Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dance of the Semantic Fairy

It seems that the new retro-chic term action of the day is bailout. Back in the day it was smoking. But as we found out the government figured out you could make some loot, kill off some of the population and that all was required was a little warning. Just today we don’t get no warning attached to any of the bail outs, and I just found out that Obama may be pledging for the Bilderbergs [Bilderberg's head Viscount Davignon in pic] or the Illuminati, given his strong consideration leaning towards bailing out News papers but I will defer and get to that in a few.

What has my mind on point is this budget ish. Add to that this proposal to try and squash tax haven for folks like me that read. I mean if I read the laws and it is not wrong for me to follow them because politician’s aint smart enough to out think me – I figure me good. However, for those that aint, I aint mad and if the missed an opportunity, but don’t make it retroactive if you aint gone get rid of Sarbanes – Oxley.

If you don’t know by now, the President anticipates a $210 billion dollar wind fall by messing with the Swiss and Panama banking systems, but the concern is that it is all ex post facto. Not to mention he uses this to make math in the form of stating what his actual budget cuts and in roads to tackling the deficit will be. I mean we have no idea and folk aint telling how much it will cost us to service this deficit, which is about $1.8 trillion. I mean the average “main street” person like you and me have cut their spending by more than 10 percent, but not this administration, they have cut the budget by less than one half of a percent.

Problem is Jones be talking like he doing something. Saying that he has cut $17 billion dollars of programs that don’t work. Truth is yes he has, but when you create $18 billion in new programs that you don’t know will or wont work, the money is still in the loop, To me this is not a cut but a shift from something old to something new, which means the argument of not working as an excuse is fatuous and not cutting the budget at all.

Do not want my president, an expert in constitutional law acting or pretending he is an expert in fission and fusion which it seems he is with his decision regarding Yucca Mountain research lab cuts – and I don’t care if the all regard infrastructure. But yet he got money to reduce our most valuable tenant of the USA republic, no government involvement with the Media and press. Actually reminds me of the Bilderberg’s, Rockefeller, Paul Warburg and the club of Rome. In particular their desire to want to run and control all nes and media, for if such occurs, they will be ill equipted to challenge the government. We saw what that got Russai, cause don't sleep, if the government buy any interest or bail out any news papers - string gone be attached and that means bye bye to free thinking and a free press and the first amendment.

The way I see things, until we know where this money is coming from we won’t know what is really up. The signs I see around me say the economy is getting worse: store, liquor and small businesses not keeping stocked shelves and even stores like mine, more lengths of high with big billboard saying rent me, and the homeless numbers, well you tell me. So Mr. President, a $1.8 trillion dollar deficit? Tell me what is the interest for mathematically it tells me that we as a government will have to raise interest rates to service the debt alone and from a simple math perspective, such will be a greater raise and increase than the stimulus which means it wont stimulate – tell me if folk her wrong jones. It is all semantics, and sounds like it would have been more appropriate by a waltz written by Tchaikovsky.


The HotSawce said...

You are a truly amazing writer. You show versatility and a personable style. Keep up the good work!!!

Peace & Blessings


Jay Midnyte said...

Bilderberg in the fuckin building. Obama stay away please.

nicki nicki tembo - oh so limbo said...

Uh news flash: Obama already bought and sold. You don't ascend to the presidency of these united states without being so. He was ensnared a long time ago into tangled roots. Oh what dread, to wish to lead others when he himself is being led.

uglyblackjohn said...

When the London papers could link Obama to their throne - it was over.
Kind of a Manchurian Candidate we have as POTUS.
The Fisher Kings, Merovingians, Illuminatti and now the Obamas too?

Anonymous said...

Yeah.."Bailout" has become a VERY common word especially in politics. When I hear it I no longer think of imprisonment of man alone but imprisonment of the citizens of this crappy country!


Anonymous said...

Government and media making a deal.... That's far too much government involvement for me. Thanks for the fiscal update, Rawdawg...

Peace, Light and Love, C.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

A beautiful waltz indeed!

Jay Midnyte says it all "Bilderberg in the fuckin building. Obama stay away please."

I didn't move to Panama to evade taxes. I paid my taxes in the US and figured it was part of being a citizen.

I came down here because of the strict privacy laws because I wanted to do my work legally and in peace and privacy!

Luckily President Chest Wax has moved on to other more exciting villains than ex-pats. He's getting into the ethnic-cleansing of Arabs FULL OUT now. No longer is he merely encouraging Israeli wholesale slaughter in Gaza, President Chest Wax has now gone Bush/Cheney one better and has eliminated even MILITARY TRIALS for the inmates at GITMO and has chosen to keep them incommunicado indefinitely.

Torture, of course, is (ahem) back on the table.

As I always say, yes, I'm Jewish, but that makes me a pan-Semite, and Arabs are Semites and therefore are my cousins, too. So, he's doing it to my family. And I'm furious. Where did this "change" go off to?

So why is he being even more sadistic to my cousins than Bush was? Obviously to get the approval of all those Cracker dildoes who keep calling him a "Muslim." They call him a "socialist," too.

That must mean the USA will have Neo-McCarthy hearings after President Chest Wax gets done with completely turning over the health care system to the insurance companies.

Anonymous said...

Nicki nicki had it right from the get go. Just Google Obama and
Goldman Sachs or Rockefeller or Rothschild or hell the list goes on.

@UBJ, yea the clintons and the bushs too, One good thing I can say about Obama is that at least he is not another clinton or bush.

@lyfesimplified: we were imprisoned the moment we were no longer able to discharge our debts with gold and silver.

Wow Kelso! go get em!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

I see that now Obama is once again being a "true humanitarian" and allowing military tribunals at GITMO. Give him the fkcin' Nobel Peace Prize for crying out loud.

You can argue whether or not he's better than Clinton.

Hard to argue who had more of the milk of human kindness in him, Obama or Bush, Senior.

It's SENIOR by a country mile.

Caspar, I always get 'em.

One Man’s Opinion said...

Dang you smart. You are right on point too.

Anonymous said...

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