Friday, September 19, 2008

bank of America

It seems as if some don’t really live recession or if it really exist as others say does not. I know for me it is hard and recession is felt daily in my pocket. Ironic to me is how fiscal conservatism (the word as uttered by Republicans and not the actual practice) leads it seem to this mess and even to our greatest financial disasters the way i see. Coolidge, Harding (depression), Keating (Bush/Regan) and now this. I really don’t think it is the responsibility and that there can exist NO reason for the government to bail out the result of presupposed free market activity, if such is self corrective? I mean they seem to be a bit willing to me and not arduously trying to discern of it as if it is wise to spend MY loot on such without my permission.

This is the real war on terror we need to go after. Economic terrorism. You can not just take trillions of dollars from an economy (the Iraq War – both really) and not REASONABLY expect not to have problems. And these fools wanted to privatize social security. If they are, they need to be committed on insanity if not held for criminal liability for corporate felonies –dang that’s right, the Commodity Futures Modernization Act of 2000 prevents such from occurring. Not to mention whoever thought of giving tax breaks to the rich and suggesting such creates jobs is shootin’ up because the take the loot and invest overseas – not here.

I don’t profess to knowing what has to be done, but something has too, they even sneaky at the Whitehouse, spend all that loot on buying Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and not put it on the budget; like 200 billion dollars in any form is of non budgetary status. But I guess it should be expected since folk don’t Articl1 section 8 (To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures) no more. Thank you Woodrow Wilson for the Federal Reserve. Shouts out to Lyndon Johnson for privatizing Fannie Mae. Shouts out to China, that 374 billion you own in all this debt you purchased, meaning my federal tax dollar coming you way; free of charge. And for being the birth place of AIG in 1919 – gotta check for yawl too.

Fiscal conservatism – hum bug. These GOP hoodrats dont practice fiscal conservatism. What’s fiscal or conservative about allowing stuff to be sold when you cannot even calculate the value of the asset, or if it is an asset alone? Don’t know body know how much the paper they buying worth but they buying it anyway. Go figure, I’m through with economic, makes me mad. So I’m gone try and not think about the fact my dollar is .71 cents to the Euro and I aint have nothing to do with that. I would offer some advice, but I only advise self, based on personal thought processes designed specifically for me and mine. I can say learn your money, how to make it work for you, no matter how little you have. Learn investment, learn money, learn the markets.

And not investment the U.S. government way, they say it’s ok for fed debt to grow in short term to maintain a viable economy – maintain dang jones. I don’t know, I just want to know do the government run the banks, or the banks run the government? Bank of America, has a nice ring to it. vote

PS - meant to say me love some Kimmy Cantrell ( in pic).


Doug said...

Don't condemn fiscal conservatism so fast. The trouble with Republicans is that they're NOT fiscal conservatives. Nothing conservative about spending a trillion on a war. Nothing conservative about slashing taxes (especially when you're in a war).

I was wondering out loud when, if ever, a leader had socked away a surplus rather than piss it out as favors. The wife came up with: Jerry Brown, then Governor of California. A Democrat. True fiscal conservatism means laying away money in time of surplus so that it's there when you need it. I don't see any of that with this gang of thieves.

Kofi said...

I don't even know where to begin.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Thats my point, it aint fiscal conservatism they way i practice and live and understand it.

why u think i was all over the place in that. I think Bank of America, with Countrywide, and AIG, whats next, they coming out like fat cats

Tera said...

It has always amazed me that the government dishes out money for foreign aid when we are bleeding and in dire need right here at home.

A couple of the big name banks around here are not doing so well and some very important projects which mean lots of jobs and earnings potential have been put on hold. It has even affected the work that I's just a mess!

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

The frustrating part is, where do we even begin to point the finger? Really?

Trouble said...

re: giving tax breaks to the rich
there is a similar theory in urban planning that says you build new housing for the rich when the poor run out of space. as with real estate its ridiculous to think that this benefits anyone but the rich or newly rich

fly tie said...

economic terrorism indeed. i can recall someone i know using that very phrase a few yrs. ago. he was using it in a different context, yet it's quite relevant now and encompasses what he was talking about, what's going on now, and just things in general.

you don't profess to know what to do, but you are doing what there is to do...that is doing what's in your control to ensure the physical/mental/spiritual/economic well being of you and yours. live. laugh, love...and in the meantime, do what you can or what it takes to make sure you can maintain when stuff really hits the fan. whether that's maintaining here or elsewhere.

don't want you mad. ya know? :-)

afroamericabrasil said...

