Tuesday, September 30, 2008

riddle me this #6

Thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u.

1] Why does it seem that folks are more interested in wanting to work for Diddy (even if not on show) than working for self?

2] Why is it that every rapper seems to have the first name Lil or Young?

3] I always here folks talk about the one that got away? What got away from you that you would like back (outside of loot): fish, deer, man, woman, opportunity, job or what have ya?

4] How many more banks will fail in the next 12 months? I think between 50 to 100, what says you?

5] Who else besides Sarah Palin thinks that man and the dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time?

6] How are you prepared to deal with a depression if such occurs and what sacrifices are you willing to make?

7] If the local grocery store(s) in your neighborhood went bankrupt, how do you plan to eat?


rainywalker said...

I'm gonna kill some of the kings mule deer and fox, thin out the herd as they say.

RiPPa said...

Rappers are mostly mental midgets hence the usage of the names "Lil" or "Young" in marketing themselves. Its a Hitler complex I guess.

RunningMom said...
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RunningMom said...

#1: Diddy has a lil' bit o' crazy - that's entertaining to those with no imagination themselves.

#2: No clue. How bout we "find and replace" every "Young" with "Dumb" and every "Lil" with "Short" - that would be entertaining.

#3: My education. I have/had ADD. Undiagnosed till age 30. Dropped out of college the first time after just one year because it was just too damn hard. I didn't understand why at the time. Graduated with my Associates degree 2 weeks ago. 15 classes to go for my Bachelors. Wish I had known then what I know now.

#4: You're probably correct.

#5: Will we ever really know what happened 10,000 years ago?

#6: I'm prepared to make the sacrifice of moving in with the one I love (lol). But really - I think that a lot of people will consolidate living and traveling arrangements. My mother lives in a 3000 sq. ft. house by herself. My bro and sister-in-law live in a 3 br house by themselves. We could all live in one big house together if we have to. If not that drastic, I'm willing to shut the internet off and mooch off Panera, willing to eat less, already shut off the cable, willing to sell my new car and buy something less expensive, willing to have community dinners instead of wasting leftovers.

#7: I have 5 or 6 grocery stores and 2 farm markets within 5 miles of me. If they all close does that mean Boston Market closes too? lol

Miss Toya said...

I think maybe they use "Lil" or "Young" to hold on to their youths. LOL So they can stay in the game a little longer than others. (yea right!) However, alot of them are droppin' the Lil's from their names like Bow Wow and Romeo have done. They getting their "Grown Man" on now I guess.

Nicki NIcki Tembo said...

Have already considered moving grandparents in with me, just can't buy that kind of bare knuckle survival knowledge they bring to the table. Garden patch gonna turn into something more, been trying my hand at making laundry soap (quite simple, extremely inexpensive). Need to invest in a sewing machine. Prepared to do more walking and cycling for errand running. Fortunately we have a hand full of local farmer's markets where I live. Sistahs better get up on those washable sanitary napkins - already got mine.

mrs. mary mack said...

1) I wouldn't rok for Diddy except to put his name on my resume...that fool's crazier than my last boss! (She was psycho)

2)Rappers these days suck

3)Everything that "got away" from me was meant to be gone.

4)Just hoping Wellsfargo has their ish together...

5)Sarah Palin makes me itch

6)I'm willing to quit my job and prepare the meals on the home front. I'd save on gas that way and I'd get to sleep late!

7)WALMART WILL NEVER GO BANKRUPT..in fact they already OWN the WORLD!!!

Darius T. Williams said...

#7 - let's just hope the local groceries don't go bankrupt like Bennigan's did. i'm still wanting my last monte cristo.

Sheliza said...

1] people are fooled into thinking they will be rich like Diddy. You know Diddy won't be having that! If you work for yourself, you can pass it on to your children and teach them to do the same.

2] idiots.

3] they obviously were not clever enough to hang onto it in the first place.

4] minimum of 50.

5] ha ha!! She's got a pretty face though LOL!!

6] We have cut down to the basics and go only with "needs" and it will be a while before we get any "wants". Lucky for us, we are simple country folk.

