Tuesday, May 05, 2009

is pig pu**y pork?

I have learned that magic is the art of illusion and that it only works on one species of organisms – humans. Not insects, nor fish, not reptiles. Now with this said, it is not hard to say that we humans can be tricked to believe, accept and follow anything without query. Now I know yawl that read my tractates on the regular will say this mantra is often repeated in my essays, as well as the concept proffered first by Thomas Jefferson that ignorance and freedom are incompatible.

It seems that we have allowed our ignorance to get the best of us for a long time when it comes to politics and politicians. I mean they have convinced us that we have powers that we don’t have, even the current commander in chief. In fact I would imagine that the job description for the President of the United States of America would read “to convince the people that they have powers and rights that they do not have.”

I don’t think it has been this way all the time, but I can likely say some of this shit started with Lincoln and was really put as the status quo under FDR. Now I know FDR is loved by many as is the current President, but the way I see it he was a foul draconian politician, who just like the current leader of our nation, used a banking emergency to tax folks up the azz and pass everything he wanted without question.

See on June 5, 1933, America changed, that was the day FDR took America off the gold standard. It was almost as if he was in the loop beforehand, or was privy to some info the common man aint have. This was to me the greatest trick, well the second greatest trick played on the American people. During this year, under the War Powers act of 1917 and the said banking crisis, he was given basically the powers of a dictator. Only trick greater is the illusion of the IRS. Yes the IRS, for by constitutional authority, we are not required to pay “income taxes” and because the IRS was not created by congress. Tell me I am wrong.

I mean from what I can tell it is a trust operated by the Secretary of the Treasury. After we (the US) conquered the Philippines and Guam, the internal revenue law of 1904 was passed. And not as a Bureau but as a trust that CREATED the Bureau of Internal Revenue. They even did it again when they established the 62nd trust for the United States in 1940 with respect to Puerto Rico.

Now, I’m not hating, I just don’t believe FDR was the man as they said he was, and that the IRS really aint by constitutional authority required to ask me for my loot. We have seen this before, with Lincoln, and with the Victory Tax Act that was implemented under FDR. But we Americans need to wise up. We can not be so enamored at the person who is president that we forget that it is our country and that to tax and tax and tax when it really aint our constitutional requirement is foul. So let us speak up, it don’t mean we don’t like Obama, it just says that we take our existence or fiscal existence seriously. So don’t ask me if I think The president is pulling the wool over our eyes, and I like the man, but I will say as a question, is pig Pu**y pork?


MBR said...

as always... a gospel truth that sends me running to do fact checks and gut checks.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thanks folk i just write what i think, i appreciate it greatly

Anonymous said...

"Yes the IRS, for by constitutional authority, we are not required to pay “income taxes” and because the IRS was not created by congress. "

This just blew my fucking mind. I did not know this.

GOODENess said...

"Yes the IRS, for by constitutional authority, we are not required to pay “income taxes” and because the IRS was not created by congress. "

DAMN!! WORD! I had NO CLUE! this is the kind of sit I am talking about...you don't know what you don't know until it's presented adn you don't know it! The reason I dig you is because you make me want to look shit up that I wasn't even necessarily concerned about (or even aware of) before our exchange...that my friend is rare and treasured as far as I am concerned!! SALUD!

Carla said...

Truth about the IRS...but tell that to Wesley Snipes!!! LOL!

My only question is, what's an acceptable alternative? I can see that raising taxes on a system DESIGNED to produce eternal debt is what we have. But have you considered what might really happen right now if we had a country-wide Boston Tea Party? What happens tomorrow, when the tea is gone?? What happens to those who are still thirsty?

MrsGrapevine said...

Lowering taxes is so easy. Step up and take social responsibility for your neighbors. If your neighbor can't eat, feed them instead allowing government to feed them.

Government is big only because greed is bigger. A company makes billions of dollars off the sweat of others, and don't give back unless it's tax deductible or a great marketing scheme.

The more greed we create the bigger the government gets:

Greed: Slavery
Government: New Amendments & Fed Protection

Greed: Jim Crowe
Government: Equal Opp and Equal Funding

Greed: Insurance Company
Government: Medicare

Greed: Housing Market
Government: Bailouts

Greed: Oil
Government: Two Wars, Instead of One

Carla said...

Am I my brother's keeper? If so, who/what is the keeper of corporations?

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Is this what you was working on the other night? Great post!!!!

KELSO'S NUTS said...

