Friday, October 03, 2008

Silk Worms’s aint only in China

I was gonna have a though amnesty today but I was thinking so I figured yawl can think a little bit with me on this Friday. Now what prompted this was that I was gonna write about Sarah Palin or Barack Obama. The first was because I did not want Saturday Night Live have all of the fun with a woman who makes moose stew and moose knuckle jam and Obama because I wanted to explain why he would likely loose in November. But I made a strategic decision not to look at the Vice Presidential Debate and instead favored college football on ESPN – that South Florida Pitt game was a good one if you missed it.

As of late the banter regarding foreign policy with respect to Iran has me uneasy. First there is all of this talk of what will be required to keep Iran in check as if they can reach the USA with their weapons. Such to the extent that folks are suggesting the likelihood of a pre-emptive attack on the nation even as early as before the end of this year. Then there is the nonsense regarding whether or not we should have direct talks with current president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as interjected in the current campaign dialogue and suggested by several former Secretaries of State.

Looking back on these past years at war with the Middle Eastern nations of Asia seems that all we have done was help Iran come up. Through I war with via our war with Iraq especially. I mean most of the folks who Shiite in Iraq got folk In Iran. And we know that talking to the President is really neither here nor their since the nation is really run by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader. This is where the power is and any decision made regarding what Iran will or will not do will be made by him and his council.

For some reason up in this camp, a many of weak azz biches, as my home boys Three six mafia sang, in America, think they can just bum rush Iran and tell them folk what to do, especially with respect to their nuclear capability, as if they are a REAL threat when the only two real threats in the region if you asked me are the folks with Nuclear weapons – Israel and Pakistan.

You can’t be mad at Iran; I mean they just want the US out of the entire Middle East. I mean what’s the trip, it aint no different than the US historically wanting all of the Native Americans gone from North America.

If we attack Iran, it wont be no walk in the park. They may not be able to reach our shores with their weapons but they shole (im country) can buss up Israel and they will likely pop a few of them Silkworm Missiles on the oil tankers in the gulf as well as all the gulf oil production sites – especially the ones in Saudi, and lead us to a real depression up in this camp. Because historically Saudi aint never had no love for the Shiite or Iran so they would likely take a loss too, especially given the Saudi’s inroads in the US government.

But yawl think im tripping. The Emirates don’t, they just announced a few weeks ago that the plan on building a canal to get they oil out so they can bypass Iran if shit hits the fan. So we need to be easy about all this talk about invading Iran. Because the Saudis, and the Emirates and all them other folk who live over their know the deal, even better than we do and because Iran has even said if they are attacked by either the US or Israel that they will effectively Tear the Club Up. So Mr. and Mrs. Politician and/or pundit, don’t let APAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) talk yawl in to a war with Iran. We already let them talk us into the current Iraq quagmire. As I said initially, truth be told, The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei runs Iran And not their well spoken and astute PhD President. So don’t get it twisted, Iran doesn’t desire no conflict with us, but they aint as weak as many would proclaim, since most is ill-informed and poorly read bureaucrats.

And nope, this aint about Israel albeit I say fuck Israel, them folks aint got my interest at the top of they agenda so I aint got theirs at the top of mine, and that’s what’s really real, because in the days of old, the silk worm was just a worm and only found in China – not any more. vote


Anonymous said...

Iran ain't no joke. I don't know why we would start shit with them knowing full well that the entire middle east will catch wreck because of it.

Lovebabz said...

I am with you on a lot of this. I think you are dead-on about Iran's leadership. This Administration has no clue about how the middle east works and how intertwined religion and politics are for their everyday life. The rule of law is their religious beliefs and vis-versa

America over the last 8 years has single-handedly dismantled any diplomacy fostered with allies and potential allies. I am nervous about all the new talk about nuclear weapons by EVERONE and I include America. The conversations ought to be the reduction of such across the globe.

I think Afghanistan is a nightmare, as is Iraq. I do not understand the GOP playbook on this. I can't seem to figure out what the end game is. If it's about oil, then folks could say OK I get it. If it is about protecting Israel, that is something else entirely. If it is about terrorism, that is yet another agenda. There seems to be too many players on the field and the calls are not clear and the playbook is lost.

I always thought Iran was the "real" target. Hhmm Dr. Stephens you got me excited again...

Rich said...

They are just trying to get elected, they gone back down just like they did when they talked that smack to South Korea, then old boy told them to bring they behind on over if they wanted to get some. You see what happened with that - America shut the hell up.