7] Our veggie garden and my father-in-law keeps my extra freezer stocked up.

Anonymous said...

LOL.. should my local grocery stores stop carrying food, I am heading to the 2 closest farms which are about 15 mins from me. One is a meat/diary farm and the other is a veggie farm. While I am not amassing a stockpile of food, I am thinking of going to the veggie farm and buying some veggies to put into a root cellar this winter.

I don't know why anyone in their right mind would want to work for Diddy, he looks like he would be a jerk to work for. Yet everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame.

Better Guy X said...

Re: Diddy, in this country we think that we are entitled to our 15 mins of fame and many will do anything to get it.

As for eating and living in the coming depression, I can always sell the car, plant more veggies and fewer herbs in the backyard, and I might have to give up my cigar habit -- that's going to hurt.

12kyle said...

these rappers are "label made". their record labels create their "persona" that deals with hard times, jail, and dope dealing. you put their stories over wack beats and a catchy hook. now...you have "built a rapper"

sista gp said...

1. Lazy folk
2. Can read own name
3. My figure and give my current to someone else
4. 150, Ima good guesser
5. JM and GWB, they were there and told her.
6. I am already depressed
7. Green thumb, .82 acres, roaming deer, and a shot gun

This is satire, right?

Big Cheekz said...
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Big Cheekz said...

*technical difficulties*
u said "u don't have to think..." - but you made me think abt this shyt right here...

3) can't think of anything or anyone that got away that i actually want back at this point...

4) in a minute there will be no such thing as banks cause folk gonna withdraw they money & they all gonna fail...

5) Sarah is in that box all by herself, po thing...

6) i thought the depression was already here & with that thought i've been nervous abt it getting worse. the sacrifices i'd be willing to make on behalf of my kids are endless (depending on situation)...

7) my husband is a country boy. he owns a shot gun. he knows how to fish and grow some shyt out of nothin in the back yard. plus, we got canned goods & water in the basememnt as somewhat of a crisis kit - that should get us started if things get bad...

i think that's the longest response i've ever had to one of your posts. this was real talk...

Tammy said...

1. I really don't have any interest in working for other people..I think people that do aren't ambitious enough.. Wanting/needing are two different things though..and sometimes we need to work for someone else..

2. It's the same with Spanish rappers.. all of their names begin with Mr. or Daddy..just because your name suggests that you're a grown man doesn't mean you are

3. Things get away for a reason..you weren't meant to have it/them

4. I think you're right.

5. I get the strong feeling that W agrees with her 'man riding dinosaurs' theory

6. I thought it was already here..

7. I'm really not sure..my first response was to move to my families farm..but they too will be struggling if they aren't able to sell to stores..

Anonymous said...

*Perhaps Diddy represents the quick and easy way to fame and fortune. He's perceived as established, which makes sense to those not willing to put forth the effort and hard work to stand on their own.

*No real method to the madness for the Lil and Young of hip hop.

*Time got away greatly due to procrastination on my part. Things I planned to do- but didn't.

* Can't fathom the number of banks that will go defunct. It's a scary thought.

*Foregoing the rhetorical Palin question.

*Don't need premium cable package, more walking & riding my bike, curtailed shopping just to shop, etc.

*Gardening & fishing as taught by my dad. Don't like red meat so no loss there.

NoRegrets said...

Personally, I think we're entertaining you!

3] Can really think of anything at the moment except anything that we either free or really cheap that I just missed.

4] Major banks - 10. Pretty soon we might only have two banks to bank in.

5] Jerry Falwell?

6] I live most of the time like I'm in a depression - don't spend a lot, freecycle, etc. I guess I would just find a way to help people that needed it.

7] I have the old version of Joy of Cooking, which tells you how to cook and prepare squirrels, rats, etc.

ANGELINA said...

i thought the same thing as i watched those pawns running around town trying to keep up with diddy lol. why? it seems like a job from hell to me!

Rich said...

1] It’s easier to collect a paycheck than grind it out day in and day out.

2] Just another trend in the game.

3] I need the last 10 years back, where did it go?

4] You'd think they would be able to stay afloat on the fees they charge customers alone. Maybe if they drop some of these ridiculous multi-million dollar salaried execs, they'd make it till things changed.

