Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 toes down

Had my son at the shop today doing inventory. Father’s point of order, aint nothing like having your seeds work with you. My daughter ran around, sitting in her rocking chair from time to time. Rolled over to Bankhead for a few to see my folk. Walked in the D4L studio and saw Mook B. He screamed “God” as we greeted each other accordingly. I didn’t see Born (Born Immaculate, President of D4L records), until he pointed to him, and I mean across the table and I didn’t even noticed. I gave them the books. I had been meaning to get over there after Born (Orange shirt in pic on my rt side) had text me last week. I saw Lil Mark Too and dapped him up (his album dropping this summer). They was like, “Lo on his way.” I was like, “my kids in the car folk.” As I was leaving, Lo (green shirt on left side of me) pulled up. He was with is youngest daughter. He was like where my book?” I laughed walked over, gave him dap, and as Mook B and Born, told them about the book release party. He told me he was having a show and said I’d be on the guest list. He said it, but I could tell he knew I wouldn’t be there. I went to some of they shows on Bankhead, but never when among the general public. Lo’s new album is hot, Mook and Born as usual, did most of the production. But they learned from the best and we been folk for about 16 years now. They started in my studio on 140 Walker Street in Atlanta.

But Lo got a song out now, and one of the lines say “I'm ten toes down I'm up the sideline tryin' to stay in bounds.” And in honor of that. I’m finna (I’m country) drop these ten toes this man abides by to stay I the field of play. For me it means:

1] That I do not want to die but that I dont give a fuck if I die to day, for I have lived each and every day as if it was/is my last. Inclusive of loving, caring and treating all as I do and desire to be myself.

2] That I internalize faith in God (not a christian, Islamic, Jewish etcera God) but God, such that it is embedded in my heart to the point that I have no fear of anything.

3] That I live my daily offerings as a person in terms of "I am" as opposed to "I got or have."

4] That I love my family, my kids, my friends, my woman as love is expressed from my heart, smile and actions; knowing that words with out action are meaningless.

5] That I either abstain from intimate interactions with women or select to "Bone and disown" until one can find a woman that will hold them down, protect you, comfort you, be there for you and allow you to love them completely with unconditional positive regard and support.

6] That I accept who I am and give completely who I am to all I come in contact with such that they can choose to be apart of my being or not; without decipt, falsehood or hate.

7] That I admit I know nothing so I can continue to engage my mental faculties and develop my mind until the day I depart this earth.

8] That I try to be completely honest and truthful and embody the greatness in all those I come in contact with; meaning I will always to try and find some good and acknowledge that good before the bad.

9] That i accept the differences of all I come in contact with, with grace, respect and appreciation and attempt to exhibit the value I see in others at all cost, even if at a detriment to myself.

10] That i will never be afraid to love, nor make excuses about my foibles, iniquities or any other short coming I may have as a single human being.


Kayos said...

I need the info on these cats when they got dope lyrics like that. Especially ones that make me think.

As for you being "Blog Po PO" You're not. The blog police are the folks that called me out and you weren't one of those folks...I think.

Wish I could attend the book release party. But get me the info on those guys with the dope lyrics. I didn't feel like clickin links today.

Lovebabz said...

Sie sind absolut erstaunlich! Meine Liebe-Liste wird im Vergleich mit Ihren zehn Dingen blass. Ich wünsche Sie alles, dass Sie wünschen und mehr. Ich bin glücklich, dass ich Ihr Freund werde und ich hoffe, seit einer sehr langen Zeit zu sein.


Kayos said...

Oh and the 10 toes you live by...

That is sofa-king awesome. I wish I could say at half of those.

The Immoral Matriarch said...

I need to abide by some of yours, and I like to think that I do others.

If I was a dude though - I'd so bone and disown. Shit, if I was still single I would. But that's just me. Relationships are too complicated. LOL

shelia said...

This is one we should all live by: That I accept who I am and give completely who I am to all I come in contact with such that they can choose to be apart of my being or not; without decipt, falsehood or hate.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Hey, this has nothing to do with you post, but just for the record. While I was at Border's books, I did look for you book, they did not have it. They were willing to order it; not even at the surrounding stores.

The Jaded NYer said...

that's a great 10 to live by... I'm not that organized (or deep) with mine. I just try to: learn something new everyday, not be so hard on myself, and remember to laugh more than I cry.

