Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thought Amnesty (4.16.09)

Hanity: Our guess tonight are Congressman Joe Willie Wop and Dr. Torrance Stephens, of the blog Raw Dawg Buffalo. Let us start with you congressmen, what do you think these people are trying to say?

Congressman: They are telling the government that they are out of touch with the people. What the government doesn’t understand is that it is not their money.

Jones Here: Well Congressman, you are one of them, you in DC and I pay your salary. You sound disingenuous

Hanity: Well that aside Dr. Stephens, you are a reasonable man, My Grand father came here from Ireland, and I’m certain he could not believe or realize that one day his children would be spending all of their money for the sake of corrupt Wall street Bankers

Jones Here: I agree, but you must admit that Obama and Bush both did this. To blame one and not the other borders on stupidity at best and bich-azzedness at worse. And you speak of fair and balanced. [Looks over at Congressman]…Why aint you talking?

Hanity: You are wrong, my grandfather came for a better life and freedom and liberty and not excessive taxation.

Jones Here: I will give you that but my folk, unlike you grandfather, did not have the choice to come here and were slaves that likely gave your grandfather wealth. Your freedom and liberty historically for me is my slavery and servitude without representation.

Hanity: Point well taken but that is not the point.

Jones Here: excuse me, you brought it up folk, not me, besides, if you aint looked around this is not representative of America, I am the only one here of my race and ethnicity. You speak as if Obama made the 600o thousand pages of tax code did he?

Hanity: That’s besides the issue.

Jones Here: It is it is not Just Obama dude – it’s the Senate and Congress. I mean you a millionaire, im poor, you aint the common man folk.

Hanity: That’s not entirely true sir, America is a land of opportunity for all, is it not?

Jones Here: In some fashion, but seeing that I’ve been here, family wise for 400 plus years and still trying to come up.

Hanity: Now sir that is racist if I have ever heard such?

Congressman: It certainly is?

Jones Here: I will give you that slavery was based on race – but again, you changing the subject. I did not hear you say the same about Bush 43 when he made up Tarp out of thin air; And as I said I disagree with the economic policy of the President, but not the man. You talk about him so much I think you got a man crush, do you fondle pages too.

Hanity: Cut the mic. We will be back after this commercial break.

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NightFall914 said...

LOL, Nice. I could see it in my head, Hannity with his "this negro is to smart" expression on his face.

Lauren said...

I'm starting to believe that you're bitter that you're not up there in D.C.

nicki nicki tembo said...

Why is the funding campaign only going on through 4/26?

Enjoyed the satire.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

They have to make it about the man and not the policies and continuity thereof. It has to be "Obama's a socialist." Or "Obama's a Muslim." Or "Jeremiah Wright da da da da da de de de de."

If it isn't about that then you'd find the debate with one side representing WAR, PROFLIGATE BANK SPENDING, ABANDONMENT OF POOR AND VETERANS. That side would feature Hannitty, Obama, and Congressman X, because they all agree with each other on policy.

You, Ron Paul and Sheldon Whitehouse would be debating the other side: how to have peace, personal freedom, fiscal sanity, and how that frees up budget room for helping the least fortunate. And how helping the least fortunate makes for a healthier, more responsible, more productive workforce.

I make the argument today that I consider Obama and Reagan are more or less a cointoss. Many similiarities and a few diagreements here and there.

BuelahMan said...


You give Hannity far too much credit. That Neanderthal couldn't carry on such a cognitive discussion (at least he hasn't to date).


Red Snapper said...

Hannity can eat a dick.

Red Snapper said...
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Sheliza said...

ha ha, always entertaining :)

Mizrepresent said...

hahhaha, that was neat

Mimi said...

Heeeey T! :)

KevinsTeeTee said...

Love the post! I would like to see you do one with Bill O'Reilly that would be comedy.

But to the point at hand yes the media is good at distracting the masses from the issues as hand, it seems like that's all they ever do hence why I only watch it with a grain of salt. What happened to real journalism I ask?

msladydeborah said...


If this could only happen for real!
I would love to see Hannity shifting around under the heat of true intelligence versus his brand of artifical misinformation.

I never thought about it until you brought it up-a man crush-it could be possible!

SjP said...

Always love your 'interviews'.

Crush on Obama? Might need to have him arrested because he certainly has stalker tendencies.