Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sound like an air freshener

Point of order: 1] Rib-eyes, green beans and fried tomatoes tonight.

2] will hit my blog roll in am, started teaching statistics at CAU and dealing w bipolar folk aint no joke to deal with . Sorry for slacking folk.

First off, I wasn’t gone touch politics for a while albeit it is the week of the GOP convention and last week I said I would. So I will keep my word. Now don’t get me wrong, I still got NEVER EVER NEVER on deck and INTRO TO MEPHISIAN 102. But folk here has to call it how he see it at this current juncture in time.

So this is for you, the GOP. True I hate on the Democrats too, but this is your day. I guess that all you say is for the social conservatives, which means it aint for me, since I am Memphis Mac. But I hate being played like a step child. You say “hope is a false promise”, but if such is the case, then it tells me you do not have faith or abide by such. Meaning that hope and faith from your point of order is self serving. I also want to add that folk here tired of sound bites, albeit you say that Barack Obama is a sound bite fiend. I agree. But problem is yawl is too – please show me a distinction. You say John McCain is a leader, and that we need a leader like John McCain. My problem is that I don’t follow nobody, let alone a politician, that is supposed to serve me. I figure Jones supposed to follow me. That’s what is wrong with this system in the first place. So don’t get it twisted, I don’t follow nobody folk, I just don’t get down like that abiding by the 14th amendment as I do.

But it is nice to see McCain go after the black vote; I mean what better way to do such than with a grand momma in her 40’s. So much for abstinence only education and the scary thing is when you see it don’t work, you still prop it up like cold fusion. Not to mention yawl sound like democrats. I mean you complain and say Obama gone have all these programs to spend our loot, but yet you tell me you gone build all these nuclear reactors like it aint cosin' me jack. Where the money coming from, tell me that. Oh my mistake, you don’t even acknowledge deflation as a threat to our economy – and I don’t make 5 million a year folk, seeing that’s your standard of being poor. And don’t be giving jones here no incentive for having health insurance, as much money as I have spent in Iraq, I should have paid for it by now, although I know taking care of Iraqi’s is more important than me in terms of dollars. Fuck them jones, I aint got no problem with them, but I do with them getting more from my tax dollars than I do. Besides, when they or if they come up in this camp me and mine gone handles ours, even on your behalf even though I don’t support you – but that’s how Americans get down.

I won’t touch on Palin, although she does remind me of that Indo-G song “when I die, die, don’t you cry, cry remembers me, Palin, Palin.” So take that had to get it off of my chest, I mean I’m down with country first, but it sound like a disinfectant or air freshener, and I prefer Fabuloso. And true, McCain maybe the most prepared and most experience, but dont forget - most likely to DIE in office. And please no more images of Republicans dancing off beat on CSPAN.


Lovebabz said...

Good post!

Talk about a breathe of fresh air! You are on point with this one.

rainywalker said...

Raw Dawg,
Most of us don't care who dies in office, just so he doesn't start throwing switches when he gets angry at 3 am. I don't think I can take that chance and Sarah isn't ready to be President.

BuelahMan said...


I was watching the convention (listening to Palin right now). and there was a music break and I couldn't find a single person that could dance.

Does that mean something?

And the part about "if the Iraqis" were to come here and you and yours taking care of the problem?

Exactly the way I feel.

The Bear Maiden said...

I'm watching Barbie now... "she scarsht me, mooma", as my nephew would say....

OOOOH baby she just pimped her son, "as the mother of one of those troops". How friggin' convenient for her.

Anonymiss said...

And please no more images of Republicans dancing off beat on CSPAN.

Now that's an eyesore. Some of the Dems had 2 left feet as well.

LOL at Beulahman!!!

Bloggal said...

visiting your blog always makes my computer lock up, but i'm always glad when i do stop by.

great post.

and don't feel bad. i'm slacking too.

Kayos said...

I likes. I truly likes.

All good.

Tell em. They couldn't dance if they teenage daughters relied on Birth control. OOOOPS! Guess they can't since the daughter didn't rely on it.


sista gp said...

it finally happened.
Palin prompted my 1st poli-related post.
check it out


no_slappz said...

Palin gave a superb speech. A great speech.

Democrats will undoubtedly acknowledge its quality by the amount of effort they expend attempting to attack it.

Second, FDR picked Harry Truman, an obscure senator from Missouri to run on the 1944 Democratic ticket.