5] Me!! Didn’t you ever watch "Land of the Lost" when you were a kid. -- LOL

6] Same principles that I have now. Pay down debt, resist over spending, keep stacking and pounce on opportunities.

7] I’d hit the farmers market, but if we started heading backwards, I know how to grow and catch food if it came to that.

laughing808 said...

good questions.....I'm gonna have to give some thought specifically to #'s 4, 6 & 7

Angel said...
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Angel said...

I grew my own tomatoes this year….so I guess if things got that bad I could grow a load of food.
Now the good news for us I guess is that in the UK the fastest growing business sector is the black female. I'm not sure what is happening to the brotha’s though, I’m presuming they are at home wishing they could work for ‘Diddy’ listening to ‘Dumb’ and ‘Short’ wondering about the one that got away, and if Sarah Palin was right.

Jersey Girl said...

1. I am self-employed, and while it's scary in this economy, it's better than working for someone else.

2. I have no idea! lol

3. Long story.

4. I think at least another 5 major banks, and many more small banks.

5. Even the pastor of my church thinks Palin's an idiot.

6. We've been saving for a big cruise in May, all booked and everything. I think we're going to cancel it. Don't wanna spend that kind of money right now. Find something fun closer to home without the big expense. Gonna have to whip out my sewing machine and start making clothes for my kid. Premium HD Digital cable will have to go. Gotta keep high speed internet 'cause of the hub's job. There are many corners that we can cut. Maybe inlaws would have to move in, which would be fine.

7. Guess we'll have to come stay with you, lol.

thegayte-keeper said...

all good questions...folks need to try to find the answers and soon...

Curious said...

I want to prove #5 by saying, Raquel Welch, 1 Million Years BC, fur bikini and dinosaurs, but someone might take me seriously so I wont say anything.

1/3 said...

This banking crisis got me scared.

Im willing to make any sacrifices if there is a depression. I doubt it will happen *praying*

RealHustla said...

#7 Seems like you need to start another blog to offer some suggestions. I'm shopping for me some chickens this weekend and am trying together now.

Micki B said...

B/C a name like Diddy, they think will make them famous or get them the job of their dreams; the one that got away from me was an old boyfriend (Terry) that I just never gave a real chance; Who knows who really walked with the dinosaurs; As for food, I would resort to what the old people use to do which grow and raise my own; and I agree upwards 50 banks could close in the matter of months -thats sad-.

FYI .. This gave me something to think about. Good Riddle Me This

Obama Mama said...

damn it, you making me think. I don't know how in the hell I'm gonna eat if the only 2 grocery stores in this country town i live in goes bankrupt,(one of them is wally world tho) the tornado tore up my garden this summer and I didn't bother replanting it. I guess I'll fire up the grill and animals gonna start disappearing. (I can look out my back door and see people's cows and horses). kids dogs included. What can I say, i told you I like to eat.

And the lil and young thang I aint figured out yet. I guess they got the Jeffery the Girrafe syndrome, "I don't wanna grow up I'm a Toys r us kid".

as far as lost love, I think its better off where it is. But I would love to get the money back I spent on shit I don't have to show for now. But my husband always comes home from fishing talking about some big ass fish that got away(yeah right).

hey I'm not trying to camp up with Palin, but its quite possible. Who knows.

I haven't prepared for the depression, but survival is in my blood. We'll figure something out. (looting at the local walmart) As far Nicki Tembo's comment on the washable sanitary napkins, I'll probably be so hungry I won't have a period. lol. But fa'real where in the hell do you buy something like that?

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

1] Why does it seem that folks are more interested in wanting to work for Diddy (even if not on show) than working for self?

Some people dont have the drive and creativity to strive to work for themselves....one of the ladies on the show actually had her own business maybe she considered Diddy a stepping stone to get her more connected so that she could be more successful in her own business.

2] Why is it that every rapper seems to have the first name Lil or Young?

No originality as seen in there lyrics

3] I always here folks talk about the one that got away? What got away from you that you would like back (outside of loot): fish, deer, man, woman, opportunity, job or what have ya?

