Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Riddle me this #2

First , if we had hit the free throws. Second, will get back to chking blogs like in old but been busy with shop. Anywho

I am driving down the street and get a call from my physician and he tells me I have terminal cancer and have 6 months to live, what should I do, or what would you do?

Is it better to jus drop dead without knowing, or would you rather know, and know how long you have to live?

What do women really want in a man and why do what they say they seem to want is what the seem to hate?

Do they do the electric slide at all weddings in the USA, or is it just a black thing?

Why is it that folks seem to want something for nothing? Example, my daughters mother gave me idea for dog store, but she has done no work, put no money down, but she wants to call it ours when it is mine. I deas are nothing with out loot and hard work. We cool but bizness is bizness.

Who is Bill Clinton boning now, because I never see him with his wife, madam senator?

What is the ultimate sign a woman can show a man that she hates him – for me it is pulling for my favorite team to loose (unless it is playing her favorite team at the time).

Why is it so hard for folks to sit down at the dinner table together for all meals? Or am I just the only one who still does that?

Last, is it ok for the mother of your child to ask for child support, but keeps her less than 2 days a week, and has her apartment and car paid by person who they asked for support, is that reasonable?


Anonymous said...

LMBAO @ electric slide, that should be a SAT question LOL

Urban Thought said...

Terminal Cancer? Put your house in order. Make sure the fam is taken care of. Quite your job and do all the things that you said you would do if you had time but you never actually did.

I'd rather know when my time was up. You can put everything in perspective and start to tell people how you really feel about them. Oh wait... I do that already.

I cannot speak for woman but woman are only giving general answers when they tell you what they want. The specifics come later when they realize they get what they want and something extra they never asked for. (they never like the total package, just the samples)

Bill Clinton is boning Hillary's assistant along with one of his neighbors. Just kidding. I don't know but who ever it is I'm sure she is wearing her knee pads and has some tissue in hand.

Ruining my credit would be the ultimate sign.

THe only time I sat at the dinner table for a meal that wasn't at a restaurant was when I lived with white people. You aren't he only one who does it but it isn't done often and by many.

Kofi said...

If I knew I were dying, I would quit my job and go to West Africa. If my affairs were in order, I'd prefer to drop dead then waste away slowly and make folk suffer with me.

I can't speak about what women want. So I won't. I find it interesting, however, that you ask what do women "want" in a man as opposed to what do women "love" in a man.

I still can't do the electric slide. And I've retired from wedding gigs.

I would be asking Hillary the same question. About her, though.

The ultimate sign? When she marries someone else, she names her firstborn kid after him.

My dad was all about the dinner table discussion, even when the rest of us weren't. It's a good memory to fall back on.

Jaded said...

I'd record a couple of CD's, make some DVD's for my daughter about important stuff she'll be facing as she gets older. I'd probably pull her out of school, or just let her go part time. I'd want to spend as much time as possible with her, doing things so she'd have those memories for the rest of her life. She has plenty of time to make up 6 months worth of school. I'd eat anything I wanted, any time I wanted and never once feel guilty about it. I'd write letters to my daughter and husband. Real ones, with pen and paper. I'd buy gifts and wrap them so they'd have presents to open on Christmas and Birthdays for a while to come. I'd take a million pictures with my child and my husband, so they'd have them forever. I'd do lots of stuff.

I have always been honest about what I want and need in/from a man. There is little guess work involved. I think the problem is that many women don't know who they are or what THEY want, so how can then know what they need from a man?

I take an hour break every evening from my teaching schedule so that we can eat supper together. I make less money, but I think the family time is more important.

The electric slide is a plague that knows no race. It's everywhere. I banned it from my wedding, however. People were disappointed.

If the mother of your child spends less than one day per week with her, then she ought to be thankful that you don't take her ass to court. She'd end up paying YOU child support, and she'd lose the money for the apartment and car. Sorry, but I have trouble with any parent not spending as much time with their child as they can.

The True Urban Queen said...

Knowing you are going to die is better than just dropping dead. It gives you time to prepare your family for the future.
Sadly, I don't sit at the table with my kids either. My dining room is rarely used (Christmas). We do eat together in the game room albeit we are involved in other activities at the time. Reading, surfing the web, video games (I'm guilty of that one too).
Honestly, I think it is sometimes best just to allow the courts to settle support issues and stick with that (nothing more). Some people can get greedy and it becomes more about what they can get than about the child. I'm the mother of two and I don't have time for games. Pay support or don't. I don't care. I will always take care of mine.
Which brings me to that what woman want thing since, I am on a man ban (at this time) I'm too mad too answer because men. . . ugh.

Don said...

Good stuff.

I doubt if Bill Clinton is even having sex.

I'm trippin' on where you spoke about how females root for the "other team." lol. I get that alot.

I'd rather not know, and just drop dead. I don't need the stress. What will happen, will happen.

I don't think any more support needs to be given, imo. But the love for your daughter makes us weak as men. We cannot change it. And the mother knows it. Bad, aint it.

Tamra said...

Like everybody else, make sure the affairs are in order. Then travel like hell.

I think I'd rather know, just not know how long.

Don't you know us women-folk are tricksters??? (Just kidding--I am NOT.)

I've always despised the electric slide, so I don't know and could care less. When I see it being done I always get the urge to want to hurl.

Wanting something for nothing is universal. I'd tell that woman, point blank, to back off of your idea.

Who is Bill Clinton? [Sorry, had to go there.]

Not a sports fan, so can't say.

Nah--you're not the only one who has those kinds of family rituals--kudos to you. I think that's part of what's wrong with families today. I know it was required when I was growing up--and I enjoyed it (most of the time when my parents weren't getting on my nerves). Dinner did not begin until all of us were at the table.

No, no, and hellno. Totally unreasonable. Be sure to point that out in court.

professor said...

