Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Mutha fuca please

I will be going on a brief hiatus from politics and the economy, or at least I think I am and that I will try my best. But seeing that it is very improbably that jones here will serve as some ones campaign advisor, better yet, the chief of staff; or will never ever be the president up in this camp, I got a few thangs I want to say about what I want to here from Obama and McCain and Nader, and McKinney, and Baldwin and Barr. So please preface the following statements with mutha fuca please:

  • Talk about the national debt
  • Talk about prosecuting the folk on Wall Street
  • Talk about eliminating penalties associated with capital gains, if one desires to use money from 401Ks or stocks that they liquidate from their portfolios if the have hardship or use the cash to start a business
  • Talk about regular jones the same way you talk about corporate jones
  • Talk about how we loose so much human capital via prison and the prison industrial complex and how you would treat drug use as a health issue and not a crime.
  • Talk about helping to engender small business growth and reinvigorating the manufacturing sector.
  • Talk about how you will increase the value of the dollar
  • Talk about screening for the best teachers and paying them as if they are the best and connect education to the collective economic well being of America
  • Talk about freezing the rise in pay for senators and congressmen and the need for them not to give themselves a pay raise every 6 months
  • Talk about why the lower and middle class folks can’t and don’t have good paying jobs or afford homes and what you plan to do to fix that.
Yawl need to ask the folks some serious questions jones and keep the kats on point. Whew, I'm Ghost.


Urban Thought said...

You're not allowed to take a break until the election is over. J/K

You make great points. I'm especially for the last point made. Cause I know its hard out here for folk. Can't get your rent paid off of one check. People living four and five people deep in one bedroom apartments. I'm not feeling the way the economy is going right now.

I'll be out of a job soon and anything else I get will require me to take a pay cut.

And why don't these corporate folk that have destroyed these financial institutions get fined? Why isn't their bank accounts being washed away like our investments.

Kellybelle said...

^ I agree! It's a loathesome task, but you've gotta do it.

Good points. I hve to say, capitals gains tax makes my head hurt, but I like the idea of being able to get at money i NEED that's mine w/o a penalty.

Do you think small business has been made obselete by Wal-Mart and globalization? I got a friend talking about voting for McCain because his wife's fam owns a book bindery and it's struggling. But if I can get everything they've got on-line, that's their fault for not keeping up with the times, isn't it?

sista gp said...

It's amazing the impact the preface has on the list.


Kamika said...

Talk about eliminating penalties associated with capital gains, if one desires to use money from 401Ks or stocks that they liquidate from their portfolios if the have hardship or use the cash to start a business Cause Lord knows they gouging the lowest folks on their taxes everywhere else. Charging folks who make $30K or less 15-30% in taxes (depending on your state), another 10-30% federal, and then a Katrina or something else disastrous hits; FEMA is nowhere to be found after passing out Wonderbread and water, and folks get penalized another 10% from removing their money early from their 401K or IRA to save their family and possibly life. That's stacking the deck for sure.

Another thing they should be talking about is "Gang Warfare". All these thugs "Wallstreet Disciples" in these corporations need to be profiled and dossiered. Like the normal gang bangers. Hell they even got nicknames, Al "Chainsaw" Dunlap of Sunbeam, anyone?

Nicki Nicki Tembo said...

You've been straight vanguard on the political and economic fronts.
Again, looking at the astounding income disparity between average worker and CEO and how it has increased some four to five hundred percent since 1980: biggest transfer of wealth this country has seen in generations. And we wonder what has happened to the economy; disappearing middle class, record unemployment, dilapidated infrastructure (coast to coast), outrageous healthcare cost...
Lazy azz american's - most don't vote, how many can be expected to write, call or email their elected officials? Let me fan myself...I'm heated!

BuelahMan said...


You left out the Military Industrial Complex (which is the basis for all the shit, anyway).

Anonymous said...

Those are all excellent points. Even if both canidates got your request list and touched on each item now - the reality would still linger as to which issues if any would be followed through once 'he' is settled in the Oval Office.

Jackie E. said...

Sorry man you're not allowed to take a break. Who's voice of reason am I gonna turn to for all things political and conscious? Like urban thought said, not till after the Elections...but you were really on point with all of your queries!

Demon Hunter said...

Great points! I agree, especially about the lower and middle class. Middle class is almost obsolete. It feels more like working poor right about now.

