Friday, April 10, 2009

Anal pore state university

I just got wind of something. I heard some stuff about a lot of universities complaining for having the current President speak at their institutions. Now although I think it is acceptable to be critical of someone via policy and position they take on issues, but to nit-pick, as if you are taking your ball home because you aint get picked to play is completely different.

First I want to give a big Sphincter award to the University of Notre Dame. I do respect your right to decide if you want a man to speak at your institution because his position is in opposition to your position. With that said, to refuse the president of the United States for such borders on idiocy. I’m sure you don’t turn down money from individuals who have had abortions or even believe differently that your esteemed position on the topic. Nor do I believe you refuse entry to women who have had an abortion or men who may have paid for said abortions. But you are a cursory target. But Arizona State University is a different matter all together.

This up coming graduation season, it seems as of now Arizona State University will be one of three campuses where the president will send off the graduating classes of 2009. Unfortunately at ASU, the first African American President of these United States of America however, will not be awarded an honorary degree in Law. ASU Media Relations Director Sharon Keeler suggested that their institution processes for selecting commencement speakers and honorary degree recipients are provided “for an achievement of eminence” and that the President was not considered for an honorary degree because his body of achievements, at this time, does not meet such criteria.

Now let me get this straight, being able to become the first African American President is not noteworthy, illustrious or redoubted and is not an “achievement of eminence”? I would like to say to all involved to this leave the crack pipe alone for I see fried eggs for brains in honor of Nancy Regan. Not to mention I looked and did not fine one instant where a sitting president who gave a commencement address was not awarded an honorary degree.

I also think they a bunch of azz holes, correction, anal pores for it is the state of John McCain and they may be just sore losers. Not to mention I wonder how much the McCain’s may have given the university prior. But what can expect from a school that playboy Magazine has rated as the number 1 party school in America. I guess the faculty and administration keep beer bongs too. Not to mention it is hard to forget that the state of Arizona was one of the last to support a national Holiday for the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I do not recant a similar standard or argument being evinced when the Vice Minister of education of the People’s Republic of China Wu Qidi was awarded such a degree. Add to that, Barry Goldwater was 38 years old when he was given his honorary degree in May 1961. This was a few years before he even obtained the Republican nomination for president.

I don’t get it. It is cool to disagree with any elected official on policy and [political positions – that I understand and respect. But making up stuff on the fly that makes one looks feculent and idiotic is impossible to comprehend. Although the University of Notre Dame will not or does not want to award an honorary degree to President Obama they will because of the attention they have been attracting. Now as for the Arizona State University, I would like to provide you with the honorary degree of anal pore state university.


Big Man said...

Good look on this.

You know what this is about, you know what the real deal is, and you made it plain.

They didn't want to give that uppity nigger an award.


Ain't no shame in Obama's game though. He already has degrees from Columbia and Harvard, I think he'll be all right without an honorary degree from poo-butt ASU.

Sista GP said...

They should be honored that he will appear. Automatic publicity.

Seven said...

Hey babe...haven't been thru in a minuet. I find the whole ASU thing absurd to say the least. I'm also annoyed with Notre Dame.

NoRegrets said...

Interesting and sad.

Lola Gets said...

Hear hear!


KELSO'S NUTS said...

I think any university that stifles speech should have their credentials at least suspended for a couple of years and hit with a massive fine to be distributed to ever public library in the nation.

Notre Dame is a private school but I don't believe that excuses their behavior. For a public state university to censor is beneath contempt.

That said, Obama and Ron Kirk have begun messing in our election and are looking for ways to abrogate the Carter-Torrijos-Clinton-PerezBalladares Treaty and have no problem violating specific World Court war crimes statutes.

For that reason, I would hope that the Univ de Panama would invite Obama to speak sometime before election day on May 3.

I find the Administration's behavior in this reprehensible and nauseating. But my travels and attorneys have taught me a number of important lessons about these things

(1) Get a little angry. Express yourself and then move on.

(2) Never ask "Why?" because you already know the answer.

(3) Never say "it's not fair" because that's childish.

(4) Always ask "WHAT?" As in "What Am I Going To Do If This Happens...?" I've gotten to work on my action plan. Picked about 7 cities to investigate right away and I'll add more as I go but I have my two failsafe cities and places to stay AND LOOT already locked down.

Needlesstosay, they are not in the USA.

One general point of information as with Robert's Rules Of Order: Is it true that I no longer have to "give him a chance?" I believe I never had that obligation to begin with, but certainly now, there could not be any possible issue of material concern to me that would require my "giving him a chance," is there near as you can figure?

The thing of it is that even if he and Kirk are not able to swing it for Martinelli and Herrera wins, that carries another scenario: a specific USA-OBAMA axe-to-grind with the Republic Of Panama and Mrs Herrera.

One guy I know who'S

on disablity and can no longer do the physical labor for the company he owns is just packing up and leaving Tuesday. His attorney's well connected and said with the NASCAR and Murcia cases in the US and with the existence of an AIG affiliate here, the 44th POTUS IS COMMITTED TO RE-COLONZING!

The Americas Summit on the 20th of April will be CRAZY. At this point, he can't go. And if abrogating the treaty is the goal, he can't send Secretary Clinton because she helped draft it in 1999.

