Saturday, October 18, 2008

open thread (10.18.008)


kyasmami said...

of course there is...
Saw this on another blog, and the cold part about it is the WOMEN who created this dont think there's anything wrong with it.
I think Obama supporters need to realize it's only going to get worse as election day get closer, and worse still when OBAMA gets elected. The best thing to do is to take the high road...
We are giving them exactly what they want by even acknowledging such blatant acts of racisim

msladydeborah said...

I tried to stay away from this shyt...but since you opened the door and I stepped in~WTF, I'll say this.

Supposedly the woman who was responsible for this latest piece of visual garbage, "didn't know that those symbols were considered to be racist." At least this was her claim to the know we are all related to Boo Boo the we're suppose to go alright and let it pass...

This set me the hell off when I first heard it because there is no way in hell that she didn't. Not if she was born and bred in the lower 48 states of the union. So she really needed to not insult our intelligence with her bullshyt and babble on the subject.

It is some kind of wrong. And I am sure that whoever created it meant for it to be exactly as it comes across...

We all knew it was going to get ugly..and it has...but there is a point when it goes past ugly to just out right vulgar!

I am going to try and keep myself buffered away from their madness as much as possible. It only makes me angry and feeling that we need to respond in a way that would not help the situation.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Most important first test of Obama's leadership skills right here. I know the Powell endorsement is going to be gangbusters for him politically in the US. It looks horseshit outside.

Once the voting's over, Obama cannot deal with this by calling for "bipartisanship" and having Reverend Rick Warren mediate it. He's got to send in the National Guard if necessary. Invoke whatever federal anti-discrimination law is available to him.

Jeez, Bush is leaving him DICTATORIAL POWER. He has to use it on stuff like this. If not, he'd better be the finest economic policy president in American history because his social policy will have gone up in flames and he'll ZERO respect abroad. He'll look weak and the US weaker still. They could get tossed off the Security Council if he handles this wrong.

And if any Black people are hurt in the aftermath of the election by freaked out Whites, it has to be dealt with seriously. "Bipartisanship" won't cut it. "Reaching across the aisle" won't cut it. He's got to be boss here. It doesn't matter what Republicans' feelings about their country or their flag or their myths or whatever. When this toxicity turns physcial, he's got to be tough.

They have plenty of violence in Colombia and Israel. At least, there it's over tangible things. You can't cure racism but you must deal with it strongly.

justbthat | jonathan said...

not if obama liks chicken, ribs, watermelon and kool-aid.

the sentiment is tasteless though, because KFC doesn't make the best chicken, everyone (in the south) knows Bojangles is the best!

justbthat | jonathan said...

seriously though, the racial epithets don't bother me anymore, because the inevitability is in less than 3 weeks we will be saying "PRESIDENT ELECT BARAK OBAMA!" That is the biggest slap in the face any racist could receive.

It took almost 235 years for the people who built this nation to finally get the opportunity to run it.

Sheliza said...

I normally do not use bad language but I have to say that's fucked up. Unfortunately that is how a lot of people think.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

In South America, to do this during a national election is a CRIME.

And in most other circumstances, it's a CIVIL TORT.

I'll say it's fucked up.

memphiz said...

a mess

maxxdog said...

I have to agree, that is ignorant and fucked up. It says nothing about his policies or stands on any issues. It's at best a cheap shot.
Racism and ignorance is not limited to any color. One of the problems is it is used too much to describe things that are not racism.
A kid wearing a Sarah Palin shirt is called a racist. Why?
George Bush was accused of hating blacks and leaving them to die in NOLA eventhough the black mayor left town before Katrina hit after failing to put the emergency plan in action that would've saved them.
I was called a racist for saying that most violence against blacks in MPLS was commited by other blacks. It's true and the facts bear me out but because I had the audacity to say it I was termed a racist.
Condi Rice and Colin Powell were called house n****rs by other blacks and I heard no cries of condemnation from the black community or the white for that matter.
Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton throw the term around like it is lunch which only serves to take the focus off of real racial problems in this country.
Fucked up doesn't begin to describe things.
If white people are hurt in the aftermath of a McCain victory will you be all for calling out the Guard? Just curious?

MacDaddy said...

The racism is horrible but not surprising. White America sees itself losing power in this country and all over the world.