But I need to elaborate on the teacher point. There are ALOT of really good teachers who are out here. What needs to change is better pay (like you said) to keep those good teachers who leave the schools most in need of a better education.

The classrooms are too large for decent learning to take place. Most teachers complain about the 35kids they have to teach, opposed to 15 or 20. It makes a world of difference and studies have confirmed it.

I know a lot of teachers who have stopped teaching because it left a bad taste in their mouth. The kids didn't do it, but the way their school districts treated them made them leave, especially Black male teachers where I live. The politics in school are similar to national politics. It's sickening and regulations need to be made.

Keli said...

I don't think you will get what you ask...

they most definitely are not going to talk about anything of substance...anything that they just might have to be held accountable for...will not speak words that they just might have to follow up on...

but with everything that is going on with our economy...I don't know how they could not talk about these issues...

and you of the biggest ones is the capital gains are you going to penalize me for using my own damn money! Money I worked hard to earn? How is that helping the economy? That money that is going to Uncle Sam could be put back into the economy...

And you know...Obama and Biden are not on the same page in regards to the gov't bailout of these investment/insurance companies...

there is a lot of fuked up stuff going down right now...and now one is going to give it to us straight...

You know...the president elect will not really be able to create too much change...his administration priorities has already been set.

MacDaddy said...

Good list, bro. I think they have the bailout backwards. I think the priority for bailing out people on main street, with others coming a distant second. Bail out homeowners by reducing the interest at a level according to income so people can stay in their home. Bail out students for all these bad loans (Higher education is free in most European countries). Bail out the unemployed. Extend unemployment insurance. Bail out the unemployed (which is the highest its been in years) by developing a jobs program similar to the depression to put people to work to repair, maintain or build parks, bridges and other infrastructures. Bail out the state with respect to health insurance by making sure that all working people and their children are insured, whether they work full-time or part-time. Then, and only then, do you get around to the folks on Wall Street. It's really not a big rush. You've already helped the main institutions like Fannie Mae and AIG.

The folks should come first.

The Urban Scientist said...

preach it.

no_slappz said...


People on Wall Street are prosecuted when they commit crimes. The prisons for white-collar criminals are occupied.

There is no good reason to tax capital gains. Most people see their biggest capital gains from the sales of their homes. That's a capital gain and it should not be taxes. But it is.

You can take money out of your IRA, 401-k, whatever. The penalty is small and in some cases there is no penalty.

People go to prison because they commit crimes. Is there another way to handle dangerous people?

As far as Drug Crimes go, I would decriminalize drugs. But as far as I can tell, NO black legislators like this idea. Neither to white legislators.

What do you think would happen if all drugs were decriminalized?

Do you think the medical/social problems would be greater or lesser than the problems associated with alcohol abuse?

Small businesses are usually started by people with very little money. People with excellent ideas can obtain money, but they must give a stake in their ideas to the guys with the money.

Manufacturing in the US will decline as long as wages and benefits demanded by manufacturing workers exceed the value of their productivity compared with manufacturers in other countries.

The key is productivity. American workers are very productive. But -- workers in other countries are often more productive when the total costs are counted. It's not wages and benefits alone.

GM operates manufacturing sites in Mexico. To get the best workers in Mexico, the Mexican workers are paid much more than the average wage down there. But those wages are still lower than US wages.

Hence, when all the costs are added, high-paid Mexican workers are more productive than high-paid American workers.

Toyota and Honda operate plants here. Their workers earn less than GM, Ford, and Chrysler workers. If you want more manufacturing here, then companies must model their operations on Toyota and Honda, not the American car companies.

If you want better teachers, then again, it will take competition to bring them out.

However, one of the biggest obstacles to getting better teachers is the utterly foolish certification process. I've been through it and I've worked in NY City public schools.

Bottom line, the biggest problem facing school systems is the one problem that teachers and school systems cannot repair -- the students themselves.

If you pay teachers $100,000 a year, the results will remain at current levels. If you pay them $200,000 a year, results will remain at current levels. The problem is NOT paychecks. It is union work rules, a monstrous bureaucracy and students weighed down with all their non-school problems.

As for homes, well, a lot of people live in free government housing and many receive substantial Section 8 housing subsidies. In the last few years many people obtained mortgages for homes and then defaulted.

Bottom line, it seems you want the government to guarantee a risk-free life for everyone. That won't happen.

