Saturday, September 27, 2008


Believe it or not got home somewhat early. Although yesterday proved to a day that would live in infamy: running out of gas and loosing my wallet. But such is life. Like I said home somewhat early, and got a chance to look at some of the debate on CSPAN. I did not listen. In stead I turned the volume down and watched. I didn’t feel that either would have that much to say. But I did look, and not because they were debating, either, just because of the History. Debating at an University that only proffered two things in my mind: SEC sports and more importantly, James Meredith.

As I looked at both masters of many tricks move their mouths, I could only think of the symbolism of having a debate at the place that initially accepted Meredith, but rejected him when they found out that he was not white. He even applied again but was rejected again. Which lead him to file a complaint with the US District Court saying that he had been rejected because of his race. The courts first rejected his motion, but on appeal the Fifth Judicial Circuit Court reversed the decision.

But you know them backwoods crooked letter hump back hump back I folk wasn’t having it so Attorney General, Robert Kennedy, sent federal marshals and the National Guard to protect Meredith since it was being said that if he entered a class room he would be lynched. History recounts that more than 150 marshals were wounded, of which, 28 by gunfire. He went to his first class and folk say the woods walked out in protest and being the scholar he was, his response was that he would already be ahead of them for he would be learning something they would not – classic. Yep, scholar, for after graduation he attended the University of Ibadan in Nigeria (1964-65) and at Columbia University (1966-68).

I felt as if I was the only one thinking about such. I mean the Oxford of today is more integrated than places in New York or DC. And it seems that it has come a long way from the days of hate to the day of de-hate.

So yea, I looked at the debate, but I aint listen to am one of the folks. I guess it was a silent honor to James Meredith in some sort of sickly way. Because in my heart, since the maverick and the Rock star were in discussion, just made me think if either of them had any merit, they would have took the chance to meet with this one man, who lived in Oxford even, and taken a picture to thank him for his efforts. vote


Lovebabz said...

This is what I love most about you. You remind us that the foundation we stand on today was built on the backs, with tears and blood of those who came before. Those that bore the burden openly and clearly fighting against ignorance. It makes seeing the "rock star" and "maverick" seem small.

Raising my tequila to you today my friend.

rainywalker said...

Good to have you back. The debate was interesting and I believe Obama won. I think he collected some undecided votes last night. Bt he almost got McCain real angry, I think Obama needs to give him a few more shots to get him to go nuts.

Nicki Nicki Tembo said...

I feel you babe. Inasmuch as I'm not a television watcher to begin with I kinda abandoned my principles for this one. Took in what I could between cooking, feeding babies and braiding hair. I would describe it as masterbative: felt good (to some I'm sure) just didn't produce anything. Could've just as well unplugged it and saved on my carbon footprint. Of course this says nothing of the location, again, you on a whole 'notha one - I'm telling you, VANGARD!
And as for the day in infamy: it ain't never just raining on your side, it be raining all over town.

Urban Thought said...

I learned something by reading this. I didn't watch the debate but I didn't know anything about the history that you've shared today.Thank you for that.

Obama Mama said...

I think you was right for not turning on the volume,cause like you said they were both masters at many tricks. I love Barak and everything he speaks on, but he's still a politician and I know he said a lot of stuff for votes. Half the time, I didn't know what either of them were talkin' 'bout, fa'real, fa'real. But Obama made one key point several times, McCain voted for so much of the bull ish we in right now. So even if Obama wasn't running for president, Mccain Gotta Go!

msladydeborah said...

Great brain food while I am watching The Buckeyes play Minnesota!

The firsts are often overlooked because when they opened the door so many persons stepped through that what once seemed to be impossible is now considered normal.

Now I gotta go because half time is over.

I hope you get gas and that your wallet is returned by someone with light in the soul!

I'll be praying for ya!

Jackie E. said...

Sorry about the wallet and running out of gas...sometimes I swear when it rains it pours...

Very interesting that you watched but didn't listen to the debate. I'm sure it was a completely different experience. I watched and didn't really learn anything new but was jut confirmed in my opinion.

blah blah blah said...

The debates were on my tv but I wasn't really watching. Personally, I'm tired of listening to folks yak about this & that. I respond better to action.

Didn't know ANYTHING about what you said in the post...thank you for the ed-u-ma-cation!

Keli said...

I did the opposite...I listened to the debate, but my back was to the television for the majority of it.

And let me just say...if it were a scorecard...McCain won round 1 economy/spending...Obama won round 2...Iraq/Afghanistan.

The Black Snob said...

What I found interesting in the pre-debate coverage was how the University leaders were out front, talking to reporters about the significance of them getting this debate and wanting to show the world that things had really changed at Ole Miss (somethings are debatable, but 19 percent of the campus is African American). The debate was a symbolic victory for them and they wanted to put the best foot front.

What I wondered though was how during MSNBC's broadcast, host Chris Matthews was outside and behind him there were tons of students. Almost all of them were carrying some sort of sign supporting Obama and they were all near the front. McCain supporter were there as well, but the ones who did have signs were in the back and their presence was more subdued. I wondered if this was orchestrated as part of Ole Miss' efforts to combat its racial demons. Because the number of McCain folks behind the MSNBC desk were about equal to the Obama people, but they didn't have professional campaign signs and logos.

It was interesting. I wonder what hosting this "historic" debate did for Ole Miss' image in moving past "Segregation now, segregation forever!" and the debacle over James Meredith's admittance? People also thought it would do a lot for Mississippi, but that state has bigger problems. It's still (like most places) extremely segregated.

Mimi said...