1. don't really care what man says cause it's in Gods hands, when it's my time I will go...I would keep living my life as is cause it might all be a mistake and I live for another 20
2.women say what they think a man wants to hear...not being true to yourself gets you nothing cause at some point the true you comes out
3.I hate the electric slide and have made a point not to learn it
4.she should get credit for the idea and the opportunity to participate...if she does neither, then fuck her...but she might just surprise you...everyone wants to be a part of the winning team, even if they are the water boy...
5.he's still doing that chick whose name he forgot...or one of those bigbutt chicks from '25th... well is always the best revenge...and when they come back, you're like "fuck didn't want me when I was nothing, and now I don't want you when I'm something"
7.I still sit at the table and eat as a family (even if only one person is eating...the rest just sit and talk) is the most important time of day...'re an idiot (no disrespect intended) and you're contradicting yourself for allowing this to continue to need to ask yourself why YOU can't let got the kid...but I get the sense that you have a push me/pull me relationship that is fulfilling some need...

The Jaded NYer said...

I think I'd want to know if I were dying; then I can tell the student loan people to shove off and move to DR with my family

I have no idea what I want (which is why I'm single) so I'm not even gonna pretend to know what my sisters want. But generally speaking- someone smart, trustworthy, hard-working, and sexy as hell lol

I've been to non-black weddings... they do the electric slide EVERYWHERE (ugh!)

with regards to child support- I let the courts decide; it's usually based on income and how much time the child spends in each parent's house. Well at least in NY. That female you describe is giving the rest of us reasonable women a bad name!

Ladynay said...

What would I do if I had 6 months left? Quit school, take all the sick time I've accuired all these years and take a "paid vacation" cuz hey...I'm sick right? Get my financial stuff st8 so my family don't have to and me and the kid are doing things she'll remember me by. So when she talks about me she can say stuff like "right before mom died I remember we did this that and the other and had a BLAST"

I'd rather have notice vs. randomly dropping dead.
I'd like time to say my goodbyes.

What women want? That's a toughie. I know I always say honestly, but the truth hurts sometimes.

The electric slide is mainly a black American thing.

Cuz we lazy. If you can do all the work but I profit. That's a sweet deal!

I'm sure Bill got Monica's number in the cell. LOL!

Talk about/destroy what matters to him most. The thing/person/whatever that has control or pull over his heart strings.

Me and the kid eat together, you are not the only one.

Ummm if you have your child once a week, you don't get support. Just about any parent should have enough to take care of their kid for 24 hours!

Ma'at said...

I would rather know so that I can sorta plan my last days. Then I'm going to scrape up just enough cash to hop the next thing smokin' out of this country, and go be somewhere else where I will live like well like my ass is dying,until just before I'm too sick to travel, then I'll come home to be with my family so I can die in peace.

Women in general... dayumed if I know. Myself well be intelligent, honest, loving, not crazy, and we're on our way. I don't hate any of those things and value them in myself.

It's a wedding thing, it creates unity amongst overly dressed people, most of which hate each other. By doing this grown up hokey-pokey (cha-cha slide too)they come together and are allowed to think only of the bride and groom (that's just my story).

Because most people do not understand that you get what you pay for in life. IF you pay it forward it's coming back, but if you spend you whole life thinking that your looks and what not are currency for anything that matters, well you end up up shit's creek without a paddle.

Bill isn't boning anyone because his BP and Cholestorol are too high for him to safely take viagra, and Hillary sure as hell isn't boning anyone because if she was she wouldn't be so dayumed evil.

She can steal his identity and live it up while ruining his credit.

Easy modern society makes us favor fast and easy, and doesn't allow us to be properly socialized so actually conversing is beyond many of us.

Umm nope that's definitely not reasonable. To quote the oh so quotable 'Ye... I ain't sayin' she a gold digger...

VertigoVirgo said...

Answered in the order received:

1.I wouldn’t want to know, then again I would want to know…mostly, I pray that I never have to come across such a quandary.

2.Women simply want a man to love them whole-ly, meaning his everything…is for her and her only. Not that we want you to be mindless drones drooling after our attention day and night (those of us who are sain and realistic anyway) we want you to have a life, but we want the love and the friendship part to revolve around us…mold to us, really. We want loyalty and honesty. I don’t really know any woman (in her right mind) that would hate that.

3.Umm, it’s a black thang…and I told my Mother there are 3 things that I WILL NOT TOLERATE at my wedding 1. The Electric Slide (anyone seen doing this, or trying to start it…will be put out of the reception) 2. Jumping the Broom (we’re no longer slaves, we can get married in the open now) 3. Junior Brides maids (if you are under the age of consent…your ass is a Flower Girl…NOT a brides maid…get a clue!)

4.I think people should be duely rewarded for their ideas, you came up with the idea…Congratulations to you, I’ll give you a little kick back, that’s it. Most people want something for nothing simply because it’s the way of the world…people are lazy.

5.Dude, really…who cares.

6.I’ve never “hated” anyone…but I think the ultimate sign of dislike or discontent varies from woman to woman, while one woman finds it perfectly acceptable to key a mans car and pop his tires to show her “discontent” the other may find that deplorable and choose to disassociate herself from said character altogether piece by painful “where in the hell did my $400 sunglasses that I placed on this table yesterday go?” piece.

