Wednesday, May 14, 2008

update on new hustle #2

Dog Store is coming along well. I wanted to be open this Friday but I still aint got merchant equipment to accept credit cards from Merill Lynch Yet.I suggest all yawl live your dream and work for yourself. The 12 to 14 hour days to get up and stacking my loot, well I have faith it will pay off. I got cable, phone and internet lines installed yesterday and still waiting on more merchandise - mainly clothes. I got dog foods from around the world made with duck and sweet potato to Bison to Phesant and wild rice.

Little moma has a chair. She put's it in front of the door and waves and says hello to all that pass. All she need is a Shot Gun (Her job description also includes sweeping and breaking merchandise - only once). It great having a family business. Lil Daddy comes from School and helps with inventory and pricing.

I put fences on the wall over peg board to display some of the items, mainly clothes. Had an Interior Decorator, but she wanted 7 stacks. Im like folk, this aint Lenox Mall, this a store for dogs.

Im gonna carry beds, cages, and got shampoo made with wine, aloe, oatmeal and flea powereds that are natural.

That taste of the wild above is made with salmon and one is made with wild game birds.

Still More Dogfood. Waiting on my clothes and my dog t-shirts and wife beaters.

My Granny and momma were here for a day Mother's day. My lil cuz raduated rom Tuskeggee

Four Generations (im just not in pic)and they all in my store at one time - priceless. I just lost one granny. She didnt get to see the store but this one and my mom did. Still got a lot of work to do but i have work ethic, and faith and Anything I think of I can do - some one has to be number one, may as well be me. 572 Edgewood, suite 117, ATL ....Back to politics, and culture and history as usual tommorow.


Tony OH said...

" Now that's how you do the Damn thang Bruh!"
What a wonderful shot of Moms, Granny and Shai too! Main, I hope you knock em dead...Got all the loot in the ATL. Bruh, you are truly blessed and may the goodness of God radiate all over you with success. Luv you Bro! And thats on the real!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

How ya living mr world travler, hope lil momma taking good car of u see u soon love

Anonymous said...

That looks great! Where is it located? I have a friend, a serious dog person, who lives in Tucker who should come shop at your store.

Lovebabz said...

I am so very happy for you! The store looks fabulous! You are so surrounded by strong and supportive women...what more do you need! (smile)

ThisJane said...
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The Carolina Sweetheart said...

I love the picture of your family. I wish you the best with the store. Are you going to try and sell things online also? By the way, I read the other article about the football player trying to kill his kids. Thats crazy.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

thanks for the vist and do come back 572 edgewood across from thumbs up

thanks sister

yep,was teaching at emory univ for 14 years and moreshouse schoolof med for 2, through using the phd but not the come back and read more, would love your purview

The Carolina Sweetheart
thanks fam is great, and yep he was foul. and u better not be a stranger either hon

The Pew View said...

Baby, this sounds like a great business. I personally don't care for dogs since I married 4 of them but that's another story for anotha time. Anyway, you got to have a hustle these days. I tells you what I've been doing pretty good selling my home made hog head cheese sandwiches and kool-aid! Well good luck on with your new hustle baby. Take care now.

Ruthie Ann

Veronica Wright (Hunnie) said...

WOW!!! Looks like everything is coming right along!!! That's wonderful!!!

I LOVE TO SEE A BLACK MAN ON TOP OF HIS GAME! Keep it man and MUCH MUCH success to you.

Tamra said...

BEEEYOOOOOTIFUL!!! I'm so happy and excited for you! There's nothing like being an entrepreneur, huh? You will work (as you are obviously finding out) harder than you have EVER worked before in your life. But it's wonderful.

I'm so happy for you!!! Congrats!!! (I haven't forgotten about the idea you threw out on my blog--we'll talk soon.)

Crys.C said...

Glad things are coming along smoothly.
Your daughter is beautiful...

Anonymous said...

yo, T congratulations on your venture! for what it's worth, i have a friend that owns a dog daycare called Fido Fido. she's good people. perhaps ya'll can do some business. give me a shout.


Urban Thought said...

Making moves... Glad to see thought make it into action. I wish you well on your new venture.

I think its great that you had a generation reunion at the beginning of what will be a successful business.