Since my Gators are BS'ing with the Ole Miss Rebels, I decided to do a drive-by of my own.

Man you are dropping that serious knowledge, and I'm loving it. I have to say that the "de-hate" (<---lol) did nothing for me. I just feel like they weren't hitting on the real issues (education, healthcare and how I owe $27,000 in student loans and still not be able to get a job!) Foolishness I tell ya!

Blog Queen said...

The debate wasn't the best I've seen or heard. I was surprised that McCain was able to "keep up".

uglyblackjohn said...

Nice historical context from the erudite brotha'. Another piece with great insight.

The Love Collective said...

The symbolism was THICK in that joint last night, then add to it, Ole Miss goes and kicks Florida's butt in the SEC!

James Tubman said...

they tore that university and the national guard up for integrating that black man

i always thought that it was unintelligent to want to integrate into your masters schools thinking they would actually teach you what you need to know

i can see why so many pushed it though

the states that were denying us opportunities was also taking our tax money to fund these institutions

so i can see why people fought but i wouldnt try to stick my children where other kids are there waiting to kill them

call me crazy lol

Curious said...

You know since you brought up James Meredith, he actually does not believe in the civil rights movement as it turned out to be and is a black Republican. Mr Meredith used to work in Jesse Helmes' office until he found it was too liberal for him. Kind of ironic huh? I guess that's why he wasn't in the audience last night.

As far as the debate went, you ain't miss anything, both spouting the party line and neither one bringing anything new to the table.

Rich said...

but I aint listen to AYUN one of the folks.

you got to get yo country speak right folk, but I know what you meant.

On the debate - Barack had him on the ropes a couple of times, but he refuses to go for the kill, let that old cat look like he had the goods. McCain played that "the white man's water is colder" plan of attack on Barack by insinuating he didn't know what the hell he was talking about on several issues because he hasn't been around long enough to know what really went down. He's crafty. Obama better b-slap him in the next debate if he wants to lock this thing down. He's going to play it too cool and McCain is going to come away with a steal.

Excellent bit of history there. I wasn't even hip.

Miriam said...

goodness, this election is just sooooo loaded.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for dropping some knowledge.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thanks drank a few for your folk will ya

i would love to see a classic mccain blow-up on nat tv lol

Nicki Nicki Tembo
well said but veing poppin out watcg is really cool lol

Urban Thought
anytime and u so welcome

Obama Mama
good look sister. be safe

thanks scholar for the purview and support

Jackie E.
thanks folk and me to and so true.

blah blah blah
im sory and u are welcome sister

what was the punch count lol

The Black Snob

see lol and thabnks hon, do drive by soon when ever u wanna be bored

Blog Queen
thanks queen

thanks folk - i really thougtht it waqs common knowledge

The Love Collective
still tripping off that score

James Tubman
guess it is sam greelee esque "spoke whi sat behind door

yea, i knew, he is a proud card carrying GOP. But asides to that he was ground breaking

glad i aint listen fun looking at mccains veins pop out lol

thanks jones, if he wasnt scared he would have already

and how, how have u been folk

anytime sister

*Blog Ladi* said...

yea, now that i think about it. If I would have just watched, you could kind of see the ignorance in their face instead of hearing it out of their mouth.

blackink said...

Yo, T ... much props on the history lesson and I see where you're coming from.

But, you know, I can't blame either one of them for missing out on the chance to pay homage to James Meredith. McCain, for obvious reasons - he ain't no civil rights activist or a friend to those who are.

Obama, though, will have his turn - I imagine his inauguration speech will touch a lot of those areas and he'll honor Mr. Meredith with actions and not words or photo ops. Just give him a chance, brotha.

Big Cheekz said...

the lessons i learn here are priceless. thx 4 educating me on that important piece of history. i recorded the debate, but i have yet to watch it...

T.C. said...

i am always learning and expanding when i come to your spot...thank you for that...

Sauce said...

I didn't watch or listen to the debate for neither will say anything that I want to hear or will directly affect me anyway. I am more involved with and aware of local politics than national but I know who I will vote for come election day.

Do I write in Raw Dawg B. or should I just use your given name, bruh?

Miriam said...

Hey Torrance,

You are invited to check out my notes blog. Please let me know what you think.

sista gp said...

did not watch the debate live, did not want to ruin my friday night, recored it though.

tried to watch the replay, but got bored. same old same old talk and lies, i mean stretched truth

maybe i'll get more out of it if I watch it 30 min at a time.

sorry bout the wallet

NoRegrets said...

I agree with blackink...

fairlane said...

I didn't know about Meredith, but now that I do, I find the debate even more symbolic.

During the entire debate, Mc Cain refused to look at Obama, and addressed him in the third person, as though he wasn't even there.

Maybe that was his way of giving a "Wink, wink, nod, nod" to the "State's Rights" crowd.

[Emeritus] said...

you know ppl don't think like you.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post...Even though Obama's not trying to make it about race, the rest of the country is...

I didn't watch the debate and didn't care to. I'm so ready for election day to come and go..Need to get back to my celebrity gossip...LOL!!

B Woodson said...

my dad dropped the science on what happened with the marshalls down at ol' miss. To be a likkle more specific, the marshalls were US marshalls wounded by local police forces and other locals.

This was the incident that Kennedy responded to when he sent in the army to keep order, and to make sure his marshalls got some hefty cavalry. And that's why to this day us blacks in the south love us some Kennedy's.

Now, Kennedy, like Lincoln, didn't necessarily send in the army for the good of black folk, he did it to enforce the long arm of government law.

Anonymous said...

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