Wednesday, October 01, 2008

buss first or buss back

Over the recent days with the current economic crisis, I have revisited in my head conversations and discussions I have had with a number of my folk over the years. Many on the future of America especially since it is real in the field again. I first left Memphis at age 17 heading off to Morehouse. Getting there, I learned ATL was a whole lot different than Memphis. Morehouse was the shit and what I learned there was like something from Mr. Rodgers. You know, make believe. It was like folks could leave where they were from, go to a new place and have a whole new persona – like make believe. You know they get to college and could play rich, they could play tough or like they were from the streets, or gangster and stuff like that. All I noticed that an A was 90 to 100 unlike the 96 to 100 I had been used to in the Memphis public school system, so was up for taking advantage of that caused the grading system meant I could make believe I was smart.

Being from flip town, also know as the Bluff city, it was simply amazing, I mean I met black folks from Portland for example, who could hoop – amazing as well as some basically smart cats that were some generally trill folk. I mean folk who had read Hegel, Diop and Frantz Fanon before they got to college as I had which made me feel at home. Cats who know the books as well as the streets. But there were only a hand full though and out of all them folk, two folk I remember in particular outside my homeboys and some others [ yawl know who yawl are] were my folk Mike Green and V-Hall. They were from South Carolina, Charleston South Carolina, and off the bat folk recognized folk. V-Hall and Mike were different folk being from where they were. They had keloid knobs on their wrist where they had cut them and stopped the bleeding to show their allegiance to they folk. Being from Memphis, all we acknowledged were gold safety pins in our left ears and all my folk who attended the house with me [Cadillac, Storming Norman and those who were AMB] had the same experiences and beliefs.

A many nights we would sit, as if Hegel and Hume, we talked about our local home fronts as well as our local commandments of existence. Many were the same but some were different. One that I recall vividly was the philosophical discussion of “buss first or buss back.”

They were of the belief that if one pulled a pistol, they should be the ones to bust first. Unlike me and mine who acknowledged accountability and believed in Bussing’ back after being fired upon. For us it would be a case of self defense and plausible deniability. Their argument was strong, but ours was too. I just wonder with the way things are today: folks stealing beer and can goods from grocery stores and fighting in gas lines, and loosing jobs at a rate of about 100k a month, and everything going up in price and the dollar shrinking in value, will I change my position from bussing back to bussing first?


RealHustla said...

Try not to think of such things. How can one adopt a policy to deal with future issues that will undoubtedly be wrought with emotions and desperation. Buss on a case by case basis.

Dagny said...

Good question. We are definitely entering some unstable times.

Kellybelle said...

I love to hear about the bonds Blackmen form when they attend an HBCU.

Kokonutters said...

Oh Morehouse...and you crazy men. I felt the exact way coming down here too.

With your question? I don't rightly know, I've always been like you, Buss back and it'll take a lot...a whole lot more than some wench jumpin' in front of me in the gas line to change my opinion.

They cancelled classes cause teachers can't get to school....a shame.

Tera said...

In this dog eat dog world, that's a difficult one. In most instances, I would say "buss back" with the notion that occasionally you just might have to "buss first."

rainywalker said...

Get a Mosburg and you can decide on one case at a time.

NoRegrets said...

Huh, you tell us.

I ordered a book and still haven't received it... hopefully it won't arrive in the rain as I have no cover for the mailbox.

Miss Soul said...

Times are rough...tempers are high...I think when you buss and the situation in which one does so has changed drastically and it's only going to get more volatile.

DNLee said...

I'm curious..I know a guy who went by Storming Norman who went to school in Atlanta. I wonder if we know yet another of the same folk... he married a woman named Pam (went to school down there, too) and later divorced.

get at me.

msladydeborah said...


Let me be a for real sistah friend to you for a moment.

When this shyt was running across your mind~you were 17 and had who to take care of? From your statement it reads like you had the mindset that you were going to survive being shot at to fire back.

May you would but maybe you wouldn't. That is one of those unknown variables. Until the moment of actual occurrence how could you determine what would happen?

I feel you on how rough and tough it is out here. And desperate times make even good folks think about doing whatever it takes to survive.

But you've got two people who would be so hurt if something happened to you. I hope that your children never ever have to be without you over some shyt like this! It would break their hearts.

I know you fear no man, that is all well and good my brother. But I am hoping that we have evolved far enough not to have to resort to firing on each other over materials goods.

During times like these, it seems to me that the wise and intelligent members of our society...(Heyll Yea, I'm including you) should be thinking about what can be done to thwart the buss first or buss back.

Come on back from the dark side my friend! For are better than this...

Kayos said...

I hope it doesn't come to that. However, with the administration putting us in the situation of survival of the fittest -even though the term is being used incorrectly here- we have to do what is required of us at the time.

I personally wouldn't want to buss first but if I am protecting what's mine, then I damn sho are gonna buss first before bussing back.

Dope Fiend said...