FDR had fired Henry Wallace, his vice president for his second and third terms.

He picked Truman, who had no college degree and nothing that recommended him for the job. Worse, FDR was dying and was expected to die during a fourth term if elected. He was elected and he died 82 days after inauguration.

Truman became president and then learned about the atomic bomb. Truman got the bomb built, took over the role of running WWII and the job of ending WWII. He dropped the atom bombs on Japan and Japan surrendered days later.

All this was accomplished by the least "prepared" candidate for the vice presidency.

Keli said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keli said...

You and my moms with that fabuloso stuff...

I watched her speak, it was interesting...dare I say, that her approach was even effective...

Hmmm...I am just ready for this election to be over. It's making me tired.

no_slappz said...

torrance, you wrote:

"I mean you complain and say Obama gone have all these programs to spend our loot, but yet you tell me you gone build all these nuclear reactors like it aint cosin' me jack. Where the money coming from, tell me that."

Money for nuclear power plants comes from investors -- not taxpayers.

Money for Obama's healthcare plans comes from taxpayers, which means in an Obama administration, taxes will rise -- a lot.

Big Cheekz said...

you're teaching over at CAU? i'm transferring! lol

Pajnstl said...

I've never had fried tomatos

i'm taking a statistics class this semester. I love it. Now my global business leaves a lot to be desired.

Lena said...

I said it before I say it again...Stats yuck. I am going to dread it dearly if I ever have to take it again. Fabuloso, ha my grandma uses that crap.

Now to the post...
I want the election to be OVER.

msladydeborah said...

I have been trying to catch at least the keynote speakers of the RNC. Quite frankly, none of them have been able to hold my attention for long.

Damn, I had no idea how boring Lieberman is as a speaker.

Palin did a decent job of reading and delivering her speech.

But in reality, I was flipping back to watch The Williams Sistahs! They were playing some tennis tonight! It was one helluva match.

So you entered back into the Ms. Binky Pup tending to Brain Cell? :-)

Linda said...

rib-eye, green beans and tomatoes? You on atkins too? *lol* Where's the rice? ;)

greetings from holland!

The Love Collective said...

You had me at you teaching stats at CAU to bipolar folk. LOL. That bad? LOL.

jjbrock said...

Great post and thanks for stopping by The Old Black Church. I will be glad when this election is over.

Jolie said...

Palin had a great night, but it ends there. McCain does not have the personality of a Palin. It would have been good for them if she had gone last and not McCain when it comes to speaking at the RNC. We still have the debates. Let's see how Mrs Camera Ready Snarky Soccer Mom does without a prepared script. Obama is no fool. The Republicans want us to believe Obama is inexperienced and will therefore make dumb decisions when it comes to being president. It's hype that a lot of Democrats, including me, don't buy.

BuelahMan said...

No slappz is way off in his talking point regurgitation.

Palin's speech was great (for those reTHUGlicans that still are brainwashed... and I believe he pointed himself out as one of those with his nonsense).

An attack dog may be gorgeous in the minds of the sheeple like no slappz, but for honest, thinking Americans, all she did was go on the attack against the Dem Party.

Again, any thinking person can look at her past and the AIP, the things she has said before, compared to now and you realize she is as full of shit as McCain and Obama.

Just like a reTHUG, no slappz tried to WOW us with history. What he fails to tell you about Truman is that very EARLY on in his life, he was involved with politics... not so for Palin.

Truman was a page at the 1900 Dem National Convention (he was 16).

He also served in the US forces (something slapzz newest hero didn't manage, altho it is quite clear she doesn't mind killing shit).

"The least prepared candidate".

Dude, learn your history and stop trying to bullshit people with innuendo and lies (most of us know better now).

Money for Obama's healthcare plans comes from taxpayers, which means in an Obama administration, taxes will rise -- a lot.

If you take out the insurance middle man (which it would seem this may be where you earn your dough), you put back $.31 of every dollar. You don't think you are paying a 31% tax, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, if you are paying for health insurance.

When ppl make this kind of blanket statement, without all the facts, it sure as hell appears there is a nutjob in our midst, OR, a plant from the THUG party. There is no other salient reason to speak with such bullshit talking points.


I call 'em as I see 'em.

no_slappz said...

buelahman, you wrote:

"Truman was a page at the 1900 Dem National Convention (he was 16)."

Is the preceding your idea of experience? Four days of volunteer work as a page? And you seriously think that qualifies a person for the presidency?!?

