Saturday, October 25, 2008

riddle me this #7

I will free your mind today.
thought amnesty. u dont have to think - let me entertain u

1] can one person's vote loose an election or win one with the electoral college?

2] If there is more life and protien in sperm than there is blood, why dont female vampires suck D***?

3] Whats your favorite sexual position? Me side ways or being rode backwards - get more in that way and cant excape.

4] With the gas prices, why do cops ride around one in a car and when called to the scene of a crime, will have 6 cars with one policeman each in them?

5] Why does it seem that 8 of 10 white bloggers are male, but 8 of 10 black bloggers are female?

6] If you cheated on your partner, do you have the right to be upset if they cheated on you?

7] Why is it that folks seem to pay more attention to stuff that dont directly impact their lives (like jennifer hudson tragedy) thank things that do?


Lovebabz said...

Great Video...LOL

1) Is this a Sarah Palin question...LOL a question for dummies?

2)Apparently you haven't seen the *right* vampire movies...LOL!

3)Ahh so not telling you...if I were bolder I would say I can show you better than I can tell you...but I am not that bold...

4)Good question...there is an aswer..but I sworn to secrecy.

5)Hhhmmm why is that exactly? Whay are there more Black women in colleges and universities, why are there more Black women heading up single parent homes?

6)Never cheated on my partner. Two wrongs don't make a right...

7)How do you know that Jennifer Hudson or someone similiar doesn't impact their lives. We love our Dream Girl. We are all connected to each other. We feel this story because many of us know this story. And we know the pain of losing a loved one in this very tragic way. Or maybe simply we just feel for her.

Big O said...

It seems standard that the po po's calling multiple cars for the black folks on a random traffic stop

memphiz said...

you a mess for that vampire stuff ... and I dont think u should be mad if you've got cheated on when you did it yourself.

clnmike said...

1] Nope ask John Kerry.

2] One of the great mysterys of life.

3] Im old school missionary.

4] Lol, One in a car means more cops available to cover more ground.
cops answering one call prevents a lone cop from getting his ass whipped.

5] I didnt know that.

6] Nope, all is fair in love and war.

7] Emapthy.

Anonymous said...

1. Surely you jest- no need to answer.

2.Very funny. Incidentally, I love vampire mystique.

3.Did you have pork chops for dinner again ?
1)Doggy style 2)My ankles at my head 3)Straddling him backwards while on top.
( Hail Mary ! Hail Mary !)

4.That's a good question...

5.Who knows-- maybe the white male mentality is work tasks includes internet leisure & black females are more prone to have jobs affording them to multi-task (aka work & blog simutaneously)

6. I would never cheat.

7. Chalk it up to human interest?

BuelahMan said...

Who is Jennifer Hudson?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for freeing my mind. It's just what I needed.

1) I don't think so.

2) There's a different kind of vampire who craves sperm.

3] On my back, knees pinned to my ears or legs together in a slow, tantric grind.

4] I think we'll see fewer cops on the beat or they'll be riding bikes.

5] No clue.

6] Depends on the situation. If I'm in an agreed upon open relationship, it's not cheating. If it's regular monogamy, yeah, I'd be a hypocrite like that.

7] It's easier to focus on someone else's stuff because it requires nothing of you in terms of action.

rainywalker said...

1] Yes and yes.

2] Sperm for fun, blood to live.

3] Dito.

4.] Not enough cops.

5.] Men playing WOW, ladies passing out good info.

6.] No.

7.] Interesting and nosy.

RunningMom said...

1) I'm not sure, let's not find out.

2) Obviously because they need the dick for other things, and everyone knows there's NO BITING!

3) Pressed firmly up against a wall with my hair pulled tight in his grasp with one hand, his other hand working my clit, while his lips and teeth are raking across my neck, jaw and shoulders as he enters me from behind.....

4) In NC they park empty cars in the median like scarecrows in a cornfield... just the image of them keeps traffic under control.

5) I have no idea

6) - hell yeah! But I'm not a cheater.

7) Do we do that?

Amina said...

7] Why is it that folks seem to pay more attention to stuff that dont directly impact their lives (like jennifer hudson tragedy) thank things that do?

it is easier to have heated discussions on someone's else life instead of having a deep look at your own issues

Lola Gets said...