You picked the right store concept. Dogs are a big business. And people really are serious about their dogs.

Kofi said...

That's great. Good luck with the new store. I agree, I would rather work 12-14 hours on my own business than anyone else's. I'm not in Atlanta too often these days, maybe once a year, but now I have added incentive.

Bygbaby said...

This is such great news!!! Do your thing & make it happen. I have a few side hustles & there is nothing like being your own boss.

Your little boo is a cutie & should attract you some business based on the cute factor. Her having a shotgun would be icing on the cake.


SHE_UNIQUE said...

Congrats! Love a good "come-up"...My dog needs to pay you all a visit. Do you give baths as well? lol

Rich said...

That's alright right there T-Dawg. I didn't know they made wife beaters for dogs, you can sell a ton of those in the hood for all those brothers with Pit Bulls.

Good luck. Can't wait to visit the store. I'll hook you up with a video when I come your way.

Jazzy said...

Congrats and best of luck.

tvanel said...

Hey thanks for checking out my site and congrats on the new venture. I will def visit the store

Anonymous said...

how do i register to this daggon blog because i swear everytime i head this way i have missed a post and 19 people already commented!! lol

The Artist In Me said...

CONGRATULATIONS! From one entrepreneur to another...doesn't it feel absolutely wonderful to be living out a dream? And also kudos for getting your children involved early. The experience that they receive now will be priceless to them later.

I have an uncle that is starting a clothing line in ATL. When I come I will have to stop by.

Let's definitely connect about some dog jewelry. I will slide you an email real soon about this.

Lina said...

Im digging the hustle #2. Congrats.

shine said...

Little Momma provides the warmest welcoming. Congrats! It's a beautiful thing to see black love, black family and black businesses.
If I come to ATL, I will def check you out.

blackandmarried -TheDad said...

Thats big for the kids to see that and be able to be involved. You're planting that spirit in them. And let me say for the fellas that don't know, ain't nothing like having a little girl, I know we all dream of raising 5 boys that make it to the league of their choice but ain't nothing like a little girl. My 3 have Daddy's heart on lock. Good luck and God Bless with the store, it's looking good.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

The Pew View
lol i think it will i have faith

Veronica Wright (Hunnie) said...
me likes that I LOVE TO SEE A BLACK MAN ON TOP OF HIS GAME! Keep it man and MUCH MUCH success to you.

thank u, thank u very much

thanks hon, i guess she cute i se her andhear her each day lol

thanks man where u ben, any new music. u see the sbm link on top left - red and yellow button

Urban Thought
thanks and i hoping i did, 2nd only to porno from my 22 mths of research before doing it

thanks and here is to more 12-14 hours on my own business

thanks man how is the fam and i am hoping she does, she always saying lets go to the shop or that she wants to go to the shop

thanks hon, and bring the dog down - we dog friendly, dog day afternoons will be each friday from 7-8pm, free dogfood and wine (4 the owners of course) lol not the dogfood

me either, but if finding out a lot, and i know u will chk me out. thanks for the love folk and cant ait to see video

thank u very much

anytime u i hope to see u back here, i will chk u out more too

lol either click my banner on rt sidebar of page to add to your blog or the feedburner at top of page to add to yahoo,google,aol or hotmail home page

The Artist In Me
u do that and thanks, looking for the dog jewelry so send email asap

thanks sister and do come back pls

thank u hon, i guess u cant se her horns lol. and do that im gonna hold u to it

The Deeminator said...

Congratulations on becoming a business owner!!! It looks amazing! I hope all of your dreams come true. I smiled and almost felt proud even though I dont know you when I read this post. You are great!-des

Aunt Jackie said...

the women in your family are stunning. what a bless.

the store is looking on point, and I have a feeling that some lovely women will be coming thru there. you never know your new love may be a dog lover....

stay up!

memphiz said...

Congrads on the store homie you so RAW LOL! and of course I'm holding down MEMPHIZ like always!

MrsGrapevine said...

Well congratulations!!! Yes, running a business is hard, but it's worth the sweat. We have a party rental company and we rent inflatables, bounce houses, concessions equipment, tables and chairs. I am constantly on the phone, and doing some sort of paperwork, or processing payment, but it's worth it. My poor husband works 7 days a week.

