Thursday, April 24, 2008

microphone, excuse me studio gangstas

Cooked Jambalaya last night with ground Italian sausage. Can you say yum yum eattum up? My son can ,three bowls worth, and me likewise, same number too. But lil momma, she didn’t want any and instead wanted Pistachio’s and Cereal. So I gave it to her.

But before we got home, had to pick little daddy up from baseball practice. He gets in the car and changes the radio station. I had it on NPR. The first song that cam up was Lil Wayne’s “Lollipop.” And two seconds had not passed before little momma started to sing the hook. Before I could tell him, he changed the station to Radio Disney, and she got plain right upset.

I always listen to NPR or RADIO Disney When she was in the car. I mean if I get in and NPR is on she straight, but if Visa Versa, I am at a loss until the next time we get in vehicle. What cut was she knew lollipop (even though she knew hat word well already) and juicy.

Now I know everybody got DIRT BEHIND THEIR EARS, thus the name of my latest book. I also believe in artistic freedom and expression. But I also acknowledge must be acted upon in an accordance with reason and personal responsibility. I got no problem with little Wayne making what he creates, but I do think I have the right to call folk a dumb ass fuck boy if he does not consider the state of urban radio, our schools and violence in the general community or that criminal behavior is not a positive identity to promote. Yea, it is fiction, but considering the aforementioned, a man that doesn’t even attempt to control what he submits or releases to a radio station that kids mainly listen to, and who places money over all else as a rationale for doing such, one has to call it like they see it.

Personally, I have never been, claimed or known thugs or gangsters. A few felons maybe, but none of the previous. See we valued education and such a self-proclamation tells folk that you foul, selfish, and really aint about making money as you say. Personally I have never been to prison and am proud of such. I give the credit, maybe to my brain cells and thought. Nobody I knew wore a lot of jewelry, drove a fancy car, or tossed around and flashes loot (in particular in an attempt to impress some broad or dame, since only broads or dames are impressed with such – women have their own). Folks just realized you can’t make money in jail or prison and that telling you a thug or gangster will get you there. But I guess talent alone aint enough, and that bravado is required. Just ask Akon, who felt that his talent wasn’t enough and needed to say that he was convicted, sent to prison from term 1999 and 2002 and facing 75 years. Truth was he stole a Bimer, got hemmed up, and the prosecutor dropped all charges without serving a day of time.

What makes it so bad is I heard a taped interview with T.I. (should be TOO Ignorant) and he never accepted responsibility for the image he depicts. Instead he blamed TV’s without indicating that he made media for TV’s, which content he can control’s if he KNOWS such. He blamed high school in the ATL for not letting him speak to students (I don’t know why, unless they do not think he is sincere). He didn’t even admit that he may have been part of the problem, I mean aint we all. I like the music of all TI, Wayne and Akon. See I consider my self a scholar and a father first not an idiot, rapper, banker or none of that. I am what I am and proud. However, I cannot tolerate folks not accepting their responsibility to the community as a man. And I shole don’t tolerate microphone, excuse me, studio gangsters to avoid their responsibility. I say leave the gangster to Al Capone and Meyer Lansky, its unbecoming, but at least thee latter dressed well and wore belts. And no, im not hatting even though they kust as bad as the KKK.

My book release party will be held at the M-Bar - April 24, 2008 from 7 to 10pm
257 Peters Street, Atlanta, Ga 30311- phone: 404 523 1555


Tera said...

So deep...and very thought provoking. I remember the day my son was "chewing on the pu$$y like a piece of bubble-yum" and I KNOW FOR A FACT he hadn't heard that song while with me!!!!

P.S. Would you mind sending me some of that Jambalaya the next time you make it???

Jamal O said...

ThanQ for the invite homie.

Imma try to slide through.

Industry party/ concert at luckie


sista gp said...

I feel sorry for my son. He has extremely limited access to current music. I mainly listen to C-SPAN RADIO, and XM stations that concentrate on music from the 60's, 70's, and 80's. My CD collection is from artists from the same era. I usually have to sensor 'Prince' when he is around.
I have slipped a few times, but he is even trained to tell me when a song has profanity in it, 'Ooo momma, he said a bad word, please change the station. I'm not supposed to hear that.'

sorry, i haven't gotten the new book yet, still trying to get back to the re-read of AMA

msladydeborah said...

Isn't it interesting how our children get exposure to the very things that we work so hard to keep at bay?

