How much money have you got?

It would be nice to deck out as such (and your choices are exquisite), but fuck, man, I can't afford all that shit.

Either my priorities are all screwed or you are making way too much money.


Jaded said...

Mr. Jaded isn't very fashionable, lol. I'm taking him suit shopping this weekend, most likely. He may be interviewing for a fancy new job soon, and he knows that I'd better go with him to make sure he looks good. I help him pick out most of his clothes, actually.

An intelligent, well-dressed man who has a great sense of humor and smells great... that's pretty much ideal.

Lovebabz said...

Mmmmm excellent choices. And I would add:

White french cuff shirts,
vintage cuff links--to go with vintage watches.

So Cary Grant Cool: Grey Suit, white shirt, dark tie, great shoes.

Try Black shirt with black tie with Tux...just for change of pace.

Hmm a Bespoke tailored suite is a must...Henry Poole & Co, 15 Saville Row, London.

Cologne: try Jubilation XXV.. this is a very sexy scent...Harrods, London--(top notes-labdanum, ciste, coriander,-heart notes-honey, cinnamon, rose and base notes musk, patchouli, immortelle)---heavenly, powerful and yet elegantly understated.

Tequila in a flask is way cool--try Partida--100% pure blue agave, but sometimes you need to up the game...try Vintage 1999 Champagne Dom Perignon for those occasions très spéciales... (ganz besondere Gelegenheiten...)

Music defines style, serves as the background of how you living. I suggest anything by Miles Davis, Monk, Sinatra--the early years--first album best, and of course Billie Holiday.

You have swagger, baby.

memphiz said...

smelling good is a must! but not to much!

I love it when a man wears a crip tie!

jeans must be kept simple

A man has to have nice shoes! If i look at those shoes and they are beat up that tells me a lot about you.

Yes every man needs a suit

I dont know about a gun tho.

Oh yeah you can slip me that 50 pounds lol.

Xavier Pierre Jr. said...


You and I have a lot in common. I also am on my 3rd passport but stopped carrying it on me when I moved to Florida. Here in FL, a passport is NOT considered valid ID for many purposes!!! I know that crazy but FL makes up for it by having very “conservative” gun laws.* And the tie thing: dang bro, I thought I was the only one.

Word to the general public: If you ever want to get Alizé a gift, get me a nice tie. 100% Silk only please, and anything but stripes. See how easy I am? :-)

But where you got me was when you said you own a tux. I also own my tux: black, classic cut with a notched collar. In my early 20s I owned about a dozen suits and an assortment of sports jacket. My mother hated my first wife so much that she destroyed my entire wardrobe just because it had come in contact with the ex! DAYUM Ma! That’s absolutely f#cked-up but mom did try to make up for it by buying me an entire new wardrobe. Still, I was not pleased.

*Make no mistake, conservative = follows closely the intent of the Founding Fathers as expressed in the US Constitution. The right to bear arms is absolutely one of the most important rights guaranteed by the Constitution and shows the incredible foresight of the founders. Not convinced? Consider this: When Hitler was invading Europe, there was one small country the he greatly coveted, but his military advisers told him to go around it and leave it alone. That country was Switzerland. Why was Hitler told to avoid the Swiss? Simple: By law, every home was REQUIRED to have a rifle, and all adult males were expected to know how to defend themselves, their families, and ultimately, their country. Interesting that in a country known for its neutrality, every male was instantly a member of the militia upon reaching adulthood. This tradition continues until the present day. Don’t take my word for it, click on this link for some clarification: Swiss gun laws.