Nothing has got away that I didnt want to leave in the first place real talk

4] How many more banks will fail in the next 12 months? I think between 50 to 100, what says you?

Hell if I know I just know my ass is glad I dont have a bank account

5] Who else besides Sarah Palin thinks that man and the dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time?

Probably Sherri Shepard

6] How are you prepared to deal with a depression if such occurs and what sacrifices are you willing to make?

I actually have bouts with depression quite often, I have went to therapy, church, prayed...thats about it, I was even on medication at one point...sacrifices? I sacrificed my grades and my job because my depression interfered with my productivity but I didnt want to sacrifice those things

7] If the local grocery store(s) in your neighborhood went bankrupt, how do you plan to eat?

Well seeing as there is more than one grocery store I figure we will be alright other than that...we can plant some food

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

I miss understood number 6 you meant a depression as in a stock market crash or something...hmm well I'm not working so its like im in a depression anyway....so I dont know what sacrifices I could make cuz I dont have anything to sacrifice but myself....

Kitty said...

I don't even go to my local store. They cost too much But I see what your saying. I don't have a farm so I'd be outta luck. Thank goodness for Grandma tho.

Kayos said...

1. I have no idead
2. Because that is all these kids understand. Tray and ask them what BDP means and they wouldn't know unless they were from there.
3. I don't use that. I feel like I was the one that got away.
4.I say more than that but hey who knows
5. she the only dumb one
6. I need to think more on this one
7. It's called cooking what I have left in the fridge and if I have to go hunt.

Soulstress said...

IDK why folks wanna work for diddy..but its entertaining to watch.

I think rappers arent willin to think of clever names anymore lol.

Got away...hmmm..there is a guy that kinda got away...but he wulda been bad bizness aka heartache in the longrun most likely. Sooo I prob shuldnt want him back.

*sigh*>>why is palin supposed to be qualified to be VP again?!?!

Oh boy...needs vs wants.

I dont eat right as it is..Lord help me.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

(1) N/A. Been working for myself since 11 when I hustled dice, parlay card, ping-pong and Hollywood Gin. When I needed to, I cleaned bathrooms in office buildings and handed out porn flyers on the street.

(2) Only the bad rappers. There's NAS, PARIS, CUBE, GETO BOYS, SLICK RICK, REDMAN....

(3) Things get away all the time. You take down nice wins all the time. You don't have to outrun the bear; you just have to outrun the guy next to you.

(4) 10 closed and forget it. 25-50 in some kind of work-out or receivership. Another 25 bought out by bigger institution for cash or with US govt assistance.

(5) Far too many.

(6) I've tried to prepare for the worst already. I live in a place where all f/x, precious metals and jewels are easy to come by, and where there are markets in physical commodities as well as futures, if US paper money fails.

(7) I'm a good fisherman. I know a lot of spots in the interior where organic vegetables and dairy are very cheap and plentiful.

Lyleeshor said...
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YaBoy Po said...

1. cuz niggas is ignant whites folks teach the kids to enterprise niggas teach they kids to work for someone else

2.cuz everyone wants to be a kid again

3.shit anything that got away from me i been done gave up on gotta keep life fresh lol\

4.dont have a bank account dont care


6.im mother fucking ready to go ham riot loot fuck the police all that good stuff

7.keep a fat person around

Seymone said...

1. Well working for diddy allows some to eventually branch off and work for self. Working for diddy would also provide some with the opportunity to network with people they probably would have never met, etc.

3] The one that got away could be a man or an opportunity. However I believe that if its for u then it urs. You may have to work hard to get it back but its urs nonetheless.

4] I am going to be an optimist and say maybe 25 or less. Mostly smaller banks.

5] Palin intrigues me because I want to know how someone who obviously is not ready for the position was allowed on the ticket. Who did she have to sleep with or who is she holding a secret on? LOl

6] I have already started cutting back on my extracurricular activities and spending. I have been feeling this recession for awhile now.

