Wednesday, May 07, 2008

200$ in two

First, I wanted to say Jones here been having PC problems, not to mention I had 6oo pounds of dog food delivered to day for my store. I was trying to post this yesterday - Jesus wept. So Marcus ( i still aint on yo blog roll folk), yep I read post and left a comment, or so I though. Second. I have added a new button to the top left hand side bar that read SBM MUZK. Yep, your folk her make music, proficient in lead vocals, bass, guitar and percussion and some keys. We call it Funktry Muzk (funky country music). All live and impromptu with folk playing what ever instrument is available. One date it and move on to the next song. Been making music like this since 1984 and my goal is to put up all 7000 or so songs amassed or as many as this site allows.

Any who, since a black man broke, I have been ruminating on the state of gasoline. The strange thing is about 10 years ago we did a song called GAS HIGHA DAN A MUTHA FUKA.

But I really believe that in the next two years the price of Crude Oil will be hovering around $200 a barrel. Why do I suspect such? Well several reasons. The first is the weak and inflated and the non-recession proof dollar. The second is based on folks who hate us with a passion like Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Jones be talking like a real trooper, but I can’t blame him, I mean if I hated a country with a passion that basically treated my people like step children, I would use oil as an instrument of war also (African Nation take a hint).

Now I’m certain that we may be able to buffer such a price if we sought other fuel sources or did not attempt to invade another arab countries (IRAQ). Although I think invading Is an impossibility under new leadership with the Exception of John McCain, GWB, may decide to do such if he aint got no blow to toot.

Yep, and the concern is that it may be an option if the current president of these United States of America desires to flex his geopolitical muscle. We have insisted on such by having policies (NAFTA, repealing Glass-Stegall) that have aided in the fall of the dollar - declined by about 15 percent in 12 months. And OPEC nations know this. Why, cause they losing loot. If OPEC takes this approach, then I figure the only thing next is the fall of the US economy. I mean let us be for real, oil was about$40 a barrel in May 2005.

This means no more me and you if you asked me, which you didn’t, the end of the middle class for real. But then again, I’m just a mutha fucaka who thinks, who reads and is cursed with an IQ of 185 as if it means I cant count to 186 - but ton’t worry, I made 690 on my SAT. But it is hard not feeling like Magnentius, who in 365 (or was it 350 , I forget) ACE who was proclaimed of the ruler of the Roman Empire after the assignation of Constans, when he felt like he was the shit. I hope I am not the shit and what I postulate remains mere rumination.


Tera said...

You're on my Blog Roll Torrance ;-)

In case you're wondering why I am avoiding the subject, my blood pressure was high at my doctor's appointment yesterday, and I'd rather not take it there again.

Thank you.

Lena said...

I hate to see how society is going to function as gas continues to go higher because even those who don't drive (hence, me)have to deal with these repercussions since prices for everything else is going up. This is just getting ridiculous.

Aunt Jackie said...

it makes me wonder if this is a ploy to get us towards the Amero Dollar to compete with the Euro. An eradication of borders between us, Canada and Mexico, insuring first and foremost a steady flow of labor hands and permanent lower class for the America and of course a military presence that would then control and and all crude oil coming into the ports...

when i moved to LA gas was 99 cents a gallon and that was 7 years I'm spending $3.89 a gallon. I'm surprised pennies are still in circulation...i mean if the dollar ain't worth shit what does that say about the penny?

I'm totally getting a bicycle, and working on my abs and calves while I save gas!

Curious said...

I've heard the $200/barrel in 24 months somewhere else. Some people look at it as a certainty rather than a prediction.

I say that perhaps after over 100 years it's time to rethink the role of the combustion engine. Perhaps it's time for it to be replaced by cars using a hydrogen cells, or insisting that new cars are sold that can run on 1 gallon of gas for at least 50 miles. Perhaps it's time to give tax incentives to consumers, city, state and federal, who buy Smart Cars instead of Hummers. Perhaps it's time to stop encouraging suburban sprawl and start pushing for a better and more comprehensive mass transportation system that would carry people as well as cargo. Perhaps that would decrease amount of personal miles travelled by individuals who knows.

Anyway, I don't think that anyone is going to be able to control the free fall of the dollar without encouragement of more investment in the US and maybe even an increase in the interest rates. Nor will anyone be able to control the demand of oil by countries like China and India and many other countries that are emerging on the world stage, so the demand and reliance on oil has to be controlled here if the price is to have no lasting affect on folk here.

All that to say, think Green and there'll be no worries.

mp1 v.8.0 said...

They gettin all Machiavellian on the gas with us. If those countries, are smart, they'll be liek "To hell with allo fya biching and complaining." I guess it's their turn to get back at us.

Music.....What don't you do, pimping? lol

Kitty said...

Yeah I used to complain when gas went over 1.05. Now that price would be a sight for sore eyes. My tank used to be like $20 to fill. Now? please!! Remember when someone would ask you for a ride and try to sweeten the deal by promising to "give you $5 on gas"? HA!!

hawa said...

Hey, Torrance! I finally updated my "Bloggers Who Hold My Attention" (blogroll)... and there you are. ;-)

Anonymous said...

You gotta look harder bruh-man, you have been on my blog roll for the longest; just look for Raw Dawg Buffalo on my drop down menu.

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Anonymous said...