This economy is really wild! These suckas will bail out the big boys but let me miss a payment or two and I'm just SOL!! Did'ja hear that when Bush was thinking of not showing up in China for the beginning of the Olympics, the Chinese told him he betta get his ass over there or the ENTIRE debt we owe China would be due immediately! Hmmm...So who is the REAL mack out here today??

We all gotta start looking at the world in a global perspective.


Pimpin' Pens said...

Thought provoking commentary on the current status of the financial crisis on Wall Street. Well done! "Economic Terrorism" is a term that should well be coined and acknowledged in finance lexicon. If we divested ourselves from the financial burden of this futile war, and divert a fraction of those earmarked monies, I'd half to believe that the markets would receive a galvanizing jolt of investment from both domestic and international sources. Not to mention I'm sure it would have a similarly positive effect on our weak currency.

MacDaddy said...

doug: There is something conservative about trying to get rid of every regulation you can and then begging the government to bail you out when you took inappropriate and foolish risks.
RawDaug: Thanks for staying on the case. I posted two real good articles about that sorry McCain and the financial crisis by Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post and Cynthia Tucker of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. Blessings.

paisley said...

i am so much more a sociologist than i will ever be an economist,, but i agree that something has to be done.. and i believe that we could start by focusing on what is really important.. leave the stupid shit alone for a minute... all that organic produce and sustainably farmed meat will be there when you get back...

rainywalker said...

They are printing money 24 hours a day in the basement and the products you sell in your store are worth less. This is going to hit the little businesses the worst. But all of us in the end for 50 years.

Big Cheekz said...

i haven't done business w/BOA since they was Nations Bank back in the day. they was real shady back then. have a good wknd folk!

Lovebabz said...

Wearing my political makes SOME sense. Too many folks would be without jobs. The fall- out would be too great. This is an example of government actually thinking about its citizenry.

Now don't get me wrong, I think CEO's, CFO's CAO's and Boards of Directors ought to be criminally prosecuted as part of the bail out.

This is an election year...things can happen during this time that would not otherwise happen. I make no judgement about that having sat in legislative chambers and voted on legislation in election season that did some good, knowing full well that if it were not an election season...tough titties said the kitties who wanted milk.

Sure we want government to be fiscally conversative, but not at the expense of ignoring massive job losses. It is easy to say what we would do in our own homes, but when you look about the country and see where the hardest hit areas would be, the Feds had to act. I am not defending, just saying I understand how the decision got made and the motivations for them.

Americans have to become outraged about this war. This adminsitration has done an excellent job of taking our collective focus off this...not just Iraq, but Afghanistan too. The have learned the lessons of not publicize the war.

Gosh I wish I had more space to lay this out a bit better.

The losses would be to great...not just here, but abroad too.

Lovebabz said...

Oh and I LOVE THE ARTWORK! I there a link? I can find it. This would be a wonderful addition...

It's got a DELTA vibe to it...could it be the crimson (or for the lay folks red)

G. A. Palmer said...

High level executives with their golden parachute severance pay need to forfeit some of that loot and pay it towards fixing this mess.

Ghetto Philosopher said...

Let me borrow from Kofi by saying I don't know where to begin. Obama made a good point, when homeowners were losing their homes because they couldn't pay, nobody cared. And now when its banks and financial institutions failing all of a sudden the Government wants to help. This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

msladydeborah said...


The economy is on life support now as far as I am concerned. Anyone who has an iota of sense had better really consider a serious review of spending and saving right away. Because it is obvious that the patient is just a heart beat away from flat lining.

I really have a major problem with corporate welfare checks. Even though I realize that without helping AIG the ripple effect would be felt worldwide, it is obvious that someone needs to be held accountable for not being accountable.

We have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation in the O-State. We just learned yesterday that there is going to be more lay offs because GM and other big employers are shutting down and pulling out. We also rank high in the number of home foreclosures nationwide. With no one running to our resuce.

I have asked this before and no one has answered me yet, if AIG fails to make good on the "loan" what happens then? Can we pull out the flail and start whipping some azz?