Of all the irrelevant experiences once could have, I think ushering people to their seats and being a general helper in a large meeting hall is about as insignificant as a formative experience can be.

He's probably the ONLY president to have been a page at a convention, which, in your oddly illogical view, suggests none of the other presidents were qualified for office.

You wrote:

"He also served in the US forces (something slapzz newest hero didn't manage, altho it is quite clear she doesn't mind killing shit)."

Well, now you have declared that BOTH Democratic candidates are lacking. Neither has military service on his record.

Either military service matters or it does not matter.

Apparently it matters to you if the Republican vice presidential candidate lacks it, but it's okay with you if neither Democractic candidate served.

Your view is painfully lacking in consistency.

I wrote:

"Money for Obama's healthcare plans comes from taxpayers, which means in an Obama administration, taxes will rise -- a lot."

You responded:

"If you take out the insurance middle man (which it would seem this may be where you earn your dough), you put back $.31 of every dollar. You don't think you are paying a 31% tax, RIGHT FUCKING NOW, if you are paying for health insurance."

Your statement reveals a lot. First, I know you cannot read a financial statement such as a corporate income statement, balance sheet or cash flow statement. I can also tell that you have never looked at government financial statements.

Again, your lack of consistency hurts you.

The amusing part is your unstated belief that "government" is the most efficient operator.

But the government that would administer Obama's healthcare programs is the same government that runs the public schools. Actually, it's worse. There are federal and state government overlaps in public schools and the existing Medicaid programs.

Has anyone ever accused either the public schools or Medicaid of financial restraint? Two places suffering from vast levels of financial corruption are public schools and Medicaid.

Meanwhile, both Medicaid and Medicare are expensive programs -- and everyone complains of needing more from them.

Taxpayers already pay an annual premium of $5,000 for each person enrolled in Medicaid. The annual premium for each person on the Medicare rolls is $8,000.

Whether or not you can see it, or admit it, Obama wants to put 45 million uninsured people into medical insurance programs. Okay. But who gets the bill for those 45 million?

Furthermore, at least 15 million of the 45 million uninsured residents are illegal immigrants.

Under an Obama plan, illegal immigrants will be given an extra incentive to sneak into the US.

First, for your own benefit, you should learn how to read some basic financial statements so you are less likely to be fooled as you have been by silly tales of corporate inefficiencies while believing the government can do the same job for less.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but I agree with you. As a life long Republican in my 60's, it is refreshing to find a black man who thinks. I agree, AMERICANS do not get down like that (hope I said that correctly).

no_slappz said...

anonymous, you wrote:

"As a life long Republican in my 60's, it is refreshing to find a black man who thinks."

Are you Joe Biden?

You have said that a Thinking Black Man is an Uncommon Black Man. That sentiment should make you extremely popular among blacks.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Thanks folk

I see your point but I was listening on NPR and got upset – forgive me folk

LOL we can diosagree but the way I see it we will fight side by side if we have too, and on NPR I heard them playing Lionel Richie and saw it latter on that nite - lol

The Bear Maiden
LMBAO @ Barbie (w a gat)

2 LMBAO in a row classic

Thanks ms 5 months

Yawl killin me LOL

sista gp
wow is the sky fallin’ LOL

It was good and I applaude her not surperb
And u speak as if I don’t know that or my history – im insulted

Me too, but it smells good LOL

I aint ask slappz tyo tell me, I mean u aint going after my vote I want them to tell me jones

Big Cheekz
No teachers pet syndrome here lol

They were red.

Crap, ity smells good, and don’t hate – motivate LOL

yep unfortunately, and I started to write about JOE – toooooooooooooooo boring

Don’t even fron sister, I read how u b throwing down

The Love Collective
Yep I am and the bipolar is my ex and one word FOUL

any time scholar
Yep she did and u right…don’t buy

LOL I see slappz got to u too LOL

I can only call names and tell me why should they not. A healthy me means more tax dollars to fight feculent wars

Whoa horsey. A black man that can think, don’t know if I should be flattered or wanna whup yo azz. I am a man, and American and a father. U see black not me albeit I live it……and u tried. LOL.

Thanks for having my back - way to go. LOL @ Joe Biden line

David said...

"McCain maybe the most prepared and most experience, but dont forget - most likely to DIE in office."