America needs to get they mind off all that oil over there and get the heck up out of Dodge. Them folks been fighting over there since before we were born and they gone keep fighting.

I've never really quite got the "hold up" Israel logic. I know they are important biblically speaking, but we all know the good ole US ain't holding them up for those reasons. I can't figure the angle.

Kellybelle said...

I hear you. I'm reading a book about life in iraq now--and the thing they keep saying is "Who is America to tell us what to do?" I think crystalizing their people against the U.S. kept Saddam where he was and keeps the Ayatollah going.
And I was surprised to learn that Iran wd just as soon get into it with Saudi Arabia as Israel.

Hm...didn't most of the 9/11 hijackers come from...Saudi Arabia makes Muslims mad making money offa mecca and median and buddying up to the US...Maybe we should invade them...

Jason Proe said...

Man, I read your blog first thing to see what you would say about the debate. I didn't watch the it either. I had to get some stuff done late Thursday so I could chill this weekend. As I told my wife, "watching Biden and Palin is not going to pay these bills."

I agree with you, we do not want to see Iran, especially right now.

Nicki Nicki Tembo said...

Got my eye on that ball too. Been watching those other strategic players in this farce: Georgia and Russia. Russia and Iran collabrating on an energy alliance. Such could secure a monopoly over production and transportation of the proven gas/oil reserves in that region. Of course the US, being the fiend that it is, has it's itch on. Throw in the fact that the Georgian gov't has strong ties with Isreal. We see that many high level Georgian officials are jewish, most notably the minister of defense. It's a powder keg baby! To steal you're line - I'm waiting to see who's gonna buss first or buss back.

Anonymous said...

A true alternative to McBama!

RealHustla said...

Sometimes after I read your posts my nerves just get bad. I just want to lay in my bed at night and not have to think about all this sometimes.

I want the blue pill (or was it the red?)

MP said...

This Iran thing is really serious and I don't think that either candidate as a solid plan. At least Obama wants to sit and chat over some tea...

Francis L. Holland Blog said...

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But, isn't it too early to start worrying about national health care, before Obama is even elected? Well, aren't the lobbyists already paying our representatives in Washington to assure that universal health care never happens?

The news media keeps telling us that this election is about whom we most trust to bail out Wall Street. Is that REALLY going to motivate minority and working class voters to go to the polls in November, or shouldn't we also remind them of something that is going to help THEM?

If we want universal health insurance, we'll have to work for it as early and as diligently as the insurance companies and lobbyists who are already rallying to oppose it (or sharpening their knives and pens to carve out an even bigger piece of our economy for their greedy and callous selves.)

Please post a widget leading to the petition.

Jamila said...

Damn! Someone finally said fuck Isreal! It's about damn time!

The good ole boys that are the GOP really need to take a step back. Times have changed. The US is no longer the biggest d!ck in the pissing contest.

At this rate... What resources do we even have to deal with Iran? What are we going to do? Send over the thousands of troops that already have PTSD thanks to the crock pot of fuckery that is the Iraq war?

Big Cheekz said...

ummm, ok. once again the political talk went over my head. have a good wknd T!

Bubbles said...

Its good to take a little break from all the bull and yes you can blog roll me.

Anonymous said...


no_slappz said...

torrance, Iran's military power is roughly equal to the power Saddam Hussein had when US forces destroyed his military in a few weeks. And we went easy on him to minimize civilian casualties.

The game changes when Iran has a nuclear weapon.

It does not have a nuclear weapon today. But it will soon enough.

Sometime before Iran has an atomic bomb, the US and/or Israel will launch a pre-emptive strike to destroy Iran's nuclear program.

Or maybe not. If Obama is elected, the US will back out and Israel will attack without US assistance.

By the way, in a little-noticed action about two months ago, there was an attack on a site in Syria. Of course Syria reported nothing. But word got out.

It was claimed that Israel bombed a nuclear site in Syria. However, it was not Israel that destroyed the Syrian site. It was the US.

Anyway, if Obama is elected, Israel will attack Iran's nuclear development program sooner rather than later. Why? Because it's much smarter to destroy the program before it gets close to success.

After Iran has an atom bomb, defense becomes almost impossible.

The pre-emptive strike strategy worked well when Israel destroyed Iraq's nuclear program in Osirak about 20 years ago. It will work again.

As always, Israel has a big advantage. The muslims are incompetent at everything except praying five times a day. They are incapable of building an atomic bomb and a missile to carry it. They need all the help they can get for these projects. Even with help they will experience a lot of failure.