I am not an economist by a long shot. But I do have common sense. There is no way in hell that the government can finance a war, keep robbing Peter to finance Paul and borrowing sums of money that it is in position to pay back and there not be a problem.

Deregulation has allowed a casino like atmosphere to rule the economic situation in the nation. Keep on playing until you hit or totally crap out has finally come home to roost.

What really pisses me off about this situation is the fact that Bush hasn't got the balls to admit that he has helped lead the nation into this situaiton. I won't exclude either party from having a hand in it either.

It is no less than a hot mess and from all indications it ain't over yet.

no_slappz said...

First, AIG and Bear Stearns received LOANS from the government.

No FREE Money. Sear got a 10-year loan and AIG got a 2-year loan.

Some years ago Chrysler also received a LOAN form the US government, which it paid off EARLY.

Former Chysler CEO Lee Iacocca was proud of that early repayment and the advantage it gave Chrysler at the time.

Now GM, Ford and Chrysler are back at the brink because union rules force the companies to provide wages and benefits beyond the companys' ability to pay.

What should happen? Let the car companies fail? Or force the unions to renegotiate contracts? Toyota and Honda build cars in the US. They pay lower wages.

Meanwhile, AIG had revenue of $110 BILLION last year. It took a loan from the government for $85 Billion a few days ago. AIG will sell divisions of itself to pay off the loan.

Can a company with annual revenue of $110 billion sell itself for more than $85 billion? Yes.

no_slappz said...


despite your claims to the contrary, the beneficiaries of the latest government actions are the American citizens.

Moreover, if there is a leading cause for the mortgage crisis, it will be found in the Community Reinvestment Act.

Check it out.

By the way, if you want to focus on the problems at Fannie Mae, then look a little closer at Fred Raines and his impact on the company.

no_slappz said...

torrance, the following is a sane observation from the financial news:

"The speculation is that the Treasury will help banks clear their balance sheets of illiquid mortgage assets by buying them at a discount.

"One way the plan could work is for the Treasury to make the purchases through a bidding process. Companies that want to offload their hard-to-sell assets from their balance sheets would bid to sell to the government at a huge discount. The company willing to sell at the lowest price wins.

"The government would then be able to sell the assets back into the market when it wanted.

"The idea is that the government would buy at below-market rates and sell for a gain when the housing market recovers.

""The government could make a profit, a substantial profit," said Jaret Seiberg, a financial services analyst at the Stanford Group, a policy research firm.

"This optimistic scenario hinges not only on a housing recovery but on how big a discount the government gets when it buys banks' toxic mortgage assets to begin with."

sista gp said...

is there an "Investing for Dummies" book around? we have to start somewhere. can't learn by example of our gov'ment.

BuelahMan said...

Hey T,

Been on the road and just catching up.

Of course, the answer to your question is: The Banks run America

Big Money runs our policy and everything else. THAT is the ultimate goal.

Have a good weekend.

princessdominique said...

I know that people need to have back up plans and not just trust what the government says or else they'll be up a creek and they won't be paddles on dollar bills, that's for sure.

brran1 said...

As a kid, I always thought that this country was for the people, by the people. Oh how naive I was...

I understand that bailing out these banks will keep things from getting worse in some aspects, but what about the people that break their backs to be able to keep the banks running?

The CEO's, CFO's and the rest of the higher ups are all crooks IMO.

Nicki Nicki Tembo said...

We are where we are due to this sheepish quaility that belies all of us to varying degrees. We look for people to herd us, give us information, professionals to think for us, etc. How to spend our money, what's news, what's important, on and on.
Why is orgainically grown and substainably farmed viewed as stupid, during a crisis or not? These items can be purchased at any local farmers market often cheaper than your regional/national chain. God forbid we put a patch down in our beautifully manicured lawns, might get a code violation or neighborhood association visit.
As it relates to "economic terrorism", back in 2003 Warren Buffet was warning all that derivatives were "weapons of mass destruction", were devised by madmen, and it was already known that "derivatives posed a dangerous incentive for false accounting".
Add to that the average CEO:worker ratio is somewhere around 600:1 here in the good ole USA. Whereas in Japan and Germany it hovers around 20 to 7 respectively. I digress. Things won't be pretty and for that two words come to mind: testicular fortitude.

Queen said...

