Friday, October 17, 2008

2 bang or not 2 bang

Now I didn’t want to really want to write about this, for I didn’t know how to explain it. Not that I am lost for words (never that) but because I figure that some of my readers, being they are women, will not understand for they have never had such an experience. Since adolescence, I have noticed several things about my body as a man. I can still remember my first wet dream, which in psychology classes I came to find out was called a nocturnal emission. It was so vivid that I could actually feel slowly stroking whoever was in my dream until eruption. I also remember when I first started growing hair on my face and how once I started to shave it, would come back even faster. Last but not least, I recall when I first started to go to sleep erect and wake up the same way, with my manhood rigid, beating, and even throbbing against my navel.

Now I don’t have wet dreams any more, and I still shave or need to daily. However, Each and every day I go to sleep (unless satiated); I do so with a mass of flesh erect and beating on my navel and wake up the same way. Now that’s not a bad thing. But this morning, it was just as stiff, and the pulsation was the same, and the blood vessels were exceedingly visible. However, unlike most days, it has maintained this for most of this day. Even as I write, it is growing down my thigh. As a result, I have for much of the day, been thinking about some awful sordid acts, in particular the desire to support some delicate and lovely woman’s legs on my shoulder, and with her feat by her ears, and bang her back out – literally.

The problem is this aint me. I’m an old school cat and prefer to apply long and slow and impliable strokes such to feel and ascertain each and every emotion the face can display, the heart can beat, the voice can utter through whisper, moan and/or grunt. Although I don’t think it is anything wrong with the occasional drilling or splitting, I do admit that the gradual and unhurried elongated caress of me inside of my partner is better than the latter. But today, if I were to be accosted sexually by a vixen of confounded appetite, for the record she would take a loss and have to take one for the team today.

Maybe it was because I went to sleep last night at 9:30, or all the fried pork chops I have been consuming in concert with Lima, beans, stir fried squash with hot banana peppers and rice; or maybe even the tequila, or the fact it is getting colder and it was raining this morning. So no rumination today just a query, and nope I don’t take no Viagra or none of that shit, cause black men already got heart problems. Like I said just a query, is there wrong with banging your partners back out every now and then?


kyasmami said...

Like Kells said (bless his child molestin heart)
"I don't see nothin wrong..." LOL
Fa real tho, I think every women, even the most shy/prude wants to get that back blown out evry once in awhile...
tha idea that women want to be made love to all the time is FALSE!
Sumtimes nothin can hit that spot like a good BLOWOUT!

Kitty Cleopatra said...

LOL! You're in heat. I'm sorry I want NO parts of anything referred to as "drilling" or "splitting". Some days I might want it a bit stronger but I'm not trying to get stitches, nor am I trying to be knocked unconscious. I don't understand why some guys think doesn't. That's why it's called pain. Better ask your chick if that’s what she wants(some chicks like it) or you may get a rude awakening. I had to kick a dude out one night because he couldn't understand the concept.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

The only problem I see with this post is the pork chops-everything else is fair game. I hope your weekend is a fruitful one! *giggles*

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

but not all the time, ever now and then, leads to cramps in my booty

Kitty Cleopatra
heat, thats what it is, thanks, and im not into drilling or splitting as i said, i prefer the elogated slow strokes. glad u aint hate on the pork chops

Blogger T.Allen-Mercado
the porkchops is the post lol

heather said...

variety is nearly always a good thing.

and hell, we're built to give birth. a little flex and expansion room is part of the design. just warn her first and get consent. who knows, it may be you who gets the surprise.

Anonymous said...

Wow! All of a sudden I feel a bit...tingly! :)

T. Michelle Theus said...

I agree with Kitty about u being in heat. LOL Nothing wrong with variety, though. I think most women are ok with drillin as long as the long and elongated is the rule rather than the exception ;)

And y did u call me "star struck" on my blog? *still scratching my head on where u got that idea*

Thatchicknik said...

Im sorry but my mind went to a very naughty place reading this. But thank the Lord Im at work! Good one...NEED MORE.

Pajnstl said...

there aint a damyun thing wrong with a man knocking the bottom out. grinding on your g spot. putting an unnatural arch in your back, making you feel him in your chest... oh.. forgot where i was..
good post T ;)

rainywalker said...

Very graphic and interesting. I see that most of the posts are not from males. I agree with you not because of testosterone or ego but because you seem normal to me. I once did it on the rince cycle at a laundra-mat. Its not always about sex or love, sometimes its about the need between two people.

Lina said...

wellgotdamn!!! The porkchop picture threw me all the way off until I got to the end.