Shelia said...

Most excellent post Torrence, very genuine and thought provoking.

Have a great weekend!~~Shelia

Anonymous said...

Real Talk! I don't have to keep telling you.. you already know.. cause i done said it.

lol at your lil girl running around then sitting in her rocking chair.. too cute!

PrettyBlack said...

You know Torrance I really like that shit. After I stopped blowing trees 9 years ago, I had a small revelation. After I stopped drinking alcohol 5 years ago, I had a bigger revelation. The fact that my mind is clear gives me the ability to hold it down in a totally different way.

I look at people and situations differently. Shit that used to bother me doesn't phase me anymore.

I live to serve my family and my number one goal is to make God and myself happy...Because that's the only way anyone else around me is going to be happy.

I look at people as maybe their not just assholes but maybe their having a bad day.

You should call those the thinking mans' ten commandments. They are truly words to live by.

jali said...

Good stuff to share.

I can't tell from the photo but is that Mr. Green? I'm gonna check further - Mr. G. is one of my favorite artists and I'm a NY-er.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Kayos - i was just checking and do have a great weekend, they my folk u will like them. no killing stuff. and love the line sofsa king awesome.

lovebabz - Astonishing, y thank u hon

The Immoral Matriarch - thanks ho and dont trip, keep that relationship tight

OMP - call them to order it from them and they will

The Jaded NYer - i wasnt trying to be deep just honest and thank u and laughing is great

Shelia - thank u too sister

D'Lee - yep all is "mine" according to her

Prettyblack - "thinking mans' ten commandments." never looked at it like that, thanks hon

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

jali - shoot me an email, i went to the apple but didnt see u i did njoy it

jali said...

Aww.. never mind on the Mr. Green stuff.

I do like Low's lyrics. Very nice.

Aunt Jackie said...

i got confused you do or don't bone and disown?

JayBee said...

number three stuck out for me. i need a little bit more on that.

MrsGrapevine said...

Good choices, I may have to think of a ten toe list for women, or at least for me because I don't think like traditional women.

12kyle said...

i'm feeling the 10, bruh. great post!

How is Lo's cd? I haven't heard much about it b/c i don't listen to HOT or VEE

Skoolboi Krush said...

I'm going to have to adopt your 10 toes down. That is real business right there. Great Post!

Anonymous said...

Great list of how to live life....I agree with most not all of everything listed....I practice not even half but its good to always have a set of morals, beliefs and standards to live up to....


Renegade Eye said...

It can be hard being both hip and insightful.

Jaded said...

Honesty, above all else is key... but we first have to be honest with ourselves. I applaud you.

Clay Lowe said...

nice words, deeply felt moving one to think long and deep.


mp1 v.8.0 said...

Good stuff man

The Flyyest said...


Brittany said...

I'm with clay lowe on this one. I read this when you first posted but never left a comment. Lurking!! lol

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Brittney - u leaving me, i mean us?

Flyyyest - explain what that means to this flip flp andsock, last of the dic slinging, memphis , ten country boy pls

Mp1 - as alwyas much respect

Clay - thanks folk, how the new book coming?

Jaded - see, I told u that u were my sister

Renegade Eye - me? hip and insightful? why u say that

IntrospectiveGoddess - i am flatered

Skoolboi Krush & 12kyle - i hope to see yawl on the 24th.rinks on me or my boy, i mean it is his bar LOL

MrsGrapevine - u know i will be around to read it

Jaybee - where u located folk

Aunt Jackie - been sexless for about 9 months now, but it was what m options are

Divine Blackness said...

What a beautiful list. #2 is the truth.

Fantastically Misunderstood Me said...

THIS I loved:
"... I have lived each and every day as if it was/is my last. Inclusive of loving, caring and treating all as I do and desire to be myself."

And I just learned how to do the blog roll thing today, but you can def. get on there seeing as I am trying to be like you when I grow up! MULTIPLE works to your credit! Are you doing self publishing or do you have a deal w/someone? Of course I have like 100 more questions in this area, but let's start small. Lol.

M Bar! Reminds me of last summer in ATL! Definitely wish I could be in attendance at that party. But congrats on the new book!

Blah Blah Blah said...

Good list.
I need to be less of a surface thinker and make my own list.
Right now list consist of ...drinking and sex...or something like's just a phase...LOL

ATl huh? Hmmm...