I do understand, but owning is the first step toward the intangible American Dream.

Tin Ma'am said...

Oh that's a really precious picture. Glad u seem to have such a close family.

Ma'at said...

So, I tracked down a pc just for you. The store is looking great. I'm mad about the wife beaters... for dogs.. I guess the pits and rots need clothes too. Oh yeah, I could have decorated and would have only charged you like a grand lol. Keep up the good work.

Melody.Darlene said...

congratulations!! nothing like being your own boss!! im jealous!

12kyle said...

good stuff! I'ma have to come thru.

nice pics of the fam

Keli said...

Congrats...looks like things are coming along nicely.

Dog wife beaters...I am too tickled, lol.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the business. I'm sure your store will be a success!

Love the fam pic. Your daughter is so pretty.

The Jaded NYer said...

looks good, congratulations... wife beaters for dogs??? *rolls eyes* I ain't even gonna say nothing...

and your baby is ADORABLE! I miss mine at that age- wait, I take it back, nevermind LOL

NappTown said...

Man I am so happy for you! Ain't nothing like seeing a black man do his thing. I wish you were in the D cause I would sure come by the store and get my dog something to chew on. May God continue to bless your endeavors and give you much peace.

Ms. Ki said...

Congratulations. Everything looks nice. Absolutely adore the family pictures. I am also stuck on the dog wife beaters. Who would have thought.

PrettyBlack said...

Congratulations Torrance, that's alright. Babygirl is beautiful and what you are doing is wonderful. I wish you prosperity beyond measure. As long as you keeping looking out for us by enlightening and giving us "what's good" God will look after you.


Anonymous said...

This looks awesome T!!! forget that I D... wanting $$$ for a dog store lol... u funny with whhat you said.. Congrats again!

nywele said...

Congratulations! Your daughter is so beautiful.

Traycee said...

Your daughter is beautiful....Wow...So that picture is 3 generations of women in your family....

Dogon said...

The Deeminator said...
thanks hon, and thanks for th drive by do return plz

Aunt Jackie
yep babe they the truth and thank u sister

lol u just keep your head up folk and thanks 4 he love

yep, so american me lol

Tin Ma'am
yep that likely y i blog about fam as i do

thanks sista so u like

thanks swety but i have a feelin w your taste in cars u will b your own boss soon

thanks, do that folk, what part of town u in

i am hoping so and they got everything 4 dogs lol

Thoughts of a Southern gal
yep fam is the bomb u get a dog ok

Dogon said...

yep they some beautiful azz bomb women hope u read more and continue to visit

blackandmarried -TheDad
so true, mt boy used to always say had to get me one of these - a little girl


Anita said...

this is such a great blog. i need to stop by more often.

that is SO COOL that you are opening a pet store!!! i have this dream of opening up a store to sell jewelry (mexican and native american pieces mostly ... but also the cool bakelite and costume stuff from the 30's and 40's and 50's). i would be so much happier, i think, then the grueling work i do now.

you've inspired me to do some serious thinking about my "dream" ...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

thanks dream dream and act and live u can do it and do come back

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs said...

Hey Brother,

May God bless your business ABUNDANTLY!

Mizrepresent said...

It looks great T! I'm so happy for you and i know it was great to have the fam around to see your success, lil mama is such a cutie pie, and i know she was hollering hi with that sweet smile of hers! She gonna bring in all the customers. Now i got to get me a dog to dress up!

JayBee said...

watch me do me! glad you just about ready to open those doors. still gonna send e'erbody i know with a dog in the atl your way. no doubt. that generational thing is priceless. my grandmoms are both long gone and i'm only 26. lol about the interior decorator. most of the customers you have are color blind anyway! well, i know the dogs aren't the customers, but you know what i'm saying. i'm just happy for ya. you've inspired me to get my ish together and get on my entreprenegro. lil mama is a cutie. she looks like she's gonna be good holding down the fort.

dejanae said...

aww@the last pic

Miss Mika said...

RDB, this is a beautiful thing! 4 generations able to bear witness to such a fulfilling accomplishment. So inspiring.