I would be inclined to say, as a woman, that sometimes we simply want to be fucked, rough and hard!! (Excuse the language)

I heard that the change of the seasons could encourage a greater libido and since we are really just getting into the fall season, that could have something to do with it.

Lovebabz said...

Ah, the torrid Dr. Stephens,
I feel you on this post. Just the other day I sent a message to my Crush about being in the mood to ride a hard high one.

Being newly divorced, I find myself missing those morning rides... the deep feeling, the hard ride as if the devil himself were my lover...

I too have waken from dreams so real so sensual that I am soaked and throbbing and breathless. The clit can rival the penis for can and does stand at attention and sometimes can be that way all day.

Gone are the days of casual liaisons for me, but I do think often what it would be like to take a lusty lover with nothing bewtween us but the desire to satisfy.

Good post. A lovely afternoon thought.


Anonymous said...

And you wonder why I say you packing like Luggage? I willl never forget you T and you made it bad for all that came after you.

paisley said...

i am just wondering if this might be a midlife hormonal change of some sort.... not to burst your bubble or anything like that but i was wondering......... as that is something we women can definitely relate to

Anonymous said...

lovebabz is right.. sometimes my lady love starts lusting and I'll be self-medicating all day, either to memory or imagination (maybe even a combination of the two).. unfortunately, the lusting doesn't stop until I recieve primal, passionate, prison-style punishment... the kind that leaves me drained to the point where breathing is laborious..

Anonymous said...

I'm just curious, I read your penchant for committment blog, so see that you would prefer a relationship. But in the meantime, have you found someone who shares your sexual appetite just to help meet each others needs? It seems that that would be readily available to you; single black educated self employed man in Atlanta; seems to me you could easily be getting it everynight, (morning and day too if possible), and no disrespect to women for I am one too, but women these days aren't all shy and prude, women like to get theirs and many model their skills after Jena or whoever the new upcoming porn star is. Afterall Atlanta is the home of the freaknik and even though the event is gone, the freaks are still here...

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

well such does stimulate the nerve endings for both

Anonymous Anonymous
and y is that and what does that mean?

T. Michelle Theus
it wont be ocassional, are u volunteering, and because the men u mentioned in that post were all in tv or movies folk

what are u thinking exactly

thanks sista

you are so true

i love pork chops and i can oblige a woman if such is required - belive that

thanks for the new song title penis 4 attention
Anonymous Anonymous
who is this?

nope ive been a five times a day man all my life

i can get with that, like i said my dick has just been hard al day

true but im a single parent of two. And I dont get down like that, single yep, esp w no kids. but 16 - 18 hr work days, u go home cook, ghet kids down and sleep to wake up to cook break at 620am. u volunterring folk

Anonymous said...

.......I do admit that the gradual and unhurried elongated caress of me inside of my partner is better.........But today, if I were to be accosted sexually by a vixen of confounded appetite, for the record she would take a loss and have to take one for the team today........

damn, panties are officaly soaked

Kitty said...

I guess there's nothing wrong with that. Everyone gets like that from time to time.
"Porkchops, Erections" LMAO!!

Have a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

LOL... you better be glad that I am happyiy married otherwise I would be trying to find you. I love pork chops especially fried pork chop sammiches on white bread with hot sauce. Talk about some good eating!

I agree with Paisley as far as mid-life hormones, you sound like my husabd who will be turning 41 soon and pesters me like a teenage boy except that the stroke is way better than anything I got as a teen.

Have a good weekend!

Sunshine K said...

Since I don't have your card, I thought I'd stop by. If I did have your card, I'd definitely be willing to help you out with your little (or should I say big) problem. I hope you get some satisfaction soon.

Have a good weekend :)

Ms. Shai said...

You are so right about the food bringing on the 'heat' as you call it. Ladies should be mindful of what they prepare their man or where they should go to eat. Carribean food= take some Tylenol beforehand.

Gorgeous Geek said...

i soooooooo just wrote a blog about the current state of my back due to such activities....


Darius T. Williams said...

Ha! Now this is your best post to date - for real! LOL

Yea, although I'm into dudes and not females, I do the banging most times - I'm not the bang-ee. LOL

I don't think there's nothing wrong with tearing it up every once in a while. Men are beasts by nature - that's what we do. When we get that urge to pop it off - then you know, she (or in my case, he) should be willing to make it happen!

Great post!

LB said...

I totally lost my train of thought as I read the post and then the comments. I agree with many, but I think that I'm too much of a prude (lol) to add any of my sexual revelations on here. I hope that you work it all out soon (both mentally and physically).

