Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jones mane u the real socialist

I keep reading the suggestion that some folks, in particularly when they wanna spread the wealth are socialist. For the record, taxes would be socialism, for they spread the wealth – but im thanking and don’t want to for as any yawl who read jones here on the regular, I write what comes out my brain as most idiot savants do. Socialism from my modicum of reading on the subject is an economic doctrine that calls for public as opposed to private ownership or control of property and natural resources. These mutha fucas say that folk in general live in cooperation and as such, don’t require no LLC. Moreover, all folk who contribute to the production of a got a right to share in all attributes and share in such. What am I saying, well in essence that the control property for the benefit of all mutha fucas.

Now where did I gather this adumbrated view of socialism? Well strangely, I guess the first jones was Nietzsche, who commented on the inhumanity of Aquinas' view suggesting that the privileged will not have pity on the damned. Thomas Aquinas (fuc boy azz ni double G a) asserted that compassion only comes about when folk desire or want the suffering of others to stop, I mean I suggest that is what he meant when he wrote/said "The blessed in the kingdom of heaven will see the punishments of the damned, in order that their bliss be more delightful for them". Now true, I done read most of all the shit Marx done wrote, but I concluded he was a reverse socialist – meaning he just wanted to get paid on his views of capitalism. Now I am writing this because the impetus was via a comment left by the scholar supreme and Mr. well-read himself – Kelso, to one of the post over the last few weeks in which he astutely outlined why Obama was not a socialist. Made me think, well you know if folks would complain about the house and senate bail out bills without reading them, so too would they be likely not to have a general, if any understanding of socialism as opposed to what Sara Palin would tell you. LMBAO.

I just wanna say the only creeping socialism is proffered by Paulson and Bernake and McCain and all the bich azz folk who see Wall street as their idol. Yep, even Bush, Paulson Bich azz couldn’t even tell the folk on Capital Hill how much a dollar figure would be needed for another stimulus plan, but he could jump from make believe to 700 billion for his folk.And why, cause we regular people aint his folk.

He don’t cut his grass, or change his oil, believe that.Obama aint no socialist and it shows me more than ever that McCain isn’t well read and got PTSD - Bush, and yawl folk who got the dicks of Wall street and big business in your mouth, Jones mane u the real socialist. Using federal loot to buy banks, and bank stock – not to mention..., well let me stop, will talk about fed rserve bank later.


rainywalker said...

Thats one way to shut her up, give her the big one! Those people including the Federal Reserve aren't even a part of our government. They have about 150 agencies down there in Washington that the American people have never voted on and those executive orders, where's that in the Constitution?

Anonymous said...

I see she will do anything to get elected

Tafari said...

the entire socialist argument is bunch of bullshit & only the ignorant, broke, down & out white republican idiots are buying into it. The others are using it as a cover to hide behind their racist mind set.


Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother!

That picture took my words away...lol

Tafari said...

LOL, the secret service is about to hawk do on you. LOL!!!!

nicki nicki tembo said...

I thought woman was the only thing that could bleed this long and not die. Obama better keep that hope/faith spiel going because it's the only thing keeping the dollar alive.
Now that the Bush clan and others of that ilk have reaped all that the rapacity of capitalism could yield why wouldn't they turn to socialism? Or some perversion of it.

love&nappyness said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dejanae said...

mccain's camp has a new argument against obama every damn week
im mad at that pic
just a little

Linda said...

Dude.. I like the post.. but shame on you for that picture.. my 3 y.o. was just walking behind me when I thought I could read a thoughtful blog post.. I mean.. come on, man.

greetings from the netherlands :P

Veronica Wright said...

they use the word against Obama because they figure most people wouldn't know what it meant or wouldn't bother to look it up- Maybe they think that calling him a socialist would make people think "communist". LOL!

Ain't nobody scared but McCain and his boys because they really COULD lose this race.

I'm urging all our folk to just get out there and VOTE whent he time comes!

Adrienne said...

I saw that pic and it was hilarious!!!

Sista GP said...

I'm just trying to figure out how to get my two for-profit internet apps up and running without getting into debt. I'll probably have to partner and give up some of the profits.

Carla said...

Teach, teacher! I was saying weeks ago how hypocritical the republicans seem to be calling Obama a socialist. Why is it ok to socialize debt but nothing else? They are the consummate bullshit artists!!!

And what's this pic everyone is talking about???

NoRegrets said...

I agree.
Though I think my work is blocking the photo... we'll see if it comes up.
McCain likely does have PTSD. ha.

Christopher said...

It getting rough out there!

Let's see now. They've thrown all sorts of shit at my man Barack and guess what?

The spaghetti ain't stickin' to the wall.

They've called him:

1. a Muslim
2. an Arab
3. a socialist
4. a communist
5. a drug addict
6. a drug dealer
7. on the "DL"
8. a foreign national

The Republicans are getting desperate!

Jay Midnyte said...

ay but that nicca Jeezy is motivatin niggas with The Recession album tho!

Mimi said...

The McSame/Pain ticket will call Obama everything in the book besides N!66ER before Nov. 4th. That old fool is scared to death of losing to a brotha! lol

Tia's Real Talk said...

I have presented you with the "Gratitude with Attitude" award. I also gave you a shout out on my page! Thanks for the great reads!
You do not have to post it to your page if you do not want to.

Miriam said...

what picture is everyone talking about?

MacDaddy said...

Like Obama said, to McCain and rich Republicans, anytime you propose something to help the middle class, it's socialism. But the Bush/McCain clan should be the last ones to talk about socialism. Nationalizing banks is definitely a strategy of socialist governments. In fact, last week socialist president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, mocked President Bush for nationalizing banks like he did, calling him "Comrade Bush." Both McCain and Obama voted to give Secretary Treasurer Henry Paulson the right to do the nationalizing.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Yes it amazes me you can even open your mouth to call anyone a socialist while you are NATIONALIZING banks. Lord. I wish people would read, even wiki article might help. *lol*


no_slappz said...


If you were to read Obama's Blueprint for Change (available on his website) it would be plain as day that he is a radical leftwing Marxist.

The troubling part is that, if elected, he will have a left-leaning Democratic Congress to enact every one of his screwball initiatives.

Depsite, recent government actions, the banks are not becoming nationalized.

All current actions are temporary.

One change you can count on, however, is the change that keeps people of questionable creditworthiness from borrowing money.

If your credit rating is low and you have no have cash in the bank, forget about borrowing money.

Anonymous said...

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