Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chinese Checkers

Normally I would have probably written a little something on penal politics in honor of Sean Bell. However, my mundane expression could do little if any more given the inordinate post I have read on this since the verdict was passed down. But It is like what did one expect? This is America, this is not a democracy- what did you expect (this is why studying history is important, for it tells us we should have expected such)?

Instead, I am reminded of the time when I used to play games, all kinds of games from four square, to any sport, to kickball and checkers and chess. But there was one game I could never get, and the strange thing was that seemed like me and all my friends had it - Chinese Checkers. Now I may be sating myself but it came with every game of checkers ever sold.

To connect the dots, I keep hearing that the Cold War is over. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. I do know that they, Russia, formerly the USSR does not exits anymore. But if you asked me - which no one has, I would like to suggest that the cold war is alive and kicking.

Just like Dusty Rhodes versus Ric Flair, the U.S. and China have been locking horns and doing battle like it was for a championship belt. And it seems as if China is winning, or at least has the upper hand. Starting with the yuan and the way they have pegged the currency to how they assist in creating higher gas prices based on us being one of the biggest exporters of refined oil to them; and don’t even mention how they crushed our steel industry back in the day. But I won’t get into that for its enough new info on the latter for food for thought.

Now aside for the “knock this off my shoulder shit”, like picking on them for Tibet and Dafur, or them picking on us because of Iraq, there is some major stuff going on that I never see and barely read in the news - I guess that’s a function of having a zillion debates and candidates saying the same thing over and over and such being considered news.

First it was their disagreement with the U.S. Steel energy report that suggested China had supported its steel industry with energy subsidies of 27.1 billion U.S. dollars from 2000-07. Thus why it was a big issue in the Penn primaries, given non of the democratic hopefully could thoroughly address the issue.

Yep China is winning. Not only do they make bird flu, and scare the shit out of US and make toys and baby cribs that can be considered as booby traps that harm and mutilate, even kill our children, now they are hitting us with tainted drugs. According to the USFDA, there may be at least 81 deaths across the country that may be related to contaminated blood thinner made in China. The FDA has been engaged in a bitter battle with the Chinese government over this. The agency publicized that the active ingredient in Heparin sold by Baxter Pharmaceutical was contaminated at Chinese manufacturing facilities, with a dietary supplement made from animal cartilage called chondroitin sulfate. Heparin is a polysaccharide that is found in the human body with the greatest concentration in tissues around the liver. It is used to prevent blood clots from forming.

I tell you, the cold war is not over, I mean, just because the name of the enemy is changed, don’t mean jack to me. So Like in Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card, we may need to learn how to fight the Chinese at their own game, maybe not with learning how to play video games as in the aforementioned book, but maybe by learning Chinese checkers, so get the kids ready folk.



Anonymous said...

All I can say is another bomb! What kind of mind do you have and where can i get one?

mp1 v.8.0 said...

I'm wearing the black. Count on it.

China is a beast and no one wants to admit it. Just a few years ago, one of our reconnaissance planes went down over there, and I remember us having to plead to get it back. If that had been any other country, we would've demanded its swift return. But with China, we had to hold back out of fear that we'd awaken a sleeping giant.

A new rival has emerged, but the gov't does not want to acknowledge it. In due time, we'll have hella problems with China. We're already in debt to them. And when you're in debt to someone, they pretty much own you.

Fat Lady said...

Interesting that Heparin HAS been in the news lately. Seems staff in some hospitals have a difficult time differentiating between the adult and pediatric doses and have given babies the adult dose - most famously, Dennis Quaid's twins. I'm not saying there's a connection...but it does make me wonder.

Our relationship with China is messed up in more ways than I can even comprehend some days. I mean, really, when I think about it, it makes my head hurt. To be so reliant on a country that we have so many issues with - ugh! But then that seems to be the mainstay of US foreign policy. To either mess up relations with countries or get involved with messed up countries and or go in and totally mess up countries and then become completely reliant on them for something or another.

I don't think anyone was surprised by the Bell verdict. Disappointed, angry, but not surprised. Just makes you shake your head. Only people who thought we'd be surprised were the cops lining the streets and subways of NYC the day the verdict came down. I'll be wearing my black tomorrow.

And can you please tell me where you get all your energy, cause I need some!!! Keeping up on the news, planting flowers (and cutting them), writing books, opening stores, blogging intelligently, caring for kids, cooking, and still have time to sit down and eat dinner with the family!!!!

I can barely keep up with working and chasing the kids down.

A Go Bytch said...

Good informative post! You know what's really funny? Okay I could be wrong because I really dont know the difference between chinese,japanese etc.