The North Koreans have attempted to test their nuclear bomb. When they fired it, it was a dud. Thus, they are not much of a nuclear threat. Meanwhile, the screwball dictator may be half-dead from a stroke.

Thus, we are closer to the day when North Korean collapses.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

In the public interest, I've been writing about this topic since the summer. One of those posts, Manifest Destiny, Res. 362 & the North American Union is a must read.

I had the sense you either skimmed it or didn't take it seriously. You weren't the only one, but I'm glad you're on board with this view that many have considered too fringe or too dangerous to complain about or criticize and that you're alerting people to this. We need as many voices as possible.

I invite all of you to read it. It gives full view of how Iran ties into this and the chilling plans the men ruling throne have for us. My post yesterday, If The Wall Street Bailout Don't Do Us In, The Brigade Combat Team Might, shows us how far they've progressed in their goals. The reasons stated for their mission here on US soil gives one pause. Check it out.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Torrance, thanks for recommending the works of Carroll Quigley. I've been checking it out the past half hour. Amazing that he spoke of the plan for a One World Government (or as we know it, the New World Order) over a half century ago.

Considering how our Constitution has been eroded from the Patriot Act and FISA, and that they have plans to consolidate Canada and Mexico with the US by 2010 with a new currency and constitution, I'd be interested in reading what you think, if anything beyond voting the swine out of office, that the average American to do to prevent this.

RunningMom said...

I appreciate Barack's willingness to sit down have have conversations with world leaders, however - sometimes there's just no talking with "crazy". You can talk TO crazy, you can talk ABOUT crazy, but you can't talk WITH crazy.

My best guy friend is from Iran and he was about 18 during the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini ousted Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi from his position as leader in Iran. When Ayatollah Khomeini took over, his government took control over all the private companies, banks and institutions, including my friends fathers business.

His father and two of his Uncles owned the number one construction company in Iran. Not only did they take his fathers business, they took all of his property, investments and even their clothes. His father and Uncles had to start over from zero, and then after they were finally able to rebuild, the government took their business from them again.

Because of the political and religious differences between my friend and the government, he was forced to leave Iran. He was taken to prison for participating in an anti-government movement, jailed for a month and then released. To this day he has no idea why they let him go.

Others who participated in these types of anti-government demonstrations were hung or killed by firing squad. When my friend left Iran, he knew that it would be a permanent move. He's now 41 and has never been back.

This kind of government could care less about your rights or the rights of everyday people. They want absolute power. Those who are willing to kill their own people for different religous or political views would pull the trigger in an instant.

The downside to all of this is while the "crazy folk" are in positions of power, you have an entire country too paralyed to do anything at all for fear of having their businesses, homes or families destroyed.

These are folks with businesses, families, homes, careers, babies, folks who blog, teenagers who have acne and go to school and dream about playing professional football (soccer).

My friends nephew asks for computers and video games and I-pods for Christmas or his Birthday just like any American teen. We have to remember that it's not just a Government we're dealing with - but real people.

uglyblackjohn said...

The US would be making the same mistake as Rome when dealing with Hanibal (over-estimating the value of strength). Iran (or any country that is fighting for their own land) will fight to the death.

rainywalker said...

George Bush just sold 1000 bunker buster's needed to attack Iran to guess who?

a. Israel
b. Israel
c. Israel
d. Israel
e. All of the above

In Vietnam the tribesmen and I used to eat "dried" silk worms. Not bad, taste like cheese curls without the cheese.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

Have a great blessed

Angel said...

Agreeing with Lovebabz!!

By the way I have been to Israel, in the UK its a holiday destination lol!
When I got there I was surprised how much the average joe loved Americans but its too long a story to post right here so if you wanna know more just ask me one time

Have a great weekend x

msladydeborah said...

The business of selling war has always seemed to testosterone driven to me. With estrogen overtones to make the sale more marketable. I haven't understood the motivation for any of the military actions the Feddies have taken since Pearl Harbor. And I am ready to produce the series:Where In The Hell Is Osama Bin Laden?

I'm not pro-Zionism. It is a theory that uses genocide to achieve its end goals. It is ironic to me that a people who have this in their story would turn around and inflict their version of the same philosophy on another group of people.

What bothers me a lot is the fact that the armed forces are already stretched thin. This isn't the America that required mandatory military service for 18 year old. It is a volunteer armed forces. If the US actually began to engage in warfare or peace keeping as they like to call it. How long would it be before talk about resurrecting the draft?