Peace and Love,

Alizé (

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Xavier Pierre Jr. - excellent style, i see why u represnt so well. But i like strips, just no hand painted ties for me...and u right, ever swiss house hold is mandated to have an asult rifle by law

Memphiz - u got more loot than me

Babz - y thank u hon

Jaded - that sounds like me, but im sure Mr. jaded will suprise u one day and knock u out your seat lol

BuelahMan - lol, an associate professor can make a pretty penny, plus im cheap and got in onthe market when it was at 3500

shy giraffe said...

my my my torrance aren't you spiffy. its great to see a man who knows how to dress for the occasion. personally, i'm so tired of looking at man who pass their 30's and still wearing sweat pants and jersey ALL THE TIME... these men needs to read your now as for sandals, you know it takes LOADS of confidence for a man to be seen wearing


Mes Deux Cents said...


You had a pic of yourself in the side bar some time ago and it appeared that you were wearing Converses; am I wrong?

The True Urban Queen said...

A man who dresses nice (no pants hanging off the behind or being forty five in teenager clothes), smells good (I love when a man smells good make me what to follow him home), doesn't wear beat up shoes (first thing I look at is a man's shoes. I'm a shoe (heel)fanatic own 120 pairs/shoes My heels are at 90 pairs). Tailored suits to fit his pimp size (damn).

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

True urban queen - i am flattered.

Mes Deux Cents - yep the same ones i described

shy giraffe - what u mean swag?

dejanae said...

u had me until u hit with the gat
damn son
this aint no 007
put that mess away

Tamra said...

Um, dude, I think you left out sports jackets. Every good male wardrobe must include a few well-made, fly sports jackets.

Nothing sexier than a man in a slammin' shirt + sports jacket, w/dark, boot-cut jeans and some good, well-made shoes. --Of course with the visible glimmer of the clip of a premium writing instrument attached to the inside pocket (I think writing instruments in outside pockets are tacky--but I'm sure you'd never do that, now would you??? ;-P).

Cute post! (I was just about to do an uber-materialistic post about a Fendi dress (KL for Fendi) that I've been drooling over lately. Ain't fashion grand?!)

Pamalicious said...

Swooning from the level of swagger on the page - excuse me I must find my smelling salts!

Good post! Hot Damn glad my man in this class.

Oh and I do agree on the deo - I prefer a smell that takes me back to my own pops - Old Spice. When he puts that one - I feel like it won't hurt to take one lick of his underarms, lol

GC said...

can you please talk about mani/pedis?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dejanae - just the fact mam, no nines, who has time to pick up shell casing (thats old school)

Tamra - i own none, just suits. drooling over fendi. I must add my boy sales suits, i can get 3 for 500. Cant beat that when they 1200 to 180 a suit.

Pamalicious - u the 3rd woman done mentioned swag, where is it. I was raised on the men in my family, cary grant, and The american Gigolo lol

GC - i get them once every two months. But mainly when im in africa, can get a full body message, the nails, feat, facil and hair groomed for 15 to 20 US...too expensive over here

Anonymous said...

nice blog, I'm with Nicole a good deodorant will take you far. =)

I vote for Angel- Thierry Miugler!

Anonymous said...

Toss Across? I haven't heard throw away in a bit. LOL. It amazes me that as a woman the gun is the thing I most identify with. I guess thats the Madea in me. I love the Pomegranate Scents and you sound dressed to impress!

Thanks for rolling through and inquiring about my well being. All is good!

memphiz said...

lol ha I dont!

Brittany_83 said...

I'm with you on the scent game and jeans. I don't really like cologne because I'm allergic to it but...
and jeans must be on point.

msladydeborah said...

Cary Grant is still one of the truly classy actors to grace a screen.

Wasn't it ZZTop that declared, Women love a fine dressed man? It is true and it sounds like you have got it going on!

My youngest son is the one who is into clothes. He is also the most practical shopper among my three male offsprings. He has an excellent eye for color cordination~which is important. I hate to see a man wearing a great suit, nice looking shirt and a jacked up tie.

As far as being armed, you are a man after my own heart. If my dad read this post he would be sending you nothing but love about carrying a piece. He did so until his health started to fail. He also taught all of us how to use a weapon and to have a healthy respect for being armed.

Jaded said...