Money rules everything..which is why I agree that banks run gov't and not the other way around. Big business corporations have been working cohesively with the gov't since 'ooooh say can you seeeee!' Thanks to crooked lobbyists our gov't policies reflect the interest of these corporations, which is evident in how willing they are to try and dig them out of this deep financial hole of debt! On a personal level, I think the best thing to do right now is save your money! Because by the time I'm retired, there may not be that good 'ol social security check available, especially if it ends up being privatized.

p.s. thanks for slidin thru! :)

Hampton06 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hampton06 said...

lovebabz, i'm with you minus the criminal prosecution as part of the bail out. sure, anyone who did criminal things should be dealt with. some of these people were just greedy and incompetent.

an average patriot said...

I have to be careful when I comment on someone else's site because some do not like my frankness. Most do not realize everything that is happening today is inter related, no coincidence, and part of the whole.
I won't get too deep but most do not realize that the $10.6 trillion in debt they talk about and more than half is Bush's is really $53 trillion or now $54. At $53 it represents $175,000 for every man woman and child.

The Bankrupting of America is almost complete and this entire mess is coming to a head perfectly for Executive order #51 to be implemented giving Bush total Dictatorial control over us. I reposted the video on the bottom of yesterdays post if you watch it. Not good!

Waiting for Zufan! said...

It's pretty frightening. That's all I can say. I just don't understand WHY millions are still getting thrown away on Iraq. What a lot of insanity out there. That seems to be the basis for the whole economic mess, no?

Thanks for stopping by. :)

no_slappz said...

average patriot,

It isn't your "frankness" that people might find objectionable.

It's your moronic belief that Bush is about declare himself dictator that causes the laughter and head shaking.

How will you explain your dopiness when a new president is inaugurated in January and Bush heads back to Crawford?

AAW said...

As a person in this kind of unique industry, I was close to working for one of the economic giants in crisis about four months ago (won't say which).

I was vetted (unlike John McCain with Sarah Palin). But after going the company's financial statements for two quarters, I knew the company was in trouble and turned the position down.

A friend had to remind me a few days ago what would have happened if I was working for the company now. All I could say was I don't know.

The Government had to step in. I was at a seminar yesterday and one of the things that made AIG tank was being involved in too many things - thus the case for deregulation. Mortgages, cars, boats, life investments, etc. You name it, it has a hand in it.

Where the Government messed up was looking the other way when all these companies were making the big bucks even through questionable means.

BuelahMan said...

Average Patrot,

I wouldn't let the ignorant and offensive make me delete my posts. You have a point well made and some simply are oblivious to the seriousness of the potential of your prophecy.

True or not, it should be discussed. Unabashedly and for full review.

Not everyone is brainwashed and gullible.

So, thanks for your view and post and I wish you would repost it.

A Go Bytch said...

I don't know why someone else has to say it.. if you are a working citizen of a America you should by now realize your income gets you far less than what it use to...

If that's not enough proof.. something is wrong with your pudding!

Lovebabz said...

I am with AAW, the gov't had to step in. This is a hit our economy can't take. This is one of the beautiful things about a gov't like ours...having the ability to step in and guarantee shit. The problem is that most Americans like to live in "ignorance is bliss" and think that Gov't has your best interest at heart. Ah NO. But then again that is subjective...meaning who's best interest. We already know America doesn't give a shit about the poorest of the poor (KATRINA). We all have the mindset of why can't "THEY" pull themselves up by their boot-straps. We have not come to terms with our hatred of the poor and disenfranchised. I am not going to even speak on Black folks contempt of other Black folks who they deem "triffling"

I live in a state that is the richest per capita in income of any state in the union....Connecticut. I have been affluent (housekeepers, private schools, personal chefs, gardners,Nannies, trips abroad lots of disposible income) but not born of affluence (low income housing, mother working 2 FULL time jobs, father not supportive, food stamps, under-the-table hustles). So I know who this bail out is going to hurt most of all...working folks who can't catch a MOFO break. But I also know that this bail out is neccessary. The rippling effect(s)a would be too great to rebound from if the Gov't didn't step in. I will say agin...the running of these corporations are CRIMINAL. They ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. A Corporation acts on the directive of the CEO and Board of Directors. SHIT this aint hard word...this is easy. They decieved and profitted.