You are doing this on purpose to get me crazed up. It's just not fair. You know how insane I am about the Union Bank Of Switzerland issue. That would be plenty WITHOUT Obama using a live Bush Admin initiated federal drug case to TORPEDO the campaigns of Balbina Herrera for President and Bobby Velasquez for Mayor of La Ciudad De Panama. Why? Because Herrera and Velasquez believe in the sovereignty of THEIR COUNTRY and THEIR CONSTITUTION and THEIR MINISTRY OF FINANCE's BANKING RULES.

Barack Obama has decided because of something connected to taxes which he feels belong not even to the IRS but to HIS GOVERNMENT that he, El Principe Obama, is the President Of Switzerland and the President Of Panama, the Prime Minister Of The Republic Of Ireland, The President Of Cyprus, the Seychelles, The Netherlands, Iceland, Norway, Curacao, Bermuda, Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago, The Cayman Islands, The British Virgin Islands, St Maarten, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Andorra, The Canary Islands, The Channel Islands, San Marino, The Baltic States OF Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and Barbados.

But Obama may be a Soplon De La Chingada but he's smart alright. He's knows the 80/20 rule so he's CONQUERING #1 IN PVT BANKING, SWITZERLAND, FIRST, AND #2 PANAMA, SECOND. Then he can relax and take some of your money from you.

I can't even imagine what a telephone discussion between President Merz of Switzerland and President Torrijos of Panama would be like. They both speak English pretty well so I imagine it would be in English. And there really would only be ONE topic on the agenda. Neither of them are terribly gifted in American slang although Torrijos has an MBA from the Univesity Of Texas so the really famous insults probably wouldn't be spoken. I think the conversation would probably be along the lines of the "Torture" insert in Wu-Tang's first CD!

I don't read the Swiss papers but I read the local papers and watch local TV news. President Obama took President Torrijos aside and told him at the summit that "the party in Panama is over."

Now, I don't know Merz well, but Torrijos has been a presence on TV and in the papers. You may have seen him with George W Bush on occasion and those meetings because of how Torrijos is were classicly funny.

Other than Herrera losing and a jackass (Obama's choice) Martinelli winning, I'm going to miss Torrijos for a million policy reasons: iron clad privacy and anti discrimination law, decriminaization of small amounts of drugs for personal use, non violent sentences for non violent crimes, very low tax rates AND single-payer and a balanced budget, and 5 straight years of minimum 9% growth with 4% inflation. No extradition treaties with any other country, equal non preferential trade with everybody...and so on...

But it's the man's personality that's so striking. He is the single quietest, calmest, most self-assured and self-effacing politician I have ever seen in my life. It's like he's been smoking Humboldt from the second he wakes up each morning. Ive never heard him get angry or panic or get defensive about anything. When problems come up, and reporters ask him what he's going to do, he lays it out very simply and succinctly and explains why he has it covered, where he made his mistake and just not to worry.

He's a Zen Master.

To say that he HATES George W Bush and Barack Obama would not be correct. His father was assassinated probably by Obama's Secretary Of War, Robert Gates, following the treaty his father and Jimmy Carter signed. Omar Torrijos was tortured for a number of hours and then tossed out a plane alive. Martin was a teenager then. So, whatever anger he feels towards Imperialist Americans he feels inside and knows how to cope psychologically without a lot of drama. To say the least.

No, I think he sees George W. Bush and Barack Obama as sub-human or if human severely developmentally disabled and sociopathic, so my guess is that they make him sad more than mad. Bush would on occasion invite Torrijos to Washington to try to get a special trade deal out of him. This was never going to happen but there's diplomatic protocol which Torrijos respected. After turning Bush down, there would be a press conference at which Bush would do his usual schtick of speaking retarded Spanish and making absurd jokes and giggling like a fool. Torrijos would smile politely. Stare Bush straight in the eye and SAY NOTHING. NOT A WORD. HE'D MAINTAIN THAT FOR ABOUT 5-8 MINUTES. THEN HE'D GET UP, SHAKE BUSH'S HAND. THANK THE GATHERED PRESS AND LEAVE.

When Obama aggressed on him like that, AFTER having ratfucked his two proteges in the most disgusting fashion, Torrijos didn't smile didn;t shake his hand. Just stared at Obama like Obama was some interesting case of mental pathology. Torrijos shook his head sadly, turned heel and walked away leaving Obama holding his dick.

Buddy, it was a beautiful classic moment. The look of shock on Obama's face was amazing. No one in the world has ever responded to him this way and certainly not these days. They cut back to the TV political analyst who of course was used to his style and merely remarked that this was a sharp change even from a kind of aggressive Bush policy to a rather over the top threatening posture from Obama.

But also the unspoken by-play for the alpha role was fascinating. Obama is a bright interesting guy but he's not at all somebody you'd want next to you in a brawl. He's a little bit soft. That's OK. Don't get me wrong. I like mellowness especially in politicians.