But just last night I was talking to my friend and looking at her acrylic finger nails. I said you know what would be crazy if there was something in that acrylic they put on american women's hands somehow caused infertility in the U.S. Then they could take over or some shyt like that. I don't ever see them wear acrylic nails do you?

But now that I read your post....I don't know I might be on to something!

THE PRINCESS "C" said...

I am taking notes, you are an AMAZING writer (period). I wonder what your dreams are like...

Anywho to this topic, another heart breaking reality that we
AMERICAnts CANT see sh*t and are pretending to be BLIND!

Within thirty years CHINA has grown as a major economic power, one of the fastest in modern time and China is our second largest trading partner so what does this mean to me? Dependency we depend on them for too much and they will grow to overtake the US soon, they are already on the fast track to replacing us as the world's largest economy and export, not to mention the loss of jobs here due to their low cost of manufacturing products and such, but what are we doing about it, nothing and what will we do about it NOTHING. Why because we only opening our ears and eyes for a little while and then later it's back to the watching tha game on tv or what videos are on 106 & Park?????

Lovebabz said...

And yet China maintains "Most Favored Nation" status. Tarrifs on imports from China are about 2-3% US exports to China carry tarrifs in excess of 30-40%. Since they have been MFN, America has lost well over 800,000 jobs. The trade deficit was 5 billion in the late 1980's, now it's well over 40 billion...WTF! Revoking MFN would be a step in the right direction, But as you know I am fond of saying: THERE IS NO MORAL IMPERATIVE, therefore NO political will.

Regarding Derrick Bell, there were Black Police Officers that pulled the trigger too. Selling of one's soul comes with a high price, even at the expense of one's own people. This isn't new, but hurts all the same.

Chinese checkers indeed...

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

anon - thanks folk. and i guess by reading everything u get your hand on and not letting others define your subsistance - i was told they broke my mold according to my momma

MP1 - aint that the truth, and we aint prepared, just like folks cant speak or read arabic, the same is true for madarian and cantonese

Fatlady - i look at myself as a scholar warrior, alkthoug i am often called stupid or crazy and wo common sense. but my mind is always moving

A go bytch - now u gonna make me look it up, i will let u know what i fione, cant have my sisters poisioned at the level of the cuticle

The princess C - i am flattered, and thank u. and i feel the same way. But Im not one for the buffon entertainment televison , do come back sista

Babz - dropping bombs to quote anon and I starte to mention that aboust thier status. and i know about the black cops, but field and house negroes and like i have been posting on all the blogs that wrote about it, i quoted Mark Twain from Huck Finn

n chapter, thirty-two of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn there is a boating accident. Huck's Aunt Sally asks if anyone was hurt. Huck then replied, "No'm. Killed a nigger" (Twain, 213). Aunt Sally then said, "Well, its lucky; because sometimes people do get hurt"(Twain, 213).

The Immoral Matriarch said...

You're right - no one was surprised by the Sean Bell verdict. But that didn't stop me from being pissed off.

And until China steps up on the human rights front, I'll have nothing positive to say about them. I know that the USA needs to stop treating us like we're idiots and don't know that they are tremendous threat to us. they need to go ahead and handle that shit.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Wow, what an "telling" post. I like how you broke it down. Reading is fundamental, because I didn't know about none of this stuff.

I wish I could wear black, but you know I gotta always be in uniform. I can wear black most of the morning though, so I guess that will do.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

OMO - we know, or at least i know what is in your heart, you have to much love, as i detect in you humor not to be any other way folk

TIM - i am with you, i was expecting it from the jump. I hope we can beat them to death with kindness

JayBee said...

i'll be sporting my black. i feel so uninformed. i really need to read more so i can stay abreast of what's really going on in the world.

ShAé - ShAé said...

China has been doing major damage to us for real. We depend on them for way too much. It's very scary that our 'oh so rich' country depends on so many others for so much of what we consume. China doesn't play & they hit hard: Tyson's chicken was contaminated with salmonella, Cargill Meats had contaminated pork, and don't think kiddies and the pets are safe because of course we heard about the toys ladened with lead and the pets that were offed by the contaminated pet foods. China is nothin' to 'f' with and we get about 20% of all our imports from there. It's crazy.

Oh and for the record, I was killin' em in Chinese checkers back in the day! ;o)

James Tubman said...

the key to gaining wealth in this society is to spend money only amongst yourself and to use the money that you have saved to invest in profit making ventures

we need money so we can pay competent people to teach us what we need to know and to produce goods and services that we can sell to the world

this is how any group rises to power in this world

in other words hold the money that we have to ourselves and produce something that we can sell to others to make more profits

it's really that simple

Doug said...