7.I think paying for ones child should never be a question of reason. But I see where you are going with this. If it were me (acting as a male) I would tabulate my child’s bare-bones monthly expenses, e.g. bread,water,shoes and give her that exact amount, leaving her no room to sneak a pair of shoes for herself, the moment your child misses one…JUST ONE…peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I’d snatch her and the money back quicker than you could say lickety-split and have a lawyer at the door. NOW, this is only if what you are portraying of this woman is correct. I know several friends who need child support who actually raise their children FULL TIME and garner little to no financial support from the fathers, not because they don’t ask but because the fathers are cheap bastards…BUT, I know this is not you…so I would go with what I just told before hand. :)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

anon - just a query

Urban Thought - i agree with al u said. but I could care less if I know or not, im happy with m life, how i have loved others, my kids and how i treated folk

Kofi - i can do the basic one, but its more versions of the ES than Windows

Jaded - i guess your comment is a sign of your maturity
and maybe 2 days max honestly

urban queen - start sitting at the table. for real when u can

Don - yep, using me and her daughters love, and her mom is a nice person, just has other issues going on
Tamra - u know, the white headed Ted keneddy look a like lol - who think he more black than u

Professor - i maybe or maynot be, but as a man, i keep my word, my daughter needs a place to saty if somethin happens to me. Not to mention, i have no problem assiting her till she gets on her feet. she just started working. but it wont beforever. and when i told her it was not her shop - she said i was crazy as she always do lol and hung up on me lol

Jaded NYer - u do want a man i hope lol. and like i said she loves her daughter, she just puts her self first before her family (thats why we could never be) family first for me, i will sacrifice anything for my woman and kids

ladynay - true and all well said, and im nti randomly dropping dead too

Maat - LOL at Cholestoreol and HBP for Bill C

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Vertigo Virgo - well said, and didnt care about Bill's sex, just wondered since i never see hi wit his wife and suspect he a freak
and like i said, her mom loves her, she just doesnt put her first, and i would figure from diapers, clothes, daycare and cooking her meals (which I do singularly except for them days) she deserves nothing. child support is for child not mother of child

Ticia said...


If I am driving -- I would pull over and cry.... I would live life to the fullest - I guess like I should be doing now!!

Everyone does the electric slide-

PrettyBlack said...

Just want to let you know I had to write down all of my answers before I clicked on comments...I used to blow ALOT in my younger years so my short term ain't what it used to be...Anywho

1) Sell everything and travel. We have life insurance, I don't want a bunch of greedy jig's fighting over my shit.

2) Drop dead without knowing. Can you imagine the anticipation leading up to your death?...Not a good feeling I suppose.

3) To fucked down real good, and for a brother to keep himself up. If I do it for you then dammit do it for me.

4) They didn't do that shit at mine.

5) If she put in half the loot it's half her shop. Basic mathematics half of nothing is nothing, give her half of what she gave.

6) Monica

7) Tell him the next jigga was a better fuck, and he just happens to be dude playing for the team that whipped your teams ass.

8) Hubby, prettygirl, and I eat together all of the time, she's an interesting kid :)

9) No...Sounds greedy to me. My daughter is only out of my range of vision when I attend class.

Lovebabz said...

Who's to say when you will die? Having terminal cancer or not, the days ahead are not promised. Each day is a gift, live accordingly.

I am not sure which women you are referring to. I certainly can't speak to this. I am clear and steadfast in what I want in a man.

The Electric slide is not just a Black Thing, I have gone to countless weddings of various ethnicities and somehow the electric slide is worked in!

As long as you keep doing the dance with your Baby's Mama, you are going to continue to come away with this type of dissappointment on your part and a sense of arrogance and entitlement on her part.

Bill Clinton, I would suspect there is more to a marriage than just sex. Besides he needs to allow her to stand in the spot light alone.

Hate is pretty strong! I will cheer for my man's team if they are not playing my team! And if my team gets knocked out way to early, then I will cheer for his team! Of course there has to be a fair amount of trash talking.

I grew up eating all meals together. My children and I eat breakfast and dinner together during the week and of course on the weekends it's all 3 meals.

A person has to decide where the line in the sand is. Otherwise that person will never be free. But perhaps freedom is not what the person wants. As long as the person is willing to stay connected to that person by taking care of her then He has to own his part in her demands. I suspect some soul-searching is in order to either reconcile with her, or to really leave her alone. Otherwise you will never be able to step into a love you deserve. You cannot force anybody to to be anything...a better parent, lover, friend. There is no convincing in love. All you can do is accept what is and keep it moving.

Anonymous said...

I can just imaginine myself, fighting sleep like a grouchy child, trying to make my time seem longer - if I knew that day was coming up quickly.

I have so much to tell my children although they've been listening for years (and I've been talking to them since before they were born) about how proud they've made me and how much I love them.

I can't imagine the world going on without me - I know it will - I just can't imagine it. I'm getting sad.

Anonymous said...

I am driving down the street and get a call from my physician and he tells me I have terminal cancer and have 6 months to live, what should I do, or what would you do?

I would stop my car, freak a little bit, turn around and spend each and every waking moment I have left with my wife and daughter.

The rest can take a flying fuck (for I know that if I die right now, my shit is already in order).

I hope you ain't trying to tell us something?

Kawana Aminata Oliver said...

Well, This is kind of a difficult post to respond to for me, BUT, I shall. Since I in fact almost DID just drop dead one day without warning, save a few headaches. I wish I did know when death was comming for me, I would have done many things differently. The main thing I would have done is stopped and smelled more roses!!!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

kawana - i know and thats why i consider u a super woman hon.

buelahman - no comment yet, i trying to get the nerve to write a post about it

Babz - well said, but u may be missing something on the last query. dont read that much into it.

Pretyblack - i had a woma tell me black women dont like sex LOL

Jali - i will try and make it, single parent but i know where the spot is

MsPuddin said...

you have cancer? I hope that was hypothetical...

Fat Lady said...

1. Before having kids I would have preferred to just drop dead without warning. Now, I would much rather know as far in advance as possible. I already cherish every moment with my little ones, but if I knew my time was limited I wouldn't let any of the petty annoyances get to me. I would pull Sugar out of school and spend ALL my remaining days with her and Spice, loving them, having fun with them, and helping them get even closer to their father and him to them so that he could really help them adjust to me being gone.