Fav position? On the side, facing in the same direction. Not too many folks cool with that one, though. Its a shame.


KC said...

All I know is that I had lost faith in the value of my one vote ever since learning about the electoral college back in 6th grade. Even still, this year I will be voting, for the first time, for someone who is still alive!!!!!!! Good to see you still at it dude.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

(1) It was one of the truly brilliant F-TROOP episodes, Corporal Agarn's absentee ballot

(2) I'm a Cartesian. I don't believe in that shit.

(3) The kind that involves fucking when I'm in the mood to do so

(4) Not an issue for me anymore. Very small police force in CdP. They ride three to a car.

(5) I think your figures are off. It goes about 60/40 M/F on White blogs. 60/40 F/M on Black blogs. I haven't the faintest idea why and I have no way to formulate a guess.

(6) That would depend on the individual couple, I think. I don't judge one way or the other and I've arrived at a place in life where fidelity or not-fidelity is a very gray area.

Honestly, though, by the time I was 15 or 16, I trained my mind to avoid obsessional behavior about women and never to put myself in a position where I'd feel much worse than maybe a stubbed toe or a barked-shin by any girl or woman's infidelity. Over 30 years now, it's been the right approach for me emotionally. When I was in a faithful monogamous state of mind, my response to a woman's infidelity was "take a hike". If I wasn't, what did it matter?

(7a) I don't know who Jennifer Hudson is.

(7b) The existence of so many people who waste time caring about irrelevant things, I think, is one of the reasons I've been able to make money.

Large communities of merely self-interested people let alone socially-conscious ones are Platonic ideals. Bread and circuses have worked good for millenia, why should this minute in time be any different?

NoRegrets said...

1] can one person's vote lose an election or win one with the electoral college? YOU'RE MAKING ME THINK. YOU TELL ME

2] If there is more life and protien in sperm than there is blood, why dont female vampires suck D***? I AM SURE THEY DO, BUT YOU KNOW, YOU HAVE TO KEEP UP APPEARANCES.

3] Whats your favorite sexual position? Me side ways or being rode backwards - get more in that way and cant excape. SO A QUESTION BACK TO YOU - I'M ASSUMING YOU MEAN SHE CAN'T ESCAPE. SO IF YOU'RE WITH A WOMAN AND IT BECOMES JUST TOO MUCH AND/OR HURTS, YOU WOULDN'T LET HER STOP?

4] With the gas prices, why do cops ride around one in a car and when called to the scene of a crime, will have 6 cars with one policeman each in them? THE BETTER TO GET TO THE VARIED DONUT SHOPS. DON'T YOU SEE THEM PASSING AROUND THE DONUTS AFTER THE CRIME HAS BEEN HANDLED?

5] Why does it seem that 8 of 10 white bloggers are male, but 8 of 10 black bloggers are female? NEVER FOUND THAT TO BE THE CASE.

6] If you cheated on your partner, do you have the right to be upset if they cheated on you? OF COURSE. EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO THEIR EMOTIONS.

7] Why is it that folks seem to pay more attention to stuff that dont directly impact their lives (like jennifer hudson tragedy) thank things that do? WE ARE ALL PART OF A LARGER COMMUNITY. IF WE ONLY CARED ABOUT THINGS THAT DIRECTLY IMPACTED OUR LIVES, THE WORLD WOULD BE A SAD SAD PLACE.

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the vid, I don't even think secret service protection ordered by the president himself would save you at that point.

Regina said...

I am mad at you for #2!
#5 is very interesting...

Gorgeous Geek said...

lmfao @ the vid

1] can one person's vote loose an election or win one with the electoral college? WASN'T IT A MOVIE ABOUT THAT?

2] If there is more life and protien in sperm than there is blood, why dont female vampires suck D***? OMG GENIUS OBSERVATION!

3] Whats your favorite sexual position? Me side ways or being rode backwards - get more in that way and cant excape.SPOONS!!!