I take a Marxist view of this. Everything, ultimately, is caused by greed. The Chinese are buying up our country because they can; they're selling us shoddy shit because they can, and because it's a lot cheaper to manufacture stuff if you don't have safeguards in place. It's all about profit. I really don't think there's much hostility there -- they want our money, after all. And they're probably upset that the "Made in China" brand is getting more and more worthless here in the States. (Maybe that will get them to start putting safeguards in place, but I'm not holding my breath.)

Meanwhile, the US keeps buying their shoddy shit probably because it IS so cheap, and that way the buyers on the US end get to make bigger profits, and no one gives a damn if people get sick or die.

I see the US and China not as Rocky and Apollo Creed, but as two fat cats with cigars in their mouths trying to decide how to screw all the little people (while privately wondering how best to screw the other).

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Doug - i can see that, i mean based on how the old soviet system focused on democratic centralism. I mean, although folk done read Marx, Lenin and of the "brothers Karamazovs" in fyodor's book. And especially if the logic of with the regular man not being able to power, up cigar fat cats will boast

James - that is a major component.

ShAé - ShAé - true but im more concerned with the amount of dollars they sucking up. I gotta have loot in the states, at least til the amero comes out to make loot, or folk will be recessed for days

Jaybee - good look.

12kyle said...

Good post, bruh

I'll be in black

Curious said...

You know T, sometimes I hate to play devils advocate but back when the US was just another backwater bilge territory selling cheap knockoffs and pirating other peoples works, Great Britain ruled the waves, and both France and Britain controlled much of the rest of the world. But it was the US that lent them both millions to defeat the Kaiser. It was the US that increased its industries to help them win both the 1st and the 2nd World Wars. It was the US that was the only nation to have come out of both wars with an expanded economy and technologies that would dominate the rest of the world for decades to come.

Now as they may sing in the Lion King,
Its the circle of life,
Its the wheel of fortune.
It's China's turn

China lends us money so we can fight in Iraq and to a lesser extent Afghanistan. China provides us with goods so we can run to Kmart and buy cheap or cheaper clothing and household items. China builds many of our technological products tht we use today. Take this HP laptop I'm using, if it was built in the US, I'd probably be sending this comment by mail cause I couldn't afford to buy a computer.

So why don't we all just learn Mandarin and try to ride this beast (dragon) because like they say about the neighborhoods in Brooklyn, just wait 20 years, it'll change again.

Xìe xìe and Zai jian

Oh and like you, there is not much more that I could add to what's already out there, but my heart goes out as well to Mr Bell, his family and the other victims.

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

I don't know if I agree but I got you about the hair. Fa' surrrrrre!

catscratch diva said...

Heparin was administered to my brother in law after he was in a life threatening accident. Who knew that the treatment would endanger him as much (more than)the accident itself.

It's very sad that WE are kept under clouds of political BS that means absolutely nothing, when there are SERIOUS issues that should be addressed and dealt with immediately.

sista gp said...

Prayers to the Bell family.

In recent years I have made a conscious effort to read labels attentively. Refusing to purchase items "MADE IN CHINA", resulted in shopping less in Wal-Mart. There was a time when they had many items "MADE IN U.S.A", now we know why they are constantly "Dropping prices".

Lovebabz said...

Like it or not this is a global stage...driven by money. China knows how to mass produce at record speeds. What they are not good at is quality control. BUT, WE have not been good at insisting on quality control. They are not good at quality control for themselves. The Yangtze River is the most polluted river in the world---centuries of country men can no long live on the river banks and make a living, not to mention all the damming that is going on flooding towns and villages. The level of poverty in China is never mentioned. And Human Rights...WTF!

We tolerate From China what we wouldn't accept from Canada or Mexico. These unholy alliances are more complicated than the naked eye is privy to. You are right to refer back to history. China, I suspect has never gotten over the Opium wars that brought British rule of Hong Kong, nor other so-called interferences of the West. Since British ruled cessed, I think the world was thinking China might roll on HK gangsta like, but they did not. But I know they are hoping to reign in Hong Kong and Tibet. But they are mindful of the World Stage and are not apt to incur the wrath of the world considering they are not memebrs of the UN--and hayet have "Most Favored Nation Status" here. But if it suits them they will make unholy alliances again and will do some shit that will incur scorn...which they are not concerned their involvement in Africa: Darfur and the el Bashir ditatorship, or South Africa, or Zimbabwe. No one here is talking about this shit.