Big Cheekz said...

interesting. haven't you mentioned the break from discussing politics before? i bet u can't do it! and u don't need to bcs then where will i learn? lol

President Anthony Taurus said...

I agree. Unfortunately, I am still watching the news like a Souljah Boy fan switches between BET and MTV.

La said...

If only this election were about the abundance of issues facing the country, and not just who had the best soundbite or commercia. *sigh*

All those questions are SO on point. And I think they should be asked in EXACTLY that way, lol

Katrina said...

well said!! You help me understand politics better!!

Anonymous said...


Jay Midnyte said...

good point slappz

Exquisitely Black said...

I'd add:

Talk about how you are going to provide free (or affordable, by poor people's definition) health care to each and every American citizen.

Tammy said...

I have no idea if you watched the above clip..but it is amazing..
One doesn't need to act rough & tough to get their point across..

Kitty said...

Exactly I hope they do get down to the nitty gritty and forget all this fluff and may the best man win

rainywalker said...

Until that time! Advice, stay away from Washinton DC.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I wonder why tha Banks don't just sit down wit folk about to lose they shit and be like, "Okay, what can you pay" and just take that. It's a twist going down, all of this shit was premeditated.

Wes said...

Well said jones

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

hey hey hey BREAK? Luckily you have dropped so much knowledge it will give soem jones time to pick up all that they couldn't catch the first time!!


Missy said...

I know you just gotta talk about this new resignation trick by McCain...

Mizrepresent said...

I loved this...and i wish that everyone could read this...this is so pertinent and always T Dawg, you did the dayum thing!

Jay Midnyte said...

so slappz...

for those of us who think "the sky is falling," what do you think the outcome of this whole financial crisis will be. Do you anticipate the US Dollar being the only fiat currency in world history to not become worthless?

rubenh ( said...

yo yo yo wats good winner of the thinking blogger award?

Folk said...

and the church said AMEN!

Please mutha fucas! Please!

Fo'real tho! Please talk about prosecuting these fvcks on Wall Street!

Please talk about treating drug use as a health issue and not a crime. D@mned...

Please talk about this d@mned failing education system. Lawd help us.

Man, I got to get to writing to my congressperson again! These fvckers don't know how to listen or even properly respond to correspondence.

Good post.

no_slappz said...

jay midnyte,

When Congress passes the rescue plan, world stock markets and credit markets will soar.

The Dollar is worth plenty. After Congress settles the mortgage issue and businesses can resume normal levels of commerce, exports are likely to increase and foreign investment in US assets is likely to rise.

plez... said...


i was thinking the same thing about those wall street fat cats... yeah, the ones who basically pimped and embezzeled the deregulated financial markets for personal gain over the past 2 decades while the economy tanked... a whole bunch of new asses need to be preparing for a 5- to 10-year sentence in the nearest penitentiary (i heard Sing Sing has a few open beds)!

to be honest, if 100 CEO's and CFO's and CIO's and C-insert_letter_here-O's made their way into the united states penal system as a by-product of this big ass welfare check for wall street (700 billion bills), instead of their usual golden parachutes... i'd be one happy camper.

this bailout should be painful (jail time, selling off of personal assets, confiscation of houses, jewelry, off-shore property, and cars, etc.). the fat cats on wall street should shudder at the thought that the Feds were gonna come bail them out. and if this thing was painful enough, it would be a LONG TIME before some *ISH* like this ever happened again!

Anonymiss said...

You raise some great questions. LOL at McCain putting "Country First" for the economy.

Colbert really went in on McCain tonight. The episode should be on the web site a little later on today.

Obama Mama said...

Mutha, fuca please talk about getting good teachers and paying them good, including early childhood education. Children learn more than they will ever learn during the ages of birth and 5. And they have the potential to learn more, if the teachers are good and getting paid to be good. Yeah, I feel you on this and so many more.

Darius T. Williams said...

Yup - this is what we need. I'd love to have a debate moderated by some who's down for many of these issues. LOL - but who could do it in a non-partisan way? Whoopi maybe?

Mr.Slish said...

Why does my head always hurt after I read one your yeah! Its because you're making me think too damn

no_slappz said...


Who defaulted on mortgage loans?

The alternative was to deny credit to borrowers.

Tell me who should get credit and who should not.

Tell me how you would judge borrowers BEFORE giving them a loan.

Stephen Bess said...

It's no wonder that McCaine wants to pull out of the scheduled debate. They don't know what to say about this MESS.

The Love Collective said...