THE 78' MS. J said...

Damn I agree with Kitty you are in heat and you already know my stance on slaying chicks with the dick sword. Pain does not always equal pleasure sometimes it just equals a gyno visit and a pissed off female who now wants to have no parts of you or any other male for a longgggggggggg time!

Dione said...

Nothing wrong with mind blowing, hanging off the bed blowing the back out fucking! Just leave her enough energy to be able to walk the next day...

IntrospectiveGoddess said...

Very good post, so honest I was laughing not at your situation but at your candor...anyway no its nothing wrong with some rough sex every once in a while just not all the time,

I wish you luck in finding a partner to partake of that with....

Oh and I read your story... Nice! Was it perhaps based on something true?

neshia said...

who back you going too blowout lol bang bang bang bang

Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B said...

Nothin wrong with Dat!!!


But this does make me think...

faith said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with that every once in a while. You are absolutely right about the gradual and unhurried though, that is by far the best.

Mimi said...

Man, those pork chops look GOOD!

Oh, and having your back blown out!! ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with that! :)

My 2 cents

Mocha Dad said...

So those are the pork chops you were talking about on Twitter

poison.ivy said...

i understand how you feel. some time you just need to be fucked. no slow strokes, just some hair pulling, ass smacking, rough sex.

i hope you get ur release soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Malcolm's mama tell yall about that Pork?! I was too busy re-reading the prose...what was the question again? ;) *bang on out baby*

nicki nicki tembo said...

There you go again Torrance putting an arch in my back. However, I believe Curtis Mayfield said it best - "do be there and do be down"

neshia said...


msladydeborah said...

I swear to goodness!

I don't know of any sistah that is my circle of friends who doesn't like variety in her sexual diet.

And I may be breaking the woman code but I know that I have had erotic dreams myself.

If someone asked me why~it is human nature.

I will give you props for your visuals. I am a pepper person...also a pork chop (on occassion) and squash person.

I am not a lima bean lover. Pintos fit much better into my dietary lusts.

You are one of the few people that I know who can eloquently state that they are horny. :-)

This is a first...I usually go Vegas on these type of posts...but it is a full moon...

Regina said...

very uhh, interesting post!

After I turn the AC up (a little warm in here), I'll probably go to bed dreaming about...pork chops and ... tequila.... and ......

Authentic Educator said...

What an interesting post to be invited to write to lol! I appreciate your honesty and your forthcoming (no pun intended) attitude :) You ummmm, write well too and thanks for stopping by my site.

P.S. Blowing the back out is necessary sometimes. Nothing says passion like it. Long and slow is nice but Back-blowing is sure to remind your lover whose - it - is lol...

SoCal Muchacha said...

Damn, Torrance, damn! ;) As if the fires out here didn't have a gal all hot and bothered! (Thanks for the blog comment, btw...things are MUCH better now, but looking at the pics I posted you wouldn't think least then.)

And another damn to you for even making me think of ANYTHING McSame/Failin' (barf, gag, puke), but your post most definitely has me thinking of their stupid ass mantra "Drill, baby, drill." Although with YOUR twist on it maybe it isn't so bad. ;) I did see a bumper sticker the other day that said "Drill here, drill now", and I'm guessing that maybe you'd kind of like your female readers to buy some of those stickers?

Guess it's a good thing I'm heading off to bed soon after reading this "oh my goodness" blog entry. (Ooops, did I just say entry? ;))

Anonymous said...

And when are the trouts for the team and where LOL

KELSO'S NUTS said...


Come on, buddy. We're adults here.

Everybody has their own way of enjoying the business and that's that. And everybody likes different stuff at different times. Rough, gentle, threesomes, fucking all day and all night or wham bam.

Viagra, poppers, rock, flake, ethyl chloride hits, bondage, that mentholated lubricant stuff, whatever.

Least as I can figure there aren't any virgins on this site. And nothing new under the sun.


Or whether you think Kazmir's elbow's shot or not...Or how good is USC really?

Bohemian Chick said...

Hi T...must be the change in seasons, 'cause my clit has been swollen and moist for the past 3 days.

I LOVE making love, but variety is the spice of life...a good rip my clothes off, slam me against the wall fuck is needed at times.

Whew...gonna go call my man right now!

Faith said...

Wow that was def a turn-on! Nice to hear a man discuss desire, technique and skills!

memphiz said...

lawd help me.

TheophaniaPaige said...

This is hilarious, but only becuse I was in the mood to write a similar blog, but I'll wait, lol... But yes, I FEEL where you're coming from, lawd. A good ol' fashion screw never hurt anyone, sometimes that's just the mood one is in....I think you're trying to tease me...