Americans only think about the world as it relates to America. But this is global in its scale and reach. The rest of the world in concert with the US will have to put pressure on China. But you know what I say: There is NO moral imperative, therefore no political will.

Submariner said...

I see someone's been peeking into Pandora's box. War on Terror = War on Drugs. Military supremacy of the United States is busily negotiating terms with the economic juggernaut of China. Urban blacks and Muslims are merely the beginning. The state needs enemies to justify its existence.

karrie b. said...

im NOT wearing black. for what? i'm wearing neon colors because wearing black to me represents that the terrorists have won. wear colors guys.


jirzygurl said...

agreed! if more people could be so informed!

Aunt Jackie said...

The Chinese have been economic gangstas for ages. Being from San Francisco who has the largest China Town in the country outside of NYC was circulating a dollar three times before it left the community back in the 80's at a time when black folks were suffering from crack related crimes, and spending all of our loot on shoes and gold chains.

Today China is both the oppressor and the oppressed, lest we forget student slain in Tiananmen Square...

We outsourced, gave up jobs in our country, put production in their hands and now we're holding the turd.

America seems to forget in relation to world history it's the equivalent of a toddler in a world full of adults...this country still has lots to learn and many more growing pains.

Yasmeen Christian said...

It's not too late to learn.

That Girl Tam said...

When people start talking about China I tend to pay attention - I'm half Chinese...kinda like how when someone starts talkin about black folks, I'm sure most of your readers would chime in.

The thing that trips me out the most is how the media spins this tale of how Chinese products are killing American people. China is not the bad guy - money hungry? Yes...Greedy? HELL YEAH...Bad guy?? Not so much (in my opinion). Large American corporations outsource good paying jobs to Chinese manufacturing plants and trade high product volume for low wages and substandard products (because of their lack of regulated manufacturing).

Why does everyone jump on the bandwagon to blame China? They are being paid for a service. You get what you pay for...I'm almost SURE these large corporations aren't payin these companies a grip for the work...there are thousands of manufacturning plants that sell shit online to the average consumer for HELLA CHEAP - and we Americans continue to patronize these manufacturers to make a buck.

This is REALITY. don't like how the Chinese make their shit...don't buy it. Yeah, their human rights behavior sucks, but look at US...we still got white folks callin us niggas and waving the confederate flag. The Republicans are driving our economy into the ground and we're paying $4.00 a gallon for gas and the unemployment rate has sky-rocketed.

Shame on America for even FUCKIN with China...when will people learn it's best not to fuck with shit you don't know nuthin about??

dejanae said...

ill be rockin the mourning color

history is tellin me that this empire that is the U S of A
is headed for downfall

Submariner said...

I also meant to compliment your ability to gracefully connect the War Socialist state with the Police state. That's something which is often under appreciated.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

dejanae - yep, just like rome

That Girl Tam - my point exactly, we need to point the finger, and although our policies lead to this, they need a cold war so that they can have an us against the bad guy mentality

yasmeen - never too late to learn

aunt jackie - so true and i love the metaphor of "holding the turd"

jirzygurl - yep but it takes effort and we cant change the channel on na tv without a remote control

Karrie - im sure u will look nicve in your neon

Submariner - always, see comment i left for Tam

Love banz - preach and so true, we have a real double standard

THE PRINCESS "C" - y thank u amazing, wow. but u right, they been picking out our econom,ic structure since the 1980's. i c u are welll informed, me likes

sista gp - prayers in deed, and what is made here anymore?

catscratch diva - hope he is ok, and true, but we can only hold politicians accountable if we are informed and well read, most folks like "out of sight out of mind"

leanne - thank u and let me know when its all yours, just no dye lol

12kyle - thanks

curious - so in essence they have us by the balls

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

submariner - thank u

WhozHe said...

Thanks for peeping my blog.

Nina said...

I'm trying to catch up on this blog reading all the archives. I think I'm going to go slowly. You're dropping knowledge here, brother...

Dogon said...

whozhe - thanks for the love and do return, gotta get ready to teach my stat 2 class in a few

Nina - y thank u i hope u enjoy what u read

Anonymous said...

u right chinese checkers did come with the traditional checker
I always wanted to play, but never and still no noone who can actually play the
the sean bell story is just plain ridiculous....its so dissapointing and disheartening that I'm just mentally tired....

good post man

Don said...

not only that but from what i hear the usa borrows almost 1/2 a million dollars a day from china. so take away america's supreme military power and what you have is a fallen superpower. it's kinda funny to me.

to the new york cops responsible: "open up fire, watch 'em expire when them shells hit 'em, plus all their tricks and their b*tches can go to hell with 'em..."