They...CEO/CFO/CAO always knows when shit is about to hit the fan. And yet we allow them to jump with golden parachutes. We allow them to PRESERVE their wealth.

AArgh!...SIGH! Shit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the fiscal education once more Dawg! PLL, CordieB.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

what suprises me how a lot of the smaller community banks seem to look good, becvause they stuck with their missions - immediate community, dont know whats up with credit unions

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts
and Im not pointing fingers, i jusdt hate when they say no more bail outs then there is?

i have heard and seen such and that doesnt strike me as smart either
fly tie
thanks hon, and i dont wanna be mad HBP is a mutha lol

thanks for the drive by and to ans your query, China - lol.

Pimpin' Pens
thanks folk, i just want top know if we will go after economic terrorist as we do the emotional terrorist

good point, and i read them, one of the reasons i am now trying to stay away from the econonmhy b ut it is hard folk

it is really indeed stupid and u sound like a real fiscal conservative to me

man i hope not, i hope not. thats what they mean by trickle down?

Big Cheekz
what bankers arent shady nowadays?

preach, and not the political hat - i yield ther balance of my time to the lady from Conn. LOL
and yea, kimmy is the truth

G. A. Palmer
and the golden parachute, they dont really talk about that, cause as slappz said it waqs negoiated up front foul.

Ghetto Philosopher
i agree, i mean if u help the folks at bottom pay, then the big boys may make some loot, but i still think they need to be brung (im country) up on felony charges

well bush is no FDR, and i would say its almost at DNR status - the econonmy

it is still a loan that we cant get the same rates (2.5%) Foul to me

good look, and i claim nothing that the top and bottom benefit, thats all i said, not main or major.

and regardless, can u or thwe finacial times of the feds tell me the ral value of these Dervitaves or MBSs? NO

sista gp
the gubbberment dont read LOL

hope u and the fam are well, was wondering where u have been

dollar gone be worth a quarter soon if they keep this up

we the corporation, i mean people dont seem so

Nicki Nicki Tembo
no digression, u hit one of the nails on the head.

any time folk, do come back, and trillions in debt. trillions

incompenetent thives are prosucuted just as the smart ones when caught

average patriot
its cool, $175,000K - dang. And u right thats what they doing - Bankrupting of America
im gonna chk it out

Waiting for Zufan!
just show me some of the food like u used too. and throwing it away is right

what is moronic about opinion folk?

i cvan see that as a real problem.

bravo bruh

A Go Bytch
and we cant put the folk out like they should or in a prison where they belong - if anyone asked me

dont seem like it is our interest, the corporation trumps the people

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

anytime folk

Missy said...

What is that amazing art in the first picture. Love that... Not to get off topic or anything. It's Sunday and I'm trying to give it a rest.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

A shadow banking system and shadow government within the government, who knows which came first, the chicken or the egg? I know that David Rockefeller owns BoA and JP Morgan, and those are the only two banks not going down. Lately I've been wondering if he's the puppet master...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

yes it is and i understand completely

Kit (Keep It Trill)
good question, id take it farther hstorically - rotchilds maybe

enigma4ever said...

this thing is a mess...a big broken mess..and what happens next is critical...but I think that you raise alot of really good questions...but should the People be bailing out the FatCats and their 20 Million dollar bonus plans....nope...Corporate Welfare ? ( when many are criminals- esp the predatory lenders that knew this was a house of Cards AKA Wamu....etc etc)

we done been Hoovered...yup...

NoRegrets said...

Hmm... what does it mean that I can't get into my bank of america credit card info online today???

ng2000 said...

Valuable resource of bank of america news summaries:

no_slappz said...

kit (keep it trill), you wrote:

"I know that David Rockefeller owns BoA and JP Morgan, and those are the only two banks not going down."

Millions of stockholders own Bank of America and JP Morgan. Rockefeller does not "own" these banks.

You must be someone who believes in conspiracy theories.

Waiting for Zufan! said...

Huh? Something lost in the translation, amigo! I don't have a clue what your follow-up to my comment means! HA! I'm still learning your language I guesss!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

and a bonus for what fcking up?

oh ooo

thanks for the heads up folk

im speaking on what is real and has occured

Waiting for Zufan!

johnsmith said...

Houston Chronicle, United States - 38 minutes ago
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