4] With the gas prices, why do cops ride around one in a car and when called to the scene of a crime, will have 6 cars with one policeman each in them? LOL HMMMMMM!?! THEY JUST GOT IT LIKE THAT

5] Why does it seem that 8 of 10 white bloggers are male, but 8 of 10 black bloggers are female? REALLY! I HAVENT NOTICED

6] If you cheated on your partner, do you have the right to be upset if they cheated on you? HECK NO!

7] Why is it that folks seem to pay more attention to stuff that dont directly impact their lives (like jennifer hudson tragedy) thank things that do? HUMAN NATURE MAYBE?

blackink said...

One thing we don't need to be doing is thinking less, but, yo, thanks for freeing my mind for a moment.

1. Lose. I live in Florida, after all.

2. Probably cause dudes can't stand all those teeth.

3. I just take it when the lady is ready to show and prove. The position don't really matter.

4. Cops aren't necessarily bound by common sense. They are The Law, after all.

5. Man, black women are THE writers. I'm always the only brotha in my newsroom. We're a rare breed, we black male bloggers.

6. Damn straight.

7. It's all about empathy.

SoCal Muchacha said...

Okay, I'll riddle you these, Batman. ;) (Will only folks in a certain age range get that reference? :))

First off, pretty funny that I come over to your blog and see you've posted the video I've been sending off to a bunch of my friends tonight...well, of course with THEIR names, not yours. (Which was spelled incorrectly, btw. ;))

#1 I'm with runningmom on this one...please, please, PLEASE let's not find out.

#2 I'm sure there's some fetish flick somewhere with a vampire doing just what you mentioned. ;)

#3 At the rate I'm going I'd have to search the memory banks for that answer. Sad, but true. ;)

#4 True, true. Not sure of the answer though, and I guess I have to hide my head a bit since I'm driving a gas-guzzling Suburban right now...oops.

#5 I feel kind of special with those numbers. Now who's the other white chick? ;)

#6 If you cheat on someone then you have NO FREAKIN' ROOM TO BITCH, folks!! I'm sooooo anti-cheating--don't get me started!!

#7 People go for sensationalism and tragedy over their own real life, most times. Not sure if it's that they'd rather revel in someone else's misery than deal with their own, or what. Guess it goes to the same reason that the bad/gory news always leads the newscasts over the happy/positive stories.

Now don't go being that ONE VOTE that makes a difference, Torrance...well, unless you were planning on voting for McCain, then BY ALL MEANS stay home. ;)

SjP said...

1. Could - but, I suggest that that electoral college voter deciding the election in that manner might want to move to a different state. Maybe Alaska.

If there is more life and protien in sperm than there is blood, why dont female vampires suck D***?

2 & 3} A real lady will neither confirm, deny, or comment... {demure smile}

4] Good one and oh so true!

5] That's interesting. And what is your margin of error on this hypothesis?

6] Probably not - but, that wouldn't matter.

7] Call it being human...

SoCal Muchacha said...

PS Just saw someone congratulate you on being a 2009 Black Web Awards winner (CONGRATS!), so clicked on the link you have to it, then clicked on the link they have on that page with your blog name and well, um, uh, it takes me to a Blair Underwood page, not your blog. Just thought I'd let ya know. :)

aerialm said...

1. Yes, every vote counts!

2. Because "I wan't to suck your blood" sounds so interesting and grabbing a vampire by the neck is so sexy.

3. Either way will work

4. Because they come from different locations

5. Because Black women are very informative and opinionated. Black men would not spend their free time telling strangers their feelings and personal business.

6. It depends on how he cheats... Yes if I cheated on him with Willie in another state and he counteracted with my best friend Jessica?

7. Because it's hard to believe that things like that could happen to us like it happened to them. Plus we always in other folk business.

Blog Queen said...

Who said female vampires don't suck d***?

Mizrepresent said...

lol @female Vamps.

@#6 - i thought that way once. I ain't saying it was right.

@#7 - because some of us are just caring people, whether it's JH, or some kid in Africa, or Cambodia...that is God's gift.

no_slappz said...

1) Yes. It is possible for one vote to change the outcome. Florida in 2000 proved this point.

2) Sperm v Blood: who said female vampires wanted to suck protein?

3) Depends on a few variables.