7] I plan to eat off the land just like when I lived in trinidad. Optimum health and a killer body would be the benefit. So I say bring it on.

memphiz said...

i cant stand Diddys ass.
and if no food that means back to hunting days ... i know how it feels to starve it's not fun.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

1. I just saw that show for the first time last night and I'm pretty sure I won't be watching it again...on purpose that is! Unfortunately everyone doesn't wanna work for self...I couldn't understand that for a long time, but then I realized everyone doesn't have the same vision.

2. Because many don't have creativity...so why not copy off of everyone else and be Lil Copy Cat

3. I have thought about letting a good guy get away in the past...then I realized if it was meant to be...he wouldn't have gotten away...

6. I'm trying to cut back on some things now...so I'll do whatever I have to do EXCEPT cut back on my tithes...I'm doing that in faith even if I only got a penny to give

7. Jesus said man cannot live on bread alone..but the word so I'll be seeking God to send me some manna from Heaven if necessary..but I know I'll eat something :)

Skoolboi Krush said...

The fam grows their own veggies. I guess we would have to make that garden grow.

Mizrepresent said...

I'm retreiving my retirement, and putting it someplace safe.

I could of DAYUM about who works for DIDDYY!

I'm gonna plant a garden too!

msladydeborah said...

I need some brain stimulation so I'll give you my beguesstamation on some and direct answers on others.

1. They like drama and they want more than 15 minutes on television.

2. I don't listen to rap so I dunno.
3. It sounds better than what is in the moment.
4. I believe 60.
5. I didn't know that she believed that...but I am not sure about this one..
6. I am storing food, supplies and saving as much as possible. Also drawing from the wealth of information that my mother and dad can still supply. I am also watching my retirement funds very carefully.
7. I have been working on re~stocking what was lost in the storm and I have a nice stash of food. I cook from scratch so I do have food and if it came down to it, I do know how to hunt and fish.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

The chickens have come home to roost and this economy is fried. Got my cash out of the bank and the pantry is stocked to get us thru the winter.

Anonymous said...

New to your blog, former statistics student at CAU (bout 10 years ago now) read article about you and store in Rolling Out. Anywho, just wanted to say I've been feeling this coming for a while, and don't know alot about the stock market and such but currently in school for natural healing, learning about medicinal plants, edible food/berries etc. How to survive without doctors, hospitals, drive thru restaurants etc. Feeling very empowered, being a tree hugger is finally going to pay off!

Bethany said...

1. People want to work for Diddy, just like you wanting to work for various institutions; to get ahead, add it on their resumes, make connections, etc. It's the same thing just different paths.

Cat said...

I don't think think places like Walmart and other bargain grocery stores will have a problem. I'd think that in this economy they'd do quite well. But if there were no groceries then me and the farmer's market would become even better friends (but it ends in December so what to eat in the winter?)

Monroe Anderson said...
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Monroe Anderson said...

Mr. T: At least three rappers have Ice in their name, Ice Cube, Ice T and, of course, the Great One--Vanilla Ice.

Their names are derived from that mental giant, Iceberg Slim. He told me in an interview, when I was a cub reporter, that he had an I.Q. of 160.

Tigress said...

Those a lot of questions. Let me just say I've been thinking of for a while. We've all been so spoiled most of us wouldn't have a clue how to really survive. Some of us would do what he had to do. Some of us would simply die without a clue.

I know I can't dwell on the past. Gotta move towards what I can do now... and should really get moving on that.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

how many of yawl have hunted or fished before? how many of yawl know when to plant certain seeds or how far u plat a watermellon seed in the ground versdus a pole bean? its not that easy folk

im with u but i got wild turkey on my land too

now that was sickly funny

LMBAO at 1 and 2 and yes boston market is gone and dont move in if the bipolar

Miss Toya
grown boys lol

Nicki NIcki Tembo
lol u teaching folk 5 times a day huh yum

mrs. mary mack
palin and walmart5 are gon, and wells Fargo get ready

Darius T. Williams
dont sleep, told u bout wamu and wachovia mths ago and u aint listen

fools and idiots well said

do u have your own farm is the question

Better Guy X
not the monte cristos lol, i got 11 acres

u aint never lied

sista gp
very impressive

Big Cheekz
lol so u feel sorry for her stupidity?

better start thinking about it, so u lation maam?

no prem cable - u tripping no hard work = death

personally i think u right and lmao at Falwell

y aint u take me to vegas? lol

land of the lost was longer than ten years ago, lol so palin is a slestack lmbao

boooooooooooooooooo cheating lol

well we can trade would u feed me sister if i needed it?