Lil Momma is such a cutie! If ever I am in GA and you need a babysitter I would totally volunteer my services.

msladydeborah said...

It looks good from this end!

I hope and pray that you are blessed a hundred fold many times over for your effort.

By the way, is the binky pup going to need a personal trainer? Cause it sounds like the eatin' will be good in his part of the neighborhood! :-)

One of my favorite family photos is one that has my paternal grandmother, mother, firstborn granddaughter and me in the shot.

Little did I know that my grandmother and granddaughter would be called home to be with the Lord. So the phot is priceless to me.

I learned something today~I had no clue that doggies wear wife beaters!

I love dogs and cats but I am resisting the idea of having a pet again. My hours are just to crazy!

Blah Blah Blah said...


She is adorable.
And Grandmama and Mama are regal.

The Immoral Matriarch said...

You need The Honest Kitchen. That's what I feed my dogs when I'm too lazy to actually cook for them and it's amazing. It's dehydrated raw food.

DeadMule said...

Way to go, T.

Anonymous said...

why a dog-centered business if i may ask?

Lena said...

I think that is just wonderful that you're instilling valuable work ethics in your children at young ages...your daughter looks adorable and as if she means business too. I'll make sure t stop by for support whenever I am back in ATL.

yummy411 said...

i am so happy for you and am glad that we can follow along in this endeavor. i am filled with joy. i love seeing young black people doing their thing and fulfilling their dreams! congrats! you are making your children proud.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Keisha "Kitten" Isaacs
i accept your blessings humblely

yep and thanks, u need to get by this camp folk

well really its we (my family) and good look on the psa. classic - my entreprenegro

thank u poet extra ordinaire

Miss Mika
i know its love, speaking of which, nic pic, and will do on the babysitter
and whats with finding the folk that want that problem

good look and i ill raise that 100 a thousand fold

Blah Blah Blah
regal, me likes that

The Immoral Matriarch
got them on the vendors list already, hadnt got sample yet. thanks

i appreciated it sis

2nd largest emerging industry in disposable income spending next to porn - and id rather make my own porn
u down lol

thanks but she got 2 stop breaking merchandise and i don respect folks who always want a hand out i go wo first

so sweet thanks



Many blessings upon your family, your store and your future endeavors!!!!!

Anonymous said...

JONES as your homeboy, i just wonder how many women you sre going to meat [spelling intended if you know what I mean] because a woman love a renaissance man. Happened to me after I started the club here at the crib. And don't forget about the ones who had you but head were not in the game and didn't follow the offense. Congrats. Hit me.

Anonymous said...

@ Raw Dawg

wow, didn't know that!
and stop flirting with me. ;-)

professor said...

what tribe is granny from? I see the native all in her...

Dogon said...

thanks sexy

u know i know who u are folk lol

scared say ya scared

we Creek folk


Foia said...

I will put my life
above my child
but she is my life
she’s my entire world
I will live my life
so I won’t place blame on her
because she isn’t a reason
for me to stop living
and she’ll be right there
next to me
both of us…

I have nothing now
just like he said
take it all bitch
one of my favorite lines
from my favorite movie
“Center Stage”

I have nothing
just like he said
but I have her
the only thing worth keeping
that you gave
because you can take it all
what ever you think you gave
because you are controlling
and if I don’t have shit of yours
you ain’t got shit to say

The babysitter
told me
she said nothing of the sort
about me cussing in front of her
So who's the liar now?
because cussing it’s something
I don’t try to do
some times it may slip…but nothing like this…

I held her in my arms tonight
while you screamed
“You should FUCK me”
but I won’t TOUCH you
because you are tainted
with something…yuck

so what I tried to kill myself
Evilness prompted you
to bring that up..right?
I was trying to escape that hell
that I felt
when I slept next to you
because you spirit is ugly
it’s darkness
and it’s consumed you
and if I stuck around
it was gonna get me too.