On another note. Levi Stubbs, lead singer of the Four Tops, just died and I wrote this about him and the Four Tops at my blog

"Levi and The Four Tops represent a legacy of political and personal struggles of African Americans to beat the odds, to succeed as individuals and as a people in the face of American oppression. Levi didn't come from a privileged family like, say, Sen. John McCain. Levi and his three buddies came from inner-city black communities during the fifties and early sixties, a time when crime wasn't so bad, when kids hung out under street lights near the houses or in their front yards.

In their front yards, girls would dance to Martha and the Vandellas and James Brown blaring out of a living-room window. Under street lights, boys would sing doo wop, honing their harmonizing skills and practicing steps they for the next singing contest. Levi and the Four Tops represent a time and a place in America when making music was not more or less a modeling contest of privileged whites or middle class black rappers seeking fame by bragging about violence and calling women names to get some kind of rep in a phony thug culture.

Making music, above all, was an expression or outcome of the values that were inculcated in black kids by their parents and their community: Hard work, cooperation, and excellence. Put another way, Levi and the Four Tops, as well as the singers, producers, choreographers and studio musicians at Motown, the label under which they sang, were as American as sweet potato pie." Blessings.

Mimi said...

And these fools actually believe they're not rascist.

Oh, well...such is life. They're are always going to be ignorant people in the world.

Anonymiss said...

It was nice to hear that her ass was fired after this stunt.

Anonymous said...

Too bad the majority of the population who receives welfare isn't people who look like Obama...aint nothing wrong with food stamps, I'm sure Palin's daughter was a few steps away from that welfare line had she not grown up in a privileged household...besides, Obama told Tyra Banks he was gonna barbecue when he got into office anyway and she was invited, lol...

Jay Midnyte said...


"And if any Black people are hurt in the aftermath of the election by freaked out Whites, it has to be dealt with seriously."

A black woman got run over intentionally by a old white dude and he got out and yelled racial slurs at her. He admitted to calling her a nigger repeatedly and said all these black people need to die. Video

And oh i almost forgot the man that got shot three times for wearing an Obama shirt in London.

aquababie said...

and they wonder why black folk are jumping up and down to be repubs. didn't know they weren't racists....that's a load of hot horse shit.

aquababie said...

i meant aren't...but i'm pretty sure you know that.

Bohemian Chick said...

Same shit, different day.

KaNisa said...

I heard about this on the radio just now.

Propaganda on parade...add on the "Obama is a socialist" stuff their shouting...

Next week he'll be the anti-christ.

MrsGrapevine said...

I saw this on Huffington Post, and was speechless. What's sad is that there were black members of this club, who I'm sure don't reflect any of these stereotypes, and they sent it out to all their members anyway. Republican or not, they thought it was funny, and didn't care if it offended anyone including fellow black members...

maxxdog said...

The dude should be locked up and the key thrown away. Shooting someone for wearing a shirt you don't like or running them over because of the color of their skin is wrong. My point, which will be lost on you so why bother, is all racism is wrong. And it is not exclusive to whites. Blacks are racists too as are all other races. No, I am not saying all blacks either.
Some people will not vote for Obama because he is black just as some will vote for him only because he is black. Both are wrong!
You should judge a man based on the content of his character and vote the same way. I find his character lacking. I don't believe social engineering is fair, to anyone. I believe in helping a man who is willing to help himself but I think dependence on a handout is a different form of slavery. Self reliance is what we all should work for and we should help each achieve it too. The left wants people dependent on them for their daily bread and that is not the way it should be.

Anonymous said...

This is just the beginning my friends........

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@ MACDADDY: By accident of birth I am an American but I'm a hodgepodge of mostly other stuff, and I've only lived in big cities there, so my opinions could be a little off, but...

...To me it seems that racist American Whites have accepted certain pop culture aspects of African-American life already.

The problem with Barack and Michelle Obama is something I wrote in my election betting comment. The venom doesn't have to do with music or stuff like that. I has to do with the way Senator and Mrs Obama present. And how much they've achieved in their lives. And how there was no way to minimize or write off anything about them.

Quite the opposite. A White American racist seeing them each at the convention, had to come away feeling vastly inferior on all terms especially on terms Whites set for themselves.

I'm not saying the Obamas don't "keep it real" or any nonsense like that. I'm saying that they are 100% American class. Senator Obama reminds me of FDR. Michelle Obama has a bearing much like Senator Helen Geohagen Douglas or Dorothy Chandler. Aristocratic and patrician. No less BLACK to be sure.