Jersey Girl
i guess im the only one who speculates at least 50 banks

good look

classic LMBAO

dont b scared prayer is good but only when thinking coupled with action

i have a list of companies i think will be gone but dont wanna scare nobody

what u thinking about and not the boy friend card lol

Obama Mama
im sorry for making u think, i tht thinking was good

u aint depressed lol at SS, and that means they have the drive to die

grandma sounds like the bomb what she cooking tonight

Kayos s
have u hunted before?

girl u be cracking me up

u in centrasl america u aint got no kroger u were exempt lol

i picked up on the 1929 - impressive, how are things in hungary babe?

YaBoy Po
keep a fat person around, who are u, buffalo biill on silience of the lambs lol

eating of the land u jane me tarzen my kind of woman and hope u right w 25

can u hunt baby?

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs cant be mad for that

Skoolboi Krush
fam got it going on

a garden dont feed u, do yawl know when to plant and how far diff seeds go in the grown lol

a woman that can hunt and fish, u a real sarah palin lol

Kit (Keep It Trill)
pantry "daniel boone was a man lol

thanks did i teach u?

i work for myself and pay myself i think its a difference, dont work for now institution

food dont growe in farmers market have to do for self

Monroe Anderson
leave it to u scholar to drop the ice berg knowledge lol

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

so what u gonna do folk

CapCity said...

I come from a lonnnnggggg line of survivors, so i know i'll be alright, cuz i'll do what needs to be done;-)

Aretha said...

1. Beats the defecation out of me...I just don't get the diddy phenom. He seems to be a real jerk for no reason. Trying to understand the diddy jockers, however, I would have to guess that they think working for him will set them up for amazing opportunities.

2. Most rappers annoy me.

3. I'd have to say I was the one who got away from a few suckas who are now wishing otherwise...I'm really not full of myself, promise :)

4. I'm going to be more optimistic and guess 25. This is purely wishful thinking.

5. I'm sure there are some others who agree with her, but don't count me in that number.

6. I'll sacrafice driving my car and instead cycle to work.

7. I have a garden with 11 wonderful veggies growing...me and the daughter will live off the land!

I like this game...when is the next "riddle me"?

The.Stranger said...

First let me start off by sayin lil or young get rid of it if your over the age of 18.
Then B if i have to eat imma grab my spear and its hunting season

Dione said...

Working for Diddy is supposed to be some kind of reward but to me, it's like punishment. I mean, would I really be down to be Diddy's personal lackey??

If the local grocery store closed it doors, I'd still be eating like a queen because Momma Duke taught a girl how to stock the freezer like there's no tomorrow and I don't mean the refrigerator freezer either. She was a worker bee every summer going to the local farm and picking our veggies for canning and freezing. The apple didn't fall far from the tree...

Linda said...

1] Cuz he famous.. and they love to think they'll be a little famous too ;)

2] What about OLD dirty B?

3] Innocence.. I did a post on that just a few weeks ago.. our generation knows TOO much of the bad stuff that's going on in the world!

4] I have no idea.. but more than 1 to be sure ;)

5] I do. Honestly.. you could watch 'the age of the earth' by Kent Hovind (dvd) - it shows with examples why this is true.

6] I don't think we'll have much trouble with it.. we're not big spenders (or in debt) anyway. I have always viewed as this 'luxury' way of living as "it might be temporary.. don't take it for granted".. more than 80% of the people in the world would just DREAM of our minimum wage.. we have it way too good as it is ;)

7] Drive to another one. Ok, that one was too easy. We have a lot of 'dry goods' stored (rice and grains and beans) and while eating those, we can wait until the stuff in our yard starts growing..

Greetings from the netherlands!

*Blog Ladi* said...

