Wednesday, May 14, 2008

im with dumb f**k

I hope that none of us forget that we got folk over seas battling on two fronts: Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems sometimes as if we do, myself included. Being more concerned with Nick Cannon marrying some singer or Bow Wow turning drinking age, or even a trivial personal problem or a night out at the club with our folks or a woman acting out on a train because she has not taken her medication. But too, there is nothing wrong with that for different things hold the interest of different folk.

I just want to remind folks that aint nothing has changed, except we are myopic, and maybe more interested in folks in suites (Hillary included) running for political office than the fact that folks are still returning home in plastic bags or maybe even alive, with their leg or arm lost some where on a road in a place called Kirkuk or Kabuoom or Mosul or Tikrit. I would even speculate that most of us couldn’t name five cities out side of the capitals of both countries le alone tell which of the aforementioned is not in Iraq. But our self-induced ignorance is a divagation I will save for another day.

Maybe our nescience is why we don’t notice or hear about Osama bin Muhammad bin 'Awad bin Laden anymore. The way they talked him up, you would have though Jones was the New Dillinger or Baby Face Nelson – public Enemy number one. I don’t even see his picture up in Post Offices. Once upon a time I did.

I just wonder why? I wonder if he is even mentioned in the back rooms of the Pentagon or White House any more. All I know is that we have not found him but boasted we will. This is not a slap in the face of our military personnel. Nope we have some of the bravest, smartest and efficient service men and women in the world and will forever have such. They carry out their task with expert precision and do it with out one complaint. Yes, they are true professionals, more so that I. However, I do wish they had some help on the behalf of military intelligence. Makes me think that the combination of both words is an oxymoron.

I know some folks say all black folk look a like, maybe the same is true for Arabs and Muslims, maybe this is why they have yet to locate Osama. Then we know that Osama Jones is hiding in a remote region of Afghanistan, maybe even Pakistan. Both of which are places where we have goo-gobs of military personnel and the assistance of folk who supposed to be our allies.

Maybe I am wrong. But I don’t think so. Like I said, the folk we have fighting on our behalf are smart, very smart. But military intelligence, the question is still up for grabs to me. I mean it did take them about 5 years to find Eric Rudolph and we knew where he was plus he was state side. It also took them 11 years to find the Uni bomber. Maybe I just think too much and just need to stop and have me a shot of Tequila with hot sauce.


Aunt Jackie said...

if you ask me Osama bought himself a pass when he helped defeat the Russians in Afganistan back in '79.

He was an ally to our government for years and then became the fact for terrorism later on down the line.

with all the mercenaries we have on the payroll, former military personell included i would have to believe that we would have the where with all to locate our enemy, but then again we're the same country that can't seem to patrol it's own borders against illegal immigrants either, so maybe the US isn't the Top Dog it bills itself to be.

The reality is that Osama's net worth is more than our country's considering our deficit, plus the fact that he is loved by his people. no one to date has been able to defeat the Afgans which is saying something about their strength of character.

I feel for those troops because I certainly don't believe that they are over there fighting to find the tallest man in the Arab nation...

Dagny said...

I haven't forgotten the war. My cousin's husband just returned from his third tour in Afghanistan a few weeks ago.

And let's get real. When Osama's family was allowed to fly back to Saudi Arabia from the U.S. in the days after 9/11 when the rest of us weren't? Well, that just said it all for me.

eclectik said...

Good business!

No way we should/could forget about the war...too busy wondering why there's a war....STILL!


enigma4ever said...

really good point about How Osama kinda only appears when it is I am sure he will be mentioned the Next time there is a Holiday ( ie Memorial Day is next) or the next time Bush wants MORE War Money...and it's an Addon ( oh-just 79 Billion....what the????)...and you are right...they rarely mention the Iraq or Afganistan war efforts and damage ongoing...only if something blows up more than usual....

( yet Bush and his cronies want to put a Disneyland Spa thing by the Embassey- what the hell were they thinking????)

so you are right to ask Osama WHO?

Lovebabz said...