I really like the idea of Sarah Palin "one heartbeat away from the presidency". Palin's far, far better prpared for the presidency than The Obamassiah or Mr. Plagiarism. She's also the first one from the repugnican't side of the Uniparty to sound sorta conservative since the sorta conservative Reagan some years back. Heck, Palin stepping in as prez and tapping Jindal for veep... well, a guy can dream, can't he?

Hey! Y'all stop picking on disabled folk! Most Repugnican'ts can't dance, so? Most Dhimmicraps can't think. (Most: I'm sure there are more than a few out of step Dhimmicraps--for example, ever see Jean Fraud sKerry try a step or two? John "Ain't my baby" Edwards or Hillary Clintoon?--and more than a few mindless marching moron Repugnican'ts--yeh, yeh, examples too many to mention.) Besides, I saw one fat chick whose basic beat was decent, although her lard was doing this weird backbeat thing...

no_slappz said...


With respect to my posts here -- if they are in response to a specific contributor -- you, perhaps -- I name the intended recipient.

My Palin post was to all readers. You and all others.

The others were for all to read but aimed at identified posters.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

funny im an equal opportunity picker oner, and i know u dont likeffirmative action but that what i do and thet two step line was classic

satire, i was joking u know i love learning and laughing u always welcome here folk for real though

B said...

Laughin' at the last few bits. I'm so over this election. Granted this is the first one I have ever paid attention to but ugghh.....I'm still trying to figure out why there is so much praise going on for Palin's speech. Did I miss something?

MrsGrapevine said...

My problem is with Guilian and Palin reducing Barack Obama accomplishments and adversities to two simple words "zero" and "nada". Since when is a black man "nada" when his mother used food stamps to feed him, and he graduated from Harvard with a law degree, as the first black President of Harvard Review. When is his leadership equal to "zero" when he in 11 years has gone from community organizer to the first Black viable candidate to head the democratic ticket. I don't think the 18 millions people who voted for him along the way thinks he's nothing and just words. He campaigned in 48 states, and discovered a new way to raise money for his campaign, and has registered more new voters. What is it called when you reduce a black man to nothing.

Q said...

Lord, McCain know he ain't got that much time left here on earth! lol...

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Touch Palin, she got game.

David said...

B: "I'm still trying to figure out why there is so much praise going on for Palin's speech."

It's simple, really. In a society where the lame, halting perambulations of The Obamassiah are viewed as sterling examples of public speaking (*gag a maggot*), Palin's astonishing (to anyone who's heard more than a couple of contemporary pols open their pie holes) competent speaking skills come off as miraculous.

Heck, anyone who's heard a piney woods country boy redneck preacher boy's heard as good or better, but Mass Media Podpeople, Beltway Bandits and their ilk are so rarely exposed to competent oratory skills and even more rarely let someone with decent skills slip through to the public's awareness that merely competent seems amazing to them as well as to the marching morons who follow the Mass Media Podpeople Hivemind's pseudo coverage of our society.

Miss Soul said...

I couldn't agree more...and yes please no more GOP's partying off beat...oh wait that's what they do.

Melody.Darlene said...

"Rib-eyes, green beans and fried tomatoes tonight."

when are u gonna cook for meeeeeeeee?!?!

koffeedyme said...

Oh i'm so lucky i don't have to vote... I turn my channel to CNN.. oh boy i almost died from boredom.. the only think i remember was piper palin licking her hands to slick down her baby brother trigg's hair... lol....

but Whoever win the leasership role is going to effect Canada so of course i'm curious....

1/3 said...

HAHA at most likely to die in office. Thats my main concern for McCain. if I was 70 something I would want to relax and not have the whole country on my back. LOL I absolutely hate it when republicans dance on tv...good post:-)

Anonymous said...

Much applause Raw Dawg because you touched on some very valid points! When does having hope and inspiring others to fight for change create grounds for being just a great orator? Great orators (i.e. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr.) have given many the reason to believe and get up and take a stand, actually improving society and getting things done. As far as Palin goes, I respect her, but I wrote about something that she touched on during her speech last night that definitely rubbed me the wrong way.

scholarly1 said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I DID fix my power windows! I'll be visiting your blog more often and will link it to mine.

Miss Soul said...

koffeedyme I had to quote you...1st off I thought I was the only one who saw Piper do that nastiness. I was crackin' up. But really that is nasty and the RNC has been dragging a bit. The alleged Savior of 9-11 had A LOT to say...too bad I heard more insult than policy.

