Sunday, May 31, 2009

A measure of wheat for a penny

Now Obama, he cool with me, he like a jones I grew up with next door. But I do see the continuation of the same from past politicians. This is their tendency to speak for the common man but only implement policy for big corporate interest. All I am saying is I wish him no harm, but I will call it like I see it. Personally, I think folk got half yawl jones faded. It seems as if Yawl don’t pay attention to nothing folk say but rather just suck his balls and lick his shoes like five year old Bloodhound.

I know it is bad now, but things are really about to hit the fan. These days it seem as if nothing is safe and even worse that the political machine in Washington is making it all worse. From anthrax on lettuce, to the economy and to disease, it aint looking to good for the United States of America, and the world for that matter. The way it appears, the country is no longer we the people but rather we the corporation. I just wonder who said that saving big banks on Wall street and saving the jobs of the folks who work with the big three auto industries are more important than all the other folks around the country who losing their jobs? It is as if the President is doing all he can to give the remaining 20 percent of the GOP ammunition to make him a big target. Just as it seems as if he is doing and more concerned with the same interest of the GOP also – big business. Not to mention right wing extremist done lost they fckn minds.

Now I’m no pagan, but I am well versed in text such as the Koran, the teachings of Buddha and the Bible. In Rev. 6:6, there is a passage that describes the direness of circumstances the world will face prior to the tribulations. It says A measure of wheat for a penny. It was part of the prophecy of the six seals. In biblical theory, the seals represent problems due to war and famine and the self-defeating character of sin in the form of the world's self-inflicted judgment upon itself – the terrible effects of man. I say this because it seems as if what Obama did Just last week, when he gave his economic speech at Georgetown University, and his staff asked and obtained permission to cover up a monogram symbolizing Jesus' name in Gaston Hall can represent the fifth seal (Souls Under the Altar).

Then there are all of these Earthquakes around the world and in place here like Georgia and Texas. China is calling for a new global currency controlled by the International Monetary Fund Coupled with depleted water supplies and even poisons and drugs in said water, just makes one think, and understand how some may consider that the new commander in chief is the anti-Christ, I don’t but I have actually been in conversation with some that do.

Yeas the signs of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, the six seals (false peace, war, food control and Famines, disease and pestilence, hell on earth). Never before have I seen such hardship. Just yesterday the dude around the corner from me went out of business, as well as another salon down the street. On the same day. Today I see for lease signs in the window. Never before have I seen the homeless and beggars saying “I’ll take your pennies if you have them.” Yes, a measure of wheat for a penny – maybe soon to come


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

I actually think that Obama may be the beginning of the end. Remember there is a period of peace in Revelation where religion and politics live in harmony and then religion is thrown off the back of the beast and the religious prosecutions start.

I think Obama may be the one who ushers in the NWO. I mean when been saying the end of the world is coming since before I was born.

I wish we would just live right (whateva that means for whateva life mantra you follow) and stop worrying if we still have time to be azzholes before the rapture. However that's just me!


Mizrepresent said...

Everything you have said is true and the end is was foretold a long time OG says there will be a time of peace and harmony but it won't last. I don't see him as the Anti-Christ either...but the world as we know it will fall apart.

SjP said...

Times are really really bad and it certainly does seem like "the end" may be near. But, even Jesus say the end was near at that was over 2000 years ago.

The one thing I know is no matter what God is still in control - always has been always will be. And man will always phuque up - always has and always will.

I like Obama - but, the bottomline here is that he's just a man and like Rev Wrigth said - he's a politician; and therefore I'm not surprised or shocked when he has a "see what had happened was" moment or two.

But, my take on the G'town thing is that he didn't want the figure of Jesus being the backdrop during his speech. Would send too many messages that folks would no doubt jump all over. Kind of like the Touch Down Jesus over looking the Notre Dame football field. I'm just saying....

Check out this post over at Native Son...

RiPPa said...

I don't get all off into religious dogma, but I do believe that there are people who have made it a point to see this apocalyptic prophesy a reality. The marriage of religion and politics in my view further illustrates this hidden agenda.

It's really no different than what Constantine did back in the day. Yes, and here we have these "Constantine Christians" of the religious right at work today.

It's really no different with the exception that now it's backed by corporate dollars for profit. The sensationalistic media machine around Obama in this regard further lends to that big money machine folk.

clnmike said...

Good God man it aint even that serious.

"Never before have I seen such hardship."?

Key words there is "I"

Im sure the people who lived through the Depression, WWI, WWII, and the Vietnam era would have something to say about that.

This planet should have been dead 100 times over with the way they have called the end every time their is some struggle to life.

Yeah man is still hear clicking away.

The only thing were witnessing is the shake up of the New World order and and the veiled attempts of the "First World" to keep the "Third World" under it's thumb through globalization and what is basically predatory lending.

Obama's econmic plan is sound in it's basis of keeping alive corparations that employ thousands of employees which in turn fuels hundreds of other thousands of jobs, while at the same time demanding streamline business practices.

