Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Bush Library

From what I can recant of US Presidential politics, most mutha fuckas wait till hey get out of office before they are commemorated. This is to say they don’t commemorate themselves. George W. Bush, I guess aint the average run of the mill mutha fucka. I guess he couldn’t wait until he was out of office, or better yet, dead, to have his memorial constructed. My folk (who a navy seal) say that all you can see is cranes all over the place in Baghdad and that security there is even thicker than the green zone. What are they building? Supposedly the new U.S. Embassy, but since when has an embassy been constructed on a 104 acre site? I have seen Embassy’s all around the world, in particular U.S. Embassies. From Nigeria to Ethiopia, to Benin to Zimbabwe and places in between, none have ever been that large. Some have reported that it is even larger than the United Nations site in NYC and the a third smaller than the National Mall in DC.

Located beside the Tigris River, the embassy will have features the Iraqi people used to have - a defense force and uninterrupted electricity and water. With 21 buildings, it will be ironically located down the street from Saddam Hussein’s former presidential palace.

All I was able to find on the new embassy was the articles I have hyper-linked here. It is so secret that I concluded it has to be more than an embassy, but rather a presidential library for Mr. Bush. After all, what more fitting a location than Iraq? We gone be up in that camp for years to come if the exercise historically recorded by the British is any indication. This embassy is a strong indication of this, being the largest in the world.

To me doing such tells the Iraqi people and government who is really in charge and who has the final say on THEIR democratic government. But why would the Iraqi’s be mad? Although they say the U.S. ambassador to Iraq will beliving in a house approximatelly 16,000 square feet, it seems like he trying to build his library in a place where he will be most reknown. Picture that, Bush Presidential Library of Bagdad. It is the least he can do since he assisted in the destruction of the historical libraries in the country. I’m just glad its over there.


the prisoner's wife said...

a library, eh?

i'm STILL not convinced dude can read.

how ironic.

Shelia said...

I would not doubt that Bush is attempting to build a shrine unto himself somewhere in this world, because no one is going to erect one here. Every time I think about the legacy that he has built by destroying an entire country and having the audacity to feel good about it, I just shiver. That man has single handedly respositioned the U.S. to a country now polarized in practically every ally relationship. We're broke, the milatary is limp, schools are failing nationwide, race relations are as bad as ever, we are disrespected and seen as a country with tunnel vision. In eight years he has managed to wipe out the work of all who came before him, I guess he's working "hard."

S.K. said...

You know this doesn't surprise me one bit. A few weeks after Saddam was removed, there was a Laura Bush Street, Library, and School. So I guess time will tell what other things they have created to honor themselves.

Maybe King should have jacked a country? Just a thought.

Femigog said...

Okay this man's arrogance is exceeded only by his idiocy! How dare he bulldoze a country and then rebuild his own on the ruins. Talk about building on a cemetery. This is way over the top! Even for Bush!

dc_speaks said...

excellent call. War Crimes anyone?

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

TPW - only a teleprompter

Shelia - aducacity is beiong nice

SK - im suprised they have not named the country after his father yet

femi - karma is a mutha and he will get his

DC - war crimes would be cool if they treated him like the serbian leaders

mp1 said...

A presidential library in Iraq....Hey if we're gonna be there, we gotta indocrtinate them, right?

You just gotta love this government!

Anonymous said...

I'm so over Bush and his coonies. He can deny child healthcare but asking for another $10 billion for this bogus war.

MsPuddin said...

Sounds so tacky. I am very grateful for our Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. library...

SoCal Muchacha said...

I seriously feel like GWB and his moron cronies are all part of some horrific nightmare I will wake up from at some point...who the hell would have thought it would be 8 years later! To say I can't stand this guy and what he has done to our country and the view the rest of the world has of us would be an understatement.

As for the library, if he plans on visiting it you'd better make sure it's full of picture books because you can damn well bet this guy can't read more than single syllable words. "See George run. Run George, run. See George destroy a country. Destroy George, destroy." (Ooops, had some double-syllables in there.)

Off-topic...could you all please send out some good vibes SoCal way because we need them desperately with all these fires raging around us. Closest one to me is about 15 miles south of here, but friends in San Diego have been displaced. Thanks!

ATLcutey said...

thats a damn shame.

the money he used to build that could have rebuilt new orleans!

even yet, forget oil, can ATL get some damn water!

how much longer we got until bush is out of office?

Tha L said...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

MP1 - you a fool

Southern Gal - Me too, but i hate him spending my loot

Puddin - more folks should support MLK too, but thats another story

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Socal - u should have wrote the post, i agree completely

ATL cutey - thats a future blog now water in GA

Tha 1 - Dito

Danielle said...

Great piece!

The real reason behind such a large embassy is money laundering. They have to show something for the billions of dollars that have been squandered. Who is building this embassy? Who owns stock in the company?

Shameless they are in their greed and it continues to grow unabated since the majority of Democrats are too scared to be labeled anti-soldier that they allow this to continue.

It's just rational if they truly are there to free the Iraqi people from terror wouldn't you want to demonstrate that you are for the people? The could build a Mosque or community center of the same size but they are so caught up with the whole U.S. vs them.

Wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Danielle - thanks , i dont even understand throwing away the loot when they gone bomb it anyway

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Danielle - thanks , i dont even understand throwing away the loot when they gone bomb it anyway

LJ said...

Just when you think that Bush and his gang cannot top themselves, they manage to do it. Well, I have to applaud their ingenuity, arrogance, and capacity to expand their dastardly deeds.