They, however, were achieving at the absolute maximum level. Outside of the military academies, there is no more difficult school to get into than Princeton or Harvard Law and to be editor of the HLR and get recruited by Sidley & Austin. That's the peak of that track. They are the best and brightest. You could not pick a more perfect American family if you drew it up.

That's what's driving these racists bananas. The Obamas came from intersting families, hers a lot more conventional, both middle class, both very natural in their own identities as African-American, scholar, attorney, in his case politician, unprepossessing but with a style remniscent of an exclusive White America that low-class racists had no access to.

If it were 50-cent they could deal with it because he drew the long straw in a way. They've done everything they have on talent, hard work, and presence.

If you've pegged your who psychological safety net as a racist on being superior to a race of people and you see two people from that race who think, act, achieve and enjoy themselves on a whole other level than you could dream of, that is a mindfuck.

They can all piss up a rope and die. I despise White Racists more than anything in the world because being from a foreign family who didn't have money but were bright and pushed me to achieve, those morons seemed like animals to me.

My father still says Palin is "trayf" (UNCLEAN).

And I agree now with him more than ever when I see youtubes because I've been living in a culture that values manners so highly.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


Talking point: "Barack 'Hussein' Obama is a socialist."

Webster's Dictionary Definintion Of "Socialism": Main Entry:
1: any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

2 a: a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b: a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

3: a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

Has Senator Obama expressed EVER in his public life any of these views? NO NO NO NO Barack Obama believes in the market system. Full stop.

Soulpitchdiva said...

This shyt is not funny!enough is enough! Thats a display of how we are still percieved in this ill racist nation. And they say there's no racism? It's Just da beginning! theyre scared! yes be very very afraid!

Curious said...

The one thing that I can be sure of is that Obama would never send out the troops over this. This is laughable and should be ignored as ill conceived and in poor taste. Any kind of reaction would be a recation that would be too much and not worth the effort.

If you believe in the 1st Ammendment and freedom of speech just as I am sure Obama does, this will be seen as ignorant and foolish and something to be brushed off the shoulder just as he did with Hillary.

Keli said...

And miles to go before I sleep...

mrs. mary mack said...

mannnn I heard an interview on the radio today with one of these chicks...*lips to the side* but "it was just food" you didn't think it was racist ...whatver b*****

Queen said...

This shyt was on the news the other day..They were mailing this to people in the Valley somewhere..The reporter knocked on the door of one of the members asking "Don't you think this is racist because it displays stereotypes of black people? Chicken, watermelon, koolaide!!?" The lady gone say "Who says that these are black stereotypes? I like chicken and koolaide!" That bitch was trippin majorly!! Confused ignorant can u be!

I mean, I can at least respect ur honesty if you just say "Yes, we are racist and do not like Obama because he is Black!" But no, they wanna play stupid like they didn't know what they were doing...pahleez! Miss me wit that!!

Jersey Girl said...

I am....speechless. I wish I could say that I'm shocked, but, after reading comments lately in my local newspaper, I am not shocked. The power some people think they have when they can hide behind the anonymity of a keyboard is astounding. If the woman who designed that little slice of artistic wizardry was fired as another commenter said, then good.

My point of view is often different from many who comment here, because I'm a white, middle class woman who comes from a white middle class family. My entire family is registered Republican, myself included. I have every intention of changing that affiliation after this election, but when I registered to vote in 1984, I just chose the party my parents belonged to. That's about the last I gave it any real thought because I always look at issues and candidates, not parties and party platforms. Many of the members of my family will not vote for Obama simply because he's black. Oh, they won't admit it - they have any number of other equally ridiculous excuses, but the bottom line is, the man isn't white and therefore shouldn't be president in their eyes. Nevermind the fact that my sister only has a high school diploma and Mr. Obama graduated from Harvard Law, she still sees herself as superior. (I'm proud of my Master's from Rutgers, but it's not Harvard Law...the man is better eduacted than I, which is exactly what I would expect in a president! I don't want the president to be some idiot who sat next to me in ed. psych or something) She really, honestly believes that there's something wrong with me because not only do I support Obama, donate money to his cause and have signs prominently posted in my windows and on my front lawn, but I actually believe the man is what's best for this country. I am, in her eyes, a traitor. It's the same with my mother.