Torrijos as I mentioned is a psychologically complicated guy but as European, White and weathy and quiet as he is, he has in one form or other been in a personal war with the US Government including fighting the Americans as an army Lt at El Chorillo. He's not soft at all. He just doesn't like aggression, and the prevailing codes of behavior in this part of the world are kind of strict with regard to manners. You really do have to use the third person and all a person's honorifics, and punctuate everything with "please" and "thank you" and "of course". It's the social glue basically here.

So, here is this college kid basically going thug on the son of the first libertarian/progressive president of Panama as himself the 2nd with any number of axes to grind but under complete control.

I can say in that moment, I saw an almost inappropriate childishness in Obama, a kind of insecurity so profound as to make me understand exactly why gay people frighten him so much. Why he's so uncomfortable around the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Progressive Caucus or peace activists or criminal justice reformists. And why he seems so eager to please some of the most retrograde fascistic people in Washington like Lieberman and in the White Southern caucus like Cornyn or Coburn.

It's not childishness really. It's that the man is LOST. Or has no identity or awareness of his surroundings or something.

Obama's behavior is not the way to go with a man whom your party has had a very close relationship with for years, yet you have just broken that 33-year relatioship and have ratfucked his two best proteges. You don't publicly go thug. You shake his hand and walk away fast. This is not something you want people filming.

People made a big deal about the Chavez handshake, but that's clear. When Obama is in Washington being cuddled by Robert Gates, Jim Jones and Colin Powell he can talk trash and say he's going to blow Venezuela to smithereens or whatever. Face to face is a whole other thing because Chavez, unlike Torrijos who almost seems to float, is a very very aggressive and emotional guy. When he's with his economic team like Rodriguez, Sanam and Saul, he's serious and all about the numbers. At these rubber chicken things he's telling dirty jokes and he's hugging everybody and drinking and laughing. He's and Rafael Correa the president of Ecuador are famous for this shit. They are like two class clowns at a senior prom at these events. They make fun of people. They start policy arguments for grins. And its like high school because the one they're always messing with is Uribe. There's a sketch comedy show in Colombia that mimics these two with Uribe brilliantly.

So, the Chavez handshake Obama handled correctly. He put on a nice friendly smile. Shook the guy's hand. Gave him a half hug and was gone. But with Torrijos maybe he didn't really know who Torrijos was and the man's demeanor is so unusual in his placidity that maybe he thought Torrijos was some random sub cabinet minister. I don't know.

Oh, wait until we discuss TAX POLICY AND ITS ABUSES UNDER THE 44TH POTUS....

Anonymous said...

wait, what about the 16th amendment?

thebajangirl said...

We have to stop believing everything that is fed to us and start thinking for ourselves...

Common sense rules the day!

KevinsTeeTee said...

Preach on! This is why I love your blog, you shoot straight from the hip no B.S. I wish there were more people on the left coast who had that same frame of mind. Its hard being one of the few individuals who isn't afraid to speak their mind about how the government has been screwing us for so long. And although I understand that taxes (in theory) are supposed to help those less than fortunate, but why not use that money for programs to teach people how to take care of their money and to build skills versus just giving them hand outs just because they weren't given a fair shake in life?

People are so greedy so helping another person without getting something in return is out of the question. The government doesn't want people to do better otherwise they'd be out of business, they have to find a reason to exist and give themselves raises every year. Hell wish I could get a raise every year. My employer has decided not to give raises and also cut profit sharing from all employee's 401k's so that they don't look like they've loss more than what they really have. Un-real I tell ya..

Sista GP said...

It depends if you can 'pickle' it?

BuelahMan said...

Hey, Bro

Don't know if you caught this:


But it reminded me of you.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Great post as usual. :-)

James Tubman said...

our ancestor IMHOTEP: The real father of medicine said, "ignorance is a curse"

but yet so many people in this day and age believe that if they dont pay something any mind it wont affect them

then when the probelem overwhelms them they arent prepared for it

doest make sense to me

people need to learn to always invite change

Linda said...

Yes, it's pork. Ask the people that make sausages.. *lol*

greetings from the netherlands!

Kofi said...

Pork is a tasty thing. Couldn't eat it too much growing up, but am making up for lost time now.

Ensayn1 said...

Way to hit it on the head! 1917 marks the year that U.S. citizen became enemies of the state. FDR solidified this and not only took the dollar off the gold standard but confiscated all gold from U.S. citizens and made it illegal for us to own large quantities of gold. This is some serious thangs you puttin down on this post.

SjP said...

"it don’t mean we don’t like Obama" u got that right!

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