I could definitely see barrels gettin' around $200+ in two years; with ease at that. For anyone that may feel that is impossible, don't doubt it. Just 10 short years ago, regular grade gasoline was going for $0.97 per gallon [at least that is how much it was where I grew up in Central, Virginia], now look at it, some d-mn $3.60+ in the D.C. area and $4 and some change in other states. WHAT THA HECK are these fools doin' in that oval office!?

:::Marcus LANGFORD:::

Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I think Gas is gonna be $5.00 a gallon before tha end of this year, remember I said that.

Lovebabz said...

The only goal of the OIL business is to make money. Anything else is just a perk, or benevolence on the part of the Oil Companies. European countries have been paying these prices and higher for decades! There is no way they are going to let these hefty profits go. There is no going back. I think there may be a leveling off. Americans will pay whatever the price of gas is because we LOVE our vehicles. The gov't knows this and is not pressed to excercise political will. Will we get to a state of "Mad Maxx" probably not, but it is going to hurt more. Will Americans get crazy and start thinking drilling in the Alaskan wilderness? If the pain becomes the pain of the upper classes then you will see stepped up lobbying efforts persuading folks this will be a good idea. The trick to all this is to pay attention to the side games...not so much the obvious rising gas prices. Pay attention to who is at the table negotiating and who is benefiting and WHAT is NOT being said to the public.

Dogon said...

thank u, and what are u avoiding sister

it is and food will be next

aunt jackie
the amero will be out in 2011 and the bilderbergs still run things

thats what i am afraid of the fre fall see jackies commenets on amero

alot, but if i can think it i can do it, and i dont pimp - no more lol

u give new meaning to i got 5 on it lol

thanks 4 the love

my fault, i know u got love

im sayin by end of summer

Dogon said...

well stated as usual. but the rich wont feel pain or suffer

Tera said...

Any talk of gas prices!!! And let me not comment on cereal prices, soda prices, and damn it...Little Debbie prices!!!!

Tera said...

Hmmm...I went off on a tangent there, but hey, you said su case es mi casa!

Kofi said...

I see myself taking it back to 1850 and horse-and-buggy-ing it.

The Jaded NYer said...

why not $200, it's already in the $120s... that's why I walk lol

and don't get me started on Chavez; he and I have a feud going... we ain't friends no more...

Tin Ma'am said...

i'm a firm believer in Adam Smith's Invisible hand. People will do right by their resources, which means that if prices go up, we'll figure out alternatives that will bring us back to equilibrium.

Tony OH said...

While the smoke and mirror of gasoline effects us all, you might want to keep your eyes on the not so obvious...The simple Honey Bee! The simple Honey Bee! Mark my words!

Aunt Jackie said...

living in LA every third person has a Prius Hybrid and when i went to purchase a new car I considered it...however because they have become the token accessory for the wealthy the cost is thru the roof...once again furthering the divide between the have and have nots. If you can afford 30k for a little ass car with a tiny hatch you can save on gas and get a tax break, but if you are like myself and don't have 30K, for hybrid or time to get on a waiting're rolling a V6 engine dropping $50 in the tank on the regular.

Rich said...

fugg complaining, I'm working on upgrading out of the middle class. I plan to be amongst the have's and not the have not's.

The Love Collective said...

Gasoline will soon be commerced underground .. like weed and 'caine. Mark me woids.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yes my home is yours

u laughing but it is tru

jaded nyer
what he do tell me folk

tin maam
well read, and not garbage thats attractive so r u a jacobin too

it is marked

aunt jackie
30 gets half tank here

i fel your pain, me too but im have not now

u aint know lol

Curious said...

T - You and Jackie almost make me believe that NAFTA doesn't exist. Of course there will be one currency, although I don't see it my life time, too many Americans would be afraid to give that kind of power to the Mexicans or worse still the Canadians. They could do that in Europe only because the 2 power houses France and Germany still control everything.

No the price of oil is determined by just simple economics, supply and demand and a few fake shortages just to round out the numbers for the right people.

Aunt Jackie said...

Curious I agree with you that the cost of oil is built upon supply and demand but our currency continues to lose power and we have other emerging markets struggling to get a foothold in what appears to be a an industrial boom, some choices will have to be made about how "we" as northern america position ourselves because the reality is that our current currency is losing.

Canada tires of us crossing the border with our strong dollar as theirs increases and we have began to lend our production to the Mexican Market giving us a foothold in their economy which is quite dependent upon our dollar.

it could quite easily happen in our life really could.

Curious said...

Aunt Jackie - I understand your economic arguments as to why you believe in the emergence of the Amero, but I don't think you take into account the psychology of most Americans. Like the British who hold on to their pounds, Americans are basically selfish and very nationalistic and I doubt that they will ever give up sovereignty over the dollar or control by the Federal Reserve to set fiscal policy.

BTW, I neither like nor dislike the idea of one currency, but in order for that to happen, there would have to be political sutuation created where all nations concerned would have to be protected equally in all financial negotiations, laws and contracts. Kind of like the Commerce Clause in the Constitution. And I don't see that happening.

And just one more thing, I believe Mexico already exports oil to the US. Canada may do so in the future. Why would either country want to export under a single currency when they can make even more money by selling it under their own currency, the euro, the yen, or whatver currency at the time will bring them a greater profit?

No, I hear what you are saying, and I agree with you that some people a just a bunch of profit driven bastards looking for the advantage, but the Amero is something that should be left to the mystery book writers like all great conspiracies.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I think we are looking at the same glass of water but we see it differently.

Anonymous said...

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