I have had to stop preschoolers from repeating the lyrics to certain songs because they have no clue about the meaning of the words that they are saying.

As far as the responsible parties owning up to their negative influences within our society~that would seem to require an overall adult attitude. If it wasn't working before they started spittin' into the mike~it damn sure doesn't seem that it would happen afterwards.

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

I HATE most of the music that comes on the radio these days...I use the word hate, because it DOES have a negative effect on our children. I can't stand when a child knows the lyrics to a song and barely knows their ABC's.....

I work with teenagers and I have to constantly hear that crap playing loud over the speakers...I find myself singing those same songs I hate when I leave work....what they say what you put in will come out?

I rap and do spoken word and even in my BC (before Christ) days I was never comfortable saying lyrics that were too sexual or didn't have a positive message..

I have declared that when I have children they won't be listening to the radio or watching MTV/BET on my watch...I know I can't control what they hear or watch when I'm not around, but not on MY watch!!!!

memphiz said...

okay so mad you cooked and I didnt get none!

So happy your son changed it w/o you telling him!

LOL at "T.I too ignorant" funnti.

I respect and love the comment about...being a father first before anything else!

Hope your release party goes well!

Melody.Darlene said...

pistachios and cereal?? lol!

"I say leave the gangster to Al Capone and Meyer Lansky"

agreed agreed AGREED!!! i cant stress that enough! and u realize that now that T.I. (whom i love btw) is gonna do some "jail time" (less than a year no doubt) he is gonna be THAT MUCH MORE of a "gangster".

ooh and did u hear about akon?? his whole story/image about "locked up" wasnt true!! someone investigated it and it NEVER happened!! the story was fabricated so that he could fit this "image"... why do we have to glamorize jail time?? wtf???!!

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

Heater Post Once again.

Miss Mika said...

In totally agreement with you on this. The state of "hip hop" is on the verge of flat-lining and it's those wannabes that have it in such a state. That is why I don't listen to the radio anymore because I am tired of hearing about who got shot how many times in what club or car with how many big booty hoes after coming from whatever hotel while smoking copious amounts of weed. Same words, different format over a remixed beat.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

Jambalaya...another of those southern meals that this northern mouth knows nothing about.

I'm down with the radio nerds

Husla3x said...

I am going to get a few of your joints and read them. You are starting to interest me most severely. I thought i was alone in the darkness and here come a MF' who look like me (black) with a flashlight. Most welcome son.

Husla3x said...

oh yea almost forgot, i love those channels way on the small end of the dial. Boring to my kids but for some reason calm me. Thought i was alone in that too...see what i mean. 12 step program for lamb anonymous. I gotta go to a meeting the world is trying to make me backslide.

JayBee said...

only broads or dames are impressed with such – women have their own

drop the knowledge.

DreamCop08 said...

I feel you on that Rawdog these images today on television are just ridiculous. I am so happy that you changed the station cause the little cutie does not need to listen to that garbage. I tell you society today is changing into something that is not good. I really pray for the kids that are growing up in this time era. *sigh*

Aunt Jackie said...

i'm hoping your book party was as awesome as you are!

Marleaux said...

Mmmm, some good ole Jambalaya. And I bet it was the real thing like my granny used to make, unlike the commercial version that they make at Cheesecake and CPK, though Wolfgang Puck though did put his foot in that one.

And I'm not mad at lil momma. I would eat cereal for breakfast lunch and dinner. And we probably share the same like in cereals, forget that grown up stuff.

Looking forward to seeing pix from the party.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

T: Very, very complicated socioligical question, writing as someone connected by blood to smaller, more pathetic, versions of the historical people of whom you write.

On the one hand, I know sure as I'm typing this that any career criminal will tell you that his life is one of stress and boredom punctuated by intense periods of physical and psychological torment.

On the other hand, if you trace the Time-Warner of today back along the Kimmel (not Booth Luce) line you get to some very unpleasant chaps indeed.

Perhaps, whatever T.I. 50-cent and all the purveyors of baroque silliness in studios are doing today will evolve through M & A into into the MERCK, MOTOROLA or GE of tomorrow. Not that those are super-great corporate citizens, either.

Balzac's rule's a pretty sound one, you know.

Veronica Wright (Hunnie) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Veronica Wright (Hunnie) said...

I caught my nephew singing that lil Wayne song. "Call me so I can make it juicy for ya"

I stopped the 7 year-old and asked him "What does that mean? Do you know?" He thought about it and smiled "No."