Mr. Jaded fits most of the criteria, or he wouldn't be Mr. Jaded in the first place! He's intelligent, funny and generally smells good. He tends to be well dressed by default, 'cause I pick out the stuff that counts, like for work or special occasions. His "casual clothes" are his own choice, and I can't take any blame for those!

The only other criteria that matters on the surface for me is a man's gotta be taller than I am, (5'8) and Mr. Jaded is 6' even.

And a little swagger never hurt anyone. In fact, as long as it doesn't border on obnoxious, it is very sexy.

Samii Styles said...

Nice! I love a man with style...and game!

Anonymous said...

This was a great post my friend. 'Orange County Choppers' makes a great cologne; you should definitely check it out. On the deodorant side, I definitely like Degree and AXE body wash is high on the list when I shower. I have over 100 pairs of Nike Shox [really I do] because it is my favorite sneaker and I get them at China prices [ if you are interested]. I also have about 20 something pair of Stacy Adams dress shoes. I keep crisp clean dress shirts. Casually, I like a nice button-down, some type of urban brand jean and some Timbs. I do a lot of tees, jeans, and Nike Shox [again]. My suit game is decent too. I have a great tailor that I go to in downtown D.C. and he hooks me up real nice when my weight is fluctuating because of bodybuilding.


Ma'at said...

Interesting post, you need to make a pamphlet and mail them out to every knucklehead who thinks he's grown. and smart move you might need the passport after using the throw away lol (i kid i kid) but yea real talk good post and Jones call a playa why don't you.

focusedpurpose said...


yummy smelling...always good!:-)

you are funny.


BuelahMan said...

Maybe my problem is that I only wear pajamas I inherited from my grandfather (no drawers), 8 1/2 year old slippers (always bare footed, especially in the summer) and have a tendency for leaky anal fluids (medication issue).

I DO use deodorant, tho.

Now what were those colognes, again?


Rich said...

No doubt, game recognize game. I'm trying to lose a few pounds and get my wardrobe back to where it used to be. Kids use up a lot of loot.

Never owned a gun, but my Granddaddy kept a 38 on the seat and about 3 rifles in the closet. I don't frequent spots where I think I need one and quite honestly I believe in "if you pull it out, you best be ready to use it" and I'd hate to kill one of God's children.

no_slappz said...

Torrance, the commentary about looking good, the ties, the jeans, the shirts, the shoes, the suits, and giving an edge to the look with the right watch and the right scent gave a lot of worthwhile guidance.

Good stuff about projecting an image everyone can see and everyone can appreciate.

Then there was the other side. The dark side. The concealed stuff, the flask and the gun hidden in pockets. What should I learn from your style guide? That the well dressed black male is at the top of his game when he's got some firepower in one pocket and liquor in the other?

And that bit of wisdom -- if you need to use a pistol, you're too close. I don't think that's advice for duck hunters.

Or was the whole post a joke? A send-up of Esquire Magazine or GQ?

On the possibility you were entirely serious, what is the black philosophy on gun ownership? On gun use? You mentioned throw-aways. Is this an attempt to create a scene of self-defense? Or was that just a throw-away line?

And how do guns mix with the liquor in the flask? Does one bring out the other?

You created a compelling image.

professor said...

good point no_slappz...I believe there is a dark twisted side to Mr. all mi t...or is it just a twist of words to get a response...ummm...

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

professor - lol who side u on

slappz - well just the facts nd its the truth. i wish folks would understand i write about ehat i fel, and no gimmicks just me , what am i an anomilie or too good to belive, like popeye "i am what i am" and no shame. im sorry, i was rsied in the coutry, my granny taugh me to shot and the value of a gun

Rich - u dont need to loose no weitght, and i like grand pa already, and i dont show, my motto is albeit, buss back

focused - thank u

Maat - will do hun, been 2 weeks wo a phone and i loved each minute

Marcus - i understand in your trade, u likely in the gym more than a office, and u do have a tailor, so u good