All the while he is providing the funding for green jobs in fields that will add on to the economy, and education that will help the country compete in the global market.

Hasnt even been a year yet with him in office and everyone is swearing the sky is falling.

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

OG, The Original Glamazon s
i think he is the new world order - Bilderbergs 2017

i dont either according to the bible the AC will come from Europe/central asia

im just saying the right wing is pushing this dogam super hard

well said, and i agree - the council of nicea, the treatment of the african priest, the arryan contraverso

I agree, but that wasnt my point, all i am saying is some folk belive he the anti-christ and i am saying why they say such. as far as his economic plan, same old same old, historically, a band and stabilization wo reform - rewarding the rich for failure-classic k street politics

SjP said...

"im just saying the right wing is pushing this dogam super hard"

true that!

4GOTTEN1 said...

Not sure if he is the anti christ not even sure if it is the end of the world

I think that is happening is the one thing that none of us could ever stop. CHANGE

For better of worse that's all that's happening most of us aren't as comfortable as we once were and maybe that's a good thing.

KELSO'S NUTS said...

Buddy, I saw Palast's analysis of the GM bankruptcy and anyone who thinks that Obama has any interest in workers' rights over the prerequisites of the super-rich is deluding himself.

He doesn't even have any interest in bondholders' rights!

As we've been screaming for 6 months now on the show, he has tossed the underpinnings of capitalism completely out the window in favor of a no-system system that decides each seizure so as to maximize its gift potential to contributors and any of the 1000 wealthiest Americans.

Principally, he and Schlemiel and Schlemazl (Geithner and Summers), do not respect the rules of seniority of contingent claim in corporate finance. Normally, a company in bankruptcy, receivership, or work-out, presents the debt holders going down the ladder of seniority from Workers' Pensions to Senior Secured Debentures to Junior Unsecured Debentures to Preferred Stock, the rights to excercise a call option on the assets of the company. Only when all of those groups are satisfied do the common stock holders get anything.

It has to be that way for capitalism to work because otherwise nobody would have an incentive to work for a company for any length of time with any dedication and more importantly without the levels of seniority no one would have an incentive to lend money to businesses.

Why should they? Under BushBamaNomics a company can run itself into the ground, screw the workers and bond holders out of every penny and have Obama give them 10x value for the common treasury stock in the top executives and directors' hands or whoever Obama and Schlemiel and Schlemazl tell the CEO and directors to give the treasury stock to.

I studied corporate finance in America, mane. This is some other kind of concept that I just don't understand at all. I do know that it's not regulated capitalism and it sure as shit isn't socialism. It's not social democracy. It's certainly not a pure libertarian free-market system.

Wait! I know exactly what it is...FRIENDLY FASCISM!


And while we're on the subject of FRIENDLY FASCISM, you were kind of a savant about 6 weeks ago on the show when you made the point that when it comes to human rights and courage politicians were full of shit and can't hold a candle to doctors who are actually putting their lives on the line for their hippocratic oath.

We were discussing Dr Barnett Slepian at the time. Yesterday, Dr George Tiller got added to the list.

Last I checked, Robert Mueller was still the head of the FBI. I would imagine that Tiller's assassin can expect the same rocking-chair and comfy pillow treatment Slepian's assassin got.


Tha BossMack TopSoil said...

I am not hallucinating, shit is real out there right now peoples.

Now I'm a keep it real, I shed a tear when my Nigga won tha election. But I did so with an Eye on history and what Niggas been through in this country. However, I have always been tha type of muthafucka that refuses to follow popular opinion like a sheep, ya dig? When everybody thinks one way I start to think tha otha way.

I don't know all of tha details like you do, but I know this, I am ready for tha Twist! I expect tha twist, especially now and I'm not hating. When shit hits tha fan, like it will in a minute, you need a Nigga in there like Obama to sell it to tha masses.

Jay Midnyte said...

yea people gon laugh at u till there aint no food on the shelves and if there is ya DOLLARS cant buy nothin anyway lol

RiPPa said...

Torrance you better watch your back kinfolk. You keep this shit up and some extremist from the fringes of the left will shoot your ass. You see how extremists have been gettin down for the past two days.

Hold Obama accountable like this guy:

Is you playin us dawg?

Carla said...

Since clnmike expressed exactly what i wanted to, i'll just comment that i co-sign his post 100%.

Craigjc said...

Yer right, I smell a rat. Obama is setting us up for something, don't know what, but something.

Torrance said...

Blogger 4GOTTEN1
he aint the anti christ but i dont talked to folks that say he is (lmao). but he is just playing into dogma - that may work for or against him

as the norm folk, i could not have said it better Jones

Tha BossMack TopSoil

Jay Midnyte
LMBAO aint that the truth

thanks home slice i hope not to be murked cause they cant articulate thay positions

yawl miss the point

a rat or a politician lol

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Love Kpop said...

There are times when I find it difficult to make decisions, but still have to do. I know people always have emotions so that there is no justice. But I still hope.

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