I politely asked him not to say or "sing" things for that matter if he didn't know what it meant.

I spoke with his mother yesterday and asked her "If music is like this now, how will it be when the 7 and 8 year olds of today are OUR age?!?!?"

It's sad to even think about it. Real music does not prevail these days.

bookfraud said...

man, the things a white boy can learn when he just opens up his eyes.

hope the book release party went well.

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

You've been tagged. Click here to see the rules and please don't break the chain.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Tera - i resemble the chewing remark but just dont sing about it and i will but it may sopoil in the mail

Jamal - good look last nite folk. thanks for the support

sista gp - its the thought that counts, and thanks u know prince is my folk

msladydeborah - i agree. i dont want to hide it, but i think i want her to be older so we can talk. Im with u 100%. i just want to be the one she listend to it with, so it wont be a big deal and she can use reason to enhance her knowledge of rt and wrong and what it mneans to be a lady

kitten - well said and thanks for the drive by, would love to here u spit one day

memphiz - thanks hon and yep, number 1 son is the truth

Melody.Darlene - thanks for the drive by and yep, but she normally eats what ever i cook, but she wasnt putting down them nuts and was asking fo cereal LOL

bossmacik - good look folk, chief the weekend up u know

Miss mika - now i loveme some big booty , ah women, its the south memphis in me, nothing better, maybe legs and a smile. but i agree completely with your observation

MP1 - lol, get down here quick folk and eat and u may never leave

Husla3x - yea folk, there are some of us left and im a sports talk junkie too, and live on the am, except for sundays lol

JayBee - thanks, but as men it is up to us to let folks know that we make distinctions about a woman and women and that they are the truth and more thabn dames broads, and hos u know. its out duty as men

DreamCop08 - i should have used that word GARBAGE

aunt jackie - thanks hon

Marleaux - will do and i aint never ate at puck or cpk, but i have hit KFC. LOL

Kelso - lol thats a classic line purveyors of baroque silliness in studios "Le Medecin de Campagne" is the most philosophical of all Balzac's

hunnie - thats what im talking about, im proud of u for taking responsibilit of our community. good woamn indeed, your man is lucky

Bookfraud - LOL or should i say LMBAO. U still my memphis home slice, and when u gone review my book finally over the memphis loss

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team - Damn, Damn, damn lol

atlien said...

I'm sorry bout last night...forgive me please!!

Exquisitely Black said...

Another great post. I think it's shameful on all our parts (parents, aunts/uncles, entertainers, writers, etc.), not to take responsibility for what you say/produce. To do so is just ignorant.

We can't beam in pride everytime our kids imitate something wonderful that we do or say and then turn a blind eye and blame it on someone else when they sprout the trash too. Nobody is perfect, but the least we can do is take ownership.

Kayos said...

I hear all that!

Akon was just wrong for messin up Michael's Wanna be Startin Something. STr8 Bullshit!

Glad you enjoyed your Jambalaya...need to come to NO someday and eat the real thing.

So like you've been tagged on my blog so get to gettin sir!

Haute in LA said...

If only I was in the ATL...

That Jambalaya got my mouth watering and all I have is a freaking trail mix bar!

Fantastically Misunderstood Me said...

you know i'm not really stalking him! lol. google so doesn't count. lol.

that jambalaya sounds good! and why do you think it is that people have so romanticized this idea of "thugs" and "gangstas"? i hope your party goes well! have fun. wish i was there... really.

nywele said...

A very thought-provocative entry...
thank you for visiting my blog by the way. Which book did you publish? I'd love to read it..
and no i don't mind your comments, i love feedback :)

dejanae said...

send somea that jambalaya my way

true man
they dont operate in a vacuum
gotta understand that every action has a reaction

loves it

Tia's Real Talk said...

They will never take responsibility for how their music impacts society, because if they did they would have to stop and change their choices. We all know they don't want to do that because the money is too good. We are driven by a greed society. Make the most money you can, as fast as you can, for the smallest amount of work you can. Nothing wrong with that but it bare's a problem when that mentality is in entertainment. Sex sells and it will be sold to anyone buying.

YoungBlackBeauty said...

Akon should feel like a fool but I doubt his records will stop selling which is really the sad part. Thanks for the comments. Great post!

Brittany said...

I get mad when I see that new Chris Brown video with him all grinding and moving his hips while these baby girls are screaming their heads off.

MsPuddin said...

this is some real ish. hip hop used to represent its people a culture, now artists arent really coming out with anything we can relate to. in addition promoting bad habits. im not blaming music for our dying communities, but we cant deny it doesnt play its part...