I didn't change my status to Independent prior to this election because I wanted to vote for Ron Paul in the primary. Now I allow them to count me amongst their faithful because it will come as a shock to them when many republicans vote for Obama. I'm sure this will happen. Politics, parties and race aside, the man has the best answers to the big questions. I don't know that everything he says will work, but I do know that what McCain says won't. I have the paper to change my affiliation, which will be sent in after the election.

I don't pretend to know what it's like to deal with racism on a daily basis. I am just profoundly saddened that not only did these women find this piece of filth amusing, they don't even feel compelled to apologize for it because they don't see anything wrong with it. I just don't understand that. I don't.

I sincerely hope Obama is elected. I think he's the last, best hope we have of climbing out of the hole that the current administration has dug for us. Althought if you were on the ballot, Torrance, you'd be the one who got my vote. Seriously.

KELSO'S NUTS said...


For most of the 1990s I lived in London. I have family there descendants of those who emigrated from Russia after having fought as Bolsheviks to overthrow the Tsar but found communism just as bad.

They always had voted a straight Labour ticket and leaned to the far Labour left of Scargill, Prescott, Skinner and Smith. In 1994 when Blair was chosen the "New Labour" leader, I was having dinner at my cousin's house and she said "this is the worst...bad as Thatcher was she's not as bad as this pillock; Major's much better, but because I'm my father's daughter I'm re-registering as Liberal Democrat."

[equivalent of the Libertarian Party; the leader at the time Paddy Kennedy pretty much had Ron Paul's points of view]

How right she was! Blair campaigned to Major's right as super "tough on crime" which as we know is veiled racism and when he became PM he chose the single biggest asshole in the whole party for Home Secretary [in charge of social policy], Jack Straw. This guy could be Lieberman's twin in every respect.

Blair just kept getting more right-wing and more racist and more of an Evangelical Extremist which is very rare in England which is majority Anglican, then Muslim, then Hindu, then Jewish, then Jain, then Buddhist and finally Evangelical] and he really hit his stride when Bush Junior got in.

That's when he became the full poodle and let the White crazies in Millwall and West Ham mess around in Peckham and Camberwell with impugnity because I think he wanted to be as much like W as possible.

After I left London, when I'd speak to my cousins, I'd lament how goofy the USA was and I'd ask about "Cool Brittania" and they'd say "Wha'? Fergettin' Toony Blair's PM, cousin. 'e's the same shite as 'at cowboy, iddn't 'e? 'es a twat."

That's an Ilford accent, btw.

Crian said...

You know what, I don't know how people can get so .... I don't even know what the word is for that, I am all for a little dirty play but that is down right racist.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Not surprised ONE bit. I do think its funny they call him a socialist as the REPUBLICAN president basically just nationalized our banks.

Sad thing this is some of the milder shyt out there.


mp1 v.8.0 said...

Nothing surprises me about this. It's just crazy how Republicans neeedlessly interject "race" in to this race, but decry Obama and his campaign, when they make any statement calling them on it.

MacDaddy said...

"MACDADDY: By accident of birth I am an American but I'm a hodgepodge of mostly other stuff, and I've only lived in big cities there, so my opinions could be a little off, but...

...To me it seems that racist American Whites have accepted certain pop culture aspects of African-American life already."

Kelso: White America may have accepted certain aspects of pop culture. But what they haven't accepted is that, historically, black people have developed and continue to maintain positive values which have helped them to not only survive but even excel in this society. What they haven't accepted is that this success was not just a question of natural talent but a set of core values which they ascribe to themselves but not to blacks: Hard work, family, excellence. That's why, when they think of the so-called working class, they think of white males. But, historically, blacks have been told that, if you want to succeed, you have to work harder than white folks and pray. Maybe you just come to my blog and read the entire article. Peace.

Doug said...

On the upside, there are a lot of racists out there who have been so hurt by the Bush Administration that they're overcoming their prejudice and voting for Obama. There was a story over at DailyKos about a canvasser working Western Pennsylvania. A white woman answered the door and the canvasser asked who she was going to vote for. She called back to her husband, "Who are we votin' for?" and he said, "The n****r." She then told the canvasser, "We're votin' for the n****r."