So what I have bipolar
Ya’ll check his comments
he claims to be supportive
such a contradiction
how can you explain
turning it around
and tossing in my face
my condition
when most likely
you are suffering from something
and you are just in denial
and that’s crazier
than anything
I’ve got going on

Yes I planted myself
in the middle of the road
about 2 years ago
when I believed
with you I was stuck
and I had nowhere to go
I wanted a truck or car
to strike me
right in your front yard
and leave you in your tears
as you cleaned up my blood
and gathered my body parts
and collected my guts
but why tonight
would you bring that up
to hurt me huh

So what if tonight
I decided to take my life?
How would you feel
if I wrote an elaborate note
detailing how I would come back
and haunt your house
and how you drove me to this point
by trying to Britney Spears me
trying to take custody
of something I gave birth to
when all you did was fertilize the seed
Think about that
because if I’m so crazy

I may just leave you in this world alone
this cold cantankerous world
like a never ending timeout
for adults
you will have to think about
what you did
and what you could have said
or done
just to prevent
what you caused to happen
except it or not
because like I said a couple
of lines up
my memory
I know…it will haunt

Foia said...

You are soooo smart
but you don’t have any sense
why would you put
our daughters image
all over the internet?
Yeah she’s on my myspace
but it’s everyone that I grew up with
that is on my friends list
and plus my page is set
to private
but you just display
her face
and the fact that her
vagina is infected
what kind of shit
just like me
she’s almost 3
and with you
she has no privacy
that’s a shame
do you even realize
the things that you do?
I don’t think so
because you write about
everything..about everbody else
all the problems that you never consume
because you have none
because you are too brand new

I’ll ask
one last time
it’s probably too late
some pedophile
is probably jacking off
to our daughters smile
please don’t write intimate things
about her on here
keep her pictures off this darn blog
because it’s not good
I bet you won’t listen
even if it’s stupid
and you know it
you will continue
to do what you want to do

Elmo said...

That's one butiful little girl! And the four generations...priceless!

I ain't nothin but a cracker that grew up in Oak Cliff(Dallas, TX), I miss the old steets...

iriegal said...

Man, nothing like being your own boss!! Best of luck to yah dawg.


Anonymous said...

@ Foia
I feel you on the privacy thing as well. I'm not going to argue against him posting pics of his daughter but I too was quietly shocked when he mentioned she had a yeast infection. I thought that was a bit much and I remember thinking 'poor thing, i wouldn't want someone to write something about my personal health, even if i was too young to know about it.'

Anonymous said...

@ dogon

no instigating. lol

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Cute daughter!!! You're right, family generations all in one place on one accord are priceless...and a blessing!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

U write well, lovely expression of your heart
great poem
expression in life as such to me would be the bomb
u post pics of her also dont u, i dont complain
she models
we dont complain
but i will respect your request re other
just respect me

LOL u ok, and thanks for the support

Thanks sister and u are right

I fell ya, but i wrote the same about my son, and when he got in a fight at school

Ms. Denae
Yep, thats the ish

Anonymous said...

you wrote about your son's personal health problems as well as his fight or did you just write about his fight?

i think health and a fight are two different things though. i'm not about to tell you how to handle your family. it's just, i don't know. it just seems to personal. i think your son would be appalled if he ever found out you wrote about his yeast infection.
(not saying he has one).

J*Shy said...

Good Luck wit th tha store BIG BROTHA ALL-MI-T! lol It looks like it's coming along great,and you ahve a beautiful family!

Moody Gemini said...

Congrats on the store! Are you selling Solid Gold dog food? Looking for a spot here so I don't have to always drive home for my baby's food.

The Bear Maiden said...

Congrats on the store... and your daughter's beautiful and looks just like you. But I confess I came to see Granny... Professor told me she's 'straight up!'. LOL! Word up!

Tia's Real Talk said...

OMG!!! She looks like my granny. If she wasn't called home in 1999 I would have to sit and talk to
Congrats!!!!!!!! Thats awesome to see black folk doing they thang!! I'm happy for you, I'll check you out when I get my dog!

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

Rawdawg: I was going to give you my phone number, but...
Looks like you have a stalker

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

i understand, was saying was talking about diapers, yeast and ear infections wgen was a baby a few yrs ago

thanks hon im trying

Moody Gemini
yes i have it and thanks

The Bear Maiden
yawl creek too folk?

Tia's Real
we may be fam lol

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team
a stalker, i think not, y u sau that? guess u werent reading during the days i was getting death threats from white supemicist lol

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