4) Hmmmm...Maybe to respond to six times more calls for help? Or do you think car-pooling for cops is the right way to cut the costs of policing? I did see an NYPD Prius police car yesterday. Moreover, a lot of cops now travel on bicycles. Some still use horses.

5) I can make a similar observation about people reading while riding on the subway.

6) Feelings about betrayal, or any other subject, have no connection to right and wrong.

8) Individuals do not see their own lives in the headlines. If your life were the subject of a news report, you would give it your full attention.

Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping the blog. interesting points on #4 and 5. and i think my answer to 6 is nope!

Aunt Jackie said...

i can only answer one or two of these...

6) Depends on who cheated first and with whom. Cheating hurts people and relationship and more often than not but the cheatee and the one being cheated on are already in a painful stage of the relationship.

7) Human Nature. The shock and horror of learning that someone's mother and sibling were murdered strikes a compassionate cord regardless of whether or not you know Jennifer, but I seriously doubt that anyone with good mental facilities is MORE worried about Jennifer's family than their own.

msladydeborah said...

Okay T,

I'm on a break from being a Perfect Tillie(That's the name of my imginary housekeeper) and I can use some mental stimulation.

1. In reality the electoral college votes will determine the one. In theory the college votes should be moved by the popular vote.

But if the outcome of not voting is going to be anything like the Move On video, I am covered already. Because I would be the black version of that old cussing woman. And it would be hell to pay for that one who didn't.

2. How do you know that female vampires don't? Just because you've never seen them do so doesn't mean it hasn't happened. Not everyone puts their sexual business out in the public!

3. I can show you better than trying to tell you! :)

4. I have wondered the same thing. Especially when they meet up some place, get out of the cars, leave them running and then stand around to chit chat.

5. White men need to believe that they are the masters of the new frontier. So they blog to prove that they are large and in charge. Sistahs blog because that same frontier needs a voice of sanity in the mix! :) And brothers blog to let the white males know that ya'll can throw it down on a regular basis and make plenty of good sense. ;)

6. If you get caught at cheating then you aren't really that good at it.:)

Seriously if both of you are cheating then it may be time for you and your folks to part the way. Quietly and quickly!

7. We all need an escape. There are times when your blues ain't like mine. But I'd rather look at yours for awhile just to forget that mine exist.

In the case of Jennifer Hudson, it is one of the universal lesson moments in my opinion. Everything was moving along on the up swing in this sistahs life and then a major tragedy happens. Which only goes to show that no one is immune to tragedy.

I just hope they find her nephew alive and well.

Go Go Jo Jo said...

1. Before this presidential election season I would have said no. Being from Texas I didn't really think that my vote could make change because the electoral college seemed so entrenched. However, with states like Indiana and Virginia actually looking like they could go Blue after decades...maybe.

2. a) How do you know they aren't? b) why aren't the guys too?

3. haha.

4. Because lots of things that cops do make no damn sense? And to make themselves seem and feel more important.

5. Because white men think they have some thing important to say and Black women know we do.

6. nope. but you should wonder why you both feel the need to cheat.

7. To distract them from their own problems and because they want to share in other peoples joys and dissect their miseries.

Kellybelle said...

1) That was a movie that flopped starring Kevin Costner

2)Because they're vampires. They need blood, not protein

3)On my left thigh


5)Like Nikki Giovanni said, Only white men and Black women are truly free

6)Yes. I'd only cheat out of complex emotional angst. He'd cheat because he's a low down dirty dog.

7)I was thinking tht today. We feel we know Jennifer. We saw her on AI, in Dreamgirls. I don't understand H.R. 67453.23

Linda said...

As for the female vampires.. because, of course, you won't have me answering those others 'non scientifical' questions.. *lol*

The life of an animal (or human) is in the blood, not the sperm. Sperm is only.... you know.. half-life.. needs an egg to become real life.

"because the life of every creature is its blood. That is why I have said to the Israelites, "You must not eat the blood of any creature, because the life of every creature is its blood;" (leviticus 17)

besides.. it comes out easier.. just one bite is all it takes.. *lol*

Greetings from the netherlands ;)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thanks u think Ms Palin sould answer that? LOL

Big O
LMBAO - scare tactic huh

LOL im sorry

old school aint bad at all folk

head and akles - thanks for the song title

LOL a singer actress ii think

what is that vampiress called?

