Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why in year 6

Given the preoccupation with the general media distributed information, I certain there is a lot of news that is occurring, or rather information that we may or may not be privy too. And not to dwell on such for the sake of information, as I have been known to do so in the past, I just want to try and put two and two together.

A few days ago the US military implemented a clandestine cloak and dagger operation in Syria in the village of Sukariya to try and catch, not a known, but rather a SUSPECTED al-Qaeda operative.

Thanks to cellphone telephony, we have an amateur video of the operation. But again, as I said with respect to information, this is neither here nor there. First, this was conducted basically two weeks before the general election. Why now, is it maybe because the Bush Whitehouse doesn’t believe that McCain can win, or has a chance to win? Is it their goal to leave the rookie Obama administration with an additional foreign policy conundrum to deal with?

The way I see it, and I have little if any understanding of military protocol, but a remote controlled Drone could have gone five miles across the Syrian border and accomplished the same thing – kill some folks and some civilians. But nope, they used helicopters with military personnel telling me that they went it to get somebody or something.

It may not be much, I mean its not as significant to the general public as the tragedy that struck Jennifer Hudson’s family (albeit if she was not famous we would have never heard about it) or that show about the housewives in Atlanta (and I still say if its on TV it’s acting and no where close to reality), but it does make one think. The way I see it we aint done jack in Iraq (im a rapper now) in the last two years except put pay the awakening councils – the same folks shooting at us, to continue secular neighborhood warfare.

So you tell me, why now, in year six? Are we flexing, or is Bush flexing? Are we trying to add another Middle Eastern headache to the fledgling Obama Administration (if he wins)? And will we ever see the big picture? I mean 12 military deaths in Iraq this month so far, and 12 military deaths in Afghanistan this month too. And Syria is already talking about pulling a drive by in retaliation. So what says you, I mean if you gave it thought or even heard or read about it, because the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas don’t get down like that. Not to mention that Bush and McCain and Obama claim to have top shelf foreign policy game, buttaruh aint none addressed this nor how The U.S. raid into Syrian territory will not assist Turkey's efforts to promote a stable Middle East through mediations it has been holding between Israel and Syria. I mean it’s just a question.


CRUSHED said...

I truly believe that Bush is flexing, or some type of scheme to keep the republicans in the white house by putting fearing in the people.

rainywalker said...

The reason they went in was because they likely wanted documents, etc. that would be blown up if they did a strike. I understand they also took two prisoners back to Iraq to question or torture. They also want to tell Syria that they need to clean up the border. There is also the possiblilty that the officer who ordered the mission did it on his own without US government approval, it happens at time, but we will never know. Syria's military is really not that great, so we have nothing to fear from them. Terror is what we have to worry about but with oil at around $62, the middle east is in a finincal bind and are having a problem paying their own bills, let alone major funding for terror. When the oil is gone, they will go back to riding camels, thats just the facts.

Brandi Bates said...

that's interesting!

Linda said...

Is it just me, or is EVERY piece of 'news' per definition biased?

'They' try to tell you stuff, and within a few days someone else'll be telling you that 'they' set it up themselves and and and....

Heck, I'm just sticking my head in the sand and don't care about the news no more :P

Greetings from the netherlands!

Sista GP said...

So based on an quick read of a few articles and what I understand is the justification of the civilian deaths in war, the following situation is justified?

My mother has lived in the same neighborhood since 1970. In the past few years, gangs have moved in. In the event of a raid in the middle of the night, a stray bullet from a law enforcement weapon enters the exterior walls of my mother's bedroom and kills her. Her death is justified because she is in the vicinity.

I do not think so.

seSi said...
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seSi said...

Almost all of the most urgent global challenges--the quaking financial markets, climate change, terrorism--cannot be resolved by America's acting alone in the world. The Bushist doctrine of unilateralists advocacy has not worked--unless disastrously in the past decade. We need to think more creatively about how to blunt the power of opponents through smart diplomacy, not just the force of arms.We can't attack people because we think their economy is bad or on the basis of their economy--senseless warfare. Whoever carried out 9/11 did not dorn diamonds but had the technology(plastic utensils and the likes) to do a lot of damage.
Poverty brings about innovation--to think they will sit dormant because they are "in a financial bind" is faulty logic.

The Crusades and legions of battles in human history have not taught us much. No suprise though this nation was built on a foundation of marginalizing people through violent acts.

Guess Bush is going out with a bang!

nicki nicki tembo said...

I don't see any reason to over analyze this. It's how they operate - DAMN THE CONSEQUENCES! A band of effing miscreants.

msladydeborah said...


I suspect it is a combination of reasons.

And if we were given the opportunity to examine them-would we feel satisfied afterwards. Probably not.

It could be a set up to make either Barack or John take office with a hotter mess on their hands than it already is. I suspect that the responses would be different. Diplomacy v. I'll blow you the hell up! It just depends on who wins the election.

Since we already know that Bush hasn't had an original idea in years~we probably need to see who in the adminstration would stand to gain if this situation escalates.

Does the name Haliburton and its branches mean anything in this situation?

I dunno. But I am counting on someone to find out.

clnmike said...

Last thing needed is to open up another conflict when every one is trying to find the way to close the door on Iraq.

Tera said...

And it's a good question that I don't know the answer to. You know as tactics have it, there's surely SOMETHING up Bush's sleeve on this one.

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OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I thougth it was done to bring foreign affairs BACK into the forefront.

Last polls said McCain has better numbers when we talk about protecting America.

But YO this economy is way TOOO PHUCKED up for ppl to worry about threats from the outside, when the greed for the inside is killing us!


Missy said...

Man, if I were a conspiracy theorist, I would definitely see it as a big set-up. Kind of like the Republicans don't stand a chance so they are just F-ing stuff up before they leave office. But, since I don't subscribe to conspiracy's I won't even entertain that...So, I'm not sayin...but, I kinda am.
Who is really gangsta???

home decor said...

bush is the devil in our society

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