They don't wanna talk about that. They have to follow the script closely. Real issues are off-limits.

Soulstress said...

real always...nice post. Loved the title lol. And can i get my post about relationships as i recently requested?!?!?! ;)

Q said...

Amen! Don't make me shout up in here...

Cat said...

Ha-ha, looks like McCain is trying to wiggle out of having to do the first debate with Obama this Friday. NOt a good look. Riddle me this- why can't he go to washington DC, pow wow with bush about this break we're giving wall street and then head up the street to MD and do this debate. It's called multi tasking- gonna have to do it as president!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Urban Thought
thanks and no brake booo. but i feel u

u are so right scholar

sista gp

without vasoline u know

Nicki Nicki Tembo
thanks babe, vanguard - me likes

i did and did u hear mr 100 yr war say he was gone cut military spending lol

the scary thing is i belive what u say

Jackie E.
thanks sister, but not u too am i yawl though slave

Demon Hunter
all i can say is teachers help make me

me either waqs just having faith

i agree folks should come first

The Urban Scientist
thanks love just trying to do what u do. need to get these parents over to your site

i said drug use not distribution, and FBI think they criminals do u disagree

Big Cheekz
not u too LOL

President Anthony Taurus
AT for president im with u

u make me feel bad like i upset u some more

i try and thank u

jones u aint never lied not smart at all - whats poping at the cut

Exquisitely Black
thats a good one

thanks 4 the link

i wish they could box


Tha BossMack TopSoil
Shole was folk, hope u feeling better-u like the videos

September 24, 2008 4:45 PM
look at u using jones LOL thanks folk

OG, The Original Glamazon U think? thanks hon, feels like nobody listens

Lord - as my granny would say

thanks sis, i just get so mad u know

Jay Midnyte
sky done fail - so much for self correcting

thanks for the drive by im gone hit u up jones

mane do congressmen read?
save that paper

none of the bail out gone help the dollar - just the markets


like i wrote a while back, country first sounds like an air freshener lol

Obama Mama
like the song i belive the children are our future

Darius T. Williams
wonder would the let me? hummm

my fault jones LOL. BTW that was a tight post folk

boty of yawl right whats the trip?

Stephen Bess
they need to listen to us - the people

The Love Collective
thats foul using a script

it will be next folk ok

if u shout, can i pass a colection plate lol

at the crib we say scraed say ya scared. yea jones he too old to wiggle though lol

Princess Tinybutt said...

speak it. i love being here T, so many 'folk' (as you say) that are enlightened. we all need secondary, independant educations...

keep on

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

y thanks maam, how u feeling?

universal law of attraction said...

Nice post
I like it :)

Rich said...

brain cells snapping off in this piece I see.

If a nigga could just keep whats his with respect to them capital gains taxes, that might spark a real turnaround in the economy. That's some real gangsta stuff they be pulling with that. It's like paying the mafia off for letting you make yours in peace.

Jay Midnyte said...

"In the biggest bank failure in U.S. history, the Federal Deposit Insurance Co. seized Washington Mutual's assets Thursday. The FDIC then quickly sold most of WaMu (that's assets and liabilities) to JPMorgan." (Yahoo News)

LMAO JPMorgan really is consolidating alotta financial power arent they

fairlane said...

You can combine several of your points into one-

Talk about making the United States a Capitalist country again where talent, and intelligence rises to the top. Instead of this bullshit we have now that celebrates mediocrity.

If I hear one more person praise Palin, and/or Mc Thuselah for being "Regular Joes."

"Regular Joe" belongs on a bar stool. Not in the White House or on the Board of Directors.

By the way, gorgeous daughter.

Anonymous said...

up up up wait boi didnt yo mama tell you about that mouth of

how you been?

KELSO'S NUTS said...

What FAIRLANE said.

I also have a plea from the lower part of your hemisphere to thinking Americans. Surely, if McCain wins and possibly if Obama wins, you are going to be asked to take a CERTAIN side on something that you never have had to before: Venezuela.

Personally, I preferred US relations with Venezuela as they were during the Clinton years: trading partner and ally.

I don't ever want to be in the position of telling anyone WHAT TO THINK, but when there's a consensus between the two major party standard bearers that Venezuela is a "rogue nation," people down here -- even in Venezuela's neighboring enemy Colombia -- get very froggy. The overwhelming preference for Obama here is because of his calm, not because of his aggression.

