Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Criminal Minded

Now i'm the first main to wanna see al my brothers out of jail, especially the ones who are in there for nothing or for just being black and in the wrong place at the wrong time. And I was one of them folks that used to say free Geronimo Pratt and free Nelson Mandela. But down in these parts, it seems as if we got our priorities screwed up. I mean, I hate jails and prisons, and I don’t want to ever go there. Albeit I have dirt behind m ear, I have yet to be caught for such discretions such to warrant a sentence and prison time.

As many of us know, Clifford “the big red dog” Harris, Jr. is in jail. Not prison yet, but he may soon be. Just as Michael Vick, it is for poor personal decision-making. Would like to say stupidity, but I will hold off for the time being. But in both case, these men, had prior indiscretions that I felt should have warned them to cool it and count their blessings. But for the sake of keeping it real, they kept it real stupid. I just have a problem for folks saying free Vick and Free T.I. just because of who they are, or because they like to watch them play football, or because they like their music or worse, because they think they cute.

I feel that as a people, if folks do wrong, let them suffer, learn and grow. I’d be saying free Vick and Free T.I too if they were innocent. But sometimes we must reap what we sow. I teach my son that there are consequences to his actions and that only he can live by his choices. Especially as a Black man, I tell him he MUST know better.

I remember seeing TI recently on BET and he said, folks better be glad I’m rapping about stuff and not doing it.” I feel now it was a bold face lie. My momma said she would get me out of jail for anything except raping and stealing. So I did neither. But she say if you know you are doing wrong, and something against the law, and you do it anyway – you get what you deserve. Damn, why we got to be so stupid? Nonetheless, I’m more so disappointed in those folks who calling for their freedom. I bet if one of the guns he bought were used to kill their child, wife or brother, they wouldn’t be saying such. Let’s think about what we ask for, because when we need the justice system and their laws applied to the other folks, if they don’t do such, who will be mad at then? I’m sure we won’t be saying free the KKK for fighting pit bulls and purchasing machine guns. Maybe that’s what KRS-One meant when he said ”criminal minded, you’ve been blinded.”


Don said...

I remember seeing TI recently on BET and he said, "folks better be glad I’m rapping about stuff and not doing it.”

I remember when he said it too. I was thinking to myself how HE needed to be the one glad. Especially with him being the one who will have to suffer the consequences.

Maybe if he really had it in his heart to focus on the solution ... after the BET summit, he may have went home and it would have remained on his conscious. At least long enough to think when the feds handed his his "snitching" bodyguard the phone to call TI and set him up.

I don't know about Vick ... all that punishment for some dogs?!?

The same breed of dogs lawmakers are dying to outlaw?

AJ said...

I agree about TI, but I'm with Don on the Vick thing. While I believe he should be punished for breaking the law, it just seems wrong to ruin a man's entire life and drive him to financial ruin over some dogs. Dogs which I think should be outlawed in this country.

christina said...

Don- Just because law makers are "dying" to outlaw the breed of dog doesn't justify Vick's actions.

Anonymous said...

I feel you on TI but I have to agree with Don on Vick. The way they are dragging Vick through the mud isn't right. You would have thought he killed an entire city. Let the boy pay a fine, do community service at an animal shelter and let him play football. In my world, a dog doesn't mean more than a human. But TI is just plain stupid!

This statement had me LOL "folks saying free Vick and Free T.I. because they think they cute." because I've heard a couple of women say TI is too cute for prison. LOL

Don said...

Christina, the feds didn't care about the dogs. All they cared about was his illegal gambling on the dogs. The feds put money over the dogs as well.

They completely ruined the man's life. Over betting on some pit bull dog fights. Think about that for a second.

Ticia said...

Great Post...

Yes, folks saying Free TI are nuts...for real-- I don't know why he would be buying guns, and his BM Tiny with drugs

Vick... I think his punishment was too harsh in regards to dogs.. I do think he needs some mental counseling and other punishments, but not to the extent of what the government is doing...

Ticia said...

Yes DON... its all abt the money to the feds...

Someone making money off dogs and not giving it to Big Brother.. LOL

lea78 said...

As much as I love T.I. he should go to jail. why in the hell did he need silencers. that's the part that kind of made it scary. I could see the guns (if it was for protection) but who in the hell protects themselves with silencers on their gun. sounds more like a hit man to me. As for as mike vick no comment. and Criminal Minded was my brother's fav song growing up. I am ashamed to say that I HATE IT. i know a lot of men love it but i heard it to much. the rewinding of that tape makes me mad to this day

guerreiranigeriana said...

...great post...we must stop making excuses...ti, just plain stupid...vick, stupid...whether they are dogs or ladybugs, at the end of the day, its a life, being taken cruelly and for no reason...yes, do politicians and others go shooting deer and bears for sport?...yeah...when you remember what country you live in and what you are, you can't jump and do what everyone else...i won't drive drunk because after i serve my jail time, no one will be knocking at my door for no damn interview nor will i be able to get a job or even attain higher education...i know that...i'm sure vick knew he was a successful black man in the usa...stupid...

dc_speaks said...

ooooh...niiiice post.

You're on the controversy roll huh, brah?! LOL!

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Don, AJ and Southern gal - I agree with vick about too much, but he had 3 events before then that should have put him on the right road to recognizing his blessing

Ticia - yes it is too harsh and it aint like TI was gone use his weapons on terrorist, but rather likely oher young black men

DC - no contarversy just the truth.

Lea - I know what u mean

Gurr - stupid is correct

Don said...

I agree with you Torrance. No doubt the signs were clearly there. But I can understand why he didn't heed to 'em. I don't think anyone can heed to those signs when you are Michael Vick.

The millionaire, pride of the south, NFL player Michael Vick.

Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Don - True, they are only dogs and it sems they are ore important than folks like me and u

Lea - how could u, that song was TIGHT

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the reason behind a brother being paid and still winding up in handcuffs.

The truth of the matter is ...money doesn't make you any smarter.

Don said...

They say the money only supports the habit. Take Tupac Shakur for instance.

Sadly that's the mentality. My brother says that, even with millions, most of us (black men) cannot escape the mentality they come from.

Give me a million and I'll prove 'em wrong. lol

Don said...

@ Torrance: Definitely agreed.

dc_speaks said...

Mo money...mo problems you cn make fo yo damn self.

those should have been the lyrics. lol!

Girly_Girl said...

"...for the sake of keeping it real, they kept it real stupid..."

Well said, great post.

jali said...

Teach Brother! There are so many causes we need to rally behind - for anyone to say, "free TI" just blows my mind.

I really enjoyed his skills (and I don't like most down soutj mcs - I like flow) but recently had a discussion where we wondered why does he continue to put out "how to" albums regarding the drug game.

My friends lyric:

I was on my mission and I made the wrong decision now I'm back in prison.
Yeah you know wha' it is.

I'm a Michael Vick supporter too. The sportcaster who said if he'd raped a woman he'd still be in uniform was right. (although he was fired for his comment). He's been railroaded and he's been a target for quite a while.

Anonymous said...

"You reap what you sowe". Well put, Everybody anywhere has a consequence for everything. Consequence doesn't play favorites.

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Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

Don - Id show them too.

DC - u know lyrics like thet will never be listend to, they to foward thinking

Girly - y thank u, how are the bo sales
Jali - because he a hypocrite

Mizrepresent said...

You're right again T!

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