2. Can't speak for all women - there are some women I don't understand - but women like me want a man who pays attention to and cherishes all of who they really are. Men have a tendency to focus on one thing at a time - most times they fall for a woman's looks and forget about her brain, her heart, her soul. Sometimes they get all wrapped up in the brain and forget everything else. Even some of the best men, forget that their women are multi-faceted from time to time and just show her one kind of attention - forgetting to be a partner, a friend a confidante and a lover all at once. Too often men get ideas in their head of what they THINK their woman is - or what they want her to be, and it's usually one dimensional and leaves a woman feeling empty and neglected. Or they go over board and worship the ground she walks on - making her feel overburdened and creeped out. Don't be a puppy or a task master. Be a man - plus.

3. I think they do some kind of line dance at every wedding - regardless of the ethnicity. It might not be the electric slide - but people line up and do some pre-determined steps. People who can't dance love to be able to join in.

4. Ideas are not nothing. Good ideas, really good ideas that fit with you're abilities and motivation are rare. Unfortunately, people tend to give ideas away, so they aren't given their proper value.

She gave you a good idea - one that you can run with - one you didn't have, and she deserves something for it. She might not deserve other things. You might have issues with her. But if you are running with her idea, then you should at least acknowledge that it is, indeed, worth something. If you're putting money behind that idea, then you DO think it's worth something - so just fess up to it.

You seem to value your own opinion, money and abilities above all else - almost to the negation of everything else. Having a really strong sense of self is a good thing. However when it's so strong that you disregard the input and impact of others, then you do both them and yourself a disservice. The contributions of others will ALWAYS make your stuff better if you really accept and value them.

5. Bill and Hillary probably haven't bothered to do that dance in years. She's been busy pursuing her real love - POWER. I don't think she's ever cared who he got off with as long as he was doing what she told him to politically.

6. Ignoring him. Showing him she's completely indifferent to him and his actions. Men do the craziest shit when you just don't want to be bothered.

7. At one point I spent SO much time with Sugar that mealtime was the one time when I could just get a moment to myself. Now I like it when we all get to sit down together - which is most of the time. But, I think as long as families spend time together talking and sharing and being involved with each other, it doesn't really matter if it's during meals or at other times.

8. (Eight is my favorite number by the way - so good number of questions) No it's not fair. But some people feel entitled to take - and as long as someone will give then they'll keep on taking. It's up to you whether you want to give. Either pay the child support or pay for the rent and car. If you choose to do both, then accept that it's YOUR decision. She's just taking what you're willing to give.

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Hmmm, Methinks perhaps I'd better sample every drug, especially tha ones I neva tried which would be every hardcore drug. I would also try to visit every continent.

Then in closing spend much time with my fam & peoples. Hopefully death will come quick, I not cool with that laid up shit.

A beautiful death!

Tony OH said...

Whewwwwww! Ahhhhh!.....Can't say I didn't see that one She should get nothing, absolutely nothing and I can vouch for that!

msladydeborah said...

Ah! I see some delicious
food for thought while I'm having my evening cup of java...

If I had six months left..I would want to make sure that those days contained love, laughter, forgiveness and living in each moment. I would enjoy the familiar pleasures of mine..a good cup of coffee...exquisitely sinful chocolate...a good set of books...and music...

If I was able to travel...I would...I would also like to re-visit some of the space and places that hold memories of the moments of my lifetime.

I would also let my parents-sons-and grandchildren know that I love them and if there were issues between us...they would be resolved.

I would sing like I am known to do spontaneously and share those songs with whoever happened to be nearby at that moment.

As far as what I want in a man. Stating that is easier now than it has ever been before.

I want a man who can be a loving friend. He has to love my smooth and nappy edges too. I love the woman that I have become over the years...suggestions to improve will considered-but if I don' has got to be alright.

Maturity, honesty and values are a must. I work hard for my money and I expect him to have his own resources too. He has got to have some child up in his we can enjoy what life has to offer..and in difficult times...I would hope that he would stand steadfast and unmoveable...because I would plan to handle myself with him in that manner.

We have to be able to work with our individual resources in a productive manner. A little romance and surprise has to be inside of that mix.

Some folks are great with ideas and they cannot or will not implement them past that point. Not everyone is a producer. Producers are the folks who get up and use their hopes, energy, resources and time to make what starts an idea become a reality.

You are a producer T. I have no doubt about that in my brown eyes :-). You also strike me as a person who cares and wants to see the people who are close to your heart receive what is due. If you can make it happen-you'll do that.

But many producers and directors often create without receiving their full reward. Everyone want to feel that their efforts are appreciated. Sometimes it just does not work out in that manner. If you feel that you are dong the right thing~carry on and be satisfied with the lessons and success that you experience.

Finally, I have not attended a wedding in awhile..but isn't the Electric Slide like America's official line dance? I see a lot of folks on video doing the slide at their receptions. Plus that it is easy enough for those who really cannot dance the opportunity to do so.

I wish that Bill would give Hillary might help stimulate her memory. Since exercise is the key to a healthy and productive mind. But he probably uses the pill~(Viagra) and shares elsewhere. :-0

If you are handling your business concerning the responsibility that you have as a seems to me that what manner of support you give is partly your call. If you two can talk about that..I would suggest that you do so.

Now...I am going to pour my second cup and eat a scandlous brownie!

2sweetnsaxy said...

Cancer - put it in God's hands because I know doctors don't have the final word. God does. Doctor's are always giving the final countdown to folks who wind up living and living, or walking when they were told they'd never walk again. I also worked for a law firm that deal with medical malpractice. All doctors don't know what they're doing.

I think if a woman wants to show she hates a man she'll tell him he has a little wee-wee and she always faked it.

LOL@electrice slide. I think it is a Black thang and it's not just weddings. White people call it line dancing and I don't know if they're still into that. :-D

And if the baby's mama only has the child 2 days a week, I think she's the one that's supposed to pay child support. Flip the tables and ask her for it.

Bernice Burks - Sista GP said...

6mos? I would make sure everyone I loved knew it and spend as much time with my family and friends. in other words, things that I should be doing now anyway.

want? The important thing is what the woman needs. My wants change every few months.