I have a lot of opinions about Venezuela positive and negative, but to me the words "rogue nation" do not apply.

Don't listen to me, though. Do your own research on Venezuela and decide for yourself whether or not it is a "rogue nation." In the process, establish for yourself what your definition of a "rogue nation" is. And even if you decide you despise Venezuela and think they should all be killed with extreme prejudice, be sure to have a coherent reason why you feel that way because if something happens, it will be more horrible up there than down here. If you're into it, make sure you really have a good reason for wanting this fight. It will be painful if it happens. This won't be one with a CNN avatar and official theme music with all the nasty pictures sanitized.

I'm only back here commenting on RDB on because THIS ISSUE fell out of the debate and it's very important. This is not a fight the USA needs, wants or can win either militarily or economically without nuclear weapons.

On the other hand, as an ally, trading partner, and bulwark against oil-financed terrorism, Venezuela can be very useful for the USA.

Chavez can be a jackass at times and I don't blame anyone for not getting him. Be aware that the Venezuelan budget is in surplus. It's a creditor nation. And its currency is the most valuable in the world.

It's a modern Latino/European capitalist social-democracy. It is not Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Syria or Lebanon in any way at all. US banks are not holding any Bolivars yielding a real interest rate of 28%. Venezuelan banks and the BCV are, however, holding a huge heap of free dollars.

Again, you're free to HATE even Venezuelan children. You're free to HATE Bobby Abreu and Johan Santana. But make sure that your hate is directed EXACTLY where you want it to go and that you're willing to pay whatever price is required.

That's my OPINION as a resident of a neighboring country. Don't believe me. Do your own research.

I'm 200 miles away from Venezuela and I'm 4000 miles away from the USA. I take this very seriously indeed.

If I were alone in my opinion, my opinion would be meaningless. The problem for the USA is that my opinion is shared by the rest of MERCOSUR, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the EUROPEAN UNION, the non-EU European countries, and Russia.

no_slappz said...


If you walked down the streets of any city or town in the US and randomly asked people to name "rogue nations" respondents would mention most of those on your list: Iran, North Korea, Syria and perhaps one or two others.

But Venezuela? No. Not on the list.

Chavez, if he is considered at all by Americans, is seen as a strutting clown.

Periodically, when he gets into his Mouse-That-Roared mood he reminds Americans of the various caricatures of some over-stuffed perspiring Latin American leaders.

His threat to the world comes from his incompetence, not his military. He will continue his nationalization process and that will lead to siphoning petro-bucks away from maintaining, repairing and building the oil industry and spending that cash on old military hardware that his military is incapable of operating.

Perhaps on May Day they'll impress the crowds as they parade around, and maybe handful of pilots able to handle jets will fly over Caracas in a straight line.

The only people threatened by his acquisition of military hardware are Venezuelans themselves, since he's more likely to attack them than a military power that can blow him out like candle.

It was amusing to see that the Russian "navy" is sending some ships to Venezuela to show solidarity. The real news regards Russia having ships that can sail that far.

Sending tanks rolling into Georgia running on diesel and vodka is one thing. Projecting Blue Water naval power is another. They ain't got it.

Anyway, as I said, Chavez will kill his golden oil-goose through bungling, corruption and mismanagement. Those factors will combine to withhold oil supplies from the world.

Furthermore, no one in the US -- even the few who might call Venezuela a "rogue nation" -- would suggest mass killing, as you indicated.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Slappzie: I hope every American takes the same attitude you do about this and stays away from it because it doesn't concern them.

You see the world in very "black & white" [PUN INTENDED] terms. You don't know what's happening here, but you sort of have a SIDE in the polemic. I can't blame you. You aren't exposed to any other sides of the story. So, the theatrics of the president of Venezuela are all you know. You don't know any Venezuelans. I deal with them every day. That country is awash in money. The purchasing power of the Bolivar is sick. And everyone is desperate to get their hands on some to lend out. It's very, very hard to find any size. When Venezuelans come to Panama, they only bring the US dollars they have lying around. Those Bolivars are earning them too much to waste on partying.

It depends on how you define leadership, I guess. If having the biggest debt and being involved in the most war is leadership to you, I congratulate you. You're in the right country.

I hear Venezuelans laughing all the time about Hugo Chavez's style. He can be a goofball, no doubt. Nobody's laughing about his management of the economy. They're all too busy counting their money.