Anonymous said...


Love it!

Take it from someone who's gotta have it everyday that ends in 'y', it's good to flip the script every now and again.

Bang it out as long as you don't forget how to take the scenic route still.

Jay Midnyte said...

i'm lookin for a woman to chill with and i'm 19 lol

Ms. Lovely said...


nothing wrong with slipping a disc here and there. but i'm with you..I prefer long strokes


and them poak chops look good as ha-yall!

neshia said...

long and slow baby

Tawanna said...

Hmmmmmm. I see where your head is. Hehehehe!

laughing808 said...

all I'll say is: every now and again that would be appropriate.

Just Startin' Out said...

Damn, I was gonna blame the Viagra, but you took all the fun out of that. There is nothing wrong with banging her back out...hell, my friend had to go to the hospital today for back problems, if you know what I mean, from what happened last night to her.

But, I like to stretch before keep the pain away a little...but you have to do what you have to do...that's my motto.

Pyt08 said...

lol...sooo the pork chop thing had me thrown off completely until i finished reading. i dont think theres anything wrong with it at all... id demand it time and time again actually. so you're sane. no prob.

Princess Tinybutt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Princess Tinybutt said...

to answer the question... HELL MUTHA F'n NAW!! aint nothin worng wit that. whew! you got me lookin for my hubby!! lawd hav mer-say!

oh, and i just luv me some pok chop sammiches!! lol!! great post t, you talked about my two most favoritest things ever... FOOD AND SEX!

be well :)

ps... check out my post "DEVESTATED". don't know how to hyperlink it like you :(

profunksticated said...

Dawg, I like to hit it, nice and slow, like. I'm too tired to be hittin' it all hard en everything.

I loves me some pork chops too.

RealHustla said...

I know I'm late, but this post is a joke, right, LOL? Are you kidding?

Bang me in the morning before I go to work. Make love to me at night. Break my back out while the kids are at the park. Make love to me after that deep convo we just had.

Get the point. Banging has it's place and time and that too is just as frequent as that mushy shit.

Anonymous said...

Nice post. Speaking as a woman variety in bed is always good - wards off boredom. I agree w/others- if your partner is okay with drilling- what's stopping you.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...


feed your man pork chops and notice the hot sauce - lol

u should not even go thaier - woman u happily married

Sunshine K
y thank u and thanks for the visit and do return and i dont have no busines cards maam

Ms. Shai
or a hot watter bottle LOL

Gorgeous Geek
walking funny i take it

Darius T. Williams
thanks folk and LMBAO at bangee - not comment

me too and sorry for the distraction

THE 78' MS. J
heat, so im on my period LOL

she will walk funny maam so caint promise that just tell me u fry pork choops?

thank u sister, and i sent it eons ago LOL just joking


Undeniably...Deep aka Tina-B
think of what do tell more maam

its the best especially when u can plant yourself in sie and leave stuiffness to fill her up and feel her shake on u - classic

me love some pork and u too sound like my kinda woman

Mocha Dad
LOL look good huh

too bad u dont stay caross the strret

Cheron L. Hall
LOM didnt mean to change your train of thought, so what were u thinking about by any means necessary?

nicki nicki tembo
my fault sister

dont know what u missing , lima and butter beans are the shit

aint it cold there already lol

Authentic Educator
now i can get with that too sister

SoCal Muchacha
LOL i cant enter through a blog and glad u aint burn up

tryouts year round maam


Bohemian Chick
maybe we can make a trade lol

well i try had a lot of practice maam

and what would u like for me to assist u with maam

u too i give proops too and write that post maam

i will bring my binoculars even

Jay Midnyte
aint we all

Ms. Lovely
im last of the slow long strooker pork chop eatting country boys

which one lol

u are a greatful woman i see

Just Startin' Out
we used to called the act of sex working out back in the day - do warm up and get limber

thanks so im not crazy good look

Princess Tinybutt
will do and how have u been girl, hope u feeling better trooper

I aint mad, my preference too, buttarah u know, every now and then
now thats a song bang me in the morning i can get with that

sound like my kind of woman maam

T.C. said...

i am stuck on the chops...that's what I WANT right now some fried off the stove with some hotsuace chops!! not now but RIGHT NOW...

oh and yea sometimes it be like long as both parties are down...go for it

Soulstress said...

I likes my bak so I dont want it blown out ever. Like sum1 said..pleasure does not equal pain for me. I'm prob in the minority in regards to this. There are women out there who like to curl up in the fetal position cuz their insides and outsides are in excruciating pain. But for me..I'll pass.