I've "seen" the ES at both. Not the one last week when the power went out at the reception hall before the wedding party arrived. Luckily we had sunlight from the floor to ceiling windows on both ends of the room. sculture melted quick...

something from nothing? sounds like a majician's act.

Mr. Bill? ain't gonna go there

ultimate sign? pushing him in front of a run-away MACK truck (thoughts of long ago)

meals@table? we do for weekday dinner and weekend meals. my weekday bfast/lunch is consumed at work.

child support? OH H*LL NAH!!!

12kyle said...

Two free throws. That's it. How do your two best free throw shooters come up short like that? Damn!!! I was pulling for them.

Anonymous said...

1. Is it better to jus drop dead without knowing, or would you rather know, and know how long you have to live?

--I would rather know. Seriously. Like it would be so long not to tell someone that.

2. What do women really want in a man and why do what they say they seem to want is what the seem to hate?
--women want honesty. not BSing really is the key. if you love her, tell her. if you cheated, tell her. if you aren't in it for the long haul, tell her. if you're done, tell her. if you get a sudden urge to grab a boob in the parking lot..... haha. k i'm done.
I'm pretty honest about what I want so I wouldn't say anything I actually hate. Lol.
but to be honest, i think women want a man to what she wants w/o having to say anything. but i've found that the only men who truly know what their woman wants is the man that is perfectly matched to his women. when you see the real deal, it's amazing to watch because they don't even need to talk. they just get each other. and frankly, women can't be asking for all that perfection when you both know he isn't the one.
but obvious things like taking her out, comforting her after a bad day, that's like normal and you shouldn't have to have a woman tell you how to be her man in that sense.
3. Do they do the electric slide at all weddings in the USA, or is it just a black thing?
i would like to think it's all weddings.

4. Why is it that folks seem to want something for nothing? Example, my daughters mother gave me idea for dog store, but she has done no work, put no money down, but she wants to call it ours when it is mine. Ideas are nothing with out loot and hard work. We cool but bizness is bizness.

I agree. Bizness is bizness. Maybe she can help you name it or something.

5. Who is Bill Clinton boning now, because I never see him with his wife, madam senator?
He is currently giving himself a hand.

6. What is the ultimate sign a woman can show a man that she hates him – for me it is pulling for my favorite team to loose (unless it is playing her favorite team at the time).
Are you serious? You men get all worked up over sports. Umm for me, I will walk past you like you don't exist. Yup, I get ice queeny.

7. Why is it so hard for folks to sit down at the dinner table together for all meals? Or am I just the only one who still does that?
Fast food industry. When I lived at home, Sabbath meals on Saturday after church were a must. I RARELY got out of those. Also schedules rarely mesh, etc etc. you know how it goes.

8. Last, is it ok for the mother of your child to ask for child support, but keeps her less than 2 days a week, and has her apartment and car paid by person who they asked for support, is that reasonable?

According to the law bro, she can ask for anything down to your last pair of boxers (or whatever you wear, not that I'm asking). I'm sorry dude.

Anonymous said...

1. I'd much rather drop dead to be honest. Who in the heck wants to know at what point they will meet their eventual demise.

2. This is question that perplexes just about every man out there my brother, one of them being me. As someone that just had his relationship end, I am still asking myself what the heck did I not do.

3. I think it is a black thing. White folks try to crank that electric slide, but they have an obvious lack of rhythm. Black folks always find a way to remix the electric slide too...ya know how we do.

4. I feel ya bruh. Unless you put some real work or real dough into the project, you don't have no part in the situation.

5. LOL! Bill could be hookin' up wit' Monica still. I am sure his Blackberry has her number on speed dial.

6. Telling you not to contact her anymore.

7. You are right. The "family dinner" is a thing of the past. I am a man of tradition, so when I do have a family, I make sure that we have at least dinner together and breakfast too if I can help it.

8. Heck no that shiznit ain't right! The chick needs to at least be holding her end of the deal is she is looking for some dough.

Anonymous said...

you're pretty!

Anonymous said...

"I am driving down the street and get a call from my physician and he tells me I have terminal cancer and have 6 months to live, what should I do, or what would you do?"

If I'm driving down the streeet I would probably stop and have a good cry, then I would get a second opinion...then I would start doing all the things that I said I wanted to do but never got the chance.....and make sure I let everyone I love know how much I love them...

"Is it better to jus drop dead without knowing, or would you rather know, and know how long you have to live?"- I would probably want to drop dead...cuz knowing would just be torture..

What do women really want in a man and why do what they say they seem to want is what the seem to hate?...I can say what I want, honesty, ambition, affection, intelligence, spirituality and thoughtfulness, a nice body and a full package wouldnt hurt either....I have never really got all of these at the same time from one guy so I cant say how I would handle it if I did however..

Do they do the electric slide at all weddings in the USA, or is it just a black thing?....

They probably do it everywhere I havent been to a wedding since I was 8 but I think everyone does the electric slide white people just call it line dancing

Why is it that folks seem to want something for nothing? Example, my daughters mother gave me idea for dog store, but she has done no work, put no money down, but she wants to call it ours when it is mine. I deas are nothing with out loot and hard work. We cool but bizness is bizness.

People want something for nothing cuz its the easy way idea is just that an idea....tell her to open her own dog store

Who is Bill Clinton boning now, because I never see him with his wife, madam senator?

I dont know but I have an assumption that shes probably black whoever she is....

What is the ultimate sign a woman can show a man that she hates him – for me it is pulling for my favorite team to loose (unless it is playing her favorite team at the time).

Poisoning his food

Why is it so hard for folks to sit down at the dinner table together for all meals? Or am I just the only one who still does that?

Our family does it on ocassion but most of the time its every man and woman for themself....but we do eat together at the table on holidays or when my mother gets the urge to make a large meal.

Last, is it ok for the mother of your child to ask for child support, but keeps her less than 2 days a week, and has her apartment and car paid by person who they asked for support, is that reasonable?