There was another story about some racist dickwad hanging Obama in effigy from a tree on his front lawn. So yeah, hatred overwhelms the pocketbook for a lot people even now. Look at Joe the Plumber -- he'd actually do better under Obama's tax plan than McCain's tax plan, but he's still spouting the Republican talking points. I don't know if "Joe" is a racist, but why else would someone vote against their own best interest?

Anonymous said...

As a Californian, I apologize on behalf of that bassackwards Inland Empire idiot Republican female who posted that nonsense...argh! Sadly there have been other hateful, racist items hitting the news in CA from GOP folks.

I think a few folks commenting on this blog entry have hit the nail on the head in regard to how mental midgets, like the woman I just mentioned and the man in Missouri with the derogatory billboard on his property along the hwy (, are feeling their "power/superiority" slipping through their fingers and are grasping onto anything their racist minds can grab--stereotypes being the quick and easy reach. Can these folks have an educated, intelligent discussion about the merits of all sides of the political spectrum? I doubt it. (Suppose that's a bit of a sterotype on my part.) But when someone has to reach for the sterotypes of bigots, be they 'watermelon, chicken eaters', 'inbreeding hillbillies with straw between their teeth', or 'towel-heads' and so on, then there's not much we can do but lead by example, as Barack has consistantly done. Now do I wish I could always be like that, yes. Do I find myself pulled down to the lower levels of some of the idiots previously mentioned when I get caught up in trying to explain to them the ridiculousness of their actions/thought? Yup. (Case in point, a heated argument with my narrow-minded parents regarding CA's Prop 8 today...UGH! Can't believe we're related.)) I guess I need a bit of Ghandi to invade my body when the 'instant anger' button goes off.

Okay, this totally rambled on...hope it made a bit of sense. Can I blame the massive amounts of M&Ms I've been consuming as I nervously watch my Chargers in another up/down game? ;)

profunksticated said...

Yawn, Oh well....What do you expect from simpletons?

Waiting for Zufan! said...

People are such idiots.

Anyone voting for McCain in this election is either racist, stupid, or has had their head in the sand for the past few debates. Probably a combination of all of the above.

I'm usually an open-minded type of person, but right now, I have zero tolerance for republicans.

They better be very afraid on November 4th.

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

The Republican branch of the Flat Earth Society is busier than ever.

Kieya said...

i saw the cnn video when they interviewed the people (or tried to)

"alot of ppl dont know my mother is married to my father whose mexican" -- to explain that her mother couldn't possibly be racist for contributing to this being distributed

"those are black stereotypes"
"Says who? I eat chicken and watermelon."

gtfomf with that bull

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have already seen this... mad but this sort of thing is sad to say not unexpected. We have offivially entered what I am calling ignant season, where all the ignant (yeah I know its misspelled) are out in full force.

Like others have said the fact that these fools are running around calling Obama a socialist, highlights how little folks are taught in school..

That bank bailout looks very similiar to socialism.

Soulstress said...


Tafari said...

More white ignorance!!! No surprise here.

Marie said...

Yeah... I've seen this and it was obvious that she and the rest of her GOP group meant for this to be seen. As racist and chock full of stereotypes as it is it does wake some up to that underlying racism that we know is still there. Finally it's put out there when they feel threatened and by they I'm soley addressing those who would use such hatred and hurtful images to assault us.. maybe not physically this time but mentaly.

RunGirl. said...

That pic is a travesty!

Also, I saw the Chris Rock movie about him becoming president - cant think of the name - and I kind of got pissed at the stereotypes. The movie was funny years ago, but now that the possibility is real and imminent, I was offended.

Sista GP said...

So what? I baked chicken breasts last night, pressure-cooked neckbones the night before, love sweet watermelons- can't wait until next summmer, yearn my hubby's bbq ribs and drink Kool-Aid (nockoff brand) everyday.

Move on to more important things in life.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Long time no chat...just sayin Hi.

(wavin from Lithonia!)

Anonymous said...

Obama bucks huh......hmmm, cool!

Jenn said...

And thus the crust thickens with all the flour colored *ss people, who think this is anything near comedy. Would anyone think of painting a portrait of McCain hanging from his hand on an elongated rope and the kidnappers beating him to near a death? I think I would at this point.

I'm most definitely certain, Obama is a very powerful, influential, and dominating force in the political arena. I say we should all VOTE FOR THE WHITE SIDE OF OBAMA!

After all, "WHITE IS RIGHT" isn't it?

*evil grin*

Anonymous said...

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Tia's Real Talk said...

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