#1: Guaranteed money i guess.
#2: Not all of them have that anymoer really. That was back in the day. Look @ Soulja Boy Tell Em. He has a whole sentence for a name.
#3: Men get away from me all the time cause I always let them walk away without my number or me without theirs. And then I pray and hope to see the guy again. And then when I see them again, I still fail. What's wrong with me is the real question?
#4: Oh I'm just waiting on Bank of America and Citigroup. That's the big one cause I'm a BOA hater! I'm glad WAMU went bankrupt, I owed them money. Well I'm part of the problem aren't I?
#5: I dunno about that.
#6: Hopefully we will go back to Nigeria and stay there until ya'll can get your lives together!
#7: If they go bankrupt, you might as well go rob that bitch and get all you can to last you until whenever. I've been eating less and less everyday so I guess I'm already in training.

Anonymous said...

It's not a recession it's a correction. So instead of 20 starbucks it will be two. They built too much stuff so your grocery store will be spaired but not the two that are around the corner,

Angel said...

@All-Mi-T :)

Of course I would feed you. If things got that bad we would all have to help each other...those that can hunt...get me some meat, those who can fish, I want some fish and I will exchange it for a big hug and some of my home grown vegetables...Deal??

Bethany said...

You used to work for institutions. better yet, don't you work for CAU now. Dude, admit it; you don't work 100% for self, and you didn't start off working 100% for self.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

lol - have contract as consultant w CAU (2 classes), one w CDC, and several others - they pay braicell inc (my company) that is self. not on faculty

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

im down with that

momma duke sound like the truth

knew innocence would come up and drive to another one is classsic

*Blog Ladi*
i love nigeria and lol at 7

didnt say it was either, asked if , the conditional) a depression - like back in the day, aint no depression either and it is a recession, been that way for past 10 plus months, what indicators u using?

deal thanks maam, will hug for food

Tera said...

1. Many lack the motivation and wherewithal.

2. Many also lack originality...

3. My self-esteem

4. You're probably right.

5. No comment

6. I am currently making a list, and sadly, cable may have to be the first to go.

7. My grandmother taught me to garden and Boy Scouts taught my boys to fish.

T.C. said...

1. i definitely want to work for self...still trying to figure out the perfect way to do it though
2. who knows...smh
3. you know what i am really not trying to look backwards anymore...but i don't even feel like a man got away or the perfect job, none of that...
4. who knows when wachovia was bought by citibank i was just done!
5. wow...smh i still can't even put into words why this woman...smh
6.well being that i am already BROKE..LOL...i am honestly just trying to cut back on much unncessary spending
7. we have a lot of farmers markets in the DMV area...i think i am going to start supporting them anyways

Jersey Girl said...

I don't know how to hunt, but I started fishing and crabbing when I was like 4 or 5. Of couse, I don't like seafood, but if it came down to that or nothing, I'd be frying up some fish in no time.

I haven't had a garden in years, but all through my childhood into my early 20's my mother had a vegetable garden. We grew beans, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, zucchini...all sorts of things. So, I DO know how to do that too. Only problem is, we don't have a huge yard. I guess I'd have to rally the neighbors, take down some fences and start a community garden. That would be the only way to have enough land in my neighborhood to grow anything substantial. But, I think it could be done!

Mr.Slish said...

I wish I had the time to riddle back..Lets just say if The grocery store shuts down in my neighborhood..They will be a lot of missing pets...lol

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

That "Young" & "Lil" shit denotes Youth, even for Young Hov who's 40 sumpthin. If tha Grocery Stores closed, tha Guns would come out.

Me thinks folks need to get they Guns & Ammo right, real talk.

YaBoy Po said...

shit i can hunt and fish lol and i know how to grow shit

and fat people always know where the food is

no_slappz said...

4] How many more banks will fail in the next 12 months? I think between 50 to 100, what says you?

There are over 8,000 banks, 2,000 Savings & Loans and 9,600 credit unions in the US today.

It has been estimated that 1,000 banks will disappear in the next couple of years -- because they will be bought by other banks.

If the government passes the Rescue Plan, the number of bank failures will be less than 10. But the issue is the SIZE of the banks, not the number.

This year there have been 13 or 14. The failed banks were acquired by other banks and the FDIC paid very little to protect depositors.