Bloggal said...

L..O..L!!! you get so many damn comments that i know i'm probably repeating something that's already been said, but no, there's nothing wrong with a little passionate pounding, as i like to call it. just make sure you do it with a gal who's game and doesn't mind the post-sex pains.

Tafari said...

Man first of all, you recollection of pubescence brought back memories of my own. The stiff morning, which still occur, the wet dreams I mean nocturnal emissions which I love then & love now (happens every now & then).

Anyway, All I really have to say is that you need to beat off your frustration or find some pussy really fast before you kill some-damn-body.

Now I know why you saw a vagina in those fortune cookies. LOL!!!

"is there wrong with banging your partners back out every now and then?" Hell no, it is good for the heart & the kitty needs to be beaten sometimes.


Sister Girl said...

Aww shucky ducky...

You done brought all the noise all up in here (LOL). Ain't nuthing wrong with gettin' it on sometimes. The weather is getting prime to do all that...and some !

Those pork chops look so damn good & I've had a taste for some for a minute & this will definately help me get it done.


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

that means u a real country girl - pretty aint they

we wont put u in a wheel chair hon - ok LMBAO

im a long slow stroker but every now and then, every now and then i get the craving

man u wild, u know i thought that was the sublime in the blog, your eye is fantabulous

Sister Girl
well u know how we do on the really real. u are a country girl noticing them chops like that lol

Anonymous said...

With this post right here, I am officially a fan! ;)

You have a way with words, Sir. I could feel what you were saying. From the long, slow, exquisite stroke to the throbbing, pounding, punishment...I'm right there wit ya!

Ensayn1 said...

Damn T, way to heat'em up, and wet'em down. I been away and came back in time just to read this fiyah! Ain't nothing wrong with puttin in the wuk! Prolly have to work it long and slow to begin with, then work up to the back blow out! Just skillful art any way you split it, stroke it or slide it. Do it any way she wants it!

RunGirl. said...

I guess not if they are ok with it too...

But waht does eating fried pork chops with Lima, beans, stir fried squash with hot banana peppers and rice have to do with it??

NoRegrets said...

Hell no, there's nothing wrong. If the woman can take it.

Sista GP said...

1) No Hot Sauce with the pork chops?
2) No problem with "variety" as long as both can handle it mentally and physically
3) Save some pork chops, beans and squash for refueling

Big Cheekz said...

i wonder how many of your local female readers read this & then rushed over to your shop, hoping to be that "vixen"? i hope u got that problem taken care of by now. LOL

NoRegrets said...

OK, question. How do you pee if you have a hard on all the time??

Blog Queen said...

Never particularly cared for "banging" and still don't. Slow, methodical and always best...I believe in getting banged without the banging (want to feel it all...with banging - I might miss something)

Hawa Bond said...

Dang. I been lurking, but I walked into some serious heat in here today.

As a happily engaged woman sitting at work, I couldn't help but think of my fiance who is still a walking hormone at age 45. LOL

Like other women here seem to agree, variety is a good thing.

You really know how to run it, Torrence.

= = = = = =
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MysTery said...

:-O :-O :-O WHOA!!!
Nah, I don't see anything wrong with it. Lol, good luck with that!

Lola Gets said...

I had a wet dream two weeks ago. I hate that shit. I dont know how guys put up with it. Anywho.

Theres nothing wrong with blowing someones back out erry once and a while...depending upon ones appetite, capiche?


jenamn said...

Love the tags and the order. Love the post and I have to say it is a good thing to just let go and bang once in a while...almost needed!

Good post!

Ness said...

I know I'm crzy late, but u did link it for me to read ;)

Wow...! I don't think there's anything wrong w/ blowing a females back out every now and again to let her know who's boss lol. But at the same time, most women (not me lol) can't take a good pounding so it doesn't work for everyone lol.

I personally luv a little bit of both. Like u said, it's a great feeling to experience the person inch for inch, thrust for thrust and to feel everything that a slow, deep grind has to offer ;)

I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...

i wouldn't know much about this topic...but i would give you two prerequisites before tearin' up a girl's uterus.

1. look for signals.
2. if in doubt...ask.

I'm not complicated (for the most part) and i do not expect men to be mind-readers, so I think this pretty much sums it up...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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The Jaded NYer said...

How is it that I haven't been over here in AGES and the day I come back I feel like this is the same post I read before I stopped visiting??

We need to get you laid, regularly, for real! lol

neshia said...

you can bang my stuff all yours lol

Anonymous said...

Ooh shit.

Anonymous said...

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