I am not convinced that Osama was ever the target of a search. I just believe that he was the poster boy for American hatred because the current administration needed to distract the public to get into this war with Iraq, which in my opinion was never the goal. I believe it was always to get into Iran. Iraq was the stepping stone. If the Americans could accept the lies about Iraq, the it souldn't be a stretch to make the case about dealing with Iran as a terriorist training country. The problem is, the Iraq situation proved way more difficult and challenging than I believe was initially anticipated. Besides there is a great deal of money to be made by the private mercernaries---do they still use that term...OK Blackwater--you know the force that was intially on the ground in New Orleans for Katrina trying to keep the peace?

Look I am not convinced that the CIA/FBI and or any other covert operatives are looking for Osama.

Comcast Guy said...

This is Carlton from Comcast. Please contact me ASAP. Thanks.

Darius T. Williams said...

Hmmm - i love hearing ur perspective on this type of stuff. really interesting.

Tamra said...

Interesting post. Sounds like, you, too, have found out that we are SO over OBL! (Tongue in cheek, of course.)

Sad commentary as to both our priorities and our attention spans.

I was just commenting somewhere recently that, IMHO, it was almost inflammatory for the Bush family to post photos of their daughter's wedding when that joy has been robbed from so many other families fighting in these nonsensical, disastrous wars.

Aunt jackie, I'm SO with you on this's all about the historical context...

Anonymous said...

Hey Torrance,

I really appreciated the pic of GrandMa, ma and little one on yesterday's post (didn't have time to respond).

This post touches on a subject I study in some detail. As another commenter added, much truth was revealed when bin Laden's family was some of the few (if not ONLY) planes to be allowed to fly on 9/11. There are no coincidences in any of this shit. All complicit, all involved.

Bin Laden should (and could) be dead, if they truly wanted it. They had him at Tora Bora and were called off (documented).

Bin Laden (just like Saddam) were once our pawns, and I suspect that bin Laden is still being used by our government.

Our friends and family who have and are serving in Iraq are being fucked over by a bunch of neocon war mongers who are indebted to the hilt to bin Laden's family and King.

HW Bush (and son) are tied deeply to his family and most of their wealth (especially W's) can be traced to that family and bail outs.

I think about this war all the time. Can't stop, because I know that my friends are getting fucked by people who care nothing about them whatsoever. Sadly, there are many who still agree with Bush and the monsters.

Those people are the reason for my blog.

The Love Collective said...

Hmm, yer dead right about that. It'll prolly take another 5 years to find Osama, and that's if they are even looking for him by then.

Curious said...

I know that you don't watch movies, but Osama reminds me of Keyser Söze in the Usual Suspects. A man that you blame for every crime going a man so crafty and clever that no one ever knows where he is or what he will be responsible for next. But whatever does happen, you can bet that it will be spectacular.

In other words, I sometimes wonder if Osama is just the bogey man hiding under the bed that the government has decided to pin all terrorist attacks on just because of the convenience. If they really wanted to find a man on dialysis who is 8 inches taller then everyone he is surrounded by, don't you really think they would have found him. I know you mention it took 11 years for the Unabomber to be found, but in the end for the right price even Ted Kaczynsk was turned in by his own brother.

No, lets stop this farce of pretending to look for Osama and bring the troops home. Osama is probably living in the Hamptons anyway, somewhere between Puffy and Martha.

Trueheart said...

cant say that u think too much... more so that u think outside if the box in on every side! the fact that u back your statements up with fact suggest research wit that thought...

Anonymous said...

divagation and nescience: your vocabulary is remarkable. I will be looking them up


The Jaded NYer said...

@curious... you bring up a good point, and something I've been suspecting for a minute, too. But I *do* watch a lot of movies and subscribe to many conspiracy theories, so I never know if I'm being insightful or crazy

and I know a few soldiers personally so, yeah, in my house, the war is forever on my mind!

JayBee said...

they have kinda eased him from recent memory. tequila is enough by itself. with hotsauce too? dang!

Brownsoul said...

I think I'll have that shot with you.

Regina said...

As usual an awesome post! You have such a way with those words sir!
I have such a personal stake in the services (with my son going in now & my dad's past issues with Vietnam)that I could never forget...

Blah Blah Blah said...

Osama bin Muhammad bin 'Awad bin Laden is a house guest at Crawfor Ranch.
Instructed to keep a low profile but he has use of the whole house including the pool.

ViolentLove said...

I always enjoy strolling thru.