^^ crooked thoughts for crooked cops.

GOODENess said...

I am so impressed...this is my first trip into the BLOG that is YOU and I am sitting here (in all black, I might add) with the biggest smile on my face. The fact that you shed light on a subject that is NOT on Yaho News makes you one of my new favorites...You laid it out so even if I didn't have some clue, I would know once I read the post...thank you for this...gonna start teaching my legacy to "play" Chinese checkers this evening...speak easy!

The Jaded NYer said...

*goes to read up on Chinese-US relations*

Thanks for the homework assignment... now I gotta worry about the Chinese coming to get me? Don't you know that my neighborhood is like 35% Asian?


(seriously, thanks for the heads up- I don't read or pay attention to the news so I appreciate it)

Curious said...

T, "in essence they have us by the balls?"

Yep. You wouldn't want to see how hard it would be to pull away from China at this time. Might as well smile and try to figure out how to enjoy it.

Lee Coles said...

Re-loading an automatic would have been excessive even if Bell's crew were strapped, given they didn't fire any shots at the detectives.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

lee coles - excessive is correct. thanks for the visit

curious - that comment hurts me as i read it

the jaded nyer - anytime, study and study hard, no private tutoring from teacher so i trust u

goodness - u making me blush. and do return pls

Don - yeap (grerat post on your spot today - i love me some throat) anywho, and the field negroes still turn coats)

yazmar - i always used them for marbles (a real man sport lol)

Keli said...

For us to claim to be the most powerful nation in the world...we don't control too much.

Kofi said...

It's cold, dark and rainy in NYC today. And I put on black not having read the blog.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Folk don't respect China, China is a Big Dog right now. They use to rule tha World, I think it's about to be they turn again.

Eddie G. Griffin said...

China's biggest problem is that it does not listen to world opinion. Call it Chinese pride after decades of humiliation. Still, Chinese policies are tyranical.

The True Urban Queen said...

First, sorry I'm late (long story).
Second, I was not surprised at all about the outcome of the Bell trial. Third, I won't wear black not because I don't care but because it changes nothing. It will continue to happen and wearing black won't change it.
Now, on to China. Honestly, much of it is America's fault. The toys with lead. Well, America should keep there toy factories here. And it is not the whole of China or the whole of America that is at fault it is the rich and powerful. For in China the poor suffer greatly. those factories pollute the rivers some of those peasant people live next to and use as their water source.
Greed is what the problem is.

msladydeborah said...

Ah, brain food for a wet and cold Monday evening.

This is a sidebar note: Castro is the only one of the Cold War Era leaders who is still living.

In regards to Sean Bell. I have the audacity to hope that when there is a major wrong is committed, that there will be some form of justice issued. 50 Shots and no one was convicted for excessive use of force on unarmed men? I am related to cops and even they question the shooting.

The American companies that do business in China need to be held responsible for the shoddy products being shipped into the country.

There is no way in the hell that they should get a pass on what happens in their plants~no matter where they are located.

I have questioned how many products have slid up under the radar? There is no way to know what we might be exposing ourselves to.

I grew up during the Cold War Era. This nation's government has often demostrated that there is a whole lot of truth in the statement: You can't fix stupid. The feddies have sold wheat to Russia, the nation that created the reason for the red phone in the White House. They have criticized China for human rights violations~(which is like the pot talking about the kettle). Then borrows money from them to keep afloat. Knowing that being indebted would have strings attached to it.

They have got the feddies by the balls. And they have no qualms about squeezing them when necessary.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Msladydeb - nope, u cant fix stupid, that shit is funny as hell to me , well stated

True urban queen - u are right on both counts 1] greed & 2] our own fault

Eddie - to a point, but they have managed to find ever button to push, economically to disrupt where the know we are slacking - pride yes, but even moreso smarter

Bossmack - the are truely "rawdawg " up in this camp nowadays LOL

Kofi - good for u

Keli - we do control wasteful spending and illiteracy lol (i know it aint funny)

Lina said...

Its so funny that I happened upon this post because I was having a conversation with a friend about American-Chinese relations, and of course about the demise of America as the number one superpower. I hadn't, however, thought of it in terms of Cold War. I think on grander terms, America will simply fall away. We continuously dig ourselves into a pit with foreign relations, the mismanagement of the dollar, the new millennium era Vietnamese war, etc. So in essence, its not so much a Cold War with China as it is a war with ourselves and either way you look at it, we're losing.

Anonymous said...

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