Palin's speech was some of the same. It is being hailed as a success and all she showed me was how well she fits with the right, and that she can speak publicly...that STILL doesn't give me enough. She doesn't deserve the VP Nom.

Other than Palin and the alleged 9-11 Savior the crowd even seemed disinterested...oh well they did "seem" to enjoy the two black men that spoke...

When Palin and the Savior attacked Obama did anyone else get that lynching feel in the tone of their voices. All the cowboy hats waving in the air...very very disturbing image.

koffeedyme said...

Oh i'm so lucky i don't have to vote... I turn my channel to CNN.. oh boy i almost died from boredom.. the only think i remember was piper palin licking her hands to slick down her baby brother trigg's hair... lol....

Blog Queen said...

She brought down the house as she smiled sheepishly into the cameras and read from the tele-prompter. It was a mediocre speech at best..but presented very well. Even so I still don't know who Sarah Palin is!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: Yes, Americans are a big-hearted people until they're NOT. And when they're not, they're super-duper NOT. As in the SMALLEST-HEARTED MEANEST SONS OF BITCHES IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD.

Enter Palin. In some ways it was a brilliant speech. Her combination of confidence, vacuity and venom in that movie character-actresses matronly twang just made even more clear what a stark choice of philosophies even though both tickets are completely bought-and-paid for and you can't find a civil libertarian in the bunch.

I still am more bullish on Obama than you are for all sorts of reasons everyone's sick of from bloggers, the media, etc. And my reasons have nothing to do with "hope" pr his story or his speaking ability. My reasons have everything to do with economics, justice and peace. I also like the way he's learned to play power politics.

I just love that the USA could come up with a ticket that makes Bush/Cheney look responsible and sane. I also love that this Palin family is a SHOW. They are going to be more fun than a set of "Rock-em, Sock-'em Robots". You got Todd Palin, stoner and ski bum, who was only groomed down from his Aryan Brotherhood look a couple of weeks ago. You've got the bubble-boy. You've got the pregnant teenager and the boyfriend. You've got that super-classy tongue-and-saliva think all the Palin women do with the bubble-boy's hair. You got the boy going off to war. And an obstruction of justice complaint against Palin looming.

I think I recall Campbell Brown of CNN saying that Palin's ready to lead on foreign policy because Alaska is the US state geographically closest to Russia.

Isn't it at least a toss-up that the husband will kill someone in a bar brawl or be killed, that even darker sexual details will seep out, and something's not kosher about either the pregnant daughter or the bubble-boy but I hope this show runs on and on.

Oh yeah, the voice. Wow. What Saturday Night Live will do with that!

Giuliani showed exactly why America's Mayor was never anything but a knucklehead.

And the ONE BLACK MAN in the orchestra section was priceless. The camera caught him no fewer than 15 times!

I just wish Hunter Thompson were still alive to write about last night.

Dione said...

They dancing off beat cause they are full from eating BBQ...

Anonymous said... definitely have a lot going on! feel free hit my blog whenever you can make time-no hurry. handle yo' biz!


The Flyyest said...


T.C. said...

i am still waiting on the GOP to lay out even a little bit of a plan, something...

Palin scars the living mess out of me, that woman is OFF...nothing she stated was completely factual (via fact checker)

McCain used his entire speech to talk about being a POW, nothing of substance...

like you said they both are for the sound bites but seriously...i can't do 4 more years of this mess

Roschelle said...

Lies, lies, and hyprocrisy! This woman has become more popular in less than a week than Obama and McCain. What does that say about the American People?

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Nope u missed nothing lol

That community organization attack gone come back to bite them

So true

Tha BossMack TopSoil
True, true. How ya been folk


Miss Soul

Ill feed and cook for u folk when u up in this camp

yes u are lucky and boredom is being nice – they couldn’t even fill the arena

Thanks hon, how was the birthday?

U and me both and thank u scholar

any time and thank u for the drive by do return if u can

Miss Soul
Great points

Blog Queen
Well a lady wrote a book on her but I don’t care she aint talking about jack.

I agree, wel;l crafted (not her own) I mean from reading some of the speeches she made when she ran and lost the LT gov race in Alaska, diff style. She has never ever talked about policy or issues just herself. Im with u and Boss Mack – good speech for its purpose

Pls don’t mention BBQ – I want some and im not home in memphis

U know I hit u up least twice a week.

The Flyyest
Thought u was on a worldwide tour

It is on like pop corn now

so true

Anonymous said...

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