Anonymous said...

I was at a party two weekends ago and they played that lollipop song at least 3 times that night maybe more......Lil Wayne..I actually like some of his music..but I have read that he might have a drug addiction...NE Way....Its good that you are monitoring what your children are exposed to..its very important...dont have the book yet but I will be sure to try and get my hands on it....Have fun at your release party AND....can I get some Jambalaya?

Anonymous said...

Oh and the above comment was by me


Renegade Eye said...

You can never have a bad post if Jambalaya is mentioned like that.

I agree with Sinatra, never be associated with artistic junk. He actually sued Mitch Miller, for producing a bad album. He added whistles and bells to Sinatra's soundtrack. Artistic integrity is just that.

Lina M said...

The radios play what they think there listeners want to here. If people are tuning in, the radio stations will continue to play the so-called "sensored" radio versions of the songs. Using profanity in every other verse shows a lack of knowledge.
Hopefully the music will get better with time. We need more of the Commons and KRS One's out in the hip-hop world.

Congrats on your book I will pick up a copy. Have a great weekend. Continue being the great positive role model that you are.
Peace Lina

MrsGrapevine said...

i just listen to NPR, it only take 20 seconds before my son picks up the hook to any song, so I just keep the radio tuned to NPR. I rather him know world affairs than how to Make Love In the Club.

I just heard the Lollipop song two days ago and I was shaking my head. There is nothing artistic about it, that song was made to spark controversy for the sake of controversy. The only point is to shock itself into airplay. Lil Wayne is so much more talented that song.

The Artist In Me said...

I don't have children yet, but have a neice and 2 nephews that are smart as whips (all under the age of 5). It's amazing the things that they pick up. It's almost as if they store it in their minds as to regurgitate it at the proper and precise moment. And that moment is almost always sure to be embarrasing to the one caring for them at the time.

Hope your book release went well!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

T: Thanks for compliment. ANY compliment from you on my writing goes up on the Wall-Of-Honor in my mind.

I don't read French but the "Hombre De La Mancha" chain of bookstores here carry large selections of the classics in Spanish and English translations.

My latest entrepreneurial venture -- a piece of the HED KANDI BAR PANAMA (a house, trance and rave lounge) franchise -- is almost ready to open doors. Tomorrow, I meet with partners to see the finished space and to go over business and finanial shit.

If the opening is next Friday as planned, you'll probably see some pictures up at HELL a week from tomorrow or there will be links to the local papers.

Shabbat shalom, buddy. Get some copies of your work down to the "Hombre De La Mancha" chain or Gran Morrison or better still FARMACIA ARROCHA. It's like DUANE READE. There are a zillion of them and they all carry English and Spanish books. No need for Spanish translation. English would fly off the shelves.

CdP is not just banking and nightlife. It is very much a college town.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

And just for the record, no. I consider NWA and early Ice Cube -- and all whole host too numerous to mention -- to be neither baroque nor silly in the slightest.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

the artist in me - yep, too bright for they own good, and mine happens to be the seed off a phd

Mrsgrapevine - npr is the truth, hope u have a great weekens. And u aint missed nothing with the song

lina m - i dont even consider it music anymore

renegade eye - my fault folk, i did not mean to make the stomac growl, if i did i would tell u im cooking prime rib now lol but Jambalaya is the truth

IntrospectiveGoddess - thanks hon and i did, but addiction or not, foul is foul

mspudding - so true, promoting bad habbits, glad u stil chk on yo folk hon

brittney - i aint even seen it, dont look at buffon tv no more last time i did they had the selma bus strike movie on.

YoungBlackBeauty - yep it is really sad

Tia's Real Talk - true albeit i am guilty of greed and i love me some sex, but not at the expense of reducing my personal responsibility

dejanae - yep me too on the npr, but it will come back, as Juvinele

nywele - y thank u and do return pls?

Fantastically Misunderstood me - u stalker lol, stalk me scared say u sacred and thank u it did

Haute in LA - and what would u do, me feed me and u can have your way with me u like that too, but folk here dont get down with the trail mix, even on the trail i hunt meat

Kayos - is that an invite, im down, akon can u say fuck boy

EB - thank u and never a blind eye here folk, my folk Parlee (with Dem Franchise boys) was at my book release last nite and he was made when i said this, my folk Pastor troy was there too, he agreeded

atlien - u would have had a ball all my fook were there pastor troy, bor immaculate of d4l, parlee dem franchise bopys, Jamal of cartoon network and more

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Kelso - u see i got NWA in the banner , I agree, but folk here love him som balzac ....can u say Eugenie Grandef LOL folks on my blog probably never read it , madqm G was the truth huh

A Go Bytch said...