Damn baby what kind of whip appel ole girl done put on you???.....Its like they say when u give them an inch they take a mile....shes already making out like a fat rat so i guess she figures whats the harm in squeezing you for a lil more?!?!? of course what she is asking is unreasonable..a blind man can see that......but if you are pondering this maybe you oughta marry her....they say its cheaper to keep her....

-IntrospectiveGoddess/Sensitivegyrl/Candykisses628/ You should know who this is by now...

Marley said...

FIRST OFF no they dont do they electric slide at all black weddings, the do it all AMERICAN- black weddings. I'm from Canada by way of Jamaica and my family has never done the electric slide, they dont even know HOW to do the electric slide.

Secondly, ALL women know what they want, few women know what they NEED. there's a diff. That's not just women though, that's men and women collectively. :D

Blah Blah Blah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Blah Blah Blah said...

Good lord there are soo many answers to your questions...but it would be a mini post up in your comment section...

8th question...
Hate is such a strong word... a word that speaks unforgiveness. I am not going to tell you I hate you...but I am going to forget I ever met you. Almost as if you were dead to me...

eclectik said...

I rather Drop.
People dont eat at the table if there's not a TV in clear sight

Love the is the hotness

JayBee said...

cancer: i wouldn't want to know. i'd know something was wrong if i had unexplained symptoms but the unsolicited information would only make me overanalyze everything. if it were true, i'd start making preparations for a smooth exit.

women: whenever someone really understands what they want they can package it(the info) and sell it.

electric slide:i've only been to black weddings and it has been a staple at all of them. i'll ask my friend who's going to see her best friend marry a white guy if they do it at that one.

something for nothing: well she did give you the idea. sometimes that's what some people are good at. that's their contribution. is this how things were when you all were together? if so she has a reasonable expectation that you should be thankful for her planting that seed. sow something in her life--not necessarily right now, but when the store is profitable. you can probably back her up with some gushing about how glad you are that she came up with the idea. but a joint venture and using the term "our"--naw shut that down.

clinton: probably some of those same women he was doing the whole time in the white house. or maybe he's found some new-new.

dinner time: i think that's great that you do the family thing at dinner time. people are working so much and so hard and so many different shifts that it's just hard. plus the family as an institution has lost much of it's position of esteem in america so traditional family activities are not that important anymore inasmuch as there are fewer and fewer traditional families and the nontraditional ones may not necessarily prescribe to traditional family norms.

child support: no. she's doing too much. you already pick up the tab on the apt and car and that's not enough? SHUT THAT DOWN.

cherry's kid said...

Came by to check out your space...and wow!!!! I never thought about some of this...
1. Terminal Cancer, vacation alot
2. I don't want to know...I think I would go crazy trying to get everything in that I wanted to do before I died...
3. Don't know why we're like that.
4. It's Black Thing...I think!
5. Cause people are getting lazy now
6. Another Intern
7. I don't know
8. No my family still does
9. No not reasonable at there some way you can stop that?

shelia said...

am driving down the street and get a call from my physician and he tells me I have terminal cancer and have 6 months to live, what should I do, or what would you do?
I would probably yell and cry and get that part out of my system and then I would pray, pray and pray. I would make sure that I contact anyone who means something to me and show them and tell them that so we can make amends before its too late. I would do everything that I enjoy doing without worrying.

Is it better to jus drop dead without knowing, or would you rather know, and know how long you have to live?
No one really knows so I would like to go on not knowing.

What do women really want in a man and why do what they say they seem to want is what the seem to hate?
Is there at least one honest man out seriously, what women want varies so this is definitely a question, you would need to ask individual women as you meet them.

Do they do the electric slide at all weddings in the USA, or is it just a black thing?
If we're doing it, they're doing. Not limited to just us Black folks.

Why is it that folks seem to want something for nothing?
Because folks are crazy...hey, can a sista get a discount for her two boston terrierrs?

Who is Bill Clinton boning now, because I never see him with his wife, madam senator?
You know I made that comment recently. You see her in one place and he seems to be in another place. When do they have some "couple" time??? Yes, all up in their business.

What is the ultimate sign a woman can show a man that she hates him
Coming straight out and telling him that she does--or better yet, block his number so when he calls he gets that annoying greeting ---your number has been blocked.

Why is it so hard for folks to sit down at the dinner table together for all meals? Or am I just the only one who still does that?
Not sure. I guess too many other things to do so folks just don't take time to do that anymore unless it's a special occasion or on weekends.

Last, is it ok for the mother of your child to ask for child support, but keeps her less than 2 days a week, and has her apartment and car paid by person who they asked for support, is that reasonable?
Sounds like a sticky situation. I would need to know more information. Is the child living with the father? If so, then she should be the one paying child support.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Mspuddin – the questionmade me think, so I will address it another day after I do such

Fat lady – I agree on 2, some don’t understand, and if I wer a woman asking about men, the same would be true. Heart and soul and smile are what I focus on the most

I agree on 3 and 4. And My boy in college used to call me Rockstar, stud, gigolo and suested I write a book with the title, when I did he was happy, but never said it was our book.

On 8 u sound like a preacher so preach on sister.

Bossmack – well said

Tony oh – LOL

Msladydeb – im with love, laughter and forgiveness. I only hope I can be a loving fiend, and a caring and mature person for my woman. A producer huh, thanks

2sweetNsaxy – I have sen whites do it too. LOL. A little wee wee, I would never by that lol. I wont ask her, she wouldn’t be able to pay

Bernice – LOL. Wants and needs, great point I never thought of that. Not the mack truck LOL

12kyle – I am still in mourning thank u

Emeritus – why would u be scared to find out? And exceptional way to ans what they want. And stop flirting LOL

And that’s not the law I Georgia. Its called child support not mom support.

