Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ménage à trois

POINT OF ORDER: wanna thank my home folk for giving me this ward: Rippa

Although last week I got a little off of my chest regarding Pakistan, I still really aint clear my throat. I mean I’ve been thinking and recant that the former military Dictator Pervez Musharraf was a shady character and ruled his country with an Iron hand. As such it would not surprise me if he is in bed with the Taliban trying to re-appoint himself to the Presidency. Yep folk is foul like that and I will take it a step farther.

President Asif Ali Zardari recently signed the law to enforce Shariah or Islamic law in Swat to quell as if such would stop the Taliban insurgency in the region. But I would be surprised if cronies of the former military dictator have infiltrated that camp and pushed this law on the table. Musharraf never wanted to leave but the US kind of twisted his arms promoting democratic elections, even though a dictator, he was likely the only political/military figure in the region that could take on the Taliban.

Musharraf if you remember launched a military campaign against the Taliban in Swat in late 2007. Now it seems that he will be back in power soon. Just my two cents, I mean it all makes sense now, for who else would be able to save the nation state of Pakistan? No one else and especially the new government whom are already at odds with the US foreign policy position.

So just take that, when the new government is on the edge of failing, and/or being over run by the Taliban, recant I said it here first, that your boy will be back in power. Not to mention, they economic problems in Pakistan make what we see in the west like we in Disney world. So what’s next, I say Ménage à trois. Bush was in bed with Musharraf and Obama willl be too soon.


RiPPa said...

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Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thanks 4 the love folk

Debbie said...

Musharraf was not perfect by any means, but he was someone we could deal with, someone who was holding the taliban back. We're in a terrible position now. Will Obama's far left every agree to get serious about Pakistan??? He seems to lead by the pressure put upon him by certain groups. Time will tell. Bhuto's husband is not up for the position.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

nicki nicki tembo said...

likely scenario

Nomad said...

Because Obama is trying to unite the entire world and build relationships.He is going to form that relationship regardless of what his opponents say. That's one of Obama's good qualities, he doesn't let popular opinion sway his direction

Angel said...

Im learing so much!

Linda said...

Am I the only one who dares to call Obama an uncle tom here? :P

(not in this particular situation.. but in general..)

greetings from the netherlands

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Is that what the POTUS is trying to do, unite the world?

By making Afghanistan's, Bermuda's, Colombia's, Cuba's, Curacao's, Cyprus's, Gualtemala's, Iraq's, Madagascar's, Pakistan's, Palestine's, Peru's, Somalia's, and Switzerland's laws for it by UKASE?

If that's uniting, I'd like to see what DESTABIIZING looks like? LOL!

If the American people LIKE having their rights and freedoms taken away, that's their business. I say "enjoy".

Why, though, do Americans assume that every citizen of every other country wants the American president to take THEIR rights and freedoms away and they have no vote or say on the matter?

This is not a question of "right" or "left". It's a question of decency, modernity and respect for a multi-cultural world.

Remember this because people do forget. There's going to come a time sooner or later when the very countries and trade organizations which the US is trying to muscle will be called upon to SAVE America. And right now those countries and trade organizations see America as Kaiser Wilhelm's Germany in an economic not shooting war. The question is when the call goes up, will those other nations go the Marshall Plan route and respect the USA's sovereignty or will they go the Treaty Of Versailles Way and have America as a client-state/puppet of theirs?

One would like to think the former, but what other than a couple of Rubber Chicken Weekends suggest that the response of the rest of the world or should be a peaceable Marshall Plan?

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