That's kinda how I felt about Ashanti's new video...with the guy in the tub of blood. It's like I know these "artist" are out to make money but are they the least bit concerned about the image they are potraying and the message they are sending...stupid azz!

Ana said...

So thought provoking! I completely agree with everything written. It's refreshing to read these profound word from the perspective of a brotha! Keep it up!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

T: It's a sorry person indeed who lives in a vacuum.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

T: Far as I can tell, while it's possible that other sites have NWA and Balzac, none bring it like you, buddy.

I don't waste my time with foolishness.

I come here because I know it is distributed severly-trunacted Gaussian with a mean near 95% pure but with enough variance to make it thrilling.

I can do Gauss here, Balzac, NWA, I don't fuckin know Ron Paul's tax plan or the GE/Westinghouse/Allis-Chalmers anti-trust case and know that you'll get me.

And, as I lose my American-ness with each passing day, and I am really American only in this blogging conceit, even if only for a minute I feel here like what America could be in an Aunt Jackie fantasy world, which, funnily enough is a lot like South America, but the lingua franca (ha ha) is English.

The Flyyest said...

1st off.....if i was in atlanta i woulda been all up at your book release party!!! hope you enjoyed yourself!!

2nd......GET OFF MY MAN WAYNE!!!!

The Jaded NYer said...

See- that right there is why my computer is in plain site in my apartment and I don't have a TV or stereo... I need to monitor EVERYTHING my babies are listening to and watching, so that when I'm not around to monitor them, they'll still think twice about what they're being "fed."

And listen- if you're ever promoting the book in NYC, give me a shout ;)

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

jaded nyer- im with ya, i just try and keep them with me at all times and like the old school, dont let them here me listenm to mom's mabley until they good and sleep


- my fault u picking wayne over me, foul folk and i know u would have been the life of the party - truth be told folk here will say same to his face

Kelso - like they said in Westside story "life is alright in america, if u can fight in america - u still an ex pat to me lol

ana - thank u and thanks for the drive by but i dont think im that profound. but i am honored hon. do return

A Go Bytch - im glad we fgolk, dont wanna be on you bad side

THE PRINCESS "C" said...

I love this topic because I LOVE Rap music, I have been listening to different styles of rap since Gheto Boys to Kanye, so I can appreciate the different styles of music (if that's what you want to call some of it), but as I have matured, I have found it difficult to continue to justify listening to rap. What you see and hear definitely affects you, I use to listen to it everyday before and after work, but now I can't stomach some of it, because it's not meaningful lyrics, some of it's garbage and as you stated before it's affecting our community especially our children.

It's different now because I do not look to rap or hip hop to educate me, at all, so I can turn it on and turn it off and understand that it's simply entertainment, their goal is to make MONEY not educate our youth, so we as parents and leaders, have to ACCEPT that FULL responsibility, because they are not, they are not even responsible for themselves, for ex. TI raps about taking "6 girls to bed" on the URBAN LEGEND CD and later after a run in with the law, decides to talk to the youth on Easter Sunday about HIV and such, please, it would be a POWERFUL statement to our community if he completely (as much as he can no one's perfect) turn his life around, our YOUTH does not listen to WHAT we say it is proven they WATCH what we do. We have to go the extra mile and make sure that our kids don't fed into that garbage. So it's difficult for me because I have been listening to it personally since I was 12. Once I destroyed all my rap CDs in 2003, only to purchase them all over again in 2005 and I am still listening to it. Ultimately I would like to give it up for good, but for me some of the beats are addictive but the lyrics are trash!


gobytch said...

Ummmm RAW! You never responded to my comment(feeling left out) I'm gonna have to put you in time out!
That's a cancer thing!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

a go bytch - im sorry, i thought i did, and to be honest I was trying to find that video, u know i dont look at Buffon television, well i did when they had the montgomery bus boycott movie, they need more of that and dont put me on time out please, im a fragile mind already

the princess c - thanks for the drive by hon, and me too, geto boys, along with others mostly southern and classich chuck chill out and dj red aleart mix days. i cant understand it either, i would educate, i mean i wanna be a scholar, not a thug, as u can tell by most of my post. just keep the faith hon and do return pls

hawa said...