I never was pro-Iraqi war. Bush is a liar but he has never been skillful enough to make me believe that it was an intelligent move.

How can he be diplomatic? He is the equivalent of a horses ass mentally. He has no true social skills to even address people of this nation. I would of been more afraid to have him go and try to strike any deals that we could not watch from the time they sat down to talk until the end of the conversation.

I'm interested in seeing what is going to happen on the international front period. But my focal point is Cuba. No one seems to talk about this nation. But we need to do so. Castro is the last man standing from the Cold War Era. But this is the 21 Century and it is time to make some form of recognition about the Cuban people and their government. This is a nation that I have wanted to visit for years.

The most interesting part of the debate in my opinion was Biden's call for military assistance to get the UN troops into Darfur. He had Palin doing the moved our money out of stocks dance on that one...
Otherwise it was just like I thought it would be they had at it and she did say something totally stupid about the powers of the VP being extended under the Constitution. Which let me know that she is just as ignorant as I suspected from day one.

Tamra said...

Yeah, I've been keeping an eye out on this one too. I was listening to a foreign affairs scholar (particularly with regards to Iran) talk about this on NPR the other day--I *think* it was on Worldview--and he suspects that, for a number of selfish and illogical reasons, the Bush administration will indeed launch a strike on Iran before he leaves office.

The commentary/analysis was really disheartening and disconcerting... If I find what it was, I'll come back and post a link to it.

Great post.

Machete X. said...

Worms, more like maggots.

President Anthony Taurus said...

This all just boils down to more greed from the US corporations unnaturally backed by the US military aka imperialism. White people need to quit with that shit and stop trying to pressure their products on other people.

The problem is, white folks are so scared of competition that they refuse to allow naturally born companies in "developing" nations to grow. This is the same reason the KKK always ran up in Black neighborhoods. They're doing their best to disrupt progress because they fear any other group of people that will do better than them.

I remember watching soldier reactions during the war. This brother got on camera and said something to the effect of: We're just over here opening markets for the expansion of corporate America. He said it smarter than that though. But, he was absolutely right. This war is a corporate war and that's it.

I am with you on the Israel bit. Fuck em. They're just a tool for American corporations. But, white people are so damn stupid. You give Israel all this power just so the US can have some sort of influence in that area. Give it 20 years and they'll turn their back on the US in a heartbeat. They got what they want - their own nation and the ability to defend it with nuclear weapons. They have no problem doing it either. Those Jews aren't the original Jews. They're just white people in Judaic clothing.

christmasghost said...

"And nope, this aint about Israel albeit I say fuck Israel, them folks aint got my interest at the top of they agenda so I aint got theirs at the top of mine"

Well,well,well....wouldn't it have been something if President Lincoln had taken the same attitude.....
You, are a complete moron....
And, I know you take immense pride in your beyond belief ignorance...but it's AIPAC.

Tigress said...

America's problem is that those on top have always believed it's their way or no-way and everyone else is just stupid. Then they pull the old fear-factor game and Americans buy into it. Americans should be afraid, afraid of their government and what they're capable of doing next.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

the realy real folk

seems lke they like the tv show.....lost in space

u may be right and what is worse i can see that

what u say makes too much sense for the real world and scares fols not me though

Jason Proe
my fault hope u still read me

Nicki Nicki Tembo
aint that the truth

u makin me feel bad

as sarah palin, on second tht dont lol

Francis L. Holland
will chk it out

jus being really real

Big Cheekz
my fault

i will maam tu


u know final i agree, iran is no joke

(Keep It Trill)
the dont listen to me folk and i never skim

Kit (Keep It Trill)
least i can do 4 a scholar

RunningMom s

thats the warrior scholar in u

all of the above

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs thanks sister

love the way u think and i love the way babz thinks

Blogger msladydeborah
if i could she, the consititution would be my woman

Anonymous Tamra
im sorry wa just thinking hon

Machete X.
well analids or drosophlia is the query

President Anthony Taurus so much vehemenence

LMAOF at u stupid ass
sat nite live would have said "jane u ignorant slut"
and i rather be a mornon that an anal pore u zionist ...never mind lol
show me where israel is mentioned in the constitution folk

so true

Anonymous said...

I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said:

I'm proud to be American, it's the gov't that I have a problem with!

T.C. said...

thanks for always keeping us on our toes and knowing what's going on...your topics keep us talking and that's what we gotta do

sista gp said...

folks in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

[fung'ke] [blak] [chik]
aint that the truth

u welcomed afianced one

sista gp
im just slinging mud lol

Anonymous said...

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