5] Who else besides Sarah Palin thinks that man and the dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time?

Unfortunately, millions of people believe utterly ridiculous stories that mix religious myths with historical fact. Everyone who believes in the Bible, the Koran or any other religious text believes in too many myths to count.

6] How are you prepared to deal with a depression if such occurs and what sacrifices are you willing to make?

There will be NO Depression. In fact, John McCain is right. The fundamentals of the economy are sound. We may be under pressure, but we have enormous resources of every kind to offset the impact of the current crisis.

7] If the local grocery store(s) in your neighborhood went bankrupt, how do you plan to eat?

Bankrupcty does not mean the store closes and goes away. In fact, with supermarkets, such as Kroger, a bankruptcy merely causes management to go through the Chapter 11 process, which leads to a reduction in debt.

Bankruptcy gets the company a new balance sheet that its operations can support and then it's business as usual.

Grand Union is a supermarket chain that went through bankruptcy twice. I think Pathmark has made a couple of trips through Chapter 11 also. Kroger has made at least one pass through Chapter 11. It's a normal experience in the supermarket industry.

blackink said...

1. Hoping to get some of the groupie runoff?

2. Gotta go with rippa. A bunch of mental midgets. Though I feel Young MC shouldn't be included in that list.

3. Really, really wish I had studied abroad in college. I was too worried about being away from home. What a fool.

4. Not sure. I just hope one of them is not Bank of America.

5. Ah, one is too many.

6. Doing my best to trim expenses already. Reminds me that I need some vegetable oil for the buggy.

7. Like Theo Huxtable, on bologna samiches and cereal.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

JONES: Chiriquenos are "Central Americans". That is 6 hours north of me. Citadinos are "SOUTH AMERICANS"

I have a Smith's within walking distance. That counts as a supermarket, si o pa' que? LOL

Tia's Real Talk said...

Good post!

Diddy is accomplished with a never ending loot supply. They are still in the kiddie pool of it all.

The "young" and "lil" are a true representation of their intellect.

Anything I allowed to slip threw my fingers wasn't suppose to be grasped anyway..so just let it go. If it's for me..it'll come back.

I will not sacrafice..stock up now. But regardless, Jesus got my back!

Runningmom you are such an inspiration!!!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

so u have to pay for cable - me did not know that lol

as long as u have that desire u will pay yourself one day - not wachovia

Jersey Girl
sdo where the beef babe?

u the black jeff dailmer eatting pets and shit LOL

Tha BossMack TopSoil
like icecube said w a gat thats pointed at yo azz, so give it up smooth

YaBoy Po
LMBAO fat people do know and so do skinny ones with high metabolic rates like me

im up on croger and it was hypothetical - thus the if, like a GRE question

study and life abroad aint never too late and thats a song bologna samiches and cereal lol

again u dont count lol - u lucky folk

Tia's Real Talk
i agree on the intellect, so u would still keep getting your nails done sister? chkd your cuz site out and showed her love folk

Tera said...

Yes Torrance...I'm afraid in the 'Burbs we don't have the "Hook-up Man" LOL!

Tia's Real Talk said...

Thanks sooo much for showin her love!! Preciate that bru...

I would do whatever is feasible...I would continue to live life as I know it..

Lovebabz said...

Working for Terrie Williams Had this very same realization...why am I working for her when I can clearly do this work on my own.

I am not familiar with the rappers...can't speak to that.

You got me thinking I need to sharpen my survivalist skills...meaning GET SOME!

I will learn.

I am nothing if not resilient.

Lovebabz said...

I do not want to see folks get distracted by Sarah Palin. I am more convinced as time goes on that she is bing aggressively pimped by the GOP. Her being on the ticket allows for all the focus to be on her and not on the issues that dog us. While we are all weighing in on this woman. Our eyes are off the prize...voting for a change in the right direction.

Hampton06 said...

i have discussed #1 and #7 in the last week. i truly don't understand the idea of foaming at the mouth to be someone's employee.

as far as the food, we better start learning how to live off of the land again. cover up those pools and plant a garden.

Anonymous said...

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