Marcus – long time folk how ya been. Bill and Monica still. She should ru for president. And we men are always clueless. We expect answers not games

Anon – the easy way out, that’s a shame, what happen to working for what u want – no hand outs, I mean character. And I aint made, black woman are the truth.
No whip appeal, no marriage, she can ask, that don’t mean she get lol

Marley – thanks for correcting me and thanks for the drive by, do return when u can

Blah – my fault for posting sat questions to quote the first commentor – lol

Eclectik – good look folk, I stumbled your way. Let me know if I can roll u, u too jaybee

Jaybee – lol package and sale. I had a woman tell me that black women don’t mind if their man sees , dates and have sex with other women. But when I did, she got mad LOL
And shut it down will do sir. Exploitation and using is what that was an attempt at

Cherry kid – first thanks for the drive by and do return.

Shelia – cry and yell dang. And sticky yes. And like I said before, my boy said I should write a book using rockstar, stud, gigolo and he didn’t say it was ours when I wrote the book

dejanae said...

how bout ur the one who should be getting the child support

That Girl Tam said...

I've lost too many people with one phone call about 6 months to live...and I watched them fold.

I'd rather know and live to the fullest til the end. Maybe go beat the shit outta the people I really can't stand for the hell of it!

What I really want in man I found in my husband...and yes, sometimes I HATE him for it! It's something I can't explain.

I think the electric slide (along with the Cha Cha slide) are black things...

The ultimate way for a woman to show that she hates a man...sleep with someone close to him. But I don't hate anyone enough to do some shit like that...

My husband has a hard time sitting down with us for meals. I don't think he was raised like that...but I was.

Sha Boogie said...

Why won't the electric slide just die all together? I mean we have the cha cha slide now!

Diggin the new blog vibe..and Clinton is to be falling asleep in public to bone his wife.

Princess TinyButt said...

as someone who does have a supposedly terminal cancer, i can answer this honestly. i'm glad i know that i am 'suppose' to be dying of something other than natural causes, lol!! we're all dying anyway really. so what i am doing now is just living my life! yes, a little differently than if i didn't 'know'. but just day by day, moment by moment. savoring. i have a dear hubby and an oh so precious 6 year old "ladybug". and we spend so much time, almost all of our time together. i write them both letters, i get gifts for her for 'later'. take tons of pictures and scrapbook them. i do everything i can to create memories for her - afraid she'll forget me. but most of the time i just stare at her. watching her, taking in as much of her as i possibly can (see "ode to ladybug" in my blog). i'm about a year past how long they said i had, and who's to say that a bus won't take me outta here tomorrow? and yes, my affairs are in order for sure!

i mainly agree alot with jaded and babz about everything else, but all of that really doesn't matter when you are talking about "your life" and the possible premature ending of it. i may not have been as eloquent as the other most wonderful voices here, or as i would like, but the point i am trying hard to make is that you must live your life - no matter what dearest.

deepnthought said...

Memphis broke my heart. but can we say LADY VOLS.....

I think a lot of folks dont really know what they want. They say they want this and that but the truth is, the want what they shouldnt have. what they dont need.

Aunt Jackie said...

i just wanna know what you're over there cooking for dinner!!

Jackie Edwards said...

Although it would be better to know about the cancer in terms of making sure you said goodbye to loved ones, I would just rather drop down dead because I wouldn't have to live with the fear!!

I think the electric slide is more of a black thing, LOL!

And that woman should be ashamed of herself for taking all that money and doing handling her bidness and doing right by here child!!

chelene said...

I'd prefer to drop dead without knowing preferably while doing the electric slide (and by the way I've been to numerous weddings of different races and creeds and the electric slide has never failed to break out...usually after several drinks).

Marleaux said...

You should probably pull over before you crash...

I would want enough time to get my finances together for my loved ones.

Women still baffle me, and I'm a woman.

Every ethnic group has their own version of the electric slide.

Something for nothing: I was talking about that at work today. We have a temp that's mad because we won't hire her. But she comes to work almost everyday at 10am, and the she's supposed to be their at 830. And she still leaves at 530.

Bill isn't aging that well. No one wants to stare into those pieces of luggage hanging under his eyes, Hilary and Monica included.

Yeah, that's hateful. Or throw grits on him. *shrugs*

We sit down at the coffee table for dinner every night at 730. That's apartment version of the dinner table.

WOW. A car and apt? Ok, I feel inspired. I'm asking my byf for half on the Maxima... You just reminded me of how cheap he realy is.

Renegade Eye said...

I would say take good drugs, and die restfully.

Good blog.

I added this blog to my blogroll.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Renegade Eye - thanks for the drive by ...good drugs, lol, i hope that includes fat steaks\

Marleaux - i guess some folk are selfich too the point of where they dont acknowledge or apppreciate what they already have, and what others do not.


Jackie - i bet u can buss the ES. LOL and no she has no shame, or else she would have not asked.

Aunt Jackie - Pork Chops

deepnthought - dont remind me im still in mourning and that is profetic "the want what they shouldnt have. what they dont need."

Princess TinyButt - "that was beyond elegant, i mean the passion you plased in each word and how the connected....dang

That Girl Tam - I wish all women could realize what you penned in your comment. You accept hhim as a whole, thats cool as ish

dejanae - great point

bookfraud said...

i'm late to the party, but you've got questions and i've got answers.

1. if i'm driving and get a call saying i've got six months to live, Ii would probably get in an accident and kill myself and several others.

2. would i rather die quickly or over time? depends -- is it a long, painful death without heavy doses of narcotics? if not, i'd rather just get hit by a bus.

3. if i knew what women really wanted in a man, i wouldn't be sharing it here. i'd have the p-t lined up around the block.

4. i know i don't see the electric slide at hasidic weddings.

5. don't knock wanting something for nothing. it's the american way.

6. bubba is hopefully boning someone who can keep her mouth shut. after swallowing.

7. the ultimate sign a woman can show the hate is taking a man-sized crap and not flushing. i see it all the time.

8. you're the only one who still does that.

9. i could tell you, but it will cost you $500 an hour.

MrsGrapevine said...