You won't educate yourself and you won't respect the opinions of anyone who has experience in a certain situation, so I don't know what to tell you. I'll write what I know without any hopes that you'll believe it.

"Nationalization" has a connotation of seizure to Americans but that's not what happens. What happens is the same process as an LBO. The government has to PAY to buy out the equity and the debt holders. It's a negotiation and right now it's all stalled because the 25% premium to market that the BCV was offering a couple of commercial banks was turned down by the directors.

This is yet another reason why Bolivars are so scarce. They're good either way. If Chavez abandons any ideas of further nationalization that's good from a market perspective. If Chavez plans to revisit the idea, the Bolivars have tremendous built-in implied risk-arbitrage value in the market purchase of a target bank or company's equity and debt before the nationalization deal is done.

Your president does not understand any of this. The crazy guy in the tri-color and red pajamas understands it very well and plays the game very well. I own a couple of businesses here and believe me I love my Venezuelan customers because they throw money around to beat the band.

I guess they're all incompetant.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Jeez, Slappzie: If image is your thing, you can't tell me that John McCain with all his facial disfigurements and his inability to use his hands cuts a more vigorous presence on the world stage than Hugo Chavez does. He's got a pot belly. That's all.

But I think you're too quick to dismiss Venezuela. There's one thing I know you'd LOVE about the place. There are very, very few people of African descent and feature who live there.

It is a much "WHITER" country than the USA is, to be sure. It's not even close! You could easily find places to live in Venezuela where you'd NEVER HAVE TO SEE A PERSON OF AFRICAN DESCENT AS LONG AS YOU LIVED. YOU'D BE AROUND ONLY WHITE PEOPLE OF EUROPEAN DESCENT FOR EVER AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER.

How does that grab you, buddy?

no_slappz said...


With respect to "nationalization" of the oil companies in Venezuela, I mentioned ONLY that Chavez is seizing control.

I never mentioned price. Why? Because Hugo pays to seize the oil companies is irrelevant.

The relevant part is what he does with the companies after he controls them. We know what he will do. He will do what communistic/socialistic leaders always do -- run them into the ground.

Fidel Castro is Hugo's guru. If it weren't for remittances, Cuba would look like North Korea. Hence, Venezuela under Chavez, is headed for decline as costs rise and oil revenue slips.

Hugo sees himself as Fidel with oil. That means he will reward his cronies with positions in the oil industry and those cronies will begin the process of Death by Bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, the more Hugo pays the oil companies to seize their assets, the greater the ultimate pain in Venezuela.

no_slappz said...


I live in Brooklyn by choice. In my daily life I interact with people from every part of the globe.

Meanwhile, few present threats to daily life. Unfortunately, violence and death are part of the picture. However, practically all the violence is confined to black and hispanic neighborhoods.

The violence in black and hispanic neighborhoods has little direct impact on whites and asians. Occasionally violence crosses racial lines, leading to attacks on whites and asians by blacks or hispanics. But the rate is very low.

The victims of black and hispanic violence are other blacks and hispanics. It's that simple. I travel all over NY City. East New York, Harlem, Bushwick, East Flatbush. But there are places I do not go late at night. Those are the places were violence and gunfire most often occur.

My concern focuses on the self-destructive and violent aspects of black and hispanic culture and how it hurts those communities.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

How could Fidel Castro possibly be Hugo Chavez's economic guru when Venezuela has stock, bond and commodity markets?

FORD MOTOR CO has a Bolivar-denominated GDR on the Caracas exchange. They floated it just recently. It's not like a hold-over from the previous government or something.

I indulge you now because I know there are a lot of other readers here who are interested in world markets and might like to know some of this either for work, study, investment or merely curiosity.

The Black/Hispanic stuff? Crikey! If it doesn't bother Torrance, it doesn't bother me.

T.C. said...

its a definite issue with bank after bank failing including washington mutual, which was the largest bank failure since the great depression...but these mutha fucas won't say that we are in a recession and shat is looking like the great depression...insane

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

universal law of attraction
thank u maam

thats one of the things i feel

Jay Midnyte
and bank of america


thank u

Kelso & no_slappz
both of yawl, i love it DOW down 600

T.C. we should be able to see and not expect them to tell us anything - liberity

KELSO'S NUTS said...



Aside from illiquid holdings, I've got everything in international overnight repo -- the mattress strategy!

I'm loving every minute of this!

dc_speaks said...

well stated!

Anonymous said...

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