I don't think I have the popular opinion on this subject, but I don't believe rap music ever corrupted anybody. I just believe that corrupt hearts are attracted to corrupt things... and the industry provided the attractant.

Throughout life, I have been exposed to all kinds of filth (from music to bad behavior), but I found myself grounded in the values established by my family.

As the princess "c" said:

I do not look to rap or hip hop to educate me, at all, so I can turn it on and turn it off and understand that it's simply entertainment, their goal is to make MONEY not educate our youth, so we as parents and leaders, have to ACCEPT that FULL responsibility...

I enjoy some rap music, especially while doing chores lol, because the beats keep me moving. And in other cases, I can't listen because the beat doesn't salvage the unbearable lyrics.

My son listens to some rap. At the age of 15, he actually prefers old school. Whenever I hear him repeat a rap lyric, I talk to him about it but I don't get bent out of shape, because his daily value system clearly reflects the kind of integrity that I live and teach at home.

Christina said...

Jambalaya? Uhem.. did you forget to invite your lil sis/fave chef? : ) I thought I was the only one who drove around listening to radio disney. :)

Dogon said...

hawa - u are not 2. so u are comfortable with a two year old, your child (u do have children right) who learn by listening at that age, to repeat such? I hope not because u would be considered part of the problem to me. But i respect your opinion, but my lil girl doesnt have a corrupt heart folk, or are u saying she does, if so, ill find yo azz folk.

christina - u know u welcome anytime sista, im cooking neckbonmes as we speak lol

kayellejaye said...

It's a crying shame what they play on the radio nowadays and how it's affecting our youth.

Now I can totally relate to our parent's generation and how they felt about what we grew up listening to.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

kayellejaye - yep and we let them get away with it

Kieya said...

my hear would've stopped as soon as she started singing. lol

hawa said...

@dogon: I believe the example I used was my 15 year old son, and I don't think I ever implied that certain music was appropriate for a 2-year old.

I believe in age-appropriate screening (from music to R-rated movies). But I still don't believe that rap music has the power to corrupt the entire black community. Absent parents who don't establish a productive value system do a far better job of that.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

hawa - i stand corrected, i owe u an apology, pls accept it. 15 i can understand

Tia's Real Talk said...

I agree somewhat with HAWA. But corrupt things can lure hearts to corruption. The more you listen to certain things it starts to have an effect on you. Whether positive or negative. It is a true blessing that you and your son have unshaken values but some do not. While you have taught your son, and sat down with him to discus lyrics, most have not. So they are left uninformed. Sad to say people deem this music as truth and are lost and can not distinguish entertainment from life. Especially when rappers are stating how real their music is and how it is their life story. That is confusing to a kid.
I won't even get into these artist/music from the biblical stand point. Remember our grandparent saying its the "devils music"? Well now I understand why and I'll explain in my next blog. I'll hit you up when it's done.

Tia's Real Talk said...

I posted the blog about Hip-Hop. Controversial but entertaining and what I deem as true. Read it and check out the link that corresponds. And please give feed back.

hawa said...

@torrance/dogon: It's all love. No apology required. :-)

@tia's real talk: We do essentially agree. You said:

While you have taught your son, and sat down with him to discus lyrics, most have not.

That said, we (kinda hehe) agree that the power to overcome any negative influence is best leveraged by a parent/guardian. And yes, when a family drops the ball, something out there will become a child's teacher.

I'm looking forward to reading your blog post about hip hop. I'm gonna jump over later when I have uninterrupted time to read and comment.

Tia's Real Talk said...

Hawa- thanks for reading and posting. I appreciate your feed back and your wisdom is delightful. Thanks!

tz said...

I work at a school ,and you'd be surprise (actually no you wouldn't), the number of FACULTY that have 'Lollipop' as a ringtone. Imagine siting in a meeting full of teachers and hearing "she said I'm like a lollipop" repeatedly because this fool can't find her phone! ..and
you wonder why public school systems have children that can only identify with THIS music...sometimes it's their teachers.

(thanks for stopping by..good reading you have here) said...


I read this post too late. I'm right down the street from that. :(

Tia's Real Talk said...

tz you are sooooo right. These teachers are babies themselves. Only a few years older than the students. One of my friends started teaching 12grade English/Lit at 23 yrs. old. Teachers weren't that young when I was growing up.

Michelle said...

kayellejaye - yep and we let them get away with it

Michelle Allen said...

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