With the cancer one, you're not just going to drop dead, so it's better to know. The first few weeks are the most important because after that your energy is gone and your body slowly shuts down.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

bookfraud - lol, so u a lwayer i cant afford

ms grapevine - true, so im just gonna kick it (i mean if it was me of course)

AquariusDaisy said...

Cancer..., dying..., tell me and I would live ever day I had left like it was my last. In the car I would cry regroup and disappear.

Men, I know what I want, but I have figured out that it's the way that I pray for him that's wrong. I have to be more specific and that for me means making a list of the prayer i should say when I ask God for a man.

CHILD SUPPORT. If I were your ex, I
chill with asking for all the extras, not to say that you or any other man or woman that has to pay shouldn't, I just don't think that being greedy benefits a child. Provide that health care and send in that check, thats all that's really required. I write this as a disgruntled mom who has had to fight to only get $4000 in an 11 year time frame.

Cat Hill said...


ShAĆ© - ShAĆ© said...

1- It's better to know so you can make necessary changes to make it less painful for yourself & your loved ones... spend time with the fam, go on those vacations you never took, eat right, exercise, take medicines, make a will, buy a plot, pick out your casket... people think that stuff is gruesome, but dang it helps out the ones left behind.

2- Let's just say SOME women don't know WTF they want. Period. Nothing will please them so don't wrack your brain trying to understand the ridiculous.

3- Didn't you know? The electric slide was allegedly created by a white man.. so I guess the answer is no.

4- People are greedy, lazy, complacent, comfortable... you know what I'm trying to say.

5- Everybody in Harlem.

6- What is the ultimate sign a woman can show a man that she hates him – for me it is pulling for my favorite team to loose (unless it is playing her favorite team at the time).

7- No, I still do it too.

8- Hell no! That's just greedy.

The Bear Maiden said...

If I had 6 mths I'd make sure to tell everybody I loved that I loved them, to make sure they knew. Then I'd try to put my affairs in order so my kid won't suffer too much. I would rather NOT know, but if I were told, I would figure God let me know for a reason, so I'd make good.

Different women want different things.Me? I want someone I can love wholeheartedly, who in turn can love me back. And I want someone who doesn't lie, who trusts me, and respects me. And I always say exactly what I mean.

Nah, they do the Electric Slide at white weddings. THey also do this jump-up-and-down dance thing to Meatloaf's "Paradise By The DashBoard Light". Oh, and the Chicken Dance.

Folks want something for nuthing cuz they are freakin' lazy.

Who really cares who he's bonin' cuz it certainly isn't his wife. But it is an amusing thought. We should all scour the pictures of him, cuz whoever she is he keeps her close.

There are several ways a woman can show she hates you. Cut up your ties and flush them down the toilet. Call up people you know in common and tell them you gave her a disease. Pray for your ultimate demise. Spit in your food when you're not looking. Sew you up in the bedsheets and then beat the hell out of you with a cast iron skillet (all true stories I've heard). Me, I just stop talking, completely ignore his existence.

I dunno why it's hard for people to all sit down to dinner... everybody's running, I guess. But you're not the only one. I make sure to sit down with the Sun for dinner. Every day.

Support is for the Custodial parent. If you have your daughter 5 days out of 7, then you are the custodial parent, and you ought to make that permanent in court, and have her pay YOU. Or, you take your kid back to her.Otherwise she's milking you. Like REALLY milking you if you pay for other shit like a car. That's ridiculous.

chocolate_matters said...

I have wondered the same thing about the electric is it the black national wedding dance or what?

KELSO'S NUTS said...

My attorney once defended a celebrated mob case in the U.S. Southern District. The defendant had probably committed upwards of 10 murders and had been deeply involved in the drug trade. There were some flaw in the U.S. Atty's case and by dint of sheer effort was able to secure the client a 15 year sentence. The client refused, saying if he had to go to prison he'd kill himself before going. To which my attorney said "look, try prison for a while...if you can't deal with it, kill yourself. Maybe you can, however, who know?" He refused and the case went to trial with him acquitted on most charges and sentenced to 9 years. I believe he's still alive.

With that in mind, I'd take the 6 months provided I had enough, opiates and the internat and had at least an outside chance of living beyond the 6 months.

* Better not to know

* You know what they want: a provider and protector who is aggressive and confident sexually yet caring and relatively selfless when push comes to shove. The bankroll and the images of masculinity are all bullshit.

* All weddings, except my two...I insisted upon neither Electric Slide nor Celebration

* Because 90% of the people you meet are chickenshit who have no stomach for risk and not only can't abide a risk-taker's success but look to get a piece of that which they don't and women alike

* Bill Clinton is fucking whoever he damn well pleases at will

* Your example is good. I'd say rooting against her man's success in any endeavor is real clear. Ratting him to the authorities would be about a 100% sign.

* People are busy...the pastoral life is a thing of the past for better or worse

* It's so unreasonable than any slightly competent litigator can get those support payments trimmed down to a farthing or nothing at all...Sorry, ladies, but that's true...just as in RDB's earlier question, no one's giving anything for free...If you can find a man who'll go along with something as outrageous as RDB's scenario, I congratulate but don't respect you;

Get a job, find a new man, do what it takes but try something like what RDB has postulated and you'll end up broken by your legal fees, with no support payments, and no contact with your kids...if that works for you, mazel tov, but you have to look at yourselves in the mirror, I don't

The Artist In Me said...

Amen! on sitting down at the dinner table. That was a must in my household growing up and it will be a must as I am blessed with a family of my very own. I think that people are too busy to do so...or at least, that is what they think. But the valuable lessons taught and learned at the dinner table are priceless. Oh the things we find out and sometimes wish that we didn't...all at the dinner table.
Be blessed!

PurpleZoe said...

Peace ^_^

Sitting together and eating at the table is one tradition society needs to hold onto. It's too easy in this day and age to be living in a house full of strangers. I feel your sentiment.
Community is something that has to be worked on. Scary how much that's withered away in such a short time. Here's to rebuilding it.

Shine on