Saturday, May 16, 2009

The raw dawg buffalo on it

As many of you know I have a penchant for women and sex and food and family and writing for that matter, but let me stay on sex. True I am a five times a day kind of man and albeit in the past I have lost women for complaints regarding size and my indelible desire for penetration at the aforementioned frequency, there are only a few positions I admire, for they allow full entry – a must and extremely pleasurable.

It goes without speaking, the classic missionary that results in feet by the ears and toenail polish on the walls. Not to mention you can raise your partner by her hair and ask her to watch as you disappear inside of her soma. And side ways as well, I think this allows for the greatest maximum accommodation for invisibility.

But although these are great, the best to me is the reverse cow girl. It starts with the mount, where she slowly learns to accommodate her self as if getting on a horse. And as the man I am, I rise up, to please my glottis along the ripples of her spine and barely graze my finger tips down her side until I reach her hips. I wait patiently like an Anaconda in the Amazon for ambush, for when she finally glides down my length and width; I grasp her hips and hold her. Then I rotate my hips to provide the gyrations that will be required for her to enjoy the Ferris wheel in her mind in an effort to make her juices turn my manhood white and meander down my thighs like a small creek.

The advantages for me are that Penetration is quite deep and that I can control the depth, intensity and angle of penetration. I can also relax and recline and without physical strain. Not to mention she can easily stimulate her clitoris on the base of my mass. Only problem is that I cannot see her or gaze into the beauty of her eyes. But none the less.

After the caress of her structure with my hands, and lips against her back, the arch I creates allows me to grip her hips and thrust and she cant get away. Yep she can’t get away and therefore if forced to enjoy all I can provide and satiate me until my elixir is released. Yep, reverse cow girl, that’s my favorite – dang. Especially when she falls off, curls up in a fetal position, and shakes and shivers like the terminator - eyes still rolled in the back of her head and my knees shake.


RunningMom said...

Wow, hel-lo, you just made my Saturday afternoon... I think I need to go to church now, lol

BTW, I got an 'A' in my statistics class - loved it.

Anonymous said...

i might have to bookmark this entry...and it was posted at 4:20...nuff said.

NightFall914 said...

Co-Signing that reverse girl. That's the finisher right there.

African-American Brides said...

Cigarette anyone? lol.


Soulpower said...

Catching my breath. Whew!

Chanel said...

must. try. this.

SoCal Muchacha said...

Soooo, I've been off the blogosphere for a bit, come back to catch up on all things Torrance, and wouldn't you know it would be a post on his, um, uh, 'favorite' topic. Glad to see with all the turmoil in the world SOME things don't change. ;)

Now where in the heck did I leave that nail polish...

Soulpitchdiva said...

Lord where's my Chardonnay!!

THE 78' MS. J said...

See right there is what brings all the girls a-running.

Gorgeous Geek said...

hmmmmmmmm...hmmmmmm lol I might bring the reverse cowgirl back one time =]

Untouched Jewel said...

Got damn, RDB. Is you really tryin to bring the milkshake?! Deezamn. I can just see myself now in reverse cowgirl position, screamin my damn brains out. LMAO. That's enough to roll a blunt and fix grits, bacon, scrambled eggs, and the smoked sausage to boot. That would make a helluva weekend extravaganza. LOL.

nicki nicki tembo O so limbo said...

yeeeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

*LMAO* YOU ARE WRONG on so many levels so many! But ohhhhh so right!

*dead* apparently the same way women are after a piece of the scholar warrior.

Use yo words! USE YO WORDS!


Mr.Slish said...

Uuuum bruh what inspired this post or should I say

Necole Bitchie said...

oh um... Wow!

fly tie said...


Dope Fiend said...



Ninjas need to be taking tips from this right here!

Definately bookmarked! SHET!

Bohemian Chick said...

Oooohhh...damn! That's what's up. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Is reverse cowgirl a new name for the doggy style?

You'd send a girl to the hospital doing this 5 times a day, RDB.

Bee Gee said...

Somebody done turned Raw Dawg out. Got a nigga waxin' poetical. Nuthin' wrong with that.

Amina said...

5 times a day or a week? :)
i am taking notes on this one :)

Angel said...

hmmmm, im at my desk, I think I should go for a walk!

Bella said...

yeah reverse cowgirl is THE SHIT. especially if she can reach down n rub ur balls ;) lol

and im over here crackin up @ "she falls off, curls up in a fetal position, and shakes and shivers like the terminator" hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

you can bang me anytime, anywhere, anyhow....I don't care who's around...

Sista GP said...

Interesting. Can't say more, we fam, LOL.

YoungBlackBeauty said...

Raw's milkshake brings all the girls to the 4:20p.m. in the afternoon! LOL!

rawdawgbuffalo said...

yea for the A

Blogger Jade
why is that

see thats whats really real

African-American Brides

y cant u breathe

yes all good girls should

SoCal Muchacha
do tell more on fav topic


THE 78' MS. J
y u say that

Gorgeous Geek
yes u should maam

Untouched Jewel

nicki nicki tembo

OG, The Original Glamazon
so u enjoyed?

just retrospect lol

Necole Bitchie
whats wrong blog buddy old pal
fly tie

Dope Fiend
look at u how is life across the pond?

Bohemian Chick
u aint ready folk lol

riding me backwards like a buffalo

Bee Gee
Never that folk lol


me sorry maam

lol just the facts and balls another good look
are u sure u ready maam lol

Sista GP

Juicy4u said...

OMG! I just got chills reading this! Ooooohhhh!

ODARA said...

well alright now... *drip drop*

Soulstress said...


Lola Gets said...

Ive never really been a fan of the Reverse Cowgirl because in the forward-facing Cowgirl (er?), I get more G-spot stimulation and I find that thats completely lacking in the RG. But kudos to you!


Mimi said...

Good gawd! You should warn people not to read these posts at work! lol.

Do I have to make my way to the ATL? LOL j/k

Anonymous said...

I applaud you! Like Whoa!!! That's something serious there!

Tigera Consciente said...

damn.. missin my man so hard core right now...

2sweetnsaxy said...

Well dayum! LOL!

Authentic Educator said...

Hmmm... I'd have to say that my favorites are:

1. Spider (on a chair) & From the back
2. I prefer cowgirl over reverse cowgirl because it makes me feel like I'm in control.

Thanks for the post. Definitely hot & steamy!

Fly11 said...

Hello Goodnight! Whoa! How descriptive :o)....five times a day? really? You are MADE for erotica *nastyminded*

P_LOCA said...

*smiling and trying to control myself while i'm in class*

Light & Love said...

Glad you had a nice weekend.

; P

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

non of those positions seem particularly intimate to me, but then again I'm always seeing things a little bit differently aren't i?

The Single Black Woman said...

Doggystyle...always...or variations of doggystyle...just from the back is how I like's deep..real deep.

You and my ex could be best friends.

I always knew you were a man whore:-)


Too bad my ex is in the A right now..otherwise I'd be trying to work it out.

deesse_en_bronze said...

oh my. visualizing this is like whoa! damn, now i'm horny as hell! by the way, i just stumbled upon your blog and i'm so glad i did. been reading it for hours. you're very intriguing as well as entertaining. peace.

TaMina said...

yesss - a bit turned on

neshia said...

come on big daddy 5 times a day for sure

Mimilainna said...

well..*fans self* hey hey now!

and where you been brah! you know I be commenting your twitter but you never hit me back lol


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