When push comes to shove, you better believe that we as human beings are hoping we're the ones shoving harder! Basic science, survival of the fittest....if the only way you coming out on top means you buss first, when everyone else around you is adapting the same psychology, then I say survive and make sure you aim high...

I'm being theoretical here...don't be shooting no bullets!

BuelahMan said...

Pulling a weapon should be the last case scenario and to this day I have only had one instance where I was forced into that situation.

I failed that time cause I was a stupid 17 yo punk.

Now, at 47, IF I pull mine, I pull it to shoot.

Best not make me pull it.

sista gp said...

through this crisis, we will see if humanity is truly civilized

Anonymous said...


Nicki Nicki Tembo said...

Gotta know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em. But if it's going down might as well get it over with.

Ruthibelle said...

Civilised?? What is civilisation anyway? That varies according to society: Chinese, Japs, Spanish, Dutch, Inuit, Amerindians, Americans all have very different definitions of civilisation...

I dont think I would be doing any bussing at all...

RunningMom said...

I'm a lover not a fighter!

Unless you are threatening my son - then be prepared to die.

Anonymous said...

It will be unstable for sure but like usual someone will create something that didn't exist to get the country over the hump.

Jay Midnyte said...

gotta know the environment ur in. If u already in a environment where its murk now think later, you betta murk em or you gon be gone.

But if you can read the person and make good judgments, usually, it won't be none of yall pullin the thing out.

BUT if you make the mistake of pullin the joint FIRST on a dude that WILL murk u... and you don't shoot... lol i feel sorry 4 u

blackink said...

I should have gone to Morehouse when I had the chance.

But, being a strong opponent of the Bush Doctrine, I definitely think I'm going to go with "buss back."

uglyblackjohn said...

As Sun Tzu says, it depends on the situation, the conditions and your enemy

Blog Queen said...

Buss first...of course. doing it anyway by being proactive and not reactionary

Rich said...

Practice your draw like Doc Holiday and tell them "I'll be your Huckleberry"

YaBoy Po said...

"you gotta know when to bless the situation and when to grab the chrome"

it all depends bra

Big Cheekz said...

buss 1st or u might not have da chance 2 buss back...

James Tubman said...

you lucky dawg lol

the greatest intellectual ive ever read, dr. amos wilson was a morehouse grad in the 60's (writer of blueprint for black power)

i saw the documentary morehouse men from spike

those brothers do not play

that is the only college i would be willing to go to

the day you step on the campus the upperclass men drill in your head that you are getting an education to serve your people

they should have that kind of drilling at all HBCU's

by the way afrikan origin of civilization is completely unreadable lol

that is a killer

MsPuddin said...

college did that for me too.moving from a small town to "the city" gave me a knew perspective and the opportunity to hang out with people more like me.instead of the same people i was forced to hang out with because we grew up together...

[Emeritus] said...

if i only but had something to buss with.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

Case by case - u and Rainy must be related

unstable indeed, dang 2 post in a row - where my food pics woman

dear old morehouse

lol so where diod u go to school and why we crazy

yep a true SAT LSAT question. how u feeling sister

Case by case - me likes

thank u let me know what u think

Miss Soul
tempers like the stock market nowadays

we just may, did he go to hamiliton High?

yes maam, lol I dont have a dark side, well maybe we alll do

it was just something to be thinking about u know?

Dope Fiend
i just want give other the chance to show if they really real i think i would if my fam was at risk, only case for me

yep we have a saying, never show your player card - im with u 100%

sista gp
sounds like a play off game

thanks 4 the link

Nicki Nicki Tembo
LMBAO - the poker of life

civilization left when slavery started

my point exactly, ancient Damu proverb he puts a stone in my bed is not my friend

but u are of a pragmatic mind, some folks dont even think to take from another

Jay Midnyte
so true, thats why i am of the latter, i aint no killer but dont push me

yes u should have u would have loved it

he is or was my man too

Blog Queen
only if kids at steak hon

i say if u wanna play cowboy, lets play OK corral

YaBoy Po
u know how we get down, and the rule of thumb never fk w nobody, cause they got the right u know cause if they mess w u, u got the right-when u stopppin by the shop folk

Big Cheekz
tru that

James Tubman
yea man me loved the house spike lee, actor same jackson, olympian edwin moses (physics major), MLKing Jr, ME (lol), maynard Jackson, your Boy, Benjamin Mays, Thomas Kilgore...i can go on

and its not that hard, try vivilization or barbarism to get your chops wet or the book on his axioms

sound like a country girl at heart, where did u attened college?

well best to be safe than sorry, i never hope to use such

One Man’s Opinion said...

I am all about plausible deniability....I actually preach it.

no_slappz said...

A discussion about the aspects of people shooting each other?

Yeah, there's no violence problem. None at all.

Lovebabz said...

Little know discussed fact...but where I come from if you pull a gun, knife, rock you better use it. There is never time for discussion. If youa re pulling weapons and firearms negotiations are over.

These are indeed the best of times and the worst of times...

Anonymous said...

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