You gotta cool little thing going on over here.

dejanae said...

good stuff man
always learning something when i step thru

Jaded said...

I just read yesterday that we should expect a new recording of Bin Laden soon. Pretty convenient.

I think many people who have commented already are correct... Bin Laden is the "kaiser soze" of the war. I think the reason we haven't found him yet is because as soon as we soon as they capture or kill the man they have painted as the evil face of terrorism, the one responsible for 9/11...there is no more justification for the war. People are disgusted with the fact that we're still in Iraq and want to bring our troops home. As long as we still have the great satan running rampant, the politicians can rationalize and justify their support of the war. He's worth more to them and their agenda if he's not found. I just think they're not even looking. Hell, I bet even Dog the racist bounty hunter could find that dude within a month.

As for the men and women fighting, they are never far from my mind. My father is a retired Colonel (army), my brother in law will be deployed next month and our best friend's son just left for Navy boot camp. That's been part of my reality since the day I was born in 1966, another war plagued era in our history.

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon said...

Good post. It is so true that people get so caught up in trival matters they forget that others are facing serious situations.
I just want the war to end.
LOL on the looking alike comment.

Dogon said...

Aunt Jackie
He made a lot of loot off of us back then fighting the russians, i think he even came to the stats back then and visited the elder Bush, I could be wrong

I was really speaking in terms of media coverage. I would never expect it, being so close at home for you for you to 4get

yea, i dont agree with the war but we got some good folks over there that dont need to be forgotten

yep, like a corner sundry (old school) they were real convient

great point, and i will add, they probably aint lokin for him a all

Comcast Guy
you wrote the wrong number down folk, had me waiting all day thursday dang

Darius T. Williams
Thanks DTW

so true, but we are americans, no wonder we rank last world wide on reading, math and science, if they askd us about entertainment we would be #1

Thanks man, fam is great. How is yours? but what you say is true and that is what makes me mad, sending or men and women to die for something they really do not want to accomplish.
You blog for a good reason, and they beter not be coddling up to Osama Jones.

The Love Collective
Like Buelahman and Aunt Jackie said, they all may be having Ta as we type now

Curious said...
But I do know of Keyser Söze
That was a grea movie, i saw it suprised, up there wit a clock work orange, imitation of life, westside story and city of god to me

Thanks scholar did tony get in touch with u yet.

Got them from Voltaire, u should read micromegas and Candide

The Jaded NYer
He always does, and keep them in your heart hon, they need us

JayBee said...
we cant ever forge about them man and i need the hot sauce good (DHF) d### hard food lol

any time sista

thanks hon, and i will kep them in my prayers

Blah Blah Blah
Eatting BQ pork i be even lol

y thank u

thats because a poets heart is always open (u, Foia, Don, Butterfly, Kai)

He should be on Billboard if u asked me or in the local mega movie metroplex

The True Urban Queen aka Sharon
Thanks and u silly, again thanks for the card


Dusty said...

One of my blog buds has her husband on his THIRD tour in Iraq.

I think about that every day.

The media however, does it's best to push it to the background.

msladydeborah said...

Was there ever a plan to actually find Osama? I think not!

Bush is a piece of work!

When all of the made for the public evidence is considered~there is really no honest justification for the war. Even if it is being fought.

I am a 'Nam Era woman~and it has been my firm opinion since that particular war ended~that there is an forever need to challenge the foundating reasons for fighting.

Osama has a bounty on his head~and no one living soul has tried to collect on it. That would indicate that the phrase, stop snitching has reached a new status.

I do not believe that it was ever in Bush's plans to look for Osama. Now Flipper McMadness is saying he'll be brought down by his administration?

Come on~everybody is not Boo Boo the Fool! The war was about settling a personal beef and making money.

sista gp said...

I am trying to remember and too tired to research but Eric Rudolph was not really "found". I think he came out for food and was recognized.
Of course with prices of food these days, he would be better off staying in the forest.

dancewater said...

Rudolph was picked up by a rookie cop while dumpster diving late at night ..... he stayed in a camp not far from the town of Murphy.

I heard OBL claimed he did not do 9/11...... and I think a LOT of stuff would come to light if he was found and brought to trial.

My theory is the CIA guy was taken care of by the CIA..... in short, OBL is long dead. Lots of movies and audio clips to come, though.... you can count on that!

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