This comes on the heels of MAURICIO FUNES winning the El Salvador presidency cracking at 65-year old dictatorship for the Center-left party. FERNANDO LUGO cracked a 70-year dictatorship in Paraguay a year ago for the Socialist Party. Two of the three US client states in the area,Colombian and Peru now favor tossing the US out 75-25.

It also comes on the heels of the Garzon indictments and the sentencing of Fujimori to 25 years. And the Obama-Geithner-Summers-Gates-Powell goverment isn't stupid. The can read the figures. South America is the strongest continent economiclaly and has also hada wave of Center-left to left to libertarian governments elected. over95%.

I see some of Robert Gates and Colin Powell in this move. But Obama's the POTUS.

JayBee said...


Anonymous said...

Who cares about any of this low radar stuff! Tell to stay at the white house to monitor progress and to stop spending all my damn money willy nilly.

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Great post.

That's all I have to say *smile.*

Tamra said...

Dead on.

Idiocy (hypocrisy, racism, genocide, narrowmindedness, homophobia, etc.) in the name of religion (a la Notre Dame) is so disgusting... Same thoughts apply to politics...

Curious said...

I actually don't have a problem with Notre Dame turning down the President for any reason since in the private world there is no such thing as freedom of speech. I would prefer a man tell me "fuck you" to my face than have him pretend to be by my friend. That way we both know where we stand.

As for Arizona State, I'm with you there. If they are able to do for one, then they should be able to do for all without showing any bias or prejudice.

I have a question for you though and I'm not taking about Obama since he obviously proved he could do the job, but how does it feel to have worked hard for a doctorate and then see some bozo walk up to the podium and speak for 10 minutes and walk away with his or hers? I may think that it might/could cheapen your own accomplishments.

Countdown To Change... said...

I totally agree with you. I am a student at Arizona State University, and frankly I am ashamed to admit that. ASU has one of the best programs for my degree plan and that’s why I am here, but I was so upset when they announced that Obama wouldn’t be getting a honorary degree. I’m not really surprised because of the way this states operates as a whole, there is no culture, hardly any multicultural events that happen here, and it took me 4 months to even see another black person when I first moved here. Things are still so segregated here. On the south side of Phoenix, is where most all minorities live and the north side is mostly white. The mentality is that of the 1960s, granted it’s not as blatant or in your face but it’s the underlying things that are just as harmful. I’m so glad ill be getting out of this state this summer!!

Anonymous said...


SjP said...

Wrote on this myself over at SjP's and it seems to be the buzz in the sphere.

There is no explanation that they can give for breaking their own tradition other than that they are afraid of pissing off a few donors.

But, I hear (from CNN) that they are "rethinking" their criteria and may award the degree. Wonder if Obama is rethinking giving the commencement address?

In the nonpolitical real world the brother would say f-you ASU or at least show up 3 hours late.

Kellybelle said...

Just when we were starting to tell our children anything was possible, along comes a reminder that you got to be twice as good to get half the credit.

ASU is a weak-arse party school. Obama is a double-Ivy grad and POTUS. That is distinction enough. Morehouse will give him a degree. Take that, ASU.

MacDaddy said...

Let's face it: Arrogant racism says you don't see Barack Obama as a man who rose from a family on welfare to graduate as a top student from a prestitgious university, become a law professor at a major university, state senator then president.

No, arrogant racism says he's nothing more than the skinny black guy from South side Chicago.

Anonymous said...

Obama already has an honorary law degree - from Harvard.

msladydeborah said...

I have to agree with you on this one T. It seems to me that if being the first AA POTUS is not a major accomplishment, I don't know what will cut it with ASU. But when I consider the backstory of this particular state-it is not difficult to pinpoint what the problem might be.

I totally agree with your views on Norte Dame. It is one thing to realize that your views differ from the POTUS. But isn't that supposed to be the "beauty of America"? The fact that we can have differences of opinion and the right to express them?

KELSO'S NUTS said...

@@ MAC DADDY: I agree with this point of yours:

"Let's face it: Arrogant racism says you don't see Barack Obama as a man who rose from a family on welfare to graduate as a top student from a prestitgious university, become a law professor at a major university, state senator then president.

No, arrogant racism says he's nothing more than the skinny black guy from South side Chicago."

Now, please explain to me why he has broken with a 30-year Democratic Party tradition of supporting our PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democratico) in order to support the wealthy, White, conservative CD (Centro Democratico) candidate, Ricardo Martinelli?

The PRD candidate, Ministra Balbina Herrera, whom Obama opposes, is a woman who rose from a family on welfare to graduate as a top student from a prestitgious university, became a law professor and agronomist at a major university, Mayor of San Migueito (Pop 500,000) at age 28, then Assemblywoman (our equivalent of Senator), then Minister of Housing and State in the Torrijos Administration, then chairwoman of the PRD, and now in neck-and-neck battle to hold the presidency for the PRD?

It's a rhetorical question. I know why. Obama has made a deal with Martinelli to allow the US Military to come back into Panama in violation of the accords, the constitution and international law.

He doesn't see her as a brown-skinned woman from the streets of San Miguelito. He sees her as too independent and too willing to fight for her own nation's sovereignty.

If it's about skin color. I urge you to google the images and see the skin colors.

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