Samii - thank u hon

Jaded - sounds like mr. jaded is ok folk, and u got a catch, get him a shar skin suit wile u t it on behalf of cary grant

msladyd - i knew u would undestand and yes it was zz top

Brittney - well maybe u will smell me one day and we can break the allergy

Memphiz - lol

Ingridspeaks - read book bloggng in black, i have a story in there called toss a cross

shannon - thank u and do return and great taste

BuelahMan - PJs are essential also, but i dont pass them down LOL

The Flyyest said...


no_slappz said...

torrance, I asked about the black philosophy on guns for a lot of reasons. I've been around and I've got plenty of experience with firearms. Because I know what I know, I'm especially curious about your thinking on this topic.

But you didn't answer in your preceding post.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

slappz - i dont know of no black phil. on guns, i mean, i was raised huntting and fishing, its like asking me bout the black phil. on fishing poles - hey can i add u to the roll, loved that capitated health care piece u did and im sorry wasnt ignoring u

flyyest - thanks 4 the drive by hon and do return

Anonymous said...

Oooooh, I do love it.

no_slappz said...

torrance, feel free to add me to your blogroll. I'll add you to mine.

The other issue. What is YOUR philosophy on guns? I already know you consider a handgun an appropriate accessory for the well dressed man. But thoughts on guns go much further than that. If it were just looks, you could slip a real-looking non-functioning replica in your pocket. But I don't think that's what you had in mind.

Meanwhile, you said your views were formed by growing up hunting and fishing. Well, I did too.

But no hunters use the weapons you listed to shoot game. Your favorites were meant for shooting people. Thus, I'd like to know what thoughts and experiences have brought you to the point of feeling and believing that a small but powerful automatic is a good item to have handy.

2sweetnsaxy said...

I love that you did this post and from what I've read I hope they're all reading this!

jameil1922 said...

i'm too excited by your clothes. i need to get in your closet yesterday. i'm not too big on cologne. my fave smell is soap followed by laundry detergent. :)

KELSO'S NUTS said...


Many schools of thought on "game."

The fellow who taught me most of what I know professionally and gave me my first chance at real money had piles and piles stuck away in off-shore private banks but drives a 2nd-hand Suburu and wears Old Navy cargo shorts, give-away T-shirts, and a UNLV baseball cap. His credo was "comfort and modesty." I like that.

When I was managing off-shore investment funds, raising money, giving speeches and all that stuff I had to get some uniforms. After some trial and error, I settled in with:

SUIT: Charcoal or Navy Armani, Hugo Boss, or Jaeger.

SHIRT: Turnbull & Asser or Brooks Brothers' Sea Island Cotton Spread Collar. French cuffs, so...

CUFFLINKS: Antique beauties out of grandfather's safe deposit box or Asprey.

TIES: Hermes. Full stop. Perfection in ties.

SHOES: Fenestrier or Church's. Ferragamo or Gucci loafers.

WATCH: Antique restored Nissu. Now, sadly lost, but in it's place I wear the ultimate. The Pulp Fiction watch. A Tag Heuer given to me by a redneck friend from Alabama who is not likely to see freedom again. I'll do everything I can to make sure my son gets it.

I have never accessorized nor worn cologne. A flask sounds cool, but I'd find it cumbersome to carry and I'm not really into booze enough to need one. I like drugs. Never owned a gun. I've been hunting twice. Instead, Mitchum Unscented deodorant and Generic Bay Rum aftershave (still less than a buck a bottle). And in place of a gun, a cell phone with 5 or 6 saved numbers with accompanying verbal and text codes work just fine, thanks.

Oh, wallet. I carry the pocket Fendi but I don't keep money in it. Money either with a rubber band or in an empty coffee bag doubled, with rubber band.

Now, with the lion's share of loot in trust for my boy, and no need to wear anything but the most comfotable gear, I wear Levi's 501or 505, black GAP T-shirt, Nikes, Mets or Panama Metro cap. Bandanna hippie-style under cap in Blue or Orange for the New York Mets. Any color but blue, red or lime with Panama Metro cap.