LOL nosey

me likes the number 4

true i guess, i just wonder who would have mentioned it if she wasnt well known

Lola Gets
sound like u got skills

thanks folk

LMBAO at u being a coordinate

just dont use your teeth this time is all i ask


yes maam lol

Gorgeous Geek
im a genious yeaaaaaaaaaaaa

5 makes a lot of sense to me

SoCal Muchacha
LOL and the fetish flicks - hum, maybe telling on yourself lol

not the ubiquitious demur smile lol

SoCal Muchacha
thank uu sister

i think your five is on point and i must admit i love my lips against a womans neck among other locales

Blog Queen
im scared of u - lol

I can give u seven. and how was the NYC event

LOL welcome back slappz - how was the vacatiion

anytime u come back u here

Aunt Jackie
That makes sense to me also

ah, the secret lives of vampires lol

Go Go Jo Jo
5 is classic lol

Nikki G said that, hum profetic
so i must be a white man - lol


Anonymous said...

Sorry dude, but you seem more than a bit self-righteous to me. Thumbs down on this post!

Sista GP said...

Video had me in tears and lost my voice, lmbao

1) yes, if all electoral college (ec) votes are cast, one candidate has exactly 270 (ec)votes, and the winning candidate obtained one state (ec) vote by one popular vote

2) they have to bite three times; causes too much damage in the other location

3) still trying new ones, i'll answer when I've tried them all

4) because of subsidies to wal-mart, can't afford to pay for two in same car

5) since black males are busy using both hands and won't stop long enough to free two fingers to type

6) yes, if your partner cheated with the one you cheated with and they didn't ask you to join in

7) don't know; i didn't know about it until this post

Sunshine K said...

So, I've started playing catch up. I come over to read your blog and what do I see? You stole my vamp joke! :)

Anyway, I gave my answer to that one on my blog.

1) nope

2) see above

3) keep reading my blog. you might find out one day. ;)

4)I have no freakin' clue! Considering the budget cuts that have been going on here you'd think someone would have suggested that.

5)Because black men don't like to write or read, for that matter

6)Yes, I do.

7) Because it takes their mind off their own issues - not that that's a good reason, but it's the truth.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

#5 - That's intriguing. I'll try to find that and see if there's a study on gender and race of bloggers.

Hawa Bond said...

Yay! I'm gonna throw in my 2-cents before I read the other answers:

(1)Nope. The Electoral College made sure to kill all value of an individual vote. Ya need volume now, baby. LOL

(2) Sounds like a future in vampire porn for you?

(3) Can't pick just one.

(4) Inflated costs help justify future funding to keep pace with rising cost of coffee and donuts.

(5) Interesting. I'd like to see more about that.

(6) No. Not even a little bit. But tit for tat doesn't inspire healing, so that's a breakup waiting to happen.

(7) Ever hear of mindless entertainment? The stuff that matters requires too much brainpower for the average overwhelmed person.

Hawa, author of
Fackin Truth Blog (Personal Blog)
Cleanse Master Remix (Health Blog)

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

no problem, lighten up, get your thumb out yor spi9ncter

Sista GP
yea, this lady sent it to me from twitter i didnt make it anon lol

Sunshine K
interesting to number 3

Kit (Keep It Trill)
just seems like it to me just an assertion on my part

Hawa Bond
lmbao at vampire porn - u and socalmucha

and where have u been sister

Anonymous said...

no problem, lighten up, get your thumb out yor spi9ncter

Ummm, that was quite childish! WTF?

Missy said...

1. Yes, every vote counts. In theory electors can thwart the popular vote and vote for a candidate not supported by the voters of their state. In practice, however, electors are pledged to cast their votes in accordance with the popular vote.

2. Unsure...but would you really want those sharp fangs down there?

3. Backwards? I'm so old-school!
4. Because as with everything dealing with the government, it is wholly inefficient and mostly ineffective.

5. Didn't notice.
6. No, but it would probably upset you all the same.
7. I would guess that sometimes it's easier to focus on someone else's problems than it is to reflect and focus on your own to find a solution. Mostly because too much reflection will uncover complicity.

Anonymous said...

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