I will wear the caps of the baseball teams I've played in the futures, though.

SPORTS STUFF. New York Mets or Panama Metro jerseys.

KEYCHAIN: Simple stainless steel one with Pokemon emblem. Gift from my son.

And PASSPORT y carnet de indentidad de residente inversionista ALWAYS.

BUT, I LIED. THERE WAS ONE SERIES OF ACCESSORIES I TREASURED. I've raced thoroughbreds in the states since I was 28. Depending on whether I owned them solely or with a partner my COLORS have been: (1) Yellow, Black Stars, Red Sleeves, Yellow Cap (2) Scarlet and Fawn Diamonds, Scarlet Cap (3) Purple and Gold Diamonds, Purple cap (4) White, Red Chevrons, White Sleeves, White Cap, Red Pompon (5) At Philly Park, ALWAYS house silks

As I said, "there's game and there's game."

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Kelso - u got sme style ther man, especialy the hermes an the cuff links, im not to big on french cuffs, but got a few shirst made by PINK best shirt maker in my view

Jamel1922 - wel i hope u woud like what u see and thanks

2sweetandsaxy - y thank u to hon

noslapz - u right, i never pull a pistol, but im a ma of tchnology, never been in a gas raid, but i have gas mask and filters made by isreali military and don add the nite vison equip made by the russins, i think if other have it or may, then so ca i

the flyyest - and mine is top shelf

Krisaela - dont make me blush

KELSO'S NUTS said...

T: Some left-over pass notes--

The cash in the doubled-over empty coffee bag with a rubber band is known by a lot of names in the gambling world. My favorites are: "Bar-mitzvah Wallet," "Stripper's Purse," and "Wedge."

I love to fish (prefer in-shore salt-water: Wahoo, Barracuda, Kingfish, Yellowtail, Stripers and Blues depending where I am) and I'm pretty brand loyal to SHAKESPEARE and PENN.

I don't really care for deep-sea sport-fishing because you're such an underdog to get something like a Blue Marlin. If I go out overnight, it'll be for Tuna.

I've never gone for Tarpon and I'm dying to try. I've done the seasonal fresh-water small Salmon thing in Ireland and it was cool, but I'd like to go for the big ones someday in Nova Scotia or Alaska.

DAIWA makes very good fresh-water reels, though. And the smallmouth bass fishing here is great.

The whole fly-fishing thing never appealled to me as a city-boy. It seemed like something that you really had to obssess about it get good and I really don't care for the outdoors that much.

What IS the Black philosophy on fishing, though? LOL. Of course, I'm busting No_slappz's balls but I'll tell you this about slappz, he's pretty right-wing but he's not afraid to mix it up and provoke folk who disagree with him. He drives Fairlane absolutely around the bend.

As for me, I don't agree with No_slapzz on too much outside the economic and financial realms, and I find him pesty sometimes, but it doesn't bother me.

And the man can be offensive (racist, sexist and evan anti-semitic and he and I are both Jews!) to be sure but he's really one of the great polymaths.

I appreciate that in anyone.

He is very, very studious and his scholarship is both wide and broad.

He's given me a very good fight, for example, on Al Sharpton, interest rates, and South American literature. I should have been able to crush him on all three, but all I could do was play him to a draw.

I think he's a worthy addition to anybody's roster of commenters and I would encourage anyone who takes exception to anything he writes, to call him out. He's hesitant to admit he's wrong but he's very thick-skinned.

Televisiontraci said...

It is so nice to find a man with a little style. That is such a rarity these days. Kudos to you!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dont worry hon,game recognize game them some tight kick i might add too

RedDLicious said...

I love it! Each one teach one and look fly doing it;-)

Jaimie @ Just Kiss 'N Makeup said...

yo you get on that game boy! scent and suit game GOT to be tight.

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